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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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new at ten. a man and woman shot at and robbed -- right outside their east bay home. hello i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. it is the second time this week we've seen a crime like this happen. tonight -- the suspects are on the loose. the latest crime happened in pinole on moraga drive. not far from pinole valley road. kron 4's lydia pantazes is in that neighborhood with details on how this crime played out.
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>> reporter: neighbors aren't shot in his quiet neighborhood. and the approach romancing in her car one suspect demanded her purse the other began shooting at the car and that's when the husband opened the door to sue the commotion was about and one the suspects started shooting at hand. >> reporter: or dark clothing with faces covered. on the victims received life- threatening injuries it suffered injuries to their hand at the of any information on this case please call upon all police department.
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>> pam:it was just tuesday. a similar crime happened in orinda. a school board member and her husband were attacked and robbed right outside their home. tonight -- investigators say they are searching through surveillance video looking for clues. two men in halloween masks approached the victims while they were unloading groceries. it is believed the victims were followed home from the store. the husband was pistol whipped -- the wife was shot. she is recovering from her injuries. >> steve:new at ten tonight: a veteran bay area police officer. on the verge of retirement. killed this morning while driving to work. tonight officer ken zink is being remembered as a kind, compassionate man.ready to offer a hug to anyone who needed it. grant lodes is here with details on this tragic loss. >> grant:tonight -
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the ntsb is on the scene of that deadly train crash in hobeken new jersey. 77 kids of his own to biological the adopted five others and hoarfrost ripley's debt this began with u.s. coast guard helistop to work in narcotics protection and was the officer of the year and 2010. people describe him as one of the most humble unassuming guys you ever meet money was not working he was with his kids volunteering in the community. he was on his motorcycle heading to work was about 80 in vallejo this morning they say his motorcycle collided paul with a big rig and a gulf fund accounts set up which posted that link on our website.
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>> steve:investigators are trying to piece together what happened. one person was killed -- more than 100 others were hurt.when that out-of-control train plowed into a station platform. scott mcclean is in new jersey tonight with the latest. here in the bay area, caltrain is reviewing these crashes to upgrade safety on its train system. the caltrain tracks that run along the pennisula. are similar to the system in new jersey. these bay area trains weigh a million pounds and can reach speeds up to 79 miles per hour. it can also take up to a mile to
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bring a train to a complete stop. currently, trains are controlled by operators. but that is about to change. congress passed the railway safety improvement act which requires most of the country's railway systems, including caltrains, to install what's called positive train control or p-t-c.
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it's going to be a fiber optic system that's set up between san jose and san francisco. essentially it automatically controls the trains. it will reduce speeds if a conducter is going to fast. it will really provide a safety benchmark for any human error. caltrain officials say the goal is to prevent deadly accidents like the one in new jersey and the one in southern california that killed 25 people and injured 135 others. if all goes well, caltrain hopes to have the new safety system up and running by the end of 2017. tonight -- a burglary warning in the south bay. the latest crime happened in sunnyvale -- and it was caught on surveillance video. it shows a burglar breaking through a door -- to get into the home. and the viewer who sent us the video believes. it may be the same suspect wanted in a similar crime.
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kron 4's hermela aregawi has a closer look. >> reporter:jay welshofer is on a mission to put a potentially repeat offender behind bars. he recently posted the july burglarly of his home on facebook and youtube. sot jay >> reporter: step in this video that goes through the door and a destruction continues as he smashes the family tv before also destroying the computer.
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chauffeurs says that sunnyvale police arrived to the home and mats on the day of the incident and spent hours at his home collecting evidence. two months later he was on the news. the criminal cause more than $15,000 in damage and the families emergency cash. and sonny bell kron 4 news.
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>> steve: construction and as nearly dawn and other assess our law clue as a cause happen. in fact there are no surveillance cameras in this even more difficult. >>alecia: all stolen overnight. pkg construction on this $5.5 million dollar project is almost complete. soon there will be a playground for the children moving in, and a community room where families can socialize. maura thurman/homemward bound - sot - these are people that haven't had anything and they're trying to build something there's now a bit of a setback. sometime over the weekend, thieves pried open the side door to the lounge and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment. sot - the fridge, stove, 2 toilets, electrical equipment i dont suppose if you're determined to take something
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you're not thinking about the people it's affecting, but it's unfortunate because those items were to benefit families that will be transitioning out of homeless shelters. police believe whoever's responsible, zeroed in on the site. lt. oliver collins/novato police department - sot - somebody would've had to have known what stage of the construction process was in, that there'd be uninstalled appliances waiting to be installed in the final stages of the installation process. standup homeward bound will have to figure out how to get an additional 12 thousand dollars to replace everything that has been stolen.
