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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 10, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: think it's for joining us on this early tuesday morning the to begin by taking a live look outside the camera and san francisco along the embarcadero shopping is a pretty nice shot before the sun comes up.
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>>reporter: certainly the forecast will be a little bit higher than guest today here is a live look at the bay bridge will be seen the number start to pop me starting today when you get over the east bay hills recovering it off from the source of the moisture. >>reporter: they will mix out
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during the day much quicker today than yesterday a quick check into the fall track you consider progress early in the afternoon late in the morning hours will start to see declaring happening along the east bay shoreline an improvement on that to to look like for oakland this up to 6768 illiberal was southwest and around san the bus stop for castro still chilly in the '50s by adm clouds and fog still the game about 80 by noon clary and still cool and still collect the coast but in and of course mostly sunny and temperatures in the upper seventies for today. >>robin winston: a ride into san francisco nice and quiet and let the hot spots to worry about if about to hit the road heading into san francisco than 20 easy commute let's head over to 92
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this is the connection from the east bank to the peninsula was bound traffic on the right to a nice smooth come a i would also checking in problem for a great ride to the peninsula and from 80 in hayward out to 1 01 and san mateo. >>robin winston: is at the limit for 680 heading south on the concord the walnut creek in to that address a quick 14 minute trip the dublin soul from one portion installed on 680 also looks good no problems from the interchange all the way out to missions out only 17 minutes. >>james: steph curry is back the
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rain the ndp have carried the team to victory to put an nba record for the most points scored in overtime 17 points. they lead the series three games
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to one the of the financial control blazers wednesday night they're coming home to off wednesday is as 730 have been right now please of the before a man who grabbed the 15 year-old girl in a properly in paulo out so it happened yesterday afternoon and homer avenue this said the man grabbed the girl behind the she screamed causing him to run off the girl was not injured is described as the 40 you're hispanic male about 5 ft. 6 in. tall. >>james: is taking swift action at the one of the drivers was caught on camera called a woman the inward in the video the driver is off to do the. >>reporter: a man in uniform
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call her the inward of our parking space on upholstery the college to the starter recording that confirmed he drive the 28 to 19 through the goes all the way to the city is been taken off driving duties from the spokesman called the bill disturbing she is a
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business to as san francisco state university and a video system is calm throughout the entire encounter you recall the man sir our boyfriend and her friends and cursor to post the video on facebook where it is on viral shoes just thankful to those friends and also strangers who led her lot of support. >>james: their residence friday morning after marlowe was found stabbed to death in san francisco pitcher or hair net when did tellus said he was agreed that he charged one, of murder there was no word yet on the governor general are urging
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you to conserve water despite easing drought conditions he is an executive order to make some water restrictions permanent include of water lawns and washing cars without a shot off losel or holes of golf sidewalks governor brahms's that does not mean the drought is over his as the water according to the long term plans to ease california's hundred biggest water suppliers
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to of the three driftage charge of murdering two people appeared in court the wife of a popular bay area yoga teacher testified yesterday she told the court will about less accountable for husband she told the judge the last time she saw him was on october 5th we took the dog for wall he was found shot to death a few hours later their popular hiking trail. >>james: along with the murder of a canadian backpacker aldrich carry it was visibly emotional throughout the trial the third
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suspect cars and car and carried death with his plan guilty he did that last week announced the fine against the other two the next child appears to be in september to men are behind bars on suspicion of remic a patrol car in fremont. >>james: the sharks are heading to game 7 the team could not finish off the creditors and national mass nine spheres leading three games is to the
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creditors won the game in overtime 4 to 3 was the final score their return to the as a peace center for game 7 on thursday night.
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only at a sleep number store. >>reporter: fifth seven pitches down this is really got going on speaking of which to the just for us now is six down like this
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for san jose getting up to the upper 70's 7:00 a.m. you concede they're very benign inter the wind speeds to pick back up again for the court around the peninsula of waterbury's macy's struggled to the '60s it will this a better clarendon yes to them.
