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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 3, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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bus crash. investigators have not been able to talk to the people that were injured. yesterday morning in merced county. it is here with latest details including a revised death toll. >> catherine: after checking with local for people like that of the crash of the five initially reported it was a terrible very confusing scene some people lost limbs and the signpost is shared right to that but today the bus was pulled off a paul any conceit how deeply it had cut into the bus. >> catherine: zebulon board that is less, including the driver. besides the four who died seven suffered major injuries. 16 others minor to
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moderate injuries. and one passenger is claiming that the bus was trying to pass another vehicle which did not allow the driver to get five affected what effectively running an offering of. festive air still be a long time for the have the real answers. >>: all the components are being gathered all what, statements information to go through. it will take months for us to get the to the bottom of everything. was of a driver fatigued to? potential medical episode? some type of the distraction by a felon or other means? >> catherine: little girl is the driver's granddaughter messrs. tennant unable to talk to get some family members claimed her
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room. >> vicki: lack of progress in contract negotiations. >> reporter: the thickeners have left for the day being a all of that's all in. chase. a clear as a pure employees of headline among the and carly prate page to part-
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time jobs along with her work to the court. >>: for gas in treasuries but other are for rent and car payments and the big bill that have. but that might two part- time jobs out not be able to survive. the court says employees are being given a final contract offer monday. to 10 percent pay hike on average. >> reporter: reseda is not enough. it's the >> reporter: not struck should on the courthouse things were not at this business as usual. , no one really knows when this case will be heard. and then the big concern as he cannot just tell these people come back another day. . >> reporter: business book of delays meant everything was just as normal others say. mrs. will continue the to the work stoppage. >> reporter: the work stoppage is expected to continue tomorrow they will be out here
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at 730 but what happens to possible court says that will that can happen assemblies arrested in the process in due time so far has not happened. they do not believe it will. . >> vicki: a man acting as a tutor has been arrested charged with molesting a 15 year-old girl of. this is the mug shot of 51 year-old thomas reed charged with 10 felony counts in connection with the ongoing of molestation of the girl. police say what the fed occurred at a private residence that at school other educational institutions. the departments of the items listed is seeking information that could tyree's other possible victims of. when arrested roux was already in jail in connection with an unrelated matter. >> vicki:a big break in the case of a teenager sexually assaulted while working at a community pool in concord. investigators now have video of a suspect.
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kron4's haaziq madyun was there with police when investigators saw the video for the first time. >>:"so this is the guy" "oh yeah, you got it! yeah!" "the same description as she gave" >> reporter:this is surveillance video of man suspected of sexually assaulting a teenage lifeguard here at the walnut country crossings swimming pool in concord. investigators say this is the big break they were looking for "yeah, and from what the homeowner association was telling us, the witnesses that actually saw the suspect that day who looked at the video and said that was the suspect in question" >> reporter:the video was recorded last sunday just before 6pm here outside the club house >> reporter: >>:"very suspicious, looks like he is checking the area to see if there is any adults present, he is at a community pool where there are children in the pool, you can see him walking up the stairs, when he gets to the top of the stairs, checks his surroundings, hikes up his pants, then heads back down the stairs" investigators say minutes later
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the sexual assult of a teenage girl happened in this shed. the suspect got away before police arrived. he is described as a hispanic male in his 40's wearing a grey and orange t- shirt, blue jeans and white running shoes. the president of the cowell home owners association says a resident saw a man matching this description >>:"we did get a response from one homeowner, that her daughter had been on the tennis court and also seen this individual and he was hanging around that area, this was about an hour before the incident at the pool" >> reporter:concord police investigators say with the help of this video and more witnesses coming forward, it's just a matter of time before they track this guy down and get him off the street. before he sexually assaults someone concord haaziq madyun kron4news
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>> grant:in the east bay. the oakland unified school fire burning since july 22nd now the burden more than 45. 5,000 a.. one person as a result that bulldozer checkrein down a ravine in the blaze still under 25 percent contained. investigators determined unintended campfire is the cause of the flame and the area is marked with signs having campfires officials consider what penalties the people who started the fire should be facing. >> britteny: with speeds are fairly light as the deficit
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might hour into the afternoon we see breezy conditions. the closer look at the area we are talking about outside winters near lake berryessa. speed the sustained in the south of 40 m.p.h. and the rest of tonight please continue to see reconditions and then into tomorrow morning again you notice most wind speeds back in the single digits then into the afternoon tomorrow we see another round of reconditions when speed sustained at 13-1/4 to 17 mi. per hour for our region. temperatures at 88 conquered 86 in livermore. 82 livermore, nine degrees in san jose 57, half the day. >> britteny: firestorm tracker shows that we're seeing low hanging clouds here right along the coast fishery what that looks like on the satellite's radar shot here into. the rest of tonight we will continue to see a stronger onshore flow
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developed that means our temperatures will take a little bit of a hit as we head into tomorrow between 35 degrees for 63 severances as a, and but not up to it now but 834 and yak 84 for livermore 77 degrees and the high for san jose. the how much cooler we will get a week and forecast of coming up about 15 minutes. >> grant: district under investigation. after a 9-year- old autistic boy was allegedly restrained nearly 100 times in one school year. >> vicki:then. a memorial for a teen who was killed by a freight train almost three years ago. is vandalized. the confrontation caught on video. >> grant:and. he spent nearly two decades on the force but now s-f-p-d is saying goodbye.
