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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 30, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>reporter: at about 70 looks like for the next eight hours covering traffic. >>robin winston: bar is back on time we have the mechanical problems that is well on schedule but the fairy if you catch it out of alameda or from oakland to look at the 730 alameda to south san francisco
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740 from oakland to sow san francisco will cancel. >>mark: friends in the the amount of loss of a veteran is they please also was killed while driving to work fifth he was so popular in the apartment he was named officer of the year back in 2010
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>>mark: firefighters are working on the clock to try to get a pan on the massive fire burning in santa cruz mountain
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>>will tran: minor injuries we did not know the agenda of this particular firefighter and they're keeping the information in their identity of this firefighter closely guarded you concede just how busy it is of course this battle i can tell you about an hour away 1700
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firefighters are at this was a good chance the recalled more firefighters to get the upper hand and turned on >>will tran: come sunday the dust and reach up 1/3 to 40 mi. our no major injuries to anyone the firefighters or the nearby residents.
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>>mark: their arrest this 64 year-old in san jose they said the assault happened in 2007 with they did not start investigating until this past july the victim had recently told a friend about the assault and the friend called the police the victim was a 13 year- old student at the time police say that he was the victim's middle school algebra teacher at harper and having and that he also was a cross country coach
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he was booked into santa clara county jail and then try to figure out of there is in the possible victims. >>darya: whereat the breaking news this new information >>james: the engineer has been released from the hospital they have been talking to him and so far he is cooperating with investigators his work with the new jersey system is a veteran train operator the train did not slow down at all as was approaching the terminal it crashed into the barber block
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the designed to stop trains that launched the four cars into the air and down on to the passenger door people were standing there waiting to board trained one woman who was standing on the concord died in the accident 108 others were injured most of the inside of the train their time to figure of how fast the train was going when it crashed. >>james: free trapped behind bars the twisted metal the have to cut it loose most of the people for and will on or trying and not stand on the platform the reason to believe that there will be in the of the fatalities he's been assured that those being treated should all recover from their injuries
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the tracks that run down the peninsula and the sock there are similar to the train system in new jersey and \ >>darya: content a trend of mild to come to complete stopped operated and controlled the train of that is about to change that pastorale raced safety improvement and that requires most of the country's system to install a positive trend control system the spokesperson said the goal is to prevent deadly accidents like what happened yesterday in new jersey the system is expected to be up and running by the end of next year.
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>>darya: as well many parents
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and children are understandably upset.
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>>reporter: here is the bay bridge shot for the overcast skies downtown and san francisco on on pleasanton to give you another vantage point we will repeat that performance for tomorrow into next week we want
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to know a little bit in the way for today's forecast the pickup around 12 1:00 carrying it to the afternoon we will call it chilly compared to what we have been through not making it 80 degrees but this is regular drive things on the chilly side the north backup the pockets and the colorization they're higher than 25 working in the inland areas as well going into the we can continue the on sure we can and cooling conditions >>reporter: by some that we have a chance of a couple of scattered showers may be imbedded in their couple showers just because of the cold air upstairs heading down to the
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south bay battling some of that fog 71 from mountain view, cupertino 72, 72 san jose a chilly day with temperatures struggling in the '60s lower 60s down to san mateo county. they will be in the '60s the san matell 67, red with city 68, petaluma and about 71 wine country in now but at 72 sonoma, 70. 66 on sunday >>robin winston: we just bought a new problem on the bay bridge heading in a westbound for treasure island they are rolling out today they have not made it out get is pretty fresh. at the
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toll plaza it stretches all the way out west grand, ride around 13, to 15 minutes out to fremont street. if you need to get over to the east bay to the lock in a lot of the ride to the richmond san rafael bridge, this backed up is going not bad but is definitely a crowd of 16 minutes, out to 101 those who take the ferry keep in mind the 730 alameda to south san francisco was canceled to seven for the castle as well. >>robin winston: no reason as to why they cancelled those ferries checking in on the drive times so far it is crowded with in the pretty normal to antioch into account a 680 out of dublin and to free my looking for a good know the problems the damage traffic that never recovered in the accident on the fremont side out submission it is gone it is slow off and on come out of san
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leandro 45 minutes from 238 to 37. >>mark: a judge expected to decide whether it was enough evidence to try them for double murder they're charged with killing all 3 carry and steve carter in october of last year a third offender has been testified against the two drifters the prosecutors say their route in and shot and killed the two victims they believe that he's the.