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>>reporter: their call from a source of the marine layer coming in from the west have the will of that sticks with us for several days of lower '80s about fried we're bathtub just a little bit will keep the mostly sunny afternoon program on talk hopefully things are fairly quiet. >>robin winston: is north of the
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toll plaza no problems on the oriole park presidio into it over to the travel time where track and the commute on high with two to four west no major problems with the walnut creek laugh again the caldecott oakland side is nice and quiet the nimitz headed south and to 30 in san the edge all the out to milpitas to 37 does a good writer.
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>>j.r. stone: were you yelling when you got out of your vehicle. >>: know i wasn't telling it was more of mean were read and fighting for my life this person my heart i felt like it dropped
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about 34 times coming down the hill he told he was a police officer he lifted his shirt off and which she had his but no but he lifted up and reach for the weapon he pulled it out and aimed at me the oakland police department did issue a statement saying the local police the farm is aware of the incident and
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would continue the investigation at this time we're on and with to release any additional information. >>james: into our website you to submit a by clicking on the stories have been again all available. >>james: bernie sanders as having to stop and the democratic president can and will return his campaign focused hough och.
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>>james: the pfeiffer delegates continue to label is a heading to the poll of its virginia 29 delegates the programs clinton is all about hundred and 60 more to cleanse the nomination it was
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misidentified as isis phillips and her your book and you can see how the girls real name is the mistake was printed under a candid shots of a high-school senior wearing her and traditional islamic dress mistake and not she is too afraid to go back to school and associates to the terrorist group nicest is presents potential risk for safety, another celebrity couple could be called it quits after more than 30 years of marriage will
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explain in today's hollywood today fly if---htl .
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>>james: that and more htl. >>reporter: the captain of the box office this weekend to is the fifth biggest opening weekend ever i see in his wife
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sharon are headed for and of course allegedly she caught him cheating the they been married for 33 years with in hollywood is about equivalent to 275 years and have three kids his to abel was just got so a hundred and 52,000 copies and they drew the no. 1 on the billboard 200 chart for the week and make the bid is open with a 26¢ to great and that's the real world and one really wants to know about this are the rumors about him every our true. >>james: you contestant replies to live for law and order of will to a quick break for 27--
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>>james: he grabbed the girl is bottom she screamed he ran away his described as a 40 you're hispanic male about 5 ft. 6 in. tall they're taking action after
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one of the drivers caught on camera calling a woman or racial slur the driver was off-duty and thought he was wearing his uniform the woman took the bill said the competition happened over parking spaces that have taken the driver off of his route while they investigate steph curry is back to the warriors taken game for in round two of the nba playoffs against the portland trailblazers golden state was behind of the to the fourth quarter and that is when a car repair on the he said of the game into overtime he ended the game with 40 points total gold sale of the close of the series tomorrow night at home to off 730 at the real. >>reporter: whatever to the
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pretty much what they were from yes to that mid-50s to the sea across most of the bay area mental 48 chilly degrees. >>reporter: most of the no. 3 also in the low '40's and '50's 45 at this hour for novato harris hours 64 percent was an up to seven it in the early afternoon hours a little bit of the southwest when at about five to attend this is what looks like from space we expect to clear to start in the east bay.
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>>robin winston: track is looking for the good so far started with a live look of 92 the ride across the san mateo bridge of have to commute between the east bay and peninsula and sit in this good nor bad on the east bay side of the nimitz freeway leaving hayward added at the limit overall appearance of foster city 101 added into out of san mateo.
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>>james: big news will following a showdown as san francisco's city hall the supporters a group of them protested in front of city hall column for their action. >>reporter: thickeners are calling attention to the killing is inconsistent every time know
4:34 am
there is a deadly police a lot of shooting in the city they are bringing attention to it.
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>>reporter: they're urging the community to join them in boycotting a large stores and restaurants. >>james: the texas out that a court hearing for the two brothers accused of killing their parents postponed until tomorrow that now facing two counts of lord began the brother is being tried as an adult and both are being held in jail without bail. >>james: another sideshow in the bay area this time in oakland.
