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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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now at eight. sitting down for the star spangled banner in san diego! reaction to colin kaepernick in a city proud of its patriotism. whoosh the prostitute at the center of the oakland police scandal facing felony charges in florida. details tonight of why police were called to her rehab center. whoosh protesters awaiting the release of stanford swimmer brock turner. he has spent just three months in jail for for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. whoosh and a dramatic rescue on the marin headlands. fifteen fishermen and a dog pulled to safety when their their boat runs on you're watching kron fo news in as 49-ers quarterback colin
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kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem in san diego. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. this is the fourth game kaepernick has protested by sitting down during the anthem. this time.he kneeled. the move has spurred both criticism and support. but the quarterback isn't backing off. grant lodes joins us now.with more on tonight's anthem sit-out and the controversial items kap has been wearing during practice. >> grant:we'll get to his practice socks in a moment.first though. the anthem tonight. and kap was not sitting on a bench in uniform as he did last week.but he wasn't standing either. he was kneeling on the sideline. and he's no longer on an island. teammate eric reid, joined kap.taking a knee next to the q- b. the strating safety was in street clothes.most starters were not playing tonight. but certianly a noteworthy show of support from one of the team's best players.and an emerging young leader on the squad. broadcast rules prevent us from using game footage until the game's over. lots of people in the crowd booed kaepernick.loudly.before every play on the first drive. there was a military appreciation there is every year in san diego before the game. one kap critic had this to say. he wrote.'i wore these socks in the past because the rogue cops
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that are allowed to hold positions in police departments, not only put the community in danger, but also put the cops that have the right intentions in danger by creating an environment of tension and mistrust. i have two uncles and friends who are police officers and work to protect and serve all people. so before these socks, which were worn before i took my public stance, are used to distract from the real issues, i wanted to address this immediately." boo-ed inside the stadium === and heckled outside the stadium. people protested the 49-er quarterback before the game even started. "you have to be an adult about how you express your opinions. i think with the whole controversy of the socks you know the police officers dressed as pigs on the socks i think it's really elementary it takes away from his major point." "military families is huge you know it's a huge military town one of the biggest you know in the united states. yeah so he's not doing well there tonight. he's not getting our fans that's for sure." new at 8.
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we've got an exclusive look at the woman behind the controversial qb. just who is the girlfriend that could be responsible for kaepernick's newfound social activism?
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she is an mtv dj - from right here in the bay area. >> reporter: if you're alive at the stadium where fans are watching this game against the chargers and 49 years. we did go earlier about an hour ago he did promise the status it out serving more controversy as a military appreciation night in san diego
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and a likud and carried on as usual but i did speak with some san diego native's and you because of the fact that happened is turning the chief said tradition and the flag.
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>> reporter: alicea hotel owners set up an only alive and will not create. >> pam: and given an exclusive look at the woman behind the controversy he be hit
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from recent tweets - she not only backs her boyfriend but could the driving force behind his public protests. this week, she's asked by baller alert about her embattled boyfriend. >>: >> vicki:as we first reported
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yesterda, a look at kaepernik's twitter account is revealing. over the last year - he posted more than 100 times on race- related issues. he and girlfriend nessa diab - have been linked since last year. pam? >> pam:follow the kaepernick protest developments on kron-4 dot com. there you can see the video from the national anthem tonight . and find out how people are reacting on social media. celeste guap. is in trouble with the law. she is the woman at the center of the sex scandals. involving several bay area police departments. >> steve:we told you she was in florida for rehab. and now we've learned she was arrested on felony charges. kron 4's justine waldman read through the arrest report. she is here with the details. now in jail
