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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 6, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: in east of a woman is sent to the hospital and her home that the damage because of a lightning strike would have the latest on the condition high-profile attorneys involved in a lawsuit against the south the teacher would say what the attorney has to say about the case also preliminary hearing the case against to surrender is the brothers accused the mayor during their parents could get under way soon as next week will have the latest on the case these stories and more coming up. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: it is friday thank you for joining us will want to begin the our as often do with a check of weather and traffic. >>reporter: we're still playing the same old song we have not change anything in the what offense the chest and the rest
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of afternoon showers there seems to be a favoritism to the east bay for this go round as a show you and the more of this morning here is a live look at the golden gate bridge for a requirement temperatures above six is to 57 for the bay in the coast 65 happen by 3:00 p.m. today going on is still will be quite chilly at the beach and we don't see what's happening until maybe about sunday into early next week would is a look like from space what is interesting is the storm we get the spray of cloud cover for more mountain thunder showers we did this song and dance yesterday morning the
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senate eccles appearing at the bay area immediately. >>reporter: we do see the collection and thundershowers making their way across the east bay to the south and they seemed to be what this next batch what happened. >>reporter: downtown san francisco at about 54 from the looks of the traffic in is like traffic is pretty quiet. >>robin winston: pretty quiet have defied a major hot spots to start the morning commute the bay bridge approach and into san francisco it is nice and like none of the problem across the upper deck about to use it is going to be good ride come out of oakland earlier there was a
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hot spot in the east bay in oakland on 580 west that was a fatal accident, will take a look at the richmond san rafael bridge also check the ride across the golden gate. >>james: an oakland woman is in hospital in a home was badly damaged. >>reporter: a quick move in a thunderstorm rolled into ease contra costa county and why the strike where at james douglas and his sister leah and they supported a flat out front and there was damage to the foundation of home jiang said his sister was outside unloading
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some hay from the trailer on the back for truck with a house got hit. >>: and knock out the foundation. >>reporter: insider the home he took me to the back room with a ceiling fan with a blown off the support and landed on the floor glass everywhere and a medical emergency james says it was a terrifying experience that he hopes he never has been. you conceal the that the lightning strike call the which could not see why didn't all wiring that is in sight of the
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house a lightning strike ride all the wiring and is on track to be replaced. >>reporter: immediately upon learning of them also said the district fell to report the abuse as required instead of mr. was allowed to continue teaching and continue to sexual harass a minor child until she finally had to change schools. >>james: the endlessly was arrested last week accused always been caught cap fishing still does when he send text messages to a minor they said he pretended to be young girl messaging hundreds of miners on facebook past noon for explicit pictures now one parent is suing the school district for not doing and ought to stop the
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misconduct. the teacher was disciplined and later allowed to return to the classroom the school districts and in the print your messages back in 2014 with all professional but there was no criminal activity in the yeses resign from the school. >>james: would add court room for the brothers' second appearance in court instead look. >>rob fladaboe: will was initially scheduled a bail hearing this 17 your brother who stood behind a door away from the cameras said nothing as the attorneys ask the court for more time to prepare case the former prosecutor stephen clark says
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all also refocused and unlawful killing handcuffed and wearing a yellow jail a sign to inmates of mental health issues there are accused of murdering their parents their bodies found in the evergreen valley home they allegedly left a cryptic messages behind du shot 13 times clark said there also be questions about the weapon used the brothers remain in custody tonight nobel has said a preliminary hearing to answer
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the to get underway on monday. >>james: kelsey you consider was reported missing when is the about three afternoon police said the last time someone from our of the college park high- school during a scheduled 9:00 a.m. break children alike blew his which a black pants and flip-flops' she was carrying a black backpack and best and we should have voluntarily left campus to meet with her boyfriend. >>james: dr. howard hornfels and his and his son to his home with you to know friend which is used to treat people who are addicted to opioid according to the associated press it was not licensed to practice medicine and minnesota and was not
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registered to care for patients the a telemedicine his son had been described as a premed student and also was not a bicycle scriber none of the father another son has been charged in the crime with the investigation continues. >>james: we will have the latest details on the case also made at least spoke with the group of people and been on hunger strike for the last 15 days you say we get to st. were also track of the lettuce on the waterfront would have a few showers from lightning strikes.
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>>reporter: something different and so much of next week a live shot and the san mateo bridge get things started as a lookism attempt to cross the bridge and we did have some clear spots make themselves known to see cloud cover from the is san francisco 5458 for oakland san was adopted as out with 58 inspected to of the santa rosa
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as you will see. >>reporter: into the afternoon to have a couple more stray showers there is below that happen until a new batch develops.