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>> grant:the u-s department of education has ruled that the oakland unified school district discriminated against an student who has autism. >> vicki:this after they found that the 9 year old had been restrained close to one hundred times in less than a year at one east bay special needs school. >> grant:kron4's maureen kelly first brought this student's story to light back in may. tonight she has details on the impact of this ruling. >>:it really hurt and i was screaming like no stop >> reporter:stuart candell is drawing me a picture of what would happen to him in school when he was nine years old. it's called a prone restraint.and it happened to him 92 times in 11 months when
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he attended the anova center for education in concord. >>:it's the most dangerous form of restraint and they have two to three adults holding down their arms and legs >> reporter:suge lee is the lawyer for disability rights california who filed a complaint with the u-s department of education. >>:went they added up all the minutes they found that it totalled 22-hundred minutes which translates into 36 hours. >> reporter:she says according to the schools records the longest time stuart was held down against his will was more than an hour and a half. >> reporter:stuart's mother says this treatment had a troubling effect on her very young son. >>:he became depressed he became suicidal he talked about dying i just want to die. >> reporter:after being restrained he would be sent to windowless resource room to recover.for long periods of time.the fed's report found that stuart was out of the classroom more often than he was in it. >>:at the end of the day it's just indecent and cruel >> reporter:the us department of
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education found that the oakland unified school district allowed stuart to be subjected to a hostile environment at anova. here's the settlement in which the oakland unified school district agrees to break off contracts with schools that use prone restraints and develop a protocol to better monitor these practices and to hire an expert to teach positive behavior interventions. in a statement the district says they are complying with the agreement.and their highest priorty is to provide a safe learning environment for all students. we've reached out to the staff at anova which is on summer break and have so far heard no response. maureen kelly kron4 news >> grant:a memorial dedicated to a teen. who was hit and killed by a freight train in martinez. has been vandalized. a man who witnessed a woman vandalizing it. confronted her and recorded the converstation.
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the memorial was dedicated to jenna betti who died in 2014. the 14-year-old was walking on train tracks in martinez. when she stepped off to make way for an on-coming train. she jumped back on the tracks to grab a cell phone. and that's when she was hit by the train. kron four reached out to jenna's mother about the vandalism. she says she does not know who the woman is. or why she did it. but she did tell us. that when they went back to clean it up. a few good samaritans had already done so. >> grant:in the north bay. solano county sheriff deputies and family members of a vallejo woman. who was shot and killed in her car. one year ago today. are pleading for the publics help. 21-year-old a'tierra westbrook was shot in her car outside her benicia road home. just before 7 a-m. on august 3, 2015. police say she was hit multiple times. investigators say it appeared she was targeted. a blue or silver seden. was seen driving away from the scene shortly after the shooting. but no arrests have been made.
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the solano county sheriff's office and the westbrooks family are asking anyone with information to come forward. >> vicki:a judge has ordered the release of a suspect arrested at a bart station last week. the incident was caught on video. and caused bart police to launch an excessive force investigation. it happened last friday. at the embarcadero bart station. the video was shared on social media. as officers were seen struggling with the man. police say they arrested. 22- year-old michael smith. in connection with an armed robbery, but he resisted. today. smith pleaded not guilty. to six chagres of misdemeanor battery on a police officer and one count of resisting arrest. a judge also ordered, smith who has been in custody since the friday incident. be released with supervision. he's due back in court august 19th. >> grant: fire the doubled in
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size overnight weather and 4,000 a. torched. >> vicki: east and the town of winters' yellow county jailers down brings us his story. >> j.r.: good news at this point no structures have heard no one has been injured and streets are still closed the show you what i'm talking about here as we look off in the distance. you can see all of that stock in the air hardesty but you see it. we wanna go to some video they're dealing with flames. a fourth of the lakers at last check allay the 5 percent contained. the good news is 35 columns i have
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been evacuated for are not near the main portions of this fire. crews out here all night long all day long been not only the ground. but from the air as well. >> j.r.: 01 has been injured at this point and this what they had to say >>: lot of fuel burned alive grass grow. very steep rugged terrain the managed to make our way in there with dozens veracruz engine companies along with aircraft today. they're dropping water on this fire as well. and 4,000 a. have burned
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it should have an update next one to $2. >> britteny: will hold out a few degrees very wide. read the conditions of the state in the south 40 mi. per hour and that earlier in the single digits with wind speeds that would be true to our morning again. it would not seeing this as an incredibly when d-day. added to tomorrow see another round of preconditions that has not rated soul. columbus salute bill have been forecast we befog. will any clouds continue into tonight as the onshore flow strengthens over the next couple days. that
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shows we're down a few degrees oakland hayward at livermore two degrees nevada out for santa rosa and to the napa. fella research shows all the clout here starting a push in led san francisco even in the parts of the east bay. kaiser on the region tomorrow you notice a little bit of a difference 82 san jose 73 on view 75 nevada. temperatures and center of the 75 degrees. let rest of tonight shows in linda location's 784 inland spots. by 9:00 the job about 10 degrees 11:63 degrees and then for the face of low 60s
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high 50s by nine. for the coast coming up we are tracking the 74 cast another 15 minutes. and the ocean it here was jude 20009. from all seven out of the four from the retire as. >> vicki: frustration inside the dog trump campaign reports a gop
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turmoil trump continues to go rogue
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>> reporter:chris perguidi says he was playing pokemon go, searching out a landmark at second and san carlos here in downtown san jose when he was confronted by a man and woman who thought he was shooting video of them with his phone. sot chris perguidi as he tried to explain that he was playing a game, he says the couple grew increasingly hostile and the man attacked and stabbed him with what he says was a straight razor, opening a nasty gash on his jaw that required fifteen stitches.
