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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 25, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: the brick kennels come out of the south bay you see it on the screen firefighters battling of for lomb fire at a santa clara restaurant that is billed as come to the newsroom and the last five minutes they're not releasing much information beyond that no word in injuries witnesses said the fire is spreading quickly they're having a hard time containing this. >>james: we have an update on the forecast and today may be the last day or have a chance of the shower in the afternoon.
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>>reporter: as you look at the satellite and radar picture yet again they were probably max out we probably won't have an impressive clearing south to bay
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to san jose temperatures speaking which the when will be a factor even though the game is earlier the at&t park 1245 daytime temperatures warmer to the lower 60s. >>reporter: cool we do at the when the western at 15 to 25 it will be quite a bit of a chill ready for school for past 54 am and 6671 a good spot for the pickup in the afternoon the temperature is also reach at about 74. >>robin winston: very quiet at the bay bridge toll plaza if you have to get into san francisco
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no problem for the westbound lie if you have to you the golden gate bridge traffic is light at the limit no problems and the not been no trouble spots in san francisco a quick 15 minutes from central san rafael. >>james: a possible freeway shooting this one happened at
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915 last night near haywire with foreign one person was transported to the hospital this shooting is the latest in the series the roughly 20 that occurred on the freeway since november this will be the 27 highway shooting in the area since november. >>james: we were in the courtroom when. it when
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>>dan kerman: they indicate the father of two out was shot to death the three suspects arrested for his murder the first court appearance tuesday and tiffany the ex-girlfriend and mother of his children the attorneys seen with the mother says that he would not try this case in the media he was last seen alive a 20 it will he went to this pancake house to meet with her his body was found in the field will hills bird on may 11th of a then filing murder charges prosecutors have refused to discuss a motive or give any details about the killing they
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remained in the county jail nobel has been set they're back in court june 1st. >>james: the suspect is their role he's accused of starting a fire that killed his son this is video of the fire on sunday you can see the house with smoke coming out of five your son was trapped inside of the home at the time and died in the fire now his older son who was in the fire made it out alive is calling for his father to come forward.
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>>james: police are warning people that he is considered armed and dangerous but if you know where his whereabouts are you can call police. >>james: a woman and her three year-old daughter are dead following a collision with s u v collided with the train in san leandro when officers arrived they found it trapped underneath the front railcar of that trend is to the trade involved with the capital or train of the 532 added from san jose to sacramento one man who worked
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nearby and explained what he heard at the time of the accident. >>: normally they hit the one this time i did not hear their with 39 people on the trend of the time none of the mark and the train was eventually moved and passengers were taken by bus to the nearby station they're investigating would lead to the collision. >>james: a boy was shot by center was a police officer in what police say was an attempted suicide by cop and happened in the northwest part of santa rosa police said the teenager called police to report an armed man standing on the street light with a handgun when there ride the boy drew his weapon on
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officers and that is when they opened fire hitting him in the foot the gun turned out to be a fake but this is and doesn't mind a lot of people in the area of the 2013 shooting it is an incident that is still fresh in their minds. >>james: he was shot by some accounting share of the people thought he was carrying a will ak-47 it turned out to be an air soft replica of the office opened fire when he said he turned the bearer of the gun toward him. >>james: clear to talk about the warriors for the first time all season they have lost back-to- back games for the first time
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they are now in danger of being eliminated this troubled all game long they finish the game was six. to assist 11 rebounds and six turnovers steph curry 6 for 20 with 19 points in all he had this message. >>: we all individually need to step it up there was no other option right now i believe in every single one of them and we can figure it out the time is now to do the final score and last as than what a team to 94
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san jose sharks this will be the first time ever in that 25 years as a franchise they may get this far these are highlights from the game five against the blues in st. louis they will go into tonight's game of three games to two of four law fire at a santa clara restaurant were getting were the fire is spreading to nearby buildings a huge response from 55 is adjutancy is plenty of reason for it will have the latest coming up in just a minute.
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>>james: this is a restaurant from fire they called an extra resources since the fire broke out we understand it has now spread to start in the restaurant in the last word we got was desperate to some of the nearby buildings we don't have the word of injuries right now information you might imagine they're busy battling the flames to have not have a chance of they us on the latest.
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>>reporter: we're really starting to warm up particularly this weekend and beyond the site in the next weekend if you're ready for one stuff you're headed this way of life but the golden day going on just a little bit patchy drizzle perhaps in some areas that we near the coast to clean the temple is not that at all we had all the cloud cover for is on the board for you are protected from most of the perimeter. >>reporter: 54 tear to encompass 5755 presence in the north is pretty much 50 the when coming and still ensure that would shift lead on the 24 hours a so but a good clip in oakland and saying hey what is about a fairfield 16 we expect those to be a little bit more animated
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watch these timbuktu's we talked about in comes the '70s and the knock the east bay in the south bank for the cloud cover this will we mention in reserve the chance of a thundershower developing up in the north by in this more as an addendum that was the drive things the high pressure is making itself known to start to push everything through that is the player going into the weekend as most of the controlling factor for the weekend.
