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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 27, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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♪ i am living with mental illness. >> being a celeb confessions as the stars party in philly. the back-stage moments you didn't see. >> i was stunned. then a cosby show kid's shocking split. why rudy huxtable's husband is demanding a divorce a week after she announced she's pregnant. and our behind the scenes with mariah carey, why she's throwing shade at the kardashians. and we're with the guys just cut by "bachelorette." >> it was a hard break-up between jo jo and i. >> our exclusive men tell all preview. what trouble is bad boy chad getting into now? >> are you kidding me? ♪ now for july 26th, 2016 this is "entertainment tonight." hi, thanks so much for joining us. >> let's get started. we're in philadelphia for tonight's top story. the dnc goes hollywood.
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>> like millions of americans, i am living with mental illness. i stand here today as proof that you can live a normal and empowered life with mental illness. >> demi lovato, who has been open about her struggle with bipolar disorder. kicked off the star power here at the convention in philly with a speech about the need for mental health funding. minutes later she got the crowd going with the question -- what's wrong with being confident? ♪ ♪ >> "e.t." was there as oscar winner meryl streep hit the stage for her run-through this afternoon. also rehearsing? elizabeth banks. lady gaga, who performs thursday night was snapped leaving a new york bar yesterday where she was watching convention coverage. and actor tim daly with me talking about art imitating life. >> you come from the show "madam secretary," and "madam secretary" is now going to be in real life the nominee. what does that mean for our country? >> well i think we should feel
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good. i think that it's high time that we had a woman nominee for president. >> and everyone still talking about sarah silverman. who made her first public appearance since posting about her near-death experience and she blasted the bernie sanders diehazard. >> you're being ridiculous. >> i was stunned, i thought she was phenomenal. and gutsy. >> we spotted susan sarandon, an avid bernie sanders supporter and the subject of this gif, the post reads, susan sarandon is having literally the worst time at the dnc. just after it was posted, susan retweeted the image with one word "accurate." and finally, this was hilarious. >> at the podium. >> weasel. >> not the right podium. >> "late show" host steven colbert and his "hunger games"
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costume. it took quite a few attempts, it was brief but he finally did it before being pulled away by security. >> i'm not one to gloat, but i won! yeah, stephen. a lot of people were upset with bernie sanders's speech at the podium. not because of what he said, but how long he took. he delayed the start of "bachelorette." what is this world coming to? i mean seriously. but listen, not one but two guys actually got the boot last night. i mean this is big. we were with jo jo and the boys to find out what were they thinking at the brutal moment of truth. >> we'll never know what we could have had. >> not that. i'm sorry. shocked. what was going through your mind at that moment? >> just, the uttermost disbelief i've ever had in my life. especially in a relationship. every day rior to that, jo jo and i were just growing closer
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and closer. it really was a shock for me to go through that, that night. so i think my face said it all. >> if you think luke's exit was sad, chase got it even worse, jo jo cut him last night, too. right after he said i love you. no night in the fantasy suite for him. >> you didn't give it a chance. you never gave it a chance. >> i'm sorry. >> it's a hard break-up between jo jo and i. my initial reaction was shock and despair. i mean it doesn't make sense. p> i knew no matter how much time we spent together that night. that it wouldn't, just amount to what my feelings were for the other guys. >> jo jo will face luke and chase tonight along with the rest of her eliminated guys on the "men tell all" special. that means the return of bad boy chad. we've got your exclusive sneak peek after chad spent time with the exes of his fellow contestants. >> your actions after jo jo's o season speaks volumes about the person you are. robbie's ex, my ex, you've gone
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so far out of your way. can you have both of those girls, all right? you dated grant's ex-girlfriend and you dated robbie's ex-girlfriend? >> yes, since you've been on the show. >> i've hung out with them. >> like, like, out of all the people, out of all the girls could you go after, you go after them. >> i like to know there's guys that pretend to be good guys. >> hey, chad. >> chad who we caught taking a shirtless stroll. told us he's misunderstood. >> the way i was in the house sometimes was maybe portrayed a little weird. >> what about a bad chad "bachelor" spin-off. >> are you getting your own show? >> if i did, i just want to watch the thing, i tell you that. >> where he is very entertaining, but it's not likely that chad is going to be the next "bachelor." but luke and chase reveal they're both in discussions to come back. i would have to pick out of the two. they're both really cute, but i think i'd have to go with luke. >> i'm going with chad. my vote's with chad.
