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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 25, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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jon versus kate gosselin. the new war over their kids. >> she doesn't like me at all. >> jon spilled the family secrets to "e.t." and now kate not holding back. why she sent one of her sons away and why their two oldest daughters want nothing to do with dad. >> we're kind of not talking right now. then -- secrets behind britney's carpool karaoke with james corden. and why "america's got talent" host nick cannon is now a college student. and how you can get gorgeous locks like j. lo, charlize and chrissy teigen. how this woman went from being a nanny to giving hollywood stars show-stopping hairstyles. now for august 24th, 2016,
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this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody thanks for joining us here in hollywood. kevin fraser is still taking care of business in new york today. hi there, kev. >> reality tv's most famous exes are at it again. it looks like jon and kate, plus kate. she's lashing him in a brand new expose and the timing is interesting because jon just fired a away at her when he sat down with us. here's the big question -- is kate out for revenge? >> i don't really talk to my ex-wife. so it's all kind of just helter skelter like i have my life and she has her life. matt and kara i don't see that much or often. we're not talking right now and colin i haven't seen for a really long time. >> six days after jon told us that, kate shot this cover article for "people" magazine which hits stands friday. inside, there's more than a few nasty swipes at jon. kate blasts her ex, i thought he would have been here for the long haul.
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and 15-year-old maddie irate that her dad went on tv says, he doesn't even know us. he should think about why we don't want to see him. and the last thing i have time for is a toxic relationship. >> and stop coming around, 12, 13, i didn't question that they were moving into womanhood. they'll be 16 in object. so i hopeky talk to them and develop a relationship in the future. >> so is it up to kate who can come? or who can't come that particular day? >> apparently it's up to kate. she doesn't open her gate, the kids can't come down. the kids i get are hannah, leah, joel and aden. sometimes alexis. >> i had just signed up for a blind date. find a husband so she doesn't die alone. >> kate and the kids are clearly moving on. but the big bombshell? colin has been sent away from the home, the 12-year-old, who has quote special needs, is in a program designed to help him develop better life skills to deal with his educational and social challenges.
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>> you have not seen colin in two years? >> two years. >> i used to see him at school and now he's home-schooled. if felt like she was segregating me from him. >> colin! >> the kids obviously are still in his life. because he's their dad and they visit him from time to time. but otherwise, he lives his own life. >> jon, who you remember deejays for a living. is upset about the article. kate who admits she has all the kids in therapy, has a different way of looking at things. >> i live with no regrets. and everything i do, i know that they're watching. >> kate also keep in mind, not just your kids are watching, the world is watching. meanwhile, it looks like it's over for jennifer lopez and casper smart. their romance is reportedly off according to sources, they were last seen together backstage at her vegas show a little over a week ago.
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even though they say they're going to remain friends, we know that these two could get back together tomorrow. >> so perhaps tomorrow will be reporting that they're back together. >> the headline -- reunited as it feels so good. >> nischell turner is here with a sneak peek at carpool karaoke with britney spears. we've been waiting for this and i hear britney and james got a little bit dirty. >> they went there a little bit. you put bratny in the car with james corden, i'm watching that. the internet buzz is rathering its head ♪ ♪ >> critics are pointing out that britney appears to be maybe lip-syncing. >> you can hear her a little bit. >> a little bit. >> i'm still going to watch. i love it. >> can't get into it after some called out britney on cbs this is only a teaser. we're not ruling out spears will
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sing to "toxic" in addition to her little car dance. we hear tomorrow night's segment was filmed in july, weeks before this post from all 10th. they shot around the cbs studio lot where james tapes his show and when brit was spotted by fans, she waved. >> my dancers came with me. >> did you do "baby one more time"? >> yes, i did. so embarrassed. >> him driving new york city director, no camera people. just them in the car. the conversation unfolds as it does. >> tiny gopro cameras caught each angle. britney was in all black. she was on a break from both her vegas show which returns tonight and her sons. >> have they seen your show, vegas show? >> yes. >> i saw my mom in her underwear once when i was like 11. >> you're so dirty. >> i'm not, i'm saying, i can't shake the image from my brain. >> despite mixed reaction, britney's a-list status and
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unpredictability will only add to her massive youtube audience. >> we never thought we would have something which would take fire and be viewed around the world. >> thank you for helping me get to work this traffic is gridlock. >> you're welcome. ♪ ♪ >> ooh, nancy, one of these days i'm getting in the car with corden. it is all britney all the time. because she did carpool karaoke. then on friday her first album in three years drop and she's going to complete the trifecta, she's performing at the vmas this week. >> she always ends up making a wild pop culture moment. things got wild last night in "america's got talent," it was a full-on party from the red carpet to the stage. >> a cappella crooners -- ♪ ♪ >> some super talented kids. >> tonight i'm going to attempt to do something no kid has ever done before. it's time to raise the bar.
