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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 12, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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number here is a look outside the camera where things look pretty good. we might be right back with traffic and weather with robin and dave. we might be right back cormack claire mack for dog hair and dirt
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we are back pick david joining up to talk about the forecasts beauty rights weekends when i left the house, i noticed it was colder than yesterday.
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let's go outside while dave is adjusting his mike pick pick. here is a look at the bay bridge. just some modest traffic and we are dealing with a ceiling of low-lying clouds and fogs. we are still going to see clouds in the inland valleys like yesterday but we are going to start seeing a saving away of temperatures. we are in the 50s uniformly, just like yesterday. 53 livermore, san jose at 58. we have the system out to see setting us up for the weekend for the temperatures to climb,
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reducing cloud cover upstairs. at the surface the fog has to burn off pick if you squint very carefully, you can see the coverage is not as generous as yesterday and the east bay shoreline has some 60s by 2:00 pick the peninsula is more aggressive with the 60s so a slight reduction compared to what we have been through already. this is the gradual cooling we talked about here. let's check out the fog tracker. you see it hovering up to see a bit today, tonight, 11:00 p.m. by thursday doesn't really suck us in overnight tonight and into friday morning. today will
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be upper 60s, 69 for richmond, 73 for san leandro pick over the hills using mid 80s at work pick here the temperature at dissension, 78 for friday, into 70s we are for the weekend starting with morning clouds, although we start with "-- open skies for the afternoon sunshine pic it looks like open roads, robin betrayed no trouble spots yet. this is your commute coming from the east faith pick headed to the north a criminal trouble spots from 582 to one '01. going to the golden gate, a live look at one '01 heading into, and out of san francisco fairly quiet. in san francisco streets gone no problems.
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there is one little trouble spot not impacting traffic pics of 85 to super keno at southbound 280 connector, a driver spun out to my right off the road and flipped over for now the activity is contained to the shoulder of the connector ramp pick emergency crews are still responding so that could change . i will let you know if it starts to back up traffic. the rest of the south bay is doing fine. i'll have another traffic check coming up for you in just a bit to change let's head to the south bay where numb to men are dead after a shooting at a car crash. police believe the person responsible for the shooting led them on a high-speed car chase in campbell pick it all started at a home in los gatos pick their papers and killed and numb to others were injured.
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from there the car took off and led police on a high-speed chase. the driver of the car tried to run away but was caught by police speech and it is said for me and all the neighbors here to learn someone lost a life in our neighborhood speech as any pursuit is dangerous because we had to capture these suspects because they were suspects in a possible homicide betrayed the passenger in the getaway car was taken to the hospital but died from gunshot wounds. boys are talking to witnesses storch and also making news, police and the south bay talking to people regarding what they thought was a traffic incident. but instead of a traffic incident they found a man with an ax. the change the officers felt threatened rigid police chief eddie garcia said the officers who shot an ax wielding man had no choice to change there is little doubt in my mind that
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these officers presented a homicide in the city speech and he's talking about the events that transpired wednesday in the cambrian district where man was attacking his mother with an xp change the suspect was chasing his mother out of the house. at some point the suspect had an ax in the hand and had struck the mother, and then turned on the officers, and that is when the officers had to resort to firearm three change the man had hit his mother with an ax at least one time pick a motive for the violence is not clear pick a friend of the family said the son has been battling mental health problems we change it is sad when someone you know goes through this, it touches home.
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specially those with mental health, when they got shot over it, when they get shot over not being able to control their actions re- change one officer tried using his taser to no effect pick at one all point the man pulled the taser darts out as he wielded the ax. the man and his mother are in good condition and are expected to love expected to live -- expected to live. store change and update from the wildfire in canada. that massive fire continues to burn and firefighters still have zero containment. the fort mcmurray wildfire has already burned more than 400,000 acres and 90,000 evacuees are desperately waiting to hear when they can return home. some victims of the wild fighter that's wildfire are getting assistance from all over the country. canada's red cross is stepping it by handing out preloaded
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cards, and 80,000 people affect and are enjoying at least that benefit this morning. it will be distributed through an electronic transfer so hopefully they will get that money and be able to use its be change on sports -- the a's avoid trying to get slept on the road in boston but they would have no such luck. bottom of the fourth, a two-run shot goes over the wall with red sox leading six-3. the a's -- welcome it was a 13-3 loss.
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the a's lost nine of their last ten games á check to the ice not, let's talk about the shark taking on the predators tonight for game seven of the playoff series. the sharks failing to close the last game. the sharks started well winning the first numb to get what they lost the next two and split the last two. new birth a new episode of the back story will air sunday may 15. here is a preview of what you will see speech and i wasn't sure. i do a lot of news, i do a live sports, i wasn't sure i'd be able to go to the game pick speech and i know, he is out there all the time pick those. speech is what this record had done, and has captured the
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entire bay area, it's out of this world. you can kiss the back story this sunday at 9:30 p.m. here on k run for here is a live look outside.
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it is not for deck 20. we have no major problems outside pick 580 west approaching the toll plaza wide open, no problems heading into the north bay. speech and let's turn our attention to entertainment news. justin bieber will no longer take pictures with fans and sharon osbourne has returned to the talk. all that and more in the daily rapid speed change this is the daily wrap. you will not believe justin bieber's latest move. he just the most that he is no longer going to take pictures with fans because he feels like a zoo animal. he went on instagram and said "i don't owe anybody a picture. " something tells me the bieber will change his policy in the future. after taking monday off sharon osborne appeared on the talk
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today and opened up about the turmoil she was going through with ozzy osbourne who allegedly had an affair. sharon said, i'm 63 and i can't stop -- keep living like this. also sources in ben affleck once to reconcile with jennifer gardner. jennifer apparently isn't ready to take him back but they did just take a trip to paris with their kids this last weekend so we will have to wait and see. that's all for the daily wrap three change whenever you can catch hollywood today every day following law and order right here on trent to pick when we come back from break, here's a look at stories we will be following for you. the war against isis and al qaeda and how the u.s. is expanding its efforts to help. more on that to come pick is a quick check outside pick san mateo bridge traffic moving fairly well we will get more on
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the commute from robin and a second and a check with the forecast as well clear mac clear mac on this cushion for generations.