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>> that's wrong. >> i think he's so entertaining. let's get you up to speed on the drama in lindsay lohan's love life. she had an skploesive argument with her fiancé, egor tarabasov. she shouted that he tried to strangle her. that's lindsay's 22-year-old fiancé, russian multimillionaire, egor tarabasov moving things out of a london home after she accused him of abuse. a source tells "e.t." the man standing watch is lohan's body guard just hired to prevent egor from re-entering the apartment. where is lindsay? we're told she's on a private yacht in france. this pic captioned nothing but love. lohan is in the same black shirt she wore sunday fleeing london after her fight. while egor has not been charged with a crime and hasn't been
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available for comment, there is another twist. the woman in the middle. before the blow-up lindsay accused her fiancé of cheating wwth a mutual friend. instagraming video of his outing with her at a nightclub. we spoke to the designer who denies any affair and calls lohan irrationally jealous. dasha says after her fight lindsay deccded to reveal my personal information including my home address and my mobile number. i received death threats from her crazy fans. she adds she's considering taking leeal action unless lohan apologizes. lindsay is facing criticism she had begged for privacy. us to be to solve our personal matters. her page lit up with comments calling lindsay a hypocrite for posting about it first. her response today? quote i am sorry that i've exposed certain private matters recently, i was acting out of fear and sadness. >> it's all so messy. another post that recently got a lot of attention was by
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former cosby kid, keshia knight pulliam. last week she told the world she is pregnant. so why is her husband now want out? >> yes, i am expecting my first baby! a little baby girl. she is so spoiled already. >> keshia seemed happy, annnuncing her pregnancy with her husband, ed hartwell. they were married on january 2rd. now all that excitement is mixed with divorce drama. yesterday hartwell filed for divorce and one report claims he wants a paternity test. hartwell claims the marriage is irretrievably broken. reportedly stating such as constant disagreements on life-changing decisions that couples typically make together. >> i'm your friend. >> no, you're my daddy. >> now he's known keshia since she was a child. playing the adorable rudy huxtable on the "cosby show."
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she's been mostly out of the hollywood scene, living in atlanta and focusing on her marriage and podcast. we saw her in 2013 on the celebrity reality dieting show "splash" and with trump in 2015 on celebrity "the apprentice." now keshia's marriage is in jeopardy. it seems hartwell believes she is cheating or it wasn't a planned pregnancy. >> we have one more update for you. former 90210 star shannon doherty has been documenting her battle with breasth breast canc sharing a series of photos. she just shared this new one with her head completely shaved as she undergoes treatment she who are helping her pull through this and our thoughts are out there with her, too. up next, your tv favorites are back to work with so many new shows this fall, we reveal the top six shows to watch. then mariah carey reveals her biggest divorce regret. plus we're with hollywood's newest "it" couple, alicia
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vikander and michael fassbender. but first, chris pine at the premiere of his new film "hell or high water." chris and ben foster plaa a pair of bank-robbing brothers and their bond seems to extend beyond the screen. >> blood brother of mine now. i mean he's a brother. >> to build a rapport with sommone is always -- >> tricky. >> it's that it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable.
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summer vacation is over for some of your favorite stars, "scandal" cast back to work, nice photo. while "modern family" stars posed for this piccure-perfect shot. meanwhile, there are a lot of new shows headed our way this fall. but which ones deserve a spot in your dvr? we're going network to network to pick the top six new shows of the season. so here's "e.t.'s" list of the ones to watch. >> eagle is gone. >> sir, you are now the president of the united states. >> kiefer sutherland may have left jack bauer behind, but is
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taking the drama with him in abc's "designated survivor." he plays a cabinet member who unexpectedly becomes the president after a catastrophic paris attack. our favorite is "pitch," the first female pitcher in major league baseball. >> tonight a girl is going to be the lead sports story in the world. >> mark-paul gosselaar, ali t larter and mark consuelos are also called to bat and don't miss. >> in "ncis" fans get their michael weatherly fix, playing a character inspired by dr. phil's early days as a trial consultant. >> 93% of all communication is nonverbal. you've been testifying since day one. and next, to nbc, "this is us" a family dramady that can fill the parenthood void. >> this is the biggest moment of your life. which one of you is pregnant?
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mandy moore, milo ventimillia and sterling brown shine. >> i found my father. >> and finally the cw delivers two shows we can't pick between. the first is "frequency" a reimagining of the 2000 film of the same name which starred dennis quaid. >> what's your name? >> price. >> our other favorite is "no tomorrow" this rom-com, evie meets the man of her dreams. there's one earth-shattering problem. >> eight months, 12 days left on earth. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> the apocalypse is coming. >> yeah, kind of wrecks the relationship. >> are these stars glam or us? which a-list star did we catch on a beer and barbeque run?
