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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 26, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we will begin the hour with the chant of weather and traffic--check >>reporter: we will start the
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weekend on the corner in node allot of sunshine looking good we're going to start off as always do what the fog and we have some drizzle going on a little bit thicker this morning than we seem previously it is actually the temperatures are warmer this morning delores' '60s ease pressure line about 62 concord 6159 to livermore 59 for san francisco opera '50s at 61 for novato. >>reporter: soared amid the fall did a very nice cover of the overcast skies extend very far it will take awhile to clear out this morning we got to live morning at 9:00 a.m. the problem spot we will cover along the close to the return flow by 9:00
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surely after sunset cash over my you consistently and over into the valley-. >>reporter: 73 to the to little cooler than we've been saying all this week. >>robin winston: a good things for positive thinking a good ride into san francisco no delays approach in the toll plaza if you need to use the use
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it now before starts to back up usually the richmond san rafael bridge is pretty quiet that is the best time to get into the north bank of a live look at 101 across the golden gate lasted 25 minutes from novato over to san francisco and nothing is what what emergency crews are rolling out in does not impact northbound traffic we would definitely keep an eye on it >>james: another victim has come
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for some the she was also followed by him would manage to stay without any harm you concede this happened in lafayette park over the weekend this video had a lot of people nervous and anxious this morning especially because it appears to be unprovoked. >>reporter: that would make it four days after the attack this said they saw the suspect worm the same clothing as he did was surveillance cameras called images of him viciously pounding a woman the victim tells police it was unprovoked of the suspect to bring our dark green sweater and followed her to the park saturday evening he then punster in the face so many
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times that it is now broken in several places and she will need surgery to repair their are investigating claims from a second woman that says the man arrested the suspect description also followed her he is wrong here with an average build according to authorities his anywhere from 40 to 50 years old test and possibly homeless,. fifth >>james: her father is now
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behind bars they're arrested map you all suspicion of child abuse the abuse happened at an apartment on blossom ave said the baby went into cardiac arrest on sunday she was rushed to valley medical center we spoke who is surprised this happen so close to hauler--home. >>james: we larger than any it pleaded no contest and served seven months in county jail and four years' probation that case involved another daughter who was 5 years old at the time.
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>>reporter: from his hospital bed he remembers what happened on tuesday afternoon when a have plowed into him he was standing with his friend by his shoeshine stand on sutter and market street he's thankful so many strangers and customers rushed to help will the taxicab driver
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suffered a medical issue right before the crash according to police the has been released from hospital but the man standing with him at his apprentice who was like a son to him. shining shoes since 1962 we cannot wait to heal and get back to work we have video of the
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moment one of the aftershocks hit. if >>james: people knew the town were jolted awake by one of those aftershocks the four. to troy unarmed are several buildings they're already damaged such. >>james: this comes after months of controversy over a lenient sentence of a sexual assault conviction you requested the assignment he wants to know preside over civil cases the change will aid the public and the court by reducing a distraction that and feel his ability to do his job hist.
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>>reporter: it would take awhile
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to mix our 5:00 a.m. by midmorning a does the performance by 3:00 still hovering the coast a little bit of the morning clouds and also the fall the we're talking about we had to the east bay
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along the east to be sure line 69: 734 hayward to lower '80s at work even at 84 you could see pleasance then 79 come in for love creek one of the biggest ones we was seeing but a lot more of those '80s on the board.
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>>robin winston: someone to look out for if you 101% jose that is the content of new direction.
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>>james: they found the bodies floating in water between 66 avenue of port st. about 1130 yesterday morning about six hours earlier just before 545 it was a car crash on the southbound side of interstate 80. >>james: you move this trial out of santa clara county see venice
4:17 am
on a with the school back in 2012 they believe she was murdered her body has never been found. >>reporter: the 15 year lows of four early on her way to school when she was believed to be kidnapped and murdered they're hoping to get another trial is set to begin this is a clear accounting.
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>>james: their route the gunplay a taxi by police badges but the gas is a vintage footage suggested they face security guards at the vandalizing a bathroom. >>reporter:, dublin down on his
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latest attack against hillary clinton fifth it is the former
4:20 am
president bill clinton is far more than his rhetoric. >>james: the giant looking to avoid the sweep last night as
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hear from the player of the game. they are making the move
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to the spectrum after 32 consecutive seasons where does the rock will rank among hollywood's highest-paid actors
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>>james: mr. johnson tops a list of highest-paid actors.