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sot chris perguidi pergudii showed my a couple of other knife wounds on his stomach and back. he tangled with his assailants and chased them through a a parking lot before realizing how badly hurt he was. sot chris perguidi chris perguidi is not the first person to encounter hostility while playing pokemon go. the craze has been criticized for distracting players from reality. but perguidi rejects the notion he was so engrossed in the game that he somehow offended his assailants.
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he believes he was targeted. the dangers of distracted driving. don't stop at texting. advocates want people to be aware of the dangers of apps. they worry about the number of drivers playing mobile games like pokemon go while they're all of >> grant: listening support and later transfer a police officer is behind bars isis. and later. a prankster hacks into an very positive message. but police aren't feeling the love.
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>> vicki:on the campaign trail and on social media. donald trump pushing back against critics accusing him of damaging the republican party with an extraordinary week of self- inflicted mistakes, misdirected attacks and missed opportunities. presidential candidate i was viciously attacked on the stage of the democratic national convention by mr. khan.
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feuding with the family of a muslim=american soldier killed in iraq. presidential candidate i mean, i have never been a big fan of john mccain. feuding with big=name republicans john mccain and paul ryan. and reportedly, even feuding with his own campaign manager. according to cnbc sources, paul manafort has given up trying to control trump. and his staff is descriibed as suicidal. republican national chair reince priebus is stressed and frustrated, other sources tell the washington post. >> reporter:staunch trump supporter newt gingrich wrote today "he cannot win the presidency operating the way he is now." democrats couldn't be happier.
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what we see is the republican nominee unraveling on almost a daily basis, behaving more erratically." "if donald trump wanted to lose the presidency. and i am not saying he does. but if he did, i don't think he would act any differently. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter:hillary clinton meanwhile, raking in money. 90 million dollars last month. and piling up endorsements from trump=traumatized republicans. her biggest name: hewlett packard c=e=o meg whitman. nat thank you very much whitman is a top g=o=p contributor, and former republican candidate for governor of california. now she will devote her time and money to defeating a candidate she says exploits anger, grievance, xenophobia and racial division. "donald trump's demagoguery," she says, "has undermined the fabric of our national character."
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>> vicki:a man convicted of holding hostages at hillary clinton's campaign headquarters. during her first presidential run. has been arrested. in a bank robbery in new hampshire. 55-year-old leeland eisenberg is charged in tuesday's robbery of a bank in manchester. back in november 2007, he walked into clinton's campaign headquarters in rochester, new york with what appeared to be a bomb under his sweater. no one was injured in the hours- long standoff, and the bomb turned out to be road flares. the incident prompted the closure of all of clinton's campaign offices in new hampshire and iowa. eisenberg was released in 2009 -- but served more prison time for parole violations. for the first time ever.a law enforcement officer in the u.s. is being >> catherine:charged with terrorism. catherine heenan is here with the disturbing story out of the nation's capitol. he's a washington d.c. area transit officer. nicholas young was arrested
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today - accused of supporting isis. these are sketches from his court hearing this morning. prosecutors say he stockpiled weapons and bought gift cards he intended to give to isis they could buy mobile messaging apps. young was arrested in a sting -- and f-b-i agents were searching his home today. he's been under surveillance for 6 years, and traveled to libya in 2011. it's not clear why authorities waited so long to arrest him. prosecutors say he did not pose a threat to washington's transit system. he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. part of miami-dade county in >> grant: florida is now considered a zika war one more confirmed case is identified. and tonight government health officials are warning that money to fight the zika virus.and come up with a vaccine. is on
5:34 pm
the verge of running out becauuse of a political stalemate in congress. the mosquito-bourne virus causes severe birth defects, including abnormally small heads and brians in babies. the so called war zones are in ten- square mile area north of downtown miami. that's where they're going door to door, testing people for zika.and spraying insecticide almost 24-7. florida's governor calls the zika virus an international healthis issue. he wants president obama and congress to do something. and do it soon. >>:they haven't provided hardly any funding. the president called me a couple of weeks ago and said they would send us $5.6 million from the cdc, but congress went on recess and provided no funding. so they need to come together. just like i work with my legislature. the president and congress need to come together and come to an agreement and they need to help us make sure we have all the resources we need." >> grant:earlier this year, president obama encouraged
5:35 pm
congress to approve nearly two billion dollars in emergency money to fight the zika virus.but congress went on recess without acting. lawmakers are still on recess now. there are now 15 confirmed cases of zika in florida.people infected have not travelled outisde the u-s.they're getting infected locally. still ahead. >> britteny: will more than 86 degrees, 3873 in santa rosa platter for san jose tomorrow patchy fog for temperatures and then we see funny afternoon setting off in the mid-50s 6:00 a.m. in the low '70's mid-70s by 2:00 p.m. close delegates have francisco lisa today in the
5:36 pm
mid-50s the flesh, or 560 6/8 guy that we get rid of the morning clouds. the notice given in the '70s of this time and then mid-60s by 6:00 a.m. and then 57 degrees heading off for lunch 64 in the mid-60s for your afternoon highs rhetorician for tomorrow at 75 federal the 71 that but the '70s vallejo and then 80 3:00 a.m. at 59 hayward blowfish '70s for modern view. 84 degrees in livermore it shows that as we continue the coal and other week and a few degrees a major drop into ventures but a gradual cooling trend also for inland locations close to the bay the '60s on thursday then we will of a little bit of friday saturday what the customer at right around 60 degrees. 74 cast sean as we stay
