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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 22, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: you concede it is
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pretty clear we don't see any fall we could use the fog >>james: you and see clouds on the open camera position as to open side of the bay bridge we have some clouds and we also have a few sprinkles to talk about we know what to cloud the conditions around the bay and along the coast that will pull back by mid morning lead most of the inland valleys with sunny conditions however is expected to stay cloudy ride along the
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coast 8:00 a.m. partly cloudy 59 degrees 60 by the bay as we head for the noontime where look of low to mid 70's with mid 60s in is going to be a pretty mild day temperatures in the mid fifties to low 60s was 57 and san francisco is also ride around 60 it is mild to start little breezy temperature this afternoon should one of to the low 60s and san francisco 68 in oakland woman of to the '80s low to mid generally for the inland valleys. >>james: met opera 72 out out sow bang we're saying shower activity there is some of level disturbances.
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>>robin winston: traffic is looking pretty good at the toll plaza on the retain couch and work on the upper deck that has three left lanes for overall a good ride into san francisco know the problems into downtown heading over to the sky when know the problems on high 101 of quick eight minutes to get from the tall out to 101 on ramp where still hotspot free but checking on also drive times
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highway for a fairly quiet through contra costa county also quiet on 580 if you're leaving little more tracy dublin the dublin grade no problems right now for 580 west. >>will tran: we'll following britain news out of that area to keep a shot and killed the shooters still lose this morning and have on south eighth street around 845 last night they found to match in the least one gunshot wound one man died at the scene the sec and was taken to hospital where he died they do not have a motive behind the murders at this point they have not identified the shooter's they are not releasing the victims' names until their families have been notified. >>will tran: the firefighters
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are near full containment is currently around 95 percent contained more than 12 heart of firefighters broke from the clock for one week to pull out the flames destroyed nearly 200 homes and evacuation orders have been lifted they have been deployed to help fight all the fires burning in the state hist. >>reporter: a host of other bay
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area fire crews responded to the clinton as southern california fires this was one of the type of trucks and to help this 500 gal. tank has more than just water they have all
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returned from the clinton fire he tells of this is not the height of fire season at a moment's notice can be deployed once again saw seven has a 70 firefighters are working to pull out the fire they're digging about fire lines to try and keep it from spreading it is only 20 percent contained in remains in effect for the recreation areas and less ponderous so far no reports of injuries or any structural damage. >>will tran: it started last tuesday in bird over 37,000 a.
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105 homes and 215 structures have been destroyed 7000 firefighters are working to pull out this fire so it was closed yesterday because of the chimney fire leave that was george will call to community just north of lake and his brand of a 27,000 a. and is just 2 mi. away from the historic landmark in the flames are burning in the opposite direction this morning is 35 percent contained san francisco church asking that a priceless 2000 year-old return to them the pastor at st. dominic's catholic church said he of these and given back to them no questions asked. >>will tran: they're devastated
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they tell us how this treasure was stolen. >>reporter: is the piece of the cross that he was crucified on was stolen thursday afternoon from st. dominic's catholic church in 7 burglarize before this night they're not looking to press charges they just want the person responsible to bring it back to its rightful home no questions asked.
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>>will tran: alameda castro valley livermore oakland and in the south bay berryessa and low for burbank is starting later this morning on our web site will have a section dedicated to back to school to look at the final medal count 121 total medals that include 46 old 37
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silver and 38 bronze stanford and both current and former 148 total medals that will be good enough for them to the defense played a day schools or a country a man kyacks surface and is what to see it was all caught on camera a bay area frozen milk shot this route will show you the surveillance video of the robbery coming up in just a few minutes from now
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>>reporter: + 15 may in events
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national flood insurance payments the business and administration is set up recovering centers and has deployed mobile feeding trucks and tied is providing laundry services president obama will visit the state of louisiana gov. christie back at critics who said the president should have come sooner.
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>>will tran: we spoke of the good samaritan and the story you always see you on kron 4. >>reporter: the way news got a little too big for one man there were about five or 6 ft. high it was fishing when he saw the waves overpower the kayaker feed seen it happen before this time was different within minutes
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they showed up and eventually pulled the man who was wearing a life jacket ps symptoms of mild hypothermia but should be ok they pulled to safety just a few minutes later sick. >>will tran: it will not be released in there's we will explain why coming up right after the break.