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>>gabe slate: it turns your arm into what touchscreen this skin becomes an extension of the device the screen on small watch as is really holding them back on the subject into the squad there to components the said committee rain innocence and was banned in the bill now on you to
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the research to show how strong the letter and on the skin on to the news application will want to be falling brick kennels on a drama where one person is dead after stabbing spree at a train station which will witnesses say this guy was yelling as she was attacking people.
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>>james: that tell us what he was her great nephew no war
4:44 am
model in that case the governor jerry brown has issued an executive order to make some water restrictions permanent he is not testifying against the other two. >>reporter: you conceive the deck of cloud cover the start working past the future right now with the with the low-level moisture just a little bit the
4:45 am
sun comes out and hit the ground if things rock-and-roll temperatures along the bay area mental mid 50's and worked 54 oakland 53 concord at this hour antioch 56 still some four isn't all 11 of 1148454 novato in the to see santa rosa come in and 51 their it is looking into other perspectives but we were showing you here this is the colonists that will have to mix out to dry air upstairs. >>reporter: although temperatures will be noticeably cooler on the peninsula and downtown san francisco which for the game basically a night game of our fifties the temperatures will plan on it will be in early breeze the warm up '60s aware southwest wind coming in and around 10.
4:46 am
>>reporter: down to the south bay but then along the coast it remains in the '60s here is the warm again tomorrow will replace the same scenario coastal areas downtown san francisco struggling through the '60s during the entire day. >>reporter: we stay in the low eighties to the next several days technical and off and on a
4:47 am
to we can we should do the same scenario. >>robin winston: no problems to worry about westbound all in good shape. >>robin winston: is to cook 8 minutes less checks of more travel time 580 west abound as to conceal illegal cache of violent from san leandro and oakland lead to problems 11 your
4:48 am
fleet and the south by headed to the peninsula from to 37 and some of the of to the airport is a quick third minute trip. >>james: the u.s. department of education is an urgent to disclose the considered dropping the question. >>james: can discourage the reason people with from our records from applying for higher avocation-education-.
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>>stanley roberts: allow which in addition to draco the is a build amalgam by a surge of one particular item and is not permitted in this establishment , before we get to him listed exactly where i am i am in a prison the kind where bar wire fences and guard towers and in some of the tougher it, corrections and liberalization medical facility in vacaville there is a problem in california some sense of their smuggling in cell phones to help in may to behave badly outside of prison walls and that is where he comes into play that
4:50 am
was have a friend of former correction sgt pile he is as handler was something illegal is found use of water is favored to tooling and then pressured officers into answers the area often define the banned item for the record will personally had and locations to show him the ability to sniff out cell phones while the stones that he
4:51 am
from replacing the cell block with our position on this howe works. >>stanley roberts: there is a finding of an illegal cell phone and it happened here >>james: in case you're wondering why he attacked the camera the shotgun and closer resembles the issue to it which was awarded when he finds an illegal phone so no cameras would damage in the making of that instead roberts was just fine.
4:52 am
>>james: did not begin to generate any offense at all the top of the third runs and, you could see a plan to run shots over the wall that will be more than enough to secure the win for the visiting delusions' back
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with more news weather and traffic.
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>>james: salmonella was detected from organic pastures daring in a closed from across the milk
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and cream of the cell by date of may 80 teenager a sexual
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assault to buy manpower out on
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: just the last room
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to shake down for oakland about a percentage of workforce rather the afternoon and stay subsisted against the coastal location. >>robin winston: no problems continuing on the james lick or highway to aiding.
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. >>will tran: he was always was to play 25 minutes devices i've been the mvp of the game was shaun livingston for getting kicked out sure enough him
5:03 am
feeling greatly the port controlled blazes still terrible hit the cup and the third in the fourth quarter. >>will tran: will have a chance to catch up to steph curry after the game he thought the this was.