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the sheriff's office in stuart florida arrested celeste guap at her rehab center. the now 19 year old texted kron 4 news. she was going for drug treatment and sex addiction. guap is the self-described former call who claimed to have had sex with numerous law enforcement officers from multiple bay area police departments, including some before she turned 18. according to her arrest report on monday, police officers were called in. because guap allegedly become abusive towards staff members. while talking with, her deputies say she began to brag about how many police officers she slept with in california and her past drug use. security guard members at the rehab center claimed. guap had ran away. took her clothes off and began to flash passing cars on the street. once they got her back to the rehab center. she allegedly started screaming, was aggressive, lunged and an guard. and there is security camera video to prove it. she then is accused of biting a security guard on the arm. that guard had to go to the hospital
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then while in the patrol car. she escaped from her handcuffs. began to smash her head on the windows. and needed to be put in restraints. finally, that "during the entire incident and transport to jail. she was attempting to solicit sex from deputies." we know her as celeste guap. but she was booked under her real name. jasmin abuslin. according to her arrest report. "during the entire incident and transport to jail. she was attempting to solicit sex from deputies." . now in jail the sheriff's office in stuart
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florida arrested celeste guap at her rehab center. the now 19 year old texted kron 4 news. she was going for drug treatment and sex addiction. guap is the self-described former call who claimed to have had sex with numerous law enforcement officers from multiple bay area police departments, including some before she turned 18. according to her arrest report on monday, deputies were called in. because guap allegedly become abusive towards staff members at the treasure coast recovery center. while talking with, her deputies say she began to brag about how many police officers she slept with in california and her past drug use. security guard members at the rehab center claimed. guap had ran away. took her clothes off and began to flash passing cars on the street. once they got her back to the rehab center. she allegedly started screaming, was aggressive, lunged and an guard. and there is security camera video to prove it. she then is accused of biting a security guard on the arm. that guard had to go to the hospital then while in the patrol car. she escaped from her handcuffs. began to smash her head on the windows. and needed to be put in restraints. finally, that "during the entire incident and transport to jail. she was attempting to solicit sex from deputies." >> steve:today a broad coalition of community activists held a press conference at the richmond police department calling for attorney general kamala harris to take over the sexual conduct investigation. activists are calling on state leaders to make that happen. the case involving richmond officers has been under investigation for a few months civil rights attorney pamela price is leading the call to action effort. the coalition leaders say they hope to present their executive order proposal to governor brown in the coming days. >> pam:convicted rapist, brock turner, is expected to be released from the santa clara county jail tomorrow morning. large crowds are expected outside of the main jail. advocates for rape victims also plan to rally there. calling attention to turner's early release. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from outside the jail this evening. are officials expecting a tense situation ?
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rescue crews were on scene in kirby cove this afternoon.helping save 15-people and a dog from a damaged fishing boat. marin county sheriffs say the fishing boat struck some rocks while near the shorline below the north end of the golden gate bridge. this footage shot by our helicopter partners at a-b-c shows the u-s coast guard and marin county officials helping the crew. they towed the boat into kirby cove for more shelter during the rescue. everyone was reported safe following this incident.including the dog.who was clearly happy to touch hard ground again.
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>>alecia: all across the result over for the cases transferred to the civil division by the end of september. in this case also let to assembly bill 2888 that would change the minimum sentence to the attack three years and and who on governor brown's desk this cases cause a lot for natalie here in the bay area across the west.
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>>alecia: he is required to register as a sex offender. . >> pam: ahead at eight. out of mistake? the inmate that was accidentally it brought people to a standstill. statue. where the artist wants to see it go next. and next. bracing for a life- threatening hurricane to make landfall. we are tracking storms on both sides of the u-s tonight.
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hurricane hur-meen getting uglier by the hour. it is now a category- 3 storm. as it strengthens near florida's gulf coast. you can see the strong waves and heavy winds already slamming the region. here on the west coast. a second catergory 3 is reeling
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toward hawaii. hurricane lester is expected to pass the islands over the weekend. kron-4 meteorologist brittney shipp is here now. and brittney is lester expected to make landfall or weaken? >> britteny: starting to push on short near perry updated and the system and the track here by 945 will transition to the carolinas and then eventually heading out towards the ocean this read of a week and lots of folks travelling to the labor day holiday and then the other thing is hurricane last year.