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>>reporter: >>robin winston: if you're about to use it no major slowdown is coming from adr richmond. >>robin winston: that had over to the golden gate bridge track in the ride into san francisco pretty quiet to use it less than 20 minutes to get from the 10137 split into san francisco southbound looks great that had over to the east bay in check for some trouble turned if you
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have to head west this morning a quick 13 minutes sixpenny south looking good so well out of dublin into fremont no problem for the guadalupe parkway. >>james: we were the first to break the story and he found some messages for that rescinds by oakland police officers. >>haaziq madyun: that is according to sources with knowledge of the investigation into sexual misconduct for officers with the now 18 year- old self-described call girl outfit for her reply and i sent
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some and received some she gave the police investigators for access to her throne how did you get them to flash their pride and send it to you in the text messages her reply that ask me for some and your response was i also answer any sent by cops when you or juvenile she answers simply yes there was the
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continued the investigation but would not comment on its case. >>james: this isn't 2016 chaos in the streets of albuquerque the mexico and this is what happened during the protest their square off with the protesters at the campaign rally dozens of demonstrators busting through police barricades trying to storm the convention center where he was speaking he launch smoke grenades into the crowd as well protesters was seen running t- shirts and hurling bottles at police officers managed to prevent protesters from storming the competence to do where 4004 to park and is rotted no arrests were made in those protest action may remember her the protesters when he was in berlin game last month with incredible scene and mexico could be repeated again and california batters the word. \
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>>reporter: rally in albuquerque do mexico was the scene and a protest tuesday night it began with a march outside the venue in the early demonstration included people of all ages it was largely peaceful some processes got inside the rally one was literally dried out by security the afternoon wore on to to rose from demonstrators tried to push the barricaded the angry crowd remained they burned his t-shirts or rocks and bottles and police fired protesters remained the streets for hours before they finally dispersed conservative commentator said the scenes or a consequence of his rhetoric we could be repeated the makes appearances in california and a for the demonstrations and burlingame not far from anaheim
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for trouble speaking when staying active this in an san diego where he was a friday are promising to take to the streets once again. >>james: the giants' strong pitching continues to dominate this season they to come to san diego padre is he 16 strong innings and giving of the one run and striking out seven the giants came alive this game buster and breton crawford each went 2 for free at combined a the giants will go on to win a to to they won their last 12 of the last 15. >>james: the a's in seattle
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taken on the mariners' it was a slow start for the athletics but in the sixth place for four runs including a double that knocked two rounds he hit a solo home run and the a's leading at 1.5 to 2. .
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>>james: firefighters are battling for alarm fire at a santa clara restaurant insists a lot of firetrucks allow a person on seemed to have a police much information they're very busy trying to the fire we have will on the way he will pick up some more details will take the witness said a fire started it quickly spread and the firefighters in the estimates have a hard time getting the upper hand and you can see in the video that the flames are certainly burning out of control and we've seen some trucks we don't know if anyone was inside of the time the fire broke tile.
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>>robin winston: it is not causing a major labor is definitely a stretch to avoid for those of you will live or work in the area is in the 3400 block of el camino real out what to look at watching lawrence expressway in san tomas expressway the have a couple blocks their cloned off their diverting traffic away from the area no major delays for now but we're sure it would take awhile to investigate and clinton, on this being closed in these fourth few hours once again avoided in between lawrence expressway and sent to moscow until they get the situation under control.
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>>reporter: madonna performed a tribute to prance and some fans were up in arms about the choice was led to stevie wonder joining her on stage anyone who wants to do a tribute is welcome to what every year aid whenever your gender or skin color that a senior world who's battling leukemia one to meet redound jr. and chris evans she convinced him to jump on a helicopter and fly to san diego just to see
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him. >>reporter: she posted a guest today with the cutis caption fairy tales do come true. >>james: when we come back we will update you on this breaking news story of for alarm fire raging out of control we will have the latest in just a moment.
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>>james: he is there a lesson out to get the latest from him. >>will tran: men standing right next to the fire the * seventh
4:32 am
knockdown will we still see a lot of fire still on and on because it is so massive and spread to several buildings commercial area of lots of businesses back-to-back cy decide to each other agassi won business had been assured--one of business has been destroyed. >>will tran: this is all about camino real down both directions through this area we don't see anyone outside the have the
4:33 am
latter is extended in the back of the parking lot this is far from over we will be live on air at 5:00 to show you what is going on this is all out to men riyadh this out of lost expressway their outside we
4:34 am
consider it is probably about for businesses and capt. we see them on the side that rests on shooting the fire into it in the back of the complex to conceal matter fully extended it is far from over the huge black smoke that is a clear indication more firefighters that are still arriving to the scene but this is far from over.