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>>robin winston: 10 into the richmond san rafael bridge is looking good right now wide open is a different to you come from the east bank average drive times about eight minutes from the toll plaza out to 101 no problems if about to take the stronger track in the right to the east of a look at the map in the to bring all around the image problems if you have to use a the west is a great ride from hercules to pinole to berkeley and revealed no problems on the west about 24 in walnut creek it was a fatal accident briefly back the
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traffic is gonna look great now cast a ballot to san leandro and oakland problems in a not smooth from the coliseum all the way into downtown. >>james: 2 additional victims have come forth and there were molested by a confidential assistant he was arraigned yesterday morning on now facing three additional charges of lewd touching of a mine under the age of 14 verify that the dredging and aid from 6 to 13 it was arrested in april after police said the evidence on the cellphone showed her molested children at a dental clinic
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because he would not meet the demand on the strike will continue.
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. >>reporter: the presumptive republican nominee for president put out a statement saying we're not ready to support speed lines agenda summer established a
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republican of for reelection are starting to panic last month at a fund-raiser trump says instead of being the great divider he will work to bring his party to govern.
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>>james: repairs will be needed in the damaged area because the 96 and cinco was temporarily closed the and the section of this is the area could be open to traffic as early as next wednesday the two suspects entered three armlock cars abroad to the contents of these vehicles one suspect is described as hispanic male in
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his early 20s were an adult called a dream the other suspect is a white female and her late teammate with light hair and that it wishes are still underway and canada the wild fire continues to burn hundreds of thousand acres across northern alberta of so for the fis course more than two runs and 10,000 a. 50 watt pfizer burning seven of them are considered out of control >>james: a state of emergency is in effect and canadian governments mobilizing as much equipment as they possibly can
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it is all downhill from that 13 runs the two pitching changes in an hour later in the fifth and it is over this is the most for the giants have ever at home in one instance at&t park open the lost 17 to three the final score said francisco will have a chance at redemption to like the sharks looking to go three games to one of the predator is unnatural this was last night the give san jose the first lead of the game less than five minutes left but and, james neal with the go to san the game to overtime. >>james: he appears to score the referee say it is going into terence as he hits the green before the cup goes and third overtime the week for steph
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curry will continue to the weekend game 3 is set for
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tomorrow tipoff as the five starting janet jackson might be pregnant what is jay z up to.
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>>reporter: welcome to another edition of miss jackson can you clarify something last week of missing her announcement she's posed on her tour because she is planning her family nearly everyone is reporting that janet jackson is pregnant janet turns 50 in 11 days and as i did confirm the rumors she just
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released lemonade her hbo special an album that a guest room was about his infidelity magic mike had to vegas it will be a live show of the famous movie franchise the star of the movie and not a hard rock hotel casino will be the new home of everyone's favorite big screen in begins in 2017 back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>reporter: it should be little better today than we have from yesterday as well although that means the neighbor did something and you did nothing san jose to to bring down from to 66 or 2:00 p.m. 40 and 66 as well of her
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fifties at the beach we don't see much change in that happening to the scali mid-50s off to the far east we see the cloud cover being sprayed back to bay area but we don't see for in iran are tackles and leaks not getting anything topsail will let you know. >>reporter: a persistent near seven and a one cloud cover build up to the north bank santa rosa 72 wine country generally speaking in the upper 60s.
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>>robin winston: into to the commuter will be a good one for now off to a great star on 15 minutes from the nimitz to the bayshore freeway over 2101 having to hayward over to union city and fremont only 21 minutes from to put it to 237 in the south and commute to and is with
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no problem for the guadalupe park and 68101 rises will. >>reporter: more than a hundred people have better in this part in a billboard to show support for stanley this said prayers in said stories is been very frustrating when they had no new leads in this case there are a lot of people missing keep going tonight is been a week since the fall of two walk to the pancake
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house and walked home his mother and brother said he would never just walk away from his two little girls he was less than half the north break and a house thursday night he told as to why he was going to meet someone and then to skis in the wall behind when his friends began frantically calling himself from a stranger picked up friday morning it was a hiker in the rose garden and go on the part that i did the phone to police who had been able to access this location data but so far investigators said the have no suspects and no personal interest hoping someone would
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recognize him or even his new '90s think emax 90 alters earlier thursday in this of the gulf on the site limit the fund- raising goal at $10,000. >>james: and as her police officer was shot by carjacking suspect we learn that the system is connected to multiple shootings in that area included the shooting of a mcdonald's restaurant he's been taken into custody in the office has been released from the hospital residents nearby said they are
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rattled by these recent crimes of the recent crimes a residence on that is what including this final confrontation as well as the man accused of shooting into this and star friend and a convenience store.