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>>reporter: after dating for five years that are done damage and a picture about her life she would not be contributing to this movie in any way shape or form nor does have her blessing.
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>>james: they're looking for him now the police arrested a father would believe send his daughter to the hospital with life-threatening injuries the
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total debt stands at 250 as many as 360 others she sh. >>reporter: we are ahead in some cases 35 almost six degrees this time from yesterday's 62 oakland hey will 61 amount of new 60 come son jose 59
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livermore, but 6159 come into this our chefs sh 5873 go on buy-known with the locations into the upper 60s.
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>>robin winston: president a little card offered armed only two lanes opened its a little crowded no major delays no problems here on 580 heading to the richmond san rafael bridge a smooth ride also looking good this morning if you need to use out 101 so far nothing to block
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the commit direction is northbound that is also licensed move will let you know for stars tobacco traffic so far it is doing well as shows a little bit of yellow this moderate a little sluggish approaching the scene you consider the rest of 680 looks great coming out of dublin >>james: >>james: we talk to members of the crew who were there and has the story
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>>reporter: this happen last year on a hiking trail, she saw the man collapsed and go to compulsions as she hiked up on the trail she called my 11 for help the rescue team flew until they run the dueled with the officer and a fire paramedic who flew first to assess the condition that determined he was critical in needed to be airlifted it was an unseen warmer than the hot temper
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tuesday she was hired in the belief that he was not drinking of water for all factors in what caused him to go into distressed >>reporter: they reunited with a high call call line 11 she is incontinent with the victim who was not doing fine >>james: there to get another step toward some city by filing a trade mart their fire for three trademarks our first look
4:36 am
at the potential new stadium and to pull sabean state of the art 60 but policy stadium had their helping the potential move it says the for the project they will need the state to chipping in $750 million of taxpayer money even the house salad a new
4:37 am
location majority at the howard terminal thises aerial footage from our helicopt the partnership it shows exactly where a ball park could end up to the oakland mayor is backing the idea >>james: still had warned the south bay reagan's attack has been spotted walking her around the neighborhood your personal information could be compromised due to a securities law--flaw.
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>>gabe slate: location timmy try to your e-mail text messages that and has was to be seen and downloaded the microphone and a camera can be accessed they were surprised how sophisticated it was when it was brought to their
4:41 am
attention a watchdog group to help foreign governments by on their citizens this fall despite where we were able to detect the smallest espy where we will be
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>>james: he was looking to move his trial out of santa clara county she vanished on a way to school in morgan hill in 2012 and will she was murdered body has never been filed. >>james: although there will be changing stations he will continue to serve as a play-by- play announcer one
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>>reporter: and looks for the stock then along the east bay shoreline having said all that we're couple degrees warmer than this time from dissident will be in the inland areas and to the lower 80s cool the we were from yesterday/
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>>robin winston: for those of you plan on getting out of the east bank you may see a little bit of stop and go traffic there is an accident right before
4:48 am
croquet and involving a couple of vehicles and overturned accident 1 01 south a car on his roof is the working about 45 minutes know the problems heading west 5 in the last good out livermore to dublin
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>>james: right near the fremont open space preserve only on kron 4 they were again trying to catch the cai will be on the loose and then bill
4:50 am
>>reporter: to try and grab them that access to stay back and to not spook it in room the operation they do this for their love of nature
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>>james: this is the suspect the 36 year-old police and there are acting on a tip after she received a red and messages that include a photograph that will clearly taken in her bathroom.
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>>james: many shelters are waiving of the adoption fees it and send us pictures of your dog send the pictures through the button and share some of those pictures and is available for free we will be right back
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>>robin winston: no big problem for five in the west they're
4:56 am
watching the animal >>james: he makes a brief for really know what they do with their agitated he went up when he went flying he was a was to avoid the defense mechanisms. we have a lot of news coming of--
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now here is the bay bridge will be watching this this morning will
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>>reporter: the templates is of for 66. >>robin winston: rolling into downtown if you need to get into san francisco and is less than 10 minute from a maze into the sky where.
