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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 9, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: for it to begin the our home on with the what chekhov weather and traffic. >>reporter: today starting
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things of little better with patchy fog may with fashionably a good business drizzle the possibility is there and is in the early morning hours the temples of the pretty much what you expect 55 livermore pleasanton as well as attack at 56 fairfield coming in at 54 will have a weak disturbance in our backyard that is the only issue we're dealing with such.
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>>reporter: to the to bring it down for oakland 6667 still have the was southwest would reserve and about 10 and your bust out forecast as follows which is a the fifth is with those clouds block potentially at the coast. >>robin winston: no major hot spots around the bay area for us will chapter bay bridge westbound 80 into san francisco no light snow delays at the toll plaza traffic moving very well coming out of the maze to downtown san francisco no problems on the sky with his head over to 92.
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>>robin winston: on over 2101 the ship the travel time right now is looking good on aiding the a sure freeway only 15 minutes. >>james: the man suspected of killing our promise san francisco attorney is expected in court today and that identified him as 19 year-old and a low of the more you can sit here at the she was from murder and are on home on friday last not more it was held outside our home.
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>>reporter: she was always willing to help and it was inside her home about 30 years when she was stabbed to death that continue to bring flowers and leaves kind of looked at her doorstep the suspect was arrested minutes after the defense attorneys death according to neighbors he is the victims grandnephew or who she was helping out. >>reporter: public defender who work with her for many years or members of her as a wonderful person with a heart of gold river time of the public defender's office she was the attorney for the in denver and when it and have it publicized
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murder trial as 2012 use convicted of killing a man and his two sons and san francisco excelsior district. >>james: the group is asking for people to strike the work school even eating at restaurants long strike was called off saturday night but now the group has come with a new strategy she would testify
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at 9:00 this morning along with your husband the three also accused of murdering one of the drifters has already made a plea deal to testify against the others if the district attorney's office is not seeking the death penalty the preliminary hearing resumes in september. >>james: the brothers each face two counts of murder their parents were found dead in the san jose home on the the 23rd friday the brothers read the second court appearance as the more time to prepare senses go
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and represent a presence in its preliminary findings to the investigation of the sentences of with our men to reform last year but a sample is as good as the turning its purpose is to of the scare potential institutionalized by is and as a feeding this come little wiggle several also sent and received racist and homophobic text messages there provide a recommendation from the investigation the meeting begins a 530 and is happening at the theater on fulton street. >>james: the golden state warriors of the bounce back from the saturday night loss is still unclear if steph curry will play in today's game he sprinted the a lot one of the playoffs is getting round of treatment in this video that was taken before saturday night's game steph curry is doubtful for tonight's game with you will attend issue around during the day he said so he's done three on three drills
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with not much more than that he spoke about the status earlier in the day take a listen. >>: they went through practice played three on three in and it looked pretty good to look surely he is making progress toward his lead this year to gain to one the trouble is of the only team to beat the warriors twice this season to office said the 730 in portland the san jose sharks could invest the western conference finals the stars lead the series against the predators' three games to two they won with ease
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on saturday in san jose 19 is an able to win on the road this series mother's day was celebrated differently at a bay area hospital this toy hauler nurses surprise these two mothers.
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>>james: is pretty dramatic but they said the five people were injured in the same storm that bring the trade is expected to bring more snow to the rocky mountains. >>reporter: we have a disturbing
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decline across the bay area live shot at this as low as of right down the delay is low ceilings respect and still we may have some minor delays for you this morning they do not allow the of the slow level moisture early today and and still going out to to buy into small and and
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although little stubborn in some spots of the f-16s from oakland to concede the preventable also problematic to get into the '70s today. >>reporter: in the sled union city and you can see down to the south also cross over the hills
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is where numbers start to pounce lower to middle seventies. >>robin winston: #the trouble spots to getting into the no. 3 in this the commute right now it looks good no problems connecting heading into and out of san it is nice and quiet in
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morgan hill getting into downtown san jose in if you have a flight to catch heading to the san jose airport of blood to downtown up with 21 minute trip from morgan hill into downtown san jose. >>james:.
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>>reporter: the store's owner said he expects his cut from the winning ticket to be about $6,000 to called a nice mother's this prize for his wife is the biggest jackpots in january's record breaker when the cries of past a billion dollars they
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change their rules and increased the number of numbers the number of customers who paid a plan to go up to. >>james: the chp officer is in serious condition after being hit by a thread a stroke office of vincent smith was hit while working just two days after
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allied changing delivery the board of this precious cournand
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drop-in roses and cupcakes off to the new moms little and i was born 11 days earlier but healthy nonetheless weighs 6 lbs. and ouncers an average is manager for a biotech company says she's already used to taking charge and the shore to the challenges of being a mother now spending priceless moments with her baby girl before taking her home to south san francisco.
