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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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in a stolen vehicle and crashed the car while trying to get away. >> steve: shooting cost another black cloud over the san francisco police department. causing the resignation of the police chiefs suhr. >> reporter: after 30 years, today would be police chief greg suhr/ day accurate saying that this will bring back reform. i know that he's a greased and understand the need for reform creek. >> meeting with the chief i have arrived at a different
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conclusion to the question of how best to move forward. >>frisco five, simply held a hunger strike in hopes of their of chief resigning and cause of reform to the san francisco police department had plenty to celebrate today. >> i think to develop the type of trust that is needed in these communities we have to do and overall of this culture. >> i think people understand that we need a chief that it's going to make sure that what happened over the last couple of years to not repeat itself. protest >> reporter: as claimed they
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have had a small victory. >> we still have work to do because we have to change a culture that exists in the san francisco police department reported. >> reporter: was not about politics or personality, but this was about performance. >> pam: and trump chief tony chappell and will serve. before today he was involved in the principles police bureau. >> pam: are of the store is we are tracking this thursday-- here are other >> reporter: this industrial--the shooting happened near industrial st.
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when they approached the driver she crashed the vehicle. she was moving the vehicle back and forth. >> she struck the driver once. and died a short time later. a full scale investigation is on the way. >> reporter: at the richmond police department, surveillance cameras throughout the city may have inadvertently shifted gang violence from city streets to the bay area freeway. >> we pushed them farther off side of our city? perhaps. but, there is no one clear answer. >> reporter: and san francisco, police are investigating a daily crash tip of a stolen previous--
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prius plan. close offices were on the scene when that happened this evening. the victim is in stable condition and there were still people inside the stolen car. one died and two are in critical condition. with one person running away. >> grant: crashing with 60 people on board that took off to paris never mated. there is widespread speculation tonight that this was a terrorist act but so far no one has come for to claim responsibility. and earlier today, greek officials but they have found some of the wreckage in the mediterranean sea turtle but that was not from the missing airplane trip it was fine at 37,000 ft. when it abruptly disappeared from radar creek there was no
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distresses-this no distress call from the pilot. >> reporter: the sharks went 3-0 here at the s&p sector now, winning six games at home and it will be on home turf, saturday. and san jose, fully digital kron 4 news. --phillipe djel >> brittney: i am sure you notice the difference between today and yesterday with a big drop in the temperatures. as we had into tomorrow as well. and, what can we expect tonight mostly and cool temperatures
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grid. >> brittney: we are talking about when a gust of to 20 took 25 mi. per hour which will be all day. >> brittney: san francisco, 54 degrees and oakland 56. 56 degrees currently in santa rosa. so things are cooling out as we head into tomorrow we will see temperatures starting off in the mid '50s as well. >> brittney: all of the cloud coverage pushing and as we go in tomorrow we will see more unsettled weather. that is sworn to bring us a chance for showers and activity in the sierra as well with a little bit of rain showers and snow showers. low fifties in
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fremont, plaza 10--at the plaza 10-- and pleasanton >> brittney: sunnyvale, are or temperatures should be a rough 65 degrees. it will be a cooler day for us especially when to when to speak to make it feel even cooler. -- especially for the wind speed >> brittney: the musher were developed and by the time we get into friday night and into saturday, that is we will see our best chance at widespread rain showers. >> brittney: so, we do have a wet weekend on the way but it will be a little bit of
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rainshowers maybe a 10th of an inch. so not a lot of activity for us. as we go into sunday, temperatures will recover a little bit and that means we will stay pretty close to an average for the next seven days or so. back to you guys! >> pam: thahnnk you!
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>> pam: here are some of the stories you need to know for tomorrow! >> pam: 6 california die, says this group is promoting gay rights. the
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harvey milk law. it was signed into law with arnold schwarzenegger is back in 2009 considered harvey milk today. >> steve: the land will be picking up tomorrow which means some flights to be grounded make sure you checking with airlines before you head out. >> steve:--the wind >> steve: hydrogen fuel cars will be on show-is on display at a shoulder as you can even try out for yourself. see >> pam: you tomorrow and denied everyone to!--and the night everyone
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♪[ music ] the cowardly mom who crashed into a fire hydrant. >> leaving her baby under a geyser of water. >> she had fled to her home a few miles away. >> then. >> an egypt airplane with 66 people onboard has vanished. >> and the impact here with long lines at tsa checkpoints already driving passengers crazy. >> did donald trump really just call bill clinton a rapist? >> and rape. >> and rape. >> exclusive. the ex-miss universe. she says she was body shamed by donald trump. >> then are


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