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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 13, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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a primetime fam fallout. two famous brothers, one shocking "the bachelorette" revelation. >> i didn't realize this wound, wa deep as it is. >> the new rodgers family drama we uncover tonight. what aaron's girlfriend, olivia munn revealed to "e.t plus a former "the bachelorette" villain reveals show secrets kept hidden until now. then inside the new jfk junior documentary. memories from his star friends as we open the "e.t." va for our time with john. plus -- ♪ >> our britney exclusive, debuting hermusic. >> i wanted to do something this time tha was different. and -- get ready, new york. "ghostbusters." now for july 12th, 2016 this
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is "entertainmmnt tonight." say what you willlabout "the bachelorette" and reality tv, but last night front-runner jordan rodgers exposed the painful truth about his bro relationship with his nfl superstar brotaaron. and this is real. >> we got a hint of this when we spoke to aaron's girlfriend, olivia munn. she said the brothers don't talk. >> the r rift exposed. >> we don't have that much of a relationship. it's kind of the way he's chosen to do life. i chose to stay close to my family and my parents. >> "the bachelorette," along with most america, was surprised by jordan's revelation that he and his super bowl-winning brother, aaron rodgers, are es >> you guys don't talk at all? >> no, not really. >> aaron's girlfriend, olivia munn, told us something similar in may. >> i excited about your boyfriend's brother being on "the bachelorette." >> is it true? >> i don't know.
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aaron doesn't really -- he's not, i don't think he's really talked with his brother. actually don't know. >> so what happened? >> it's complicated. i'll say that. >> jordan was in a recent podcast. but here's a timeline of what we uncovered. this is the last footage of the brothers together. working out way back in 2011. and vegas in 2014, they hit the red carpet at the same time but pooed at opposite ends. and it doesn't end there. several sources tell "e.t." that aaron is actyestranged from his entire family and has been foryears. we scanned social media. fond the family posted lots photos over the years but we didn't spot aaron in any of them. and there's more drama coming -- jojo asked aaron and jordan's oldest brother, luke, about the rift next week during a home visit. >> we don't balk it a lot. >> we spoke a source close to the family who told us, entire situation is painful for
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the family. >> i did realize this wound was as deep as it is. >> i wonder if we're going find out more on the show. we have to make sure that you've seen th latest and the strangest "the bachelorette" news. a former bachelor sean lowe posted this shot of his newborn son. and he's dressed as dad, i'm guessing, beca that thooe are sean's hands, they're really pale when he was handed out roses. when he posted t photo. but somebody attacked the photo calling it creepy and scary and i tend to agree, it's very creepy, it looos like a coffin. >> he's posed in the death pose. it's 100% crazy agree, i'm sorry to say. from the innocence of a newborn baby we turn to the heartache of addiction. khloe kardashian's ex, lamar odom. you would think almost losing his life after a drug overdose in a brothel last year would have been the wakeup call that he needed.
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but now disturbing new developments. drunk and vomiting. according to a tmz report, lamar odom was guided off a delta airlines flight to new york monday. "e.t." has confirmed that lamar was on that flight. for months khloe has reportedly tried to get her ex to go rehab. the report cites witnesses who odom was drinking heavily in the airport lounge before the flight. after boarding a plane he got up several times to vomit in the bathroom of the aircraft. eventually lamar was escorted off by flight attendants, we reached out to the airline who told us, takes customer privacy seriously and declines to comment fu yesterday a report claims lamar was outside a los angeles strip club before heading to the airport. khloe has reportedly asked renting for him. different scene from sunday's keeping up with the kardashia lamar and khloe appeared to be
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mending their relationship and lamar he reunite khloe with brother rob. >> t what we were talking about the other day when you said, why do i call chloe? >> you guys, oh, my god, i swear. i don't really know. >> you look good, how are you feeling? >> never been better. >> we spoke wi lamar, he appeared hopeful about his future. >> what's next for you, lamar.. >> get back court. >> are you going to try to play again? >> yeah, i sti it. >> interesting time request with the relapse. khloe filed divorce papers for the second time in may and he filed his response four days ago. so the split is not settled yet. new york, "ghostbusters ladies turning the empire state building red. ain't afraid of noheights. they should be afraid of the wind. that'ssat the top of tonight's llst. >> covering up and lighting it up. the empire state building with the last stop on their whirlwind "ghostbusters" blitz to honor a
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comedienne who helped pave the way. >> roseanna danna. >> gilda radner's award for innovation. >> think about her all the time. something in her character and humor that was to the good. >> also in new york, heidi column and tim gunn gushed over leslie jone "ghostbusters" premiere gown. the alum designer christian siriano crafted it last-minute and -- heidi klum and the gang celebrated the 15th season. they're back shooting after heidi's quick wimbledon trip with her 29-year-old boyfriend. finally a modern family daughter fights back. that's ariel winter slipping out of a hot spot last night in a
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super low-cut dress showing off her new ink. >> ariel, how mann tattoos is too many? >> got her fifth tat in as many months. to with this on her upper right thigh and initials. she's proud but today she revealed how haters reacted. >> how dare you destroy yourself like that? it can destroy a person and disgusting what people spend theii time on. britney spears, right now she is hotter than ever. with a brand new song and you're going to get to hear it because she's sharing it with us, first. ♪ ♪ it's the rebirth of britney spears with, her new song, "privatshow." it seems like the star is going in a very mature and different direction. >> "private is inevitably a sexy song.