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>>darya: that oversees for look assistance programs for children elderly and the homeless and have not commented on how the strike if my impact on services but to start to this morning and will in the next ones that faugh donald trump said he won the debate has proved online service in which anyone can vote the same thing he said
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about the entire political system the nonpartisan voters have this to say about the early voting process
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the problem is his number includes people who may not even be looking for a job like high school students to the bureau of labor or unemployment rate for black youths and 19.2% about a third of what he cited and there is this a saw some by trump the new post to bay poll that just came out as as leading hillary clinton by 2 points nationwide and that despite the fact that
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they search engine was suppressing the bad news about hillary clinton. >>reporter: the original source of the information is the site links to the help of the better they discovered that will has been actively altering such recommendations in favor of hillary clinton's campaign they said they have been debugged by search engine experts essentially because the conclusion was based on the faulty understanding of how all of the feature works donald trump's running may plans to spend a weekend off of the campaign trail >>darya: on tuesday there was a look at the school the spokesperson said he's already been doing mock debates with wisconsin gov. that comes after donald trump was criticized for not preparing as much as hillary
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clinton did before the debate on monday. >>mark: pain killers can be telling you still had to contend you which over-the-counter medications can be hurting your heart of bay area burglar captured the home security will have more on where it happened
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>>darya: they've been investigating them for the past two years that had about hundred
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and 50,000 hours worth of stolen car parts officers believe the power larger group they have recovered about 300 stripped- down chevy camaro and the oakland area
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>>reporter: perhaps in downtown san francisco conditions will be quite long you concede midnight and were looking at temperatures in the mid to upper fifties
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>>robin winston: is some feeling under control but no major delays getting into san francisco they may have walling blocked and is a little slow the new eastern span as usual only out to west grand the average drive time not that 19 minutes from the maze out a fremont street. >>mark: of mylonite in southern california protest over daily shooting >>james: pretty dramatic video we mentioned two people arrested one was 19 years old of the 281 of them we heard arrested for speeding on please whole thing
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turned rather destructive and violent we have the video take a look 50 to 7 processors blocking the streets traffic cannot get through this the third nine process' older death of our offer on the the shot and killed on tuesday after he poured out that from his pocket and pointed at least they discovered we will see what happens tonight tyrannize of unrest in that sense it was sober we will see friday night into the weekend of the
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demonstrators insist on coming back out into the streets. >>mark: in the death of an unarmed man should mix the first appearance in court scheduled to be arraigned for the deadly shooting of terror scratcher the attorney says she will plead not guilty--terence crutcher. >>darya: big news this morning the man accused of kidnapping zero women and holding her for ransom has changed his plea to guilty he pleaded not guilty but change the yesterday and now i could face life in prison prosecutors are pushing for a plea deal ready will go way for a maximum of 40 years it happened back in march of last year she was found safe two days
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later in huntington beach, parents will is called a whole thing was a hoax the then he was linked to similar crimes and dublin in the case was reopened the attorney representing her want him to face more charges that >>reporter: back in the mission
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to planet attention lippi offenders behind bars people to the delight burglary of his home on facebook task contacted at kron 4 news asking our coverage this week of the reasons and was a burglary in the surveillance video that he thinks he recognizes it leased to other people in sunnyvale also think the same man broke into their home the suspect is seen in this video circling the then bused to the door with an ax in fines and famish said the destruction continues as this massive the family's tv before destroying their computer two months later
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the suspects arrested on loose neighbors were home but did not notice anything the criminal cause more than $15,000 in damage and got away with jewelry and the families emergency cash the police said this case is still under investigation >>mark: someone's place in anti- semitic fliers with cars they're found in several cars yesterday the spokesperson said it cannot do anything to stop the person
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police are investigating reports that person was possible for the flyers had been threatening passengers and that is true they said that person to be facing charges >>darya: the family accompanied the casket as it was taken to the cemetery he will be buried there today he shared the nobel peace prize in 1994 for to to to resolve the palestinian complex he spoke from san ramon and said he fought for freedom and peace and bill clinton also spoke. >>: he imagined all things the rest was to do he started off as a student who became the best
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teacher and the biggest dream >>darya: he died early wednesday of complications following a stroke he was. 93 years was >>mark: we will be right back
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>>reporter: for home the
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destroyed and 10 others are damaged by fire believed to have been started by a cigarette thrown out of a car window to the afternoon investing in this followed a worm had the lead back to the edge of the highway is on cigarette butts the finest brand to eucalyptus trees and then into back yards to acidify call from $1.5 million in damage others pick up the pieces
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they seen out for help from the community made it a bit easier. >>darya: never stolen from a car and zero under construction going to oklahoma is the transition to housing but the rest of the appliances before anyone could moving and an
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organization behind the village is on to cost about all thousand dollars to replace the appliances this side have no surveillance cameras to do not have that to them and includes the construction is still set to be done and then on to open on october 19th.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey
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>>darya: this center was a walk off win your the sports director tell me how can this happen? >>gary: this is a ridiculous pitcher latin imagine the manager running down the tunnel and it will be too late if they look at what they did in but not a look at it and this is what we
7:46 am
hope to have good pitchers >>darya: this game does not mean anything they will not pitch late into the innings >>gary: that is what i'm curious about it look like a bad call that and i guarantee that cincinnati was on to score a
7:47 am
pallid the manager has to get a phone call if he did not see it and it is a walk off when so it is noisy by the time he sees it is too late
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>>gary: the giants can make it happen but i agree with you the argument that they would love to knock out the giants that game on sunday will be the end of an entire career for mr. sculley did talk to our record would never be broken.
