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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: last night a driver hit a 13 year old igniting a conversation about a pedestrian safety here. police said is the third accident at the intersection in five years. the other two did not
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involve a pedestrian. the intersection has to stop signs. one for both the existing skyline plaza and the other comes out of the neighborhood across the street. this >> is kind of scary because people getting off the freeway do not have a stop sign and they just the right through it and not pay attention to pedestrians. i have gone to two city council meetings twice. i have complained over the fall about it and the only thing that they have done about it was put up a sign a little yellow ciba said stop for pedestrians which is useless. >> it has been 24 hours since the accident. pedestrians and need to be aware that a crosswalk, a
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signal, and a stop sign that this not ensure one security. you have to be alert. you have to take responsibility for yourself as you are crossing the street because view of drivers can get distracted. vehicle drivers can be distracted.
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>> reporter:menlo parks housing crunch. is hitting local teachers.
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school officials say its making it hard for them to recruit teachers. >> grant:kron four's rob fladaboe >> reporter: well, if you are trying to get by on a teacher's salary. it is hard to do. this is one of several operating in both mello park and east palo alto. when school starts here and a month or so they may be short of teachers. this take a look at some video and i can't tell you that the superintendent says they have been searching high and low all over the country to feel a few openings. but they still had a handful still to go. the reason is that a teacher cannot afford to live here on a teacher's salary. i get a quick search here today and i saw that there are
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indeed a lot of apartment available but it may be from 3 to $6,000 for rent. and a teacher's salary here is $55,000 with its half just to pay the rent. >> reporter: here is more was superintendent of schools here. >> we have conducted over a hundred and 2250 interviews looking for teachers to fill positions that are vacant. and, we have a lot of people that had expressed an interest when they start looking at the housing costs, generally they will either apologize to say that they can not afford to move here. >> reporter: the superintendent tells me that
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they have people here commuting for three hours in the morning and again in the evening as far away as tracy. she says that all but eight of the full-time teachers live outside of the district. live in a mellow part rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. --menlo park >> vicki:after several strikes over the past week the san francisco janitor's union has reached a tentative contract deal with cleaning companies in the city. officials say they successfully came to an agreement on higher wages. better health care.and other benefits. >> vicki:the janitors work in office b-n-b and say they were striking to bring attention to their cause. this union represents nearly the city. union officials said they were successful in obtaining significant raises for members as well as better health care coverage, company contributions to pension funds and a better grievance process.
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>> vicki:a strike was averted wednesday evening when a union representing thousands of janitors reached a tentative contract agreement with cleaning companies in san francisco. service employees international union local 87, which represents around 3,500 janitors in the city, reached an agreement with the san francisco maintenance contractors association around 6 p.m. wednesday in ameeting with mayor ed lee at city hall. >> vicki:union members, who have staged several protests in san francisco over the past week, voted last friday to authorize a strike. their previous contract expired sunday at midnight. union officials said they were successful in obtaining significant raises for members as well as better health care coverage, company contributions to pension funds and a better grievance process.
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>> grant:a c-h-p motorcylce officer was sent to the hospital today after being hit by a car on interstate- 280 in san jose. that officer was up and walking at the scene. suffering just minor injuries to his arm. >> grant:this is footage of the scene.from our helicopter partners at a-b- c-7. the driver of a toyota corolla went to change lanes when it collided with the motorcycle. the car and motorcycle were going about 60-miles-per- hour when the officer hit the the toyota. >> grant:the officer flipped over.and landed on the roadway. he was taken to the abrasions. the driver remained on scene and cooperated with investigators.
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>> grant:a 5-thousand-dollar reward is now being offered for information related to the shooting of a cat in rhonert park with a hunting arrow. a cotati-based animal legal defense fund is offereing the money.looking for tips that could lead to the arrest and conviction of the shooter. >> grant:last month this cat named steph was found with a puncture wound in her leg and an arrow lodged in her chest. a veternarian removed the arrow and little steph is expected to survive. the owners and anuimal activists say they are doing all they can to find the person responsible. >> grant:the penalty for animal cruelty is three years in jail and a fine of up to 20-thousand-dollars. between violence to animals
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>> vicki: livermore investigated a similar incident. animal control picked up this cat. who had been hit with an arrow. and the arrow was still lodged in its back. a vet operated.and the cat is still recovering at a local animal shelter. police have not been able to locate its owner. and are still looking for the person responsible. >> vicki:19-other pregnant women the state are also being monitored at this time. that brings the nationwide total to 13-babies born with zika, according to the c-d- c. the california department of public health said today that the infants were born to mothers who traveled to a country where the virus is circulating. >> vicki:one of those mothers returned to her home country with the baby.the other remains in california. the c-d-c continues to advise pregnant women not to travel to parts of latin america and the carribean where there are major outbreaks of the virus.