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numeral police are searching for the gun man in a deadly road rage shooting along highway four happening yesterday in pittsburgh at loveridge road at about 11 in the morning. police say the shooting was a result of road rage and a mother of numb for was killed. her boyfriend was driving the car and also was shot but is expected to be okay. the gun man is in a white mercedes sedan. yesterday the board of supervisors -- the warriors
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took care of business last night, finishing off the trailblazers to advance to the western conference finals. clay thompson leading the warriors finishing the night 33 points. steph curry wasn't far behind with 29 points. the state beat the warriors 120 9-121. let's talk about weather. dave is looking at another morning with some clouds and haze speed change that's right. today would be similar to yesterday but then things start shaking up on us on friday. the weekend will be cooler but we will see a lot of afternoon son mike to pick the reports of any problems or issues but we may be having a little hour delay thrown into the mixture this morning before things entirely clear up pick our
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temperatures, pretty much in 50s mode, around the bay mid- 50s, 55 for oakland, concorde 53, and he asked if the two, kind of a lofty tight -- hyper temperature reaching 90 and lovato you are looking at 50. at sea we have a couple high clouds but it is really low- level moisture that we are talking about creating the fog that is trapped in the bay area that had to shake out to get afternoon sunshine. by afternoon it will become apparent what is going on. a nice breeze, in northwest of the five to get 15 degrees -- breeze. tonight the fog comes back in overnight. these models really so a story
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on friday, the start of the weekend, with a lot of cloud cover that will be thicker than it has been pixel may be trouble getting the afternoon clearing likely experienced the past couple days. here is the numb for day watching forecast models. southbay looking okay but shoreline may only hit upper 60s today. notice how the 60s cover a good piece of real estate in the east bay and southbay. peninsula will be struggling at 4:00 p.m. even with 50s happening tomorrow . there is a change happening with onshore flow changing temperatures. school for crest 60 and laid at 8:00, picking up to 85 by the end of the day. coast will get to middle 60s, not too bad. on traffic things are chilling now, are they not, robin q james yes, no major trouble spots right now. as you head
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into san francisco this morning, this is your commute. all connectors from oakland look fine. let's head over to the golden gate bridge. a nice right on one '01 hitting it to and out of san francisco. fairly quiet in the north bay, no problems were southbound direction. let's check the southbay. i am keeping an eye on a overton accident in cupertino on self 280, a car on its roof on the south shoulder of the connector but no major trouble getting through the scene. 237 looks good, no major problems for 280. coming up i look at the san mateo bridge and we will also check in on the richmond seine mosel pics be change vineyards across the bay area continue to harvest grapes and keep putting
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out case after case of wine. growers tell us the challenge is real. we took quad cap therefore to get a look at sonoma county to get a look at the great fields one month into grape seasons be change it is the fifth year of california's drought but you would never know from this view. one green vine after the next three change i think one conception is we have no water here. we are pretty lucky in sonoma county. if you go 10 miles to the west, it's one of the widest places in california. even last year in the middle of the big drought we get over 20 inches of rain in the winter to change this man said he is already starting to see a bloom, which is about numb to took up three weeks ahead of schedule, similar to last year. many of the wineries here in napa and sonoma counties source their grapes with a number of different vineyards. right now i am 750 feet up, a
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rodney strong vineyard. as for the condition of these lights: so far so good to be change the vines are a bit taller this year so i think the extra moisture gave them up boost but the crop looks spotty. spotty means some vineyards look great and some vineyards look like they may have two thirds of the crop. it is all over the place, not uniform like some years you see regions according to the u.s. drought monitor number -- this drought is light. decker says when it comes to these vineyards, they are still experiencing lingering effects from last year's be change what i have personally seen in the vines looked tired at the end of the year. the vines looked like they had been through the ringer and look a little stress towards the end.
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but i think due to the lack of moisture and conditions last spring, we will see a shorter crop this year. but i expect and average crop this year speech and ryan said these vineyards produce great wine but don't produce the same amount of grapes, which could produce higher prices change the war on isis and al qaeda had the u.s. expanding its military footprint in a series of small wars from the mideast to africa and beyond. we are targeting al qaeda using special forces units. go they are small using the best trained units in the military is a massive commit. the risks are huge, as the death of navy seal charles keating shows us. just advising and assisting canton into combat in a meadow seconds. experts say the real weapon against isis is a competent government, and u.s. troops can only do so much. coming up on the try to morning news, recruiters tell us there are plenty of jobs in the high-
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tech sector across the bay area, and not all those positions are in the silicon valley anymore we will tell you where those jobs are going. plus we change the future of transportation might have been born today in the desert just outside las vegas. i will have more on that story coming up on trying to news three change here's a look on our camera in san francisco outside our studio to bring us a shot of what it it is like outside there this morning.
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newburgh good morning. gabe's late our high-tech reporter talks about the new transportation system. crews ran their first full-scale test of the new transportation system. recharge hyper loop takes a passenger pod holding a dozen people and rockets it through a tube at 750 miles an hour. it
4:41 am
could deliver people from san francisco to la in 30 minutes. it could replace planes, trains, and buses. in the desert, just outside of las vegas, they successfully performed their full skin, full-scale test of their propulsion system speech change people who have not have had faith, thinking it's science fiction, we believe is possible to move people's fast recharge the hyperlink tube will be pressurized creating a vacuum, eliminating most air resistance. using the power of magnets the pot is thrust through the tube at high speeds. capsules carrying people would depart every 30 seconds with tickets costing as low as $20. the creators of hyper loop what this to be an affordable means of travel. we've got to talk about the creepy factor. it feels so claustrophobic.
4:42 am
you are locked in a small tube zooming at several hundred miles an hour. a lot of safety concerns come to mind, like what if you are in one during an earthquake. we asked a high propensity about that recharge for an earthquake it will be on pylons, and the pylons should be able to withstand earthquakes of 8.0 recharge this is happening. they are building this. the company behind hyper loop has 150 employees, they raised over $800 million in funding, and new investors are jumping on every month. they want to move cargo by 2019 and hope to be ready for passengers by 2021 speed change we are working on some new stories here at the try to morning news at 5:00. here's a look at some stories. breaking news out of the south, mn recovering after crashing his car outside of a san jose fire station.
4:43 am
plus the search is on for thieves who stole a world war i era cannon from an east bay mentoring -- veterans memorial hall. we show you the new surveillance video that has just surfaced store change and a man is in custody after climbing a 80- foot radio tower in southern california. we will talk about the dramatic moment in the video coming up.
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newburgh we are back. the time is foredeck 45 and a look at some major headlines before you head out the door this morning. in south bay police are responding to what was a report of a traffic incident but when they arrived at the scene they actually found a man with an ax. the man was attacking his mother and struck her in the head at least once. police shot the man when he came at the officers. both mother and son are expected to survive. a motive for the violence is not clear but a friend of the family said the son had been
4:46 am
battling mental health problems. meanwhile warriors finished off the trailblazers to advance to western conference finals for the second time in as many years. the warriors were down at the half but thanks to a huge game from clay thompson the warriors put away the trailblazers 121 -125. the warriors now await the winner of the san antonio series, oklahoma leading 3-2. also the sharks will take on the national predators for game seven of their playoff series. the sharks failed to close the series monday, losing that in overtime. the puck drops at 6:00 in san jose door change also tracking whether as we take a week live look outside looking at the golden gate bridge. we are off to another day of cool conditions but expecting some -- speech and opening up the deal for us midmorning hours, as we've seen before.
4:47 am
there is a slight reduction of temperatures, nothing to note about, until tomorrow. it will be cooler on friday. you will probably notice it in all locations. life shot at the san mateo bridge. you see some low-lying cloud we have been talking about . here is hard temperatures are in the middle of the bay, pretty much middle 50s. 54 fremont, far east by dropping to lower 50s to antioch the oddball number at 62. they were warm yesterday at about 90. we will look for that similar performance today. but the change is out at sea. we don't see a big change today but there is a little bit of an influence that will be felt that the peninsula and at the coast with onslow flow. that will become more pronounced by the time we get to tomorrow. oakland today, mid-70s will cover us by 2:00 to 4:00, when
4:48 am
jakes out of the west that we are talking about. by 2:00 we do have a little strip along the east bay that may struggle to get the 70. the south bay remains chili along the coast but a little bit thicker this go around with 60s, covering more territory. tonight there is a cool done with the 50s, and the warm-up tomorrow, 4:00 in light of 60s covering the east bay. it is only over the hills that they will manage to make it to the 70s, and the 80s have been wiped off the mat. temperatures on the upper 50s to lower 60s on the coast and san mateo about 73. further to the south, south bay numbers are still kind of mid 80s the lower '80s. seven day forecast, notice how
4:49 am
friday changes at 78 and will stay in a 70 zone until next week with patchy fog starting the day. robin starting our day off with traffic. how is it to change problem free, that's how we like it. it is going to be a good commute pick heading from the east bay to peninsula, some brake lights on the right-hand side but no major slowdowns. connecting to foster city or so one '01 and san mateo or even 200 is also looking good. the richmond bridge, a live look here at the approach to 580 west broad approaching the toll plaza. it is smooth, no problems across the span, no problems through one '01 or into or out of said mozelle. san leandro oakland only 13 minutes from 238 to the maze. coming from the south bay heading to the peninsula no major trouble spots, a quick 30 minute trip from sunnyvale three change foredeck 49 is the time.