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>>james: the tables on the minute, purchase and stops along the bay area tech reporter met with the biggest supplier to find out. >>gabe slate: we've never not seen a ping-pong table is part of the culture it is a thing it might sound silly but ping-pong table cells being down that could mean something he is the owner of the unit to hold cell for a decade he's been providing the ping-pong park to the taxing he first noticed the
4:41 am
slowdown was a big regular customer stop calling them as the ball really started tables and lately there workers have been gravitating more toward the pot shot basketball games they set up. >>james: and attempted murder suspect will be sold in california place on an hourlong chase and ultimately the standoff is the musty video that we have for you + is a big
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weekend at the box of the police of captain america civil war will have a preview of the film you can check out of the family
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>>james: she will be at the school in oakland where shall be talking about her plans to raise incomes for family and the change edition plans to make if elected the door for live-in open up into an afternoon he was
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not licensed to practice medicine and minnesota and was not registered to care for patients his son has been described as a premed student and also not unless the scriber and the sharks were looking to go three games to one the sharks and of losing of the longest playoff game of the season the final score for the three nasa with the when it is tied to appease game 5 in san jose on saturday and it dropped to 7:00 p.m. track and the lead with the weather and i guess there is a chance of living a few showers tested the latest.
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>>reporter: also into tomorrow we're still watching what happened could this year but it will be room for two more >>: of the better pocketfuls of fall going on in some areas before the most part of evenfall temperatures were in the upper 50s territory the cloud your pc being sprayed back in the bay area we don't see radar echoes across the central valley.
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>>reporter: according to the model now this particular models run to everything from quickly some of the model just agree and say it is more like midafternoon this may happen you have to give credit to the fact is a daytime heating provide more energy in the atmosphere attention away we start to clear things out in the type just-in-time for mom's day on sunday to the sea by 7:00 a.m. to the for the east bay shoreline still pretty much of the six is near seven for union city fremont heading over the hill so far east by this also a couple or seven is are possible. >>reporter: a percentage and best the 74 cast with management rain today tomorrow clear on
4:48 am
sunday looking pretty good to next week with sauce and green for the troubled term. >>robin winston: in the cash plan only on the right hand side in the type you can say is getting a little sluggish but that is normal problems coming out of oakland is a great ride even leaving san francisco on the james lick the to extension hot spot for him. >>robin winston: 11 and 5 a west fought wide-open what took part in the toll plaza no problems coming through come from the issuer freeway 80 is hot spots free and finally make it into the north the a great ride into and out of san rafael led not it is just under 15 minutes from hercules to the mains south 680 know major trouble spots if you have to leave, but as the hill creek alamo is a good ride all
4:49 am
the way south into the san ramon valley live in the south they won 01 to morgan hill that looks like a pretty good commute no problems the south san jose at the limit all the way to sunnyvale. >>james: one of the solution to bay area housing crisis i to be a very tiny one townhomes of popular all over the country and local builder toll is the demand is skyrocketing. >>reporter: this is not your pals back to our cottage in a tiny homes had a few designed trucks remontant have read into the 21st century in this you men 11 ft. ceilings on just 240 square feet that have been a six-foot five of and they're about to go and beg on the
4:50 am
trend multiple build a said demand for the tiny homes is driven by caribbean being including police a tiny mountain houses this year his building 70. that rv status is aware from house and restrictions that apply to most back data causes of grand unit is an investment
4:51 am
in the future that the content on the road. >>james: once in the regulations aren't affected will prohibit the sale of all tobacco products include ec bourse anyone under the age of 18 the require the display of help one of all product packages and advertisements he was also found
4:52 am
guilty of one count of attempted murder he showed the emotion when the verdict for red family members of the victims quietly comfort each other they said there were not surprised by his lack of reaction and the cold he does not value life which i will not go to the phase began in may 11th and that is when drug decide if she should get the death penalty of abb for lost in the concrete jungle will tell you how does the guy might have gotten.--that mayor and the first place
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>>james: he didn't seem scared he called the little boy's leg is a concerning how the fee and up there the when illegals but it is also the nearby creek left london and the water receded the river was left stranded it did not appear into the second animal control officers to of the month and released some of the nearest watering a deer in bigger stake could be saying there and have less of a bit too literally they spotted this year and would take a look 45 allows a subtle mix sitting witnesses reported seeing the deer with a likable as the honest and and revive an officer came to the basket after multiple attempts he broke free and ran to the woods and was left with a pretty good of bruise but an even
4:56 am
