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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 19, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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championship. now it looks like cleveland has won the championship. looks like they are crying out the door. >> it's been 52 years is cleveland have won a championship dating back to 1964. warriors let at halftime which came down to the final seconds which the cavaliers bold golden state from 98-89. there were many folks out there feeling the same. >> it was a heartfelt game. was a great season. i wish it could have ended a little bit better. i don't want our loss to overshadow what a great season they had over all. >> when we look at this game, we look at the first time this series was closer than
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11 points. many of these games have been blow outs with one-sided this way or that way. whether you are a cleveland fan or state warrior fan, unfortunately you are watching the outcome of the team bringing back the title to cleveland. >> are you okay? >> yeah. it's funny the way everybody looks at this. if you are playing anything, you automatically have to choke. i think cleveland won it. james and irving were just fantastic. everybody on twitter says they choked. but you have to say the other team was better. what are some of the highlights? we are going to have a complete show at 9:00 tonight on this. going back-to-back championships, four 1/2 point favorites. steph curry, the three-pointer. he did not play well in this championship series.
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i will be very interested to see how his knee is, but back and forth, the warriors down the stretch. the score was even early and boom. draymond green was the star in the first half. 6 of 7 from the defense line and all over curry and thompson and green was able to get loose. but you are syringe then took control. he out played curry for this series. curry with three pointers. these highlights, we'll give you the full blast when we come a little bit later. james was just brilliant tonight. there they are walking off. 93- 89. for the first season they win
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this championship in 52 years. that's what everyone was talking about back in ohio. again, it's just a funny thing in social media. you have to say this guy choked. i guess i'm funny. if i love somebody for 6 months, i can't automatically say they choked. does it make sense. >> when you watch these guys play, it's the most entertaining sports season that you can watch. >> you look at that fourth quarter, many of us warrior fans look at that. i know my jaw dropped to the ground when we saw lebron come out over that block. >> there were many things, looked like the cavaliers were in control and lebron james committed a sloppy fowl to give draymond green three free throws and came back to get it. once again, i don't want to say
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it's fake, but the best player in the world is lebron james right now. curry was the regular guy during the season. i will be very interested to see if curry's injury led on. he did not play well with the exception of one game. >> the warriors they lost it, is there anything you saw? >> no. i'm not a guy who sits on his couch and says, yeah, that was it. i think cleveland was just better than the warriors. when the best player in the world imposes his position like lebron james, and the back board, they were the best players in the board. >> i think going down the line that we are going to hear in the years maybe to come, maybe the weeks to come, is the fact that maybe this was one of the biggest bust because rick berry
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was just saying weeks ago, what happens if you don't win the championship. he was saying, it still matters if you don't because that regular season was something but a lot of the national guys were saying, how does it matter. >> if you have a basketball in your hand instead of a computer screen, i will listen to you. i'm not saying that people don't, we all have the right to give our opinions. it's the first time in a history that a team has lost when they had a 3- 1 lead. if james and irving hadn't played so brilliant tonight, maybe it was a sloppy game, but if you say the warriors lost. cleveland team was a better team. if you have a ball in your hand, it's not always you choke, but sometimes you have a team to beat you that night.
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>> if you were steve curry, what would you say if you were the coach? >> we had a better team beat up. we'll take a few months off and get back to work in november. that's what leaders do. sometimes leaders in the organization scream and yell and do all that stuff. >> that's not really been his style. >> he broke a clip board, but that was about it. >> that clip board may have been broken. but what i'm saying, if you are a leader of people, if if you are selling insurance, if the leader is always screaming and yelling, usually he's covering up for his own insecurities. steve occur kerr as a coach. he'll walk out great. >> a lot of people will say, had
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they not called those fouls on steph curry. >> draymond green did get suspended for that game and he did walk to that ledge there and that caused it. the warriors had two other opportunities to win. and that's what, in a one game series, yeah you can say this went wrong. but when you play the best of seven, usually the best team ends up on top because you had seven games to filter it out. >> this has been the first time since how long the team blew a lead? >> it never had before in the nba championship series. it never happened that a team had a 3- 1 lead. i don't mean to say that everybody played great