4:50 am
recruiters tell us there are plenty of jobs in the high-tech sector and plenty across the bay area as well, not all in silicon valley anymore several years ago several companies located to san francisco and many are moving to the east bay where office space is more affordable. wilbur is taking over the old sears building on broadway in oakland and will apply -- buber is taking over the old sears building the change one of the first big startups in oakland, pandora, called this place home for a decade. the city was chosen for its charm speech and it's a combination of rich cultural history and affordability of the city speech and the tiny moment of anticipation before the next song to be change --
4:51 am
change the fact i can leave work and be at work and drop them at preschool in ten minutes is great we change the fact is more people are moving to the bay area and this heavy demand on the transportation system is evidence the community is thriving. be change we see more congested freeways, record ridership on the trains and ferries for trips . it is jobs pick three change jobs determine what the transportation looks like. people will travel for work three change over the next 25
4:52 am
years san jose, san francisco and oakland will be leading the area in job growth three change john goodwin with the transportation commission believes more tech jobs moving to the east bay, eventually traffic will ease a bit speech as if there are more jobs, they are moving to oakland or elsewhere in the east bay. that can help reverse the long- standing housing jobs imbalance . three change all this week we will be talking about jobs pick tomorrow the high-tech jobs that companies are having a hard time feeling. we tell you where to find them tomorrow on trying one news speech and let's talk about the latest in the death of prince. authorities investigating the death of the music i got -- music icon are going through his hard drives. investigators are looking for evidence that prince may have bought prescription drugs online . the singer's death from apparent overdose put a spotlight on the issue of opioid abuse.
4:53 am
three change whether it is protecting infants, whether it is stopping kingpins or pushers or making better use of data, we are going to take all of these ideas, pass them to the house, go to the congress and senate and we intend to put a bill on the president's desk fast three change centers for disease control says one american dies from a drug overdose every 19 minutes and most of those deaths are from prescription opioids. the death from opioids has quadrupled as doctors prescribe more of these painkillers. in 2012 they wrote 259 million prescriptions for opioids, that is one pill for every man, woman and child in the country. coming up, we will see a new set of images coming soon. we tell you when and where to
4:54 am
expect them. we will get another update on the forecast from dave at the top of the hour.
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. these are photos from the first bombersment and then more breaking news here in the north. police are looking for the gunman who opened fire on a driver. officers were called to memorial hospital after someone showed up with a gunshot wound. investigators say the victim was driving on the road. it was a passenger in the car that was hit. a man drove up to the
5:03 am
passenger's vehicle. a man fired a handgun into the victim's vehicle hitting the passenger. the passenger is expected to make a full recovery. time now is 5:02 after a road rage incident. we're live in pittsburgh with the details. will. >> reporter: the shooting happened right behind me along this highway 4 in pittsburgh udon't have to worry about traffic -- you don't have to worry about traffic. this happened just before 11:00 in the morning. this highway was shut down for hours as there was a murder investigation. a two car collision involving a black lexus. they came out to the scene. they saw two people inside. the 25-year-old female passenger
5:04 am
identified as shanique marie and a male driver. the male driver was hit. we don't know his condition but he has so far survived the shooting. as far as who they're looking for this morning, there's not a lot of description on the shooter or shooters. we did get a chance to talk to the chp. many people are very fearful whenever it happens on a freeway. was it random? was it targeted? they believe this was, in fact, targeted. listen in. >> a black lexus es 300 which is directly behind us was pushed off the roadway and subsequently crashed. gunshot hole to the side of it. a white mercedes sedan brand new with paper plates was also involved but fled the scene with unknown amount of suspects in it. >> reporter: and at this point they don't know if the two parties even knew each other or it was a simple act of road rage
5:05 am
where one car collided into the other or one person or the shooters. in this case lost their cool and fired into the lexus. they shut it down. they tried to look at traffic cameras, tried to talk to witnesses. you just heard the chp. not a lot to go on other than a white mercedes and tried to give more information. as far as highway 4, this is the third shooting since november along this stretch. but they do not believe this shooting is related to the other three. back to you. >> and this is the sixth shooting on the highway in the last six months. there was a shooting last month. one was deadly. two in june. a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old were killed in those shootings. there's also been an increase in shooting along interstate 80. there has been at least 11 shootings on i80 since november. we've told you about this latest highway shooting on highway 4 with a push alert at 11:20. make sure you have the app so
5:06 am
you can get the latest breaking news, weather and traffic. and after a shooting and car crash in the south bay. police believe the gunman was involved in a high-speed chase before 11:00 a.m. in the day. the driver lost control and crashed into a wall. the driver tried to run away but caught by police. a passenger in the pre yas was taken to the hospital -- prius was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. a santa claire county deputy accused of molesting a child is due in court today. 33-year-old anthony felix die yaz was arrested -- felix dias was arrested on monday. a child that he's accused of molesting multiple times while he was living with her and her mother back in 2012.
5:07 am
diaz was placed on administrative leave during the investigation. and a news conference today to talk about the hunger strike and the next steps in the protest among deadly police shootings. community members called for san francisco police to be fired. members also called for the chief to step down. they lost confident in chief sir after a blue ribbon panel review. it showed racial bias. >> it's such a distraction that the chief becomes a vocal point and we lose sight of what we should be focusing on. >> there are several board members standing by the chief, including scott weaner who says getting rid of the chief will not reduce crime in the city. the golden state warriors are headed to the western conference finals now for the
5:08 am
second straight season, and here you see san francisco lit up with the next colors. how the team is getting ready. >> the warriors taking care of business last night. finishing off the portland trail blazers. it wasn't easy. stef . steph curry accepting the mvp award. the second half golden state woke up, played constant. scored 33 points with 6 three pointers. green chipped in with another double-double and now two time mvp curry knocked down big shots himself sending with 35 points. helping lead the warriors to a four-point victory. it all came down to the final
5:09 am
minutes and curry coming out big. here is coach kerr and curry talking about what is next. >> at any time you win you're relieved and you move on. at that point you have a brand new set of challenges. so this was a great series. and happy we pulled through and now we'll get a little rest. >> we know it's only going to get tougher as we go forward. the intensity of the atmosphere and the pressure is going to build. we just have to rely on the experiences of this series, the last series and what we've learned about ourselves as we keep going. >> that was pretty cool. the warriors now taking on the winner of the oklahoma city/san antonio series. right now the thunder lead it 3 games to 2. game 6 tonight. we'll see if they close it out. we'll have to wait and see. mark. >> we have another team trying to make it to the western team finals.
