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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 11, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: let's go outside and give you a quick look at what.
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>>reporter: were during the same drill this morning cocklebur to the golden gate bridge a little bit of the blaze of the good news is although some ways this look a lot armless remember toward the east we have high pressure again were wanted declaring happen relatively rapidly medalist professed is around the perimeter san francisco 52 novato 4854 santa rosa m. antioch's and on temperature at 65. >>reporter: although mostly
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sunny of the 1020 mob our land of the southwest meanwhile crossed by cook a lower seven is what southwest the disturbance although issues all sure when we have the breakdown for you at the ready for school forecast fifth is pretty much at 8:00 a.m. with the clouds and fog still negotiating by a notary and mile 73 and 1: 50 a.m. and for pickup perhaps maybe 80 or so by 3:00 the warm and the still the close ally of the chair decide which of which is checking in and around 60. >>robin winston: 9 1/2 spots right now pretty quiet forcing a little muscle traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza in the castle on the far left-hand side it
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been easy trip connecting to foster city and san mateo area north and south 101 at the limit in both directions over to the golden gate bridge track in the ride on one 01. >>james: he was accused of sexually abusing a nine year-old girl is similar to the grow what he was living with her mother back and went well with is and has just now come to light. >>reporter: police say his
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victim was 9 years old at the time the abuse happened the corrections that the game and living with his then girlfriend of the hon the block of cedar lane with their mostly family will then children the santa clara county sheriff's always released the statement sent to to the nature of these allegations he has and friends on on paid administrative leave san called the allegations are deeply disturbing and that our true the crux of deputy did not meet the standards of office and he must be held accountable for his actions. >>reporter: he is due in court thursday at 12 in the afternoon he will remain in jail until then and there is no bail allowed at this time.
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>>james: there want to face charges related to the beating of a suspect after a high-speed chase luis santeria are accused of beating 29 drove with their batons and sentences of the clinton part to use the stolen car to get to share that these vehicles before taking off on foot will please call with him that is when the beating took place. >>james: again santa maria are expected to turn themselves in by the end of the dead today will be far when the story and a separate case the man beaten by the deputies is facing federal
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gun and drug charges. but a federal customs of the fbi arrested him at house of san francisco this is a valid never could the search was in connection with the cyber crime investigation and related to the fbi said they found a methamphetamine and guns during that raid and politics. >>james: bernie sanders supporters and opened it a surprise visit from the candidate himself he told his local support that they are his only hope the democratic nomination for front-runner hillary clinton and to win big in every one of the remaining state primary to deny clinton.
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>>vicki liviakis: shares for the white hair candidate who won the hearts of millennial voters he's rousing the crowd outside of the chronicle building his followers confident he can stop the clinton 16,000 people last night in sacramento another 6000 this morning in stockton sanders is appealing not only to young voters in california with the super delegates will not support clinton sanders also told the
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support of the he will be in the golden state more credible to the june primary despite a weak senses leave his vow to stay in the race until the bitter and bernie sanders keeping the pressure on clinton went to this on the democratic primary with 94 percent of the vote counted in west virginia. >>james: track running opposed to the winds and west virginia and nebraska last.
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>>james: they held a debate that was line slide trained and led the month before the california primary on june 7th that are running out of time to make an impression on voters. plus the
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latest on the death of prints will to we know about the stars surprise death to live look outside to take a look at highway 92 a chapter on the san mateo bridge look fine this morning we should see the sun shine this afternoon would another of date and the forecast and commit in just a few minutes.