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>> britteny: for your week and it's all coming up right after the break.
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you're already *not allowed to use them while driving. citing >> reporter: for violating rules loud noise is prohibited. no person shall make allowed eccentric unreasonable noise sound. he took down his biggest triumph.
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>> steve: helping firefighters making progress. and here is the very latest. more than 4,000 a. have been burned 44 percent contained and 18 buildings damaged 20 five building fish fillets dangers. and at the rear edge line area concentered morgan hill virtues close to a.
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while our crew was with that woman. she was allowed to return home briefly to get some medication. she hosed down some of the surrounding hillside. her home at this point has not been damaged by the fire. "sawmill" fire is now contained. it started near the geysers >> pam:a cigarette thrown out of a car window is being blamed for causing this fire in petaluma. it destroyed four homes -- damaged ten others -- and even shutdown part of highway -101 on tuesday. kron 4's ella sogominian went back to the neighborhood tonight.
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will folla, home burned in fire "what are we seeing here? what's left of my back yard. that used to be my shed with all my tools and stuff. not much left." 4 petaluma homes are destroyed and 10 others on stuart avenue are damaged by a fire believed to have been started by a cigarette thrown out of a car window tuesday afternoon. "not surprising at all. i commute to san francisco every day in the morning you see cigarette butts bouncing on the road all the time." "and because of their laziness or carelessness we all have to deal with this." >> reporter:investigators followed burn patterns that led back to the edge of the highway north of the lakeville on-ramp where they found cigarette butts. folla and his neighbors who live alongside the 101 freeway were livid after hearing the news. "put it out in your hand. let's burn their house down see how they feel." the fire quickly spread to eucalyptus trees.and then into backyards. the devastation is estimated to have caused 1.5 million dollars in damage. while bringing the community together in a time of need. "i just want to thank everybody for their support."
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>> britteny: as area of low
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pressure rotation there will swing down closer giving us a cooler temperature also a chance of showers as we go on sunday here's how times out and here sunday morning looks like we're safe latest model speeds up a little bit closer to noon. we go against the chance of light rain showers for san francisco. and 57 and livermore. as a get into tomorrow expect to get in the '60s and francisco 62 in the mission district and santa tells them 65 temperatures at 75
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degrees and we will also see 10 pitchers in the '60s hit into the afternoon. still ahead -- the mother of an unarmed black man -- shot and killed by police in southern california -- speaking out. what her family is demanding tonight. and next. an anesthesia technician accused of sexually abusing male patients. who were unconcious. now a lawsuit says, the local medical center where he worked -- is partly to blame.
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>> pam:an esteemed bay area health institution. is now facing several lawsuits -- >> steve:involving the sexual abuse of male patients -- by an anesthesia technician.
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tonight there are allegatons standford health center knowingly harbored a predator. today -- kron4's maureen kelly talked with some of the people suing. they claim there had been red flags raised about the now jailed molestor that were ignored by stanford. its not okay and they shouldn't be able to get away with it that's the voice of the mother of victim robert doe.her voice has been altered to protect her and her son's identity.but we can't alter the anger and guilt she feels about what happened to her son. 16 year old robert doe.went to stanford hospital's outpatient surgery on march 31st 2015.and while knocked out from anesthesia.was fondled by medical technician robert lastinger. in june, lastinger was sentenced to one year in jail pleading no contest to the sexual battery of the teen and three other male patients. an attorney has now filed lawsuits for two of the victims.he is claiming other employees saw prior instances of lastinger acting inappropriatly and looked the other way. he engaged in lewd conduct in the or, there were nurses talking about how he had propensity to fondle of patients who were under anthestia and yet stanford did nothing and when an institution does nothing and predators in our midst are allowed to prey and that's what happened here.
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he belives there are other victims out there. it's unconsciable that people have to fear for their job and as a consequence do not report what is a criminal act on a minor that will stay with that minor for the rest of his life. attorney angela alioto represents george baez.a now former stanford health care employee that says he was one of the whistleblowers that launched the investigation against lastinger.his reaction to being laid off one year later? shocked on some was hard he's now suing claiming
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retailation. spokesperson for stanford health care says any claim that shc knew that robert lastinger was a predator and did nothing is false. they maintain as soon as they learned of the inappropriate conduct by their technician, they removed him, launched an investigation and contacted local authorities. they also say that baez's termination has nothing to do with his minor involvement with any investigation. maureen kelly kron4 news coming up how long you been taking that short cut? ahhh we just take it when ever we need to ever seen a train come through here no/yea there are many ways to get to netflix, one is on your computer and the other, well let's just say is very dangerous i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly >> pam:then. police thought it was a hoax. but -- the crime turned out to be very real. tonight -- why the victims are *not at all relieved. even though the suspect in the case has pleaded guilty. and next. one transit agency getting ready to tell people to "hang it up". why they want to stop people from making calls on trains.