5:10 am
that's in hockey. sharks taking on predators tonight in a deciding game seven to advance to the western conference finals. the sharks and the predators are tied at 3 apiece. the sharks lost game six in overtime on monday night. the sharks are back at home at the fap center for tonight's game. the home team has won every game in this series. a tough drop shark tank at 6:00 tonight. still ahead, the morning news. donald trump comes under fire for refusing to release his tax returns. what his campaign is saying about it coming up. plus another round of severe weather slamming parts of the south and midwest. we're tracking the dangerous storms. calm on the home front here, although temperatures light reduced here. changes coming as we head to friday. we'll have details on that. traffic is looking good. the golden gate bridge and here the 580 ramp heading to the santaville bridge. no problems getting into the
5:11 am
north bay. coming up i'll look at the bay bridge after the break.
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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welcome aboard the uss hornet. what else is on there to see? >> we have everything from world war ii aircrafts all the way from helicopters that picked up the apollo 11. we also just have on display here the ss1 aircraft from 2004. >> the history of the whole space program from mercury all the way to the next generation
5:14 am
of space flight where even tourists will be in place. what else can folks see? >> down below we really have recreated what it would be like for sailors in world war ii to be on board, a sick bay where they would get their injuries taken care of. >> it's all here. it's all on the website. you can find out about admission, the hours and everything. . welcome back to the morning news. severe storm packing storm systems and large hail. >> the pictures and the videos that have been coming in all week long have been really incredible to see. that's the wrong video. we'll get the right one up for you. but scattered intense storms have been sweeping through parts of the north texas and oklahoma and into the midwest. now you can see some of the damage done by these storms. trucks flipped over. tractor trailers flipped over on their sides.
5:15 am
this is in texas. this happened yesterday. metal roofs torn off buildings and sent flying through the air like weapons really. it's been that dangerous. in nebraska so much hail fell that a car had to be pulled from a hail drift. that's what they had. severe storms have hit the country with hail. we saw tornadoes. we saw pictures of those. two people in oklahoma were killed in storms on monday. ten people in kentucky were injured in storms on tuesday. and still more to come it looks like. let's pass it over to dave in the weather center tracking the national outlook. [ transitioning captioner ]
5:16 am
develop the fog will be a little thicker tomorrow and the low lying cloadz more of an issue. the clearing will be later in
5:17 am
the day. the peninsula may not get out of the 50s tomorrow. we warm up heading into the weekend. the seven-day forecast will show you that. union city, 79. oakland 71. you see the drop in the temperatures heading into the weekend. the morning clouds give way to the afternoon sunshine. how about traffic. >> it's looking good. there is a nice little flow of traffic heading up to the pay gates, but it's nothing to worry about. you see the sky way here. lets head to the golden gate bridge, looking good. 15 minutes is your average drive time. over to the east bay i have
5:18 am
noticed a bit of slow traffic on westbound 80. if you are leaving now you will notice some late roadwork, it was supposed to wrap up at 5:00 but it's going to be stop and go from hill top. the rest of the trip is great through albany and berkley, your drive time is under 20 minutes. still a good commute but be prepared for some stop and go traffic. again not a major hot spot just some late roadwork. >> 5:18. a mother and son are in the hospital after the son attacked the mother. lets look at where this happened. this is video from kron 4. we covered it live when it first happened. officers got reports that there had been a traffic accident but when they got there they found
5:19 am
a man with an ax. he had chased his mother with the ax and hit her. then you alternated on the officers and they shot at him. >> i know that the brother has had mental health issues and was in a mental health hospital a month ago. the officers involved in the shooting were not hurt, police do not have a motive yet. >> the santa ba rbara -- barbara district is meeting with workers. hundreds the thousands of commuters had to find a different way to get to work.
5:20 am
under the deal employees get a 10 and a half percent raise spread out over four years. >> crews are going to be back out fixing this sink hole. crews were out there yesterday repairing it so they do replace the broken sewer main. they are going to be out tomorrow to install a replacement pipe. one lane in both directions of mission street is open and buses have resumed normal service. >> donald trump may be the republican presidential nominee but he cannot say that the party stands behind him. trump is meeting with important figures like paul ryan today but he's also refeesing to release his tax returns.
5:21 am
>> donald trump will meet with paul ryan. the meeting is necessary cause of comments like this. >> i am not ready to do that. >> reporter: they are worried that trump will hurt other party member's election. but trump is not compromising on his tax returns. >> when you run for president, it's expected. you have to ask, why does not he want to release them. >> reporter: trump said he will not release the information until an irs audit is complete. his convention manager insists that his base does not care. >> this issue is much ado about nothing. it's being presented as an
5:22 am
issue by people who want to see him defeated. >> reporter: if he does not release his tax returns he will be the first nominee in years to keep them under wraps. trump will meet with paul paul ryan and mitch mcconnell today. a man is in trouble after climbing an 80-foot radio tower in california. >> also a woman that stole something from an east bay memorial hall
5:23 am
5:24 am
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we all love our pets but do you love them enough to have a healthy dog food delivered to your home each week, or do you make enough money. >> reporter: like humans rk a dog has to eat. but canned glop, these brothers want their dogs to eat right. why into the yours. >> people are treating dogs like their children. >> reporter: they crated a dugy delivery service, it's home
5:26 am
cooked meals in a pouch for your pooch. >> this is the kind of stuff that i eatment i joke, it's probably better food than i ate in college. >> college. >> reporter: people can eat this? >> lutely. you are eating dog -- absolutely. you are eating dog food. >> reporter: owners are looking for nutrient rich meals. >> what we eat matters and it translates to our healthier lifestyles. >> reporter: the doggy dinners koch fresh and -- come fresh and not frozen. they are expanding to several other states and may start to deliver meals to the other
5:27 am
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5:29 am
we want to look at weather and traffic. a new overturn popped up for 280 on the south bay.
5:30 am
>> it's amazing how it goes from being so cold to hot in the afternoon. >> we will see that happening again today. some grayness in the skies, we may get some clearing happening. our area temperatures still staying in the 50s. san jose 57. concord at 52. for san jose the warmup goes from 57 to 82 degrees by 4:00. more winds today than yesterday. it's signaling the thaing that we have coming our way. even the coast gets up to 65
5:31 am
today. we have some issues and traffic. >> first, lets start with a live look at 92. it's picking up now, you see a lot of break lights on the right hand side of the screen but no major problems across the span. it's crowded on 80 south by 92 and crowded across the bridge. this new incident just popped up. it came in as san jose, north 260 at south 17. so crews are heading over to figure out where it is. sensors show it's green so traffic is moving at the limit. but it looks like an overturned box truck blocking a connector
5:32 am
ramp. the rest of the highway looks good. i will have a traffic check coming coming up in a bit. brazilian lawmakers have voted to impeach the president. she's accused of using accounting tricks to hide large budget def sifts. she will be replaced by the vice president pending a trial. a man is recovering after' crashed his car outside of a fire station in the south bay. >> it happened at 1:15 this morning. firefighters heard what sounded like a car crash outside of their station. like at the damage done to that car. when the firefighters heard the commotion they called the
5:33 am
police and then they went outside and found this car. you see them working to get the man out that was inside. he was trapped. it took them 20 minutes but they were able to cut him loose, we are told the man had serious injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. what a great story of firefighters springing into action in the moments after a serious crash outside of their fire station. >> thank you, 2 alameda sheriffs charged with beating a man after a high speed chase are out on bail. the deputies turned themselves over yesterday and posted bail. they are charged with beating this man in november. the man was driving a stolen car and he led the deputies on
5:34 am
a chase. the deputies then hit him with their batons at least 30 times when they caught him. he suffered a concussion and traumatic brain injuries. police are looking for thieves who stole a world war uncanon -- world war one canon from memorial park. the iron and brass canon has been a fixture outside of the veterans hall on 23rd street for years. >> firefighters were able to put out this splawl fire in south vallejo. the fire was sparked by a car on interstate 80. it started near the toll plaz,
5:35 am
about 30-acres burned. >> today is the bay area's 22nd annual bike to work day. we are live at the golden gate bridge where cyclists can cross for free. >> we are expecting thousands of people to cross the bridge in celebration of bike to work day. i am joined by one of the organizers of the event. what can people riding their bikes expect to see here this morning. >> we like to see them starting with the cheering section. when the volunteers are here, the cheering, the food, the encouragement and the give aways are what we hope people will take with them as they bike into work. >> reporter: what can we
5:36 am
expect. >> one of our sponsors has a table, they have brought with them safety vests. on a morning like this, wearing something that can be reflective this traffic is a great idea. i know that we have food that is just being setup. you can see it here. >> reporter: there are some bagels and oranges. >> these bags are the commemorative bags. they change every year. we like to have people take them with them. they are small enough that you can wear them over your shoulder. you can use them as totes after that. i am not sure what is going on here. it's a local sponsor, they are setting up goodies. so it's all about safety so
5:37 am
they have reflectors. you sow that there is -- you see that there is a lot of activity here today. we want to encourage as many people as possible to bike to work. >> reporter: not everyone is going to ride over the bridge. how can people participate. >> the bike to work day takes place in the nine counties of the bay area. people can ride directly from their homes to work, they can ride to batter and get on batter with thaik -- ride to bart and get on bart. >> wore going to be here throughout the morning. we will be talking to people. >> lets of free goodies.