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>>reporter: this is not the same storm system were talking about from yesterday and things will be changing his now-a solution to the rockies and abetted by offshore from--flow. >>reporter: santa rosa and about 50 here is our shut down
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for san jose and still let cool on the peninsula in the '60s and look for today and if you notice all the green leaf for tonight the fifth is back again tonight in the whole process again tomorrow. >>robin winston: a new injury
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accident east bound for the high-rise portion a couple of vehicles involved and it looks like as a bloc and the far right lane. that portion of the ride will be good about to hand over with and a trouble spot is bound to. >>robin winston: low-key and i
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am absent on the san mateo bridge eastbound from the direction we will have another of the coming up. >>james: the social media star has made changes to his platform to help reduce racial profiling by neighbors to the were incurred by the minute cruise and oakland. >>jeff bush: the company heard a complaint that explain the changes made to the platform to address the racial bias that is the source of many complaints seek the views and is supposed about crime or suspicious activity in the descriptions of the then rate are required first
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she says research profiling should be stopped wherever it happens. >>james: that he calls his
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actions inappropriate when most controversial treats its filing a " premier my family and i will use my god-given and log on to the right and duty to kill you a sinkhole san francisco almost walls of carved these are pictures of the incident said caltrans has closed part of the caldecott tunnel we are mourning
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the details and to the death investigation of prince. >>james: doctor visited the musician twice in april including the day before he died the war does not say what medication will prescribe what of the pop star to come is not respond to any messages that have been left to reaching down will see with a par investigation goals the giants to on the blue jays said at&t park last night sought.
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>>james: shawmut was pitching for oakland and is still looking for his first win the loss a of the last nine games there look to bounce back tonight against boston steph curry as we first reported yesterday was the first in the nba history to be
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unanimously voted in the mvp for the season that means all 131 voters agree that he is the best player in the league he said the award yesterday afternoon at a ceremony he led the nba scoring at 31.30 0.1 points per game while lead in the war is to reconcile the frequencies of he began the first player to not only hit 304 shots and the season with over 400. \ >>: to be the first unanimous mvp award winner is something i'd or how to put into words it is a huge on the something that shows and i remember if the rest of my life. >>james: will be looking to finish their series against the
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portland trail blazers tonight tipoff at 730 a new episode of the back store where the sun the may 15th if you're interested here to preview. >>j.r. stone: with this record has done and how cash is the entire bay area is out of this world.
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>>james: can't catch the sun that nine bed p.m. is always great to see behind the scenes where is ozzie living and who did madonna refused of all that and more coming up in entertainment news.
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it is starting to slow down and the enormous clout on the drive time is just under 20 minutes. >>reporter: sources are saying that she long suspected that he was unfaithful he reportedly moved out of the family home and is living in a hotel great news and you are 7 nice guy ran baffling she gave birth to their second daughter reply howe about
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handshake in said a vote designed to clarify san francisco century city policy has been postponed.
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>>james: the 33 year-old you could see his picture is accused of sexually abusing his and place on the minister of leave to allow the county sheriff deputies face civil charges stemming from the beating of a suspect after a high-speed chase bernie sanders is keeping the pressure on hillary clinton he won the west as the primary yesterday with 94 percent.
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>>reporter: chilly at the close with about 60 or sexton's will have a contrast going on a live look at the san mateo bridge still bill will allow life fall into spots and sir lancelot line clouds will mix out in the late morning hours what we have to the ease the tight pressure at
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the bus stop to the edges and the fifth is that a.m. and noon talking clearing and mild 73 eminent 80 flows in and valleys traffic of the quite chilly at the coast the high-temperature again in the north to james earlier and defied antioch high to that looks like it for concord said. >>robin winston: nothing major offer to settle to the bay bridge in the ride into san francisco fed a little bit of a battle in the right hand side is across the upper deck all the
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way into downtown san francisco. >>robin winston: to get from the numbers to the bay shore chicken the travel time looking good 50 minutes of highway 4 west three hillcrest to 242 in concord, the problem for five into the livermore valley into dublin the south the committee looks good no. 11 quick to one minute trip from morgan hill and to downtown san jose. >>james: the group had been on hunger strike for 16 days
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they're recalling for mayor ed lee the fire police chief great serb response to recent killings by police the class of officers and the people in the indoor restaurants san francisco mayor ed lee is proposing nearly $80 million to reform the city's police department the u.s. justice department is reviewing the department policy and procedures after officer shot and killed mario a young black men out of my back in 2015 in the past two years of the serbs have shot and killed two other suspects still.