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other remains in california. >> vicki:a series of small earthquakes rattled parts of northern california over the past two days. the largest recorded. a magnitude-4-point-7. stricking about 100 miles north of truckee. that was late last night.followed by two more.slightly smaller quakes near the nevada border. >> vicki:a dispatcher in lassen county says no injuries or damage has been reported. >> grant:the president says
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the islamic group is losing ground in syria and iraq. but are stronger then ever.
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>> reporter: he seems to choose his victims randomly. blasting them with a segment on a weapon. this the real shooter and their city has struck again. >> reporter: during the time that we believe the surreal story shorter shot at the car. fortunately meter the man or the child was struck. and that was on july 11th a has taken weeks to establish this was the same man that has killed seven people in
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nine attacks since march. children have been targeted place. shot and killed as she listened to music inside of the car. they have raised the award. and set out this frustration of the man. --set out this fall of the man. --photo of the man. >> he wants to fill in charge of and control. he is narcissistic. >> reporter: what does the pattern until you? >> maybe he knows the place to park and knows how to play it safe and far away
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where he knows the shootings. maybe he lived in the area or work in the area but he feels more comfortable in this location. >> reporter: police feels he has access to multiple vehicles. a sedan and a truck. he always approach as his victims and a car. and, always get away in a car. he may have an accomplice. >> he starting to think that he is an invisible like a phantom. the composite has been out there and no one has turned meandered they talk about my be opposed, and no one has turned me in. -- talk about my vehicles
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>> grant:how trump is paying a big political price for feuding with a gold-star family. plus. >>nat cheering and jeering >> reporter:in portland maine today, holding up a copy of the constitution was enough to get you tossed out of a donald trump rally. return >> reporter:new evidence today that the republican nominee's feud with a muslim=american family is not going away.
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trump is still insisting he has no regrets about going after the father of a u=s soldier killed in iraq. >> reporter:justine waldman is here to show us why he may be wrong. >> justine:donald trump says he loves polls. well, we probably won't hear him boast about this one. almost seven out of ten americans say his criticism of kyzir khan and his wife was out of bounds. only 19 percent call his attacks justified. >> justine:and hat is just the beginning of the bad news in what has been a disastrous week for the republcan nominee. >>south carolina "your opponent, right now, mr. trump is your self." >> justine:since his nomination, trump has feuded with big name republicans, derided a gold about a military honor for service members killed or injured on
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duty. >>"i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier." >>"i am done listening, i've heard enough. " >> justine:today in washington, veterans urged arizona senator john mccain to withdraw his endorsement of trump. that hasn't happened yet. but other republicans are jumping ship. >>colorado people ask me, 'what do you think about trump?' honestly, i don't care for him much. >> justine:colorado congressman mike coffman is the latest candidate to distance himself from the candidate. new polls show trump falling behind hillary clinton in crucial battleground states of pennsylvania, michiganbut he is catching up in fundraising. $82 million dollars in july, just shy of the $90 million raised by clinton and the democrats. >> justine:trump's campaign says most of the money is in small donations, evidence of solid grassroots support. >>the $80 million haul in july really showing you how many donald trump's candidacy and don't want hillary clinton to be president. return to >> justine:the fox poll shows trump nine points behind clinton in a three way race with libertarian
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gary johnson. and regardless of how they planned to vote. 65 percent called clinton qualified to vote. only 43 percent said the same about trump. return to >> justine: grant? >> grant: thank you, justine... >> grant:president obama says the u-s is prepared to work with russia in order to defeat isis in syria. he addressed the nation today in a wide-ranging press conference following his meeting with the national security council. >> grant:he says that it is time for russia to follow up on it's promises---and so far it has failed to do so. obama says russia's direct involvement in the actions in syria raises questions about their commitments to the u.s. >> grant:beyond syria and iraq, president obama said the u-s will continue working with allies and partners to go after isis wherever it tries
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>> grant: to spread. >> grant: >> vicki:the national hurricane center has downgraded hurricane earl to a tropical storm earlier this morning. hurricane earl is moving west through guatemala and southern mexico and officials say the winds are still in the 60 m-p-h range! >> vicki:a tropical storm warning is still in effect in belize where a lot of destruction is occurring. return to >> grant:temps dropped today and will stay cooler. >> grant: we will see more clearing >> brittany: we will see more clearly as we go to the
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day and see another round of cloning a friday night. saturday night not as bad as what we will see tonight but we would definitely be dealing with cloud over the next few days. >> brittany: starting off with a morning clouds, cooler but becomes sunnier as we get into the ave but most of the temperatures will remain in the seven degrees have. --70 degrees >> brittany: hyperon the region tomorrow at 72 degrees and vallejo and san mateo. three days for tests shows more for the same as we go into the weekend with closely average temperatures and mostly sunny side returning by saturday and sunday. >> brittany: i would attract
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the 7 day forecast when i see you again in about seven minutes. >> vicki:an american woman killed in london.has been identified as 64-year-old darlene horton. horton is the wife of a florida state university professor. the school said both horton and her husband were in london, where he was teaching a summer session for f-s-u. >> vicki:police do have a suspect in custody. authorities say mental health is a major factor in the investigation ruling out terrorism as a motive. police say two other women and three men were injured in this attack. >> vicki:so far two have remained hospitalized. return to >> vicki:deputies say dylan roof, the man charged with killing nine black parishoners. has been assaulted by a black inmate in a south carolina jail. authorities say the assault occurred outside of roof's cell earlier this morning.