5:38 am
nearly two months after a damaging sink hole shut down a busy street the town has come up with a traffic solution. crews are working to repair some pipes. there is a four way stop at rain boulevard at center street. permanent repairs are not set to start until june eighth and the repairs with take three months to complete. >> a man in custody after he climbed up a radio tower. they had to put kusions at the bottom to help him. he was op the on the -- he was on the tower for hours. >> coming up, you could one day
5:39 am
be able to traffic from san francisco to los angeles and half an hour. we look at the new technology that would make that possible. a live look here. it takes longer than after an hour to get to work i have asthma...
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5:42 am
minutes. passengers and cargo will sit in pods. the system moves as fast as 700 miles per hour inside of a vacuum tube. the company hopes to have a speed test by the end of the year. >> can you get up to use the bathroom. >> no. >> donald trump is meeting with top gop leaders. >> investigators cog one step closer to find -- could be one step closer to finding that missing malaysian airliner. >> new information about tattoos that could have people rushing to the nearest parlor
5:43 am
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5:45 am
a mother of four killed and may man injured after they were shot while traveling on highway four in pittsburgh. the shooter is still on the loose. >> for members of the san francisco board of super visors have joined the call for the police chief to step down. there was a review that showed problems in the department. >> lawyers advance to -- the
5:46 am
warriors advance to the western conference with a victory over lt trail blazers. we want to look at the weather and see if things are going to be the same as yesterday. >> close, cooler in san francisco. live shot for you, the carpet of cars and lights, that's the bay bridge, and the low lying clouds and fog. upstream, this is tomorrow and saturday's story. you see that churning there. that means cooler temperatures and a thicker fog deck in which to negotiate with. probably the clearing is more of a problem tomorrow and into saturday. here's what happens for today. a nice warmup happening.
5:47 am
80s returning east of the hills. downtown san francisco in the 60s again. cool down is the same. then we go to tomorrow, along the east day shoreline temperatures may not get out of the 60s. except in the hills. also downtown san francisco may not manage 60 degrees tomorrow. chilly along the coast. we have a change happening that will be notice about by friday. east of the hills expect mid 80s at work. 91 in brent wood. in the seven-day forecast, it's a continuation of the 80s for today. as we head to the weekend we start off the morning clouds and afternoon clearing. i do not think that clearing is the story in traffic.
5:48 am
>> there is a new hot spot in the south day bay, this is san jose. we have a connector closed. the rig on its side. no injuries are reported so far. it's unclear if any other vieks are involved. again this is north 280 trying to connect to south bound 17. that connector ramp blocked. the rest of the south bay doing fine. lets head to the east bay. near highway four in pittsburgh, traffic moving well. your travel time less than 15 minutes to get from hill crest to concord. no slow down for highway four. lets go to 92. it's crowded but it's still
5:49 am
active. no major problems getting to the peninsula. less than 20 minutes from the freeway to the bay shore. i will keep an eye on the overturned crash and let you know if it starts to balkup traffic. federal investigators said a deadly explosion at a texas fertilizer plant was intentionally set and they are asking for the public's help. the explosion was so big it registered as a magnitude two earthquake. investigators released a statement saying that the explosion was not an accident. investigators are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> five years into california's drought and vineyards are still
5:50 am
harvesting greaps but growers are facing challenges. >> reporter: it's the fifth year of the drought but you would never know from this view over this vineyard. one green vine after the next. >> one of the misconceptions is that we have no water. wore lucking in sonoma. it's the wettest place in california. even last year in the middle of the drought we got over 20 inches of rain in the winter. >> reporter: he said he's already starting to see a ploom two to three -- a bloom two to three weeks ahead of schedule. right now i am 750 feet up. as for the conditions of these vines, so far so good.
5:51 am
>> the vines are taller than they were last year. the extra moisture gave them a boost. the crop oo looks spotty. some vineyards look great. others look like they have two- thirds of a crop. >> reporter: according to the drought monitor, this area is dry on the drought scale. other parts of the bay area have a severe drought. when it comes to the vineyards they are experiencing effects from last year. >> the vines look tired at the end of the year. last year they looked like they have been through the ringer. because of the the lack of moisture we are seeing a shorter crop this year.
5:52 am
>> wine makers say they produce the great wine but maybe not the same amount the grapes and that effects prices. we have an update on the plains voyage around the world. >> this is a live stream from the cockpit. look at the norns zero knobs -- knobs and switches. they are heading to tulsa international airport. it will be a while for them. they were in mount view last month, they landed on their way from hawaii. the plane began it's journey last year and it's been neat to
5:53 am
track the progress. after landing in oklahoma, the plane is head toking the midwest. solar panels line the tops of the wings. that's what not only powers it during the day, but they store it and cope nieg after the sun goes down. if they do it they will be the first solar plane to travel around the world. they are at an altitude of 11,000 feet. >> no heating or air conditioning. >> yet he looks so well rested. look at the guy. they are pilots and they dp on shift. -- they go on shifts.
5:54 am
>> we have a programming note an all new episode of our original show, the pack story. >> this morning we have avery she's going to tell us about this new law about bitter control in california. >> it's not clear that every pharmacy will be able to take these orders today. i went in to try to by bitter control but they were unaware of the law. >> people may not be able to get it. i have to make sure it's as clear as possible. if people see the story and go and try to get it and they cannot, it's because i said something not true, that's not what i am here to do.
5:55 am
i care about making sure that it's right. >> that's back story sunday night. >> we have something else new, our 10:00 p.m. news cast, it starts this monday night with palm moore and -- pam, moore
5:56 am
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5:58 am
we will be back with more pictures of the weather in your neighborhood. and a large ert cake -- earthquake hits taiwan.