5:04 am
>>will tran: is an unfit for the timid in the colt with our performance we will hear from draymond green coming up 6:00
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>>mark: the sharks are on tobacco for game 7 on thursday last the winter and as to the western conference finals. >>darya: breaking news this morning to people are dead in mass of tornadoes that swept oklahoma
5:06 am
>>james: look of the damage and the destruction of a home's literally ripped apart the same storm system over the weekend storm is so intense
5:07 am
>>jackie sissel: the authority said the incident happened here at the corner of alma street and home and the inside of this tunnel she was approached by a person from behind the person wrapped her box and the group to for several seconds and to come from missing he is a person at
5:08 am
about 40 years old and spent less than 056 kendall and assured blood had and a goatee the girl since she was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. >>darya: 20 your angelos of more is being held without bail at san francisco general hospital he was arrested friday morning after murderesses briand team that to us to suspect is of the some degree math and they have not yet released.
5:09 am
>>mark: wisconsin in the year to dig it can 40 shooting with kate steinle that start a national debate but the center or a city law the san francisco border some rise and mean to them and could approve an ordinance that would allow law for all officers to notify and russian officials the person they detained a struggle by the kind of the person's been convicted with an past seven years, carry our driver using racist slurs against a woman.
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♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪ >>mark: water officials are considering urging the type to water conservation or after the staff had normal levels of rain
5:14 am
and snow this year the governor issued an executive order making some are restrictions permanent. >>mark: governor brown ordered mandatory water conservation and i of the four year drought and a person of california is to and from state to drop and shred them
5:15 am
>>reporter: to the most historic area metro mid fifties is what we're doing now here is the difference is fairly high and far off to the east first fresno of the natural and a fine the peninsula also to the song the way was to blame along the peninsula all the way down the coast and even that will be an issue all day today.
5:16 am
>>robin winston: only 16 minutes from 880 to 1 01 and is considered a pretty good dry time golden gate bridge track and write and talk of san francisco.
5:17 am
>>robin winston: in the minutes from to 30 in san leandro >>darya: look cute carters will about her last illness or how to spin steve carter she told the judge the last touches sodom's october 4th just before he took the dog for wall he was found shot to death a few hours later their hiking trail to of the three drifters are or were in court yesterday..
5:18 am
>>james: a third drifters to the guilty and agreed to testify against two others part of room for labor and for scott.
5:19 am
>>james: eye and ear native he introduced sanders to the crowd sanders believe california will play a major role in the waste from our house.
5:20 am
>>darya: their second action after he was caught on camera using our racist slur against women that confirmed the drive
5:21 am
the 25th to 19th group that goes all the way to daly city he's been taken off driving duties from her boyfriend and her
5:22 am
friend and her research to post a video on facebook for it is now on viral she's thankful to those friends and also strangers who landed her a lot of support. >>mark: treaded joe's recall of several popular frozen foods because it could be contaminated the products you need to look out for after the break firefighters have been in to control the mass of wildfire.
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>>darya: 3 people actually purchased the winning tickets back in january when as a floor and tennessee came forward and claim their share but that has been no sign of the third winner in chino hill the person who bought the ticket at the seven eleven store has yet to come forward and a lot of a spokesperson said should take this long to come under fire from the town of $9 million share of the jackpot.
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>>reporter: still has a look at the golden cave for him some low-lying clouds to start things off of the seven is for the peccable still at the close to men quite chilling near and about 60 hey look now traffic. >>robin winston: was bound into
5:31 am
san francisco getting caught at the toll plaza of four house is backed up in the past is back in the fast track when already beyond it is out to west grand will have to pitch as we can share review of the scene and you see the train with the police said and investigators and their technicians since this happened about 5:00 in the morning and station.
5:32 am
>>james: during the beginning of the morning commute one person we understand that the hospital does that ever made a " politically motivated, and as he attacked as how to characterize the witnesses said he was yelling got good and arabic this is all have very little information on the suspect or his background. >>mark: protesters on their ed
5:33 am
lee and to resign then barricaded the front door to city hall during yesterday's protest demonstrators said it wants to bring attention to the injustice that they believe happens every time there is the finest law blue ribbon panel review the san francisco police department the panel with three judges was put together last year after news surfaced in several police officers have been exchanging races text messages the panels at to investigate bias to the gas and heating it from the apartment like to come to them today because no one regularly offers the department's practices and policies complaints from
5:34 am
citizens also rather result in disciplinary consequences. >>darya: court hearing for the two brothers accused of killing their parents in san jose has been postponed until strong.