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>>: innocence reminds you what it takes to be a big-league ballplayer two years ago in spring training and he and his wife or roping cattle which is what they do and they were startled by a large stake and that the was the rattlesnakes of the graft and tax and he hath the snake to pieces there something more to the story when his wife and an expert filled just examined what was left she
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found to a baby jackrabbits and side of the snake and extracted the. >>darya: everyone has to do a number of things when they do their job but that it is seamless >>gary: if you get the tape of
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him 40 years ago is still some for a close to the same now. >>darya: i am not crazy about the games i prefer to hear is more exciting to me to hear it some people who will go they turn along and said it is supposed to be talking back and forth that is what they're used to.
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>>gary: >>: any way go giants. >>darya: this time we just practice of san said i can make it for the first time ever they stopped normal was someone as young from the stands.
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>>darya:ok we will see you because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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>>darya: he has spent about $22,000 to try to look like david back come in the sense he
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is prepared to spend another $35,000. >>mark: the bluegrass festival in golden gate park this weekend it kicks off this morning the music starts at 1030. a beloved is a police
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officer killed on his way to work will have reaction from the reworks. we will be right
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friends and loved ones are mourning a police officer who was killed on the way to work. can think was killed on an accident on interstate 80. we are at live at home to middle school where he served as a resource officer. >> he was only here for about six months but i had a chance to talk to the principal and she says he leaves behind a huge hole he had such great relationships but -- with not only the staff and faculty, but especially with the kids and they are mourning the loss of one of his popular police officers. he died on westbound i 80 in a tragic accident when his motorcycle tangled with a big rig and he was pronounced dead at the scene. he leaves behind a family of
8:04 am
seven children, five of those children were adopted. he has been the school resource officer since the middle of last year. everybody that i talked to this morning including students and staff say he was a gentle soul. he would take kids to ball games on the weekend and help them. he carry candy in his pocket and gave it to them and they did a good job on school work. he will be greatly missed. i had a chance to his talk to a faculty member and he said transit -- zink brought them up -- brought them in an active like enormous hole life. >> means a lot to the kids in the staff and they admire him. my heart goes out to the students here who love him very much. it's a big loss. i can put it into words. >> school has counselors on site all day. they were here yesterday and they'll be back today. that includes not only for students, the staff they will
8:05 am
have substitute standing by in case staff members aren't able to continue. obviously he was only here for a short time, that left a huge impact on the community here and san pablo. >> it's 8:04 am and firefighters are working around the clock to get the upper hand in the fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. >> we've learned eight homes have been destroyed and one firefighter has been injured. we have an update. >> reporter: they have a window to turn the corner on the fire, but that window is closing faster than anticipated. containment will hopefully be on monday. you can see conditions at the control center and they are not -- they are watching weather conditions. it's quickly changed. what have you learned? i know that gusts were supposed to be on sunday.