5:59 am
6:00 am
6:01 am
the northbound to 80 connector assault 17 folks trying to get into campbell out of san jose crews are on see no word yet to win that have cleared >> robin: starting to back up at the interchange not causing a huge delayed but it you take to a reading it over to 17 hot off early get off at winchester or. you can go over no. 888 of that statement screak like cote u- turn there are several options to get around that incident a traffic alert for the overturned truck right here at south about 17. >> dave: addictive cloud cover and fog keeping temperatures in
6:02 am
the process from the perimeter of the bay temperatures middle fifties toward the east bay area of lower 50s at work 51 pleasanton livermore 54 antioch at 58 and we see the numbers change this after an antioch up to 90 and a similar performance at oakland breaks down in the mid-70s although some parts of the east bay shoreline may have a struggle getting up in lower '70s on west wind dollar added five the 10 and not the forecast temperatures are often the 5621 inland by sam cloud cover starts a clear issue form by the noon hour clear he mild and that 85 by about 3:00, look for temperatures in line dropping onshore flow with details coming up a bit. >> darya: on to the warriors the move on the western conference final city hall said francisco and stay warriors. it's a big laugh snide james joy
6:03 am
>> james: they finished off the portland trailblazers. here's steph curry receiving his m-v-p trophy before the game. once the game started. oakland native damian lillard led the way for the trail blazers. the trail blazers had a 63 to 58 lead at halftime. but golden state woke up in the second half. klay thompson scored 33 points, with six three-pointers. draymond green chipped in with another double double. and the now two-time m-v-p steph curry knocked down some big shots. ending with 29 points. here's what the splash brothers had to say about the series with the trail blazers and moving onto the next series. "might be the closest five game series of all time. when game getting giving them a lot of
6:04 am
credit with the power house reno it will get tougher moving forward the intensity and atmosphere and frustration will build we will have to allow the experience of this series and less serious about ourselves and keep it going. >> james:the warriors will now take on the winner of the oklahoma city, san antonio series. oklahoma city currently leads the series three games to two. game six of that series is tonight at 5:30. >> mark:to the stanley cup finals. and the sharks take on the nashville predators tonight, and they have to win if they want to advance to the western conference finals. the sharks and the predators are tied three-three in the best of seven series. the sharks lost game six in overtime on monday night. the sharks are back at home at the s-a-p center for tonight's game. puck drops at six p-m.
6:05 am
>> darya:a mother of four is dead after a road rage shooting on highway four. and the gunman is still on the loose this morning. kron four's will tran is live in pittsburg this morning with the story. will? >> will: she was pregnant with her fifth child the shooting happened on this stretch of highway and it could spur a westbound in both directions along just fine that was not the case yesterday morning right to video this happened around 11:00 and the chp as well as disparate police department he cannot believe this was a random shooting a lot of people are fearful whenever it is but in this case they believe it was a two car collision that happened on the side of highway 4 so what for whatever reason of shots fired the mother, identified as 25 years for 45 years old a san francisco portias passenger a
6:06 am
male driver rushed to hospital, chp is not have a lot to go on it was a white mercedes with plates. will chance to talk with drivers many shootings of highway for the past couple months woman's reaction to last night's are yesterday's shooting. they >> will: should down the stretch of highway collecting evidence talking with witnesses at this point they do not have a
6:07 am
description of the shooter or shooter's again of a note that it was a mercedes with paper plates. >> darya:thanks, will. we'll check back with you later. this is the sixth shooting on highway four in the past 11 months. there were two shootings on the highway just last month. one was deadly. there was also a shooting in february, and two last june. a 19-year-old and 20-year-old were killed in those shootings. there has also been an increase in shootings along interstate 80 in the east bay. there have been at least 11 shootings on i-80 since november. we first told you about the latest highway four shooting with a push alert at 11:20 yesterday morning. make sure you download the kron four mobile app so you can stay connected and get breaking news updates anytime and anywhere. it's a free download for iphone and android. >> mark:and breaking overnight. police in santa rosa are looking for the gunman who opened fire on a car hitting a passenger officers were called to memorial hospital after someone showed up with a gunshot wound. investigators say the victim was in a car on stony point road at sebastopol road. a man drove up next to the victim's car and started
6:08 am
following them. shortly after, when the cars reached the highway 12 overcrossing. the man fired a handgun into the passenger side of the vehicle the victim is expected to be okay >> mark:breaking news this morning. at least five policemen are dead after twin suicide bombers hit a police station in baghdad. this morning's attack comes just a day after the deadliest violence in baghdad this year. 93 people were killed across the iraqi capital yesterday in a wave of bombings carried out by isis. 165 people were injured. these are photos of the aftermath of the first bombing, outside a crowded market. shortly after. two suicide bombers hit a police station. >> darya:two men are dead after a shooting and car crash in the south bay. and police believe the gunman was involved in a high speed chase in campbell. it all started at a home in los gatos just before 11 yesterday morning. one person was shot and killed, and two others were injured. witnesses say the gunman drove
6:09 am
away from the home in a prius and led police on a high speed chase. at some point, the driver lost control and crashed into a wall. the driver tried to run away, but was caught by police. a passenger in the prius was taken to an area hospital, where he died from his injuries. police haven't identified the two people who died, and they haven't released the name of the person who was taken into custody. a santa clara county sheriff's deputy accused of molesting a child-- is due in court today. >> mark:33-year-old anthony felix diaz was arrested on monday on suspicion of molesting a nine-year-old girl in east san jose. diaz is a correctional deputy. investigators say he sexually abused the child multiple times while he was living with her and her mother back in 2012. diaz was placed on unpaid
6:10 am
administrative leave while the department conducts an internal investigation. a mother and her son are in the hospital this morning, after police say the son attacked her in san jose. here you can see where it happened. on lansing avenue in san jose's cambrian district yesterday morning. >> darya:we first broke the story right here on the kron four morning news. officers received reports that there had been a traffic accident, but when they arrived. they found a man with an ax. police say the man had chased his mother with the ax and hit her. then he turned on officers, and that's when two officers shot at him. kron four spoke with a neighbor who told us what she knows about the family. the officers involved in the shooting were not hurt. the woman and her son were
6:11 am
hospitalized, and they're listed in stable condition. police haven't released a motive. >> mark:the protesters known as the frisco five will hold a news conference today to talk about their hunger strike and their next steps in their protest against deadly police shootings. at a police commission meeting last night. community members called for san francisco police chief greg suhr to be fired. four members of the board of supervisors also called for chief suhr to step down yesterday. supervisor david campos says he lost confidence in chief suhr after a blue ribbon panel review was released monday. it showed major problems in the department. including oversight, accountability, disciplinary procedures and racial bias. there are several board members who are standing behind chief suhr, including supervisor scott weiner, who says that getting rid of the chief will *not move police reform forward or reduce crime in the city.
6:12 am
coming up. after more than 2 years of searching investigators could be one step closer to finding the missing malaysia airliner. what they are saying about two pieces of debris found in africa. and donald trump taking heat from both democrats and republicans. why one former republican presidential candidate says trump should be disqualified from running for president. to fill over inland hey pal? you ready?
