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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 6, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: as head of the to concord there was a crash that is rapid was for it will look at love in the two left lane this is not a major hot spot the tropical what was blocking the to the fine to have minor injuries.
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>>reporter: start now from the trouble log has to live with it as a follow the look out here again today cause and line the way for rotted our focus san jose are in the green in the clear on the breakdown disrupted lower 60s and the the the west out was one come in and 10 write off the bench the breakdown for it ready for school forecast charts in the fifth is where the stand than the speaking most cause a stroke on and by the noon hour 62 for those in an spots 65 by mid afternoon. >>james: the things happening in the east bay we have presents a
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democratic presidential candidate's hillary clinton and time for a campaign event she will be in oakland and best of the elementary school of the have will stand by this morning to walk a storm. >>will tran: she will bring her campaign to oakland and this time she is establishing groups in oakland shut. >>will tran: she is waking up and lost as a is this the right to video of her last night in southern california there were protesters upset with her for many reasons including the claim
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that she is finally paying attention to them using the word has pandering to the latino vote because she is trying to get to the white house bernese and is no word on when he will be an open but many political experts believe the to the one-to-one oakland and when northern california and they believe they can get that they can california in their corner this is expected to be quite a fan of cyclical and saw lasted with the republican convention and donald trump exactly what we could go to reduce potestas are ready out exactly this kind so far it is quite we do expect a lot of people to show what.
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>>james: donald trump the high as one republican to pull could not support him how he reacts all that well he said basically in return if he did go to support lines agenda the two did say they will open to work together to pick the republican national committee chairman said the company line are going to meet next week canadian
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officials and all border of trying to get more people out in the midst of that mass of wild fire the plan is to have a helicopter and lead hundreds of cars to safety in. >>darya: more than 85,000 people have been forced from their homes via block only the role the lead south of the area of the 4000 people to evacuate by topper it will give accurate to move to the south of is more support for them. >>james: it happened about nine
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did yesterday morning to conceive the child house with the wood missing of that as with the lightning struck this was a home owned by james douglas and his sister the wooden trellises support of the flat was basically shattered exceed fragments and there was also damage done to the home's foundation thankfully set his sister is expected to be released from the hospital the lightning also fried all the electrical systems and side of the house. >>darya: high profile attorney gloria is now involved in the
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lawsuit against the there were school district douglas laid taught science and you're ride high school and was arrested last week he is accused of catfish and students depots on the internet and social media as a young girl and has hundreds of miners to send him a sexually explicit pictures now the parents of one teenager also when the school district for not doing enough to protect the students he was disciplined and allow to return to the classroom however. he has since however >>james: a preliminary hearing for the two brothers accused of killing their parents in san jose could get underway soon as next week and didn't say much but the attorney did all the talk and act or for more time to prepare their case back use of murdering their parents the prosecutor said this case will focus on the mode of for those
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killings the plymouth rehearing is now scheduled for monday to see there's no evidence to send this case to trial police saw looking for a missing 17 you're a girl who was last seen at her high school and we just off the phone with the girl's mother he was what we know right now she was wearing a light blue hooded sweatshirt a black pants and flops half and said she told a friend of the she was not feeling well and she left school early and they think they should have gone awry home with a friend her family is asking people who live in the 2000 block of artist drive to check video surveillance in alameda
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county firefighters recovering after battling this fire in san leandro the 55% of these pictures of the fire and broke out of multistory home on the extreme. >>darya: 15 fire was hospitalized with injuries that they're expected to build and lawyers to dinner stubblefield said they have a big announcement of some sort to make little on this morning about the former 49 a briefcase and did not elaborate so we did not know what the nature of today's announcement will be but we know he is charged monday with five felony charges for alleged rape that happened and it last year on wednesday the lawyer said that the charges were basically a money grab by did that dictum to the shrine to take advantage of his celebrity status he has admitted having sex with her but it was the central they say he insulted the
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woman last year when she was on to interview for jobs as unending the announcement set for 11:00 will be the opposite wall with terms and you have the mobile application. >>james: he met with the giants needed on a standing by at at&t park where a lot of fans walked home just stunned by yesterday's game.
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>>jackie sissel: four all-star games he's made of a $100 million with the team and thus face said the three world series that he was a part of renown is a player without a team that is because he did not sign with anyone after last season.
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>>jackie sissel: for the giants didn't think they had room for him but after the start of the last two pitchers of the san francisco giants.
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>>james: a bay area family speaking out they're kicked off the floor what they're trying to come home to oakland would explain why they're kicked off picket and didn't traffic is still slow at the richmond san rafael bridge and fight it was alive at the approach to the toll plaza and.
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>>reporter: watching the trends on this it looks like to get any rain will be after the commute.