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>>james: the boat designed to clarify santa scotia insurance city policy has been postponed
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the rain we had over the winter they will no longer pay the surcharge. >>james: it will be drawn as well east bay mud back with
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more. news weather more.
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>>gabe slate: is a parody act the game is simple trying to build wall as high as you can read one of those grand old names dual rear left and then you.
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>>james: always working on bringing you a new stores here was a look at the new was we have ceased to cannot about her split up with her husband why should what she said is coming up
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>>james: headlines you need to know about before you head out the door for stuff san francisco mayor ed lee is proposing nearly $18 million to reform the city police department the u.s. the part of
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justice is reviewing the department's policy and procedures in the past two years officers have shot and killed to suspect the mayor also addressed the recent protests calling for him to fire police chief he was refusing to do that also will learn the details of the death investigation of such one reveals that it was prescribed medication in the months leading up to his death the warrant said the minnesota doctor visit the musician trice and april include in the day before he died it does not say what medication was prescribed or whether he acted took them would look for more details to develop. >>james: 11 nba in scoring a 30.1 points during the game.
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>>reporter: off downtown 5254
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novato off to the east bay is an exceptional number you're looking for 70 it howe were going to hang on to the a's for least a couple of days.
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>>robin winston: check the rise of 580 west live in the south bay know about 101 at the man of just under 30 minutes for more and help the downtown san jose
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and. >>james: it is a device designed to all former pain free parliament birth control some users said the seizure eventually. >>reporter: a magistral life imprisonment on biding its happened to the house of women
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available since 2002 the work by inserting small nickel oils like these into most will be into the woods after a few months should create a barrier to many
4:50 am
congressmen. >>reporter: the hell they don't watch to judgment the surgery
4:51 am
was beyond necessary which is why she hopes to her on personal warning hamas as a comforting the city have no plans to sign is the way they're made in remember the e free act of congress so far not much has happened will concede to follow the story before now reporting in washington.
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>>james: a mother turned to surprise her daughter after the and the pretty embarrassing moment would to you what she did coming up next.
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>>james: she decided she were to surprise her daughter at utah state university choose one to hope for clinton her dorm room after freshman year the mom what and what she thought was a daughter's room there were a sworn in this site there at those bears were not there such
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a green grass to eat in their not a problem unless the get their hands on him and food they're looking to finish off the trail blazers and game 5 of the series tonight at home will be live steph curry carry the team to victory. we will be back
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with more
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>>male announcer:this is the bay
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area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: for oakland the planner for past 70 or so at 2:00 for quite matching a bit of a when southwest winter and
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15 the wins will define like that in downtown san francisco here is the ready for school forecast. >>robin winston: will take a look at the san mateo bridge and checks and drive turned. >>darya: the golden state warriors open to finish up the trail blazers in the name five of the series tonight steph curry carry the team to victory with a record-breaking number of points in overtime on monday
5:02 am
night. >>will tran: there was no doubt the steve kerr will play tonight the question is how many minutes when you come inside and
5:03 am
technically this game is sold out but if you've got to come down here and many people cannot make the game and like to recall some of the money here the ticket prices to look at this kind of level $158 lower level of $241.
5:04 am
>>darya: bahia's with the statute that means all 131 voters of greed and the he's the best player in the league accepted the award in a ceremony tear that the nba in scoring with an average of 30.1 points.
5:05 am
>>darya: no press conferences complete without steph curry and his daughter to walk the leading dissident and steered him down. >>reporter: you concede that
5:06 am
there is a sinkhole of police have blocked off traffic before in the area because of the san call you to see this in home at last check the whole with 12 ft. long 5 ft. wide and 9 ft. deep the hole opened up on tuesday nearly swallowing a minivan pick.
