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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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♪ taylor versus her ex. bad blood boiling over? did calvin harris just spill all the dirty details of their breakup? as we get a peek at taylor's new boyfriend in his underwear. then -- >> help me! >> "top gun" actress kelly mcgillis attacked in her own home. the terrifying 911 call. the violent struggle. what she's saying now. plus behind ben affleck's new profanity-laced rant. why some are saying he was drunk on air. and what happened just before cameras started rolling. then a star's mid-flight meltdown after selma blair's bizarre airplane outburst, what she's saying about mixing alcohol with pills. blake lively, eight outfits in two days. secrets to her maternity fashion.
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we're at home with jamie lin conspiracy. how britney's sister is getting a second shot at fame. >> i was about to have a child at 16 years old. tabloid gold. >> why is j. lo so emotional? >> people are like, is she crying? i'm like, almost every night, thank you. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." hello, thanks for joining us. cameron is off but michelle turner is here with me. >> a lot going on this week, from selma blair's mid-flight meltdown to the 27-year-old "star trek" actor crushed to death by his own car, remembering anton yelchin. you'll see our touching interviews with him in just a moment. first we're getting into more news. here is this weekend's no tell. >> holding hands. the smitten look. hill swift is on. tuesday in taylor's adopted hometown of nashville with her new man. still wearing her vip pad.
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taylor and tom took it next level. he held her hand and kissed it during another pda-filled night out in nashville. ex, calvin harris, working through his feelings on social media. he's how he's dealing. first we love his look at what you're missing strategy. his friend posted this speedo pic and he snapchated a shirtless selfie on wednesday. second, he seemed to call out swift on social media, apparently telling a follower, she controlled the media and this situation, i had no idea what was going on. what's more, a source tells us today calvin was mad about the video of taylor dancing with tom at the met gala. and was just tired of all her quote broad stuff. ♪ ♪ bad blood kelly mcgillis' 911 call. >> there's somebody in my house, broke into my house. >> okay. who is it? >> help me! >> kelly tells wlls a screaming, physical struggle erupted last
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week when an alleged intruder broke in. >> they started attacking me. we fought for a while. >> according to the sheriff's department, 38-year-old illinois woman lauren dorn forced her way into mcgillis' north carolina home. kelly says she was punched, scratched and chased away. >> i said, i do not know who you are, get out of my house. and she said, you've been stalking me, you know exactly who i am. >> dorn was arrested and charged with multiple offenses including burglary, assault, and stalking. up next, ben affleck's rant. >> this week it is [ bleep ] outrage of sports ever. it's so [ bleep ] stupid. >> ben ranted and swore up a storm. we counted 28 expletives during his deflategate tirade. >> tell 'em! >> affleck later addressed the drama with sarcasm. "we boston sports fans have always been known for our
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subtlety." one of my favorite interviews i've done. #gopats. finally, selma blair's meltdown. selma admitted she blacked out after mixing alcohol and prescription medication. she was returning home from cancun with ex-boyfriend jason blight and their 4-year-old son arthur. an eyewitness reportedly saw selma drinking wine and crying. when she allegedly said, "he beats me, he's going to kill me." in a statement selma took full responsibility for the incident saying, "i am a flawed human being." let's move on. let's talk about blake lively. >> absolutely. she's been out in full force promoting "the shallows" which is out this weekend and she's doing this all while preggers with her and hubby ryan reynolds' second baby. we sat down with the mom to be again and hit up blake's big new york premiere. >> i don't blame the shark for wanting to take a bite out of
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you, you look unbelievable. >> i look like a floaty? >> like latex? >> you look like a goddess. >> the third wardrobe change at "the shallows" premiere. she hid her baby bump but showed off her 20-carat diamond stud and emerald ring. blake changed again for the after party into this daring body suit and skirt. >> you have created nonmaternity maternity fashion. i don't know how you're doing it. i'm obsessed with your style. >> it's so nice so say. i like clothes. i like mixing things that are unexpected. i wore a gown yesterday but it was very inappropriate to wear a gown at 7:00 in the morning so i put a jean jacket on top because i thought that way you can get away with it. >> she's totally getting away with it. check out this mini dress. >> i have fun, i like to play. >> the mom of the 1-year-old did a press tour with blake in a wet suit most of the time trying to survive a shark attack.