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>>will tran: he explains in today's hollywood minute. >>reporter: it is a rough year for remake with added not the only reason he bombed at the box office the $100 million movie will debut with just 11 million and change and other numbers working according to variety
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almost no one under age 25 came out. >>reporter: it is doing fine inventors but the next are ready comedy has had a snag is supposed to hit theaters next oriole that universal is open to rule on the technical four k alter a noisy le hundred one to score is a studio first new release in the new format which is having up to four times sharper and of multi dimensional sound experience.
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>>will tran: there is no motive and police still do not have a description of the shooter the clinton fire still burning this morning the pastor at st.
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dominic's catholic church says it can get back to them no questions asked it is believed to be a piece of the cross he was crucified armed it was stolen sometime on thursday afternoon. >>james: that is what we are
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dealing with not a big chance if you catch a ring job it will not be anything major in is a brief system that will be gone by this afternoon again looking at clouds hanging by the close by 3:00 this afternoon here was a quick break down of the forecast san francisco: wasn't this afternoon the high temperatures in the city if you're working there today just know that is what you would expect.
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>>james: that indicate the possibility of some showers we are picking up a few little flecks of grain in the north bay professionally out into portions of the east bay it is not the major but there is that chance of rain drop that is the increment and convene a weather that we are tracking for you this morning.
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>>robin winston: still fairly quiet across the golden gate bridge know the problem so what into and out of san francisco, a dublin heading toward castro valley no problems that is a great commit to san leandro haywood union city milpitas all the way into the south of a speaking of the south bay will have a pretty light traffic 8717 nice unlike in hot spot for insofar. >>will tran: we are giving you ready to go back to school class's have officially started the schools like oakland school officials also working to confirm shot requirements we reported 4000 kids were not up
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to date on new mandatory vaccines police want to remind the commission the the importance of driving safely around and through school areas they join forces with the national highway traffic safety administration. >>will tran: it created a list of important safety tips here is the last students should never jaywalk on in this circumstance
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the south of the san jose public library opened a new headquarters and is located on 150 east sanford and the street the center is for kids ages 12 to 18 years old were students can study and a welcome and firemen a man and teenager were arrested for being involved in in large identity theft and therefore someone was still in water from a vacant building they found a man and a 17 your boy were staying there. >>will tran: offices said they
4:36 am
found over 70 credit-card and debit card stolen checks laptops and a credit-card scanner hist the two or rested on multiple fraud charges. >>reporter: the friends and family members gathered here today near his home where he was shot dead on friday they heard
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at least a few shops there rhombus seen within seconds he was alive when there live with dire hospital a short while later the family is talking about your arrangements and they want to put him to rest.
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neutrality laws that he miller is a statement said limiting the speed of tattered traffic and video are both practices that violate the fcc rule on the principle of neutrality.
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>>will tran: they still do not have a description of the shooter of fire and san luis obispo county is a threat and a one of california's most love
4:46 am
letter marks it was closed yesterday because of the chimney fire it is burned over 27,000 a. and is just 2 mi. away from the historic landmark sh. >>will tran: in the surveillance video you can see a woman distracting the server the man and the black he is what the woman he reaches over the counter and textile shops which is what they need for transactions such hist. >>james: that as long to keep
4:47 am
out the net in the air you're going to want that jack in because the sun will be all was systemize temperatures along the coast and was still is the clouding and maybe if you want to be out on the water this is what it is like outside the car is really evident in the sentences of international airport san francisco. >>james: is we want to keep you updated on in inclement weather that you might run into with the chance of maybe a sprinkle there is little instability some
4:48 am
moisture and combine those two things together it comes down in the form of some light rain some parts around the bay and will zoom in closer and you will see it is not a very elaborate but as a few raindrops of the area and perhaps out near livermore soft the upper fifties to low sixties in the inland valley and it should want to the low eighties for a lot of the in the communities to 8381 fall, the upper seven is down in san jose 61 and the city and 68 across the bay and oakland not too bad nice and warm and land things
4:49 am
will go warm as it had to the next couple of days. . >>robin winston: know the problems and to downtown overall ride into downtown leaving san francisco know the problems into and out of hey would fairly quiet and that is the commute is looking pretty dense checking again on the south bend a little bit of slow traffic if you have to leave morgan hill.