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>> pam:new tonight -- be quiet or get off. a new train line set to launch by the end of the year. will shuttle passengers back and forth from san rafael to santa rosa. a welcome addition for many communters. but there's a catch. >> steve:as kron four's philippe djegal reports. the s-m-a-r-t train board of directors is on the brink of banning passengers from talking on cell phones. >>:nats- crew walking down track. right now, the train stations are empty. just maintanance crews checking the tracks. nats- "and, that circuit to be." making daily test runs from san rafael to santa rosa. the trains look ready. inching closer to a full launch of sonoma-marin area rail transit -- or smart.
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nats- train passing through. a ride shirlee zane hopes will be soothing to the average commuter. >>:sot- "to be able to buy a glass of wine on your way home from work, to read a book, um to use the wi-fi by all means." >> reporter:but in all likelihood forbidden from talking on cell phones. a ban, that on a nationwide scale, zane says would be unique to smart. >>:sot- "apparently, we would be the first, which is kind of facinating." a member of the sonoma county board of supervisors, zane also sits on the smart board of directors. which in weeks, will vote on a proposed code of conduct policy drafted in may that would ban passengers from talking on cell phones. not text messaging or other uses. >>:sot- "although larger trains generally try and encourage people not to talk on cell phones, and have quiet cars, we are going to be a small train, so we may not be able to have some of those options." bridge >> reporter:as for how the ban would be enforced. we spoke with smart chief of police jennifer welch. >> pam: >>:sot- "we certainly won't be using excessive force in reinforcing this policy. again, it comes down to common sense and etiquette and a positive experience for everybody." sot- "if someone is talking on the train would they get booted, or citted or arrested? if someone is having a loud phone conversation and this was in fact a policy passed by our board of directors, they would simply be asked to keep their conversation down iif it is an urgent phone call. if not, they will be asked to end their phone call and maybe text or do something via email."
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zane says she will vote to approve the code of conduct policy. and, hopes the rest of the smart board is on the same page. sot- "i like being the first at trying something new. i think its innovative. i am actually shocked at how many people said this is great -- go for it. whether the rest of the board feels that way, we'll see." in sonoma county, philippe djegal kron four news. someone is placing anti- semitic fliers on cars in a bart parking lot.
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the fliers. found on several cars at the lafayette bart station on thursday. contain anti-semitic statements. bart officials tell kron four. it cannot stop someone from placing fliers on cars, because bart is a public agency. and speech is a protected first amendment right. bart is investigating the matter saying. a rider recently complained, the person responsible for the fliers has made threatening statements. and if true. that is a crime. >> grant:now to the latest racially charged police shooting. tonight, the mother of the san diego area shooting victim. is explaining why her son was behaving erratically, before police killed him. >> steve:we're also learning more about the 38-year-old black man.alfred olango.and his history with immigration officials. grant lodes is here with all the new details. >> grant:today we learned immigration and customs enforcement officials tried to deport him. twice. the 38-year-old came to the united states from uganda in 1991. the first attempt to deport olango came in 2002 after he was convicted on drug charges. the second came in 2009 following a firearms conviction. but both times uganda refused to take him. and there are a couple of other
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twists to this case. today his mother said olango was not mentally ill but was having a nervous breakdown. we have also learned details about one of officers involved in the shooting. the officer has been accused of misconduct in the past. he was sued for sexual harassment by a fellow officer. september is national rail safety month and kron 4 has been looking at issues related to rail safety. and apparently viewers have gotten into the act as well a viewer emailed us about a shortcut in the south bay just outside of netflix headquarters so we sent stanley roberts to check it out how long you been taking that short cut? ahhh we just take it when ever we need to ever seen a train come through here no/yea once or twice a week there are many ways to get to netflex, one is through your computer and the other, is through this union pacific train trestle . nats: ambiance and if you hang out for only a short period of time you will
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see people taking the shortcut across highway 85 to get from one building to the other and it's not on or two people its dozens of people. in fact i almost started to believe that maybe this was an approved passage way i mean you walk through this archway and see this dirt path at the end of the dirt path are these round concrete pavers nats: ambiance
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however it's not a permitted pathway and walking on the trestle is considered trespassing . so if someone were to get hit by a train it would be there fault but you see people on the phone and walking with their dog or even just smoking a cigarette there is an opening on th4e other side for people to enter and exit nats: ambiance what i noticed is there are plenty of signs for cars like don't stop on tracks and a lighted sign when a train approaches but there are not signs that read keep off the tracks, or no trespassing it's the same across the street this guy is talking on his cell phone . what could possibly go wrong nats: how often do the trans come through ik havent seen it in days what you probably didn't know is .it's a misdemeanor to walk on train tracks and even if you haven't see a train on the tracks in three years there could be one 10 minutes from now the fine for walking on the track in santa clara county is 1000 dollars and a mandatory court apprerance . personally i rather use one of these to travel back and forth in los gatos stanley roberts
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kron 4 news
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punitive for the dodgers and hopefully the postseason also with lashup the 49ers on this and we know what's up with an warriors talk i each occur a and the kitchen.