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tonight and back and forth. but that's the way i look at these teams. if cleveland played poorly and if they played steph curry, i would say the warriors blew it and what happened that night. what i saw was a great game at the end and lebron james was just too much. and we have one injured tonight and bogan wasn't there either. cleveland was the one that's injured. at 9:00. we'll do our show. jr can say they choked. >> i'm not saying they choked, but i'm saying that's what we are going to hear. i think we are going to hear that everyday until the next season starts. >> as long as you are having fun and it's social media and
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everybody on their couch in their underwear. believe me, you don't have to be a player to have an opinion, but i'm talking about if you are going to make the charge that the warriors just gagd it up and blew it, if if i hear it from the coach, then i will put more credence. if you say someone choked, that's the ultimate hand at the stake. did they choke last year when they won the championship? were they chokers when they won the games. >> bogan was not in game. you didn't see the big screens that he would set up at the top for curry. curry couldn't get a shot off. >> it was very physical on curry. the referee, again, i'm not a
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referee. they were holding curry a lot and that favored cleveland. the referees let it get that way. at 9:00. stay tuned. jr say they choked and i will say the better team won and this is how we'll get through it. this is the most entertaining basketball sports season. >> thanks, gary. >> well, this is a live look over oracle arena. with our partnership with abc 7. still fans pouring out of the arena. we are going there to phillip. how are people feeling tonight? >>reporter: somber and depressed. this is not the outcome that warriors fans were looking for. it was very difficult to watch
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the cavaliers celebrate. the warriors had the fireworks set up. typically the dj is up there post game and celebrating with the rest of the fans as a big party. but that's not the case tonight. warriors had different plans. they waited 40 years for the championship and they know how long that was and to get back to the finals for a second consecutive season, that was special, but for them to lose it like they did being up 3- 1, losing three consecutive games, that's a tough pill to swallow. take a look as the fans are walking out here right now. sure they are proud of their team. they went 4-0 to start their season, the head coach started 39-4 for these golden state warriors. steve kerr, when he returned to the bench as head coach. the problem here is the warriors only lost nine games all season long and in the playoffs they
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lose nine games. they were in search of the 89th win of the season and that did not happen. come back here. we are talking with miguel duarte. >> first of all, i'm a big fan. i love kron. we are not fans of the conspiracy analysis of it. the cavaliers won. you have to tip your cap to them. we came to celebrate at home. unfortunately that's not the case. hey, hopefully this burns off the dynasty. >> obviously the point when draymond green got suspended and they didn't look back from there. >> anybody can say what they
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want. but the fact of the matter is that draymond green just can't do that. again, i don't want to come up with any theory. it's 3 in a row. it's tough, we are going to move on. we wanted to celebrate and we were ready to go. but you know what, the team is young enough. we are going to make some noise. >> he's always a classy guy and always up beat. appreciate it. the golden state warriors they have a lot to be proud of, but unfortunately they are going to be grouped with the 16-0 patriots that did not win the group. as those that were ousted in the first. at least the warriors made it to the finals, but it's going to be tough to get over this because they had three opportunities to seal it and they did not. steph curry 17 points. they were hoping they would be
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combined points and that did not happen. what's going to happen to barnes. is he going to be on the bench. bottom line is the warriors had a historic season. it did not end the way they wanted it to. but they can make it proud to the finals. kron 4 news. >> thanks, phillip. it's quiet there at oracle. >> i have been there and anytime they don't win, it's not a good night. >> let's listen. >> they did a lot of great things individually and as a team. those things can never be taken away. we set out, we had a goal at the beginning of the year to repeat and that goal we failed, but i
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don't look at this entire season as a failure because there has been too many great things that happened to this team and this group of guys and this organization. so, it's been an amazing year. we just failed that one goal we had. but this whole season isn't a fairy to me. we accomplished some great things. we didn't get the end prize, but there will be more for it. >> when you talked about lessons to learn from and ultimately your character being attacked. >> we'll check back with the warriors. we'll go to the warriors watch party in the east bay and see how fans are feeling tonight. >> plus crews in southern california are battling a wildfire that charred 8,000 acres.
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>> plus we'll have our full bay area forecast when we come back.
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♪ ♪ >> we have team coverage tointdz and outside oracle arena after this loss. >> we have mark standing inside. mark, the feeling out there tonight? >>reporter: stunned, sad and
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depressed and in total disbelief. all the warriors fans have filed out tonight. who thought this was going to be the evening. cavaliers celebrateing the championship. the warriors had the mvp, they had the coach of the year. no one came down to this and to win the finals and lebron james and the cavaliers were determined to combined 82 points finishes with a triple double. let's hear it from the final mvp's after the game. >> we have been through this in ohio for the past 50 years. i didn't feel the pressure.