better story democratic presidential candidate henry clinton visiting the east bay today for a campaign event. >>james: and oklahoma's and hospital after her home was struck by lightning.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: san mateo bridge live shot a little bit and waves of have to fall in some areas we're fairly clear in the skies were until just over the last few hours that such a ruling from the east of temperature as reflective as far as the in the fifties downtown san francisco 5458 oakland santa rosa 52 san jose come in at 58 at this hour a chance to play the 62632 and 4:00 with the west southwest wind at about 10 it will become to trigger a little bit more the latter portion of the ban the ready for school forecast again to the 62 by noon. >>reporter: 65 on on about 3:00 in the rest of their for a couple straight or isolated thundershowers and work this to come in from the east is to concede will have details coming up. >>robin winston: 10 of the to the bay bridge toll plaza and check ride on was about 80 which is getting busy in but only in
5:01 am
the castle and to look over to the left or to the ride you concede that there was a bit of a backup of the cash crunch for the middle the lot on the left side is wide open in the south track plan were looking pretty good across the upper deck and to downtown san francisco coming up will take a look to drive times and to commit to the east of a high for 58680 will have that coming up. >>mark: and return to his vision of the east bay today for a campaign event. >>will tran: the school was right behind us in this quiet no protesters will reduce the protesters to show up a little bit later today and she will occur parents this afternoon at from 3:00 when she will be campaigning in northern california and they aren't setting of six bernie sanders and hillary clinton to win california and for many people many political experts that are
5:02 am
targeting open a ground zero accustomed was a los angeles last night campaigning in southern california to try and when voters down there. >>will tran: was never potestas a lot of them from the latin community not happy with her campaign is to the outside and it was peaceful, what we saw last week when donald trump and the republican presidential candidates were in town bacchante bernie sanders and he has also set up office in oakland his office will open up tomorrow hillary clinton's office in oakland open up a couple days ago in downtown oakland so far she is still the presidential front runner despite losing in the >>: just a few days ago. >>mark: he says he cannot give support his party's presumptive nominee for president donald trump is now the highest ranking
5:03 am
republican to publicly not support donald trump he did not take a lot of endorsement likely it and he responded that he is not ready to support wines agendum with the did say they're open to working together in the future the republican national committee chairman said that they are meeting next week to talk anything to men will work out the differences may sign up for the republican presidential nominee the planet on skipping the gop convention and the entire bush family is sitting it out canadian officials on hoping to escort a huge convoy of evacuees past the last wild fire that is burning where african news desk of the bill was going on there in canada. >>james: the plans to have a helicopter lead heart of the car to safety and to decide to do
5:04 am
so you have the ability to look ahead and see the road is clear as the lead the convoy to pass the people are burned. were the 200,000 a. already burned firefighters don't know when the bill but to get under control the number of fires associated with this and a number of them are burning out of control started last weekend but listed as a quadrupled in size between wednesday and thursday of this week. >>james: the firefighters 1 evacuees to go south there's a lot more support services waiting for them than the best of about 25,000 people had fled north now they need help getting all that will be part of the ongoing process to try and get those folks to safety will continue following the story of the morning and bring it of this is the become available at the breaking news desk a woman is in
5:05 am
hospital after her home was hit by lightning and happened on 930 yes a morning like me at home with james douglas and his sister lived you consider it supports a flat out front and exploded it was also damage to the home foundation rescissory to oust saddam from the trailer on the back for trout in the house was an. the lighting also filed all the electrical wiring and house. >>darya: and automatic county firefighters recovering this morning after being injured and house fire in san leandro bay posted these photos of the fire on twin this fire broke out and
5:06 am
multistory home on the interest- rate and vocal about 5:00 yesterday last night in the fire's spread into the attic as to the sea and the crash. >>darya: 155 had been hospitalized with their expected to build and--be ok. >>mark: that the stop signs and there were high school he was arrested last week is accused of what is called catfish and students pepos as a general social media and at hundreds of miners to send him sexually explicit pictures the parents of one teenager are suing the school district for not a long enough to protect students it was discipline and allowed to return to the classroom.
5:07 am
>>darya: his seventh signor but the mall were in court yesterday they did not say anything as the attorneys ask the court for more time to prepare the case they're accused of murdering their parents their bodies were found in their home in san jose last month the prosecutor says this case will focus on the motive for the killing of a preliminary hearing is set for monday to see if there's enough evidence to send a case to trial have been an accomplice of pleasant hill looking for missing some to your room she was passing on a high school campus-she was reported missing about 3:00 on wednesday afternoon she was last seen at college park high school during
5:08 am
a break between class a she was wearing a light blue of its culture black pants and the flops they believe the she left the campus to meet her boyfriend. >>mark: the creditors weren't scoring in the third pair of overturn the final score four to three the best the road team in the nhl losing both games of the road it is now back to the s&p some at 7:00 p.m.. >>mark: and attempted murder suspect li seven california place on an hour was long chase a standoff the new questions about the bay area doctor who was asked help music icon.
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>>reporter: if there was some
5:14 am
scattered thundershowers in the south of the it looks to be more favored to the east and the stopped in with this bill so was on site on saturday we set is not over yet on saturday another dose to come by a saturday morning amid potentially into the afternoon. >>reporter: with temperatures of more scrap of to the lower subsidies helped fetch.