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>> what does she think of you? >> she's sweat, she says wow! she's very, very complimentary. that means more to me than any compliment, one coming from her. >> and action! >> we sat down with blake to talk getting in shape for her most challenging role ever. >> you look incredible in this film. it's even more impressive that it was ten months after having james. what are your tips for staying in shape, not just during pregnancy but also afterwards? >> well, you know, i had an amazing trainer and he kicked my butt in the best way and the most healthy way. i was still breastfeeding too. i had to be healthy. i couldn't go off and eat leaves all day. you know, there's the vanity that comes in when you're like, i've got to be in a bikini. that's one level of working out. when you're actually working out to do your own son, when you're working out to not get injured, being in waves, swimming, doing long takes, i became so much stronger and more fit by the end of production because i was working out 13 hours a day.
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because shooting was working out. so it was neat to have that challenge after having a baby. to be in better shape than i had ever been in before. >> after all that and then the real shark attacks going on around the world, i'm done. pool it is. >> absolutely. safety. drink, umbrella, pool side. >> yes. >> i like it. mom and j. lo not afraid to hit the beach. she was in the hamptons with bo casper smart. he took should video with j. lo and daughter emmy, rolling down the road on an electric skateboard. >> later! later! later! >> where's the helmet? my kids are like, pads, knee pads. before that adventure, jennifer sat down to talk about voicing the new "ice age" movie. it gave carly the chance to hear how much j. lo's kids have changed since the first "ice age" film in 2012. >> okay, jennifer lopez. four years later, more "ice age." i want to take you back to --
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>> i think they're going to love this. i'm very excited about sharing that moment with them. once you have kids, you know, your life is a movie. an animated movie. a cartoon every day of every night. >> that's true. it's absolutely true. nothing's changed. four years later, same. >> what are they really into now? >> they're into their electronics. they're into movies. they're into animated films. animated television shows. >> i remember everyone in "frozen," watching it over and over -- >> "frozen" was years ago. they want to see "ice age." they're dying to see "ice age." >> incoming! >> whoa. >> where are we? >> all the "ice age" movies are about family, about evolution, how families change and they have to change. >> the mother of two who once again plays the saber tooth tigress in "ice age: collision course" is all about family. even dedicated a song to twins max and emmy during her vegas
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residency at planet hollywood. >> i came to your show, it's so incredible. >> thank you. >> the most touching moment when is you give that tribute to them. >> thank you. ♪ >> i wanted to sing, to do something that kids look back and say, mommy sang that for me. >> i cried. >> i cried too. people are like, is she crying? i'm like, almost every night, thank you. >> at the end of the day, that's all i want. ♪ >> joining j. lo in this movie, jesse tyler ferguson. this is something going on with all the "modern family" costars. ty burrell and ed o'neill voice characters in "finding dory." >> they made a little mint, that movie shattered box office records last week, bringing in over $136 million. this was the largest opening weekend for an animated feature ever. so i think, jesse, it's his time now, right? >> absolutely, why not. when kelly clarkson wants to make a big announcement this is how she does it.
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>> i just don't care anymore. a prison break star tells us about the accident that had him scared for his life. >> blood was just ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words. and my brother ray and i started searching for answers. (vo) when it's time to navigate in-home care, follow that bright star. because brightstar care earns the same accreditation as the best hospitals. and brightstar care means an rn will customize a plan that evolves with mom's changing needs. (woman) because dad made us promise we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar for your free home care planning guide.