5:07 am
>>darya: ice is claimed responsibility for them the car bombing in iraq and the death toll keeps climbing we're at the breaking news desk latest. >>james: is stands at 64 people people killed in that explosion took the local have pictures
5:08 am
that can respond to the living for several recent attacks across the lot including one last month when one to continue following this story drop the morning state-owned of days ago to the news room where reporter from the breaking news desk. >>darya: the department allegations that he molested a child 33 years old and didn't finish to the rest on monday on suspicion of molesting a child four years of and decent housing in is a correctional debt rating is accused of sexually abusing a 9 year old girl multiple times while he lived with the girl and her mother back in 2012 to admit it,
5:09 am
share that is a charge of beating a suspect after a high- speed chase expected to turn themselves in by the end of the day today and it happened last november the deputies were following the system that he led them on a chase from san leandro to san francisco. >>darya: the have been driving a stolen car and it could face more charges and feature
5:10 am
>>mark: burn incense is now focusing on winning the california primary he spent part of the day yes the campaigning in the bay area making stops in san francisco and oakland he stuck a thankless supporters and the turn of the california june 7th primary is similar single promise and a stuffed in his oakland office yesterday he told supporters the strong showing in california and new jersey to a critical. >>darya: new information about his death what a minnesota dr.
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>>reporter: we will see this improved fairly rapidly for this morning and will be greeted by swim temperatures a lot of the golden gate and a lot of action but we did have to fall issues than even the will see loosen the core down by 1:00 a.m. to
5:16 am
see fifties cover most of the region and then we won back of our tomorrow afternoon is to get here by early next week but will host a disturbance it will usher and a few more clout a few more cars and to the world. >>robin winston: continues to pick up come out of hey were heading into the peninsula the image problems this still hot spot free.
5:17 am
>>robin winston: not a problem after drive into san francisco now as a good time if you want to beat the rush south 680 nice and smooth as low as no. 101 lead in the south bank just and a 30 minister san jose in into sale. >>haaziq madyun: the sources said the alleged sexual misconduct involved a daughter
5:18 am
of a civilian employees who worked with the oakland police department for them this edition will parlay this back to october of 201520 of his officers have been plans on administrative leave and perhaps as many as four additional officers but also involved no one will talk about this on camera hot and rental consider how the city and mention his office there was a short written response " the city cannot comment on an open eye investigation they said similar message was read the part of the oakland police department takes all allegations of misconduct of our employees very serious and it is an internal investigation are swift fair and objective is are awesome the senate also member says he finds his allegations troubling this could impact
5:19 am
police chief efforts to regain control of the department from a federal monitor these are serious allegations according to state law is another facet of up to one year to reach a determination. >>mark: some of the consultants to came under fire for posting to contemplate the apologizing for the offensive messages he says his actions or inappropriate people to several
5:20 am
controversial twist complained about property damage from protest of a michael brown shooting and for some missouri or the laws cause a result which ran out threatened me or my family and i will use my god- given lot of printed right and duty to kill you he was fired last eye toward reinstated in february after a close independent arbitration hearing there expect to decide whether to appeal the decision. \ >>darya: this said there was a problem with profiling not web site requires users to use descriptions of other than race to pull something the changes i want to be made with collaboration and several support groups and the company's
5:21 am
leaders. oakland city later said the changes that were made to next door are step in the right direction and the corn to be implemented nationwide. soft >>mark: we haven't of the it, >>james: the one also revealed that the minnesota dr. and visit the musician twice in april including the day before he daff the doctor who prescribed minute his was identified a hasn't commented on these new findings so will look for them to develop hopefully of the course of broadcast he died at the 21st at his home in minnesota.