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where >> reporter: seen as it might be problematic. and not a lot of inventory and a big difference between now and 2007. and we're almost 70% home ownership now 62% hit he will
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sell you a ticket but he would do it himself.
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>> britteny: cool things down tracking a chance of showers closer to the weekend details in the next forecast read after the break.
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math >> reporter: you pled you're guilty to kidnapping should not receive only 30 years in prison as they are recommending. douglas says the reduced sentence would be another as a series of failures as vallejo and fbi accused of hoskins making up the kidnapping. thursday afternoon's
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news conference he called on local prosecutors to file additional charges against smaller. the demand for his resignation and several members
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caracoling for wells fargo to face criminal prosecution southern california representatives and others want the bank broken up saying that alleged abuse shows the bank is too big for executives to keep track of what is going on 2 million fake accounts were opened up by bank employees and 5500 however none of those fires are executives. >> britteny: 1:00 p.m. with a chance to see a few showers move and parts of the north space san francisco as ago when does your
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3:00 hour showers in the north bay latest model does not show the weather coming all the way to the east bay. we will still keep a chance of isolated showers in the forecast annex looks like everything will start clear up and monday. low 60s daytime high and 26 lots of sunshine expected. 64 and then 57 in palo alto have been bay in the low sixties as well and then 70 degrees san jose 68 milpitas breezy conditions when speeds of up to 25 m.p.h. to marat 74 concord 76 livermore mid-60s and hayward temperatures any act at 73. mild conditions and inland locations for the north bay.
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6964 center fell 972 napa 75 fairfield at 79 as well seven days forecast shows and as they drop the next few days it will be the people are tablatures cooling down we start warm back next week. 67 for the day 62 sunday airliner on right along the coast toward the afternoon another look at your weekend weather at 11. >> gary: yen of three games of that mean something if it doesn't work out it does not work out. i entertain right into october that's all i wanted.
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transfigure right to the stretch to give themselves a good chance with a johnny coe on the mound. he came back tonight and rocked by dave ball early rockies' lead to nothing. jelly panic game a little bit warmer catches a break in the bolero and scores the game is tied at 2. the fifth inning cruising along seven innings nine hits two runs and 11 strikeouts. bottom of the six they will take a lead you very rarely see them make an error but allows two rounds of the giants went 72 since 1975 starting pitchers
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more than 10 strikeouts in three consecutive games. it could have been more top of the ninth cardinals tied at 3. i'd ask for replay after they hit with a ground rule double. cincinnati took too long to make their decision. didn't ask for enough replayed but the giants still hold over that wild-card spot. and the cards with pittsburg chance dodgers and the bay area. it will finish in the cellar and a matter what happens chat is tied up one when you have a chat
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hinder you have had some guys warriors practiced today and ... same way some with kevin grant so popular that's what people want. a new show october 22nd and they will start a series on the food network david playing his last campaign against the new york yankees. year-ago tomorrow against the blue jays a big profit big farewell present
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last regular-season game red sox paying tribute by mowing fenway park center field guy and age of 10 time all-star give the city of boston three world titles and his 13 year career a big weekend for ortiz and red sox play at home.
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>> steve:zoom pizza their trucks finished debating just as it gets to your destination. it
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tastes better. the kitchen staff can cause the ingredients makes the dough zoom is continuing to innovate further automate the process. >> steve: and you for joining us. >> pam: so many people are remembering officer william the zinc a good man and a loving father. two of them biological and adoptive five kids.


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