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then move over brad and angelina. we're getting hollywood secrets witt hollywood's newest it couple. and does mariah carey need her own entrance music at dinner. her latest reported diva demands. >> i will not be seated in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses. fluorescent lighting without sunglasses. -- captions by vitac --
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now are these stars glam or us? first up, mcconaugheyys grocery grab. matthew was very us in malibu yesterday, grabbing some food, beer, and barbeque supplies at a local market. dressed down in comfy sweats and a t-shirt. the dad of three was looking all right all right all right. meanwhile in beverly hills, zoe saldana's and sharon stone's
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rug run. the pair was spotted looking casual, browsing for rugs. while it's very us to go shopping with your gal-pal. it's glam when you're both megamovie stars, later sharon showed us she's still like us, heading to the salon for a pedicure. over in orlando, gwen's disney destination. dressed in denim, stefani and her three sons visited the magic kingdom. while there's nothing more us than a trip to disney, only glam gets a professal photo shoot with mickey. heidi klum's glam arrival. the model and mom of four might be the only person who can pull off this head-to-toe look while arriving at l.a.x., green shirt, pants and a birken bag. what's more glam than that? mariah carey, who else would open up about divorce while wearing a corset and fishnets.
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p7♪ ♪ >> kind of like mariah's uniform, right? i look at my cleavage red gown. black see-through lingerie. surrounded by half-naked men wearing masks and a eyes wide shut-like photo shoot. she gives us more than something to loox at in "complex" magazine throwing shade at kardashians. quote some of us talk about other people and what they do. and la la la, but i'm not that person. code, the series, "mai mariah's world" will not be like their show at all. other people want to be shady. if they want to be shady. that's fine. >> i don't know them, i've never met them before. >> mariah's regret about her split with nick cannon has to do with her kids. she admits quote, i never
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thought i would have babies with someone and then get divorced. like oh, great job, repeat your past, end quote. as for her upcoming wedding to husband number three, she laughed when it's described as a merger and then there's thee issue that mariah has taken being a diva to a whole new level. >> i have a rule that states i will not be seated in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses. >> mariah demands her own entrance music and it has to be her own. and sunday the 46-year-old james and her fiancé walked into a quiet restaurant in italy, to a m mi-mi playlist. she's got 18 number one hits. but mariah has never done what >> listen to this stat, hard to
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believe that sia is the first woman over 40 to hit number one on the billboard hot 100 in 16 years. the last woman to do it was madonna, who was 42 when "music" reached the top. sia turned 40 last december. alicia vicknder won the oscar for "the danish girl" michael fassbender has been nominated a couple of times himself. now they're in a new romantic drama, but it's not all hollywood make-believe. -pthese two are a couple off-screen as well. they really haven't talked about it much. until they met our carli. >> this film rests on the chemistry, you guys nailed that was it instant or a slow burn. >> it was there from the beginning, really. >> they're hollywood's newest "it" couple. we're calling them fass-kander. you know michael's roles in the "x-men" franchise and steve jobs and alicia is in the new "jason
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bourne" movie. they were totally comfortable together and complimenting each other every chance they got. >> did you audition together? what was the process? >> we had met during a film festival. just on the reading. >> where all great meetings happen. >> we kind of, we met properly at the rehearsal. and -- >> you're a good dancer. i saw you -- >> i thought that, too, until she started dancing, then i felt like i had two left feet. >> i remember it -- >> you were busting a move. >> yeah, you were. >> there was a lot of dancing in the mornings, actually. >> it was cold. >> it was on the set of the movie "the light between oceans" that their feelings for each other developed. alicia and michael play a married couple raising a child they rescued from a rowboat adrift at sea. >> to be loved by you. allows me to feel again. very fierce performer and very brave, you know, she
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definitely has all of those things to say. it's impressive to see. people may not realize how emotionally draining an intense drama like this is, but michael says he normally never goes to bed before midnight. he was passed out every night by 9:00 while they were filming. >> hope alicia is not a night owl. we'll be right back.
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ok, you're elbow deep up the business end of a turkey, and we're gonna serve sunday dinner off a counter wiped with jasmine sparkle? i got salmonella just thinking about it. me too. you want clean, get a cleaner with bleach in it.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- demi lovato gets personal on live tv. >> i stand here today as proof that you can live a normal life with mental illness. >> how the pop star is shattering the stigma of her health crisis. >> people who have mental illness are not somehow cut off from society. then michelle obama's fashion takes center stage. we're inside flotus' gmc style. >> she does know her body. know what looks great on her. and forbes releases their list of the richest country stars. >> try to keep up. hang on. >> we're counting down nashville's cash kings and queens. who's number one? plus our "insider" bonus, the gorgeous and glowing ladies of the summer baby bump brigade.


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