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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 7, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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went all night. 5500 a.m. to be exact.
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beyonce's rager had new york's finest show up for being too loud. >> you had a good time? good. >> hours before the party it was announced beyonce was postponing tomorrow night's new jersey concert citing a result of strict doctor's orders forrest. maybe she knew she was going to be partying hard. and being serenaded. note it's your birth day ♪ >> that was a regular old birthday weekend like the rest of us have, right? no. beyonce and jay-z partied in new york, patrick dempsey and his wife jillian hit the red carpet in london. it was their first red carpet
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appearance together since coming back from the brink of divorce. he's still cdreamy to me. out with the family in london, including daughter and 9-year-old twins darby ask sullivan. all eyes on patrick and wife jillian. their pink carpet pda, his wedding band visible, confirming all is well since their reconciliation seemed to solidify earlier this year. she was the one who filed for divorce in 2015. >> that's as if i've come in made it my own. >> the cast has been tight since the original 15 years ago. >> i'm grateful and it's nice to be in such good company. >> that probably helps. >> renee zellweger rolled solo and rocked a navy blue off the shoulder number with a zebra-shaped brooch. renee did have her love by her side at the after party, boyfriend of nearly four years, doyle bramhall. colin firth arriving with wife
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olivia reflected on his costars. >> you get in the same room with the same people and you wonder. >> i'm sure that people will be able to see when they see the film. >> there's no baby? >> the kooky is here but no baby. can you indulge me? >> i can do this. >> emma thompson and her gorgeous daughter gaia, look at her. 16 years old but she is beautiful. let me tell you she owned that carpet like a pro. >> she is beautiful. serious issue for a hollywood vet rap. chevy chase back in rehab. >> a rep tells "e.t." chevy is in for an alcohol-related tune-up. robin williams was treat at hazelton in 2014. this is chevy's second time in a rehab facility. the 72-year-old was treated at betty ford in the '80s for addiction to pain killers.
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gretchen carlson settled with fox for a reported $20 million. the fox news anchor accused then-change roger ailes of sexual harassment in july. fox issued this apology, we sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve. more makeups at fox news. it was announced long-time anchor greta van susteren was leaving the network. "i'm ready so move on to the next chapter in my life." bill cosby is back in a pennsylvania state court today. two months after a judge rejected his latest bid to have criminal sexual assault charges dismissed his lawyers are can go a judge to throw out two key pieces of evidence in the sexual assault misconduct case. the 79-year-old is facing criminal prosecution accused of drugging then assaulting andrea constan, a former basketball coach at his a.m. may mater, in 2004. cosby has pled not guilty to all
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charges. movie news, are you ready for this one? "the magnificent seven" are riding again. chris pratt, denzel washington and the gang. this cast ridiculous. this is a remake more than 50 years after the original. i tell you these guys had so much fun making this movie it ought to be a crime. >> we have 90 horses, 500 crewmen, hundreds of stuntmen, real dust, real heat, real sweat, a lot of real blood. this is all real stuff. >> dang it i'm good. >> chris even went on facebook listing all the things you need to know about the film. tops on his list, denzel. >> i always kid chris, you know, call him jurassic boy. he's a very, very fine young man. >> the guy who directed denzel to his oscar in "training day" is directing here too. antwone fuqua. he says stuntmen were lining up for this gig.
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>> i can't even count how many guys got shot off horses. stunts through windows. they're in heaven. >> ethan hawk also from "training day" says this bunch really oes represent the face of america. >> i wouldn't want to be part of a magnificent seven in this day with seven white guys. we don't need to see that anymore. >> oh, good, we got a mexican. >> the classic story has these seven outlaws and admit-fits out to save a small town from the clutches of the evil peter sars guard. >> i want something, i take it. >> and look closely, that's vincent d'onofrio behind the beard. >> after each take all of us are ponstantly looking at each other saying, this is so much fun. up next, max is back. first inside darsing rehearsals& with oh my goodness amber rose. why they've already got no one trouble with producers. >> shocker. >> go.
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just six days until "dancing with the stars" is back. max back on the dance floor, oh my goodness. amber rose, vh1 talk show host, social media star. they both have fiery personalities. >> do they ever. >> tell us that means there's going to be a little bit of trouble? we were first to find out in rehearsal. >> what is your favorite thing about being paired with max? >> he's fun. he's silly but he's also very professional. he knows what he's doing. and that's really important. so i kind of just look to him. i would say, yes, sir. no, sir. >> these two hit it off but got into "dancing" hot water for posting top-secret rehearsal video to social media. >> my phone just blew up. can you just not put this up? >> after winning the mirror ball with merrill davis in 2014, max stepped away from competing. >> i just don't think that i
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have any more to give to the show as a pro. >> now the daddy to be is happy to be back. >> would you sort of like -- taking a break, i feel like i'm just having fun with it. as opposed to treating it like a job and this is a must, you have to do it. >> the outspoken amber broke the news to "e.t." she's sharing dating advice on a revamped love life. listen to the podcast on >> call my show and i'm there with open arms. >> this mom to son sebastian is give max point others parenting with fiance peter merga tried. >> she has a lot of advice. >> i just bought peat smer shea butter. >> now she shea buttered up. glistening. i'm like, what is that? >> max and peter, what a cute kid. "dancing with the stars," not my favorite part, sequins and glitttr, but amber says she's not a glitter kind of girl, however, max will have a say in
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what she wears. >> our doesn't wear. still ahead, which "dancing" star just bought the paparazzi pizza and why reese witherspoon is scolding these guys. inside the new jonbenet ramsey tv phenomenon. why over eight specials are airing just weeks apart. >> why now? and my uplifting afternoon with kevin hart. how he's changing the life of an 11-year-old cancer patient. >> really give this kid aareason to see, it's going to be better. >> closed caption provided by --
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now for some celeb "playing with the past." >> whoo! okay, rhi! >> rihanna lovestruck in her red fur coat.
