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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 15, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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and leo's many loves over the years have mostly been models, just like nina. dated model rafaeli for five years and was with gisele bundchen for five years before she wed tom brady. sources say the danish supermodel who once dated adam levine leo court her before agreeing to go out with him. she didn't want to be another one of his models. >> we have more news to get to. nischell turner has the story. the new pop showdowns today. >> i'm excited to share this song with you the first time. katy perry and britney ssears just released surprise new singles. katy, a rio olympic anthem. and britney, a sexy summer jam called "make me." >> well, britney shot to the top of itunes first, dethroning her ex, justin timberlake's "can't stop the feeling."
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she tweeted this is an incredible feeling. a few hours katy hit number one. >> katy going to get a lot of exposure when this song in olympic time. but britney's in the pole position. it's a happier song. it's summer it might be a britney time. >> the bat sl strictly business. britney and katy are friends who just happen working on albums. >> i love katy perry, yeah, she's great. >> britney seemed to love this, katy had a lot of fun throwing back to britney and jt's infamous al denim red carpet look. >> we're talking about one pop star who looks up tanooher. social media strategy. britney tteeted her super sexy cover art all insane abs and bedroom hair. meanwhile katy instagramed a caref worded message. >> let's be inspired. >> katy perry is actually talking to you. in the roll-out of tte song, yeah. point katy perry. >> let's heal. let's unite.
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and >> and while katy perry is in rumorednemesis, taylor swift is still down under taking more hits from her haters, the loudest? kim kardashian. >> i've had it. just playing the victim. it got her a lot of attention the first time. >> take this, as today's in -- how stars throw down when it comes ex loves and wars. definitely team cal kim, throws shade at taylor. in a new "keeping up wi the kardashians" clip kim outs taylor saying she was totally in on the lyric for "famous." >> called him, she even helped him rewr so wild. >> next move, use social media to take sides. kim mesh and snapc them dancing to calvin's song. we're with the sisters at
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opening of a restaurant where they partied with how convenient, calvin. he showed up around 11:30 p.m. kim, what did you think of calvin's comments about taylor? >> as of this minute? team calvin includes katy perry, kim-yai and kennal. and taylor includes tom, her girl squad and -- >> taylor swift is on the gold coast as well. has she visited the state? >> i haven't -- looks happy, mate, you know. >> hiddleswift had a little date night. went tochris's film, "ghostbusters." here's the details we any. the couple show a half an hour late and snuck in through the loading dock. but they weren't alone. were with -- 11 security guards. we have been dazzled by blake lively's maternity fashion display in new york. but style runs in the famil because blake's beau, ryan
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reynolds tops tonight's know and tell. ryan stepped out in new york city looking sharp in a blue suit and showing off new bling on his wrist. blake has been seen around the big apple promoting her new movie, "cafe society" night it was ryan's turn as had his new polo watch. >> there's very few items th men carry throughout their lives. a watch is one of them this is one of the things hope to some day pass on to my kids. i've got daughter's initials on the back. >> in l.a., jessica simpson's husband stepped out, that tells the story of eric's former teammate, stevegleason. diagnosed with arls. nancy ride certificate battling als herself and nick cannon played it coy regardi rumors he's been getting cozy with
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tlcchili. >> i would say ask her what the situation is. ask her, she's an outstanding and amazing woman. i've known her so many years. we've been friends. you get the opportunity to spend time together. myself, i'm rushing this day when it comes to being single. i'm damaged goods. i don't really know -- >> and finally, more than two years after announcing their conscious uncoupling, chris and gwen are divorced. gwynneth and chris haveremained close while co-parenting their ch it hasn't even been a month since 27-year-oldyelchin,
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che checkov died in a freak accideet as his c crushed him in his driveway. >> we sat down with chris pine and all the stars of "star tre todaa, we definitely felt the black hole that anton's passing leaaes in the "star trek" universe. ♪ ♪ >> i t obviously horrific and really challenging and ultimately very private experienc us. the senselessness of that no one could really fathom. >> he was the greates guy, he had the warmest laugh. and he w smartest guy in the room. yet, he was very humble it you wouldn't know it. >> they've worked together for eight years and the cast has stuck together through tloss. we saw them at the london premiere where new cast sophia butella wowed on carpet. how about the guys? >> we're all kind of styling. i always say t this is the gayest straight man that i've ever with in my entire life.