4:50 am
>>robin winston: heading over to the guadalupe park with the drive times looks good in no problems for the is sure freeway out of dublin into fremont and the guadalupe parkway checking in hot spot freeing >>will tran: that is what the minnesota lug is reporting said and a close to the investigation the pills marked as hydrocortisone contained another it concluded that the hit died of an accidental overdose and did not say how he got his hands on the powerful painkiller it will continue to
4:51 am
hope people throughout the community and has five stores in the sitting on there were the mission store was located. >>will tran: he was killed and had run crash in the media partner is reporting the incident happened saturday night. >>reporter: he worked patrol for
4:52 am
years before his latest assignment in the field training officer saturday night he was off duty when he was hit and killed at this intersection of highway one taunting the replaced by friends who were too upset to speak to our cameras the also lived and is unclear where he was going saturday night.
4:53 am
>>will tran: no time to spare he gets a mall would just may be afoot to spare.
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>>will tran: the throwback uniform to put chicago of three friends also tried going to second they can not complete the come back they lost to the white sox.
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>>will tran: she was just five years old earlier this month gardner left the gate opened a man six and half miles away from the animal from his house he made the journey in just 10 days of we are following breaking news of san jose two people shot and killed we live at the scene of the crime with details on the shooting the bartender's figure was bitten off by one of the customers that person police are still looking for this morning.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: >>james: you can see the clouds the bay bridge cameras showing us the car and pushing up in the east bay hills it is getting over the hills and hi to all of the inland east bay valleys it
5:01 am
is a crowded start a little breezy as well and yes the possibility of a potential what start this is what we are seeing them and you can see the chance of a sprinkle out of course in the diablo range with the elevation interacting with some of the moisture. >>james: we expect that to be the case and tend to maybe 15 percent chance of a spark or to hear was what you need to know what the back-to-school forecast more communities heading back to school look for things to stay
5:02 am
pretty calm and terms of debate in the coast but and then it will warm up nicely to 85 degrees a nice warm afternoon that is true whether. >>robin winston: no problems connecting on two westbound 80 it is a great ride all the way into downtown san francisco from the maze into the sky were off to great start it will have a complete check coming up in just
5:03 am
a few amendments. >>darya: they found to men what've and shot one died at the scene the other died at a hospital we also do not have a motive and they're trying to figure out what led up to the shooting but no arrests have been made at this point we're looking for a person who attacked a bartender and his finger off this have been drawn to 15 in the morning on july 17th but they're not releasing this surveillance video. >>mark: this happen at a bar in 1900 like the lombard street when a man who invented the bar earlier tried to get back inside the bar was closed the gap angry he kicked and pull the front door the bartender when outside the man climbed on top
5:04 am
of the bartender and hit the victim before biting off his finger. >>darya: the clinton fire has burned six square miles but added 95 percent contained in least 300 buildings were destroyed the fire started on august 13th and spread quickly he lives in nearby clearwater was arrested and charged with 14 counts of arson and a 411 other fires dating back to july of last year with a 12th of the firefighters on the front line including strike teams from across the bay area.
5:05 am
>>darya: lot of schools will close last week because of the fire but it will be opening today including burn ballots alimentary east lake elementary and the kansai a letter men treated educational center. >>mark: the grown wild fire to the historic hearst castle this is the chimney fire exploded over the weekend out of 43 square miles it is burned in just 2 mi. away from hearst castle most of them are now
5:06 am
returning to find their homes intact not all of them survived hundred and five houses and 215 out buildings were destroyed. >>mark: 01 and how about the health and perhaps all these wildfires people in three counties will be at highest risk of exposure he says that the
5:07 am
thief can give back what they took with no questions asked the church is been burglarized before this night is particularly special. >>reporter: he says it will not
5:08 am
get the much money but it holds sentimental values they're not looking to press charges they want the person less possible to bring it back to was rightful home. >>darya: no security cameras inside of the altar where it was housed in a glass case they're hoping who ever took it or bring the backed out of the goodness of their heart.
5:09 am
>>darya: in the closing ceremony celebrated 16 days of competition it was a big day for the u.s. men's basketball team to get on serbia and the gold medal match he dominated the game he scored 30 points klay thompson team usa blew them
5:10 am
out the final 96 to 66 stanford and cal athlete if you combine them and they won 48 medals. the content of gasoline that the evacuations were once out of a setting where a money more about a man who was killed and berkeley will tell you what his family and friends are saying about and the water is receding
5:11 am
and louisiana at the historic storm slammed the state damaging tens of thousands of homes will have more on the new effort.