5:37 pm
close that average into the weekend. we attract another warning trend into tuesday. would he tell the we expect as the locals to again and your next forecast
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after an emirates flight burst into flames after it landed at dubai international airport earlier today. 282 passengers and 18 crew members were on board. all were safely evacuated.13 people suffered minor injuries. the emirates airline flight was flying from south india. once emergency response teams managed to extinguish the fire. it was clear how deadly this accident could have been. the entire top half of the aircraft's fuselage was missing, with the belly of the plane slumped on the airport's runway. >> vicki:police are currently investigating what caused the
5:41 pm
plane to go up in smoke. china did a test run today of an elevated bus that straddles roads. here's a look at a prototype model and animation. the bus rides over traffic. on tracks. the transit elevated bus, or t- e-b, is about 70 feet long and carries up to 300 passengers. up to four of them can be connected. it runs on electricity and solar power -- and each one could replace 40 standard buses. the aim is to ease traffic congestion and pollution. today's test was on a straight, nearly thousand-foot track - to test brake and power usage imagine while you are driving along the road... you see a road sign displaying the words "i love you."
5:42 pm
>> vicki:would you think it's an uplifting message... or distracting? >> grant:that is exactly what some people experienced.. while traveling along highway 198... in buffalo, new york. a prankster had apparently changed an electric traffic notification. it is not the first time this sign has been changed. yesterday the same sign's message said... "it's all a dream" and a few weeks ago... the sign was changed to something not so positive. nittec traffic operations says a contractor is responsible for making sure the box with the keyboard for this sign is fully secure. here is what some people think about the message. trt:17/ "causing criminal tampering"
5:43 pm
state police say a person who changes the sign is not only looking at criminal charges, they are also opening themselves up to a civil suit if someone were hurt as a result. still ahead. >> vicki: the 2016 olympics are set to kick off this friday. but there's already news about the 20-20 olympics. what five sports will be added to the 20-20 toyko olympic games.
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>> vicki:this weekend-- the pro football hall of fame welcomes its newest class of all-time greats. and the bay area will be represented. former san francisco 49ers owner eddie debartolo and former oakland raiders quarterback ken stabler. are part of this year's 8- inductees. mark carpenter joins us with a look back at their legacies. mark? >> reporter:talking with former players from both teams, they all say that these enshrinements are long overdue. and they changed the game in each of their own unique ways. eddie debartolo-- a pioneer in the front office that transcended the title of owner. and ken stabler-- a force of nature on and off the field. now-- their contributions to the sport will forever be enshrined in canton. shot of 5 super bowl trophies there are only 14-team owners in the pro football hall of fame. and it doesn't take much to explain why eddie debartolo is one of them. the five super-bowl trophies is a good place to start that conversation. but to those that worked for him, it's the foundation of family he built his franchise on. keena turner "mr. d just set such an example for us. it was his leadership.
5:48 pm
it was his guidance. it was his competitive nature. it was his enthusiasm about life. about everything. about the idea of competing every single day to win and then showing appreciation." guy mcintyre "he would stand in the locker room handing out towels to guys as they came in at halftime or after the game. i don't know too many owners that did that or i don't know any owners that did that. but he was there. he was there for us and guys played for him, guys went the extra mile for him and like i said, anything that we needed for us to be successful, he didn't have a problem with it." if debartolo is the father of the 49ers, then-- ken stabler is a catalyst for the raiders dynasty. in 10-years with the silver and black-- the 'snake'-- led the franchise to its first world title, won an mvp, and is among the fastest qbs to win 100- games.
5:49 pm
sadly, he passed away last summer, so he won't be able to accept his gold jacket. but his teammates know he'll be smiling down on the festivities. cliff branch-stabler's former teammate "kenny was the most popular raider during the era when i played. i played 15 years, 10 years in oakland and 5 in los angeles, and there's only been two popular raiders and it was kenny stabler and marcus allen. butt sots i know kenny is upstairs and he'll be partying
5:50 pm
and it's never too late. it's a great honor that he finally, he deserved this hall of fame and we are very happy about that." stabler will be presented by his former coach john madden.through a video speech as madden is still recovering from hip surgery. debartolo will be presented by his daughter-- lisa. brett favre, tony dungy and marvin harrison are some of the other inductees in this year's class. when the summer olypics open in ceremony this friday.swimming gold medalist michael phelps will be carrying the american flag for the u-s team. his fellow athletes chose phelps today to be the flag-bearer.out of respect for his remarkable olympic accomplishments. >> vicki:phelps is the most decorated olympian of all time with 22-career medals over three olympiads. 18 of them are gold. he is only the second swimmer to lead an american delegation into an olympic opening ceremony. phelps first made history at the beijing games in 2008 when he won eight gold medals. >> grant:the international olympic committee has approved the addition of 5 sports to the program of the 2020 olympics in tokyo.the committee says their bringing back baseball and softball for the first time since the 2008 beijing games in china. officls have also approved surfing, skateboarding , rock climbing , and karate as new sports. the new sports will add 18 events to the program. the tokyo olympics will now feature 33 sports and about 11,00 athletes.compared to the usual number of 28 sports and 10,500 athletes. there is an epic battle going on for social media dominance. instagram versus snapchat.