5:15 am
>>robin winston: it is looking good 15 minutes from antioch to conquer 5 is a smooth ride to live more of what to the dublin to change will live in morgan hill into san jose headed she. >>darya: their new questions about the bay area doctors to the stunt to the medical treatment of prince sheikh dr. howard corn fell whose practice based in mill valley sent his son to his home in minnesota with a drug called the upper dwarfing the job is often used to treat people who are addicted to popular this said the corn fell after dr. minnesota to meet with prince task as soon as
5:16 am
possible and that doctors could schedule but he never showed up for the meeting he sent his son andrew on a red eye flight to minneapolis but we've learned that he was not licensed to practice medicine and minnesota it was not registered to care for patients his son has been described as a premed student shot and is also not a. license for >>darya: the lawsuit says that he barely knew prince and despised them he scored a hit in 1990 with her rendition of nothing compares to you first
5:17 am
he's due back in court in august
5:18 am
>>darya: demanded a say anything to the kids but they say he appeared to be following them ask his described as a very vague as having a massive long white hair and mustache task. >>darya: in the man with the mayor to fire chief sir hugh but o'malley says that he would not comply with all the lands and that he stands behind his police chief record they say they will continue to haunt the strike to the demands are met even know that help a suffering she he was
5:19 am
hit and killed when that happened and then another officer fired back and then turn who was then killed prosecutors said that officer was fired by justified because it appeared it was ready to shoot of a law enforcement officers should. >>darya: and attempted murder suspect who led authorities on a wild chase happens to the and california fish fish and the city's sights like cars leaving to traffic blue tires on the spikes trip since the small car
5:20 am
finally stopped as if to see right there so. >>darya:. . >>darya: 25 your caller list i got off of the trained about 1:00 yesterday afternoon climbing down to the incident called a major delays to bay
5:21 am
area baseball the giants are back at home to get on the rockies they want to lose his gains 17 to three as to the
5:22 am
golden state warrior steph curry problem did not want to plant. >>darya: the good news is he is moving along nicely with his recovering and his knee is received plasma injections he still hasn't done a full practice with the team he says that carries to do that before he can fly for game three is
5:23 am
tomorrow and portland the currently lead the series two to zero tipoff is nicer early 5 complaint scientists in california could be hit with a big earthquake any moment now they're actors to keep people safe in the event of a big one.
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>>james: in is the only new wide release at the box of was this weekend and is expected to clean up avengers vs avengers is to let his marble from of you're
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looking a somewhat different to check out in theaters.
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>>reporter: he was the of the view from the storm track of we have some action going on north of yosemite your concern with the same thing happened in sacramento will be keeping tabs. ♪ ♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating.
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>>reporter: will have details coming up in just a little bit.
5:32 am
>>robin winston: is busy heading in the west to bomb is pretty much tapped in the past wines that is about it if you have fast track this morning. >>james: we do know the nature of today's announcement stubblefield was charged monday with five felony charges for alleged rape to happen and april last year stubblefield a said the sex with the alleged victim was consensual prosecutors say he is so to the women last year
5:33 am
washington is home to interview for jobs as a nanny. >>darya: the congestion suspect was connected with multiple of the shootings in the area include a shooting and a mcdonald's at antioch a deadly
5:34 am
shooting at this antioch convenience store as well. >>james: the search is on four men who attacked the woman as san francisco and the attack happened around to o'clock yesterday morning on webster and buchanan streets this is in the northern district they said the man followed a woman for a few blocks to for attacking her she was able to skate likely on harm they did not have the detailed description of the attack the very least video hoping you might build to recognize them. >>darya: the search continued for missing father of two from a brick and seven year-old keep the green disappeared last when he went to men is a storefront that the millbrae pentecost the two was supposed to discuss a child custody issues his self on was, and golden gate park the following morning last act as a family gathered at the green hills park for a vigil his mom and brothers said that he would
5:35 am
never just walk away from the two girls keys family started ago from me cite to raise money for war for a safe return and is or has more than $11,000 if you want to donate heavily on the web site >>james: scientists have no doubt that a big earthquake will hit california it is not a question of if but when the director of uc-berkeley said that there is a certain amount of time that to the passage between major earthquakes
5:36 am
original the odds of better to. >>reporter: to has a much traffic at this early hour been expecting people to come in and
5:37 am
play pro ball this is not the biggest pro ball from that was back in january when the job was more than a billion dollars the next john is dead on saturday night the tickets will cause to two bucks each and the slogan for pro ball is anything this possible
5:38 am
. >>james: said a closer look of the bill this into the newsroom.
5:39 am
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5:41 am
rock a touchdown early this morning on a barge in the atlanta does off the floor close the same thing happened back on paper a during the space station supply run because of high out to for this edition that adds to do not expect a successful landing a man arrested at a floating object in the ocean for almost two months how he survived and with the coast guard says made his rescue even more unlikely.