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>>mark: the cleanup is now on the way the clinton will take time many people lost everything and they're getting help on friday a federal state and local agencies evidence of more than 60,000 homes damaged by flooding but a network of relief is building across the region
5:15 am
2600 national guardsmen had been joined by volunteers from americorps and other groups the small business a ministration is setting up recovery centers it is deployed mobile feeding trucks and ties providing laundry services president obama will visit the state louisiana's governor forced to back at critics who said he should come sooner.
5:16 am
>>james: the slide the map over to california you concede the
5:17 am
moisture headed in the direction we did see some return and the diablo range to the west of san jose there is a slight chance you might see something on your way to work the ocean breeze is bringing to it and all our direction two things to note for this morning the chance of the sprinkler very slight to strong winds from the ocean that is going to be felt everywhere. >>james: tim to very mild and
5:18 am
oakland maxxam down 67 here was what the map looks like for everyone downtown san francisco working in the city 61 to down by the financial district temperatures some jumping another five to 10 degrees by wednesday then we cool down. >>robin winston: net had over into the san mateo bridge road
5:19 am
out of hayward so far not a bad ride for was about 92 backed up on the right if about to head over to the richmond san rafael bridge will double check and get more details and is an injury accident make sure you leave early would definitely stay on top of this is the drive times look pretty good was bound 2411 minutes 580 west come on in dublin a nice ride along the grade into castro valley
5:20 am
liniments come out of the south and looks pretty good. >>mark: they gathered outside the home where he was shot the family would not go on camera but they said he was a sweet person who enjoy the music on a possible suspect or modal they do not believe the shooting was random.
5:21 am
>>darya: he died at the scene he has not been identified the san
5:22 am
jose fire department said it was caused by car crash in they were able to repair and to santa barbara, to share that is all out of hospital after a burglar attack from the offices were hit with a metal pipe what it was trying to get away this happen early saturday morning and the officers were hospitalized they arrested a man in connection with that attack.
5:23 am
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>>darya: to be a warning people to avoid eating crabs caught half moon than.
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>>robin winston: still waiting for another update from chp is the problem will be issued overturned truck of 580 west it as quickly backing up toward the western drive on ramp it would take some time to get a tub of writing and cleared in this is the committee this morning leaves early right now is under 15 minutes. >>james: will want to start off looking in at storm tracker 4 where we have some showers to talk about what those ocean when
5:31 am
5:32 am
staying with us well into the afternoon we will have a closer look coming up in just 15 minutes. >>mark:. >>jackie sissel: and we concede the investigators along with homicide detectives are still out here hours after the shooting took place in the two brothers did here is video from the scene according to the sun was a police a around a 45 a car drove up and fired multiple shots at them with been told one of the brothers was pronounced dead at the scene the sec and was transported to a local hospital as far as the shooter right now they do not have lot
5:33 am
of information they're asking for the public's help we can tell you if this to the 32nd and 33rd homicide of the here and san jose for already we're only in all this and they've already surpassed last year's they're looking for the public assistance if anyone has heard or saw anything about the shoulders to give them a call obviously this is still a developing story as you get new information we will pass along. >>mark: a kayakers saved a dramatic rescue officials and saw the kayaker almost drowned and call for help saving his life we spoke exclusively with the good samaritan who has the story saturday afternoon the waves that a little too big for
5:34 am
one man was about 5 6 ft. high he was fishing when he saw the waves of a power he has seen it happen before this time was different he was able to grab onto the ball the way you did not give him a break he got a man's attention he was freezing he called harbor patrol bloom within minutes they showed up and eventually pulled the man who was wearing a life jacket aboard he and symptoms of mild copper formula should be ok his kayak will be o.k. but they pulled to safety just a few minutes later we check back
5:35 am
yesterday and officials in oakland said there are waiting for vaccination information this morning the unified school district is going to be visiting six schools across the district in talk about the plans for the upcoming school year >>darya: police a reminding everyone to drive safely as you go through school areas there joining forces with the national
5:36 am
highway traffic administration and school officials that created this list of safety tests of this is for students and parents >>mark: the senate is for kids ages 12 to 18 and they can go there and study the librarians will also be leading classism workshops to help with studying what have you covered will have a special section on our website to the premature baby of
5:37 am
the south the woman who was killed in a car accident is improving its find out how little christopher is doing we're learning new details about the death of the music icon the medication investigators found after the break the bad news.