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that will change the direction moving to the west northwest 14 mi. an hour 25 m.p.h. in which track for you it goes right to the north of the big island that's creating more of the onshore flow pushing closer to us. and house rather region tomorrow 87 and at 3 livermore. 87 concord 80 degrees and vallejo. and then some detail pushing back the 7479 and san jose. that might monday
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temperatures warming back into the high 80s or wind speeds right now coming back down a little bit bearish and the sunday forecast last you again. >> steve:new at 8, the san francisco sheriff's department says that an inmate at the city's jail was accidently released due to a clerical error. it happened last night, and there's is now a search underway to bring that person back into custody. kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight at the hall of justice. to explain how this happened. charles >> reporter: apart and is scrambling to try and find this in may. the paper with the
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insurance department manages the jail and no reason to hold him last night 10:00, let him go. discovered o'clock this morning and and how they're conducting a very wide search. a latino man l 58 and weighs hundred 50 lbs..
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rescue crews on the scene and tried to figure >> steve: as fishing boat struck some rocks. this footage shot hooked up to par airships. yes coastguard and burned tunny officials tried to help the crew they did tugboat. donald
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trump delivers a hardline immigration speech. and is getting backlash. from some in his own party.
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brock turner convicted of felony sexual assault --- is set to be released in just hours. we are tracking that story presidential nominee last night i outlined a bold new immigration reform reaction pouring in on donald trump's threat to round up and deport as many as six million people in this country illegally once he is president. his tough talk in phoenix. contrasting with a low key appearance in mexico. justine waldman takes a look at what hesaid. and what people are saying about it. >>:"not going to happen any more, folks. not after november 8th" >> reporter:his supporters cheered when he laid out plans for a deportation task force. >>:it's a great idea. it is a task force-like effort that's led by very professional people in the law enforcement community and the legal community. and i think in sort of the homeland security umbrella. >> reporter:klan member and senate candidate david duke are among those applauding. but hispanic supporters are bailing. "i'm telling you today, i'm >>: withdrawing my support from donald trump and it's not only me, many like me think the same way." >> reporter:just one day after shaking trump's hand, president enrique peña nieto blasted the candidate, >>:some of the positions, yes,
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represent a threat to mexico's future one paper headlined "mexicans. offended." another said that 85 percent of mexicans agree trump's visit was a mistake democrats mocked what they called trump's failed attempt at diplomacy. vice presidential nominee again to keep america safe, it's no time for amateurs. it's no time for first-timers or people who need training wheels on. and in their first visit with a leader of another country lose their nerve and lose their will. >> pam:vice president joe biden: i don't believe the guy's a bad guy. i just think he is thoroughly, totally, completely uniformed. he has no idea what the hell he's talking about. >> reporter:trump's hard=line stand on immigration is not shared by most americans. a new fox news poll. shows, more than 3 -out of 4 -people. support the idea of giving illegal immigrants a path towards citizenship and after donald trump made the major address on immigration, in phoenix last night he talked about people who were killed by immigrants. including kate steinle. vicki liviakis is here to give the latest details on steinle's law.
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steinle is the woman who was shot and killed on pier 14 last year. as she was walking with her father in san francisco. police say the shooter was an illegal immigrant who had recently been released from >>: house assess that the will release the session for greater good. >>: was surprised and francisco acting that way as u.s. got some other cities if anything out of to see them released it so it could be used for options lot of good things that can come to that.
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>> pam: phone scam to people call for war about targeting people in the east warning about. wait longer on tax returns this why and how long the delay will plus. see a bystander's the dramatic rescue of a passenger.
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>> grant: >> pam:now at 8-30. here's a look at the top stories we are tracking at the bottom of the hour. colin kaepernick booed tonight in san diego. during the 49--ers final pre- season game. it is the fourth time the quarterback has refused to stand during the national anthem. kaepernick says, the action is in protest of oppression of minorities in the u.s. earlier today, he spurred more controversy when he explained why he wore socks which apparently depict police officers, as pigs. >> steve:the woman at the center of a bay area police sex scandal --- is under arrest. jasmine abuslin --- known as celeste guap --- was taken into police custody in florida. she was there for rehab. but is now in jail on felony charges. and we are waiting tonight at the jail where sexual assault convict -brock turner is set to be released. crowds are expected to gather to protest turner. and the judge who sentenced him to a six- month sentence. the creators of the golden state warriors app are getting sued. and it's all because some warrior fans say the app, "eavesdrops on them without their knowledge or consent."