5:02 am
>>darya: they are investigating and over my murder >>will tran: >>will tran: >>will tran: >>will tran: this and paramedics to the same but it was too much damage to many injuries that he died at the same at this point they do not have a model for the do not know exactly who called would definitely there are searching for someone they went around the neighborhood talking to witnesses a very few details as far as the identity they
5:03 am
believe he could possibly be homeless to the not exactly sure his name is not being released until the next of kin has been notified this woman lives next door to the apartment where six week old baby girl lived with her mother and father. >>reporter: they learn that
5:04 am
matthew room pleaded no contest no one answered the door as the residence of the neighbors minute left small children are saddened by what happened and there are pressing for the baby and her family as of late
5:05 am
thursday afternoon his daughter was in grave condition at the medical center. >>mark: more aftershocks strike in italy as the death toll continues to rise following the 6.2 magnitude earthquake >>james: 267 people are confirmed dead even though everyone knows the chance of finding survivors this far after the main earthquake it is a decrease in with every passing
5:06 am
hour they're desperate to find people this morning we're hearing from one-man hist. that man would happen to report discovered that his family was seventh there are still near for are the people die in hospitals recovering in many more are still unaccounted for such they're trying to stay as optimistic as possible.
5:07 am
>>mark: see history of losses in that city and alameda county are investigating happening this morning the berkeley city council is going to hold the surprise meeting to vote on raising the city's minimum wage it would raise the minimum to $15 an hour by the year 2018 the minimum right now is set to go to 1253 an hour on october 1st shift he requested reassignment
5:08 am
he will now reside of a civil cases rather than a criminal. >>mark: police discover the sisters and stabbed to death in a home just north of jackson investigators say in a car belonging to one of the victims was found an abandoned road please do not have any suspects of their search of the car for evidence trying to find out who was responsible.
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>>reporter: 59 for san francisco's 62 oakland 65 of the more encompassing and of the east of a 10:00 in the morning until we get the clearing by the afternoon 9:00 p.m. in returns to repeat the performance
5:14 am
temperature wise the warm-up as we discussed should be in the lower 80s 84 for livermore that still reduction we're monitoring
5:15 am
traffic. >>robin winston: so far so good no major slowdowns just in case you need to use the san mateo bridge the traffic is moving at the limit no major slowdown is heading into a lot out of san ramon highway for still smooth five eddie looks good no bid for problems for no. 101 come from morgan hill if.
5:16 am
>>mark: they had been flown out to assess the patient's condition they determined he was in critical condition in needed to be airlifted out.
5:17 am
>>darya: he was being at hit by the then he is recovering from serious injuries the video shows his father the one who ran over and spoke to mock the driver got out of the van she
5:18 am
>>mark: >>reporter: donald trump dublin down on the latest attack against arecoline to using the previous statements against him
5:19 am
from the start to grow trout has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia he is taking hey group's main stream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party ships
5:20 am
>>darya: it is time to honor your best friend in this national dog and you can pick
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up a new best friend on this national dog that and all of these photos we got from you the easiest way to send us a picture of your patent is through the mobile application of san francisco have the driver is attacked with a taser will show you what they're looking for next four new movies are hitting theaters hoping to knock suicide squad off the top ticket of live look at the bay bridge it is early at 521 they're watching the fog and drizzle
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>>darya: there are four new movies that are opening this weekend hands of zone and the
5:25 am
one of these could be the one to a lot of suicides while.
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>>reporter: 82 inland by about 3:00 for the pickup handy near about 74 break down 70 by 1:00 p.m. we're talking 78 soph. >>robin winston: to on the left is wide open the fast track laying across the upper deck into downtown san francisco
5:30 am
traffic is getting through you can still roll over to the frontage just a brief slowdown getting off at the same into stars tobacco track will definitely let you know.
5:31 am
>>reporter: it was unprovoked the suspect or a dog green sweater followed her from lafayette park saturday evening and then punching her in the face so many times it is now broken in several places and she would need surgery to repair according to authorities seized
5:32 am
anywhere from 40 to 50 years old and is possibly homeless. >>james: the explosive ordnance explosive team once they were there this setup parameter all from the car for time residents in the area heard a sound similar to gunshots that was the bomb technician they were
5:33 am
working to render the explosives that was the process n the scene is clear of those two people had been arrested on charges of possessing illegal explosives. >>reporter: if he into an
5:34 am
driving taxis to 38 years he's been robbed twice in the patrol hill neighborhood the police say is the same neighborhood where the new video shows a taxi driver being tays and robert that as in the public to help to find the to men into women responsible for the assault it started with the pickup nor the market street in ended in a dead-end street in the pechora hill housing project for the suspect gave him his phone as collateral he goes into a nearby home and came back to walk a rider to the cab driver and tays him in the neck police said at that point a second suspect insulted him while the other to some of his belongings.