5:42 am
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>>james: 2 we talk about plans to raise incomes for families some of the other change in was to make its is elected president the plans to have a helicopter leaves hundreds of cars to safety more than 200,000 a. already burned in this fire they don't know when they will build a to have it under control. >>james: 1 is and how to draft a home was struck by lightning
5:46 am
>>reporter: a conference last night and went north and the mountain before the most part we're wanting things not much activity doing everything before noon but the daytime heating and to the evening hours overnight.
5:47 am
>>robin winston: still checking for hot spots to have been found and was caught with a look at the right and to sentence a spa on westbound a removal of the battered but both passions are backed up in a jam from busted line is not through the maze hopefully it was a frightened by we will see of cleanup the major props up with the one hot spot
5:48 am
for realistic the travel time 58 west is looking to and 13 minutes from cash about if the san leandro. >>james: they're still in a model for any suspects eight members of the road and family were found dead at four different homes cornices most of the victims were shot multiple times include one that was shot nine times
5:49 am
>>darya: that pepper sprayed receded demonstrators in a protest of 2011 that will improve the school's image after this because we use such them online the negative thing show the wanted to clean up the place in camera or a surgeon for two people try to still several cars a supplemental or early
5:50 am
wednesday morning and was the map showing of the location. >>darya: the trains are not double stopping in that inning to inbound trains can come up to the platform is still the need
5:51 am
to make the repairs but they're on to bill but to open one lane in each direction heavy rain recall the cinco. >>gabe slate: my job texan into all the offices of the tech companies and start-ups in the bay area this same he first
5:52 am
noticed the slowdown one of the regular customer stopped calling 57, the local will be
5:53 am
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >>james: happen to this san francisco city officials would dedicate cable card #24 to giants legend willie mays.
5:56 am
>>james: paramour and along with gary and sports bribery in weather look of the new guy the number to the kron 4 news team.
5:57 am
>>darya: donald trump may prevent the nominee but there is one high-profile republican who was not ready to get behind them and he is speaking out.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: so far so good on the road to a friday night but it is a backup of a grant. >>reporter: we will see mostly cloudy sky conditions on balance to start today at the bus stop this is item plan for basically increasing crowd of 53 and a few and and 62 by the noon hour they would call it to maybe some scattered thundershowers for 3:00 to stick covering the coastal quite chilly is the sea far in the region's mid-50s.
6:01 am
>>robin winston: the castle and the pretty slow no major problems or hot spots, one of oakland and into san francisco will have a complete track check to to look at 92 the ride across the san mateo bridge. >>james: to return to visiting the east bay today for campaign.
6:02 am
>>will tran: she plans to when oakland is the key city in northern california and the key locations not just also bernie sanders we do know with certainty until rick martin will make an apparent and 4:00 this afternoon thousand people turned out to supporter but there were many other people who will very upset with her parents in the hispanic community came optical test chronicled she is his spend during to them on some of the mile that during the presidential bed is pretty was the only time they say that she cares about them according to
6:03 am
many political experts oakland is a key battleground for their bed for the white house so far no protesters is very quiet we know there will be high security on the republicans and house speaker paul ryan said he could not yet support his party's presumptive nominee for president come down to the lack of endorsement like he quickly
6:04 am
responded. >>james: the battle already during his ninth-ranking republican to publicly not support the dollar trout in here is what he had to say about supporting him. >>: and think what is required of a unified this party and the bulk of the burden on unifying the parting watt becomes more for some of nominee. >>james: the national committee chairman said that they are meeting next week and will have to talk anything that will work out the differences. >>darya: they're not the sort of like a huge convoy passed the mass of wildfire that is burning of the plan is to have the helicopter lead hundreds of cars
6:05 am
to safety. >>james: they support the flagpole exploded because of the piece of wood on the ground rules also some damage.
6:06 am
>>darya: happening down amid accounted firefighter is recovering after being injured in a house fire in san leandro take a look at the firefighters falls in the fire broke out in a multistory home on liberty street.
6:07 am
>>james: he posed as a young girl on social media and ask hundreds of miners to send them sexually explicit pictures the palace of one of those tenants are so _ did trip. he was disciplined and allow to return to the classroom however he did later resigned.