4:35 am
>>reporter: a live look at the bay bridge as we try to look at the sun although probably mostly cloudy star for most areas aerosol comes out in the satellite and radar picture. >>reporter: temperatures because of the cloud cover is a little bit higher we do not have a warrant for his or mid 50's 58 did concede for oakland, 57 san jose, sunnyvale 55. >>reporter: the winds are still on short you concede the double digits in some areas 64
4:36 am
fairfield we will see a little bit of wind in the next 48 hours that tends to be illiterate when the impact to break down 5866 by 2:64 the wind out of the southwest at about 10 to 15 you're ready for school forecast a little bit of a warm- up getting up to 71 men all around the bay howe around 70 approaching and 60 still at the coast remain chilly. >>robin winston: it is getting crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza on the if you're paying cash. >>robin winston: 101 looking at the golden gate bridge into out of san francisco nice and quiet
4:37 am
. come on a south 85 remembered the crews are on scene the structure fire in santa clara 34 by lawrence expressway and avenue >>james: as we talked about
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earlier as we had to break we will take a break off and we will be right back ♪
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>>james: this huge fire burning in the south bay this is a for alarm fire that broke out in the santa clara restaurant and has since spread to some of the surrounding businesses you can see you when the plane or act of pique the this was a massive fire we had a number of firefighters and and and arrive on scene the fire has gutted
4:47 am
building place at this point it does not appear there any injuries. >>robin winston: just in case it starts to back up traffic right now is causing a minor delay
4:48 am
only because it is so early is still a very active say they will be out there for hours once again avoid a camino real route between lawrence this is not impact any of the major highway in the south bank of san jose and santa clara. >>robin winston: between the nimitz and the bay sure if you're heading over to the san mateo bridge is wanted a good ride a live look at 580 west approaching is nice and smooth and no problems to worry about getting into the north bank--no. they.
4:49 am
>>reporter: the satellite picture shows a lot of cloud cover it will be something will be fighting you may see some clear happening in the invalid but draws a potentially along the coast enough to make you work a little bit the just to touch enough to dirty up the windshield 58 of to richmond in the north bay is avoiding before is because of all this cloud cover helps supporting temperatures in the low fifties off to the far east bank the winds are still coming in from the coast this the last day there will be a point in this direction and the far east to
4:50 am
bay some '80s may in themselves known they'll be more that to come to get into the holiday weekend. >>reporter: that is one to clear things of all the when they start off with someone in clouds pockets of fog was the afternoon sunshine for all locations high temperatures and the far east of a location will was seven his brentwood 75 maybe a little bit of a guest antioch to 74.
4:51 am
>>james: some of the latest figure that they're living with their parents than with partners or roommate. >>vicki liviakis: for the first time on record living with parents is now the most come arise and for people ages 18 to 34 1/3 of them now live with their folks it is outpacing the and people who live with the spouse or partner.
4:52 am
>>james: it has grown dramatically from fire and we're at the scene with talking to firefighters and another of a coming up at the top of the our.
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>>james: again the latest
4:55 am
pictures and to the news room is the breaking news story a massive fire burning in the south by this is an santa clara restaurant caught fire early this morning it has spread to neighboring building on the neighboring businesses we arrived at the scene at about 430 this morning and gave was the first hand account of what it was like at the moment he described the largest of the flames to have been knocked down but it is still burning intensely.
4:56 am
. >>robin winston: we know that the changes morceau start to hit the road this is what happened at the corner of the outcome of the riyal. >>robin winston: of course if you don't want to use you can use the freeway would definitely the eye on economic to the play is just a few blocks.
4:57 am
>>james: them forget we're out their lives will have the of the and just a couple of minutes.
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and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: the breaking news this morning is a fire that is burning they're putting it out as we speak but calling an extra units to help a several businesses are on fire at a strip mall on santa clara. >>mark: firefighters believe it started at an indian vegetarian restaurant.
5:00 am
>>will tran: we're two hours into the fire and they're not calling this under control the flames and the smoke still giving them all types of problems this is at the rancho shopping strip mall complex you can see with the dead to the walls and you can see pretty much through the walls and two of the complex itself the fire started about 10 minutes before 3:00 in the morning and they tried to coincide once they arrived here but it was simply too dangerous and that actually pulled out of the building and told everyone to get out and that is why they raised their ladders and shooting water down to the complex. >>will tran: smoke still billowing into the sky and we can't say that there is no shelter and played there is an apartment complex right next door. >>will tran: this is el camino
5:01 am
real and santa clara to south of lance experts weren't. >>: the fire was reported about tenement to three this morning they saw all lot of fire and smoke on their arrived on scene it was in the center of this one story strip mall is about a dozen businesses are affecting the initially chime in apparent tactic to get to the fire but in the 50 year-old building the firefighters told it was too dangerous to stay inside their trained to be safe but also trying to recognize on fire
5:02 am
conditions require an x there fire capt in this building diffidence some challenges. >>: there was no sprinklers in this old building we don't have that going for as the smoke detectors will alert someone to get tom will no one was inside and they would have made a difference fighting the tide of letting anyone that is inside
5:03 am
they're trying to sell the other buildings facing us. >>will tran: to see a dental practice they're working on trying to save those businesses from being destroyed clear to hours and to this fire and is still very much burning out of control. stan >>robin winston: away from
5:04 am
alcohol in riyadh but the have it closed between lawrence and the avenue we're suggesting that to avoid the whole stretch from lawrence all the way over to santa-. >>robin winston:.