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sleep isn't one of them. i'm very, very, very excited about picking for the first time. it was atlantic records. >> yes, yes, yes. we know what kelly clarkson has been teasing us with all week long. >> taking to facebook quite a bit singing covers, bringing her daughter river rose into the mix. i got to say, pay attention, because if you have something to announce, this is how you do it. ♪ then you say that i'm too young ♪ >> kelly belted out aretha franklin during her five days of facebook live streaming. clarkson enlisted the help of 2-year-old daughter river rose. >> hello. you're my daughter. >> we're calling her big announcement the emancipation of kelly clarkson. after leaving rca records after
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almost 14 years. why is signing with atlantic a major keel for kelly? rolling stone's joe levy explains. >> here's the chance for her to call all the shots from the very beginning. >> kelly clarkson. >> kelly won her rca contract back in 2002 when she was crowned "american idol." her relationship with rca wasn't something she got to choose. you could say this is now a full circle moment for the miss independence singer. >> we're down to make really whatever record i'm into which is real rare. so i'm super excited about it. cheers to a new fresh start. >> but the king of facebook live has to be david hasselhoff. >> we are hoff and running. we can say whatever we want to. >> kevin visited the hoff at home and saw him working in the flesh. >> where do you draw the line at sharing on facebook? >> we were in the jacuzzi, we had to cut it real quick. nearly was a little scared because i had a very small
9:14 pm
speedo on. >> that would be halley roberts, 63-year-old david's camera-shy 36-year-old fiance. >>e. >> any chance you'd do a facebook live wedding? >> yeah, we could probably make a lot of money, talk to "e.t." >> the answer is no. that would be a very private thing. >> i think i speak for all fans, this is much better than a press release. do this. >> yes, i think it's going to set a precedent, right? reach out directly that way. fans of the tv series "prison break" must have been psyched to hear they're going to get a special sneak peek of all new footage next month at comic-con before the series returns to fox in the spring. but porcello is thankful to be alive. he was shooting a scene in morocco when he was seriously injured. the pictures are alarming. just wait until you hear dominic tell his story for the first time on camera. >> i have a real gash here. my nose was broken in two places. the scar here.
9:15 pm
that's where the white of my skull was showing. >> bloodied and bandaged. the 46-year-old instagramed these intense pics of his on-set injury scare three weeks ago in morocco. we caught up with him on the vancouver set of the fox reboot to find out what really happened. >> i was just running into prison to get my brother out. and i just felt this extraordinary explosion in my head. >> that explosion he felt, an overhead iron bar breaking loose during his prison run. >> blood was just pouring all over me. my stunt guy came up to me and he said, here's the thing. your head's cut open. i can see your skull. your nose is smashed on the other side of my face. i sat there really calmly. i was in shock. >> luckily his long-time girlfriend, "90210" star anna mccord, was at her side.
9:16 pm
>> she poured whiskey or whatever it was on my head, that's all we had at the time. wrapped my head in gauze. it was pretty gnarly. >> breathe through your mouth. >> also on hand, a top moroccan plastic surgeon who quickly repaired dominic's injuries and he was back in action a few days later. amazingly with only some minor scars and one crazy story to show for it. >> when it happened it was like, wow. one minute you can be here, the next you may not. it was one of those things where i dodged a bullet. >> poor guy. it just looks so painful too. >> whoa. >> they are writing the scars into the show so at some point his character will have to get hit in the head. >> this time it won't hurt. absolutely. on the way, taylor swift's new man strips down. what you don't know about tom hiddleston and why they may be perfect for each other. >> genetic code.