6:13 am
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6:15 am
>> james: >> robin: south 70 and there's a big rig on its side blocking the entire connector for merging on the south 17 their arguments seem not to attract a lot away
6:16 am
an estimated time for clearing his other vehicles are involved in so far no injuries reported not too bad because it's so early traffic is backing up right at a split the have several options as far as getting around disclosure i northbound to a go through the split off at winchester or merge onto market no. 88 stevens creek may equip you turn on the south 880 and that takes you back from south 17 it up at least one lane open shortly and hopefully on a story about an alternate route for too long and all major delays approaching this just backing up right at the scene. >> robin: the san mateo bridge no major problems leading
6:17 am
hayward give so just for after the toll plaza looks much better at the high-rise less than 25 minutes to get from the bayshore freeway interest require a lot a peninsula no major problems to slow you down north and south boundary into 80 also looking good coming from 92. over the weather center >> james: >> dave: a camera shot at the cloud cover with fog issues temperatures remain in the fifties at san jose and 49 san rosa a cool spot here downtown san francisco 54 in the fog yes we had all but the fog tomorrow is different lenders at the coast and biological occupancy by tonight it starts the awfully close and then tomorrow morning but a cloud cover them negotiate
6:18 am
with will take longer to clear and a little but the temperatures. it beats it critical. still may not manage to make it the 70 farther you still see '80s as you well in the south bay along the coast is getting thicker along with the green getting a little further to the west and we did cool off a little tonight and the warm-up tomorrow this is what we're talking about. the same time at 4:00 for gethsemane is it realistic coverage east bay shoreline lot of sixties and the south bay with chile fifties as high note to be found downtown san francisco and it's still business as usual south and of the day lower 80s to be possible for us that it's also the case and 70 forecast and inland valleys expect eighties to return. even '90s for antioch and then pull off a little bit by friday
6:19 am
>> mark:the bart board of directors is meeting today to ratify a four-year contract extension with three of its unions. bart and its unions reached the deal last month. the contract includes raises and should help avoid strikes like those that frustrated commuters back in 2013. in july or 2013. bart workers walked off the job for several days, and then they held a second strike a few months later in october. hundreds of thousands of commuters had to find a different way to get to and from work. under the contract deal. employees get a 10-point-five percent raise spread over four years. >> darya:crews will be back out in san francisco tomorrow repairing a broken sewer main that caused this sinkhole on mission street. the sinkhole opened up tuesday evening on mission. between new montgomery and second streets.
6:20 am
crews were out yesterday preparing the area so they can replace the broken sewer main. which dates back to 1875. workers will be out tomorrow to install a replacement sewer pipe, and work should be done by sunday. one lane in both directions of mission street is open in that area, and buses have resumed normal service. >> mark:decision 2016. happening today presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump will meet with g-o- p leaders to try and unite the party behind him. james fletcher is here with a look at what we can expect from today's meeting. james. >> james: when would you ever think you saw this republican and democrat joined for protest a common enemy outside capital hill and is not yet read it readied the been the general election and then the house members told him or risk of fracture in the party even further. ryan is holding firm. i going to be unified let's not.
6:21 am
in church from does not satisfy republican majority in congress undermine the gop election-year agenda. that's his and and now trump is coming under fire from both parties for not releasing his tax returns. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney is saying not releasing them should be disqualifying. and his likely general election rival, hillary clinton is also hammering him on the issue. "you run for president if test yourself why does he want does not want to release them.
6:22 am
trump said wednesday that he won't release his tax information until an i-r-s audit tax returns, he would be the first nominee since 1976 to keep all of his tax information under wraps. san jose mayor sam liccardo will be at the grand opening event at 5:30 this evening. >> darya: were found beach and some of these and africa they were found on beaches in in south east africa almost two years after the plane disappeared on a flight from malaysia to beijing. a total of five pieces have been found scattered around the indian ocean. flight 370 disappeared two- years ago with more than 200 - people on board. >> mark:people in taiwan are cleaning up after an earthquake this morning. this is surveillance video from
6:23 am
inside a store at the time of the quake. a magnitude 5-point-8 earthquake struck the east coast of the country this morning. this video shows the aftermath inside one store. one eyewitness says tremors in taipei lasted about ten to 15 seconds. this video shows the fire department rescuing a woman from an elevator after the quake. so far there are no reports of any injuries. george zimmerman is auctioning off the gun he used to shoot and kill trayvon martin in florida. the gun will be auctioned off today. back in 2013. a jury found zimmerman not guilty of murder. zimmerman says he has received several offers for the gun including one from the smithsonian institution. he wrote on the auction website that the gun is a piece of american history. the starting bid is around 5- thousand dollars. the trayvon martin foundation did not comment on the auction.
6:24 am
>> darya:to bay area baseball. and giants hosting the blue jays, trying to avoid a sweep. madison bumgarner on the mound for the giants. he got in trouble early with bases loaded in the first. but ended the inning with a strike out. this one would go to extra innings. top of the ninth. toronto's michael sunders ties the game with a shot to center. but in the 13th. buster posey is walked by ryan tepera for the winning run. giants go on to win five to four. a's also trying to avoid a sweep on the road in boston. but no such luck. bottom of the fourth, sunnyvale's dustin pedroia sends a two-run shot over the monster. giving the sox a six to three lead. they would tack on another seven runs. a's lose 13 to three. oakland has lost nine of their
6:25 am
last 10 games. >> mark:if you want to avoid the flu maybe you should get a tattoo. the new information about tattoos that could have people rushing to the nearest tattoo parlor. and here's a live look outside. san mateo bridge.
6:26 am
6:27 am
>> james: >> robin: traffic at one point: they were not able to get through that is good news to one lane is open now both connector raab's and need to worry about an alternate route there is no less an attempted clearing a new problem on the nimitz and hayward those details coming up a bit. >> darya: a new site model tattoo have mpeg health. it can strengthen your immune system making it easier to fight infection water to tattoos will not make a long-term difference
6:28 am
but the consistently getting them adding tattoos tech jobs improvement in the immune system. temperatures >> dave: fodgel little bit of change in the weather pattern upper 70's and inland valleys and alligator back to school forecast coming up a bit. >> averi: like to work day celebration is starting at the energizer station lots of free gifts for bikers coming up. energizer station lots of free gifts for bikers coming up. ♪ ♪
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. >> mark: dow fell to want to 17
6:30 am
points stocks got hammered assists 60 despite all week jobless report back out this morning. >> robin: san jose hot spot north onto a little but a good news about this overturned a big rig. the sex and was blocking the no. 28 actor to 880 north and south 17 space say that they had one lane open at each connector so there is no need to look for alternate traffic going through. this is the split the truck flipped over right happens but once again traffic is getting through but we do not have arrested at a time clearing prepay there is little but a backup at the 8817 split not causing a major delay and we
6:31 am
will let you know it when i have the big break out the way. i knew trouble spot on the nimitz all autographed copy before it a street. and accident that has the two left lanes blocked. for those of you coming out of san leandro already back foreign debt. then the flyover bumper- to-bumper backup of 580 that will impact those of you coming out of castro from 580 split trying to merge on the 880 soph. everyone is stuck in the delayed-crash it will pick up and it goes in the south bay about 30 minutes for your average drive time for now live from san leandro and milpitas a complete check a bit and look at some of the bridges including the a bridge ride in san francisco. >> dave: tomorrow we have noticeably cooler even those in and valets mr. bowsher and onshore flow temperatures in
6:32 am
checking in the fifties about everywhere. livermore pleasanton lower and middle 50s now at least at this hour and here's how it goes down for oakland mid-70s some parts of the east bay may be more in the '60s today a west wind and a five-to-10 a little bit breezy for downtown sfo. and then 79 should be clear. 69 for the bay 63 happening of the coast of bad with a warm-up happening by 3:00 even at 65 although things change and a big way tomorrow and saturday.
6:33 am
>> james: firefighters immediately called police and 81 of substance had happened if on a car that had rolled over at hillsdale. a man was trapped a fire starter spring and action 20 minutes it took with the jaws of life to cut him free and get him to the hospital taken to a nearby trauma center his injuries were serious but so far has survived the crash the work done by doctors at the trauma center and the cause of the crash on known witnesses at the scene say that that had discretional happened in those firefighters trumping an action as quickly as they did eat oat most certainly would have died close fire fighters saving the life of that driver this morning incredible video for you.