5:22 am
>>darya: half to one about an early lead scoring two runs in the first two innings and then went on to beat san francisco giants lost four to nothing the giants have a shot and redemption open to stop the blue jays from sweeping madison baumgartner is on the mound giants have won the last three games that he has started an things went from bad to worse for the a's last and which part shaman in pitching for oakland and still looking for his first win the red sox scored it runs in three innings normal delivery
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driver being credit for saving the customer's life friday decided to check on the land even though he did not order any pizza.
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>>mark: to managers in the delivery driver to check on him his wife and no one answered the door of the to redraw recalled 911 place to check on the for the man has suffered a stroke and it is needed medical attention for the shares of the session of of thing to them for years same employees read all the difference and said the man's life cahan
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>>darya: knowledge of weather and traffic.
5:30 am
>>reporter: of course our mystery year round of a the vehicles will begin with than the images from the perimeter of the bed pretty marginal lower 57 torrent of an east of interesting and because an effective antioch has a lot of a lofty 64 concord in 53 and 48 going on for a delay of for the blue jays today in the game at 1245 temperatures hanging in the upper 60s most into the 60s for the most part i know will be looking to build a lot of the 73 by the noon hour.
5:31 am
>>robin winston: and looks good on the james lick 280 in the central freeway will have a complete track to clean up and flew the ride on the san mateo bridge. >>darya: police a massachusetts turned to her why a man went on the stand rampage killing two people and wounding four others. >>james: this happened in the city of talk to about 30 mi. south of boston, said the 28 year-old crashed his car and from a home and then went inside instead to people killing in a your woman he then dove back into this car and drove to a nearby mall prices vehicle again through a macy's a step for
5:32 am
people door inside the mall and rest one of those victims me understand later died an off- duty officer called off with his shot him and filled him will receive all this detail to come in the bud little fan as a come into the newsroom flew combat the of the u if. >>darya: they want independent investigation into a number of police shootings including those of more awards and add me and tell they're planning a news conference at 11:00 this morning to talk about their concern to.
5:33 am
>>mark: it was a suspect in the stabbing but many people with and against police in dili force was not necessary he ordered an overhaul of the department's use of force policy is also addressing the recent protests calling for him to fire police chief break sir he will introduce the reform package along with the proposed budget on june 1st the sentence
5:34 am
description of the parmesan residental allegations that for journalists and abroad that the jury process over the fresco five. the been on hunger strike for 16 days calling for mayor adlai to fire police chief gripes are aware that the police shootings protesters clashed with police in 33 people arrested reports surfaced this week before for this fall ended in death is for trying to get the " * out of city hall-cuff the 20 year-old was close to appear in court yesterday and is still in the psychiatric hold as the general the cases postponed. >>mark: never say he was related to her and of living with her
5:35 am
the models has not been established maryland accounts to help the parma's confirming its first case of zepa the person: ally was recently essential ottawa credit into the got all break as. >>mark: for the five attendants barbara to the head of the fun of it last night in san they're trying to make an impression of the local california primary coming up on june 7th floor the
5:36 am
election in november people in san francisco with the to vote on the ballot measure that would allow a broad age to 16 local elections can't stick kick correct. >>darya: this of restoring slamming kentucky will to look of the damage and sharon house warned is speaking out about her spent more husband will have more she said after the break
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>>darya: she is no longer living with the have been married for 33 years in the olympic warning
5:40 am
why some of brazil's most famous athletes and toilet paper to stay away from the summer and.
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>>darya: back to take a different route the golden state warriors are for some of the show plays in game 5¢ to nine steph curry.