6:08 am
>>james: you may remember the storing and was involved he filed a rifle from the apartment balcony back in march of 2015 he was hit and killed at the scene another also fired back at them will then died from the bullet wound. >>darya: two more victims have
6:09 am
come for climate were molested by an east a dental assistant jews in court yesterday morning announcing the three additional charges of touching a minor the pleas of the the four men who may even fall when a girl and her brother home in san francisco have the wanted to cancel walk along spruce ave there's also a limit of school in south san francisco they did not actually say anything even to the kids but they said it appeared he was following them
6:10 am
in a police a very vague description of a man with massive long white hair and mustache police and prison hill are looking for missing 17 your girl. >>james: she was reported missing around 3:00 wednesday afternoon lasting at college park high school or break time classis she was wearing a like a blue sweatshirt black pants and flip flops invested instead should have the off-campus perhaps metal with a friend they're looking for any information. >>james: the stanley cup playoff a disappointing loss to the san jose sharks there in naturalize economic predators in game 4 it went into the game leading the series 221 this was a close one and the third. the teams are tied it went into a triple
6:11 am
overtime and unfortunately the creditors on the with the when they scored in the third. . >>james: we have some new details on the navy seal who was killed by since will table will learn about the attack at the pentagon saying it could avoid it. look at 'em!
6:12 am
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>>reporter: most of the lightning strikes have been far to the north compared to what we saw yesterday with the team to moscow was on the general program is all you see here will control the west cloud covers are to come across the sacramento valley and the sea on the satellite most of the activity from the last night was, on down to the south to hundred backed the decision and a layer come our way.
6:16 am
>>reporter: many some bricks happen by sunset the testily will clear the skies out before yet another dose come here on saturday morning . >>robin winston: was bound
6:17 am
traffic coming out of hand would come to a crawl headed over to the peninsula are along the flat section the higher price could fall since could no problems on 11 heading into san mateo track in the line 11 across the old it alive with the approach into san francisco on the left and commit traffic we now have four lines to accommodate that commit traffic come from the north bank and is still fairly small and fairly quiet and. >>robin winston: was for and will load and a crest of and a number of vehicles it may be blocking the left lane in the to the friends the map of the king of slow traffic apple can tell you if about to use it it will be stop and go come out of a point heading west and to conquer but the drive times to
6:18 am
under 20 minutes to get from hillcrest and antioch to 242 conference. >>darya: the giants should we bring him after he gave up 17 runs last night we're live at at&t park of the details right now he's a man without a team and let all changed after today he has a story pass with the san francisco giants he spent nine seasons he won two sidearm it was the four all-star games and
6:19 am
won for only the start of three or world series teams today kick. >>jackie sissel: the dyes will be one of only 23 major league baseball teams it will be watching him obviously his coming off a huge injury get hip surgery so has not pitched in a major-league game since last year unless they said he is one of the most popular giants of all time. >>jackie sissel: as you said after last night the giants could use him right now there last two daughters they get up
6:20 am
17 runs in the game 13 runs in one inning the showcase for tim today at 2 starting obviously everyone here in the bay area watching very closely. . >>james: we have new details about the attack that killed the
6:21 am
navy seal early this week it was military saying that he was absent part will force the was sent in to rescue a team of military after they were attacked by ices the team was engaged in a gun battle that will forced to hide behind cars and the only form of protection the seals are not supposed to be in combat and what they were there as advisers behind the front line but as reported at since fighting broke through those lines there but the american position and he was one of the members of the rescue force that was called in to help out those planned on americans questions are being raised about whether they had access all the intelligence they needed to add to the attack on the americans christian coalition forces carried out more than 30 air strikes on isis positions a colombian seller is
6:22 am
safe on dry land after spending two months adrift in the pacific ocean. >>darya: of an unmanned cargo ships of the two to nine the road man of the powerless to 23 ft shift on his way to china to promote and transfer them to u.s. coast guard off honolulu on winston he says that his gift and installed working weeks before and three other men on board did not making the coast guard said the bodies were not on the stiffed with the man did have their passports he says he survived for two months by eating fish and seals the coast guard rescued him and they found him and what is the not heavily trafficked.
6:23 am
>>james: 7 people recovering after a flight from the dominican republic picked bird and had to be diverted it was and a legion air flight and made an emergency landing in fort lauderdale florida the passage was taken to hospital with so that all expected to be ok in the air is now working to get the remaining passengers on to the pits bird but of the seventh four flight attendants and was also found video from some of the passengers and accounts talk about how the five potential flown to the ceiling and that down to the ground and attempted murder suspect leaves the door on a wild chase a southern california and is behind bars.
6:24 am
>>darya: the swat team handle this they finally did not die of around 10:00 last night and arrested said the mercedes was used in the to the drive-by shooting earlier in the week a schoolboy is one happy guy this morning.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>robin winston: it is less than 50 minutes to get from the oakland a's and to downtown san
6:27 am
francisco. >>darya: his mom is grateful for the help it is amazing what they're doing with these three printers.
6:28 am
>>darya: 21 to take a look at the commune. look at 'em!