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>> we shop more than them. >> we meet in the bar before the premier, before we go and there will be a lot of, whew! >> very competitive. pine. he takes a lot of time and effort for the cut of his suit. >> diversity is part of the story in "star trek beyond" with the bold decision to reveal that sulu is gay. >> everybody is talking about the decision to make him gay. what are your thoughts about that? >> i think it's grea all you have to do is look at the reactions and they' been so overwhelmingly positive.& especially from young p >> the larger issue is it's about time that a world like "star trek" has a character that happens to be gay. and then let's get on with it it's not a big dea it's not the plot. it's just something that's right to do. >> another surprise, rihanna's new song for the film, so "star trek"-worthy. >> rihanna was a huge trekkie. ♪- yeah, love it. ♪
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>> still ah the "bachelorette" finalist we caught stripping do plus, how these women went from this -- to thi we have their inspiring weight loss journey. literally lost half of my body. the doctor snapchating from the operating room. pushing the boundaries on patient privacy. our first at jennifer garner's new movie with an osc winner turned into a
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starting next thursday -- "e.t." takes you inside the comic-con chaos. with hollywood's ho stars. fans losing their m star-struck celebs. we're in the middle of the madness, floor-to-ceiling coverage over multiple plat forms as it happens, live. >> are we live? >> if you're not hanging with "e.t." you're not part of the
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action. next week on there's always big surprises at comic-con. and we're going t on the lookout for this year, it's rumored that ben affleck might make an appearance for his epic superhero movie "justice league" we're going to catch it. >> bring it so many great films getting represented this year. meanwhile the fur is flying for why jennifer garner stars with kevin spacey in the cat comedy "nine lives." >> kevin is a billi workaholic who has neglected his family. jen's his he's about to undergo the freakiest feline switch-upever. >> he has an accident and -- his soul pops into the body of cat. >> so -- wait a minute. i'm a cat. >> he had bought this cat from christopher walken. that tells you there's going to be something whacko and magical
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wonderful in the film. >> you ha one week to reconnect with them or you're going to be stuck inside that cat. for the rest of your life. >> rounding out the cast, the flash's robamel and sheryl hines. >> that cat is soweird. >> got to show them i'm human! >> something to look out for this family comedy -- the floors. set decorators paid close attention to thedesign. since most of the movie was shot from kevin's cat point of view. >> it's a huge part of the reason i wanted to do the film. >> make cat hands. >> i should have landed on the knives. >> seriously mr. fuzzy pants and also i just like saying the name. >> it kind of sounds w in a way. >> a little played by six different cats. each one is trained to perform a different set of tasks. i didn't know you could train cats. >> i thought cats trained us,
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actually. still ahead -- >> ribs, cheese fries loaded. >> real women, real dramatic weight loss stories. how these ladies all dropped over 100 pounds without surgery. then, meet the plastic surgeon making headlines for posting his patient's procedures on snapchat. would you let him operate on you? -- captions by vitac --
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> . getting down to the wire for "bachelorette," on monday's new episode, jo jo heads home with each of the final four suitors. for robbie, that means busting out a horse and carriage. >> i like to be here with you. >> today, some sexy modeling photos of the 27-year-old former pro swimmer have surfaced. and the guy's got abs fordays, posing shirtless in jeans, swim trunks and well, not much else. and it looks as if all the hours in the pool paid off. and we've got your first pics of jordan rodgers he
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revealed that he estranged from his brother, green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers. he was channeling his inner britney with that oversized headset. if jordan doesn't win over jo jo, maybe he's got a future with top diva. that's not the way dr. miami operates. the controversial plastic surgeon who started snapchating his procedures live. crazy, right? well guess what, it's led to a big tv deal. good morning, everybo name is michael. they call me dr. miami. >> welcome ack to the e.r. room. first is a butt lift. >> i have two full time social med assistants. all they do all day is snapchat and answer questions and comments. >> give her a little bump here to curve that out. >> 44-year-old michael salzhower