5:45 am
>>reporter: this is severe thunderstorm watch in this issue and that the dead of night for the cab when the cost of the amount our guest and so this could be a problem area also around the dallas area up to oklahoma for the here today not
5:46 am
happen downtown me what the far east to bay in the south bay that is with the '80s will pop today there is a system to the
5:47 am
north to bring some cloud cover the one incident out of the way back to usual stop and go traffic. >>robin winston: track in the ride across the san mateo bridge is ago when starting of the injury accident in the 4:00 hour from now on to be a good ride over to 880 in the peninsula it is usually the easy
5:48 am
commute compared to all the other bridges. >>darya: is been a year since she was shot and killed my pier 14 the shooting sparked a national debate over the central city pulsing the suspect in the shooting was in the country illegally and had not been turned over to federal authorities beforehand because of san francisco's center for
5:49 am
law and the proposal would direct police to notify federal officials and with the person they detain this tragic and violent crime for a party has been convicted or by the crime in the last seven years calf's. >>mark: the border supplies in canada to approve the contract guest today if a 21 year-old navy still training has died from a basic training exercises southern california he died on friday and or not which is near san diego the spokesperson said that he was treading in the full worm a camouflage uniform and a dive math and instruct the
5:50 am
notice of he was struggling and pulled him out. >>darya: tomorrow be a private memorial service with family in the seal team in on friday a public perception town amid the third u.s. servicemen were killed in iraq since u.s. forces returned there in 2014. >>mark: the seven terminals on more than 40 years older need repairs the renovations will make border more efficient and traveling more comfortable.
5:51 am
>>darya: that explain why people are finding this application addictive. >>gabe slate: it's a parody have meant to be funny with traders expected to take off a pass it is simply is trying to build a wall as high in japan what you play the cartoon trout spots classical trumpet some in the the building topples over you have to clear sure-fire and the what the cases from the chicken pay $2 to remove a constant at the top of the scoring.
5:52 am
>>mark: 10 to the current 49 and santa rosa 48 in the legal thicket 3 in san mateo 51 the senses, mid-50s in san jose the to for sunshine the big one of the specific and locations as a man climbing to the mid '80s will have the forecast for neighborhood ahead as the kron 4 one news continues.
5:53 am
5:54 am
>>robin winston: this heavy traffic stretches all the way into the maze on to five in west the problems and to downtown san francisco.
5:55 am
>>reporter: she is one to tell us about the new law about birth control in california some
5:56 am
turns the careful getting things on the air and i can't all make sure it is accurate.
5:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: again the problems command of the airport proposal stevens wouldn't to get things started the same scenario we have nested and it welcome to the jews which can pretty much lower middle fifties 54 fog and 53 at concord high antioch the octameter at 62 san francisco comes in a 51.
6:01 am
>>robin winston: and you have to take this ride is already backed up into the maze but is holding at the foot of the men's and is moving well across the upper deck about a 13 minute trip from the maze to the sky when will
6:02 am
complete track to coming up the crew will be up to an account of san called the open up on a busy san francisco street track and as judy with six triple in size. >>reporter: police on mission street shut down month new montgomery between and among them into the street because of an we talked with public utility
6:03 am
commission about what is wanted take to get that storming fax and to st. back open and running take a listen to what he had to say they resent being asked to avoid this area also feed take minute before 13 in the tech are them be rather because the home district to shock and a loss seven our endicott.
6:04 am
>>darya: to happen now santa clara county sheriff's deputies is placed on leave at the apartment is in a consolidation that he molested a child this said the incident happened while he was off duty he's been placed on paid leave while the department and the an internal investigation.
6:05 am
>>mark: it was captured evansville last album of the deputies were following him after he led them on shifting sands and the to san francisco it and driving a stolen car and the debt is could face more charges and pitcher however were
6:06 am
hand member to cruise the to seem to the victims are women and children. >>darya: they're changing the landscape and to save on a wing adam square will be closed for a least nine months during this renovation bernie sanders is
6:07 am
focusing on the california primary he's been for the day yesterday because conscious san francisco oakland agency were you when and where he would agree about how to supporters of
6:08 am
she is based on of the old avila on van ness ave. >>darya: eliminate them with the
6:09 am
game 5 tonight at year-end steph curry carried will live at the ring with a preview. >>will tran: stuff fairy tonight the call will get a chance to spend his name and person except his mvp award he thinks the team
6:10 am
is helping him and taken his god-given talent toolholder level of first recall defended its and car flaxen radicals of course their strength in numbers today is a big day for the
6:11 am
warriors and if you want them to rest you have to assume this is a must win for them.