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>> vicki:no weapons were used during the assault.and the other inmate is facing assault charges. roof was examined by medical personnel and he is back in his cell at the charleston county detention center. >> grant:the three day music festival outside lands kicks off tomorrow in golden gate park. we'll get a look around the festival. >> vicki: his act of kidness got himwhat he did. and the company's response is next. it was a quiet day on wall street.
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>> reporter: talking with the organizes you really get a sense as they tried to make this festival larger than ever. you see the state
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still going up and they have schools with hundreds of people trying to get the grounds of going by setting up the stage, the food booths about a lethal food vendors. -- about 80 food vendors >> reporter: we have j. calls. radio had and the bay area's favorite the 40. -- we have j.cole, radiohead and bay areas's favorite e- 40.
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>> now people understand what this he that is and the neighbors embrace it. -- what this event is and it is embraced by all >> reporter: it is really like building a big city. complaints have gone down every single years and they have increased technology to make sure they have no disturbance. and get a early gauge without the noise is being affected to other people. >> reporter: reporting live from outside plant mark carpenter, kron4 knew a serious >> reporter: kron4news
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>> vicki:still ahead. it's back-to-school season. and when it comes time to packing their lunches we want you to be prepared. after the break. we'll share some tips from a nutritionist. on how to make their lunchboxes full of healthy foods. while saving money at the same
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>> grant: a facebook post about a 19 year-old fast- food employees being fired so we've really giving a veteran tacos has gone by road. they happened at a jack and the box and bakersfield. from our partners at sea and began brandon has the story. -- cnnn >> reporter: brandon was fired on monday. bakersfield jack in the box released a statement saying that it was not based on justice and the desperate--
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incident. >> >> catherine: ford is recalling >> vicki: 4 is recalling 830,000 cars because the doors can open while they are moving. the recall covers certain 2013 to 2015 models of the fourth escaped s u b and other cars. as well as 2012 to 2015 for focus cars. it also includes 2014 to 2016 for transit connect vance and must save for scars. eighth tab inside the door latch can break which can cause the doors to open a lot of cars are moving. the rate of problems is higher
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in states with high temperature so recall is focused on 16 states and the south and west. including california dealers will replace the latches. >> vicki: we first brought to this story last night at 5:00. chinese media outlets are reporting that china's first test run of its new transit elevated boss was a success. the bus is designed to straddle a two-lane highway essentially creating a moving tunnel and let's deal will drive underneath it. irak on electricity and can transport up to 300 people. developers say this could cut down on polluted and traffic congestion. it still has not been known as the bus will be deployed across china or just how safe it is.
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>> reporter: those bosses are headed to the united states any time soon. of the school buses will soon be up and running again with the school just all around the corner. kron4 wants you to get schooled as to the children get ready to head back to the classroom. >> you can make three or four of these and the south will last. -- will last >> right here we have the whole grain and thus help the source of fat and protein from the peanut butter. >> reporter: your child will get all the nutrients they need during the day.
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>> reporter: love that of those little banal rose. -- banana rolls >> brittany: cooler temperatures and f o g will continue into the weekend. we will start to recover into sunday. showing the f o g here at the golden gate bridge. you cannot even see any thing here with the overcast skies. a look ahead as we go into the rest of tonight with patchy drizzle amble average temperatures. a big drop between right now and this time yesterday. down seven degrees and hayward and 14 degrees cooler in novado... most
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70's and livermore. '60s and santa rosa. and 64 degrees in oakland >> brittany: 163 is fraud. -- wind speed is strong. >> brittany: cooler temperatures straight into the week. so here is another angle showing all the clouds moving and two san francisco. crossing over to part of oakland. and, san leandro. by the time you wake up in the morning visibility is down to 1 mi.. and santa rosa, hayward and oakland. zero visibility and half moon bay and hayward. things will start to clear
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up closer to 10 and 11:00 in the morning tomorrow. >> brittany: 82 in san jose, at 80 for the the and livermore and concord as well. and our 7 day forecast, showing as we go into the next few days, including the weekend we will see mostly cloudy skies. we are back to the '90s eth--on tuesday of next week.