5:05 am
>>reporter: 66 for the early afternoon to break down with southwest it will still be what does that tend 59 bit woman get when they're as one of the hills. >>darya: our top story this morning stitch the option is investigating another shooting on interstate 80 this time and hercules this is the latest more than 20 shootings on east bay highway since november. >>jackie sissel: we are right here in hercules right near the entrance to interstate 80 the latest shooting takes place last night shutting down lanes of traffic for hours and also sending one person to hospital with a bullet wound as we said
5:06 am
the this is over 20 shooting that we have seen since november hear with the scene last nine according to chp about 915 shots were fired from one vehicle to another in the eastbound direction just west of highway 4 here at hercules sending one person to the house whether the person was shot in the leg and is believed to be non-life threatening but it did shut down multiple lines of traffic for hours and that was after 1:00 a.m. this morning but ultimately all those lands were reopened. >>jackie sissel: see if he sent them the canfor suspect vehicle with a description of the black elk camino no indication what year over 20 shooting several fatalities chp continues to investigate and edition and they say are gang-related and targeted attacks on vacation from chp whether or not last
5:07 am
night's shooting was one of those opposite will be on the storing. >>darya: an oakland woman a three your daughter or dead there were hit by an amtrak train and san leandro the 30 year-old vanessa and her daughter died at the same it was about 1:00 is to the afternoon and look a what is left of their vehicle this happen in washington avenue and chapman wrote asking was stuck in traffic but when all the vehicles in the rubble crossing arms and then the trend can the to on the with to pick up her son an amtrak spokesperson says of the trend of involved was a capitol corridor train heading from san jose to sacramento 39 people on board. >>darya: the three people accused of killing a father has this been charged with murder tiffany's caving in all of the
5:08 am
it a darling man the first quarter paris yesterday and after being arrested for the murder of keefe the three did not into a plea of the then filing the murder charges prosecutors have refused to discuss a motive or give any details about this killing. he was less intent to see if when he went to in millbrae and kickoffs across the street from where he left their reports that he was going to meet the girlfriend his body was found in the field near hillsborough on may 11th. >>mark: decision 2016 donald trump raleigh in albuquerque the mexico was the scene of and a protest last nine nearly demonstration included people of all ages and was peaceful but as the afternoon on tentacles of protesters were inside of the
5:09 am
rally you see being dragged out by security now summer sun and the dollar trumka is to blame for the violence. >>mark: there are now concerns that more protests could become an asset is ready to make appearances in california he will be in anaheim descended on friday it organizes and anaheim promised massive demonstrations 26 a coalition of six different groups plan a protest against trump when he speaks in san diego. >>darya: cover clinton's campaigning in california today she is intended to organize an event to date in 15 this morning and once counted after that she had stumbled in california to the person of event and she will be in the bay
5:10 am
area tomorrow for an event in san jose this is all want to be held and parks at all the doors opened at 1130 in the morning in san jose. >>darya: for the first time all season and they lost that to back and it was ugly. >>james: and draymond green playing against the oklahoma city on as he avoided the one game suspension for kicking steve adams but he finished six
5:11 am
forms of dissent to assist 11 rebounds this the worst six turnovers.
5:12 am
>>james: in the tech a completely different team. >>mark: 50 when the game tonight they will advance to the stanley cup finals for the first time in the 25 year history and six back home to map as a peace center putt drops in sixth. >>mark: continue with the breaking news coverage of a massive stroke small fire in santa clara come alive look from the scene and at commander riyal will have an update.