6:12 am
>>darya: i cannot believe she's 3 1/2 still had overhauled or one from the olympics will help our one of brazil's most famous athletes.
6:13 am
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>>reporter: 22 force of around
6:16 am
the perimeter of the bank will mid-50s 10 to 50 months before matching that in san jose 53, up 52 in an attack and attack a 62 this and stand around last hour here is the room to see happen already buy 2:00 to see the '80s and economic problems down to the stock as well meanwhile the states in the '60s all day.
6:17 am
>>reporter: >>robin winston: those of you use the san mateo bridge hybrid 92 is getting crowded heading westbound is going to be offered on for more raw industrial through the toll plaza after that picks up a is a great ride the foster city and into san mateo taft
6:18 am
>>robin winston: 17 minutes south 6 in concord to denver the dublin so no fremont side 680 is getting a little crowd but it is not too bad >>mark: we uncovered a secret investigation is ongoing offers several months regarding
6:19 am
allegations of all cancers have had an improper sexual the ship with a teenager >>haaziq madyun: the alleged sexual misconduct involving the daughter of a civilian employees who work with the oakland police department investigation reportedly dates back to october of 2015 to all of which of an absence of the mention of leaves and perhaps as many as four additional officers may also be involved no one would talk about this on camera however and oakland city hall and city administrators office gave me the short response " the city cannot comment on the opened by a investigation and " " the local forest department takes all allegations of misconduct and our employees their scarcely is sharon internal investigation are swift fair and objective is our policy on " he finds this
6:20 am
allegation troubling. >>haaziq madyun: he said this could impact lycia someones efforts to regain control of the department from the federal mommsen shack these are serious allegations according to state law internal affairs has up to one year to reach a determination to try to verify with all pd if weather in the criminal investigation exists regarding this matter as well
6:21 am
>>darya: now to the south bentsen wasn't an insult to who came under fire for post a controversial is apologizing office of the white senses actions were inappropriate he posted several councilors to tweets confining our property damage from protest of a michael brown shooting and for some missouri where the most controversial tweets read " to me or my family and i will use my god-given lot of printed right and duty to kill you he was fired last october reinstated in february after a closed and an arbitration hearing they're expected to decide rather to appeal the decision by >>mark: next door design to the people of community events and crimes as a reporter by the neighbors to medical to oakland accentor exchanges send them to
6:22 am
part with profiling it requires users to use as an option to other than race before report is posted it was made with the collaboration of several civil rights groups and the company's leaders. >>mark: the changes that were made to next-door are stuck in the right direction and will be implemented nationwide criminal information about the death- music icon prince. >>james: he was acquired medication in the months leading up to the death the warrants is a menace to the doctor had visited position twice in a political of the day before he died in this nasa with the medication was the most prescribed to him and did not indicate if he ever took it will become out at the the police began to investigate this thread and the doctor was are the
6:23 am
benefits have been identified as top of and research and we just discovered that he used to work in the fourth time at the north more radical to the clinic and minnetonka here is a primary- care physician the spokespeople for the health clinics to hit no longer works there and it would not say why that will be part of the investigation. >>darya: knew this one of the justice department is not seeking the death penalty against the man accused of carrying out the benghazi attack federal officials announced the decision yesterday he suspected libyan militia leader authorities believe that he helped attack the u.s. diplomatic and cia facilities back in 2012 he was captured in a raid by u.s. commanders of libya in 2014 and
6:24 am
brought to you as his pleaded not guilty. >>mark: the country's most famous actors is telling visitors to stay away resilience software was part of the country's world cup winning team he's telling the visits to stay away because of rising violence and real people to the message also submitted siting the killing of a 17 your girl the weekend he's telling people to stay away and from the atlantic games and assign to the
6:25 am
discovery that could help you look younger, discover or to give you a second skin in the slack is a little slocum the board clear then was yesterday at this hour.