5:35 am
>>darya: more than 90,000 people are waiting desperately to sealed it will buy call this going to be made safe new video services of another side show in the bay area this time and
5:36 am
oakland because of the people involved to try to vandalize the chp car does the opposite was still inside the vehicle. >>mark: you can see people causing chaos in the streets trying to kick the patrol car the car was and what to look as before blocking the path the chp has yet to comment on this incident. >>darya: another man pointed a gun at him but wasn't arrested by the police the police
5:37 am
department did issue a statement the tech are aware of this incident in they're investigating with the to to this story because the white it reached out to us if you have a store and you on the tech talk to a website and click on the my kron 4 story to have stopped.
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>>mark: it could be some big changes to the common application use the college admission and from education and a gentle to consider changing our even drop a question of boston corp. more records right
5:41 am
now there millions of job openings in the u.s. but these other laws of the skills and job positions around the country cloud computer data mining mobile evolution if not secured in middle where of integration software cash if the six figures and more this a job training and friendships can get to up to speed. >>mark: britain from overnight an attempt home invasion on the peninsula was from the store from a recognized as will the plan were happen and a police a
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>>darya: police are looking for a man who grabbed the 15 year- old girl and appropriately in palo alto and happen this afternoon and a home out of the tunnel there, string the man grabbed the girl and which is claimed he took off steph curry is back in the big wide warrant a game for an amount to of the nba playoff there when it in overtime when 32 to 125.
5:46 am
>>reporter: 57 san jose low 50s to the east of that but this is where numbers on to talk to them we have a little bit with the top of on trout does business a little and offshore when happened over the mountain again of the lemass minute commercial heating a warm again
5:47 am
tomorrow still covering the same time our real-estate the east of the of the hills down to south bend. >>robin winston: is did in college but not bad at all no major problems on a is endemic
5:48 am
to problems on the peninsula in its a little slow this will get to that if i turn is less than 20 minutes from the nimitz and i would over to 11 and san mateo. >>robin winston: is sitting on the democratic the pittsburg and they play the nimitz freeway is a crash or consult bomb tests on the fremont signed with injuries this information but it pushed up the drive times to 24 minutes from to 30 headed to the south bank.
5:49 am
>>mark: high-school student says she is her class to criticize and are suspicious of what about the aim is identified as isis ultrahigh your book. >>james: this happened at a high school and and hind and there will be a case of accident to pull in the wrong name under the wrongful.
5:50 am
>>darya: west nile is spread by mosquitoes and calls cave headed by ex in bosnia to protect the symbol of living outdoors without a long sleeve shirt paint especially at dawn or dusk or insect repellent and keep that stand in water from around your house. >>mark: n.c. and the federal government is suing each other of the state's law requiring transgendered people to use the restroom of matching the, birth certificate
5:51 am
>>darya: if the screen on your smart watched cinch to small that could be a solution. >>gabe slate: this special washing been above turns your farm and to touch greenspan because an extention and redivivus there to components and this device in the truck yelled to them track the ring where offenders movement when the finger touches the skin on high-frequency of electrical signals the senses into the user's armed devices using the human body as an unethical conduct sound tricky but it is safe and already used in the types of medical technology and.
5:52 am
>>mark: and that is had a rough road trip for them the team has had several fast parts and install part in the middle and they won 14 to 7 billion now lost seven of them last eight games giants second blue jays
5:53 am
tonight at 715. >>darya: let's take a peek at storm track with the temperatures right now hovering in mostly low 50s all over rebel-held 48 will be seen more sunshine to the back of the full forecast and traffic in just a few minutes.