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>>darya: back to the breaking news story at this hour recovering a massive fire that is burning in the south they tend coverage as you can see we have cameras on the ground and a live report who is in looking at the fire fight at the strip mall on santic santa clara on all command riyal we're covering this of the bridge in news digest with james because he is taking a look at which five companies are responding and trying to save him how they can
5:17 am
get a handle on this because it doesn't look like a king get inside is too dangerous will be watching this close to the strip mall fiat and preatomic from four to five alarms and mail fraud and one of the restaurants will be following the latest opec live and check that is trying to control that this morning. >>mark: to people in critical condition after severe storms and tornadoes swept across the midwest. >>james: the storm downed trees and power lines damaged homes and buildings in kansas yesterday will somehow lead to dramatic video really incredible to look and emergency management
5:18 am
officials and force counted two people critically injured and taken to area hospitals the national weather service will be out there today that will be conducting a damage estimates and surveys to see a big cat reading of how powerful it is with the video coming in is absolutely amazing to look at. >>james: as mobile comes in like install will come back and share with him. >>reporter: after we get the daytime heating will outline to
5:19 am
concede this is what the storm addiction centers looking now for the perhaps more severe weather to develop a lot of ballistic covered in the cycle? but to get the general ibm does a lot of energy still bottled in the atmosphere will be watching the same part of the country that we are just talking about that happened this to the upper fifties. >>reporter: would come to to more you see a big change getting some '80s on the board and croats in a purse of the east and still a lot of shelling out to the peninsula and along the coast with the daytime heating will make a few stray showers.
5:20 am
>>reporter: in the seven that we also revisit the '80s all the way through the holiday into early next week. >>robin winston: we want to go over the closures in the south they centocor are surrounding the structure fire for those of you getting ready to hit the road this is definitely a stretch to avoid 34 02 out commander renowned as a location of the fire and the caterer in the st. lawrence expressway and to assure you avoid at
5:21 am
commander riopelle of directions at least for a few hours this will be an active seen even when a rock of the have to investigated right now this is not causing any major traffic delays but within the next few hours that is definitely going to change the bay bridge ride into san francisco also picking up the c minor delays in the cache line.
5:22 am
>>darya: a man suspected of killing a pregnant woman in the east of is behind bars a 26 year-old turned himself over to authorities yesterday heat had been on the run for more than a week he is suspected of killing his girlfriend poinsettia parks the 25 your woman's body was found in the pound the friends of hers gathered at the pond for a candlelight vigil. >>darya: she was seven weeks pregnant when she was killed and that he was the father. >>darya: detectors with the concord police department are following up on his arrest we're
5:23 am
learning more information about the shooting in san francisco and south of market member of the. >>mark: the man who was killed in shooting a 6 the ministry allowed 11 earned run and i 32 your damian maxwell hit the shot twice at the scene and taken to hospital where he died a have not released in a description of the shooter or mold as of yet.
5:24 am
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>>mark: this is just east of los expressway this morning the fire went from four to five alarms installed at a restaurant they're having a very difficult time getting a handle on this yet to see the firefighters turned the water on but the flames shooting into the sky. >>robin winston: this is 3402 alchemy the riyal closed in both directions between lawrence expressway--el camino real. >>robin winston: stay away from
5:27 am
the stretch altogether they have about three of four blocks you can use central expressway in homestead to get around it of you want to stick with the free wrapped between 11, and 280, you can use either to get into and out of the south of the--south bay. >>reporter: sondra's along the coast would it went to walk this dual cup of a wave through to the size as a mecca major progress and a large brush fire burning in monterey county will have an update.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>darya: a massive fire that is burning right now involved in several businesses and santa clara you can see we're live on the scene suggested from every angle the fire as a way bigger than they can handle the smoke coming from and huge claims come from the building.
5:31 am
>>will tran: the fire was a good head start they were notified they don't know who called the ban but this started before 3:00 they saw smoke and the first instinct is to go and look for anyone to rescue in the process
5:32 am
the rule that out no one had to the rest it was simply too dangerous for them to continue fighting the fire from inside on the ground that is when the chief at the scene decided to pull everyone down there raise the matters shooting water down to the strip mall that told us that in the six businesses have been either badly damaged or destroyed. >>will tran: it's working its way down to the strip mall the fire that is they're trying to save that of the remaining businesses.
5:33 am
>>robin winston: from 112888085 the chicken seasoned to show nothing but a green is not impacting traffic on any of those freeways.
5:34 am
>>reporter: temperatures are holding pretty much in the fifth is just about everywhere that is come from is a lot of cloud cover we have take a look at this out by the breakdown 57 and san jose ought to the low '70's that when opec of all of the northwest at 10 to 20 lead on this afternoon into the early evening hours as we approach as far as the ready for school forecast expected pickup however
5:35 am
the pickup rather than the optimum 71 in the inland valleys six typical still remained chilly " the bank almost in the upper 60s we do see a worm happening. >>mark: police force of a defense that they form of job a lot of black four-door sedan after crashing to the building police in san francisco are trying to figure out how immense body and the up and a lake in the golden gate park. >>darya: the death is being
5:36 am
treated as suspicious to small like to point to be drained. >>james: they've been able to keep this from grown vacancy in the video just how massive and how difficult it was fired earlier this week is often run in the crude as we said what it what to keep it from spreading the good the bill able to keep from spreading to some power lines that and is it was a big concern the firefighters a core temperatures.
5:37 am
>>mark: we will have an update on this fire alarm fire after the break.