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>> pam:that's according to a class action lawsuit. filed earlier this week in federal court. justine waldman joins us to explain the issue with the app. >> reporter:the golden state warriors app provides fans with sports news, scores and more. back in 20-14. the golden state warriors partnered with the defendant in the case. signal 360. signal-360 uses beacon technology. which is a tool that tracks people and identifies the ways in which they interact with advertisements and other types of marketing. the app is able to determine users' exact location by using the built-in microphone on their phones. but the class action lawsuit alleges, the app continues to use the microphone to listen and record any time the app is running. even if the person is not actively using the app. signal360 is issuing a statement tonight about the case. and they say, "there is a clear misunderstanding about how our technology works. our technology does not intercept, store, transmit, or otherwise use any oral content for any purpose. we do not capture or store any conversations."
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now to the east bay wher we have a phone scam alert to tell you about. today, the contra costa county district attorney issued a public warning about harrassing "robo-calls" that he says have become widespread. kron four's philippe djegal explains the problem and how the d-a's office says you can protect yourselves from becoming a victim. >>:nats- "hello, we have been trying to reach you." >> reporter:at an alarming rate. >>:sot- "very annoying." >>:nats- "this call is officially a final notice from irs." >> reporter:fraudulent robo- calls are pestering landline and cellphone users like lucy gonzales. >>:sot- "i just ignore it and hang up." >> reporter:often during these calls, the contra costa county district attorney's office says the potential victims are asked to send money or provide personal information. >>:sot- "we found that the best protection is a healthy dose of skepticism." >> reporter:senior deputy district attorney steve moawad says the nature of the calls run the gamut. from alleged police officers claiming a person's personal information has been compromised and will receive a visit from law enforcement.
8:34 pm
fake family members pretending to be in trouble overseas, in need of money. to the i-r-s threatening lawsuits. >>:nats- "the reason of this call is to inform you that irs is filing lawsuit against you." >> reporter:moawad says keep in mind that law enforcement will never ask for a payment over the phone. he says i-r-s agents typically reach out by mail first and never demand payments from debit or credit cards. >>:sot- "there are laws about unsolicited phone calls and robocalls. uh, those are general federal laws, and that's why we refer them to the federal trade commission." >> reporter:the d-a's office says the robo-calls are a nationwide problem. stemming from from scammers renting or buying phone numbers in bulk. >> reporter:moawad says this crime is tough to prosecute because many of these operations are run overseas. if you receive one of these calls, follow lucy's lead. >>:sot- "i block them." >> reporter:in contra costa
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county, philippe djegal, kron four news. around the bay area. there are thousands of disabled parking zones.which are commonly known as blue zones. and there are also thousands of disabled parking placards issued. disabled parking spots give people with visible or invisible disabilities easier access to locations and in many cases exemptions from feeding the parking meter unfortunately there are people who use stolen, borrowed and even placards from deceased people to use up those spaces or avoid parking cost and when they get caught, well stanley roberts gives us a glimpse of what could happen. >> stanley:let me explain to you ma'am you getting two tickets one for the blue zone for being parked here with having your own placard and the second one is for the misuse of the placard its considered misuse with the placard owner is not present >> stanley:two of the bay area's
8:36 pm
most expensive tickets were handed out at the exact same time to the same driver she parked in a disabled parking spot in the san francisco costco parking lot and while it is private property the sfmt has a long standing agreement to check for any abuse and they find it she not at home ok where is she then basically the driver states that the registered owner of the placard was in on place however ok but i thought earlier i thought you told me she was on munch ah no but that is what you said right this guy is a repeat offender he got a disabled misuse parking ticket in the clement parking lot
8:37 pm
and now he's about to get another one . oh i'm sorry make that two more how much is it? it 875 for misuse of the placard the last time i did almost a thousand dollars and another 875 for a the blue zone here you go now he done talking to me you ever had one of these déjà vu moments parking control officers drive around the city looking for disabled parking abuse and sometimes they come across other egregious violations like this car parked in front of a fire hydrant >> stanley:the driver was clocking into work and thought no one would notice her sitting there she was wrong and when she realized she wasn't getting out of the ticket well guess who was next on the menu excuse me sir i said that ummm i know my rights and you should stop recording right now what are your rights my right is that you should not be recording me if i'm asking you to stop where did you learn that from oh listen don't question me please stop i'm asking where did you learn that from and he still on my face really i mean i'm from the east coast you don't see this kind of behavior in the east coast this is amazing i'm from philadelphia i'm from filly too alright then the brotherhood unbelievable her ticket is 106 dollars but it pales in comparison to getting 17 hundred and 50 dollars in fines.and being forced to more your car when all you had to do was park legally and not use someone else's disabled placards
8:38 pm
the funny part, one would think the sheer price of the fine would be a deterrent but this the bay area where every day is opposite day in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> steve: oilseed column popular tourist attraction is actually creating and safe streets. coming up and it's my time.