8:06 am
>> we are expecting substantial wins in the fire area -- winds in the fire area. we're looking at cynics fail when in the candy and -- in the canyon to the south end of the fire.>> reporter: are you throwing more resources that it? >> we have 2000 firefighters and are operational folks are conscious of the fact that weather plays a big role in the fire behavior. they obviously come up with plans for the day with resources to get them in place to get on top of any fire that may get across the line because of the wind.>> reporter: does it get to gusty were the planes can fly? >> the fire makes a decision about the resources they are flying. we do have in the large number of helicopters and we have availability from hollister as well. we have an air attack officer who is over the fire during the
8:07 am
daylight hours. you'll be the lot -- eye in the sky.>> reporter: how is the firefighter injured doing? >> he had a minor injury and was transported to a local hospital yesterday. take you so much.>> reporter: another commander told us he did not get any phone calls about the firefighter and in that case the firefighter make -- should make a full recovery. not sure he'll be put back on the front lines. the window is closing quicker than anticipated. back to you. we want to steer you to our website because we have continuing coverage. much more on we have our mobile app and that will give you breaking news. it's 8:06 am and breaking news overnight, authorities have named the engineer involved in yesterday morning's deadly rush-hour train crash in new jersey. we have details.
8:08 am
>>.engineer is cooperating and he's been released from the hospital and has answered questions this morning. we'll wait to see what answers they reveal to the public as we go deeper into the day. he is thomas gallagher. we have a picture of him. he has worked with new jersey transit for 29 years. he's a seasoned veteran. and they want to find out how someone with this much experience let us happen. passenger save the train didn't slow down as it was approaching the terminal. the train overran its topping point and slammed into the bumper blocker. that sent the lead passenger car high into the air. it slammed onto the passenger concourse where there was a woman standing waiting for the train. she died in that. 108 others were injured. investigators trying to figure out how fast the train was going. >> we will be pulling that recorder from the locomotive. there's also a recorder in the car, the controlling car.
8:09 am
we'll be getting that as soon as we can access that.>> reporter: right now it's trapped in the rubble and debris. the governor says most of the people who were injured were on the train, not standing on the platform. he says they are all expected to recover from injuries so he doesn't expect the death toll to rise. >> still ahead, new polls this morning show a big bounce for hillary clinton. we'll show you the latest numbers from battleground states. students demand answers after students at an elementary school breakout a rash. to van gogh paintings have turned up. we'll tell you where.
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welcome back to the kron 4 news morning news. i'm tracking and news -- hotspot. it south of mallory avenue a motorcycle is down blocking left lanes. lots of heavy traffic is backed up into heyward. all have a complete check and drivetime in a bit. it's 8:11 am and right now two van gogh painting stolen a decade ago have been found. let's take a look at them. they were originally swiped from amsterdam's van gogh museum in 2002. the two paintings date back to the 1800s. they were found in naples. without frames and showing signs of minor damage.
8:13 am
the fbi gave them a combined value of $30 million. we have a flavor of all for friday. taking you into the weekend as we watch temperatures only get to the 60s in many areas for the late afternoon. we're also talking about a chance of rain. kron 4 news morning news continues. when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force.
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it's 8:14 am and we are
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checking the commute with robin. >> one of the worst to can have a crash because it's one of our busiest freeways and it's always packed rolling south into fremont. now a motorcycle accident. southbound at mallory. the two left lanes are blocked and traffic is low because of earlier problems. never had a chance to recover from the earlier problems and then this popped up. you can see the sensors are red. it's backed up through union city and into heyward and stretching out to 92. the drivetime is awful. 76 minutes to get from 238 through the traffic and out to, 237. just leave early this morning because you will be stock in the back up. i'll let you know when it's cleared. for those of you continuing beyond that point out a free one -- fremont, you have to get to that traffic. checking in to the ride at the
8:17 am
arrival to the toll plaza, it's the user crowding for friday morning rolling in to san francisco. maybe a little heavier the norm or -- normal because of the car fire. you can see it's moving better at a fast-track lane, 12 to 15 minutes out to fremont street. on 92 a live look on the san mateo bridge. it's a slow roll but it looks like commuters are getting through the peninsula without any major problems. 22 minutes isn't bad. here's the richmond centerfield bridge. is a little crowded but moving, stop and go traffic that it picks up and moves well across the span into the north bay. good morning everybody and here's a look at what's going on for us at sfo. we had problems and it looks like the frog is clearing, we still have some delays at sfo. a little bit over an hour.