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none of those things and always kept me level headed. i'm glad to be a part of history. i can't wait to get home to you guys. >> we welcome you back live to oracle arena now. the cavaliers fans. they are being shifted out of the arena. they are celebrating for the last 15-30 minutes. there are a lot of questions for the warriors for the off-season. obviously for steph curry and thompson, they are going to be scrutinized because when you are at 3- 1, a lot of questions to be asked. >> thank you, mark. warriors fans gathered at the alameda
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theatre for a warriors party. >> they were hoping for a much different outcome, kate? >>reporter: it was just heartbreaking especially after this season where so many important wins came down to the final minutes of play. people were sitting at the edge of their seats. the alameda theatre is one of the most popular places to watch the warriors games. the tickets sold out and it's absolutely free. it raises money for fundraisers. it was such a nail biter. no one knew who was going to come out on top. many fans were disappointed and
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the little ones took it hard. >> the warriors are still the champs. win or lose, i'm going to cleveland and wear my warriors shirt. >> it's such good competition. >> who is your favorite player on the warriors? >> steph curry. >> this is an historic event for both teams for warriors and for the cavs to win the whole thing. we didn't hear any outrage here, just a lot of sadness. reporting live in alameda. >> it looks like that place emptied out really quick. >> i would be out there. meteorologist, it feels ice cold all over the bay area right now. >> i'm a lifelong warrior fan, even though they lost, this was
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the most exciting season i have ever watched. it would have been nice to have that last victory in the end. i can't wait until next year. >> that's what i'm thinking about. i didn't want this season to end. i wanted it to go to seven. >> it's over. >> what a great season, but, any way, weather wise, we have mostly clear skies in the bay area. we had a nice warm up. the temperatures took a jump. we had a great evening again and a lot of people are probably heading home. nice and clear out of the bay area this time. it looks like we are going to be in some hot weather ahead and maybe some coastal patches and summer begins. the temperatures will be in the 90s and maybe 100 temperatures inland.
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we have 70s. these temperatures jumped up quite a bit as much as 12 degrees above the average. 13 degrees above the average in oakland to 89. here we go, high pressure building in and wrap around clouds. it makes up for a beautiful sunset. they are going to make-up for tomorrow afternoon. as you head towards the south bay. it is still going to be on the warm side.. 82 in oakland. 92 degrees in hayward. that's where these temperatures are going to soar in the bay area. 100 degrees in antioch. and some sunshine after some patchy morning fog. those temperatures running up in the 80s and mid-90s. we are kicking off this summer with some hot temperatures probably tuesday and then will
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come down wednesday and thursday. pretty toasty in the valley. thank you very much. we are taking a live look right now as fans leaving oracle arena after the devastating loss. we'll be right back. (whispering): what are you doing up? (whispering): mom said i could have a midnight snack.
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(whispering): well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. (whispering): why? (whispering): because i am the boss. (whispering): you're not the boss, mom's the boss. (whispering): well, technically, we are co-bosses. (whispering): technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. mmmm... yoplait.
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>> welcome back, steph curry is talking at the podium right now. we go live after this warriors loss. >> rushed and didn't take what was there which was probably better to go around and try to get to the paint. it's basically it. >> thanks a lot. >> henry with the bay area. you were unable to match that level of play in the playoffs
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especially the finals. were your struggles directly related to something mental or physical. >> that wasn't an excuse when i came back from the injury. if i'm out there playing hurt or not hurt, it doesn't matter. it's what the results are. that showed today. there is no room for anecdotes other than we didn't get it done and i didn't play my best. you know, for the majority of this series. it's not a good feeling like i said. and at the end of the day, we want to keep this memory so that a few of us as we stay together as a team, like draymond said, this isn't the last time you are going to see us on this stage. so, just a tough feeling.
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>> last three, in the back. just to kind of piggy back on what you just said, when you guys won the championship last year, it was a smoother ride in the playoffs. obviously you dealt with a lot of adversity in this playoff. how you do you feel it's going to make you a better player and a better team going forward? >> you learn from this and what it was like to win the championship last year which made us the better team in history and we'll learn from it when we get back here next year. you can't take this stage for granted. it's extremely hard to win a championship. that's why you pour champagne on you and that's what they are doing right now in the locker room. >> we understand, i think when you look at the history of the
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league, how few teams repeat it. that was our goal and we didn't do it. it's going to be a long 3 months over the summer thinking about it. but that doesn't mean, you know, we can't put this unfortunate notch in the belt and come back stronger next year. >> that was steph curry there. we didn't get it done and i didn't play my best. there is a live picture. it's a little hard. it's the fans in cleveland celebrating the nba championship win. >> i know from being there last season and covering the nba finals, those fans have to be so proud of the cleveland cavaliers. we'll be right back.
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>> let's go ahead to the bay
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area reacting to the loss. we'll have a full report from the oracle arena. >> plus a police officer was killed in the line of duty on this father's day.