6:26 am
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>>robin winston: involves putting on to creamers electric plastic called him that mimics this can.
6:28 am
. >>james: 3 people dead after
6:29 am
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>>reporter: 71 corn on today and about 5:79 inland and on some of going on at the bay presents and allow the bank was on a traffic. >>robin winston: tickled the
6:32 am
mavericks to stop and go conditions come out of san jose or south san jose wrapped around capitol it should pick up in the sector rest of the damages. >>darya: bridge in the trial of michael is a massachusetts the time to figure out why a man with all must have been granted killed two people and wounded four others police and talk much about the amounts sought the
6:33 am
boston said he broke into a house at the end a year-old woman to death the two people and house but that a your woman died. >>james: he dove into a car drove to nearby mall crashed to macy's and began stabbing people he attacked for in a restaurant inside the small that somebody is interest aware of learning about this terrific scene that broke out massachusetts this morning >>darya: specifically these
6:34 am
groups one of the attorney general to look into continued racial scandals involving police officers >>mark: many people was i did against the please send them the force was necessary after the shooting of the order an overhaul of the department's use of force policy the san
6:35 am
francisco chef department is investigating allegations that for a journalist and rebecca and hear the protest this happen what protesters would gather at city hall last friday after they heard that had been hospitalized the could brough of a strike for 16 days for reporters and injured and dead fish was a practical test of city hall to >>mark: 20 at your was supposed
6:36 am
to appear in court yesterday but still on the psychiatric called s.f. general it was postponed until today he was arrested friday morning for the of the 65 year-old marlowe was found stabbed to death and her home another case of zepa the detective in the bay area--zika. >>darya: it scrapped the mosquito bites the symptoms are mild and most people but the virus has been led to serious birth defects when pregnant women are infected mccandless'
6:37 am
tell the final debate last night in san diego and atlanta an impression on voters before california's primary democratic attorney-general up as a front runner on the top two vote getters in the primary will convince the general election in november. >>mark: they approve the measure yesterday it advocates say it would increase voter participation and help the establishment as a halving of people when, sit-in is not pitcher and after the of the war amounting to vote its 16 and few are granted they're old enough to be prosecuted as adults. >>darya: we will be back with more news weather and traffic.
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6:48 am
>>robin winston: if you leave now to get to downtown oakland to downtown san francisco heading into san francisco southbound on the left some of the problems live in the north that average drive times from central santa fell to san francisco. >>robin winston: this headed
6:49 am
for now closer to our time just an injury accident south 6 in the report added for adding to the slow traffic. >>darya: the suspect in the shooting he was in the country illegally and had not been turned over from san francisco federal court in because of the century law a new proposal would direct police to notify federal
6:50 am
officials only the person detained the charts will provide a crime or convicted of armed crime within the last seven years. >>mark: 100 that these will be equipped with robotic cameras law enforcement agencies and the area started using my cameras inevitable stress with the communities to be more transparent. >>darya: 8 before it of lazard
6:51 am
and you will notice some. >>mark: to risk alienating mainstream muslims worldwide are proposing the muzzle the band from and from the u.s. this of just the fault lies to his terror attack against it affects every one of the background similar to his own to wear down 82 right now the dow was down
6:52 am
17,00844 disney stock lead in the trial rather than phoning quarter results. >>j.r. stone: a was a sure road to a to the game settled an alternative to more political.
6:53 am
>>darya: we will be back with more in just a few minutes here is a live look at the embarcadero from the studios of san francisco looking at the bay bridge and cloudy skies will be right back.
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>>darya: 11 to 10:00 p.m. kron 4 news and start this month that any moment to and become a share that is expected to tide themselves over to authorities for beating case of the charges they're facing this morning + and there was world is all about steph curry and the warriors.
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