5:38 am
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>>robin winston: it would take some time to up right we definitely stay on top on the 15 minutes expected july turn in
5:47 am
101287 t in the guadalupe parkway coming out of the oakland a's 24 is at the limited and the e sure free we're all doing just fine the only hot spot is the richmond san rafael bridge follow me on twitter i will be posting of dates between my live report definitely keep updated. >>james: this is a live look in the bay bridge toll plaza on now let's see the rain we have some in activity will have some activity overhead it is mainly impacting the sierra some of them wish to adjutancy is tracking in the direction as resuming you will see a bit of moisture now, listen to the over who was in the line for
5:48 am
this possibly the delta and other portions of the east ave it may see a light sprinkle this morning as you're taking the kids to school as the day progresses that ring chance goes down were only looking at this as a morning event one of to the upper fifties and low sixties later this afternoon warming and up nicely for places like concord will get up to the low to mid 80's or '70's generally for the santa clara valley in same forecast was 78 san francisco downtown anywhere from 61 of the panel or your record in the will be out along the coast aside from the brick sprinkle chance the main theme is a gradual warming over the next couple of days.
5:49 am
>>mark: this is the baby in the family is trying to raise money for the baby's medical bills this setup a page in so far they've raised about $14,000 we posted a link to the fund raiser on our web site >>darya: the pills from his mansion had been mislabeled the source says the pills will mark his title: but actually
5:50 am
contained another of your id it is up to 50 times more potent than hair when it has been blamed for recent surge of overdosed across the united states including 10 in the sacramento area it did not say how he obtained the powerful painkiller >>mark: the republican national convention said donald trump is going to get his campaign back on track to he is improving as a candid and will pick of support next month they're mostly showed him lagging behind hillary clinton he is hitting his stride and will catch up by labor day the issuance of new style of maturity and that will boost his support in the national polls the war between wireless carriers is heating up there now is they're lowering their prices
5:51 am
are limited data which could help save money are tech reporter compares the plans and points out if they do come with a catch. >>gabe slate: if you want to use your from to create a hot spot you connect a tablet or other device to the internet team mobil makes you pay $15 a month but sprint led to have that feature for 40 the new plans are fisted activated september 6th and sprint's august 19th the limited plan is a better deal before you jump makes sure it has coverage in your area and that and start to get spotty t mobil does have more towers and more coverage they do not offer unlimited plans but they will likely follow suit and for both
5:52 am
carriers the unlimited plan requires that all video and standard definition rather than high definition of. >>gabe slate: of video consumes five times less network capacity and high definition video slowing down the data speeds when watching video is a violation on net neutrality laws they found the e-mail a statement that said limiting the speed of have the traffic and video rubble of practices that violate the fcc ruled against the principle of net neutrality in depending on what action is taken and how the fcc rules these new cheaper unlimited plans may be short-lived.
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>>james: if you catch a sprinkle it will be ron very long will impact the game tonight as they face off against the indians 705 low 60's at that point mostly clear skies with a slight breeze. >>mark: the movie came out on top for the third week in the role making close to $21
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: unfortunately this is the clear direction blocking for about 45 minutes of the activity on the right-hand side of the screen three lanes blocked the right at the bridge the driver of the trucks on how crass and to the very of the truck flipped over the driver suffered from some injuries will have a special toll truck on the way chp caltrans on the scene traffic squeezing ride on the
6:01 am
transfer. >>robin winston: the backed up continues to grow and is now jammed from the castro accent right to the toll plaza will pick up on the span was still under 20 minutes that will bring the chancellor ring job for places like the delta which have seen some of the right now the san ramon valley may see some of that moisture and.