5:38 am
5:39 am
>>mark: there in the 12 businesses inside the strip mall
5:40 am
with the to be a massive loss from the strip mall is put the flames of fire alarm fire. >>robin winston: closed in both
5:41 am
directions between lawrence expressway and pomeroy avenue. >>darya: protesters are expected to converge on san ramon for chevron and will share or the meeting typically a heated protests focus on climate change the conference the university of trustees meet to approve a new contract deal with teaches the deal gives csu teachers up to 10.5 grade of the course of three years.
5:42 am
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>>darya: a person was shot in the lead of the which having east about 915 last i was the high with four of and to change the shooter was in the black share of the el camino with tinted windows.
5:46 am
>>robin winston: cause some to the minor didn't have a few blocks called off their bird and traffic away from the area is visible throughout the south did not impact of traffic 88085 or to a king in his central expressway and homestead (up to alchemy now--el camino. >>robin winston: check in the ride on the nimitz freeway no accident of the sock found at 92 madison hey will at least one lane block it is normally slow during this time of mourning with the crash definitely adding to the backed up.
5:47 am
>>robin winston: connecting to the peninsula numic the trouble spot for 101280 into and out of san mateo county. >>reporter: maybe some clarendon and unbalances the kid to the afternoon of the fifth his compliments of the clouds keeping the to to support and not even for this on the board later on today is still the possibility of the north a
5:48 am
particularly a few little showers professionally a couple claps of thunder it will be reason like conditions of all so coming off shore sec sweeping crew makes when that is late tonight and tomorrow. >>reporter: small a different story look of the drop-off fee covered '80s is to concede in the way it imparts to the north and some all about six for the far east of the upper 60s danville at 71 walnut creek may match that in concord 73 in japan seem potentially bring what 75.
5:49 am
>>mark: the former nba player is on a mission to make sure his addiction problem will be a cautionary tale for others over and walk to class nine where chris harris spoke about his battle with addiction to heroin and other drug he played a fresno state and then for the denver nuggets and the boston celtics. he spoke about his dramatic near-death experience about 10 years ago he said that was what what for him and was inspiration for recovery he hoped shall his store prevent other people from becoming addicted to heroin young adults appear to be of no par to leave
5:50 am
the nest new census numbers showed a woman and use of living with their payments than on their own a third of them now with their focus is outpacing the a people who live with a spouse or partner something that hasn't happened subarctic began in 1880 we talk with some of them in san francisco where rent was sky-high to get their perspective. >>vicki liviakis: it is not a
5:51 am
good thing for the, if your people need to buy things like appliances furniture and cable subscriptions with a lot of home. and >>darya: next year to explicit and 90 standing in houston that is set for february 5, 2017 there to gonna send it last night at home and just the model 16 strong and given up just one long struck out seven became my boss to oppose the and
5:52 am
grandpa for each went 2 for 3 for a combined five. >>mark: that is in seattle to can on the mariners a was a slow start but they scored four runs including look across the double that knocked in two runs and hit a solo home run in the third. >>mark: their leading five to two but it fell apart in the and it was a walk off home run to run and we will have more live
5:53 am
team coverage of the big five that is burning and a strip mall and santa clara.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>darya: that a nice in a nine the gunman opened fire on student kang at cleveland and the maneuvering five students were killed more than a third super injured the including more than six your robert young.
5:56 am
>>darya: he still carries a piece of the bullet in his chest is considered the last 27 years a gift that was denied to those classmates who died. >>mark: he john capt. matt, to visit the 18 year-old wine wilcox as high school near san diego it was documented by greenock how shall place at the pops and the film this said the high school and felt home made a plea on facebook asking the cast to visit him he's battling leukemia tanker could be the best moment of his life.
5:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
6:00 am
\ >>will tran: 6 businesses damaged if not destroyed their belief over the next hour they might be able to call with under control the have not have the battle the fire alarm fire more
6:01 am
than a year plenty of businesses affected. >>: the most recent thing was that they were trying to keep
6:02 am
the fire contained to the couple of units right in front of mine. \ >>will tran: person said they closed at 2:00 last night and he said at that time he can see smoke coming from the restaurant based on that math
6:03 am
and there's this fire was going on for carla 50 minutes or so before the fire department officially arrived to the scene no injuries and fatalities. >>darya: let's get to the team coverage of the area is far as it goes with traffic. >>robin winston: men had both
6:04 am
sides of alchemy in riyadh close between lawrence expressway and the avenue that is a stretch to of what is going to be blocked off for hours. >>robin winston: it concealed on the map once again is backed of the tattered both directions because it is so early in may cause a bit of a traffic jam to consider such a busy area.
6:05 am
>>reporter: with the coastal chilly at 16 on the board were largely in the fifties, fifties and fact.