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>> the track shares the name with her new perfume. >> hi, everyone, it's britney. >> we're behind thes she shot her commercial. she looks phenomenal and is dancing like we haven't seen her do in years. sources say the song will be brightny's ninth studio album. which she's been working on for almos years. >> i'm taking it really slow. ♪ >> "e.t." is practically same age as britney. we've been with the pop icon from the very beginning of h career. back in 2014 she told us she was creating brand new sound. >> it's not teeny-booper, a little more of a rock feel. ♪ >> she hinted at her l rock. with her 2002 cover love rock and roll." but judging by what she said is the inspiration for her new sound, the days of pigtails and sweaty belly dancing may truly be behind her. just different than ever done.
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>> the mom of two has been rebuilding her empire since setting up shop on the vegas trip she extend her planet hollywood contract for two more years, with a reported million price tag. >> i'm all about work right now. and the main thing is to enjoy life and take take one day at a and i try to live that. >> good for her. you can see the world premiere of britney's whole new fragrance ad tomorrow other website. up next, i sit down with spice girl mel b telling you the surprising and sexy way that she lost 30 pounds. >> can we say tha >> i think that's great. the kind of answer that people want to hear about. she's talking to me about the reunion without victoria beckham and sporty spice. is there a feud? later we take a new look the life of jfk junior. rare home movies and never before told story if star
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kick ofd their freedom rockktour on the fourth of july. they'll be putting members of
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actually, i came up with it at the water cooler. but i thought you'd like this cowboy story better. the portobello mushroom buttery jack is back. part of the buttery jack family. taste it before it's gone. welcome back. now look who has joined right here on the set. look who it i >> yeah yeah yeah. >> scary spice, "america's got talent," 40-year-old hot momma of three who dropped 30 pounds recently and looks fantastic. >> i li that. >> i want to jump right into it. you, geri, emma, dropped the big news it's going to be a girls reunion. there seems to be a couple people miss
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victoria? >> they're there in spirit. we have a few little surprises that hopefully everyone will be excited about. >> not like any fighting inside the spite girls, that would be a buzz-kill. >> we come from girl we're all about girl power. we started as five and as in spirit, all five of us are always going to still be there. >> i have to that just you know in case there are some spots that are available? we have a fantastic possible substitute. >> who? >> mel, i love you and you know if one of the girls not coming -- i'm going to be t missing spice girl. i'm going to sweetie spice. >> sweetie spice! >> i sit next to heidi during "america's got talent." she's got the most high-pitched voice you've ever heard in your whole entire i love to you bits, heidi, maybe next time. [ laughter ] talk about this for a second, "america's got talent," number
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one show in the summer. ten years in a row. what do you like most about it? do you like watching the talent act? simon? >> don't forget, he created the show. with his first show that he ever created. so it's kind of have the original person as part of the crew.& and i'm glad that i'm not fired yet. >> now i keep talking about all of this without mentioning the fact that you look a if you had to give me three things that helped you the most to get in the shape that you're in, what would those three things be? >> sex, sex and more sex. can we say that? >> that's great. that's the kind of answer that & people want to hear at i've got some rapid-fire questions for you. >> good. >> do you still keep any your old spice girl costumes? >> of course i do. i have a whole storage space. >> favorite judge on "agt"? >> myself of course. >> who do you double-date with? kim and kanye, mariah and her billionaire fiance james packer, taylor swift and tom hiddleston.
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>> taylor swi want to know why she changes her boyfriends so much. i want live vicariously. >> would you ask her that? >> how did you do it? why did you do it? >> everybody, take a look what we got come up. mel b thanks so mucc for being here. can't wait for the reunion. we'll be back. in pu rather aak the questions. >> 17 years af jfk junior's tragic death, a new documentary and "e.t.'s" flashback, our candid moments with john junior. >> what we're trying to do is get people's attention. plus "the bachelorette" engs posed, new claims from one of the show's most hated villains of all time. >> this is what makes great tv. >> what he says is real and fake. >> my heart is broken. -- captions by vitac --
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we're all made of water. so make every drop amazing. with brita. you are what you drink. drink amazing...with brita.