5:35 am
>>darya: she was abducted on may 25th washes away to school this saw her been taken away by an armed man the prime suspect died in a shootout with police in santa barbara county police now have few leads to go on six awarding of the south to bang would say we need to build look out.
5:36 am
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5:38 am
>>robin winston: it is a minor way of rotted is a great ride so crowded at the bay bridge into san francisco thing is keep getting worse >>mark: he's been charged brazilian police for filing of false crop report heat and
5:39 am
decide whether to mount a defense during the olympics at he in three other olympic swimmers or rather gunpoint and taxing however the surveillance footage suggested they actually faced security guard of the vandalizing of bathroom president obama is making his virtual reality they bill national geographic least as first were to really experience.
5:40 am
it tastes place during the visit to yosemite national park it was released and follow the national park service's.
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5:43 am
>>robin winston: it's already backing a beyond any of the crossing the good news is when you continue to cross into downtown and its overall goal ride lasted 20 minutes from the maze of the skyline you're ride across the san mateo bridge also pick another westbound out of hay wud to the peninsula of foster city.
5:44 am
>>robin winston: the drive time is still under 30 minutes. >>reporter: made a great
5:45 am
progress into the inland reaches into the central valley the progress clear in this out the have a way to go buy some o'clock in some problems job
5:46 am
over the debate in the east of a shoreline 69 for oakland 65 richmond 73 hayward livermore at 84 looking it 80 presence in san ramon 79 some far east bay locations such as britain would will be a little bit warmer >>mark: 0 warning for people who live in saratoga awhile can they resemble a bobcat was in the area.
5:47 am
>>mark: police say for the
5:48 am
investigation turned up a video of a toddler using the bathroom as well and new security threat has been discovered in stones that leave the device open to spy where >>gabe slate: your location can be tracked your e-mail and text messages all the data and has was in the scene and download there were surprised how sophisticated it was what was brought to their attention by group a watchdog group wants to the use of mobile surveillance
5:49 am
software this citizen security grew upset a little-known is released all exploited and no bugs in apple smart phone software to help a government spy on their citizens profoundest on the from a human rights activist in the united arab he was being targeted inspire unarmed not clear was spying on him but look out was able to detect the spy where in the text message sent to him from. a phone from >>gabe slate: to protect yourself you need to run the software of date.
5:50 am
>>mark: that cover some serious real-estate for the great catch they won this game four to nothing.
5:51 am
>>darya: the did file for naming rights that back the relocation unveiling these images and oversight committee if you have $1.9 billion if you build it
5:52 am
they will give it they said the public will not make any contributions to privately owned stadium >>mark: this is what a clocklike in here is what looks like now a
5:53 am
member of the joint powers authority says this is an ideal location another planet that could support life was scientists are saying about.
5:54 am
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>>mark: a new place to live off coming up in the next hour or an incident recovering in the south made her father is behind bars to donald trump and hillary clinton all war of words here what he is calling clinton a bigot. [ bus engine revs ]
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: it is going to be an
6:01 am
overcast morning for a lot of the perimeter of the bed 63 actually increase from the last hour 62 for concord 59 for san francisco
6:02 am
>>robin winston: know the problems for the sky way or the james like if you leave now at the drive time is 15 minutes we would check again on the richmond san rafael bridge, the next report >>darya: cash polices and was that are investigating an overnight murder >>will tran: the city's 34 to murder we talk to the san jose police department his injuries
6:03 am
simply too much he died at the scene that did the best that they could but at this point they do not have a description of the killer. >>darya: this happened 4300 block and was around 8:00 last night police were searching a vehicle when they found a burglary tools and equipment to make fake ids and explosive devices to people were arrested
6:04 am
on charges of possessing illegal explosives and identity perhaps. >>james: the 6.2 magnitude quake they need to find them now 267 people are ready confirmed dead even though
6:05 am
everyone knows the chances of finding survivors is decrease in with every passing hour but they keep digging anyone we heard from the mayor of one of those towns that was heavily damaged their only two main access road to the lead to his town. >>reporter: this woman lives next door to the boston avenue where this six week old baby girl lived with her mother and father.