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>> grant:sarah jessica parker. getting headlines as the 51-year-old covers the september issue of marie claire, opening up about being a mom and marriage. the insider's debbie matenopoulos has that story from los angeles. >> reporter:chic as ever in a gucci dress with sheer skirt, the fashion icon's perky in this pink off-the- shoulder corseted number by
5:56 pm
alexander mcqueen. s-j-p also sporting strappy sandals by gianvito rossi with this christopher kane ensemble featuring a flowy white skirt and sheer embellished top. >>music up >> reporter:parker celebrating her hbo upcoming comedy series, 'divorce' co- starring thomas haden church. >> "i want a divorce. music":04 "honest, heartbreaking, amusing." >> my son brought me a text. and i did not understand it is this what does that mean? >> reporter: no easy task of being a mother to its plans and 13 year-old son james. >> i made it up on the spot. i do not know how the experts as being a parent. it's beyond description. >> reporter:that wraps up
5:57 pm
kron 4 news at 5. a little different of those single day in york city. >> grant:vicki is joining steve aveson for kron 4 news at six. return to index of >> reporter:reputed chinatown gang leader "shrimp boy" chow will spend the rest of him life in prison. tonight out six. what happened during chow's sentencing today in court. >> vicki:plus his long time girl friend speaks out for the first time.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> justine:chow was sentenced today to two life- terms in prison. prosecutors say he ordered the murder of a rival back in 2006 and then took over a chinese fraternal group. the group's members engaged in drug trafficking, money laundering, and illegal alcohol and cigarette sales. >> justine:he was convicted on 162 counts back in january. including murder and racketeering. today chow's girlfriend alicia lo. said chow did
6:00 pm
not commit the crimes. >> he can turn this all round. i do not know how a jury can come up with this and today. -- in two days. >> justine:chow's girlfriend says the judge acted more like a prosector. and insisted chow changed his ways. that he wanted to do good in the community and she trusted him enough to be around her young daughter. >> justine:chow's attorney says he plans to file a notice of appeal in the next 10-days. and that chow will have new court-appointed lawyers in his appeal. >> justine:steve and
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vicki... back to you. >> reporter: thank you, justine! >> reporter:the evacuation order has been lifted. you can see how much the "cold fire" has burned from this video that comes from our helicopter partners at a-b-c 7. we saw water drops being made to douse hot spots. the fire which started on tuesday has burned 47- >> reporter:it is 15-percent contained as of right now. there's no word yet on how the fire started. near big sur: >> reporter:the soberanes fire keeps growing. it is now at 51-thousand acres. firefighters are slowly making progress. cal fire says containment is now at 27%
6:02 pm
>> reporter:rough terrain has made it difficult for them to get to the flames. this fire erupted on july 22nd. and has killed one person so far. >> reporter:investigators blame an unattended campfire for sparking the wildfire. >> brittany: when a seed out of the west at 8 mi. per hour but there will when speed is sending some of the apology to the north. >> brittany: down at three degrees and san francisco. with a strong onshore flow. if temperatures will drop quickly-done 5:00 temperatures will drop quickly for everyone. i will
6:03 pm
attract more of whatever is coming up for the work week coming up and my next broadcasts. >> reporter: thank you, brittney. >> reporter:a buddhist monastery is targeted by burglars in an east bay city. a room used for meditation is ransacked by theives looking for cash. >> vicki:a surveillance video the shows the burglars knew where to find it the money. earlier today investigators showed kron4's haaziq madyun that a story you will only see here. return >>"you can see our main suspect, this is probably the clearest image that we have of him on the video" >> reporter:you are looking at a pair of burglars caught on surveillance video inside of this bhuddist monastery and meditation center in concord >>"this actually happened at 2:45 in the morning back on july 24th" >> reporter:concord police corporal christopher blakely says after the two burglars break-in the back door of the sanctuary. they go straight to the donation boxes
6:04 pm
>>"looks like they know what they are looking for, they kind of know where to go, they have their flash lights, they have their hoods up, they have their gloves on and they also have a backpack, they are coming in here intending to burglarize this place, in this case they stole cash" >> reporter:twelve hundred dollars according to police >>"they went into a sacred place, a monk mediation have seen unfortunately churches broken into, islamic centers broken into, but this is the first monk temple or meditation center i have seen that was broken into" >> reporter:investigators say the burglar you see here is described as an asian or hispanic male with a thin mustache. blakely says this image is the best lead they have in the case >>"it's a pretty good shot, we are hoping somebody out there recognizes this suspect and provide a tip and help us capture these guys" >> reporter:in concord haaziq madyun >> vicki:a standoff with a robbery suspect in san francisco that lasted nearly 27 hours has come to an end. this is video from the