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>>reporter: it tells you they're upstairs is called with some of the fact is the talk all that will happen after the morning commute will be the timing on that temperatures hardly budged all of mid-50s to the most part 54 on for san francisco 56 out there to the we will consult the model to push this through pretty quickly with the what we're to show new by the noon
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hour so but as a secondary way upstream we may get low on the skies and open up the london. >>reporter: we get to a lower seven is in part spots danville but into at some one brentwood may scratch to 72. >>robin winston: it is already getting better in was never bad friday like the back of not only stretches about around a bit of a crossing it was out to west grand it never stretched through the maze which is excellent
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news except for the issue of freeway will get to that but it is looking good 24580 and then there is a crash on the front control that to insure freeway that is attracting a lot of attention friday like conditions we're tracking residual the latest on how we for we had a mind and accident to set taxes with minor injuries was for and
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will have that was on the conference side of have to laugh lines blocked it is out of the way the the back of only stretches into passport and does not extend into concord. >>robin winston: after will look at this a great ride on 242 south and south about 680 probably because at one the stock in the back of but it is still considered friday like. >>james: a family is speaking now after that will kick off the plan was returning home to oakland they say would cut their son has a peanut allergy they boarded the plane into the flight attendants on his series penology and if i attended immediately told and the she did not recommend the couple after
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they could just keep the snakes away from their son the second side and went on after passengers near with a time was needed to avoid even in peanut every once in the cave of the request of the situation seemed to turn. >>: the third flight attendant told us the we had to leave the plane he said the flight staff told the but they consult a medical professional and decided it was not safe to let them fly in the other hand and the pan with the of the cut off the plane did mr. five home in this and will book a different airline but allegiant air has since sent a letter apologizing for what happened. >>darya: he was in court yesterday morning now 53
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additional charges to touching off a minor under the age of 145 victims have now come forward the work of the cuts to come my view it does office he also worked on, and antioch locations of western dance of he was arrested last like the police said they found the real evidence on his self on showing how molested children in the dentist's chair of the clinic and he's due back to court aug.. >>james: their income for men who may have been from a girl and her the home kid described as having messy long white hair and mustache will continue to call the store and you will find out more. >>darya: please call this a shot and killed the man who killed a
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fellow san jose police officer last year note was justified in his actions as you may remember the 57 year-old scott fire a rifle from the apartment balcony back in march of 2015 in san jose a police officer michael johnson was hit and killed her by the bullet and another officer fired back at them killing them prosecutor said that that officer who fired back was justified because it appeared and he was ready to shoot a law enforcement officers. >>james: new questions about a bay area addiction doctors of response to the medical treatment for music icon prince his practice is this a novice and his son to france on the minnesota with the carbon proofing is used to treat people who are addicted to the illnesses than he had asked the doctor and minnesota to meet with prince as soon as possible. >>james: he said his son andrew
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on raclette to minneapolis the wheel morning that he was not a license to practice medicine in minnesota of cabbage to care for patients them via telemedicine his son has been described as a premed student and is also not a license by. >>darya: legion air flight had to make an emergency landing in fort lauderdale for the injured passengers were taken to hospital all the are expected to bill can they're working to get the remaining passenger 01 and
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for parents why you should reconsider feeding the baby write serial + not get enough sleep could have the same side effects is getting high on marijuana. to tell if
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>>robin winston: no major problems will have details coming. >>james: for your health this morning warrant if you feed your baby rice cereal if you find
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yourself eating when you're tired this time to cure reason for that and scores of the sleep much's according to the reasons for the a lot of stick to track your appetite the same way marijuana offense of research at university of chicago linked evening we retired to tipsy and this safety it seemed as a chemical rotted to make us will defuse the high in fat should consult
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>>reporter: into the sacramento valley and probably won't get into the bay area until after the morning commute but after in the post when the commission does will seesaw bring showers bay area of natural mid-50s at this hour to upper 50s as we speak.
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>>robin winston: come out of hey were all the sudden come to a call just west of the toll plaza. >>james: the also cited reports by assistant coaches that they said they witnessed in the corporate contacts between
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sandusky and children. >>darya: do in the area are concerned. >>darya: daily shooting and into a convenience store news that is
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happening a search on for the man missing who was attacked is as a bid to build a closer look to see them walking across the top of the screen this attack happened about 10:00 test of the morning. >>james:.
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>>: from the moment he saw them the is a loving father of two the family start of the funny side to raise money for a reward for his safe return renowned have $11,000 of you to donate a link on our web site. >>james: listen tambora hoping that you can help them in for two people with the spot try to still several cars and have long been to court use a map showing where it is police said two people got a to 3 on block cars in started rummaging through them.
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>>reporter: this $415 million on the line for anyone who was playing pro ball in stores like the one behind me they're counting on the for wrecking in the money with all the ticket sales of all soap they sell the winning ticket to me is a huge payoff for them and people planning power on this is the largest howe bought back pocket ever been this was back in
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january that bonn was on saturday night and tickets are two books each year in coming to any location and get a ticket. >>james: a big earthquake hit the bay area any moment we know that we will show you new efforts to kick a said.
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p?p?o?gv >>robin winston: with tracking improving conditions on the bay area in some spots like the bay bridge heading to san francisco the five and 6:00 hour. >>darya: it is a to be shut down
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saturday and sunday keep that in mind the section of traffic is already the close to three time for repairs. >>james: they announced this week that thousands of 2016 and 2017 chevy gmc and talent it of being recalled because of an issue with the vehicles of the flood control arms that to depart could separate from the vehicle cause with the steering wheel that could lead to a crash.
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>>reporter: is causing some minor issues out of the airport as a fall by an hour delays oakland san jose i have the green light watching over the shoulders and scattered thundershowers for today and tomorrow.
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>>darya: the sharks' game was way past my bedtime best goalie
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interference in the way the off. . >>gary: how can you argue with being cautious on the one extra
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day is really going to help them they won't admit it but they may be looking we're up to nothing is different when you're shooting threes the adjusted to do that to see the video.
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>>darya: he was at the that practice facility he plays pretty good. >>darya: i did know he was one heck of a state border in this life is a pretty good stroke people since with hands up like baseball and wears white sox. >>darya: he once that edge and he started as a good boy and now he is a babbling.
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>>gary: more power to him is one of the most talked-about guys in the world and to all to get. >>gary: this the most wrong to have ever given up in one inning since i opened a new ballpark in 2000. >>gary: for the real hard-core fans they ripped peavey a couple of days ago and now there were but mccain and now this is the thing that three good starting pitching and then you have tv in for came last night he gave up eight runs.
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>>gary: that will happen to that we are going to see how madison baumgartner is doing is like a sore from the backed the of the day. >>gary: i'm not a game from sky. >>gary: madison baumgartner no offense one and he says he might be injured, would look to him and said he can work or anything. >>darya: what about the dodgers? they were off yesterday and they were planned toronto today there are a canada and instead of hanging at a hotel he goes out fishing.