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>>james: giants closing out the series against the rockies at at&t park or mothers than that kept the giants close to give a two runs across seven innings and striking out line with the convict anyone across the plain
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. >>james: oakland continued through trip tonight in boston. >>james: what it consumes the real head on the big spring the hollywood minute, next here is a live look outside the toll plaza camera at the bay bridge the commit direction across the span to san francisco will be tracking any delays crop morning.
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>>robin winston: a live look at the ride into san francisco bay bridge toll plaza on. >>james: entertainment news for 24 marbles magic around the globe drake top the charts in rio had is heading to the big screen. >>reporter: captain america civil war is a worldwide hit the marble blockbuster already made more than six on the $70 million nearly three-quarters of that overseas.
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>>reporter: drake has a six straight no. 1 album of the billboard says view sold a hundred 52,000 copies in the first week the best sales week ever and the songs were strained a record 245 million times in the u.s. over that span.
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>>james: coming of house speaker paul ryan says he is not ready to support donald trump for their skill at auto the gop front runner for its firing back for more news weather and traffic.
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>>james: he was the great nephew the group could the of the fiscal five ended their hunger strike with the protesters of called a general strike in san francisco.
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those inspire san mateo bridge a live shot going on it not too
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much gleys all this again we have some patches of fog to adjust to the most part and it is territory you concede the 49 of the boy home. >>reporter: terrorism will be a mix out and look for most dishonest tax in the east matt and often in the locations. but before we southwestern at about 10 at the bus stop the forecast is this the most part by known was that the division and the coupling 69 for the inland spot still chilly at the coast near
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about 60. >>robin winston: no hot spots on the west about 80 you can continues to pick up but is quick to minutes from the oakland a's to get to the skyway in downtown san francisco. a live look at the golden gate bridge no problems that average our time just under 20 minutes we don't see any trouble spots was looking for his move north
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from to 38 lead in the south bed and a major trouble spot for 1785 the guadalupe parkway to 8681 01 if you have to look. >>james: hospital paul rice and a drop in a political bombshell after announcing he was not ready to support donald trump. >>reporter: the republican nominee said he did not see it coming house speaker paul ryan is the highest level gop leader is since trump does not have the support the house speaker
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repeatedly ruled out a 2016 bed and made no comment regarding future election he agree to the meeting with business and to clearly enthusiastic about the outcome 6 test cool temperatures have finally slow the spread of the fire is already consume nearly 400,000 a. destroy thousands of homes and forced evacuation of 90,000 people from for the marine. >>james: and in just four days
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of the was filled with everything from toiletries the clothing the outpouring of support is coming in from all over one evacuee said all the things on his mind having some work to come for help means the world to him. >>james: the relief services is clearly working to fill the third warehouse that led to the four agreed today but the more people bought try to return to their homes
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>>james: the video was taken barber's past should not on board the international space station hundreds of firefighters are still battling the blaze a system by heavy equipment and air tankers and helicopters that and bring it back in from all across canada intend to the east bay oakland police are investigating two separate shootings the first happened around 3:00 in the morning yesterday. >>james: the victim was shot in the pine as of right now north have been made of of victims are expected to build and. >>james: police collected over 200 lbs. of prescription drugs on national drug take that day they were asked to bring in that and wanted medications to be
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safely disposed of by the department this to the california was among the top five states with the largest collection.
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>>james: and arrive in stores on the weekend but if you want a demonstration with the risk if you commit a reservation for an immense. >>gabe slate: is simply have to express yourself to understand why so many people say in the next big thing right now on the
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web site you or one is said it will be shipped in august this back or parliament in some customs very upset its binoculars because some people of order in january have not received their units proposed a complaint about this.
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>>james: from a sympathetic driver accused of hitting the sea is the all concerned the subject ties to the bay. coming up the signals are becoming a major problem for young children will talk about the new one for parents mothers to deliver area to los angeles was officers of the mother who went into labor on the way to the hospital.
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>>james: they're also accused of
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murdering a canadian tourist of the vote drifters shawm and will our remit a plea deal to testify and the other two is set for later today the two brothers accused of killing their parents in san jose are due back in court today and.