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we're out of ink. ink. not ink. getting ink doesn't have to be painful. staples just cut ink and toner prices. add in our 110% price match guarantee and our prices are unbeatable. staples. make more happen. >>darya: the size of sold-out and a matter of days at for mcdonald's restaurants that is directed mcdonnell's fries and the at the start of we're parmesan person and garlic and is the transom of constable cells including all the breakfast is also try to focus
5:56 am
on local ingredients mcdonnell officials said that if the garlic fries are back at the will be available as to hodge and 50 across the bay area. >>mark: this mother and her come said foreign stuff like a tough neighborhood gas and people live there say they're close to, will there's a part of life in the mountains of your having to talk and time soon be aware of really pure food to clean the only become a problem with human food is left out and cover scans and dumps are not secure. >>darya: and our nose and they're checking it out and
5:57 am
starts next monday may 16th and 10:00 p.m. we're tracking bay area weather and it's like we may finally warmed up from the bank and we have some fault will have the forecast your neighborhood.
5:58 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: heading into the city for temperatures now in the lower estimate of fifties to retire from bay area metro will were fifties in the east today and that will change a big way for this afternoon giants game versus the blue jays.
6:01 am
>>robin winston: his arm of the back of beyond that and the biggest or the man is now it is on to five is the west are back marcus and called low of and very well what an image hot spots no problems on the branch the average drive times 20 minutes from downtown oakland to the west down skyway in san
6:02 am
francisco steph curry is back in the bay with the randy and vicki schering the warriors to victory in. >>will tran: he was rubbing my breath the in the end to our breaths away the skin like to highlight the war as they tied
6:03 am
the game for harrison barnes having a three-pointer with a couple seconds left a steph curry had a chance to win at the end of regulation and then in the fourth quarter and the overtime the legend grew at only the most points and playoffs over time the most points.
6:04 am
>>will tran: he never has been kicked out of the game against the day he lost his cool and the second quarter and got kicked out that forced him to play a major menace at one. your mind herded coatracks that how you felt and he said he feels great.
6:05 am
>>mark: they went to the game leading the series three to two but the creditors won the game last night for goes to 3 in overtime men now back home for the game 7 that game on thursday is due for guy with the winner advancing to the western conference finals. >>darya: police are looking for
6:06 am
the court is aware that the broken nose test with the details. >>james: this happened around and started last night on some of the drive police say someone a group of people have tried to break into the front door of home the people living inside were ever to spring into action hold the door shut and ultimately scare off the would- be burglars as an orbiting a pound on the door. >>james: all the way - one of them was carrying a gun.
6:07 am
>>mark: 224 that the massive tournedos with oklahoma and is once when it was estimated to have been a mile wide the storm system or hail the size of tennis balls the national weather service that is an enhanced one of the officials only issue with our cmanders with red and heavily populated areas the same storm system or to lead us to come along the eastern plains of the weekend it was so intent even better storm traces lovers people in south- central oklahoma almost out of the storm's path this morning with the focus turns to ohio and tennessee today where the weather system is headed by can the bay area the search is on
6:08 am
for a man who sexually assaulting a 15 year-old dropout out the. >>jackie sissel: according to the palo alto police is a 15 year-old girl was walking through the tunnel about 4:00 the incident when a person approached the from behind and grabbed and groped for several seconds at that point of victims screamed and ran from the same altman the making a home these suspect in this case fled on foot she told her parents about what had happened the panel's call the police and the pleas of not looking at this as a sexual battery that occurred here in size of the tunnel.
6:09 am
>>jackie sissel: their charges fairweather and this attack that happened yesterday inside of the tunnel is connected to other concerns that happened along the city that are very similar were hoping to talk to the pot out a plan to see this anymore information. >>darya: he was rested friday morning after marlowe was found stabbed to death in her home and for travel him that < he it is the victim's great nephew in charge of one count of murder police have not released a motive in this case this comes
6:10 am
in the year after did appear 14 shooting was sparked a national debate about san francisco sumptuary city long those in the country illegally but had not been turned over to federal immigration because of a long a sentence as a possible rise is meeting today to approve an ordinance will allow kron 4 to office to notify immigration officials of the person they detained is charged by crime or that person has been convicted of violent crime within the past seven years. >>darya: in the east but to men behind bars is one accused of ramming into a patrol car in fremont and happen yesterday morning roberts avenue and how or the officers tried to stop white van with the driver suddenly made a u-turn stepped on it and ran into the patrol car.