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>>gary: 24 lbs. each. >>gary: whatever you want to do was call with me but i broke my dad would say go cook long ago to your homework don't just said with a mine in the water. >>darya: i was searching up yesterday to see what have with helicopter this said you cannot learn the helicopter sorry about the traffic. >>darya: the couple's continue the first the continue to while
7:51 am
us not all with the new dress code but not have the best record in baseball at the moment. >>gary: the cubs and washington went this debate that the manager in washington that the two hottest teams going. >>darya: if they have lost they will be banned but will be thinking about the game not hectare from.
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>>gary: my wife every day with tell you more tuesday this to me i'd rehearse with everyday every day to day and i treat my wife like a quaint and my id is mothers than. >>darya: ok we will see you.
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>> james: scientists have no doubt that the earthquake will strike california at some point. the question is when will happen? they say there's a certain amount time that passes between major earthquakes and for several of conference faults mr. slater in the bay area that came as are ready to pass this.
7:56 am
>>: on the work fault their return is about a hunger for years and it turns out the less park replete with 1868. we are due for one and they would fall it. >> james: scientists have developed an early-warning system for earthquakes. they say that you a minute warning before it strikes. >> darya: be amended is huge. even as a few seconds what help. now we're talking about movies. the name for mother's day the reviews are atrocious. the competition will be the big super hero movie. >> james: s. capital markets of
7:57 am
more than expected to dethrone the jungle book. we're saying it's another day so you're going out of the jungle book right? the jury found the city of angers? >> james: after she sees that she will think before it. >> darya: i'm not falling for the movie mother's day because you move your users of that. i like julia roberts but it's supposed to be so bad i will not watch it. allred is in the avengers movie. hillary clinton is in the bay area right now. she's pushing to get votes for our primary. >> james: in the east bay
7:58 am
lightning hit the house and and not what the people of their off the feat in the house. >> darya: here's the weather which expect for the divorce between today and sunday. the difference we will discuss.
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>> reporter: killer clinton is in an eligible today. are we going to be competing for the democratic nomination. >> james: the breaking news from the wild fire and fire that is building in canada. cruiser try to evacuate thousands of people. >> darya: ab every family was kicked off a plane was. they did and why the airline is apologizing.
8:01 am
>> james: people are having right now if it wanted to work on time. >> darya: we will talk about how different the weather is from today to sunday. perhaps >> reporter: i knew we may have a shower possible. by 3:00 if a few showers will be there for good measure also. and the temperatures will be hanging in the low mid-60s. on the coast they will be in the upper 50s yes. 66 percent say i say to o'clock. it will have a breeze about five-to-10. here the state could be simmering develop within the next couple hours maybe perhaps the tell and of your meat. rabin
8:02 am
>> robin: will start off with the good news going december disco in the west on 80 it was packed at one time it is picked up some cock. at 8:00 it as better. it is not a problem out of oakland in the downtown. now the travel times at the 80 sure freeway's recover from a crash because those on the frontage road that runs parallel to 80 and university. there was so damned to take a look that's why it's 37 minutes for hercules to a nice. and the usual jam fans out the no. 11 with about this long a trip from santa fe in the senate. all look at the traffic on highway 4 which is recovering from early crash which is west at a concord. of more details. >> james: beard the east bay
8:03 am
with a democratic president's cabinet hillary clinton in town at a campaign event. we have a reporter standing by. in oakland or she will be. >> tran: she will be there are around 2:00 this afternoon with a speech before they'll be sweeping is eligible security checks the parent. some told me that the federal yesterday and they are excited and many of them planned to be here with a religious school students to listen to hillary clinton. bell for oakland and for her and barry sanders premature begins today they have set up headquarters in oakland she is set up a couple days ago and 30 sander's opens up tomorrow. arecoline tomorrow will be there and but yesterday she was in las angeles. she was trying to win over voters there. thousands of people came to support her there were lots
8:04 am
protesters as well saying that she is pandering to the latino vote. the bondholder accountable for what bill clinton did while he was in office. she will fly to the bay area we and unsure if she will stay here over the weekend. california is a key state for birdie sanders as well as hillary clinton. the primary is in june 7th. it is refreshing for a lot of the democratic hopefuls to be in california. * take our state for granted. hillary is try to get some momentum after losing to bring sanders in indiana. it will be a traffic mess they are planning for it you could see the sights across street cat people that you cannot park here afternoon. i expect a lot of security network here.
8:05 am
>> james: chu also be heading into the bay area and will cause a lot of traffic problems. you want to find out more from asian on our website. corinth >> darya: paul ryan says he cannot yet promote donald trump for president. >> reporter: alright income and a tile is now the highest- ranking republican to publishing not support donald trump to. >>: i am not ready to do that. >> reporter: the trump supporters had a negative reaction. true to jump fashion he put out a statement i am not ready to support speaker wright's agenda. the two did say it their all to work together in the future. >>: was required is that we unify the party. the pope again
8:06 am
for this party will have to come from are presumptive nominee. >> reporter: for the five last presidential candace say they will skip the republican convention. >>: i was very hard on people and you wonder why the bush want to sit out. but you're the guys out i think that's fine i don't care they said that. >> reporter: some seven republicans are restoring a panic. senator john mccain expressed concern. >>: i went >> reporter: trust says that in setting a divider he will work to bring the party together. what are >> darya: we are breaking news that canada officials and alberta's are aghast quite a huge convoy out of the mass of
8:07 am
wildfire. there can use a helicopter to lead hundreds of cars to safety. they do not even know if that's it to do yet. what to a thousand acres have burned. you could see all the smoke and flame and has only been one road that's an abuse in this fire. the fire started the last weekend and quadrupled in size. 85,000 people had been evacuated from their homes. the fire blocked the only road that leads south of the area. that forced thousands to be evacuated by helicopter to. firefighters want people to move to stop us where are the better services are. there's several who fled to the no. 2 also the help getting out. >> james: bullock of the space or oakland is a hospital after home was struck by lightning. this happened on 930 is to morning lightning hit the house you could see the would be blown
8:08 am
away. that was a wood trellis it held up the flagpole their. it is shattered. able whole and decided house. the error home says his sister was outside of loading a from a trailer the lightning struck the house and dr. offer feet. >>: and knocked off the foundation. it knocked her off the trailer. she is in the hospital right down. report says she will be ok. >> james: g. expected to be released this afternoon. it also like to fight all the electronics and the house. what are what are >> darya: gloria allred is involved in a lawsuit against the school of a suing a teacher
8:09 am
who catfish students he. posed as some mitered ask kids to send him sexually explicit pictures. he was eventually allowed to during turn to the cost of even though he has since resigned. >> james: a misunderstanding on a passenger at least 28 airline apologizing to the family. >> reporter: can lead to come at all times i great is making a showcase today that it could be just what the black and orange needs. lab eight giants report when we come back.