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>>reporter: one of the plan is happening right now up in the northwest and all we're getting is a little piece of the action pretty quickly for to let the timber to reclined speaking of which less will consult the modesty of the have the same income to one of look at the yellow cover a good portion of around wine country down to the south may as well higher elevations in the '60s in the
4:47 am
six santa clara at 783 most of these readings will be in into lower middle '70s to restoring as for the warmer we talked about with james earlier about a to happen this killed about 80 and so i need for wednesday and thursday and. >>robin winston: if you have to
4:48 am
use the nimitz freeway to connect with 92 a live look just west of the toll plaza you could see is moving fairly well as a great to of all the way across to not to be no problems on the upper salt 101 in the into and out of san rafael in the predicament of track in the lighted hallway fortunate the west contract the contra cost accounting. >>james: he has a deadline of
4:49 am
today to tell the justice department would is a stable of course that new law last and the justice department wrote to governor patten foreign and university leaders and the new law violates federal civil law took a group killed seven others were injured in that theater shooting back in 2012 their signs and when the allies along
4:50 am
train crossings but some people seem willing to behave badly in restore lives anyone. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: there's a lot going on a murderous psychiatrist station in san sale accounting the trains passing through the city station not often the express trains it is basically a wall of steel and textile about to come to these two women thought about trying to beat the train and for a second appeared confused good
4:51 am
thing no one tried the skateboard or at the train tracks and within the law use of the train tracks was on the other than writing a trend there is help.
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there's a lot of the outside the bay bridge, as the approach to the toll plaza traffic is building what is moving at the met back with more weather and traffic.
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>>robin winston: it's about to minutes from the maze to the sky when.
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>>james: that will be able to look into a telescope and the sky here and see mercury pass the senate and the sound the rare astronomical event is known as a planetary trends and and mercury resumes from the sun often.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>reporter: and was about to live look at sfo a little bit of the way perhaps even though we all have been reports of the delays on for that a decent start on the front the coast lesson issues and we have to address some of san jose yes 72 going on to the import imagine that down to the six is quickly this evening.
5:01 am
>>reporter: the list of files and response time to 69 with the inclement and 73 at mid afternoon. >>robin winston: is looking for a good so far this one is in very quiet and hopefully will stay that way a live look at the approach to the bay bridge a nice steady flow into the paint.
5:02 am
>>mark: the group of the fiscal five has ended their hunger strike with the protesters are calling for the general strike in some consistent and. >>will tran: the pull test schedule for a 30 this morning yes the have and the hunger strike but have not stop with the demand side have san francisco police chief fired or for him to step down saturday decided there were too weak that had to be rushed to the hospital to be checked well they decided
5:03 am
as you mentioned to no longer be on the hunger strike when they were being escorted out for to blame that cost thousands of dollars what the damage they
5:04 am
showed an increase of success in the race is texas to to other. >>mark: with that a blue ribbon panel presents clear findings today on the investigation it will provide recommendations for the department based on their investigation. >>darya: the former college defender marlowe's the board was found murdered in her home and control hill on friday a memorial is grown outside of the home where she was found stabbed to death 19 your and lows amal was a prestigious minutes after her body was found they found he
5:05 am
was rested in the attorney's office and is in charge of one come of murder. >>mark: the dishes are accused of murdering stephen carter on a hiking trail in marin county last october in one of the drifters john dingell has agreed to plead didnt they plan to john to first-degree murder charges against him in exchange for his testimony against the two of the drifters accused in the murder is set for later today at the marin county superior court. >>mark: they're facing two counts of murder their parents to found dead in the san jose home and the 23rd ever in court last week when the attorney asked for more time to prepare for the case prosecutor said there be focusing on a motor for
5:06 am
the killing the two brothers are being held in jail without bail. >>darya: a senator is a man is buying are this morning accused of driving under the influence and hitting the chp officer while driving a truck of the 41 year-old was booked into for felony the why and possessing a controlled substance after the accident was happened on saturday. >>mark: it's a big day for the air is forced to go as they were arrested and on the trailblazers the game for the series tonight.
5:07 am
>>james: the to begin with gold instead of looking to bounce back from saturday night's loss against the portland trail blazers is unclear if steph curry will play tonight steve kerr says is doubtful but that he will enlist potential around today this is video tech before saturday night's game it was in the first-round playoff that his friend is needed and out of a sense getting around the clock treatment.
5:08 am
>>james: he is getting better but they still lead the series two games to one the trouble is of the only team to beat the warriors twice this season will see if we can prevent that from happening to nine. >>james: tonight is the big nine for the san jose sharks if they went to ninth game against the natural predators it would answer western conference finals believe the best of seven series ride out three games to the big competitors 521 on saturday and. >>mark: were still waiting for the winner of the $429 million power bonds at par to come forward will surely with a million-dollar ticket was sold in the bay area or washington al attles.
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>>james: somewhat by the tornadoes ripped of the car lot eastern plains of the weekend of the impressive looking to was captured by storm chasers the final pretty impressive looking for the bottom some pretty wild weather across the country.