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says he only started snapchating after instagram deleted his account. >> i posted before and after pictures. i guess we showsed too much skin. >> the father five's only daughter suggested snapchat. >> i said isn't for sexting? she said dad, they have this new feature, a story f they signed a consent form and it kept growing. now we get a a million and a half viewers a day. >> dr. says about two thirds of his patients sign away their privacy. >> we don't give discounts for being on the snapchat. paat of the thing. they'll request certain songs to be played during thesurgery. they'll want to shout-out their cousin or sister or something. and write messages on their back. >> the surgery posts are graphic, we can't show you here. >> what kind of braid should i use. >> with so much stuff already on the snapchat, what can the
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doctor's fans expect see on his upcoming tv show? >> the reality show will show things i'm not able to show on the snapchat. can't follow patients home to recovery. you're going to see other perspectives. >> no question, this doctor is one of a kind. >> maybe he should stick to surgery. the filming of "dr. miami" should start soon. there are no plastic surge short-cuts in the next story. we're used to seeing stars as in celeb on the cover of "people" magaz these women are stars for dropping 100 pounds and we join them today to find how they did it. >> i would have a stack ribs, the cheese fries loaded. apple sauce we would go out for dessert and then usually to end the night off, a 12-pack of tacos. mckenzie would then wash all of that down with many as 15 cans of soda a today, she's a fraction of her
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former size. the 16-year-old is 5'5" and has lost 102 pounds. we've got the end of middle school whe realized she needed to reboot what she ate. >> 13 years old and 223 pounds and i'm fitting into a size 22 grad dress. that was something that just was not sitting well with me and then i got to high schoo and i felt alienated. i w walking the hallways and i felt like every single person was l at me. mckenzie's key to losing was eating small meals and this issue, five different women share their inspiring paths to natural weight loss. >> the five ladies that we featured in this issue have lost a of 550 pounds. >> rebecca glasson also had weight wake-up call. >> i had gotten to the point, i was 23 years old and i ballooned up to 246 pounds, i gotten to the point where i heavier than ever had ever been in my life. i kept finding new stretch
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marks, i couldn't recognize myself in photos any more. rebecca has lost 104 pounds, she fits into a size 4 and weighs 142. so how did she do it? diet a exercise and cooking light. >> i just learned t you can make food taste good without coating it in you know, cheese and things like that. >> once embarrassed to look at pictures of herself. today she says she's happier than she's ever been. >> i've literally you know, lost half of body. i'm a completely different person now. >> well of course social media is a great motivating fact rebecca started posting selfies of her progress on instagram account. now she has mo than 67,000 followers. our "entertainment tonight" question, star made up a middle name because another star had the same? >> i'm going to g with jennifer love hewitt. because it's a nice name.
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>> we'll be back with the answer. "gilmore girls"
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revival. all on . >> announcer: travel consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show, eve in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which star made up a middle name because another actor had the name? that is brian austin gg who turns 34 today. >> season three of "powe is abo start, network's most-watched drama.
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>> bye, everybody. >> secret number one, style. you got to look fierce when you're a new york citnightclub owner/drug lord trying to go legit. >> when i'm not wearing a suit, i look pretty freaking incredible. >> secret numbtwo, sex. amar'i's approach to shooting the steamy scenes. >> i love to oilmyself down. >> when you watch it, you're like, oh, i did that? secret number three -- f cent. the rapper co-stars and executive produces the series, compared to "empire." >> the characters c from a world similar. i do understand them and i'm okay with them.
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