6:05 pm
scene. the swat team went into the house on miramar avenue in the ingleside neighborhood around 3 oclock today. >> vicki:bringing the suspect out on a stretcher. police say the standoff started yesterday just after 1 p-m. the suspects name has not been released. return to >> reporter:a serious accident in daly city has sparked controversy over pedestrian safety at a major intersection. last night, a driver hit a thirteen year old at the intersection of westmoor and south mayfair. >> reporter:the girl is still at a local hospital in critical condtion. the city has responded to residents who say the intersection has long been dangerous. >>"we don't have solutions proposed at this time. its been 24 hours since the accident so we're going to have to complete the investigation finish interviewing all the witnesses to the accident. and then determine if there is any kind of an option that would improve that location" >> reporter:police say this is the third accident at the intersection in the last 5 years. the other two didn't involve a pedestrian. return
6:06 pm
to >> reporter:new at six: more than one thousand rape kits are sitting on alameda county police department shelves right now - still waiting to be processed. today a silicon valley congressman and alameda county's d.a. are calling for more money to eliminate that problem nationwide. >> reporter:alameda county's d.a says some of their oldest unprocessed rape kits date back to 1994. so congressman mike honda of silicon valley along with d.a. nancy o'malley are urging the federal government to provide more funds to reduce the backlog of rape kits nationwide. >> reporter:last year representative honda secured $80 million dollars to the issue - but now that money has run out and they need to renew the budget. >> reporter:officials say it's crucial to get all rape kits processed to ensure justice is served. >>"the other part of the dna project is of course to give justice to victims first, to prosecute perpetrators where we can, but also to exonerate very few but serve are wrongfully convicted."
6:07 pm
>> reporter: the district attorney is fighting to sort out this situation. >> vicki:the mayor of stockton is out on bail tonight. he was arrested today for providing alcohol to minors last summer at a youth camp he runs. here is the mug shot of 42- year old mayor anthony silva. >> vicki:he is accused of providing the kids and counslers with alcohol. at his silver lake camp in amador county. the fbi says it found audio clips of a conversation in sliva's bedroom at the camp indicating kids were naked while playing a strip poker game. >> vicki:his lawyer denies the accusations and says silva will plead not guilty. >> vicki:to decision 2016 where donald trump is trailing badly in the polls and struggling to bring in donations from top g-o-p donors. >> reporter:but it may not matter, thanks to a new haul of smaller donations, trump is closing the fundraising gap with hillary clinton.
6:08 pm
scott mclean with our partners at c-n-n says even with the money. trump faces an uphill battle. return to >> reporter:marked by controversy and party division, donald trump proof is in the polls. a new fox news poll shows clinton widening the gap over trump, now leading by ten points. >>south carolina the polls should be a wakeup call to mr. trump. he's losing to a person people believe is a liar. he's losing to a person that people don't trust. >> reporter:separate polls also show clinton leading by wide margins in key swing states: new hampshire, pennsylvania and michigan. trump's running mate mike pence says he may be down, but not out. >>vice presidential candidate donald trump is still standing and will make america great again. >> reporter:while the polling gap is growing, the fundraising gap is shrinking. trump and the rnc raised $82 million in july, just shy of the $90 million raised by clinton and the dnc. >> reporter:the g.o.p. ticket is struggling to
6:09 pm
collect checks from top donors but it may not need them. the campaign says most of the money is in small donations, evidence of solid grassroots support. >>the $80 million haul in july really showing you how many americans believe enough in donald trump's candidacy and don't want hillary clinton to be president. >> reporter:but trump's grassroots support doesn't always extend to his own party. >>colorado people ask me, 'what do you think about trump?' honestly, i don't care for him much. >> reporter:colorado congressman mike coffman became the latest republican to distance himself from the party nominee, proof trump still has work to do. >> reporter:in washington, i'm scott mclean, kron4news. >> reporter:with all the controversy surround the trump campaign, we haven't heard much from hillary clinton the past few days. the secret service had to spring into action today her rally in las vegas.