8:18 am
looking okay at oakland and san jose. looks like this guys are opening up. we still have kind of the overcast sky conditions. this should clear out for everybody i noon or so. along the coast, a different story. there's a little guy that could bring potential scattered showers on sunday. it will slam into the northwest for drifting south. because of the cold air upstairs, it may spark some clout -- thunder storms. today and this afternoon, to couple with cooler temperatures, we have an influx of winds starting to build. the color indicates higher winds for inland valleys. noon through the commute home, you'll be facing onshore winds starting to build. 3-day forecast calls for 76 today, saturday 72 and 66 by sunday. that's the day it looks like cloud cover and scattered showers out work into sunday night and monday. back to you.
8:19 am
covering california, parents and a southern california school district want answers. what is this? all over the backs and bodies of children and staff as well at school nearly 40 kids came home from school with those mysterious rashes. officials still don't know what is behind those rashes. in the past two weeks, at least 40 students and staff at lake forest elementary, in orange county, reported bug bites and skin rashes. district says it's received five new reports from other schools in the area. kids and parents are understandably upset. >> some of the people -- the inspection people came in and they are still not sure what it is. so we are still kind of hesitant and scared to go on the field. >> the campus has been treated
8:20 am
with pesticides and they say it will be treated again. they can't pinpoint the culprit, but they suspect mice were might -- mits. today is another busy day on the campaign trail. mike shumann takes a look at the day ahead.>> reporter: trump and clinton are talking about issues from monday's debate. the polls show the race is as close as ever. hillary clinton will be in florida a battleground state, the polls show clinton and trump are neck and neck. clinton's lead it only .6 percent. >> we are starting to vote in iowa today.>> reporter: trump is headed to michigan for rally before adding -- heading to pennsylvania on saturday. >> go to pennsylvania. go to ohio.>> reporter: this morning many members of
8:21 am
congress are heading home. they passed the budget prevent the government shut down. included in that is the money to fight this eco-virus. congress won't be back until after we know who our next president will be. a new poll coming out today shows florida favoring hillary clinton over donald trump. the poll will find clinton leading trump 46 to 42 percent just outside the margin of error. a libertarian candidate, gary johnson drew seven percent act had -- head of the green card -- green party candidate. bay area burglary is captured on a home security camera. we'll show you where it happened and who police are looking for. a live look at the sunshine and all the cars waiting to get over the bay bridge into san francisco. we'll be right back.
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8:24 am
welcome back to the kron 4 news morning knows. a burglary caught on camera. this happen in sunnyvale, the video shows the suspect who may be wanted in a similar crime.>>
8:25 am
reporter: jay welshofer wants to put this repeat offender behind bars. he posted the july burglary on -- of his home on youtube. >> we got responses of someone saying i was recently broken into and it looks like the same person. welshofer -->> reporter: welshofer contacted us after seeing surveillance video of another crime on the news. >> there was another gentleman who had packages stolen off his porch who look like him. there's been a chain of people who have had unfortunate experiences.. >> reporter: welshofer says at least two other people think the suspect broke into their home. he's shown in this video circling the home and he bus through the door with an ax he finds in the shed. the destruction continues as he smashes the family tv before also destroying their computer.
8:26 am
>> it's a very violent break- in. he seems very spiteful and angry and very violent.>> reporter: welshofer says sunnyvale police arrived within minutes of the day of the incident. they spent hours at his home collecting evidence. however, two months later, the suspect is still on the loose. neighbors were home, but didn't notice anything. >> we didn't hear anything and we had no idea. >> i was working from home all day, and didn't hear a thing which is surprising. you like to think if you hear something especially all the ruckus that the burglar made when we watched the break-in on video.>> reporter: welshofer says the criminal -- caused $25,000 in damage and got away with jewelry and cash. the case is under investigation. violent protests breakout overnight in southern california. i'm here at the breaking news
8:27 am
desk where we are hearing from one of the protesters and you'll hear him talk about why they did what they did. fog lingers in the inland area. here's a look at pacifica. also downtown the sun coming out around the bay area. we have your forecast around the bend with a mention of showers on sunday. kron 4 news continues. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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welcome back, it's a 20 8 am and we are talking about the drive in weather. we'll get to those in a minute. and new one. >> it's a motorcycle accident in fremont. it does cleared, it was blocking two lanes. it took an hour to get into the south bay. that's a must double what you would see on a friday. once again 80 south at mallory, the motorcycle crash cleared from the to left lanes. we'll look at the have a traffic in its at a crawl coming through free mound in union city and heyward. backed up beyond 92. rolling south this is a long line of heavy traffic. the drivetime updated and it's now 66 minutes from 238 out to 237. at least it's improving. checking the ride to san