6:06 am
>>jackie sissel: it happened on eastbound 80 yen in just west of highway 4 that happened around 915 last night according to chp at around 915 shots were fired from one vehicle to the next altman the one person inside of one of the trickles plans to
6:07 am
shut down for several hours as they conducted the investigation we're obviously reaching out to chp on this latest shooting. >>mark: after they were hit by an amtrak train in san leandro a 30 year-old of the nasa and recast and her daughter died at the scene shortly after 1:00 yesterday afternoon this happen there washington avenue and chapman wrote a cv was stuck in
6:08 am
traffic between other cars on the road or cresson just before the collision there on the way to pick up the mess a son and an amtrak spokeswoman said the train and was involved was the capital or a train heading from san jose to sacramento. >>mark: 039-news of the train on the the were injured. >>darya: they did not enter pleas of then filed in the murder charges.
6:09 am
>>mark: the five your was trapped inside it that when the fire the of the sun was ended with made out alive is asking his father to come forward.
6:10 am
>>mark: he should be considered armed and dangerous. >>james: all the major players have lack of performances we had
6:11 am
a chance to speak with him after the game if they win on
6:12 am
thursday then they go back to oklahoma city. >>mark: things of looking good for them and the questions
6:13 am
conference finals if they win tonight and advances to the stanley cup finals for the first time in a 25 year history a bit and 6 to 3 monday night and they lead the best of seven series three games to two games six back home tonight at the as a peace center.
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
>>darya: we have been there tech
6:17 am
look including speaking to the owner of one of the businesses. >>robin winston: the back of stretches through the made by
6:18 am
the way it is on to 580 for markets and how will move and friends well about 22 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco. >>reporter: we don't see much of the way of force is going on we will see a lot of clout of the
6:19 am
property after them to the far east in the attachment and 53 antioch 50 prefer companies affected. >>reporter: was driving this clear skies for one and the fact of this afternoon, and is a potentially a few showers of the north bank briefly tropical crops under did concede declaring happening.
6:20 am
. >>james: the protest began with the march outside the venue where he was holding a rally in albuquerque and talk about peace with people are interested in part you can see there's kids and women and men old down there all their but as the afternoon wore on tensions rose some of
6:21 am
the protesters got into the rally did concede there were forcibly dragged out by security. >>mark: will gunrunning graphic details about a sexual misconduct scandal involving several police officers and and and its call for 2:00 this of the two have resigned because the investigation. >>haaziq madyun: the photos were
6:22 am
discovered and herself from that is according to sources with knowledge of the investigation into alleged sexual misconduct of four officers with the amount a 10 year-old self-described called from with this subject and in recent text conversation. >>haaziq madyun: she gave the investigators' access to herself from that of the two machine and extract all the information the one back for months replied that
6:23 am
i sniff for some in the usual response was that was one they would add a we astor and any assistance and by cops when you were a juvenile she answers simply yes the police continued the investigation but would not comment on this case. >>darya: the plan to welcome the baby home turned upside-down when doctors diagnosed the baby with a likely deadly disease at 23 weeks so the doctors told them that this son's brain was growing outside of his skull the company started to plan the funeral and even picked out a casket that all changed after
6:24 am
she delivered by see section last week. >>darya: he will defy the acid diagnoses of the the the more rare disease where he is missing the back of fiscal it is not going to be easier he's going to have special needs of his pals could not be more grateful.
6:25 am
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6:27 am
>>robin winston: diffusible or in the area you travel along the stretch is definitely a place to avoid not causing a major delay but there is of the the back of approaching this closure and the track so far there was no estimated time for clearing phil looking for alternate route its homestead also central expressway both on parallel to el camino real double dip to around this activity and give you access to 80.
6:28 am
>>darya: it would take user name and image links out of the total caricom the official count on the b for text they have been struggling to grow lately to the company has been in for ways to make it serve the simpler to use.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>mark: we will shawm shall mar the fire to an incredible fire with the five lines to he's liked singing--live at the scene. >>will tran: they are still focusing on the corner of the
6:31 am
strip mall on they believe by 730 this morning they will be able to call it contained at 6:00 that fog by 630 at this time there or be able to call it on the control board because of all the material inside of the strip mall the concede the smoke heading in our direction instead of wide is getting a little bit gray they're heading new material to the officially got the call at 250 this morning to raced out to the strip mall called ranchos shopping center right now six businesses have already been declared destroyed and they are working to try and save the other businesses.
6:32 am
>>darya: with continuous to concede to follow this fire right here on the morning news also online and on our month occupation
6:33 am
>>robin winston: we may have a heavy inflow as people tried to dig around the called shot what exactly is called off el camino reaction down to both directions between lawrence expressway the fire is closer to alchemy in riyadh this calls in just a minor delay in both directions.