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>> darya: ab arafat was without a fight at approval you top. they told her her son has a keen and alger allergy. >> reporter: a california
8:13 am
couple said they went to the door they told the flight attendant that their child as a peanut allergy. he said the flights to and immediately pull tyson that she did not recommend a final point. your typifying the plane and we were the risks. he says into the seat and tried to sanitize any traces. death pastors around them to avoid eating peanuts. a few minutes later >>: the fine event that is that they spoke with the captain but they said were and have to remove from applied. >> reporter: the finest system that they consult with a medical of national and they missed
8:14 am
airplane and wonder why the airline took some serious measures. >>: i think they're being unreasonable. perhaps >> reporter: the experts that our also an understanding what it would do that. >>: on behalf of the entire name please allow me to offer these apology for the convenience is. we regret the jury denied due to any sort of a socially proper guarding your child's peanut allergy. >> james: they knew him to be able to help them if the abreaction. >> reporter: with some gloom and
8:15 am
doom going on right now at the golden gate bridge. we will have some showers. as >> james: mentioned >> reporter: will have more weather when we come back.
8:16 am
8:17 am
but aren't >> darya: were looking at traffic and weather right now.
8:18 am
>> reporter: mac some stray showers. there's more upstream that may fire off a couple other scattered showers. we're not done with this yet. we have the same program and will not be allowed to tap into a lot of moisture. it has been mr. starr is relatively speaking. that is why we do not have a major reinvent. to see that we've moved going through. there'll be more happening this afternoon. going into the evening we might get some clear skies temporarily. yet another wave will, on saturday morning. there's still more to come this weekend and potentially into saturday afternoon. what we do all that it looks like we get in the sunday things will clear out very nicely. would get temperatures not a big warmup we
8:19 am
have seven is the work and perhaps in sacramento valley and los the bay area will be a public that of the '60s. dennis speaking '50s in the bay area of the staff to noon and this evening. >> reporter: hear the temperatures lived in the '70s in this area mainly. with 70 sorel look as we had in the sunday at 71 and mid-70s for the balance of next week as a high- pressure case that. we'll have sunny weather and slow sailing. >> robin: you're 92 and san mateo bridge last and looked it was bumper-to-bumper. given my city flow now. this coming at the space into the peninsula. it's considered a good commute is not safe from the nimitz and the bayshore freeway. it is a good time to use it. it is an
8:20 am
easy ride out of the golden gate bridge. it is used each year in the morning commute. south won one and in redwood are often non in december fell. in a 21 minute drive time for the 37 split from the bottle going to sever cisco. at 6:00 we had a crush on highway 4 and the concord site. they're actually two separate accidents. it took awhile to get him out a way because i had some cars involved. it is gone and traffic is slow on the pads per side. it's a high drive time more than normal. then the normal slowing from an accident. from antioch's black hole will be out of pittsburgh. wide open on 580 leading livermore to dublin 23 minutes. the council mahler with the south bay. its moderate and not too bad,
8:21 am
>> darya: today we get to see the new and hopefully improve tim wants to come. he's having a showcase and arizona. >> james: if there was ever a need for a good starting pitcher for the giants is that. i wish we could forget yesterday. >> reporter: and mature talents to come to have all have a showcase and need for him since the beating that they received yesterday. today let him once again an all-time jain favorite is quite at a showcase try out the five cities will most giants of all time. that is for good
8:22 am
reason the send nine seasons with the severed his could giants. may 4th all-star teams. 12 cy young awards. most important he won the world series at three times. he is still beloved in the city of san francisco. he is currently a player without a team. he has been rehabing a step and since then he is better working through. cuba from the 23 major- league teams including the giants and throw for the first time hoping to sign a contract. a lot people in the bay area a particular judge says they will clubs see him back in the black and orange. we spoke with a few fans and most of them said that. the above ambac >>: i would like to see in back i think some. he was there for the important part. i think he deserves a shot.
8:23 am
>>: i would hope the that day they overpaid on the last contract ~ for cheaper. >> reporter: with the seasons are the giants said there were good that they have their starting rotation. after the last you start by j.p. and decane all the sudden there's a crack in that door. i'm not sure if he could tie the city better and he will go on a 230 today at in scottsdale ariz.. as i said 23 teams will be there including the black and orange. >> darya: there's a increasing tide for cry in the state communities. we also about how he may have died and how they
8:24 am
have combined drugs'.
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. >> james: their new questions about the bay area addiction of doctor's response. this had to do with his response to prince. his practice is based in mill valley the. said his son into
8:27 am
prince's home with the drug. judges often used for fuel or addicted to opiates. the lawyers had asked the doctor minnesota and that dr. walker is scheduled. prince and never showed up.. the doctor said his son andrew to fight in minneapolis. we're learning that the cartel was not licensed to care for patients in minnesota. his son has been described as the president also not licensed to be upper schreiber. >> reporter: we have some information about the rain. we have got tabs on your forecast early continue.