5:14 am
. >>reporter: this contract is 40 going through the day it will linger on the peninsula and a long decline of in the in the response from the rapidly and the sea by 6:00 a.m. and still hanging along portions of the pressure even tomorrow morning on that point we will see that is tomorrow afternoon.
5:15 am
>>robin winston: it's starting to pick up a little bit of his like 90 to the san mateo bridge have to use and you will notice it will be in the crowd along the flat section come from and
5:16 am
to back it is less than 20 minutes to get from novato or the 1 1/3 is led to the san francisco side of the golden gate. >>mark: the single-engine piper went down to people on the plane
5:17 am
the 61 your pilot was airlifted to the hospital is expected to bill came and did it leave the plane lost power but they're still trying to figure out what caused the crash of the system all across the country are riding in this tour as well the all meet at the national law enforcement office of memorial on thursday afternoon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of national police week the week
5:18 am
is meant to harm of the more than 21,000 officers who have died and a line of duty during the nation's history. >>mark: house papaw range of the political bombshell hit announced it was not ready to support downtown trump and his supporters are now firing back. >>reporter: the cause of the republican nominee said he did not see it coming to hospital all wine is not the highest level gop leader mrs. trump is not have the support it is not yet to believe that the announcement was driven by a desire to seek the white house in 2020 the house speaker has repeatedly ruled out to the 16th
5:19 am
said and has made no comment regarding future elections he did however and by him to leave of the gop leaders this week on capitol hill and efforts to unite the party. >>mark: several sources close to cruise to the camping conductus to poles marched to see how they will build unity ticket she captured nearly six dozen of the vote on saturday compared bernie sanders 40 percent chance for
5:20 am
pledged delegates while sanders gained three. >>mark: bernie sanders is visiting northern california this week he toasting to campaign even.
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>>darya: the wanted a onetime payment of two of the 84 million will choose it entire amount in installments the ticket was sold at a cast the flask in san jose and it is worth about a million
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do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >>darya: before you have the door here was a peek at the storm track a temperatures right
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now in your neighborhood if everyone is hundred in the mid fifties. >>mark: disney a more was captain america is already breaking records moving weekend has domestic opening ever during the first weekend of release in broader more than hundred and $81 million in the box office the civil war ranks right below the avengers and avengers a the courtroom the book was pushed down to the no. 2 spot of the box office that osborn's of calling it quits after more than 33 years of marriage sharon and housing the today on their separate ways they tell us that the couple mutually agreed that he is going to move about sharon
5:26 am
met have in the 1970's and later became his manager they got married in 1982 and had three children. >>mark: the ballot amass about five unnumbered canada where track and the latest on efforts to put the fire out.
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and squeeze some magic into it. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. >>darya: technical this monday
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morning in a low weather and a little traffic. >>reporter: is one to keep timber to some but down in some spots in the council today in parts of the east bay shoreline pretty much of mid-50s to enter all the real-estate choice possibly a 49 santa rosa 52 mid fifties to be found in locations opened in 6622 4:00 the 67 with the warsaw + 110 the bus stop forecast for in the '50s even as late as 8 still working on the clearing business by noon train most stunning condition of the inland regions 69 but that 0.64 to bass 59 because we chilly all day today.
5:30 am
>>robin winston: it is already just beyond 880 of a crossing in a desolate stretching out to western and still very smooth acrostic of the deck and to downtown san francisco to people are recovering after two separate shootings that happened in the east bay before shooting was yesterday morning and a 34 on the block international avenue in oakland on a to a hospital with gunshot wound about recording and then there was a shooting at 1030 in the morning before 7 and 6 bird
5:31 am
avenue also on oakland the man that got to the hospital after he'd been shot in the pine. >>mark: to someone called police and said it's also one of the gun in the waistband they're arrested him on the train. >>darya: they stole his backpack and please do not have a description at this point in the robbers the czech department
5:32 am
dispatcher said the woman who later pronounced dead she did have medical issues with an autopsy is scheduled to to grab the official cause of death and and and not yet been released.
5:33 am
. >>james: it has been a man's the fire has burned nearly 400,000 a. destroyed thousands of homes and force and it allows you to evacuate so far exceed the trail of carnage people are fleeing the area this morning today firefighters are hoping to start is by u.n. damaged and maybe even determining when people my stop returning home. >>darya: we've just been following twitter and we see the for mccrory fire chief is a video of some of the also should media host we return appointed to start getting the upper hand
5:34 am
the cool temperatures are expected in the next few days that should have an easier time putting out those hotspots. >>mark: he was small just before dawn on saturday from a maximum- security prison of saddam mexico sitting the security analysts
5:35 am
said the officials might even worry about him working out again he was arrested in january after he broke out of prison for second time the cuban government dropped the longstanding ban just before the start if the coming of the cigarettes a become a major problem for young children will have and one for parents for some bad news of the pump gas prices are going of this to look at why is it what you're paying in the bay area this morning mother's day and
5:36 am
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>>robin winston: damage hot spice of life took a five it was approaching the richmond san rafael bridge bridge toll plaza is moving very well for not into the north and there was a back of the bay bridge toll plaza. >>mark: south and average of 223 children felicity and every month last year and is up from 14 per month in 2012.