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the warriors loss is just settling in. >> let's going to oracle arena where we have reporter's inside and outside. mark, is it empty in there? there is no confetti anywhere. >> no confetti and out of the locker is champagne. this is how the season is ending here at oracle arena. you talk to warriors fans, to
8:35 pm
people around the team, talk to people around the bay area. this wasn't supposed to happen. they had mvp and last monday they had game five. that was the clenching game, yet here we are tonight. could not get in the way of lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. let's look at how it played out. the warriors in the first half, they had a first outing. they had 22 points and then going into the break, coming out of it, too much cleveland, james, continuing his games plays. in the final 3 minutes. lebron james hits a free throw at the very end.
8:36 pm
cleveland wins the title. let's hear from the warriors steph curry. >> i think maybe i should have been on the other side of the situation last year and how great it is when you accomplish your goals. we were waiting to congratulate the guys. the competition was great during this season. >> now going into the next few months there are really going to be a lot of questions surrounding this warriors team. a lot of people are going to say should they even have gone to the record in the first place. with steph curry, what was wrong with him.
8:37 pm
tonight he had 17 points. really astounding that the warriors lost. this is how the series ends. i'm going to give you another shot of the cavaliers as they are celebrating in the bay area tonight. >> thanks, mark, we'll check back with you at 9:00. >> we'll have him back on the show. our coverage continues outside of oracle arena. >> it's outside and very quiet and sad oracle arena tonight. >> it's not a happy atmosphere out here for warriors fans. but the cavaliers, they finally got their championship. cavs fans are happy about that. mostly are coming out of the arena. lebron james went to seven finals and now he's got his
8:38 pm
third championship. we are standing by here with bobby acevedo. born and raised in cleveland, what does this mean to you? >> throughout my whole life, i lived through the drive, the fumble, the move. game 7. 1995, the cleveland indians in the world series. lebron leaving and coming back. last year's finals and finally now, i have been able to final witness something. i'm 51 years old. for this to finally come is just amazing to me. i'm completely blessed. >> to talk about the season, after a couple of rough loses to the warriors during the season, a coaching change was made. david fired and dismissed and tyrone replaces him. look at where they got this
8:39 pm
season with a win. >> absolutely. he pushed up the pace, he got us in better shape. we were quicker and weren't just stagnating. we had a better ball movement. he changed the cavaliers. he did a fantastic job. >> i would be remissed if i didn't talk about father's day. you grew up a cavs fan. how was it to celebrate with your daughter. >> it was great. we got him the tickets and i thought he was going to cry and he's crying now. >> it's all worth it. >> thanks, guys. born and raised in cleveland and lives in las vegas now and i
8:40 pm
know you are going to be smiling for some time. >> thank you. >> this historic season for the warriors ends in disappointing fashion. they have a lot to be proud of. they say good-bye to -- luke walton starting the season with 9 and 4. steve kerr and most of the lineup is going to return. but there are questions. right now, what are you going to say? the warriors go down as one of the best teams in history and that's going to sting for some time. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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>> the warriors paid tribute to a san francisco officer who died in the line of duty this week. tonight they invited the wife
8:43 pm
and two children of michael cafr man to the finals. the cafr man family were given four impossible tickets to watch from seat level seats. he died in a motorcycle crash tuesday. he was 38 years old. his memorial will be in san jose. the fires in santa barbara have burned more than 3600 acres firefighters don't expect full containment for another few days. the faa has banned drones around the burn area as they can interfere with fire fighting
8:44 pm
efforts. two firefighters suffered injuries. we have someone who is all smiles tonight. we'll be right back.