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brown breakfast burrito. on his legiple cheese and hash with provolone, cheddar, pepperjack, and a crispy hash brown. then he announced it to the world in the most legendary way. ah-hem. ‚ô™triple cheeeeeese! the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone. >> darya: were looking at weather and traffic right now. >> reporter: there will be an improvement later in the
8:30 am
weekend. here is we're looking at early morning call right now with some rain in the state. can see livermore and pleasanton in dublin and higher elevations we're starting at some went to develop. it's coming from san francisco and ashley sacramento . it does not have much to play with it to be talking of flash flooding. as a breakdown for today we have a possible start in the east bay and the south bay. between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. when a cop but trouble clubs of thunder. wendell the upper 60s for temperatures will in the mid-60s right here. >> robin: we have excellent news for driving today. traffic is picking up in a number of spots. in the bay bridge toll plaza is wide open and much
8:31 am
better the lot was two hours ago. if that use less money is to sailing into downtown. going the south bay dc patches of yellow which means insulin pockets at a moderate going at a san jose from 60 going just north of the guadalupe parkway. it's a good ride at a san jose and cupertino. so heavy on no. 85 in the cupertino as. heading into my account view and sunnyvale. his speaking up right there also. i'll have more from asian and 92 at the richmond sand or fell bridge. >> darya: in the spay people living in antioch and its fur are worried about a rising crime. the most recent crime happen unless the night. and any act police officer was shot by carjacking suspect. the carjacking suspect is connecting to many shootings are of the year. the cabinet dawdles and antioch also. the shooter was
8:32 am
taken into custody and the officer that was shot is supposed to release from the hospital. for those who live in the area they are very worried. chef >>: i'm scared to walk up to the street with my children. but chef but are >> darya: there's also a lot of violence concertation at a 7- eleven in the area. >> james: there's a search for a man who attacked a woman. look here the surveillance video you see someone come into view and the attacker is with the police are looking for. the seven-day and webster and the 10th street in the northern district. police say you for all the woman for a few blocks before attacking your. she was able to escape and was unharmed. the talent to go on for a description on the attacker. they hope the surveillance video will help.
8:33 am
>> darya: it's been a weak sense in what is seen as missing father to. friends and family of keith green gathered at green hills park. for park. the family still has no answers about what happened to and. we have a report. >> reporter: or the other people had gathered at this park. a supporting keys family and the sharing stories and sinkers it's been a very frustrating weeks since the sheriff's department said it had no new leads in the case. >>: i'm very carries out this and a great smile and is very friendly. i'll i really feel a connection to him. >> reporter: their lobule missing keys treatment. he walked out of this house that night and never came. came his parents said that he would never
8:34 am
walk away the latest totals. keith crane was last seen at the mill grave pancake house thursday night. ito's relate he was going to need someone and left his keys and wall behind. when his friends began frantically calling itself and a stranger picked of. on friday of it was a hiker in the rose garden at golden gate park. >>: the fact is foes out with them was very concerned. >> reporter: a hiker gave the phone to the police. so far investigators say they have no suspects and no persons of interest. >>: the done everything they can have done a full search yesterday. they came up with nothing. >> reporter: family has sent flyers throughout the area. they hope they will recognize keith or maybe his nikes.
8:35 am
>>: below the key is a loving father and i think he would not nothing more than to get back with his two girls. >> reporter: keith family set up a fund me cite. they're raising for a reward to inspire people to bring him home. they met their fund-raising grow at $10,000 within hours. >> james: c. campbell are looking for to beetle or dryness still several cars. this is where sid and lee said mr. court this happen early wednesday morning to. even the 3:00 cars there were unlocked at the time actually. they took whatever they could. this is a serving as a and the suspects are there. a woman tries to start the car and it did not turn over as the latest rummage through the glove box and a back. here she is with
8:36 am
her accomplice anita i'm very good description. they all have a video and sharing it with the public to hopefully get more information. >> darya: you may have an office full for the jackpot to play the lottery is a $450 million arena. >> reporter: people have been going into this gas station elevated to get a lottery tickets. stories like this one are hoping there will wait to get because that could be a big payout for them at their store. the largest part or ball that is not the largest but it was
8:37 am
larger in his jan.. people are excited and telling about their plastics ban on what it would spend if it won the jackpot. >>: its principal germany into a. i believe it's easier to get struck by lightning than when a lottery. >>: the lot is so slim. i think it is not an investment. >> reporter: if you're feeling lucky you can still go out to try to win their $2 each. the drawing is tomorrow night. >> james: river and update on the story. the official decided
8:38 am
to ignore the popular vote. they needed something different. you'll find out about this at the second. >> reporter: attack bauble pop is on his way. before you laugh at that. i'll have more from asian when we come back.
8:39 am
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>> james: goode, a ping-pong cells be a side of the tech bubble be getting to burst. if you need horsas start up its way for employes lost steam. they say are worried about this. perhaps >> reporter: might jobs fixing into all the offices in the bay area. i cannot say i have not seen a ping-pong table. it may sound silly but ping-pong cells been down that could mean something. >>: we provide so every tech company throughout the bay area. >> reporter: he has been
8:42 am
providing ping-pong park to everybody in the area. >> reporter: it does a general slowdown with the tech companies by ordering. company spending shows off if they're making money and not. >> reporter: he noticed this when a big rig the customer stop calling. >>: they have stopped ordering completely. there's definitely a slowdown there. >> reporter: to letters said that they must of what release 30 tables and the workers are going more to the pot shot. maybe twitter is done with ping- pong. >>: the big companies like to go and face but they continue to purchase. smaller companies have had a slowdown. it's a gradual
8:43 am
slowdown but one is apparent. >> robin: the morning commute is looking very good. that includes the bride is the richmond center fell bridge. but a personal toll plaza is wide open and we have no delays getting into north bay. i'll have more troubled times for the space in the east bay.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> james: democratic presidential henry clinton will be in town shall be the speech today for a campaign event. show be a back the losses escalate that school. lav another update 7. canadian officials in alberta are a big escort as many people out of the fire area as possible. the wildfire is continuing to burn out. back to the spade a woman there after
8:46 am
home was struck by lightning. was outside unloading a front- runner and lady of the house and. the shock so strong that her offer feet. the brother is expecting her to recover. >> darya: both of the weather today. perhaps >> reporter: will have rented in. just about to march and. in the late commute perhaps he may get a little bit of rain. it's more spread out area. this is where the we think will happen. islamist most of the north bay and the peninsula to. there is a low wave that's upstream that may potentially provide a second dose of scattered showers or those couple clubs. that is what the model said. in the afternoon there expecting all labatt.