9:17 pm
gabrielle union's dwyane wade poses nude. we have the video. >> and we're going to show it. our exclusive look behind the scenes of tom hanks' new thrill ever. after "the da vinci code" and "angels and demons," get ready for "inferno." crisscrossing
9:18 pm
9:19 pm
check out "miami heat" star dwyane wade posing for espn's body issue. >> i'm sitting here in my underwear, doing an interview. >> his new shoot was seven years in the making. did wife gabrielle union convince him? why wasn't she there? >> absolutely not. >> he was like, no, babe. >> she must be proud of you. >> she always want me to take my clothes off. >> gabrielle later tweeted out the shot captioned, why don't you circle back to the house, meet you in 10. she must love that dwyane wade's partnered with naked to launch a
9:20 pm
line of men's underwear too. >> i bet he met her at the house in seven minutes, not 10, right? i love those two. espn's body issue hits stands on july 8th. >> i can't wait to just -- hm. >> i'm sure you can't. >> that's yes watch basketball. and his preseason game series don't start until october, plenty of time to have a little r&r. on that note we have some vacation ideas for you direct from the stars who are soaking up the sun this summer. ♪ >> this week beyonce was saying aloha which means hello, good-bye, and love. posting this hawaii vacay pda is like saying, forget those marriage rift rumors. on a two-week break from touring this could be called a working vacation since master marketer queen bey wrapped her album "lemonade" from head to toe on her forehead, around her neck, an off the shoulder sundress adorned with lemons. beyonce documented her family trip on her iphone, hit the
9:21 pm
sand, got a look from daddy at their oceanview rental. bey sun bated in a one-piece but maybe just is to keep us guessing, no wedding ring. kaley cuoco says, sun's out, i'm out. the star in l.a. fleeing the 114-degree weather with karl cook on a private jet. wherever she went, it better be cooler and pet friendly. because she brought along her dog ruby and her own doggy life flatbed. will smith's family vacation. ♪ the proud dad is on a european tour with his kids. tuesday he took 17-year-old jaden to camp where he spoke at a leadership summit. later this happened. ♪ clearly it's been awhile since will smith sang "the men in black" song but he gave it his best shot when he surprised chris martin on stage. will hasn't signed on for the next "men in black" movie. come on will, you got to do it.
9:22 pm
also in france was martha going after did kim k.'s bestie? >> we had dinner and i didn't know who jonathan was but i was strictly informed. >> stewart told us why she called out jonathan chevam tweeting, do you know this guy? he says he is well known. martha throwing shade? nah, she just had ben keeping up. >> i think he might be upset with me. >> not at all, he considered it a joke, i think it's hysterical. >> they hug the it out and we got kardashian baby talk from rob's pregnant fiancee. >> everything is normal, i'm just pregnant. >> the soon to be mrs. rob kardashian got her tongue pierced in advance of their i dos. they're slacking on other things wedding. >> one thing at a time. >> the first time i ever proposed to someone in my life, don't come at me with some [ bleep ]. >> we're all in a good place. we're excited for the new addition, in my family and their
9:23 pm
family. last year in cannes we got a kardashian confidential with kim and mom kris. it's time for the soon to be mrs. rob kardashian to spill all. >> welcome to the world, angela kardashian. speaking of stars overseas remember all the cool locations tom hanks got to shoot in while filming "the da vinci code 86 and "angels and demons"? tom is back in "inferno" and we have an exclusive look behind the scenes. >> action! >> tom hanks returned as robert langdon, the professor who always has the answers has amnes amnesia. >> i want to know what i'm involved with. >> someone shooting at you. >> everything out of focus: i have no memory of that. >> sometime's trying to kill him. he wants to avoid being shot by a number of assassins. that's bad. >> also stars felicity jones who found herself fan-girling on set over her two-time academy award
9:24 pm
winning leading man. >> he's so incredibly professional. >> we're going to have pizza. >> you're working him over for pizza? >> it's easy on set, joking, laughing. it's been really, really wonderful working with him. >> they're going to wipe out half the world's population unless we find this virus. >> also back are big stunts and of course beautiful locations. filming in italy and all across europe. >> it has an incredible international cast. you move across the world, all different locations. and i think it will just be a thrilling ride to be on when you're watching it. >> langdon and company are constantly having to rush from one place to the next. >> the professor has become a liability. >> go, go, let's get him. >> there's always a way out. >> better move on over, because felicity jones will be hotter than hot at the end of the year. "inferno" in october. then "rogue one" in december.
9:25 pm
people are already going crazy. >> already crazy. >> we have our "star wars." >> absolutely. up next, taylor swift's new man shows off all of his goods. >> how tom hiddleston became hollywood's new it guy. then i'm on the set of rob lowe's new project and we're dishing on his interesting wardrobe choices. >> i'm in butt-tight black underwear. >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided by -- nothing seems to work.
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here's a recap of this week's top to have stories. number five was michael strahan throwing shade at former co-host kelly ripa? >> you miss being on the old show? >> no, i don't. >> michael sits down with chelsea hammer on her netflix show and he was candid about his world after kelly. >> i loved it. don't get me wrong. you get a break sometimes you go, wow, i kind of needed it.