6:02 am
>>james: we're not expecting that impact much of the north to say there is a chance as you can see our raindrop or to in the month of august today we have that and store a lot of kids are getting back to class as today allowed the school district 8:00 cloud chance of the sparkle or to. >>jackie sissel: we can tell you homicide detectives from the san
6:03 am
jose police department are still out here at the corner of eighth street and mark the street investigating the 32nd and 33rd homicide of the year and they are brothers this all happened last night around 845 when they were standing outside of the home on a stream according to witnesses in the police they say a car drove up and fired multiple rounds of for some of the dozen rounds that describe what they may or may not be looking for. >>: the suspects the outstanding the suspect vehicle is outstanding there in the early process of collecting evidence
6:04 am
at the scene and into during witnesses the two brothers is in his late 20s this is what they're being described as right now the 32nd and 33rd homicide of the year and they're anxious to get any information any new leads on the people who committed this crime. >>mark: police in san francisco are looking for men who attacked a bartender and bit his finger off this happened about 215 in the morning they just released this surveillance video it happened at a bar on the 1900 block that is the assailant the bartender was a he had tried to get back inside the bartender
6:05 am
told the man he got angry and the man was kicking and call on the front door and climbed on top of the bartender and hit him in the face before biting his finger off the attacker ran away with friends who at the time and side of the bar. >>darya: the retarding the san francisco church it is the sentimental value that it holds
6:06 am
that altered is most frequently visited the in the church where people go to pray they're hoping it shows. shows >>mark: a law school districts getting started to same they include alameda castro valley livermore and oakland unified in the south bay students in various and frank the mckinley we have live coverage as well aware live at your heart elementary school they will be getting ready and and maybe an hour or two.
6:07 am
>>will tran: it is the art we see workers in the dark getting ready they drop off some food it is a big time it was hard when you saw my kids but the number- one thing about school other than learning is to make sure that your kids are safe to look at the screen these are tips given by the livermore police department students should not
6:08 am
cross again to realize what a walking on bikes or schooler's 4 skateboard's parents and guardians must keep an eye out for children and all times they should not stop the car in the middle of the crosswalks obey all traffic signs and regulations avoid dropping off kids across the street. >>will tran: you want to go there their grim reminders on what you need to do and of course above and beyond the patient it will be full of parents dropping off kids make sure to give yourself conceded time.
6:09 am
>>mark: when you get your kids up in the morning check it out. >>mark: bed tempted to leave the station when the security guards forced them out of the taxi at gunpoint.
6:10 am
>>mark: we're looking at the biggest moment from the olympics. >>reporter: fitting finish that was dominated by the united states the u.s. basketball team
6:11 am
the data is the third straight gold those of 46 and final gold medal in the 121st medal of the real games in the last 15 days of competition 61 medals won by
6:12 am
american women americans were not the only stars. >>mark: the closing ceremony she carry the american flag this said goodbye to the games extinguishing the olympic flame and turn of the celebration into a dance party this celebrated 16 days of competition both current
6:13 am
and former 48 medals at this and the next looking for the person who shot a man and berkeley.
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
>>robin winston: injuries reported one trout pull off now maybe a tow truck moved in to position itself over if you need to get over to the richmond san rafael bridge is moving well
6:17 am
across the bridge a lot of folks leave extra early this morning a major hot spot gone back up at the bay bridge the ride into san francisco approaching the toll plaza backed up on to west grand not through the maze not yet been checking in also drive times which is moving pretty well 15 minutes from hillcrest to 42 it is slow as usual through the out to my but if you're under 30 minutes from the dublin and to change that is a good drive times in the south did fairly quiet.