6:10 pm
>> reporter:we are told they were animal rights activists. the democratic presidential nominee then kept going. taking some swipes and donald trump and his sons. >> reporter:saying the protesters must have come for trump because his kids are currently on a hunting trip. >> vicki:following a meeting with the national security council.president obama addressed the nation.discussing plans to defeat terrorist group isis.he says the u-s is prepared to work with russia in their efforts to stop isis in syria. the wide-ranging press conference touched on the relationship with the country.and the president's expectations of the aid they promised. >> vicki:he says it's time russia follows up on the promises that they have so far failed to keep. obama says russia's direct involvment in the actions in syria raises questions about their commitments to the u- s. >> it is deplorable. it is
6:11 pm
time for russia to show that they are serious about pursuing these objectives. >> vicki:beyond syria and iraq, president obama said the u-s will continue working with allies and partners to go after isis wherever it tries to spread. >> reporter:the bay area's housing crunch is starting to hit the classroom. the problem one district on the peninsula is running into. >> vicki:and it is almost here. we'll take you inside the outside lands festival that's about take over golden gate park this weekend. >> reporter:plus it is one of the hottest issues on california's roads--lane splitting. the history the state made today in addressing the controversial practice. return to index
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>> steve:health officials say two babies have been born with zika-related defects in california. officials say the mothers time in countries were the virus is circulating. >> steve:one of the mothers returned to her home country with the baby. the other remains in california. 19 other pregnant women in california infected with zika are being monitored.
6:15 pm
>> steve: disease control and prevention has conirmed 13 babies nationwide born with zika-related birth defects. >> steve:in the wake of the recent zika virus outbreaks in california health officials in san francisco are preparing. >> no one in california has acquired the virus. >> vicki: the cases came from people that were traveling and latin america that will put you ever ask for obtaining the the vis for virus.
6:16 pm
crunch-sot or pkg >> steve: kron4's, mark carpenter had a opportunity to go to the festival. >> reporter: more than 200,000 people are expected to pass through these gates in the next few days making this a premium music festival in all of the nation. their big thing is to make a bigger and better every year. >> we are building a small city out here. we are setting up temporary offices, dressing rooms and power that will run throughout the festival. with the internet that can
6:17 pm
access for a entire town. >> we started it was more like you want to be some rock festival. and now people understand what this event is. >> reporter: and, you know what the organizers they say there are more than 80 x and more than 80 food and then verse. you have the release and we have not even discuss the music yet. you have duran duran, radio head and warren g.. they'll little--a little e-40. >> reporter: have integrated better technology to help
6:18 pm
with noise reduction. reporting back to you and the studio, dies. --guys >> steve: we have you covered for outside plant. go to kron4 dot com. -- we have you covered for outside land >> brittany: it will be '60s with an overcast and partly sunny skies. the purchase would drop quickly into the 50 so here is a live look right now. >> brittany: 3 deconditions are also expected to you want to bring your jacket if you are headed out there.
6:19 pm
>> brittany: will stay cool with below average temperatures. and we will start to recover sunday and monday with our temperatures. >> brittany: down seven degrees in santa rosa. m mountain view. >> brittany: 63 in hayward. it is an even split for the most part at a mountain degrees. -- even spread for the most part. >> brittany: we will see far reaching cloud with parts to the east bay as we head into the rest of tonight we will have more clearing as we get into the afternoon. we will
6:20 pm
see cloud, like i mentioned developing and the evening hours. same thing for the bay and similar conditions for the coast. it's rare that we see all of our areas with similar temperatures. >> brittany: 62 with a high in san francisco, 77 degrees in santa rosa. >> brittany: was the cool through sunday. but monday and tuesday a warming trend will appear. >> brittany: sunday and monday temperatures start to >> reporter:
6:21 pm
kron 4's mark carpenter is (mc) outside lands-pkg ---------------------------- ------------------------ >> reporter: a person cannot afford to live here on a bay area teacher salary. i did a quick check on craigslist. and you conceive that a two- bedroom apartment and the peninsula is going between three to $5,000. >> some of our teachers are sharing housing and renting their thrones. they are
6:22 pm
sharing apartments. there are people who have gone the extra mile to work in our district. this year, i lost staff who have been with us for five years or more. that actually had children are planning to have children. who have been ranting and want to purchase a house appeared--who have been ranting and like to purchase. >> reporter: they actually moved out of the area. >> reporter: superintendent tells me that a starting teacher salary is about 55, $60,000. they have teachers, and some tracy that is about three hours in the morning and evening. commuting long distances. there may be a
6:23 pm
teacher shortage when school starts. >> reporter: some principals and other people had to set the and to teach classis. >> vicki: you have probably seen this on the road where cars are pulling splitting. motorcycle's passing car side when what is called as lanes witting and there is nothing illegal about it. with to you about the landmark move made today by california to address it.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> reporter: >> reporter: looking out at
6:30 pm
today's top stories heard struck boy child will serve two life sentences. -- shrimp boy chow >> reporter: a part of the members best as a part of the game that dealt with drugs here-- >> reporter: here at the mouth meditation center. >> bay are coming in here and continuing to burglarize this place. -=-they are
6:31 pm
coming in here and continued to burglarize this place. >> reporter: congressman says they are urging the federal government to provide more funds for the backlog of rate hits the nationwide. the money of canadian dollars was issued and now it has run out and more money need to be issued. --the money consisting of $80 million was issued and now it has run out and more money needs to be issued for the backlog of more rate hits. --rape kits >> reporter: $55,000 is a
6:32 pm
teacher's salary but a two- bedroom apartment goes anywhere between three to $5,000 leaving many teachers to come several hours away. live here and in menlo park- rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> reporter: last night a driver hit a 13 year-old starting a discussion about safety here. >> we do not have solutions proposed at this time. fe has been 24 hours since the accident. --it has been 24 hours since the accident.