9:29 pm
>> number four, abby lee miller charged with money laundering. this comes after 20 other counts were filed against miller including bankruptcy fraud. miller's lawyer says she will plead guilty to some charges "accepting responsibility for mistakes i have made." ben affleck's foul-mouthed rant. >> it's so [ bleep ] stupid. >> we counted 28 expletives during his deflategate tirade on bill simmons hbo sports show. so tipsy or super passionate? affleck sarcastically responded, we boston sports fans have always been known for our subtlety. one of my favorite interviews i've done, #gopats. number two, kelly mcgillis, her 911 call after a break-in. >> this is 911, what's going on? somebody's in my house. >> help me! >> what is your address? >> help me! >> according to the sheriff's department, 38-year-old illinois
9:30 pm
resident lawrence marine dorn forced her way into mcgillis' north carolina home. kelly says she was then punched, scratched, and chased away. >> i said, i do not know who you are, get out of my house. and she said, you've been stalking me, you know exactly who i am. >> dorn was arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including burglary, assault, and stalking. and the number one story this week, selma blair's mid-flight meltdown. during a flight on monday from mexico to l.a. with her son and ex, an eyewitness reportedly saw selma drinking wine and crying about an unnamed male. allegedly screaming, "he beats me, he's going to kill me." in a statement, selma admitted she blacked out after mixing alcohol and prescription meds saying she made a mistake and "i am a flawed human being." go to e for the latest. also in the news this week, this guy. we showed you him getting down with taylor swift earlier. tom hid dell son, now we can see
9:31 pm
more of you. >> we can. that answers one question, does taylor swift prefer boxers or briefs? tom is wearing nothing but undies in a new sexy photo spread. >> it also answers another important question. and now we know what tailor sees in him. >> i do my best, you know. >> chiseled cheekbones. piercing blue eyes. and those guns. yeah we can see why taylor snagged hers some of this, posing for "w" magazine. even before he became one half of hid dellswift, tom's been a rising hit guy after playing loki in "the thor" movies, made his mark on tv as a hotel employee turned spy. the sexy role that is everyone buzzing this could be the next james bond. >> any british actor that gets a phone call, says would you like to play james bond, there's no
9:32 pm
more enticing question than that. >> he does tell e.t. he hasn't been asked but playing hank williams senior in a biopic has to put him on taylor's radar. >> i spent a lot of time in nashville. >> nashville if that's where taylor cut her teeth and she can really play. ♪ lover boy's part scottish. like ex calvin harris. and he's an animal lover. >> we're supposed to be attached to animals. >> and crazy dance moves. before he and swift boogied at the met gala this week he became the most humbled celeb. >> i gave up looking at those a long time ago. i do love dancing though. i'm looking forward to cutting a rug. >> you know what they say about a man with quick feet. >> what? >> i don't know either. i'm just saying. i like that hiddleston, he's got some flavor. i like him very much. >> you know who else does?
9:33 pm
rob lowe. >> yes, indeed. >> i was kind of bummed as many were when his series at grinder was canceled. >> you shouldn't cry for him, don't shed any tears for rob. the news of the cancelation came days before he started shooting a big-screen comedy, "how to be a latin lover." >> there may or may not be a sequence in this movie where i'm in butt-tight black underwear. cowboy boots and a policeman's hat. >> action! >> rob played a washed-up gigolo trying to woo a wealthy older woman played by raquel welch. he's got competition. the mexican comedian plays rob's rival and friend. >> i can magic what some of the costuming is like. >> i'll make sure -- here. this is a moneymaker. >> i am so proud. i'm like everybody look at this guy. keep your eyes on him. >> he has a crush on the girl at school. >> selma hayek is the on-screen
9:34 pm
sister. >> he's not a very positive influence. >> while the men get a lot of attention, salma says don't underestimate the ladies. >> the ladies are fantastic, extraordinary. they get to be sexy and sassy and bold and funny and great. >> kristen bell joins the cast as a crazy singing cat lady. ♪ welcome to my home >> it's a fun character. she has a lot of cats. she's compassionate toward anything sad or lonely or in distress. >> stay here as long as you like. i'm sure you'll find a way to pay me back. >> stealing the show, 8-year-old rafael alejandro who clearly doesn't need any help when it comes to the ladies. >> i think that -- a woman likes you, she likes you for who you are, not for who you're pretending to be. >> can i take you home?