6:18 am
>>james: the way the weather conditions are and is pulling the moisture in our direction it will be impacting the east bay during the early morning hours that may bleed into the delta you concede some moisture coming up on the radar that is what we are tracking renown in the way in this setup you concede the moisture is getting pulled over and saw on background we are going to be dealing with the breezy conditions this one all the way through the dame of live look outside shows us clouds the system is bringing men and they are causing problems. >>james: senses a to-air for 55 minutes delayed because of the clouds as resume in closer you
6:19 am
can see we are tracking some showers out over point reyes also attracting a few bits of one share that is all we're saying is expected during the morning hours this isn't a big rainmaker is a slight chance of rain dropping you may see under lightning flash that will be mainly out for the central valley >>james: into saturday and sunday stay around we will have the forecast coming up
6:20 am
>>mark: the killer and the first homicide of the year is still on the run we broke the story on the morning news friday friends and family gathered outside of the home where he shot yesterday the family would not go on camera but said he was a sweet person who enjoy the music they have not released and information on a possible suspect or modal off the fire
6:21 am
started on august 13th and quickly spread into the downtown area more than 12 on the firefighters and still, from lines this morning several school you including the of a minority slate elementary in the cup nonfat education center if
6:22 am
the historic hurst has sold the chimney fire exploded over the weekend now is more than 43 square miles it is just 2 mi. away from hearst castle. >>darya: the wind is pushing the flames away 47 buildings have been destroyed it is 35 percent contained because of the fire is enclosed to visitors since saturday the cleanup is beginning now the effort is one to take some time a lot of people have lost everything all of them on the ground in the flood zone and working to get the victims the assistance they need president obama is going to visit the state of louisiana
6:23 am
governor pushed back at critics who say the president should have come a lot sooner that already approved $55 million and some foreign assistance + 15 million in events national flood insurance payments president obama will visit the baton rouge tomorrow they're calling on him to in his vacation early to visit the area they said then he is getting a firsthand look at the damage and to limit the american people be with them as they rebuild still ahead of
6:24 am
fishermen who call for help. >>mark: it is a story you see only on our kron 4 the reason health officials are telling people to avoid seafood call concerning areas a live look at the british maybe even a chance of a spring or shower where watching that will watching several traffic hot spots include the richmond san rafael bridge
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>robin winston: the three lanes or block approach and the toll plaza right here right behind this camera the tow truck is on the way and lots of heavy traffic pretty much a growing backup that stretches beyond castro already out to richmond park where they run high levels
6:27 am
of a neurotoxin and profound and the crabbing in the shellfish thicken cause seizures, so even death in applies to muscles clams in the internal organs of scallops it does not apply to commercially sold shellfish from approved sources a tolars recovering after being rescued from a capsized boat and florida they're on a river when it capsized friday night the to go to one of the children will quickly located >>mark: rescue crews arrived to the scene and they stayed in the water for nearly an hour looking for 23 month old girl they spotted her she was floating in her life vest and a small pocket
6:28 am
of air under the bow of to save their fateful the child turns with diligent about putting a life vest on the kids when they're out in the water. p?p?o?gv
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>robin winston: the worst possible place during the morning commute blocking several lanes of traffic is an overturned truck this.
6:31 am
>>robin winston: a growing back of beyond richmond parkway moving well across the bridge because everyone is stuck in this back up. >>james: we're seeing some showers and bedded areas of yellow indicating more moderate showers some light sprinkles on the diablo range the rest of the
6:32 am
day looks pretty good here is a live look outside clouds to start a little sea breeze to deal with. >>jackie sissel: hist almost 10 hours after the shooting took place along with homicide detectives have just left the
6:33 am
they're starting to break down the same but are obviously still looking for those people who shot and killed two men late last night what we're finding out as those two men are brothers this all start around 845 last night at the corner of the street and mark the street here in san jose police say two brothers were standing outside of the home when a car approached them if ultimately opening fire shooting at least a dozen times he was later pronounced dead at this far as the shooters in this case so far police do not have in the lead on the people who did the shooting they're asking for the public's help same as someone may have seen or heard something these are the 32nd and
6:34 am
33rd homicide of the year in san jose where only in august that already surpasses the toll that have from last year rv sit there and just to get these two people and get the shooters in this case in the custody for here the rest to a new currency only on kron 4. >>mark: he started getting hit by waves as high as five to 6 ft. he was knocked out of his boat was able to grab on to the kayak this a man fishing thereby saw the ball and getting over power by the waves and the call harbor patrol the vote showed up
6:35 am
minutes after being called and eventually pulled him to safety he has symptoms of mild hypothermia and is expected to be ok. >>darya: they believe the bomber was between 12 and 14 years old the president of turkey believes prices was behind this the brother of the
6:36 am
boy began to last a to john he was hurt during an air strike in syria if has died this picture when the fire he was hospitalized he's been released but his brother who was injured died yesterday from his injuries. >>mark: a man in teenager behind bars at the very involved and a large i did to the theft a neighbor for someone stealing water from a vacant building they found the man and 70 your boy and he's been identified as 25 year-old who have three warrants for his arrest in side of the building also found more than 70 credit and debit cards laptops and credit-card scanner the have a filing cabinet stolen from our bird would dental office. >>mark: 5 border north of santa barbara and los paz's national force has grown over the weekend is burned more than 33 square miles to start on
6:37 am
thursday there have been no reports of any damage and injuries this fire 20 percent contained them made huge gains in the mass of blue cut fire firefighters look to all evacuation order of about 82,000 people had to flee their homes on to the when the fire started their return to find their homes intact firefighters sale hundred and five homes were destroyed in this fire is bird about 57 square miles containment for just 85% research is to the fire prediction model to identify as smoke from wildfires
6:38 am
>>darya: people in san francisco and alameda and contra costa county will be at the greatest risk of exposure to harmful smoke which could cause serious respiratory illnesses so school official the time to confirm that everyone who comes back to school as the vaccination because that is on the law 4000 students were not up to date with those mandatory vaccines we check back yesterday they're still waiting for of passing information on 2600 students.