6:34 am
>> mark:breaking news this morning. brazilian lawmakers have voted to impeach the brazilian president. president dilma rousseff is accused of using accounting tricks to hide large budget deficits. she will be suspended and replaced for up to six months by the vice president. pending a trial in the senate. the trial will determine whether she can serve out her second term. two alameda county sheriff's deputies charged with beating a man after a high speed chase-- are out on bail this morning. >> darya:this is surveillance video of the beating. deputies luis santamaria and paul wieber turned themselves in yesterday and posted 140- thousand dollars bail. they were charged for beating stanislav petrov back in november. investigators say petrov was driving a stolen car and led deputies on a chase from san leandro to san francisco. the deputies then hit petrov with batons at least 30 times in an alleyway. petrov suffered a concussion, broken bones, and a mild traumatic brain injury. >> mark:a man arrested for shooting his ex-girlfriend outside an east bay convenience
6:35 am
store is due in court today. 34-year-old thomas williams junior is accused of killing 27-year-old cynthia flores- crose. the shooting happened outside a quik stop store last week. police say a fight led up to the shooting. williams junior was in court last thursday, but he did not enter a plea. he is charged with murder and attempted murder. richmond police are looking for thieves who stole a world war one era cannon from outside the veterans memorial hall. this happened in back on may first. surveillance video shows the thieves back a truck up to the cannon and tow it away. they were driving a blue pickup with chrome bumpers and wheels. the iron and brass cannon has been a fixture outside the veterans hall on 23rd street for nearly 70 years.
6:36 am
we now know the name of a man who was killed in a warehouse fire near the oakland coliseum last month. another reminder that fire commute. >> averi: we are here at the golden gate bridge energizers station lots of free goodies for writers stopping here today right now i'm joined by a doctor is sports medical specialist. and we were talking to earlier about the benefits of riding your bike to work. he thought about what that it was bazaar. "is very low impact on the
6:37 am
joints and that gives people an opportunity that put an exercise on not otherwise busy schedule. " >> averi: mohel standpoint this is something that is good correct? "a good way for people the >> averi: about people to our concern the sort of thing would be stressful on the body is our way to modify the way you ride a bike to make it less painful? "most important minister is making sure if you're physically ready start with short spots of extra exercise. . have to start with the biking to work round the neighborhood before after as could ease into it even if you do have injury." >> averi: what the benefits of
6:38 am
even adding water two days what does that to a market to free health? "the whole idea of starting an exercise changes the body's metabolism and sense of well- being may see more focused on being healthy when you exercise your the health care during the day it's even very good getting started. >> averi: there's lots of free food coffee and we will show you all that this morning. we'll check back with you later.nearly two months after a damaging sinkhole shut down a busy street in moraga. the town
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> robin: north onto a a 1780 split. one lane open at each connector you can get through but this is a commuter direction causing stop and go
6:42 am
traffic at from meridian and we will have a complete traffic check coming. >> mark: the liberal whip transportation system that gets people from san francisco ballet in 30 minutes at nearly the speed of sound. developers showing of the propulsion system and lost biggest demonstration was a small-scale hyperlinks and it shows how its power by managements that have spent nearby and to use the woods in pipes it will go as fast as 700 hours per hour is up at full speed test of the technology by the end of the year. trout >> mark: under way in colorado treat movie theater shooting. now, couldn't impact movie ticket prices be explain why.
6:43 am
wanna drink more water? with sodastream you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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>> mark: leave these two victims were targeted victims a storm. >> darya: have joined in the cause for police chief to step down supervisor said he lost confidence in the chief after a blue-ribbon panel or mute there were over said it credibility problems disciplinary procedures.
6:46 am
>> mark: sapphic picking up ndp trophy. and they went for 62.11 the three they now have the winner of the oklahoma city san antonio matchup. >> darya: and not to whether traffic. >> robin: traffic is getting through those who are getting note to 28 f to connect at 80 or 17. a traffic alert all because of an overturned a bigger get the 5:00 hour right here at the split traffic getting through one lane at the edge connector at. no. 280 is already jammed at from maria. expects traffic to be little heavier than normal for that northbound commute southbound traffic doing just fine. a major problems for 17 or 880 and then traffic on the nimitz kingston accident that clear on the hayward side. leftover care for the south on
6:47 am
read walking two lanes are before a street and is slow coming out of san leandro back from marina continuing adipate word into union city fremont so no major problems now about coming from to 38 that 80 crash also impacted northbound right onto 38 is solid chacma 580 split on castro valley. it should get better now that everything is out of the way. san francisco bay bridge approach is still slow no problems on the bridge right now back up at the 880 over crossing at the foot of the maze. often on sawing it to treasure island. 20 minutes to the sky way. richmond sander fell bridge oil i look here at 580 west will plaza this is also growing beyond western drive and castro now is holding at richmond parkway of from parkway right through the hole.
6:48 am
>> dave: line clogs mix out at the noon hour a. coastal clouds at this point. and warming up at 65 or so and mostly sunny in most locations mild with that as well as starts to reach eighties in some spots awfully close to 90 that will got to see offering in a change of venue for us. onshore flow happening tomorrow this brings aggressive fought our way tomorrow and it will not get until the consolation of clearing reflected entablatures its performance tomorrow and then we had yesterday down the south as well. can this go round some parts the east bay shoreline may hang in the upper 60s to 70 warmup marbury seat coverage 63 much of the east bay up the hills and even portions of the south bay and in
6:49 am
the '50s as we see along the coast all different change coming our way tomorrow. for today 7 is along the east bay shoreline 69 richmond and c seven yourself from berkeley 71 for oakland and then in the 70 forecast and a week and still seeing more '70s on tap even next week and then it will go back to morning cloud afternoon clearing. >> darya: 5 years and the california's drought vineyards are harvesting grapes there are starting to see abloom and it just like last year its about two to three weeks ahead of schedule these are views of the vineyard copter. growers have had plenty of rain. there at 20 in. a wintertime this same the draw is tall on the vine.
6:50 am
growers say some areas can see as much as 100 inches of rain a year. >> mark: a solar-powered airplane that landed in the bay area earlier this month is now on its way to oklahoma. james fletcher joins us with an update on the plane's voyage. >> james:the sollar impulse two took off from phoenix goodyear airport around three this morning.
6:51 am
it's now headed for tulsa international airport. the plane took off from mountain view back on may second and landed at an airport near phoenix about 16 hours later. the plane began its globe- circling journey last year and flew from hawaii to mountain view last month. after landing in oklahoma. the plane is expected to make one more stop in the u-s, before crossing the atlantic ocean to europe or northern africa. federal investigators say a deadly explosion at a texas fertilizer plant was intentionally set. and now they're asking the public for help closing the case. >> james:
6:52 am
>> darya: ian line several major airports more will than an hour wait and it is only getting worse as we head into the summer you heard the warnings prepare for long security weights health airline industry group creating at asking fliers to take pictures aplomb security lines and putting a month social media. it helped push the csa and hiring more staff and also giving other travelers a heads up on a long way. sneek peek of the backstory
6:53 am
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>> darya: you can to they're looking for foster families 431 counts. shelter gives you supplies and veterinary care you help out of the kittens are fostered until there 8 weeks old and then there put up for adoption if you're interested yet to be 18 years or older. randy news casts debut after a week and monday night before you hit the hay 10:00 news
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