9:35 pm
>> i have to go wicheck with my mom. >> that little one needs no help getting the girls. he had me like that. >> really? come on, he's so cute. >> he is. straight ahead, our 15-year ride with "the fast and the furious." the first interviews. the premiere. what you never knew. then hollywood remembers "star trek's" anton yelchin. our time on set with the rising star gone too soon. >> i seriously love it. i do really love it,
9:36 pm
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it will consume. >> 27-year-old "star trek" actor anton yelchin was killed in a freak accident at home last weekend. he was crushed by his own car when it rolled down his steep driveway. this all just one month before the release of his big summer movie "star trek beyond." kevin frazier spent time with anton on-set in vancouver and he was a promising light extinguished too soon. >> i'm anton yelchin. i play chekhov in the new "star trek" film. >> it's not easy to step into a role as iconic as that as ensign chekhov. for anton it was. >> i love pushing fake buttons all day. i seriously love it. that sounds cynical but i do love it. it's like being a little kid. >> for anton yelchin the idea of being a little kid was at his very core, for anyone who ever
9:39 pm
knew him or spent time with him his playfulness, an exuberance, contagious. >> these are the types of sandwiches you can order. >> i experienced it when i was with him on the set of the upcoming "star trek beyond" last year. >> my lips are really pink too. >> and he was downright giddy in 2009 when he and costar john cho got their first look at their very own action figures. >> how exciting is it to have your first action figure? apparently very exciting. totally absorbed. >> i grew up playing with these things, now i have one. it's just spectacular. >> but beyond anton's playfulness was a serious actor who knew from the time he was a child that no dream was too big, no goal beyond his reach. >> i want to be an actor, director, writer, and philosopher. >> that's 11-year-old anton back in 2001 doing publicity for
9:40 pm
"hearts in atlantis," a movie in which he costarred with sir anthony hopkins. later he'd work alongside robert downey jr. both his mentors. not bad for a child born in russia to parents who were both professional figure skaters. >> did you ever think that you might be a skater? >> no way. i'm terrible. >> are you? >> yes. >> was that a huge disappointment to your parents? >> i think so. i'm still trying to live that down. >> you've made over 40 movies. >> they don't care. that was their dream for me and they're upset. they are pissed. >> with "star trek beyond" set to open next month, the film marked anton's last journey to that final frontier. reaching for the stars was what he loved best. >> i have the best time sitting here with these people. they're the loveliest, funniest people to be around. it's like such a privilege to be around such intelligent, funny people. it makes the days go by so fast.
9:41 pm
>> i love his exuberance. and he was just a really good guy. our thoughts are with his family and we share the sentiment of so many stars who reacted to this loss. chris evans tweeted, he was thoughtful, kind, and gifted indeed. >> and we are remembering another star gone too soon. paul walker, 15 years ago this week. the "fast and furious" premiere released in honor of the film's anniversary. a time we were on the set and it wasn't called "fast and furious" yet. >> this movie's about cars, girls, and guns. >> doesn't get better than this! >> it's all about the butterflies in the stomach. the adrenaline rush. >> that adrenaline rush wasn't always behind the wheel. >> let's just say i forgot about the lights. i forgot about the crew. >> when we visited the set of the movie, originally called "red line," vin described his
9:42 pm
hookup with michelle rodriguez. >> i haven't done a lot of love scenes. i was fortunate to have someone hike that. >> ironically michelle hadn't even gotten her driver's license before shooting the film. the hardest aspect of driving for me is parking. it's going slow that really gets me. fast really isn't much of a problem. >> see ya! >> i was born and raised in southern california. i've been driving the 405 freeway since i was 16 years old. that's the best training in the world, i think. >> smoking. >> in the story, paul plays an undercover cop who infiltrates vin's street racing gang. walker himself died in a high-speed car crash in 2013. >> if you do race, i guess wear your seat belt and a helmet. i hear when these guys get into car accidents it's gnarly. they're usually at over 100 miles an hour. >> come on. get me a drink. >> paul is genuine and down to earth. >> jordana brewster falls in love with walker. >> he's a beautiful man, it was easy to work with him and look
9:43 pm
into those blue eyes and pretend that i was in love. >> it's been 15 years since "the fast and the furious" held its premiere. we were there too, of course. >> this is great. overwhelming. >> this was paul's first premiere as a leading man. >> pretty wild. i didn't expect this. >> the film opened number one, earning $41 million the first weekend, a hefty sum back then. about a week later we celebrated with vin. >> reaction from your mom? >> what does $41 million in a weekend mean? they're saying it's number one but what does that mean? it means "entertainment tonight" will probably want to do a piece on me. >> i can't get a cab here. >> it also meant that walking down the street unrecognized would soon be a distant memory. >> it's a very strange feeling when you realize that your dream has come true. >> fast cars and icahndy indeed. this franchise is shot all over the world.