5:51 pm
>> britteny: in condition that the golden gate bridge even down a threat the san francisco airport still clear conditions for the bay bridge. a look ahead and the rest of the side alicea debir marine layer that leads to color temperatures to marlin by the weekend we stay slightly below average 86 livermore 867
5:52 pm
in half moon bay 67 and san francisco right now 88 concord 72 nap but the 70 degrees of helena the see it the plush and lead going into parts of the east bay we are tracking of a series of areas of pressure that look into it continued to have this along the west coast. >> britteny: assess the stronger onshore flow as we go into tomorrow and relieve the rest of a week. this to be expected the fog will be thicker more morning. not 1 mi. in oakland have conveyed the zero even as we go into her clocking notice the see decrease visibility here where an older of an improvement for places like that of auto
5:53 pm
definitely pushing in the concord a feature of the church shows as the wake up tomorrow morning we start the day mainly in the '50s and as we get into your lunch hour temperature's merely pushing in the '60s hayward oakland high fifties quickly pushing in the sunday san jose livermore into tomorrow we plan today by 3:00 in the and locations for lat 80 degrees are high that should push 83 fet, her pretty for livermore 77 san jose 62 severances go. the 70 forecast shows we are slightly below average into the weekend. inland locations the bay and the coast. halfhow the hollywood celebs are scrambling to next hot instant video platform is next.
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instagram is taking on snapchat. this week insta launch it's new "stories" feature. which is pretty much like snapchat. and the new feature has hollywood celebs wondering which platform to align to. the insider's louis aguirre has more from hollywood. ok you guys i'm so confused. are we snapchatting? or are we instasnapping? are we snapping on instagram? what his happening? what are we doing? it's a social media shake-up--- as stars scramble to align themselves with the next hot instant video platform. i think snapchat has been great because it kind of adds this element of humanity to it. and
5:57 pm
it's kind of a behind the scenes look for a lot of celebrities who you maybe don't know a lot about. behind what you see maybe on tv or online or in tabloids. my name is kevin hart and i set goals. now instagram is trying to dethrone the reigning snap champ with "stories" maya kasoff vanity fair reporter instagram stories is the new feature that instagram and facebook rolled out this week to compete ostensibly with snapchat. they're very similar even down to the name is the same. and that was definitely by design, that's not a coincidence. instagram has more users. it has about 300 million daily active users where instagram only has about half of that about 150 million. and instagram has a lot of competitive advantages. it's owned by facebook and facebook will direct its users to instagram so it has that network effect that snapchat doesn't have ask kind of a younger independent company. but what will matter is whether think it's a better experience on instagram or if it's a better experience on snapchat. i'm confused. did i express my confusion? i feel weird. i feel like i'm cheating. kate just posted her first instagram story, so did reese witherspoon-- big name celebs could steal snapchat users. well this is very exciting. hi yall! i don't know what to do on this thing. am i supposed to draw on it? interestingly what i've seen so
5:58 pm
far is some celebrities have been posting on their instagram stories saying follow me on snapchat. so i don't think that was the intended use case by instagram necessarily i'm so tired of a new thing coming out. i just learned snapchat. now i have to learn instagram snapping! it may sound like a lot of noise-- but it's important for stars to be posting to the hottest platform-- to keep their celebrity front and center. that's why this epic social media battle for dominance may determine where you post that next video. i do think that celebrities want to be and all influencer types want to be where their users are. so they'll meet them on instagram or they'll meet them on snapchat. but if they see that there's not a lot of pickup on one platform, i doubt they'll stay there for very long. but seriously if snap keeps this filter, then i'm never leaving hahhahhaha ahha hahhh we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm louis aguirre back to you, grant and vicki. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. vicki joins steve aveson for kron 4 news at six. >> vicki:
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tonight it's four thousand acres and growing! next at six we'll have a live report from the fire line on the efforts to get this fast moving wildfire contained. and from flames to flooding. >> vicki: burning to the east of the lake and yellow county it's the closest major city winters. j r is at the fire station right now what's the like? >> j.r.: just talk with cruzan last 10 minutes on fortunate news that the sour one of the
6:01 pm
fire lines broke this afternoon because of the increase wednesday that they saw at so those high elevations. that part of this fire heading in the northwest direction toward lake berryessa. one reason they're trying to fight this fire from above and i do i go to some video in this video you can see some flames that i can crosses afternoon. letting so the sides of these burnout. right now more than 4,000 a. have burned and likely that will go up within the next hour or so as to get updated information and that as see it go through with it got into the evening hours last year the year before the new
6:02 pm
residents chose not to evacuate. >> j.r.: see this as it dries up fire dropping water on this fire as well. a very rugged terrain out there. just to recap new information one of the fire lines and the last portion because of one portion of this
6:03 pm
fire heading in that northwest direction toward. lake toward >> britteny: something that we continue to watch wind speeds in to the rest of tonight into tomorrow. firefight continues the next couple days at least. right now when speeds in at 40 mi. per hour. and then we have the higher elevations outside of winters. and at the single digits for us by the time we get into the afternoon we see the wind gusts and then in each
6:04 pm
afternoon. one thing no rainfall and then to the chair 69 map but a. before in concord los '70s and not and you and a cooling trend is on the way. all coming up another 15 minutes. when a >> steve: man has died fighting the fire and the bulldozer he was using the fight the flames flip over in an illegal camp fire sparked the blaze if that person is caught it could cause serious criminal charges. . a shah >> steve: the critical condition when they start by car
6:05 pm
in daly city. >> reporter: and up 50 the an f the score more made. the drug ever had a team and if it. it's up to several people who frequent the area and a general consensus there needs to be an additional stop sign stoplight in this area.