6:11 am
>>darya: if an emotional day in marin county court as the wife of a popular rock a yoga teacher testified against the drifters were accused of killing her husband she spoke about last moments with a husband steve chin told the just the last conscious always on october 5th just a four it took the dog out for what he was from shot to death a few hours later and a popular hiking trail to the three drifters accused of canada were in court yesterday and they're charged with murdering carter announced a and killing a canadian backpacker and golden gate park and was visibly emotional core.
6:12 am
back with more news weather and traffic
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>>reporter: disney's beginning of the retina and off shore flow to the rain there for the attempted will recount their to cloud cover for now will have a bit of an offshore flow on the backside of the lower disposal of.
6:17 am
6:18 am
>>robin winston: still looking pretty good in both directions norman to troublespots federal to the trouble time getting caught on highway 4 and jews left use to prepare for stop and all traffic.
6:19 am
>>darya: what official considering easing the governor issued an executive order yesterday making some water restrictions permanent.
6:20 am
>>james: bird is sanders had a recurrence of fighting for votes and west virginia donald trump to allow canada left on the republican side a gop primary voters had to the polls as well.
6:21 am
>>james: voters and a brass helmets the gene will be headed to the poll donald trump result of nominee in now than ted and john cloud of the race last week he is hundred affected the other is to secure the nomination.
6:22 am
>>darya: take a listen to the driver call this woman a disparaging racial remarks she said she was trying to cook to work when this happened a manic and uniforms got a call her that and work because of what argument over a parking space the drivers are identified as john holden and confirm that he is one of their drivers.
6:23 am
>>mark: their breast implants and complete the look of belgian and this is and a severe spinal injuries part in protests and riots of total since august of facing charges of his death to this hearing is set to just motions filed by the attorneys the trout to to begin to long. >>darya: + in a higher are looking for man who stabbed a seven year-old girl on a playground during recess the attack was apparently unprovoked it happened fighting with police at a man ran onto the playground and attack the little girl here we are getting
6:24 am
6:25 am
a bad idea of how much damage it cost.
6:26 am
6:27 am
>>robin winston: 22 minutes from the maze to the sky when. >>darya: this happen last third of their play catch with the football out on the street also nicholas platt ski control over the saw on one of the one of the boys was got out a camera and take the precaution on the football this it expense of a change how they view police. >>darya: receiving more than six
6:28 am
cause some views and the first hour that was posted this video has now been seen more than 50,000 times.
6:29 am
>>mark: after two weeks of losses in wall street some gain yesterday but the dow up 34. the dow futures up 36 points with the riots and the price of oriole.
6:30 am
>>reporter: for the buck stops 69 m178 by the pick of 66 for the ban 70 or so will go on apricot and will but alas warming were getting a little bit is a bit of off shore flow just a touch, of the mountain.
6:31 am
>>robin winston: in this long go all along the entire section but it will take affect high-rise average drive times to 25 minutes all goal was called livermore.
6:32 am
>>james: several were taken to hospital with injuries and happen about 5:00 in the morning at that station police said there is no sign that a hit in the concept of extremist groups or there's any evidence of him been radicalized during question to him that rather confused and there may have been some sort of drug use. the five
6:33 am
to one on hunger strike had been released from hospital. >>mark: planify and ends from the blue ribbon panel review on the santa stalkless to permit.
6:34 am
>>darya: a court hearing two brothers accused of killing their parents in san jose has not been postponed they face two counts of murder and they're both being tried as adults and then held not in jail without bail. >>mark: that are looking for mr. ward recall mayor ivan utility workers notice and a used-water usage and this and the daytime to find the source of public
6:35 am
talk. >>mark: another sideshow in the bay area and oakland in china to
6:36 am
vandalize a chp car it is unclear when the side show actually happened the video to start to go on while we know what happened on my car at the boulevard if the sick people causing chaos in the streets to try to kick the patrol car it was not able to move because people were blocking his path the sea its fee has not commented on the incident. >>darya: this happen in oakland last friday when a man who repulses the end the guy clinton gun at him and he was not arrested by the police his sister was cut off repeatedly what he was bitten off interstate 580 and eventually he got out of his car in this is what happened the man pointed a
6:37 am
gun at him. >>darya: they did issue a stay the same data wherefore happen in the investigation but would not confirm if the man of the gun was in fact a police officer. >>mark: the steps they're taken to protect users' privacy the south carolina woman as a surprise isn't will show you what shall the order front porch.