6:06 am
>>reporter: no one answered the
6:07 am
door that are crying for the baby and her family. >>mark: they're looking for the man who attacked a woman and san francisco was of the heights neighborhood the suspenses she broke several bones of her face and now need surgery police say
6:08 am
his brown hair from 40 to 50 years old and could be homeless. >>darya: cash police are trying to determine if a body from floating is linked to a car crash in oakland a worker from the body floating in the water between 66 avenue the berkeley
6:09 am
city council holding a surprise meeting to vote on raising the minimum wage the men always kelly is set to go off to $12.53 if the proposed ordinance is passed it will be increased to $15. >>mark: they announced the deal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour statewide tough he was
6:10 am
convicted of sexual assault he requested this reassignment he wants to preside over just civil cases the change will aid in the public and the or reducing the distraction that interfere with his ability to do his job. >>mark: 25 your were fighting to get the trial moved happening
6:11 am
now police a looking for the person who murdered two nuns and mississippi the sisters there were stabbed to death at home in mississippi please do not have an is suspects they're searching the car trying to find evidence.
6:12 am
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>>robin winston: and ask them
6:16 am
blocking two lines rolling out of downtown oakland continuing the coliseum is going to be a great ride is account to commit direction checking in on the east to bay coming along 68880 also good ride from dublin out to some no know the problems just had been crowded this is
6:17 am
friday light no major problems around the bay area hopefully it will stay that way. >>reporter: a little surface when all around the perimeter holding to get close to 10 mi. or our tour of moscow went out of company you will notice there feel the numbers livermore still
6:18 am
84 walnut creek about 7984 pleasanton fairfield and 80 in december they forecast temperatures the rebound slightly.
6:19 am
>>mark: yes to save the rescue team reunited with the female-or call 911 season concert with the victim and said he is doing fine new crisis tax line signs
6:20 am
will be installed this another step and the suicide prevention parts of that includes a still net that will extend to to see below the bridge and 20 ft. out words they said they received hundreds of tips none of the month led to the shooter they're offering a seven $5,000 reward. >>darya: and horrific accident earlier this week almost killed
6:21 am
a shoe shine worker. >>reporter: he is thankful so many strangers and customers rushed to help them the taxicab driver suffered a medical issue right before the crash according
6:22 am
to police also a man standing. >>darya: now he has no and come in here has mounting medical bills many athletes also dropped
6:23 am
out of the summer games the olympics warmer has been charged by the brazilian police he and three other olympic swimmers were rather they gum. despite the fallout from this incident and he has an endorsement deal he signed with
6:24 am
a crime for this cough drops >>darya: send us a picture i use the mobile application we will
6:25 am
be right back
6:26 am
6:27 am
>>robin winston: checking in on the richmond san rafael bridge if you need to get into the no. the expect a little bit of a back up thinking of getting crowded no major problems.
6:28 am
>>darya: because a gradual air traffic police say people are snatching phones from the riders will give you tips from being the next victim.
6:29 am
6:30 am
. >>reporter: with this reactivity golan a little bit of an hour work we have south southeast when tests seven rather and it is clouding the good news is in the child was all the major airports as to the entire country the good news they're all green lights we may have some scattered thundershowers
6:31 am
sit. >>robin winston: is jam from was to grant approach in the toll plaza after the pace is also called across the span is about 17 minutes to get from downtown oakland better news for an annulment, to come new direction we had an accident of problems several vehicles blocking two lanes if you have to use it is backed up beyond the 980 it what impact those of
6:32 am
you coming out of downtown oakland. tsk >>reporter: police said 13 phones have been stolen in the past everyone who ride to guard has to be aware of their surroundings there are targeting users that have you some tips here they are young be aware of your surroundings and animation used to cure your phone sit do not lenya fall to
6:33 am
anyone that you do not know use password protection considered installing anti theft that asking for help to identify for suspects to attack a taxi driver . >>james: the toll the desire to take him to third street and protrude hill by texas fire that is on the suspect in the front seat to the driver he did not have cash review will go inside
6:34 am
of his house the suspect leases from behind as collateral when he returns that is when he tay's the driver in the neck the driver tried to stay but a second suspect open-door if they continue to attack the driver officers explained what happened and why this is extremely rare. >>reporter: again here is another good look at the passenger in the car the police are looking for the assessment
6:35 am
and the person in the backseat got away and made off with the drivers backpack his self on and his wallet we're told he's doing ok please come in for the suspect in a wild cat looks like a bobcat was spotted in the area. >>darya: this is about 630 tuesday morning in the man who lives in that home heard some grumbling in the vineyard and this was early in the morning before they were taking the kids to school that is when they saw the video with the cat neighbors say this is the first time a big wildcat has been seen in the area.