6:06 pm
>> reporter: satisfaction is too busy the fourth stop federal investigators are swarming over the scene of catherine heenan is here with >> catherine:it's one thing to hear about how that charter bus was nearly sliced in half by a signpost. it's
6:07 pm
another thing to see it. new video into the newsroom shows how workers were trying to haul the bus off that post today. making it clear how deeply the bus had plowed into the pole. and there are revised numbers on how many people were killed. authorities now say four died -- not five, as initially reported. there were 27 people on board, including the driver. besides the passengers who died, 7 suffered major injuries, 16 others had minor to moderate
6:08 pm
that's the bus driver's at last word, investigators have vazquez because of his injuries. everything from whether he was in good health.or possibly distracted. to road safety and vehicle was involved in the crash, but investigators say it will be months before they have definitive answers. steve and vicki? >> steve:a man is under arrest for a deadly crash in santa clara county. information on place the boy butstuart candell is drawing a picture of what he says happened to him when acted out at his old school.when he was nine years old. >> reporter: while stuart is student at the oakland unified school district.because of his disablitiy he was sent here to the anova center for education in concordand according to this
6:09 pm
federal's where stuart was restrained 92 times in 11 months. when they added up the amount of time he was pinned by staffit totalled over 22-hundred minutes. the type of restaint used on stuart is called a prone restraint when muliple adults hold a child facedown on the floor. according to school records the longest time stuart was held down was more than an hour and a breaks.these restraints are supposed to be used when a child is a danger to himself or others.stuart's attorney says it would often start with much more minor infractions. when he yelled or tore up his homework >> reporter: suge lee is with
6:10 pm
disability rights california. she filed the complaint with the us department of education. they recognised that was discrimination.and he was deprived of that equal educational experience. in this agreement with the feds the oakland unified school district agreed to no longer contract with schools that use prone restraints. they are also the district says they are complying with the agreement.and their highest priorty is to environment for all students. >> steve:just a week after holding a lead over hillary clinton in some polls, donald trump seems to have fallen off his post-convention high. >> vicki:lately trump has been walking from one controversy to the next, and some inside the party, are not happy. scott mclean with our partners at c-n-n looks inside the campaign. >> reporter:in the election race, donald trump is up against hillary clinton but lately he's even taking on his own party, as sources report tension and frustration within his campaign. trump is trying to move past a series of recent controversies, including a feud with a gold star family: presidential candidate i was viciously attacked on the stage of the democratic national convention by mr. khan.
6:11 pm
and tuesday, a refusal to endorse big-name republicans like john mccain, presidential candidate i'm only thinking about it. i mean, i have never been a big fan of john mccain. and paul ryan. trump telling the washington post he's "not quite there yet." sound familiar? >>:house speaker i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> reporter: ryan has since endorsed trump but this week, trump acknowledged ryan's wisconsin primary opponent on twitter. >>:i haven't asked for endorsement at all, no. if he gave me his endorsement, i'd be flattered by it. >> reporter:now, sources inside the campaign say they are increasingly frustrated with trump's apparent inability to stay on message. campaign manager paul manafort, today on fox news, denying he's losing control. >>:the candidate is in control of his campaign.the turmoil, this is another clinton narrative that she put out there and that the media is picking up on. >> reporter:according to a
6:12 pm
source inside the g.o.p., some officials have suspicions that trump may drop out of the race, though there are no signs he is considering it. all of this while hillary clinton stays on the colorado campaign trail but away from the media spotlight. in washington, i'm scott mclean.
6:13 pm
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>> steve: shall let on strike today. >> reporter: was not business as usual the vendor in entering the whole justice wednesday. they
6:16 pm
walked off the job and on the picket line to protest the solemn contract negotiations. and support for those on the picket line. employes seven given a last five contract offer money to 10 percent pay hike on average. and they say. the court
6:17 pm
says so far that has not happened and they don't expect to happen. >> steve: are from 2015 to april 2016 and it occurred in private residence no specific information of any school or tutorial services involve albert says investors have not ruled out the possibility there are other victims.