8:47 am
after all that said and done the potential is there for some temporary clearing before clubs back again. another dose we expecting before dawn for saturday. there's a chance for some status/hours on saturday. this before it is clear for mother's day. >> reporter: mellor '60s and the peninsula. at the bay coast building in the '50s and 69 in the 70 forecasts. we clear out earnest on sunday. and temperatures will be an and the middle '70s territory. >> robin: hear the bay bridge toll plaza is light. it's not completely smooth with. some sluggish traffic. hear a live look at the toll plaza have to get into the center of his coat will be a great ride all the way across to the sky like. to lady
8:48 am
extension not all looking good with no major trouble spot for the south lawn right. it's also looking good heading out of sorts as co. at the golden gate bridge in 11 is that the limit at the local water earlier coming into san francisco. that is normal dissyllable the crowd in their approach in the toll plaza. it is heavy heating oil going into recession and even that clears up before lumbar and it's not a bad ride come from north bay and the commute traffic earlier coming from one would and sarah felt that is gone. the argive time is about 60 minutes from highway 37 in the bottle to the san francisco side of the golden gate. >> robin: went across the west on lady with on the french drug. it's a lot and attract a lot of attention. the status teredo and heading toward an
8:49 am
revell that is considered friday light. at 24 there's some stop and go traffic. this could on the open side is up to women from combat the public to the oakland a's. >> darya: will speak with 949 and studios about what they're talking about andrea. perhaps >> reporter: or talking about mothers stay. we were talking about a list of things you do for mother's day. this is to make her feel special if you do not have money. would you like in the child to cook for you? you let? i fell sawfly is realized that lawyer is that every single mothers day we make my mom work like crazy. we never offered. i figured she would not
8:50 am
need to crack. but area >> darya: that is so wrong. >> reporter: spend time with her is the top analysts. i asserted that most mothers want to be left alone. mothers have said they want to be by themselves he did that or be with their children. what are >> darya: i like to be with the kids because my kids will do things a bit when it to other days >> reporter:. your kids don't normally let us spend time with you? >> darya: i could make him do anything. i could pick the restaurant or the movie. mother's day that horrible movie i like jennifer anniston i know be bad. i do not think of is that. credit reduced asset is atrocious. but this is to
8:51 am
gradually enacted. pay your mom take courtesy mother's day. >> reporter: it's the worst movie i have ever seen. i would rethink from and what i said that stilwell would go. >> darya: what did you go? >> reporter: i in having us to do. at the berkeley mean society we've been working to give babies home. how would do like this from other state? if you want talk and mike. it is kin season and there's so many cities that need homes. if you can't take akkad been permanently if the foster case like this that would be so wonderful. pet food express is working with all kinds of
8:52 am
agencies to get animals homes and reszkes. if people want facility right here or adopt or maybe wanted this for mom at the berkeley humane a dark. clara >> darya: you could adopt a fremont and to clean up. >> james: beard tried to speed up train service. trains are going to be double stopping the. that means to inbound trains opel platform at montgomery and the city center stations at the same time. this'll be during that busy commute hours. his schedule by a complex computer system often elegant people going that much faster. badarian >> darya: cable car 24 as been
8:53 am
dedicated to willie mays. today is the hall of famers 85th birthday. the giants also retire his number. plaque will be unveiled and mounted on a cable car 24. mays is considered one of the greatest living players. when will serve as the giants in 1954. in his 22 year career willie mays tied the record for the most all-star game appearances and hit six and a 60 homers. >> james: don't expect to see the po-faced after all. your member the british officials asking for a new name for this boat. public voted for bodie make about face. justice for the officials rejected that plan and one for the safety. it said after sir david attenborough. it
8:54 am
is a tribute to the naturalist. they're trying to make everybody happy. but aren't >> darya: let's look at the san mateo bridge we have friday at light traffic.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> james: e. like video games. six classic games are going to holophane. the strong national museum of play in that sense that these. they include grand theft of 03. there was also the oregon trail and also the sense . the b on nine other finalists. it's ridiculous gams are iconic and millions beetle know there. >> darya: i do not know or in trouble lady no edta but i do know pac-man. as paul
8:57 am
unqualified? a sixth role in michigan got an amazing new gift. a/s is a catch the market seemed prosthetic arm. this happened to be with a michigan man and is ready printer.% clubs are using thousand dollars the boy was war without is left arm and he had not had a press that since he was a baby. his mother says she is so grateful. he thinks it's cool. >> james: the new captain america movie is coming out. the reviews have been spectacular. spider-man is also in this one. avengers horses avengers what teamer you on team captain or
8:58 am
team either man and a site. expected to and million dollars in ticket sales for the weekend. >> darya: i'd rather go to that then the mother stay. hillary clinton is visiting the state for a campaign event. also canea officials in that province of alberta are trying to escort a huge convoy of evacuees. effectively the links that they need to go through to do this in. oakland is the hospital after a home was hit by lightning. her condition is coming up.
8:59 am
hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:01 am
>>reporter: opposition it down a few showers recall by mid afternoon even and to the evening hours tim judge was trouble to get out of the 60's most locations will see a round of the bay natural into the middle '60s for all to the temperatures and the score by senate will have the forecast coming up. >>robin winston: if you have
9:02 am
your user quick to minutes from the mason to downtown still tracking residual damage from highway 4 in the 6:00 all we had a class was about on the kansai will look has a number of vehicles were involved the two on around to get them out of the when they're out there. >>robin winston: is haunted off and on and some of the antioch sad confidence but no problems on 6 aiding will take a look at 90 to attract ride on the san mateo branch. >>james: now to will. >>will tran: she was an lost angeles last night the process' is this morning it would not
9:03 am
surprise anyone a was difficult to do ride the city the video of her visits to cook the mild to east los angeles house of the supporters they turned down the are hoping that she makes it all in oakland for who recanted and bernie sanders open it is a key battleground early clinton opened up the headquarters for northern california and in downtown oakland a couple of days ago bernie sanders his campaign office opens up tomorrow cook. >>will tran: and can kick should of chosen in a place to be in oakland this is a better civics
9:04 am
lesson. >>will tran: the kids what we're doing is make sure the students know about a whole process and so when you talk about with them and not in with the will be going on a we have the whole on the option cycle going on this whole year the first lady you and i attended the same high school in chicago.