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>> and the judges used the props. >> the competition on "america's got talent" is definitely heating up. and speaking of hot -- >> saw those pictures on vacation during the hiatus, is there a special story behind that necklace? >> there is. >> there is. >> she's not going to tell us. >> no. >> the heidi klum bikini line, it does come with tops? >> yes, but i'm a european gerran girl and we like to go topless, don't love the tan lines. >> mel b. has been posting sexy pictures of her own. >> you showed fans you lost 30 pounds now? >> yeah. >> is it as easy as you make it look? >> it's not easy. it's like a whole other job. >> and nick's other gig has him hitting the books. >> first things first. you're heading to school. you're going to school. howard university. >> i've enrolled. using these airplanes like school buses. >> you are raising two kids, why
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school now? >> it's something i've always wanted to do. i truly feel like it's the next stage in my life. man you ktertainme is tstanding, but i truly want to utilize my voice, i want to be part of the community and i'm always encouraging young people and have been an advocate for education. i better make sure i get mine first. i'm not going to stop in 2020, i'm going all the way to get my ph.d. >> we'll be calling him dr. nick cannon and his major strategic legal and metric communications. he made news recently when he opened up about the tragic death of a form her love. earng more about the woman who wve a place in scott eastwood's heart. >> what do you look for a potential girlfriend? >> connection. >> okay. >> and then you know, there's a lot of qualities, honesty. >> and that was scott last year talking to "e.t." about his
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quest for love. >> i don't know. you know, i guess -- i haven't found it yet. >> just four months before our interview, scott lost one of his first loves. tragically in an accident and the actor recently spoke for the first time about herevastating death in the new issuee "gq" australia. quote i've lost some great friends, but never lost someone i had been really intimate with. you know like in that way, in a relationship. i think that really affected me that in a way that, i don't know, maybe it's made it harder for me to date. the 26-year-old was in a fender-bender of 2014 when a defective air bag inflated with too much force and released a metal shrapnel. that he dated for more than a year and he's still searching for closure. admitting the mag, i still haven't called her father. i still haven't found the right. >> jules' death is one of several connected to defective air bags that led to the biggest
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recall in u.s. history. coming up, amy schumer calling out her star friends, why she might not be invited back to one a-list event. >> i'm not trying to make a lot of celebrity friends. then "dancing with the stars" rumors who could be in the new cast. and secrets from hollywood's hair stylist to the stars, from j. lo to jen garner. which celeb gave her her big break. >> she did pay for me to go to beauty school. the upcoming film "lion" is getting award season buzz, it tells the truetory of breyerly. played by dev patel. >> at just five years old, seru was separated from his family with no idea where he came from. >> how long are you on the plane? >> a couple of days. >> nicole kidman plays the adoptive mother who raises him in australia and rooney mara is his aussie girlfriend.
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dev spent eight months preparing for the role. perfecting his australian accent with some help from his native co-star. of course. >> i always thought i could keep of course. >> i always thought i could keep this family together. -- captions by vitac --
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mom doesn't know we have him. so we're using fresh step with the power of febreze to eliminate litter box odors for 10 days. guaranteed. victory is ours, mr. kitty! fresh step. with the power of febreze. tomorrow, "e.t." is first on the set of "sully" with tom hanks and the real-life captain, how they recreated the crash
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i remember that moment. there's the proof there, you're looking at two people who know what it's like to say sign me up for "dancing with the stars" and also what it feels like in panic mode. >> terrifying. >> you remember that moment, terrifying, exhausting, painful. so who's crazy enough to join the cast this fall? we're starting to find out in tonight's know and tell. amber rose is sure keeping busy these days. multiple sources tell "e.t." that the talk show host and model will tango straight into the 23rd season of "dancing with the stars."
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the full cast will be revealed on august 30th. but here's a taste who you might see bedazzled to the max. bachelorette jojo fletch certificate on the list, along with seventh heaven alum beverly mitchell and disgraced olympian ryan lochte. but scheduling conflicts will keep simone biles from jiving this season. >> the fall season won't work because we're so busy with tour. but if i could do the spring season, i would love to do that. next amy schumer's met gala diss. >> when i saw you at the met gala, was that a miserable night for you? >> the comedian told howard stern she's not a fan of new york city's yearly fashion event. >> it's people doing an impression of having a conversation. i left not the second i could. i left earlier than i should have been allowed. i got to meet beyonce. and she was like, is this your first met gala? and i was like, it's my last.
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>> i love her, i love her honesty. >> keeping it real. >> let's talk about generosity for a second. amy gave away almost her entire salary from the four seasons of "inside amy schumer" to the crew. can you imagine what it's like to be oprah's boss. >> oh, my gosh. >> who is the star brave enough to tell lady o what to do. who knows everything about your favorite elebs? their hair stylist, of course, we're getting all the gossip from my star salon owner. >> j. lo, jennifer garner, arianna grande. breaking news from the set of lip-sync battle. which big stars are coming back to the show? >> it's going to be crazy.