6:33 pm
>> brittany: as we go into friday and saturday, some locations will start to warm up on sunday and most will warm up as we go into monday. >> brittany: here is another angle. san francisco and south san francisco on crossette a dense as oakland and hayward we will continue to see a decrease in visibility. down to the 0 mi.. >> brittany: 85 in antioch, 83 el livermore and 73 degrees and hayward. san mateo, low 60s. and temperatures in santa rosa's tomorrow at 77 degrees. >> brittany: where
6:34 pm
temperatures will say cooler closer to vienna with location and also for the closed thrift low 80s. back up to 70 for the bay. >> vicki: at of the fall on our breaking story that we had yesterday were an american woman was killed. >> steve: that woman was identified as the darling holton. the couple was in london when her husband was teaching for the summer. police say they all lean out your resume for the moment. >> reporter: the incident unfolded minutes from the side of hall of the july 7th bombing back in 2005. of course, to your bed unfolded that night. it was that that drop that police raced
6:35 pm
to be seen in just about 52 minutes. they believe this was the work of a mentally disturbed individual. >> reporter: i spontaneous attack the the they do not believe evidence of radicalized asian. --radica lization. >> reporter: they have an ax to say diligent. it is a matter of batman and not if that will be more violence from voting on the streets. -- it is a matter of more violence >> vicki: the person you see
6:36 pm
here is a lighting one of them. disaffected poor by the is on the loose in the east bay. brownwood police really saw these two surveillance photos of the man that they would like to track down. we were told the bikes were taken from a trailer in britain would about three weeks ago. he is described as being a ross 6 ft. tall and weighing 1421 60 lbs.. >> steve: 8 $5,000 reward is now being offered for ever mission related to the shooting of a cat and ronald paul with a hunting in a row. --rhoenart park >> steve: lasmo this path was found with a contra room
6:37 pm
in her leg and that their role lost in her chest.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>> steve:they promise fun and fitness -- but are trampoline parks the safest for you and your children? a new study is raising concerns about the centers. steve nannes with our partners at c-n-n says the spokespeople for the rapidly >> vicki: growing trampoline
6:40 pm
park industry however -- see it a little differently. >> reporter:trampoline parks are growing in popularity but a new study says that's leading to a rise in trampoline injuries. >> reporter:according to a study in the journal pediatrics - reported injuries at from 581 in 20- 10. to six-thousand nine hundred thirty-two in 20-14. >> reporter:the number of those hurt from home trampolines has stayed steady according to the report's authors. the injuries can be serious. >> reporter:as his horrified family looked on -- in 2015, a minnesota man ended up paralyzed after an accident at a trampoline park. >> reporter: a lawsuit over the incident. >> reporter:some tips for trampoline safety: >> reporter:-use protective padding >> reporter:-avoid somersaults and flips >> reporter:-and keep a close eye on children >> reporter:the international association of trampoline parks meanwhile has responded to the study. >> reporter:in a statement.the group says with more than 50 million
6:41 pm
people visiting parks in north america in the past year -- quote "there would naturally be an increase" in the number of injuries reported. the organization says it's committed to the safety and well being of trampoline park visitors. for today's health minute i'm steve nannes >> steve: force with gary is next!--fosports with gary radnich!
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary:good evening! >> gary:the giants needed this one. matt moore starting his first game for the giants trade >> gary:top 1st/scoreless >> gary:bnrandon crawford singles to right denard span scores 1-0 giants >> gary:bottom 1st/ 1-0 giants
6:45 pm
>> gary:arthur altherr goes deep in the gap and off the wall against moore cesar hernandez scores 1-1 tie >> gary:top 4th tied 1-1 runner at 1st and 2nd moore gets out of the jam by striking out feddy galvis with the high fastball to end the inning >> gary:top 10th/ 2-2 tie >> gary:denard span solo home run off severino gonzalez 3-2 giants >> gary:bottom 10th/ 3-2 giants >> gary:eduardo nunez with the stab at 3rd the spin-o- rama and the throw out nice dig-out by brandon belt great play! >> gary:final: 3-2 giants >> gary:giants take 1-of-3 in philly they lead the dodgers who are currently playing by 2 ½ games return to index of >> gary:it's funny grant.