9:44 pm
rio, london, tokyo, dubai. "fast 8" is going to be in cuba and iceland. still to come, from team mom to taking charge. over exclusive with jamie lin spears. britney's kid sister talks about being a tabloid daughter and raising an 8-year-old daughter. >> i'm now ready to tell the story. new york housewife bethenny frankel in tears over her health scare. our new at-home interview. >> the surgery gave me a lot of anxiety. it never would have if i weren't a mother. first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, with "ncis los angeles" star once appeared in a commercial with michael jordan? l.l. cool j? eric christian mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash.
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beautiful and extremely talented. she's my little sister. jamie lynn spears! >> aw, britney so proud introducing jimmy lynn at the grabbed old opry in march. she was once a promising child star but jamie lynn's career derailed by scandal when she got pregnant at 16. >> we visited the 25-year-old at home in louisiana for an "e.t. exclusive" as she returns to the spotlight on her own terms. >> i want to try to sing some songs for you all. >> jamie lynn spears' young life is the stuff country music is made of. pain, heartbreak, ultimately redemption. >> let's go back to that moment. what was your initial reaction
9:48 pm
when you discovered you were pregnant? >> i think it's exactly what you would expect. the cliche of oh my gosh. like what do i do? where do i even begin? >> hey, zoe. >> hi. >> hard decisions for any 16-year-old. but when you're a teenaged tv star, even more so. >> i knew the world was going to be watching. and i found out i was pregnant, i made a decision i was going to go home. i bought a house in the middle of nowhere. i said, i'm going to stay here in the middle of mississippi and i've got to grow up, figure out what kind of future to create for my daughter. i was about to have a child at 16. >> things weren't made easier when the paparazzi came to her small town. >> hardest part was trying to figure out why these grown men were following a young girl around who's already going through so much. in the middle of nowhere. i mean, they were pushing at that point. i can understand if i'm sitting in the middle of l.a. it was just -- that for me was the hardest part. >> when i became pregnant the world that i new came crashing down.
9:49 pm
i look back now and i'm like, oh my gosh. >> for the last nine years, jamie lynn has done her best to stay out of the spotlight and raise her daughter maddy, now 8. today, her husband, also named jamie, she's finally ready to resume her career and the first step is a new tlc special "jamie lynn spears: when the lights go out." she hopes it will reintroduce her to the world. >> people met me as a young girl. i needed something to bridge the gap for the world to meet me as an adult, a mother, a woman, a wife, who i am right now in this present moment. >> how scary was it to bring cameras into your life? especially with a young daughter at home. >> it was very scary. i think it's scary any time that you're around cameras. ♪ >> do you foresee yourself having more kids? >> of course. my husband would like kids, like yesterday. i think right now that it would
9:50 pm
be a little selfish of me to have a child right now because i am getting busy. but yes, we want more babies, of course. >> of older sister who also came through rough times? >> any plans to work together in the future in the studio? >> i think it's one of those things that has to happen naturally. you can't plan it out. if it was something we sat down and wrote something or if there was a song, we've got to sing this together. it's got to be a natural thing. it can't be forced. ♪ >> if you could go back, is there anything you would change now about the way you grew up? >> i would say the only thing i maybe would change is that i wish my whole family could all still live together. it would be nice if all our houses were a block away from each other. that would be the best thing in the entire world. >> it's great to hear her being so open. jamie lynn's new single dropped on friday, her first in two years, called "sleepover." she didn't get as many when she was younger? >> there you go. welcome back, jamie lynn spears. to the home of another reality star, real housewife of
9:51 pm
new york city bethenny frankel. things have gotten serious, she's having a real deal health scare playing out on season eight of the show. lauren is the first to stitt down at her home now that doctors know the cause of her medical crisis. >> something felt off. i felt like i wasn't balanced. i had really bad cramps, really bad pain, was kind of experiencing bleeding again. i went to the doctor. and they said that i had cysts and fibroids. >> surgery. >> bethany revealing to "e.t." what's behind her recent health scare. after becoming anemic and losing 10% of her blood she underwent surgery to remove fibroids. >> first he said my uterus grew 50%. >> the fibroids are growing so fast it's like having a baby in there. >> and he's not an alarmist, he was freaking me out. he's like, you're breathing a lot. you have to have a living will, you'll be in the hospital three days. i'm like, what? i'd never heard of this.