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how's married life? >> pretty good so far, recommend it. >> that was one of our many nights out in new york with john f. kennedy junior, and charming as alw this saturday will mark 17 years since that tragic plane crash off the coast o martha's vineyard. passing, there's a new documentary about his life. we went back through our "e.t." vault to rediscover all the special moments we've spent with the beloved of camelot. >> in public i would rather ask the questions. >> but i think in any interview what makes it interest is you reveal a little bit of yourself. >> what do you think about all of this attention, john, is it kind of embarrassing? >> a little bit. >> his fame transcended that of many hollywood stars. notoriously private, he opened up when we asked him about handling the press attention after m carolyn bessette. >> it's been all right. i sort of probably a little bit more of a jarring change for my wife. but she'll get used to itt >> now, a new spike tv document"i am jfk junior"
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shows us another side of john through kennedy family home movies. and through the eyes his celebrity friends. >> he lived his life the way he wanted to and was able to deal with people recognizing >> he done crowned king with king privileges, h didn't want them. >> cnn's cristiane amanpour was one of jf junior's housemates when they were in college. >> very much a kennedy. very devoted to his family, to >> the man "e.t." knew y. trying to shed his sexiest man alive image. he became a journalist. founded the political magazine, "george." >> what we're trying to do is get people's attention and entertain people about politics. because wefigure, you entertain people, get them interested. if you get them interested, th they may get involved. >> it was john's idea to have celebrities on the cover historical outfits. he would o interview the stars themselves. kennedy told us he chose tom hanks f cover because the oscar winner was enchan with
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our program which was spearheaded by president kennedy. our space program. >> he's been an enthusiastic follower of the space program since he was a boy. he tells us about sitting in his parents' volkswagen pretending it was the gemini space capsule. and they c as we are oriented towards american history and finding the entertainment potential in that, it was a natural to include him. >> john tried to shrug off celebrity, but through his magazine forged an alliance with hollywood. >> a magazine can't aspire to preach to people because it gets boring. but if you entertain them, hopefully the right things will follow. >> well you saw john junior mention tom hanks' parents. there's some sad news today, tom's mother, janet, has passed away. tom posted this wonderful photo in remembrance of his mom saying quote, she was the difference in many lives, lives. so very sweet. probably where he got his niceness from. >> our thoughts are with tom and
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his family. we got to talk about someone who is not so sweet, america's most-haaed "bachelor" of all times. chad johnson. >> i think he loves being hated. >> chad is soaking it up, because here h is as muscle beach ii venice, california, where you go to be seen. and check out this instag working on a six-pack. >> come on. >> i've got to tell everybody & he's the oneewh added these super -- >> mental, do not add the slow-mo when i'm posting my workout shots. >> was chad born to be a rea show villain or was he created? we talked to a former "the bachelorette" bod boy, says he knows, because it happened to him. >> every single season. this is what the producers want. this i what makes great tv. >> on season six, wrestler justin rego was the suitor we loved to hate. confronted by "the bachelorette" ala fedotowsky because he had a girlfriend backhome.
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>> it's awful, unspeakable what you've done. >> rego said it wasn't exactly like that. >> i knew al wasn'tme. i wanted to go home but they wouldn't le >> how did he end up playing the villain? pustin claims there's a f that begins early on in casting. just take a look at audition tape. >> i am mr. rated r. one thing you should know about me is that i little bit of professional wrestling. >> i did use my wrestling name, justin rated r rego that was the first question they asked me, what's with your name? i told them i was awrestler. >> the second element involvespying the villain against the other guy, something we've seen with bad boy chad. >> when you attack me, there's nothing i can do. >> justin claims on season the other suitors were forced t wam him bond with ali. >> they had all the guys witness that. when when they were doing interviews with them, you they could them hey, what do you
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think about that? >> getting off about this. >> as soon as i realized that all eyes were me, i'm like, great. >> that brings us to element three, rego says the producers pull all the strings behind the scenes. >> this is the best way to explain it. they're puppet masters, they will do what they can do to get the result they still want. >> case in point, justin's dramatic exit from the show. >> i did not want them to get footage. and ironically, i gave them the best footage ever of me. justing through bushes and stuff like that they'll ask you the same questions over and again. they'll ask you when you're sober and they'll ask y when you're drunk. >> what do you think of chad in. >> he's a different type of villain than i was. i was more, i would like to think i was a little more charming. i would probably get into a fist fight if i was in the house with him. >> the bottom line, these guys, said these things and they do these things. they, nobody can make them that. >> i like the ti of a
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charming villain. one pore thing we know about reality show villains is they keep coming back we expect to see ch weeks from today, he's got to be part of "bachelor in paradise" which begins airing august 2nd. >> i say bring it on. superhero skres c her hero sec
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reveal? find out on that's all the time that we have for tonight. >> join us tomorrow for more of our exclusive memories with jfk junior. bye, eve before the new documentary,o a rare glimpse into john junior and caro bessette's love story. >> i think it's sort of fabulous. >> uncovered footage from our "e.t." vault. and our comic-con countdown
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begins with the "star trek" beyond exclusive. only "e.t." is on set chris pine for all t "the insider," tracking biggest stories making news today. number one -- whoopi goldberg reups on "the view," but for how long? >> it's a minute to minute, day to day. >> why she's returning with new strict demands. >> abc understandably doesn't want to commit to a long-term contract. then the queens of hip hop unite. ♪ ♪ >> and everybody's paying tribute. >> they made a huge contribution to you know hip hop culture. >> why is beyonce's bee-hive stinging mad? and number three, hollywood's got pokemon go fever! >> i'm your host level 17 pokemon master jimmy fallon. but, can trying to catch them all be dangerous? >> all you need is one distracted driver and one distracted pokemon go player.


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