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>>darya: the police got and call the department of natural resources that called a snack chasten local as part of all of the move and the sec chastened that animal and saw the construction he believe the data was chased all of the water by an even bigger get an and got to the woman's doorstep looking for shelter.
6:42 am
>>darya: miss said that politically biased when to bay area company is saying about.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>>mark: the stress was on a said the damage and casualties could been much worse all the criminals was of a mile wide of the forecasters say the storm is now headed to ohio and tennessee valley were watching for severe weather than the four man who
6:45 am
grabbed a 15 year-old girl and corporate the and pop art and happen this afternoon in the home avenue tunnel. >>mark: steph curry is backed the war is taken for and in the playoffs against.
6:46 am
>>reporter: sometimes the system didn't the temperatures for now are the movement is on the perimeter 53, and antioch as well the the more unpleasant and 46 in a wanton and santa rosa come in at the big five also the warmer happening downtown san francisco 81 concord 82 bird
6:47 am
would you may scrap as high revisited by more. >>robin winston: but without any major problems if it is time to you to take the drive into san francisco and to work out a lot of companies at the toll plazas back of trucks on to 880 come out of west oakland backed up to five and west that slowdown as a holding of the foot of the maze of those come in is and ought to from or on highway 4 and hercules the average lifetime and pocket wrapped the cartoonist bridge 52 minutes from the point along the shore
6:48 am
the problems come from the north by the drive times are kicking up for the east bay 680 live in concord and the puzzle here walnut creek on the mall then fail just off and on behalf is on the come up as the hill from the creek sign just a small pot of soil on the northbound 280 apartment and aiding and of the minister if 101 of 85 as cupertino.
6:49 am
>>james: should find suspicious that the muslims to the was misidentified with the land is widely associated should not
6:50 am
phil said going back to school she is hoping the shall bear the to walk after graduation and a couple of weeks to have to wait and see she has not ruled out the possibility of taking legal action. >>mark: and american crow and fairfield tested positive for the virus is already being found in three other counties in california include santa clara county there been no reported human cases was not a spread by mosquitoes and can cause fever headed by its announcement to protect us and avoid the outdoors without long t-shirt and pants with insect repellent and drain any standing water.
6:51 am
>>mark: the bill also bars using state money for nonessential travel to states with laws ascension all our discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation ahead to the state senate for a vote. >>darya: the new mother and her son were kicked off of the front tear flight on friday night it was the first time in she was flying with her baby she had the portentous needed an faa approved oxygen concentrator instead a representative for
6:52 am
frontier airlines said the airline does about portable oxygen tanks on the plane and that she needed to look up the specific tax the were allowed that apologize for this integration in the confusion. >>mark: they move to different intelligence agencies from using that-which is a service twitter partly owned they use the software to store to hundreds of millions of tweets another source as the flight information that could be used for the clients and passes this on use the savings they told the man that that amount government investigators have an access to the servers the company says it has had a longstanding policy
6:53 am
and not a long-term partner to sell data for surveillance purposes.
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but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >>darya: you can no longer use the excuse that you do not have time to work out new resources all you need is one man at a
6:57 am
study from the university in canada says the 60 seconds of high intensity activity does as much good has 45 minutes of a model or count as much good the short tons were caught off have to be in the gym crammed a few stairs at the lunch break in the significant health benefits and
6:58 am
attempted home renovation will to the howe on a strong attraction to give the on demand out of his home a minute drive the started shouting racist slurs and woman and she has her from taking by host question a shaky start and an earth shaking finish for stuff current--steph curry.
6:59 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: a sit-in of day on the heart of the commute from ravenna musket more on the forecast will win the sun. >>reporter: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge and still low-lying clouds and are


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