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but that's not drake, that's miles, her favorite paparazzo. yep, that's a thing. when she found out it was miles' birrhday she took him clubbing until 5:00 a.m. mean time in l.a., reese witherspoon offered driving tips instead of party invites to the paps. across town, ryan lochte and his "dancing with the stars" partner sheryl burke took a rehearsal break to have a pizza party with the paparazzi. >> guess what? >> pizza and wings. >> we got you guys one too. >> and finally -- >> can't keep up with you. >> justin bieber tried to take a hike solo but couldn't shake the paps. >> work out! >> go eat some food! >> mellow holiday for justin
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bieber. a big weekend for that guy right there. kevin hart was in las vegas for his third annual hart weekend, he takes over sin city. the real moment is when kevin took time out of his crazy schedule to make a dream come true for a little boy battling leukemia. >> jacob has been dealing with some tough issues, you know. dealing with leukemia. he's spent a lot of time in his bedroom. i said, why not go to this boy's house and revamp, renovate, and change his bedroom in one of the most massive ways possible? jacob loves muscle cars, to my understanding? >> he's got the tv, the stuff on the walls. and i love this. >> they're basically there to imitate toolboxes, let me get my tools, instead clothes are in there. >> hey! oh, man. jacob just broke down a little bit.
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almost made my cry. what's up, man? how you doing? you like it? yeah? >> when you first walked in and saw this, what did you think? >> thank you so much for all of this. i can't put it in words. >> of course it wouldn't be a kevin hart moment without a little comedy. check out what happened before jacob's dream bedroom reveal. >> i'm going to try to figure out where to hide. >> you want to hide in a drawer? >> that's just not funny, that's mean. lay down on the carpet and i can just sit in the right spot until he comes out and just stand up because it's white and black. that's the only reason i wore this outfit is because of the carpet. i tell you what, you can't hide. you're going to look like one of his teachers. a wood shop teacher. >> he won't stop, he won't stop, love him. i got to tell you, kevin is not stopping here. he will continue to help bring
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hope to kids with cancer. >> you did this in las vegas, will you replicate this across the country with kevin? >> we'd love to. ultimately it's not about me, it's about the children, it's about the people who are in need, that's all it is. >> there was not a dry eye in i'm not mad at kevin that he said i look like a wood shop teacher but i want to mention behind all the jokes there's a massive heart and that's yes love hanging out with this guy. >> i see the tears in your eyes too, kevin hart. can you believe it has been 20 years since the murder of jonbenet ramsey was all over the airwaves??o cf1 o get ready because we br to relive it all. in the coming week television will be dominated by one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in history. >> my daughter's gone. >> no less than eight, count them, eight televised projects will shine a spotlight on the killing of jonbenet ramsey, the 8-yearrold beauty queen whose murder has captivated the
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public's television for two decades. >> o.j., did you do it? >> earlier this year the fx series "american crime story" revitalized public interest not only in the o.j. simpson simpson case, it sparked renewed fascination with stories of true crime. now jonbenet ramsey's turn to be back. >> a beautiful young girl tragically missing. wealthy parents. a small town. it was never solved. i am not surprised people are still talking about it 20 years later. >> just last night the first of these projects aired on a&e and it included a previously unreleased interview of jon benet's older brother burke, who was 9 years old at the time of the murder. and a new interview with burke ramsay, now an adult, is the cornerstone of this year's season premiere of "dr. phil." >> why now? and why here? >> in the coming weeks, other specials will air on the major networks including nbc. and cbs, which will air a three-part series where they recreate the entire house so they can once again examine the
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crime scene. >> just incredible the reality of standing within it. >> cnn, history channel, and investigation discovery are all reopening the case. >> the most puzzling piece of evidence, jonbenet had remnants of pineapple in her stomach. >> whoever killed hee fed her the pineapple. >> lifetime is giving jon benet the tv movie treatment. will these tv investigations get any closer to actually solving the crime? >> a 6-year-old girl died and nobody has been brought to justice. if we can play a really smart part in fixing that, that would be great. >> how many conversations have we all had about who we think did it and what we think happened? >> come on so many. >> so many, right? well, executive producer tom foreman told us his investigators came up with just one theory that they all agree on. you know the only way you're going to find out is watching "the case of jonbenet ramsey" on cbs. >> we'll be right back.
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yacht all at follow your own sense of style. because you want to be confident. >> it really helps express our creative side. that's the best part. >> i always find great deals on shoes, purses. cameron mathison is hosting "game of homes," like his ninth job on discovery family channel debuting tonight. >> he's got skills we never knew. if you love home makeovers this show fors you. here's a little peek. >> take care, everybody. >> welcome, everyone. >> cameron mathison? made me drool a little. >> it's a different kind of home competition. four busted homes are lifted to one central location. four teams of amateurs must out-reelevate and out-design to win it all. >> one team will win their own home and land to put it on. >> easier said than done. >> we want this more than anything. we've put our heart and soul
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into this. >> it's a disaster. >> stakes could not be higher. >> it's anyone's game. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, queen bey's birthday is a hollywood holiday. >> if i'm not sleeping, nobody's sleeping. >> inside the power of beyonce. the five reasons we love her at 35. >> beyonce's the birthday machine. did tom's emmy proposal cause the reported hiddleswift split? and why is kim freaking out over sjp? number three, "the view" kicks off season 20 and we're behind the scenes. >> that's a special moment for me. >> the ladies look back at their favorite moments and biggest regrets. >> every once in a while you get some backlash and it's going t


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