6:46 pm
i'm seeing all of these ga mes >> gary:-- all of these walks. >> gary:earlier today the national basketball players association awarded steph curry with the "toughest to guard" honor at the players voice awards. the two-time reigning m-v-p and first unanimous m-v-p in the history of the n-b-a is tied with russel westbrook with 15/4 odds to win the maurice podoloff trophy. >> gary:if curry wins the m- v-p next season for the third straight year. curry will be the first player since larry bird who won three m-v-p's back-to-back from 1984 to 1986. >> gary: coco crisp would
6:47 pm
drop him later career--rock him later. he delivers here. no one will catch that. and as we see. they are on the verge of taking out the angels at 1-3. all of these basketball awards now. >> gary:lebron james in in third with 4/1 odds. kevin durant in fourth with 8/1 odds. >> gary:*klay thompson not listed in the top 36 players to win mvp next year. >> gary: curley, was voted
6:48 pm
for the players' choice for the toughest player to blood in the lead. -- to gauruard in the league. >> gary: breakup with the thunder continued today. >> gary:according to reports, durant teammate russell westbrook a that he was leaving oklahoma city for golden state. when asked about how he found out durant was leaving. westbrook replied "like ya'll found out. on the news, on the cell phones, on social media". he then said durant informed him via text >> gary:the news came today after durant said he would not be calling westbrook to congratulate him on his new contract extension, calling their relationship "touchy" at the moment. >> gary: grant, i promise if
6:49 pm
i leave i will let you know first. >> grant: you do not have a cell phone. (laughter) (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: i will tweak it out. -- tweet (laughter) >> vicki: you will have stanley do it for you! (laughter) >> grant: 2 you have a pager? or a beeper?-- do you have
6:50 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: grant is setting me up! >> gary: i have about 12 in my drawer from over the years. >> gary:after russell westbrookyear contract extension with o-k-c. thunder center enes kanter had fun on twitter at kevin durant's expense. >> gary:kanter posted on his twitter account a picture of russell westbrook with a caption saying, "i ain't gonna join the enemy. i'm here to compete". >> gary:the picture the turkish center posted on twitter is the photo durant posted on his own twitter account when he announced he was going to sign with the warriors. but instead of having durant's face on it. kanter photshopped westbrook's face. >> gary:the stanford
6:51 pm
cardinal is ranked 7th in the first college football coaches poll. the poll was released today. >> gary:stanford's rank is not surprising as they are projected to win their 4th pac-12 title in 5 season behind last year's heisman finalist. christian mcaffrey. >> gary:alabama begins the season ranked #1. clemson, oklahoma, florida state, ohio state and lsu round out the nextsix team ranked ahead of the cardinal return >> steve: they are supposed to make your credit cards more secure and southeast from sending your affirmation. find out why you are not want to be as safe with a chip card?
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> steve:if you have a chip on your credit card thinking you are might be wrong. >> vicki:researchers say there could be a serious flaw with the chip based credit cards. the concern is over the cards' magnetic strip, which is intended to tell a payment machine to use the chip. but researchers say card thieves can simply re-write the strip's code to make it appear like a chipless card. experts say the flaw could cost retailers up to 25- billion dollars. return to >> brittany: we are still going to stay cool as we go into the rest of the work week. we will continue to see cloudiness. then a little bit more sunshine and the afternoon. we will not
6:55 pm
warm up until next week. >> vicki: i take a trip to see mom of the one the creek and and have been really warm spirit they can use a break. --to visit my mom and walnut creek and has been really warmer they can use a break.
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
>> "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news >> number one, jennifer garner defines the new modern family. >> even if you're a super busy mom or dad, you have to find time for your kids. >> how ben and jen are making it work and why the paparazzi are still scaring their children. >> he sees them and says, mo go out and tell them son does not like it. >> and ozzy's first public appearance since his section addiction announcement. >> and what did kelly say after being sued by his ex-mistress. >> i'm a daddy's girl. i love my dad.
7:00 pm
you know that. >> number they three, the olympic might be in rio but the real competition is on social media. who will get the goal in twitter? and sarah jessica parker on divorce, beating the gender pay gap and keeping her kids in line. >> my son wrote my a text and i didn't understand it. i said what does that mean? >> the new era of britney spears has officially begun inside her glorious announcement. >> i'm enjoying time with michael yeo. >> i'm so happy to be >> we're going to start with the number one story today. jennifer garner is opening up about her modern family, jen revealing why she and ben are making it work and how her fight against the paparazzi still isn't enough for their 4-year-old son samuel. >> he sees them and says, mom, go out and tell th y


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