6:18 pm
>> steve: >> vicki: first for in the store yesterday we get a close look at the men place to try to identify if before he does strike again. . >> reporter: 11 of the man suspected of such a thing mayfly carve up the selling in, cared teenage lifeguard here at the walnut country crossings swimming pool in concord. mark weinmann is president of the cowell homeowners association >>:"well it appears at about 20 minutes to 6 on sunday our back clubhouse camera captured video of the suspect coming up the stairs of the clubhouse which is right adjacent to the pool. people who have seen the video
6:19 pm
and saw the individual that day have confirmed that they believe that it's him" he says several residents saw a man matching this description here inside the clubhouse and here outside on the tennis court "about an hour before the incident at the pool" "well it is frightening because my kids play here all the time, they're on the swim team and we know a lot of people who live
6:20 pm
here and it feels like a safe little community and this kind of shakes you up" "when an incident like this happens, it does create a stir, it does create some anxiety" the man in the video is described as a hispanic male in his 40's wearing a grey and orange t-shirt, blue jeans and white running shoes. property managers say they have increased security and are doubling the number of lifeguards during evening hours. "the same description as she gave" "oh, he looks shady" in addition to collecting videos from multiple surveillance cameras on the property concord police investigators are checking private security cameras from homeowners in the area.looking for any signs of the man in the concord haaziqmadyun kron4news >> steve:the federal agency that investigates chemical accidents has issued a highly critical report on safety operations at
6:21 pm
the tesoro refinery in martinez. the u-s chemical safety board looked into two major sulfuric acid leaks in the winter of 2014. that burned four this to close cut sortoffice depot plans to close in the next three day to cut costs. the company's closures come in an effort to cut annual costs by of 2018. office depot canceled its plans to merge with staples back in both have been hit by competing businesses that offer discounted office supplies... such as amazon.
6:22 pm
so far the company has closed the u-s. >> britteny: 84 degrees in concord when speech right now sustained at 21 m.p.h. fairfield. kicking up a map but 20 m.p.h. 26 in san francisco 18 oakland a's 16 livermore. celebrate our shot shows we're going to see also sit speaking of the season with a storm warning into tomorrow. have been
6:23 pm
based in oakland. and then conquered one in hayward and the 9:00 a.m. most of the visibility will clear up with the exception of local hayward. stretching down half and they've. as for a small the wake of the damages of the coast mid- 50s high fifties for the bay. clustered in the locations in the '60s and then 77 and the implications of the nine degrees 3:00 p.m.. >> britteny: 7 east harlem was 71 and at the period ended forecast shows tomorrow fans stay cooler as we head into weekend. 82 saturday in then spot low 80s on sunday and then a warming trend expected to next week.
6:24 pm
>> vicki: we learned today about the suspect.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
36 year old nicholas young. was arrested this morning.but had been on the fbi's radar since 2010. authorities believe young bought about $250 in gift cards. to support isis through mobile messaging accounts. he sent the gift card codes to a person he believed to be in syria in late july. >> vicki:the fbi says young is the first law enforcement officer in the federal government's terrorism law. if convicted on the terrorism charge.young could face of to 20 years in prison.
6:27 pm
fresno authorities have released controversial police shooting of a 19-year old unarmed man in june. dylan noble was killed during a traffic stop.when fresno officers responded to a 9-1-1
6:28 pm
their' body-camera video shows noble ignoring police shouts to show his hands, or be shot. haft
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: said place of the score was more at 152 this afternoon. the driver had teen
6:31 pm
girl on foot taken to local hospital for potential life- threatening injury. >> reporter: >> j.r.: did the firefighters are fighting what's been called the cold fire. and 4,000 a. have already burned. and heading out toward like berryessa still in a very rule area at that. and they continued to see out on those also looking at it from above and helicopters as well. updated information on this we bring it to you here on kron 4 news.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: lovelock off the job at the courthouse it says the employees that they of been given a final contract offer amounted to 10 percent pay hike on average. workers say is not enough. many to a core business spoke of delays and everything went as normal. court has said limited forces will continue thursday do the work stoppage. many wonder if this will lead to those arrested that could happen if complaints are not processed in time and so far that has not happened and they don't expect it to happen. but
6:33 pm
amid >> reporter: and a woman thought he was shooting video of them. the doorman suffered a gash on his chin and several other cuts and scrapes his attackers were. remain were. >> reporter: another big story u.s. department of education
6:34 pm
plans of unified school district discriminated against an autistic boy after restrained nearly 100 times in it just one year, at this special needs school. here's a settlement and the witch of a unified school district agreed to a brick of contract with school the use restraints. >> vicki:a man accused of a quadruple killing in san francisco has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. 27-year-old lee farley who you see here made his first court appearance today. he was arrested last week at a federal prison where he was behind bars for an unrelated crime. the shooting happened in january of 2015 in the hayes valley neighborhood.