5:39 am
>>mark: research is a most children were not seriously harm the one child died and several others had severe complications including call most and seizures. >>darya: bad news if you wanted to look this morning you notice gas prices have gone up they joined by an average of 9¢ in the past two weeks to the national average now is to cut to seven a gallon and a set price hike is mostly due to crude oil prices. >>darya: san francisco to 95 a gallon to oakland to 82 of san jose to 83 this is just for the cheapest grade of cats police
5:40 am
fifth to show the momus off immediately after president was warned about the september 11th tara attack as technicals look at the novel's were seen images.
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>>mark: in just two minutes from now here was a quick look at the top stories we're following the groove of the fiscal five recall of a general strike in san francisco been asking for to skip work and school and taken from city hall the end of the hon the strike after 17 days the man in the senses of police chief step down the man accused of killing an attorney in san francisco mixes for a score of past seven for the 19 year-old was a prestigious minutes after her body was found never said that he was her great nephew the
5:44 am
san jose sharks could bass to the western conference finals with a winter night in national adoption - 6 o'clock. >>reporter: antioch 52 vallejo still the chilly 49 not come in at 54 1/5 will have is basically a low for for the north this is inviting the marine layer just a touch of internal fog and klaus sphere we are on the
5:45 am
general warming trend yellow with the models talons seven is on the board a little strip of some six this from oakland and also the peninsula for today in the far east event for the door to similar saponins bird would 79 1/4 that it will be quite 51 today in a 74 cash you get some it is out for and won lower '80s
5:46 am
and the five the next several days beyond that point slight pullback as a head on into the weekend of basically outside the morning cloud should be mostly sunny afternoons we have sunny travel still. >>robin winston: there is 11 a so traffic into san francisco writer on 530 is on a start to rush in and around 545 is already back of to the fact of the rise was only the approach fits a great ride across the upper deck with no problems from downtown san francisco and the average drive times is still under 20 minutes and seven to nine to track and a commit on the san mateo bridge a lot of recklessly out of hand with economic problems the nimitz is a little heavy heading south before and after 9292 colleges west of the soap operas the from
5:47 am
high rise through false city into san is one to be a good ride and to form about. >>robin winston: the drive times still under 20 minutes from hillcrest and staff to 242, and no major problems merging on to south to 42 in south 680 is getting a little harder northward come out of san martino hitting toward hill and a small stroke to slow from 680 and it with the driver turned to to to one minute from brazil to get to downtown san jose.
5:48 am
>>james: news the rescuers had recovered 10 bodice sultan confirm that so far with the web to since we pour 40 people the have various engine but that are alive and the see some pictures there are least 30 people still feared trapped under the rocks and mud and conceded devastations this. >>james: 1 1/4 to. >>darya: today's the deadline to tell the justice department
5:49 am
whether the state is one to enforce the law of the justice department a letter to gov. pat or sign the new law violates a federal civil rights law was approved in march and requires transgenic pig to use the bathroom that match with their sex on the birth certificate federal officials said they could pursue a lawsuit against north carolina and the state does not pull back from implementing the new law he will be taxed with him and the community and with a touch and 14 edition and from the back teenager michael brown off the disc itself on the police department and the divisions of the u.s. justice cardiff.
5:50 am
>>mark: a much type device aliveness course of the weakened and the tech transfer foreigner you need to make a reservation if you want a demonstration. >>gabe slate: several games and experience of the people and tried including the climb a lot of buzz behind this one is
5:51 am
something is really make sure your child free drop for the morning they're extremely back ordered right now and the web site if you order one it will be shipped in august paulo reticent to medium-size and i've transforms the proposed of complaints about this. >>mark: symphysis on the pitch
5:52 am
to talk to the first major league home run leader tell the story of the game just the march account the giants close the only get to run across seven and in striking out nine with a committed anywhere across the plate this with the stench of the rockies with the to the loss yesterday we have some calls and
5:53 am
fog up and spots this morning before isn't fifties' renault will get a complete check of the work week forecast coming up after the break. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>>darya: to los angeles police officers were and for quite a surprise when they made a traffic stop they pulled over a speeding car on a to find out woman was about to give birth in a frantic and was behind the wheel to the u.s. ordered the couple to a downtown hospital in one officer ran to the
5:56 am
hospital got help the other actually help the mother to deliver the baby both mom and baby in half an officer everyone is doing good this morning. >>mark: to the rear echelon the event happens to little more room than once every 10 years is call the planetary trends and.
5:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: means is that the vote is not been a little of anything that he could be the first ever unanimous in the pay we're waiting to see if he's going to play to my car to take a little more time off.
6:01 am
>>reporter: mid-cities, to the basement of 49 the legal office our 50 to for san jose of of getting up to 57 for san jose you notice for this afternoon heritage to concede the low- lying clouds were given to the bottom all locations not the coast however as the daytime heating that will mix out except at the beach for the boston forecasts were close to seven the afternoon our still the beaches on to the chilly all day today 73 by mid afternoon 60 for most of the area's natural.
6:02 am
>>robin winston: a stick of the 92 chapter ride into san mateo bridge from the east bay to the peninsula. >>mark: that and how the strike but now approaches the car and a general strike and san francisco. >>will tran: in protest to schedule for a 30 in the one of the san francisco police department are ready to go is quite right now but there was an officer then barricaded in place
6:03 am
a call touches have said this will be a silent protest we all know they will be in attendance but we do know they're still very angry and they won san francisco police chief to either step down or be fired over the past couple of months they came
6:04 am
into city hall on friday night on the close of 8:00 p.m. but they refused to leave of according to the san francisco chef department because thousand dollars worth of damage and then monday refused to leave does when the police officers mobilize the cap amount if you tend to be down hannah as well as if you don't have to build work come down with the law, many people in these hundreds possibly thousands and that this lesson francisco city hall is ready to go as far as the police officers. >>will tran: he has said and he has support and the protesters in terms of the blue-ribbon panel and he wants to look into the officer involved shooting but as you mentioned we still have the support of mayor addling.
6:05 am
>>mark: this comes to dealing with the rest as text must and will sell to its officers accused of sending text messages. >>darya: the man accused of killing an attorney in san francisco man to stress or parents for michael different models of more was wal-mart and home control hill and memorial is, outside of home where she was found stabbed to death on friday night in europe angelo's more was arrested just minutes after her body was found they said and he was her great nephew his charge to one count of murder. >>mark: their conduct if
6:06 am
murderess steve carter on hiking tremor recounted last october i also accused of killing the canadian tourist and san francisco golden gate park prosecutors plan to drop to first-degree murder charges against him in exchange for his testimony against two of the. drifters accused it is a >>mark: escalated today at the marin county superior court. >>mark: the preliminary hearing for two brothers accused of killing their parents to send as a could begin as early as today in paris and found dead in san jose home if the 23rd the brothers won court last week on the ties after more time to prepare the case instead of focusing on the model for the killing the two brothers are being held on bail.
6:07 am
>>darya: he was out walking on the road while he was investigating and he was head of they're not sure if it was the fedex trip that had him or the fact struck at his cruiser but then hit the offer some tea was hospitalized with serious injuries they're going to ride for four days and travel more the 450 mi. to washington d.c. as part of the police unit to or the week is my town of the
6:08 am
more than 21,000 officers who died in a line of duty during our nation's history. >>darya: happen to mine is a big day in the area sports the golden state warriors to on the trail blazers for game 4 and then a series pick. >>james: we received that happens the announcement is expected this week if it does happen he will be the 13th player in nba history to win the mvp award in the third point guard to do with. >>james: he will attend a shock
6:09 am
to the in this video taken before saturday night's game. >>: in the pretty good the war is to lead the series two games to one the trouble is the the only team to beat the warriors
6:10 am
pleistocene some to conceive we can keep that going to not keep the going will lie with s&p center in san jose with a preview. >>jackie sissel: a great time to being a bay area sports fan for the first time ever both the hockey teams in the basketball teams in the bay area will be playing for the conference championship series if they can get past this last on the sharks are one game away huge video from just the other night when they pounded the national press 5 to one took the series to three games into that means one more victory in national to nine they will go to their fourth western conference finals it's
6:11 am
never happened of bolting the warriors and sharks will both and conference finals in the same in the sharks have been around since 1991. >>jackie sissel: they've never reached the stanley cup finals this is accused of the have been three conference finals but lost all those convincingly of this year has come along and it's been a huge surprise for sharks fans they're super excited the shark tank was walking on saturday night and they hope today is the data they can wrap up finishes up and come back into san jose to play for the western conference finals. >>mark: donald trump or your response to par ryan's decision not to support him no one in the bay area won the power what jackpot but someone is working up the million man would tell it where the ticket with five out of five numbers.