9:05 am
>>will tran: they go way back to concede the streets behind is already blocked off and telling people not to park their start in the scare this week at around 11:00 and then at 2:00 before release shut down for her parents and 4:00 will be streaming her speech on our website at. >>darya: on the republican side has to call ryan says he cannot yet and would support his party's presumptive nominee for president donald trump he is now the highest-ranking republican to publicly not support down the trunk he did not take the lack of endorsement lightly and quickly responded that he is not ready to support rind's agenda but they did say there are open to working together. in the
9:06 am
together >>: what is required a w five this party and the bulk of the burden and de unified part has to cough and the presumptive nominee. >>james: >>darya: their meeting next week and i think the two are going to be able to work out the differences for the last five republican presidents phenomena's are planning on skipping the gop convention. >>james: let's settle this oakley there was a woman in the hospital in their home that the damage of the cause a lightning strike. >>jeff bush: it was about 930 in the morning of quick moving thunderstorm and to ease contra costa county and lightning struck a home where change douglas and his sister lives the wooden trellises afford to fly out front exploded and there is damage to the foundation of
9:07 am
home he said that his sister was outside on low and some hay from the trailer on the back of her truck when the house that hit. >>jeff bush: inside the home it tickets to the back room with a ceiling fan was blown off its support and land on floor glass everywhere and medical emergencies james said it was a terrifying experience of the hopes he never has again. >>jeff bush: it consists of the damage a lightning strike calls
9:08 am
the which could not seen what did that the wiring that is inside the house a lightning strike fried all that weidman and is going to have to be replaced. >>darya: happen to that we're waiting to see how timmy look at all this time. >>jackie sissel: he could not have planned this any better it is all about timing and he hit it on plaid because a showcase for its face and one of the 23 team to be looking at timmy is right here at at&t park in san francisco giants this home for the last nine years on the most
9:09 am
beloved giants last a said he won over 100 games to cy young four all-star games and obvious way the three world series team but he was a part of an because of that he is beloved. >>jackie sissel: but he is a player without a team he is rehabing from the surgery and because of the hips as it did not re-signed he is one child to get to that in scottsdale arizona and four of those teams and of the the contract the last
9:10 am
two starts budget p v m matt came has been disasters last night a 17 runs including a 13 run inning the highest mountain runs and scored at&t park. >>jackie sissel: on this said the giants were at the beginning of the season not looking for another starting pitcher all the sudden maybe in the market in the comes along but one of the all-time giants favored to men to come--tim. >>jackie sissel: you have the long hair. >>darya: a misunderstanding on for the passenger jet lead to an airline apologizing to a bay area family cut the bay area be
9:11 am
primed for a massacre occurred will hear from the next person who says the big one to happen in a moment.
9:12 am
>>james: nisei was all because the sun had peanut allergy and they were flying home from provo utah and they're headed to oakland they boarded plane told if i attended that our son had a
9:13 am
penology will to be with the flight attendant sit they should be flying the plane but as long to keep this next witness on that should be fine to have to allow their kids and walk off the flight because their son had an allergy the airline has apologized but they said that was not the right way to handle it will be back with more.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>reporter: which could in some of that this afternoon and will probably hit in the latter portion of the committee which is doing have a stiffer the north part of the north again best as you notice we don't again see much of the way of the collapse under.
9:17 am
9:18 am
>>reporter: in the 74 cast sunday looks good 71 mid-70s always on the into crazy like a beast but they're mostly sunny to sunny to the. nothing crazy with traffic >>robin winston: is one to be easy 60 minutes from the nimitz to the the issue of the bay shore has been quiet all morning long a major problems live in the north bank novato san the fell about sausalito all along just fine as a quick 17 minutes from the 10137 split in the bottle into san francisco have attracted we had early on boy and the atchison on the san francisco side--doyle.
9:19 am
. >>robin winston: 9280 in 11 and san francisco. >>darya: new this morning in minimum 57 year-old scott then fired a rifle from the apartment balcony back in march of 2015 killing a police officer michael johnson another officer fired back at them who then was killed by that borland.
9:20 am
>>james: they're back up and running this morning after a man spent amytal also from the light rail train and of san jose the incident caused major delays throughout the system that was something that they're talking about. >>darya: the fault is locked and loaded and ready to trigger a mass quick the experts say is on the matter of time.
9:21 am
>>haaziq madyun: the director of the seven california earthquake center on the money with that observation for that we turn to dr. richard lamm and and the directive uc-berkeley pack the san andreas fault has been quiet even longer.