6:35 pm
that's when four men were shot to death as they sat in a car on page street. farley is the only person charged so far in the killing. however family members of the victims say there are more suspects on the loose. new at six: >> steve:kron 4 news has learned a man has been arrested for the killing of a san carlos woman. teqnika moultie was shot sunday night on a sidewalk in austin, texas as she walked down the street. four other people were hurt in the shooting. they're expected to survive. the suspected gunman was caught at a bus station near atlanta this morning. he's identified as 24-year-old endicott mccray. wintesses say mccray got into some sort of argument with a man and then pulled out a gun. they say he then opened fire several times before fleeing. >> steve:monsoon like rain hit the phoenix arizona area this week. drenching many areas and causing dangerous situations for drivers. catherine heenan is here with details on how some of those drivers had to be rescued.
6:36 pm
>> catherine:a blurry photo shows a man who was trapped inside a gold mercedes. not only did his car stall, but it was being swept away in the fast-moving waters. one of the people who helped track where his car was going.calling out to other witnesses to come to the rescue -- a 12-year-old boy named marcos. he was part of a foot race against the river of water. that's a woman who also got stuck in flood waters.although she wasn't
6:37 pm
in as much trouble as the mercedes driver. so much rain fell in a short period of time in phoenix -- the national weather service is referring to the storm as a '100-year event." steve and vicki? >> britteny:a heads up for
6:38 pm
people who live in atherton: the city plans to fog for mosquitoes tomorrow tonight to stop the west nile virus. this map shows the areas that will be sprayed.
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6:41 pm
>> steve: goldman for the new movement is the connect with smart gadgets and virtual reality had set high-flying trends that have the ability to add the liver and that signals it's known as area for 04. facilities on the topic of conversation for engineers with quite some time. . >> steve: as a series win. has highlights for all the sports fan when women's soccer coming.
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
>> gary: any golan figure the drive came about the end for
6:45 pm
nothing. listening again data card said harry and have the highlights all the sudden a producer pay it's irrelevant. why the phillies and justified. some highlights iverson goes in the hall of fame in a couple weeks at the springfield mass. mr. posey of going along at to nothing san francisco right off the bat. it's cruising and then comes the eighth inning and kuala producer have waged called irrelevant. franco the tide out
6:46 pm
7 2/3 foreruns 10 strikeouts right now for four the giants and philadelphia is going down. croupiers' all a big porch in rio officially. usa team is cruising. the course 12th of the miles to protesters extinguished the flames as it carries the streets by the time
6:47 pm
for unsuccessful there you go all a big torch has reached and not much a surprise that you follow this. michael phelps alltime winning gold melt metal performer than 17 will carry the next its flag in the opening ceremony first homer since gary hall in 1976 receiving the honor the first time since 18 time gold medalist as five olympics appearances. always in training so he said. he never showed up at the oakland ceremony and said hey you carry showtime for this one. it is a new zealand woman soccer. early in the game carly
6:48 pm
lead., back >> gary: fifa : soccer player in the world. you can never show video of convicts still pictures out morgan scores to make it to nothing it will be france & 7 we are go out all the time that the host that wor says he cannot use any of the video why do you show still pictures.
6:49 pm
something called the gulf challenges. trump looking to become the president earlier today he found something of a challenge i would like to take your on a round of golf. >> gary: they say trump was one of the nicest people talk to the
6:50 pm
gallery and a good reputation. at least i golf course to those who with people. traverses a bombshell think that happened. that held back a loss angeles' skid from cal everything from peers at the of the see him start medical practices if he's struggling. was again the guy the same he struggling eating a free hot dog. many pencils. be guy is saying a startling so you'll see a week when 49ers will host paul. really quick you cannot beat tom brady they turn
6:51 pm
39 years old today in lots of part-time with leonardo capri out as you well. they are buying a $20 million apartments in the near city this celebrate his birthday.
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6:54 pm
>> grant: person five others injured after a knife attack in london. central london russell square area news partner that cnn report of the suspects have been detained please the automotive. terrorism may be one possibility they are exploring if,. after hours authorities the fund would increase its presence of armed police after recent terrorist acts and we continue
6:55 pm
develop we see the image there a way of the very latest the stephen vicki at eight >> vicki: use carrier the british museum >> britteny: as we head into tomorrow you notice a cooling trend very wide into the next few days slightly below average and you notice the warming trend trend very wide into the next few days slightly below average and you notice the warming trend into next week. nna find ♪a i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, ozzy osbourne accepts therapy for sex addiction. >> he's been going outpatient for the last three months. >> and his wife sharon stands by s side. we go inside the star's struggles with sex rehab. >> i was unfaithful. i had affairs. i cheated. then, michael phelps lands in rio. how he's making olympic fashion history. >> that was the biggest smile that i've had on my face in a really long time. and number three, it's the battle that has hollywood divided. snapchat or instagram? >> are we snapchatting or are we instasnapping? >> who will win the social media war?
7:00 pm
>> plus our "insider" bonus. denim overalls are back. big-time. >> everyone in my family wears overalls. >> i like the freedom and the forgiveness of an overall. >> the '90s fad returns to take over hollywood. how stars are taking the trend from casual to chic. >> depending on how they cut the overall, it can be super sexy. now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. 67-year-old ozzy osbourne gets treatment for sex addiction. this as his ex-mistress speaks out for the first time about their affair. >> now ozzy is adding his name to the growing list of celebrities publicly admitting they've got a problem. but is it real or just really good for crisis management? tonight's number one tracking story. inside the stars' sex rehab stints. >> he's been going outpatien for sex addiction for the last three months. after the tour with black


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