9:52 pm
he said a lot of people have fibroids but they don't grow at this pace. >> what was the single scariest moment of it for you? >> the surgery gave me a lot of anxiety. and it never would have if i weren't a mother. it just really was different. do you have a living will? you start to think about crazy things. you think of things differently. you're more emotional. you don't want to go under. >> how much do you think she understood of what was going on? >> she knew something was wrong. she said, is that going to stop your bleeding? she understood. >> the mother of 6-year-old brin has always been open about women's health issues. talking about her own miscarriage on her talk show in 2012. >> it's not really me and my experience. it's about being able to talk about and it women knowing it's so common, it's not their fault. i had a miscarriage which i now think is because of the fibroids which were growing. that was a really bad time. and i think it's the same thing with the fibroids. it's so common. and people don't talk about --
9:53 pm
people talk about money, people talk about their sex lives, they'll talk about infidelity, everything. people don't talk about female issues. >> are you okay? >> we'll see tomorrow morning. >> how did you get through that? >> some of the girls on the show were so surprisingly supportive. tara and ramona and marinda were very, very kind. >> what are you dealing with today? >> making sure i've healed. i have to go back to my next checkup to make sure everything's back together. i definitely feel better. >> you know what it's a good thing she went and got it taken care of. it's very significant. >> and nice she's sharing so it other people feel they can talk about it. >> there's lots of women who go through the same exact thing. as for whether bethany will have another child, she's not sure, she says she's going to let nature run its course. yeah bethany is dating a man who is technically still married. >> which is why she put out this tweet saying, i'm dating a legally married, separated man. so perfect because i'm legally married too.
9:54 pm
bethany told us her personal life is great and being a hopeless romantic, she wants to be able to one day say she's good at the relationship thing.
9:55 pm
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look at all those stars' birthdays this weekend. george michael is 53. ricky gervais 55. carly simon 71. take a final look at your choices. which star once appeared in a special with michael jordan? chris o'donnell, celebrating turning 46 this weekend. >> monday on "e.t.," kevin hart's hilarious message to the burglar that broke into his home. >> if i catch you again -- oh ho ho! >> that's monday. >> we are all out of time. for the late-breaking hollywood news go to >> check out the brand new video from cache for their song called "millionaire." >> off the latest album "blood, sweat and three years" which came out friday. cache hit number one on billboards emerging artist chart. >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody, bye-bye.
9:58 pm
♪ i feel like a millionaire i feel like a millionaire ♪ ♪ whenever she comes around whenever i hear her sound ♪ ♪ i feel like a millionaire i feel like a millionaire ♪ ♪ whenever she comes around whenever i hear her sound ♪ ♪
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thousands of people hit the streets of san francisco to celebrate pride weekend. this year a little different compared to years past. plus, >> the house became involved in a matter of minutes. >> three houses go up in flames tonight as their crews battle a series of fires in east bay. high pressure building in overhead. we have hot weather coming our way, we will tell you where coming up next. a pride events like that before, heavy security measures at every entrance. least taking note chances. it's one of the most popular celebratio f


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