6:36 am
>>reporter: donald trump hot bubbling down on the latest attack against hillary clinton
6:37 am
question nane the recent focus on hispanic and african-american voters trauma claiming democratic policies to clean those up from president bill clinton we will be right back
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>robin winston: it will be less than 25 minutes from an immense and the bay shore a good drive times will check back then
6:41 am
downtown oakland an accident on highway 4. >>mark: a powerful software was found targeting an active his own the spy went into vans and a previously undisclosed witnesses to reports published essay about how the compromise of from with the type of offender were testing the giants gained 715 in the upper 50s + the breezy conditions 2025 trout are all wins we will be right back.
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>>reporter: eason all year result looks like a model quickly in this is what it tells us of we track all with volleys of to see the clearing and the east bay shoreline we're looking
6:45 am
a san mateo 73 for paulo out to al pleasanton wall creeks 79 this is cooler than your tire we can tomorrow.
6:46 am
>>robin winston: did you need to get into san francisco nothing to worry about here at the toll plaza is a little bit of crowding back up to was to land along the time it is friday light notebook problems and to downtown san francisco a new
6:47 am
problem will combine a lot of high street a little call in both directions into and out of downtown only 12 minutes to get from 680 to the oakland a's out of dublin to castro valley is hot spot for a in the south to get a commit to 80 from 2 to 37 last internments. >>mark: leno following the law and busy roads on we have the story of people behaving badly. >>stanley roberts: some of the
6:48 am
driver's car and the surprise is the have a lot to send it was this driver was passenger car and 70 mi. from our and it is five not our zone. >>stanley roberts: while this
6:49 am
driver gave him one answered he gave me a different one however worm he would turn with a different response. >>stanley roberts: there will be
6:50 am
more and maybe not so many warnings are heartbreaking when the last time the cancer pence and lost angeles if last night he was this close to making history he was looking for his first win as a giant >>mark: talk to the fore to john panic has to run blast the giants were of free nothing he was having a special night flirting with a no-hitter 38 innings and he will lose the no- hitter with two out some in the bottom of the ninth he finishes
6:51 am
the night allowing just one hit and seven strikeouts and three walks giants won this game four to nothing is supposed to give instead of the are 65,000 seat domed stadium cheered it appears
6:52 am
that is going to make his debut under the forty-niners theus missed the first two games of this preseason the kickoff tonight is that sillcock. back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>darya: treetops for the list for the biggest male acting to
6:56 am
of 201664 half million dollars his role in the continue to establish some as a film star plans to enjoy watching him on the show dollars dollars dollars. --ballers. >>darya: jackie chan of bringing in $61 million. within the top five matt damon tom cruise president obama is making his
6:57 am
first tour reality debut nasa geographic this takes place during the visit yosemite national park in looks weird the time is now coming up in the 7:00 hour major police activity going on in san jose grew have a live report and it to the bottom of what is happening after the deadly quake in italy aftershocks continue and they're still searching for survivors will tell you if they're having a lot after a case of child
6:58 am
abuse and the father is behind bars.
6:59 am
let's go live to kron will tran who just got to the scene.
7:00 am
what's going on, will? >> reporter: it is not being done by the san jose police department, however. it's been done by the east palo alto police department. you can see one person in the back of the squad car. took place at around 6:00 this morning. this is is about a mile away from the san jose police department. they came here with at least five or six units according to neighbors. they used their blow horns, saying that it is a search warrant to come out with their hands up. and it ended peacefully. we do know, again, at least one person in the back of the squad car possibly as many as three arrests. why they conducted this raid, it is still under investigation, but i did talk to the east palo alto police officer who said that the department should give out more information over the past couple of hours or the next couple of hours that i'm working my sources. i'll try to find out exactly what was going on, but that this was conducted, again, in downtown san jose, not by the san jose police department, but by the east palo alto police department. and that there is a helicopter


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