6:34 am
>>reporter: potentially of shower to cope with claps of thunder concord 50 is to concede antioch cooler rest to an interesting build and the afternoon when the detectors to the mid to upper 60s. >>mark: 3 people crashed into san carlos gun store in seoul suburb reckons that happened on
6:35 am
five the morning on sunday at the gun store klystron surveillance for the-shoulder the burglar was jumping all black four-door sedan after crashed in the building that will wearing a mask loves and a sweatshirt said police in san francisco to try to figure out how one man's body and that and let the golden gate park and garden a spotted the body face down about 7:00 yesterday morning near our for a like
6:36 am
>>james: the grim news this morning is that is 90 percent contained so firefighters made tremendous progress in getting the upper hand on this ever since a broker on sunday afternoon since then the fire fighters have been able to keep in check has not grown that is great news they've been able to keep from spreading to power lines in the area which was a big concern is nationally called to the to should help them fight the fire today in fact if it goes well they may have fully contained by tonight. >>james: at that point to start the process of figuring out what started the fire and that will be the next to the question that one to answer it gives the
6:37 am
teaches a 10 and a half percent raise over three years members of the union representing nearly 30,000 teachers already approved the bill that prevents a strike and now the board of trustees need to approve it the vote had is a 10:00 this morning new legislation would help prevent a spread of the virus house passed to make it easier for state and local governments often use pesticides against mosquitoes course some of them said the bill ignores the need for additional funding the also said it eases import regulations that ensure pesticides don't dump into the drinking water there are still accounts of how much federal funding should be given to fight was it the--zika.
6:38 am
>>mark: we will tell you where and when former nba player struggling with the diction is telecast are in hopes to help and others.
6:39 am
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6:47 am
>>reporter: 20 if you and our
6:48 am
mission was possible in unmarked grey outside of that have a gradual clear happening today with a set of the models in terms owner to motion very slow you conceded in the east bay's test happened in the late afternoon but hovers in the southwest all the richer tomorrow morning. >>reporter: a little chilly was '60s and speaking of which it calls for close the numbers are for 57 dark half moon bay and a chilly 56 the bay side will go for mid '60s and the gradual warmer and time for the holiday
6:49 am
weekend starts to fill out of the unofficial start of summer. >>mark: we were in walnut creek last night where he spoke about his battle with addiction to her when and other giants he played at fresno state at the denver not know this and boston celtics he spoke about his dramatic near-death experience about 10 years ago it was rock bottom for him and was inspiration for recovery. he helped shatter his store
6:50 am
reports and other people from becoming addicted to heroin. >>darya: the super bowl is coming back to california has for an excuse to balls have been named the to go over them and ran to a is hoping south florida host of the next year to 20 in the big game come back to california the super bowl in 2021 will be acted lost angeles rams' new stadium next year's super bowl takes place at the stadium in houston and dallas on february 5, 2017. >>mark: the giants' strong pitching is dominating the season the giants and on the project home of the 16 strong and is giving up just one run he struck out seven is coming alive as boston and brandon crawford he 1 2 ft. 3 in the combined for five runs batted that the giants going to win this 18 to
6:51 am
two they're releasing this 15 to 2 with one. the then things fell apart. >>darya: the retailers are being heard by online competition they said it was hammered a and it
6:52 am
was hampered by $1.1 billion and that his final sales are expected to start by friday to you see things on sale again all the sale should be done by august some locations may be purchased by other retailers. >>mark: that was sold and saddle the direction as the route to the destination the promoter pencil hot restaurants and stores along the wide only a small group of people with initiative with a plan to test how they received in if they this truckdrivers.
6:53 am
we will be buy back on the news continues as techno mother live look from the brick into storage with a fire alarm fire at a strip mall santa clara. okay, ready?
6:54 am
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>>mark: while like experts say in the last time behind the fed board and into the wall like an and they say he is depressed and covered tax is being transferred to what i've sent in kentucky with a one of the premier are enclosures in the west will
6:57 am
continue to follow the breaking news happened in the south bank here is a live look at the massive fire the good news the firefighters are on the roof that me they really made a lot a progress ahead and there was were the warriors have dubbed themselves into a do-or-die hold will talk to gary about what went wrong in the game for and things goes out for potential local media go easy on the pool tables baseball team is mad at their own announcement and see what he thinks about that.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: and the firefighters still try to put up this five alarm fire at this burned businesses and the strip mall and santa clara and the convict on the right-hand side when the fire broke out in huge flames and not to fire cruise on the left can sign that as from our helicopter partnership with abc seven nudes once they started getting a better handle on the giant fiat said think stock in a
7:00 am
restaurant. >>will tran: nothing but a wall smoke has an excellent they were able to save some of those businesses that are attached to this long strip mall the flames on not advancing anymore to concede the latter is awfully extended shooting down to that corner it has been the focus for approximately 90 minutes very stubborn and you can see was gone on now that the sun is up the walls have been torn down as far as the flames not even partially damaged they're calling it destroyed the cause is still under investigation is too early and too dangerous to send investigators inside we do know that started at 25in


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