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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 9, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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behaving badly at . are on facebook. thank you for joining us at 11. i'm pam moore. they struggled to meet lebron james and a 30 point blowout loss. outrage continues over the sentencing of a former stanford swimmer convicted of rape. some people are defending the judge, others are calling for him to be removed. >>reporter: a woman's group called ultraviolet says they've collected more than 760,000 signatures on a petition
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requesting the state commission on judicial performance remove judge aaron persky following his controversial sentencing in the brock turner case. santa clara defender gary goodman says that would be a mistake. >> the move to recall him is ridiculous. he's well-founded and all of his reasoning, he's very courteous and he knows the rules. >>reporter: brian banks is outraged by persky's decision. banks was wrongfully convicted of rape in socal back in 2002. he spent more than five years in prison for that crime, before he was exonerated in 2012.>> it boils down to privilege. different facets of privilege, not just privilege by race, also privilege by money. what your economical background and lifestyle is. >> we have a system that favors rich people and it disfavors women and
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minorities.>>reporter: attorney larry organ represents the bay area organization and believes judge persky made the wrong decision.>> brian banks was innocent of this crime, spent five years in prison and yet we have, mr. turner who is guilty, found guilty by a jury guilty of three counts. he's not going to prison because he got leniency, he's only going to jail and who knows how long he will serve. if precedent holds, he will only be there three months. that's crazy. the victim who was assaulted by former stanford swimmer, ran a 12 page letter to the court detailing the impact that assault had on her life.>> if you'd like to read that and others it's on our website
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the warriors couldn't get it done tonight in cleveland. it wasn't even close. take a look from the quicken loan center, take a look from the quicken loan ctr., stephen curry is ready for soccer not really a hoops game. kyrie irving had 30 points, he got the to a great start. klay thompson tried to get it going, he suffered a contusion at one point. the warriors were never taking. lebron doing his thing, that's j.r. smith, lebron had 32 and the warriors lose 120-90. the dog was -- the warriors get blown out. they do lead the series 2-1, best of 7. game four will be in
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cleveland, on friday. a bullet shot out a window at city hall. this is what's left of the window in the lobby outside the eccentric's at six in santa clara. the bullet fired between 1 am and 2 am. spokesman for city hall says the incident is concerning, there's no apparent motive, no threats have been made. so far, no connection with recent accident graffiti vandalism. police received a call about a 14-year-old goal being kidnapped around 9 am while walking near herzog and 50 5th street. police responded and returned her safely to her family. an adult male suspect has been arrested in connection. investigators say the incident may be linked to sex trafficking of young girls.>>
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kidnappings like this often lead into the sex trade. pearl pinson was last seen on may 25th. her family gathered at the overpass where she was last seen to hold another prayer vigil. they want people to keep looking for perl. the sheriff's office tells us there are no plans for any more searches. they do plan to follow up on any new leads. perl sister tells me they will never give up hope. probe will come home alive. here in san resell the manhunt continues for javier cabrera -- cabrera his brother and another suspect are in court. they face murder charges in the
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same case. look at these pictures, these pictures are from an earlier court hearing, juan carlos martinez-henriquez and edwin guerra did not enter a plea, they will be back in court. in addition to facing charges of murdering jefferson diaz. the motive is still under investigation in this case. chief meteorologist brittney shipp, i don't even know if that's what you are. the giants beat the red sox, the dodgers are in town, let's make britney the chief meteorologist. i can give with a forecast if you are going to head out to a few more games over the next few days. we're going to see cooler temperatures going into friday.
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it's pretty much an even spread across the area. 60 degrees in san francisco, oakland 61, san jose 60 degrees, lift for -- livermore 61. wind speeds are still strong in fairfield that 26 miles per hour. 14 in concord and oakland. by tomorrow afternoon we will see another round of those really strong wind speeds. just a heads up. satellite radar shows we do have an area of low pressure and it will be pulling closer to us. the rainfall will stay north of us. our temperatures will drop down a few degrees on friday and by the weekend we will start to recover. satellite radar shows us we are dealing with a strong on floor -- onshore flow. clouds will push inland all the way up to sacramento. phil feared, fairfield, concorde and livermore will see
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patchy fog. a lot of clearing in the afternoon. we won't see as many clouds pushing back in thursday night heading into friday. your three-day forecast, look at friday we drop into the mid- 70s and then we start to warm back up heading into saturday. sunday will be warmer and monday warmer than that. i love when our bay temperatures get into the 70s too. >> thank you britney. the stories you need to know
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here's a look at the stories you need to know for tomorrow. the aid in dying law goes into effect in california tomorrow. it allows terminally ill people to get medication to end their lives. the bill started with britney minard, she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2014 and was given only six months to live. california will be joining for other states which already have
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this law. obama will be with bernie sanders tomorrow, the meeting was set at sanders request. it came as obama congratulated hillary clinton for winning the delegates necessary to clinch the democratic presidential nomination. a portion of san francisco's alamo square park will be open tomorrow, the small viewing area is on hays and steiner streets. a park is undergoing renovation to upgrade the irrigation and put a new landscaping. the full park will be open this winter. it is win or go home tomorrow for the san jose sharks. they take on the pittsburgh penguins in game five of the stanley cup finals. penguins lead the series 3-1. puck drop back 5 pm in pittsburg. >>stay here with us, tomorrow for kron 4's morning news. i think the sharks will surprise some people and bring it back
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