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>> a massive fire that spread to several buildings in the san francisco's mission district left 52 people without a home. tonight firefighters stayed on the scene where that five alarm fire started yesterday afternoon. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire described as the worst seen by firefighters in years. the american red cross and the salvation army are helping those who lost everything. there is a shelter at the community center on valencia street. >> a small plane crashed on bart tracks killing the pilot. >> spencer blake reports service has now been restored to three
8:48 pm
stations near the fremont line that were shutdown during the investigation. >> that plane crash not only caused the death of the pilot, but also shutdown all bart services on a very busy game day. >> just before noon, a small single engine plane crashed. the pilot didn't make it out alive. police present hayward and bart were on scene along with firefighters and faa. because this happened at a transfer yard, no bart passengers were in any danger. we weren't able to get close, but you can see why it shutdown the bart station on the fremont line for quite some time. the trains were out and bart suggested people take the parallel bus routes. will after a few hours, trains began running again on a warm sunday afternoon. it's a full day of summer
8:49 pm
officially is to start tomorrow. >> today was a warm one and it's going to be even warmer. some of those numbers getting near 100 degrees.. we have mostly clear skies. traffic unusually busy probably coming home from the warriors game. it's a beautiful sunset in the works. no fog to speak of, but that may change as we head towards the midnight hours. it was 87 degrees in san jose. that is well above average. 89 in in concord, 84 in oakland and 79 degrees in san francisco. that is 12 degrees above the average. these temperatures will be warming up in the next couple of days especially in the interior valley. from the southwest is going to bring the dry air in the bay
8:50 pm
area and that is going to heat up things in a hurry. we are looking at patchy fog, but it is going to be a very thin layer of high pressure overhead and it's going to be gone for the most part and it's going to be getting very hot. 93 in morgan hill, 94 in san jose, 91 in sunnyvale. these temperatures are going to soar to 90 in fremont, 90 in hayward, 80 in oakland, 75 degrees in alameda. the real hot temperatures in concord. lots of sunshine and the temperatures in the 60s and
8:51 pm
maybe in the 70s. some 80s and 90s and 94 degrees in napa. in the first few days, it's going to be really hot. and much cooler on the coastline and with that sea breeze returning. we are going to show downtown with people celebrating father's day in san mateo. >> it's beautiful. >> there was free entertainment all day long. >> we are having a great time. >> people strolled along b street. whether it was shopping for the perfect bargain or shade from the beaming sun. folks were out and about. we ran into one father that wasn't sure what he was supposed to be doing. >> so the family made their way
8:52 pm
to the downtown summer fest. but he and his dad knew what they wanted to do for sure. >> yesterday we did go golfing, but i don't know what to do today? >> what about the warriors? >> one thing for certain, there was a lot of bonding and quality time for father's day. >> eating and i don't know. >> reporting in san mateo. alicia reed. nasa officials say cleaner and quieter airplanes could be the thing of the future with the fully electric plane. the x 57 or maxwell. the single seater plane uses electro propulsion. nasa says it could be on the runway for 4 years. the $790 million new aviation horizon initiative to replace
8:53 pm
the commercial jet liners we use today. finding dory made a huge impact at the box office with $132 million at the box office. it's the biggest opening in box office history. finding dory is a tale about a forgetful fish. the other big release this weekend central intelligence that starred kevin heart and the rock with $4.5 million. we have an update to a story we first brought to you last night. >> it's a 3-year-old girl who was so upset that steph curry was fouling out. and of course it's been posted on the internet and went viral. >> steph curry fouled out.
8:54 pm
>> well, that was emily wood. she just let out a skreechd and buried in his hands and upset that her favorite player got kicked off the court. but today she's even more excited because she got a packet from us here at kron 4 news. she's in her warriors gear and clearly in all smiles and happy that steph curry came back for game seven. i wonder if her dad showed her the video of the game loss. there she is happy now with her gear. >> it's nice to see her happy. maybe for the time being until tonight's game that is. >> hopefully, better luck next year. i'm just at a loss. >> i have been reading the tweets from social media. you get to talk with a lot of the people. everybody that was watching the game tonight, they say, it's not over. we are going to be back next year. we have the core players
8:55 pm
all coming back. >> that's right. we still have an mvp. coach of the year. we are coming off of an amazing season and regular season record. do we get to say anything about the cavs or we are not allowed to do that. they did pull off something good after 52 years. >> congratulations. we have a big show coming up at 9:00. we are going to talk warriors, gary racht in the house. the warriors lose the nba finals after a 73 win season. tough night for steph curry, but you look at the guy who really shined in this game and he's on the team called the cleveland cavaliers. his name is lebron james. this guy made some huge moves. the warriors were down to the
8:56 pm
wire. we are going to take you down to the arena where we are outside with some of the fans. let's hope he doesn't have one of those cave cav fans. it'scertainly a big show. he has a lot to talk about. >> i hope it was a nice father's day. >> everything else was perfect on father's day, but hey, what a great season for the warriors. the most exciting season that i have seen being a lifelong warriors fan. some of the temperatures storing up in the triple digits. you will find relief along the coastline. highs in the 60s and 70s. it looks like everybody will cool down just a tad. >> thank you very much.
8:57 pm
thanks for being with us. congratulations to the warriors. don't forget about the big show coming up. >> we'll be back with news at 10:00 this evening. ♪ ♪
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> the warriors come up short as cleveland wins the major sports title since 1964. we'll talk about what happened to the 73 win team ahead only 1 week ago. they were disappointed, but still out in force. we'll talk to them at oracle. tonight, win or lose, it's still all about the warriors. sportsnite live is next.


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