6:29 am
they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
6:30 am
6:31 am
>>reporter: as it stands the storm track their pretty impressive on the mountain as far with home but you can seem the sacramento valley and rubble to start things off on the most crowded no. >>robin winston: this is not a bad commit but is getting called
6:32 am
on the nimitz and south before after 92 the internet silence break and after the crash beyond will pass it is a great by continuing of the 242. >>james: law is for than stubblefield said they have a big announcement to make later this one about the former forty- niners rick ames we don't know where is the point to announce but he was charged monday with five felony charges for allegedly if that happened for lack of a full of last year he
6:33 am
has admitted to having sex with the alleged victim said was consentual they say that he is off to that room and lasting machine to his home to interview for jobs to is a modest cut from 11:00, should you have the news application when we give that information for us if you want to set of data on the latest mission to download the application. >>darya: feudalism antioch into our concern about our rising crime most recent crime happen on wednesday a police officer shot by a carjacker suspect they said the carjacking suspect is connected to multiple of the shootings that have happened in that area including the shooting at a mcdonald's of antioch people also on the edge
6:34 am
as the by competition at the 711 and there is a deadly shooting and into a convenience store. >>james: police said the man followed the woman for a few blocks before tackling the issue was able to skip and harm they did not have a detailed description to tell scare the. >>darya: the search continues for missing father of two from melbourne a 27 year-old disappeared last colors the night we went to his ex- girlfriend at the millbrae pancake house bill supposed to talk about a child custody
6:35 am
edition itself from last they said he would never the family start ago finally sent to raise money for his safe return and have $11,000 if you want to do now we have a link scientists have no doubt the convict or acquit will the california it is just a matter when the director of uc-berkeley seismological laboratory said there is a certain amount of time the to the quick passes between major quakes.
6:36 am
>>james: that and give people in the area of 2 gunman a warning before the next one strikes. >>reporter: that command a huge
6:37 am
payoff for them to cook of the bill that we have of the power bought from this is not the ball park or tie back to back a general one was more than $1.4 billion. >>reporter: sh for the tickets cost $2 each in the driest marmite. >>james:.
6:38 am
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>>robin winston: coming up will take a look at the matt there is to have a chapter concord because of two separate accidents will happen of the coming out. >>darya: thomas logan exercise routine involving wind and there
6:42 am
were with talk about this other woman for the 7:00 hour of the area family speaking out after their kick off the flight to oakland will explain why they're so upset.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>james: and democratic presidential candidate henry clinton will be here in the bay area savimbi's bed a campaign event she will be at that as illiterate met the demands on all food and travel across the bay into san francisco. >>darya: to the plans to use a helicopter to lead her to the cars to say if it were the to the thousand acres after beneficial by claiming she was outside on load in half from a trailer during the storm that we have a light pink house her the senses with this release from
6:46 am
hospital choose what and filled with a lightning struck the was strong enough to door for feet. >>reporter: this is what the
6:47 am
rain will be coursing heading toward the general area because the the fog have run with low if you look carefully consider the for the south of what we're talking to you yesterday it is slowly starting to move of the general area living perhaps the and the afternoon and might destroy shower with all of this final the clearing up in time to sound a to the utmost to sunny skies.
6:48 am
>>robin winston: traffic is slow at the bay bridge toll plaza heading to san francisco no major problems with them as a backup is considered fretted that because it does not stretch through the maze is just beyond west grand button to worry about heading into a lot of san francisco this morning where track of problems in the east bay this is just for it is incomparable have two separate acts and is wrapping up a six cars involve the two left in the block minor injuries they're still traffic along the place for this is wrapping up right now with this in is if you have
6:49 am
to use was bombed for it will be packed, of pittsburg is backing up beyond harbor. >>robin winston: and to make the average drive time from to 30 it out to 237 and is just under 30 minutes that is considered not too bad.
6:50 am
>>james: the large milan or operations were found three of those for home ride dumplings are not sure of that is connected to the kings. >>darya: former u.s. attorney melinda had is one to oversee the investigation this president john and paula, who lost investigation last week when she put chancellor learned the on paid leave amid mounting calls for her to resign he was criticized for campus officers the spread demonstrators and a protest in 2011. >>james: police said two people
6:51 am
got the three unlocked cars and rummage through the will to share the survey is that it would accept it caught on tape they're trying to speed of trains service at the downtown san francisco stations that now double stopping. >>darya: the process is being controlled by a computerized system that manages the trains a street in morocco that was damaged by this massive sinkhole last month is going to be opened to traffic.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>>james: 6 classic video games are.
6:57 am
>>darya: happening to them of san francisco city officials would dedicate a cable car in the 24 to times larger number 24 today is the hall of famers 85th birthday apply also be unveiled a mountain or on the cable car he is considered one of baseball's greatest living players he won a world series of the giants in 1954.
6:58 am
>>darya: we're adding a 10:00 p.m. newscast pam will be there we will have to carry written in and of the full we have a new member of the crown for family steve anderson dornin as co- anchor with him a 10:00 p.m. broadcast beginning on may 16th commerce aha hickok each. >>darya: would tell you she sang about her are so maybe the close what kind.
6:59 am
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