6:39 am
>>mark: there will also be leading class and workshops to help with starting studies.
6:40 am
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cno artificial flavors.. philadelphia® garden vegetable. rich, creamy... ...and delicious nothing else tastes like philadelphia®.
6:42 am
>>mark: they diagnose term with this condition today's after she was born our mother quit her job to take her only hope of living
6:43 am
longer is to get a kidney transplant it will keep the father from working for a long as six weeks and some friends about the family to brawl--rv for the trip.
6:44 am
comfort food... you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken.
6:45 am
california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. >>mark: the happened just before 9:00 last night in the 900 block of south east st. one brother died at the same the other died at the hospital they do not
6:46 am
have a motive in the have not made any arrests they're looking for a man who attacked a bartender and bit his finger off the. >>darya: this happened last month but we're not getting a look at the surveillance video the bartender was attempting to close when the men tried to get back and side of the bar the fires destroyed nearly 200 homes all evacuation orders have been reluctant. >>robin winston: positive thinking is to cover the richmond san rafael bridge finally upgraded in the cleared we're calling it a hot spot because of the backed up and the drive time it was blocking right at the toll plaza a driver spotted owl and hit the barrier of slipover transferred off to the hospital.
6:47 am
>>robin winston: it is well beyond castro beyond from richmond part will be on our way. >>james: for is not that often we see showers in the month of august we run the chance especially for the east valley is especially down in santa cruz there is not a whole lot
6:48 am
to this we're tracking of brief shower again that is about all we're saying at the moment 56 in san francisco 60 in oakland for the ellen east bay's 61 down in san jose we're going to one of nicely a lot of sunshine the clouds hang above the coals and the temperatures reflect back 61 and san francisco opened 68 across the northern 73 to 77 the panel where you are going for the immediate future calls for temperatures to warm slightly >>james: then would reverse the trend in those temperatures come
6:49 am
back down. >>mark: a federal judge in texas is temporarily blocked and a bomb administration on bathroom rights was transgendered students that asked the judge to halt a policy after they told the public school the change in the students must be allowed to use bathroom consistent with their chosen high density. >>darya: he is doing better take a look at the baby his name is christopher it was born two months premature because his mother died in a car accident
6:50 am
on her way home from work on wednesday the family is trying to raise money for the baby's medical bills days raves about $14,000 are the 25,000 we put still linked to that promise is on our website. >>mark: the pills found in his mansion after his death had been mislabeled according to the star tribune what science the source close to the investigation the pill marked as hydrocortisone but contained another one call center mel >>mark: they found he died of an accidental overdose but did not say how he obtained the pain killer. >>mark: they will be assigned to other editorial roles in one of
6:51 am
the media's of the six sides or in spanish language cash univision they found a will be our job however. >>mark: he sued them for invasion of privacy act imposed access of the sex tape that showed him. >>darya: all but one of the nine counties had an unemployment rate below the statewide average solano county was the only county with a higher rate than the state rate that had a 6 percent unemployment rate of the eighth lowest is in san mateo county with 3.4% of the work
6:52 am
force was unemployed they had have low on for a writ to the past year as the industry fuels a good portion of our economy. >>darya: the average price of gas keeps going up by half a cent to dollars and 17¢ a gallon and national average
6:53 am
>>mark: here he is off the body and he gets jose out in the seventh ending the longest in his career curtis grander we
6:54 am
will be right back
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6:58 am
>>mark: he is the oldest person to run across america is started three years ago nisan be a cut in the running 3 days a week he finally finished in georgia on saturday he is raising money and awareness to bring it across midlantic two brothers or killed in a shooting in san jose will live at the scene this would police as saying about the suspects.
6:59 am
7:00 am
strachan has a police investigating a shooting that left two brothers that what the police they happened coming up showers around the bay. beautiful forecast coming up.


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