9:22 am
>>james: woven of that weather and traffic look outside as we go to the mt. tam camera.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>james: they're off balance a cache of the wild fire and for battery and northern alberta and try to attack the downtown area while buyers of cars to the suburbs and has triggered a mass evacuation did concede that in this video will have the latest on the firing line ahead. >>reporter: in the distance to currency areas that are burning a wildfire that is drawn to the 85,000 or about the size of the city of calgary the fire conditions remain extreme in the province more incredible images show this tape as tens of thousands pledge from the flames on tuesday yes to the defier
9:26 am
approached the airport causing significant damage but the firefighters managed to save the main terminal. >>reporter: as for the weather is not exactly cooperating temperatures have cooled off with the winds remain a problem the military the for more helicopters to the scene and the province the officials say even of all that help it will bid to fire to fight the fire today was expected to expand away from for memory of over 97 areas have to be evacuated residents have been waiting in the shadow of towers of black smoke opened it would not be pushed further from the homes with two to 5000 people
9:27 am
stranded of the fires on a to start getting under way to and the some of the out. >>darya: new questions about the bay area addiction doctor's response to medical treatment for music icon prince dr. howard corn feta whose practice is now valley sent his son to press home in minnesota with a drop cottbus be a prayer northing >>darya: he had asked the doctor and minnesota to meet princess soon as possible the dr. cleared his schedule the print of the shoulder for the meeting he sent his son and two on a red eye
9:28 am
flight to minneapolis but now we're learning that he was not by some to practice medicine and minnesota and he was not registered to care for patients there be a telemedicine and his son has been described as a premed student and is also not a license for scriber. >>reporter: will have a look at the complete forecast coming up kron 4 more news will continue.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>>reporter: in the tech that will happen and putting this in motion is the low road to in is pretty close perspective part to get that really the kind of looks like in the forecast it will happen this weekend. >>robin winston: nothing too bad we're still hot spot for it the right to san francisco in and out about two hours of it is still holding up pretty well no problems are made to someone for with from a come out of oakland the sky went from that is looking good but is heavy on no. 11 between third and cesar
9:32 am
chavez because a lender of their class on 280 and was no. 28101 that is gone but over to the richmond san rafael bridge track in the ride on type a west palm. >>robin winston: nice move hot spot free and is a pretty good if you have to connect to 580 and then five its biggest move all the way across the span. we have a little bit of slack track elected insure freeway the lower portion of the insurer for web have been out all the and berkeley because of an earlier accident much earlier crash is about two to five minutes from hercules to amaze toxic 80 and the problems for 84 headed across the dumbarton bridge. >>james: happen now police of pleasant hill are looking for missing 17 your girl was last seen on high school campus kelsey is running shoes reported missing and 1 3:00 wednesday afternoon to was last in the
9:33 am
college park high school on the trip to class as. >>terisa estacio: read now where with kelsey's father matter with the circumstances are your concern for her safety in the
9:34 am
meantime we're trying to hit the pavement and the weekend as you can see a very difficult time for this fall plan or going to toss the back to you in the studio room again now they're missing right now she is a student here at college park high school in pleasant hill
9:35 am
>>: i'm scared to walk upon them the street with the children >>darya: people also an attractive buy in the competition at 7-eleven as well as the damage to them please
9:36 am
send this man followed one for a few blocks before attacking have released on have much in the way of a suspect description they're putting this they are hoping the viewers know this person is if you give them all. >>darya: today and offices went all about getting to pull together because you on to win the jackpot. >>reporter: 4 on the $50 million to everyone is hoping that they
9:37 am
will get if they hit the jackpot if the have the correct numbers we did speak to a lot of people who was skeptical about the entire lot reprocess.
9:38 am
>>darya: have some looking at time solutions
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>robin winston: lost to stopping the traffic on the nimitz freeway the sec about the practice of northbound 80 and 66 to consider the coliseum as a lot stoppable traffic for 98 out high string of stock of big red blocking one line of traffic that has not contacted their sluggish.
9:41 am
>>darya: that would dedicate cable car no. 24 to giants legend than the 24 with the a's today is the hall of famers a difficult and also the time to time and number long time ago apply the wanted unveiled in knobs on the cable car in his 22 year career he tied the record for the most all-star game appearances and hit 660 homers. >>james: the have the public to come up with a new name for this to the the our research boat and the leading contender was a believable faced by the time all was said and done it was the biggest on the left and with the problem to do the callable in the pope's face and, of the public was to go with something of a more sophisticated.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>james: the have to move and they cannot occur with them so they can store for adoption she is at a lot of energy to burn.
9:46 am
>>reporter: there you have some action going off to try some moderate rain having none of the classified with and as we've been watching for that is worn to a potentially some like the strikes was to get the daytime heating because that blood dries everything it is still saw this on the back has not yet moved. >>reporter: it mixes with down
9:47 am
to the natural down to the south bank to buy 1:00 and then things will finally clear our just-in- time for mom on sunday. >>reporter: 07 is danville 77 san ramon 72 brentwood antioch and some one that is the to the expected a potentially in the present, ciskei's upset when the gulf mustang and then restored to warm up the middle 70.
9:48 am
>>robin winston: take a look of his live different to 38 this showing of heavy traffic on the left north from commit direction leaving castro valley is still backed up to the 580 west connector the good news is that the court just north of east 14th if you continue on beyond that point is one to be a great actor sam fans from oakland to the nimitz freeway. >>robin winston: there's a little bit about the here and the cache line on the left-hand side of overwrought to grant ride across the span that portion of the ride not pass about 16 minutes checking the
9:49 am
camilla live in the south by heading to the peninsula traffic is at the limit. >>james: one of the solutions to the bay area housing prices at to be a very tiny one bed and popping all of the country local builders tell the to the man in skyrocketed. >>reporter: they have been a 6
9:50 am
ft. 5 in they're about to go and beg on the trend it was a rather long housing restriction but apply to most black arts
9:51 am
colleges in grand unit of the king is an investment in the future that the content on the road. >>james: they're all sold to the solutions for people of the homeless with a today will show you how parking lot is being transformed into a time host of niche.
9:52 am
9:53 am
>>james: turned to politics the name game has begun who will be
9:54 am
donald trump's running mate. >>reporter: is time to name that the that the really interesting wild card some would be run may
9:55 am
seem to be running john mckissick passed the buck to the interview were salivary on the policy of costing and need to help make america great again.
9:56 am
>>darya: and into manila's captain america civil war and is the only new wide release will this weekend.
9:57 am
>>darya: science and math i'm the worst role model. >>james: a deer and york state and that as one of the animal control officers and they got in office said and he ran off >>darya: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.--7am
9:58 am
>>james: happy mother's day have a great weekend.
9:59 am
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