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>>mark: tracking somewhat weather across the nation looking at this video a tornado touched down in the column on the cross the border one of several tunnels reported in four different states in these five people were injured in the same storm system or to natal's the dump of tool for the snow in wyoming--a foot of snow. >>reporter: remember this is
6:16 am
the subtle labeled as live seoul this is to always had but for the time he and that will have much heating in the mid planes use a lot action on i went down to texas arkansas and missouri after we get the sum for a few hours to do is performance however we should go back to mostly sunny modem the afternoon much of the south bay
6:17 am
is pretty much of the lower to middle 70 story to senega around 71 santa clara 73 montague checks and 71. >>robin winston: in was pretty quiet and all seven and #problems pop up all but once started off in the east bay with six in the south come out of dublin heading into some more reports of the new injury accident involving a couple of vehicles one of those cars took over so for now the right man as black women have more planes bought as a mystical orlop to sing there was also trouble spot
6:18 am
on 11 sought by before you get to the airport if you're picking someone on a to have a flight to catch this morning is a crash involving a complete vehicle the to the front a block south 11 ripe for the airport as a phone is to commit directions on the impact in the ride from 380 and 04 yen and one would consider using 280 instead one person and hospital at the small plane crashed into the roof of
6:19 am
building and seven california. >>mark: it crashed yesterday afternoon and ended up on top of this building in pomona east of los angeles them to people on board the plane at the time the six when your pilot was airlifted to the hospital but he is expected to bill came invested leave the plane lost power of this to try to figure out exactly what caused a crash. >>james: and that he can press and he was blindsided when he said he was not ready to support trump because of the republican nominee and now trump and some the biggest supporters are lashing out against wines and then he is making a very big mistake in fact she said she was
6:20 am
going to take action herself or to defeat house speaker wright and buy back his primary opponent in wisconsin he is made no bed for 2016 pin is no political aspirations of his compositions he did however and by trump to meet with other gop leaders this week and capitol hill.
6:21 am
>>mark: a source close to cruise to the results indicated a block and will be is 65 to 35% margin over track in five states a source familiar rubio said there but never a concrete offer from the cab and the scene of and there was never interested. >>mark: she captured nearly 60 percent of the vote of print the bernie sanders 40 percent she and for pledged delegates will sanders came three bernie sanders is original and california to speak.
6:22 am
>>darya: bernie sanders with a slight lead over clinton 29 delegates are up to grab some of the. >>mark: he is charged with murder and attempted murder
6:23 am
charges come after three say he went on a shooting rampage on friday he shot and killed a man and a mall and assess the according to police in maryland for shooting and killing a woman during a carjacking they believe he shot and killed his estranged wife's at a high-school the day before only one ticket matched all six call ball numbers in saturday night's drawing the official new jersey say that tickets will sold at a 711 in trenton and it was purchased as a cash ticket we don't know who
6:24 am
they are to win and not come for it this morning. >>mark: 55 is making progress battling the massive while final bird canada will have the latest on the campus to get this fire and the control.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>robin winston: this talk about 680 south at 84 split that doesn't snore after 84 this is an overtime loss in the far right-wing will have the details
6:27 am
coming up the time know 617 the consuming high school student in a memorable prom night but not in the way-in the family expected she was tossed out, because she was wearing a tuxedo never since she was a little girl should like to just the abortion she's not transients she was born of the russian feels like she's the woman but she likes to wear with shears sheep is a lesbian and and she does not like grow close. >>darya: she went to the dance and wait and a tuxedo she was
6:28 am
tall stop after to the threat to call the police did say the school officials made her feel like a mistake.
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>>mark: watching crispy cream they're going entire roof of $1.3 billion to $16 stock in the off in $1 a share half. >>reporter: mid fifties over most of the bay near their
6:31 am
presence in the the more 53 of to the north and pretty much lower fifth is now coming in at 55 again some calls to do with and some call this will burn off from exile for the east bay fairly rapidly to an. >>robin winston: installer for six in the south in solo act 84 split the have the emergency crews on send them with an overturn crash the right lanes blocked southbound 680 if that is the ride is going to be very slow from on dublin as are the
6:32 am
backed up to the five a split. >>robin winston: 02 left and the block like for you to sfo with an injury crash and has traffic. >>mark: reckon news and the kron
6:33 am
4 steph curry has been named in the ndp for the second straight season as according to espn we're winning for the exact vote count to be released because many were looking to see if he could be the first ever unanimous in the p is the 13 players in the history to win multiple and vp awards. >>darya: two separate shootings in east of plan the first one was yesterday morning and a third for the block and to national out of oakland a woman who was shot arrived at hospital about 330 in the morning and there was a shooting at and 30 a.m. and 47 and expire at the time a 21 your members of a suspicion of carrying replica
6:34 am
guns and the bay for bart station in san the antrum the sales violated his probation he was booked into county jail a list of looking for three people who robbed the man in the uc-berkeley campus and happened about 4:00 in the morning yesterday at the intersection of channing way and ellsworth street a 20 year-old man was walking in that area when three men approached him and stole his backpack traffic police have arrested this 33 year-old man wanted for battery and stocking and idaho police of the one and 4900 block of claremont court last weekend and arrested scott collins and in his home for his outstanding warrant for stocking and battery so he is going to be extradited.