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i give you this one thing, come on. >> we're breaking news straight from the set of "lip-sync battle". >> we're going to do a fully live show. one that's going to be all the way absolutely live. >> going live on september 11th, will be a first, but ll and chrissy told me we'll see some familiar faces. >> we're going to be bringing back some all-stars to participate. >> like a rematch. >> i can tell you olivia munn and teri cruz will compete again and so will chrissy's man john legend, seeking redemption after
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losing to common last year. ♪ ♪ >> also exciting, voting will be different for the live show. >> we're going to let the fans at home be involved. they'll be able to call in, get online, tap your app. >> always great to catch up with ll. season three premiere as month after the live show on october 12th. that set is incredible we have to go sneak over there one of these days. all right? >> i would like that very much, kevin. one thing that ll and you might not ever have to worry about. that's getting your hair color just right. but all of us ladies know how challenging that can be. so we sent our expert to get some secrets from hollywood hair stylist to the stars. >> highlighting you and lowlighting you just like i do on chrissy teigen and khloe kardashian. >> i'm getting my hair died by
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tracey cunningham tonight. >> it's all about the mane attraction and hollywood's biggest names trust their tresses to this woman, tracey cunningham. her entourage includes charlize and drew. they geld their golden glow from tampa bay raysy. and then there's the bronze. >> j. lo, jennifer garner, jessica biel. arianna grande. you know, no big deal no big deal. famous redheads, right? dallas howard. emma stone. >> the list goes on. but tracey's career started with one name, bette midler and the job opportunity of a lifetime. >> bette midler's nanny had quit. they needed a nanny. >> it's pretty great. >> tracey went from nanny to stylist by watching that stylist at work and when he wasn't around, she stepped in. >> i said i can do your hair.
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i can do it. and she said are you sure? and i said, i could blow dry. >> she did pay for me to go to beauty school. isn't that amazing? but i still will blow-dry her hair occasionally. she's very proud. >> now the owner of mesh salon in beverly hills, tracey doesn't take vacations when a client is filming movies, she hops a red-eye to meet them for touch-ups. new clients are by referral only, it will set you back about $650. haircut not included. >> i saw the instagram photo of you and gwynneth in the kitchen. >> we do kitchen hair a lot. >> she gets her snacks in the kitchen with gwynneth. >> gwynneth is the real deal. she cooks and she's amazing. when you go out to j. lo's house, i imagine it's a different atmosphere. >> she's always singing, oftentimes she likes to do it after the kids have gone to sleep. she works so hard and she wants to spend all her time with her children. >> it wouldn't be a celebrity
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salon without its share of drama. most recently when one of tracey's stylist admitting to having an affair with a married ozzie osbourne. >> what was your reaction? >> i was shocked. but everything has caulked down. everything's good. >> ozzie was once your client? >> yes. >> with a client list like that, it's time for our expert to get the tracey treatment. >> how do i look? >> off to the bowl. >> this is the final stage. >> then i'm going to emerge like chrissy teigen? >> you're going to look just like chrissy teigen. >> oh, my gosh. chrissy. you look so good. >> i know, right? to quote john legend, all of me loves all of this hair. i love that. >> don't forget he also needs to sing as well as john. well one of tracey's best tips for getting your hair done right, don't judge ask for a certain color, bring in a photograph to make sure you get
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exactly what want. here's a good question, how do you get oprah to do what you want? she's usually the one in charge. that's what regina king had to do when i visited them on the set of "green leaf". >> i guess i should say action on this one? >> yes. >> how are you feeling today before you go direct oprah tomorrow? >> today i'm feeling confident. you know she has such a -- warmth about her. when oprah comes to the set everyone just kind of feels like, feels the love. >> yeah, like it's, there's a hug. >> as an actress, you know regina from "ray" with jamie foxx and she won an emmy last year for "american crime." now that she's telling lady o what to do from the director's chair, her family is finally impressed. >> and -- cut. >> i did an episode of "skandals" being mary jane. they're like tell us about "greenleaf". >> that's the power of oprah. >> i don't want to hear -- i've
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been so busy. >> as an executive producer of "greenleaf" oprah has a hand in hiring more women to work in front of and behind the camera. >> i'm excited about what we're able to do for women power. >> amen to that. oprah has caught the acting bug again. hard at work on an upcoming hbo movie, the immortal life of
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lots of marketing going on in this aisle. fancy labels, slick designs;
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to speak to and take ownership and changing things in their lives. >> we day airs this sunday on abc. bye-bye, everybody. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> the waves were like six feet tall. >> number one -- britney spears' near-death drowning bombshell. >> did security come? >> no, they didn't. >> her candid revelations about her hawaiian vacation gone horribly awry. then mike phelps' olympics farewell. >> everyone thinks i'm coming back, but i'm not. >> as he focuses on family and marriage. >> we do have a date set. and number three -- blake lively candid body after baby admission. >> i let my body get back to the way it was. >> what insecurities is she now revealing.


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