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>> britteny: denied to start the morning '70s by definition and then debitors cocker and the high fifties and some detail a little warmer temperatures expected in the '70s toward the afternoon a cool starts the morning eager jacket temperatures in the '50s toward
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the south bay. and then 10:00 a.m. temperatures that to the high '70's. and only go to the north ' >> britteny: but in the '80s a 70 forecast shows and saturday and monday then much warmer on wednesday thursday. who
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check for identity theft in returns. may result in an additional minor delay. --vo script-- the i-r-s wants to give taxpayers a heads up -- there may be a delay in your 2017 tax refund. for some early filers claiming the earned income tax credit and the additional child tax credit. .the agency says a new tax law requires it to hold refunds until at least mid-february. it also said extra steps to check for identity theft in returns may result in a "slight delay."
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a woman pumping gas at a connecticut gas station was able to quickly move when a gas pump fell on her car and then save two children inside. jeevvan vittal has the video. --reporter pkg-as follows-- ashlyn dio-rio and her two sons -- tyson and logan stopped by the citgo food bag in farmington for a closer look at the aftermath of an inferno. "i saw the smoke. we had to go around this way and i saw the smoke in the sky and it had to be pretty bad." turns out the whole thing was caught on camera --
8:47 pm
>> gary: if he want little to swiss: did make progress he went to one amniote teammate join them on 18. many of the better players the norm set up for the
8:48 pm
final preseason game: was booed by had a pretty good run paid. where excessive practice and please hatpin it occurred that it took a public stance
8:49 pm
executive director of national association says it's ridiculous nfl has remained silent on the matter. and colleges is honoring police officers he then came back and piquancy this call on line. now with the game itself 49 driving
8:50 pm
them for two scores and gone and the third quarter. come back if i would please is-as holyfield. to give credit again with everyone watching. he did not back down and roll over. he rolled through played well working in private sector come next week. he did not fold and as the best quarterback play from the 40 natter qb during the exhibition season is enough to elevate to the starting position more than likely.
8:51 pm
harrar for a lot of people to have any good feelings but on the fields that he delivered the goods. the giants look like first
8:52 pm
inning up can public could not stand in prosperity 49. pitches in the first inning before earnings totaled five hits three runs. bottom seven giants shortstop away for back with the dow tonsures protest. >> pam: cooking in the backyard and seeing less of a family of bears being out find out what scared away.
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of the jail where he's being held then to give reaction after critics first straight at them protest. pasadena >> grant: bears in the dumpster diving in this story has a twist. there is history away and that's how you protect
8:57 pm
your dumpster. we will we back at sen good night.
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(bird chirping, crow caws) (radio static crackles) (woman) citadel 140 rogers 7-8-5. we have a family dispute. all right. you take care of that. whoo! feel alive! agent lisbon? hey. patrick jane, consultant. hello. morning, sheriff. hi. trey hughes. thanks for coming. it's, uh... tell us about the victim. look-- uh-- hawk. family of haw-- oh, they're gone. rick loomis-- wow. been in town five months. dead in his truck by the creek. well, maybe he died of happiness-- too much natural beauty-- stendhal syndrome. no... no? he was shot in the head. oh, well. never mind. beautiful! who found the body all the way out here? another prospector saw loomis' body in the truck yesterday,


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