6:35 am
>>mark: the flight landed a billings logan international airport more time on saturday a shift department dispatcher said the woman was later pronounced dead authorities said she had medical issues on all types is a to figure out the official cause of death and name does not been released the new law violates federal civil rights bill approved map mars and requires them to use the back and that's the sex and birth certificate and not the one that they identify with as a chance in the person out they say they could pursue a lawsuit against n.c..
6:36 am
>>james: he will respond by the deadline but he says that he is on to announce what the response will be he did do an interview this week in which it said is no longer an n.c. edition and he can the federal government and the president obama administration tried to change was been defined as normal and is the for decades and then try to extend the definition across the country. >>darya: 5 stratus has said that they have reached a turning 0.0 cool temperatures have finally applied that is open to slow the spread of this giant fire and for memory of the damage has already been huge the fire has burned nearly 400,000 a. and destroyed and thousands of homes and all 90,000 people
6:37 am
attended his unexpected of the next few days to 55 should have a little but help in trying to keep those hot spots of. >>mark: nixon and government officials said they moved him because they were doing upgrade to the jail with security analysts think officials might be worried that he could break out again he was arrested and
6:38 am
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>>mark: never second each month
6:42 am
last and how that is a from around 14 children a month in 2012 researchers say most kids were not seriously harm the will is one child died and several others had severe complications including comas and seizures.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>>mark: the group and the hot a strike after 17 days the man in san francisco police chief fire they say he is the great nephew is a big sports night in the bay area of the warrants on the bounce back from a loss against the portland trail blazers took off 730 tonight in portland.
6:46 am
>>robin winston: this was a blocking the three left lanes is right about here and before this pop-up it was a problem with the stalled truck and it all tomorrow to consider the long run of heavy traffic were also
6:47 am
tracking another hot spot this is and saw no southbound 6 a rapid 84 split impact of traffic coming out of dublin and that is the writer do leave early give yourself an extra 50 to 20 minutes to get to the so traffic will continue to track all the hot spots in the you know when they're out of the white. >>robin winston: wants to mount a come out and develop and is getting slow it is better on the suspension is not as bad on the span the heavy stuff is on the oakland signed back.
6:48 am
>>reporter: where do with a lot of clout competency from the camera shot in the bay bridge will happen is in was sunny to all across to crawl grow in overnight letters will be consistent with the fall clouds this to clear all in the inland regions first we will have trouble clearing the peninsula and along the beaches for today. >>reporter: we will see the seven business the way across a good piece of real estate although still a little strip on the east bay shoreline the beach today will be chilling: back down in the '50s of the most of the region cannot to weaken a
6:49 am
slight pullback of temple will hang with most sunny afternoon sky conditions. >>mark: we're getting a behind- the-scenes look at president bush immediately after the september 11th tear attack. >>james: the paint a picture with the cars and one terminals out after the attack their release of the wicked from the george w. bush presidential library official budget is ever taken by the present personal photographer and mention the president of a menace on for the
6:50 am
smallness of the founder of the first plane crashing into the war trade center off the to the bunker under the east wing of the white house here was the president over the final draft of his speech to the nation's and the nets shot shows him the content the camera the speeches just released over the weekend were getting our first of after this morning. >>darya: 20 people are dead
6:51 am
killed in a landslide in southeastern china local media said 17 people are still missing.
6:52 am
>>darya: the price hike is most to do to crude will prices going up if you look at the past 12 was gas present, 57 and 12 weeks top of the first major league home run leader know when are not all hits off the wall in the sec and the giants told the giants the but instead they wind up leaving the bases loaded and that will be the story of this game.
6:53 am
>>darya: and just a couple of minutes ago here with live look at the bay bridge from our studio in san francisco the flap as bogus guys to play and on the forecast in just a few months.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
>>mark: should turn the reception and will part with strangers does in the family attended a special luncheon hosted by evil son should cancel the wedding two months ago after a disagreement over the pre not withheld from some russian army and she organized a pre mothers they lunge for people may have never experienced the fancy reception much more on the
6:58 am
breaking news the shops on for the rest for a conference final tonight and why cab and the rent is feeling the heat from the
6:59 am
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