8:30 am
francisco, it's sending out in the fast-track lane so that will help you out if you're about to roll into san francisco. 13 to 15 minutes out to fremont street. the only thing standing out from that shot you can see the fog running out. nice shot of the golden gate bridge. we zip over to pacifica and down the peninsula, this is where there will be a little more hanging around situation for the coast today. the temperatures mid to upper 50s at work and still chilly in the north bay. done expect a lot of movement in the areas with the temperatures. the inland spots will be much cooler than we have been all week. fog lingers along the peninsula a little bit although downtown san francisco improving. to the midmorning for the bay area and also clearing out from the bay shot. and for the inland areas clearing, mild to cool end sub 80 expected for temperatures. 72 coming in for san jose. we'll remain cooler this
8:31 am
weekend and sunday eyeballing scattered showers. back to you. police say two men were arrested during violent protesting over the police shooting in southern california. james has more.>> reporter: el cajon police arrested a 19-year- old man and a 20-year-old man for taking part in the violent protests last night. 57 protesters were blocking traffic. take a look at the video. some of the demonstrators began fighting with drivers. take a look at this. these drivers destroying to get through and the demonstrators smashed the side windows of this man and broke the windshield. the driver afraid for his safety begins to drive away at a high rate of speed. look at this motorcyclist. he was knocked down by demonstrators and that's after he gave them the peace sign and was in his -- told them he was in support of the demonstration. they took out his motorcycle
8:32 am
nonetheless. protesters threw bottles at police. you see them and their riot gear, they used pepper's -- pepper spray tube break up the crowd. here's how one protester answered the question of concern >> i saw little kids out there. >> i'm worried that someone gets injured every day when nothing like this is going on. we get hurt all the time.>> reporter: that was the rationale. this was the third night of protests over the death of all freight along go. you see in this picture. police shot him on tuesday afternoon after he polled an object from his pocket and pointed at them. this is a snapshot of the moment right before officers opened fire. you see the victim pointing with -- both hands something that looked like a gun. so he shot and killed him. police later discovered he was holding and e-cigarette. we will see if the protests continued tonight.
8:33 am
keep it to kron 4 and we will follow this story. the tulsa police officer is expected to plead not guilty to first-degree manslaughter of an unarmed black man when she makes her court appearance today. betty shelby is expected to be arraigned for the deadly shooting of terence crutcher. prosecutors say the officer acted unreasonably when she shot crutcher after she encountered his abandoned vehicle in the middle of the street. the officer told best hitter she feared for her life. 8:32 am is the time. the man accused of kidnapping a vallejo woman changed his plea to guilty. matthew pleaded not guilty but changed it yesterday and he could face life in prison. prosecutors are pushing for a plea deal that would give him 40 years. the kidnapping happened at march of last year. aaron quinn called police
8:34 am
saying someone abducted his girlfriend. she was found two days later in huntington beach were her parents live. police thought the whole thing was odd and dismissed it as a hoax. that then mohler was linked to other crimes in dublin. the attorney representing huskins and the boyfriend wants him to face more charges. >> he assaulted aaron, for sexual assault, auto theft and burglary with the intent to commit sexual assault, burglary with the intent to kidnap. this is a man who has shown he has a desire to hurt people. he is cruel and uses the intellect to hurt people. >> the couple filed a lawsuit against the police department after they dismissed the kidnapping. the department has apologized. someone is placing and i semantic cars. -- plugs on cars. the bart spokesperson is saying
8:35 am
they can't stop the person for putting the flyers on cars. police are investigating the person responsible for the flyers has been threatening passengers. that's true that's true, he could face charges. a man in the east bay is written up because his windchimes are too loud. virgil plot has five windchimes in his yard and code enforcement cited him for loud noise. the citation states the windchimes are causing excessive noise. >> they said i have to take my windchimes down. there someone down the block who is complaining. that's what he said. >> we reached out to code enforcement but they haven't responded. virgil took down his largest chime in he hopes that will satisfy them.
8:36 am
former israeli president has been laid to rest in jerusalem after an emotional ceremony last night. leaders and dignitaries from around the world came to remember him including president obama and bill clinton. his family accompanied the casket to the cemetery where he will be buried today. he shared the new -- nobel peace prize in 1994 four attempting to resolve the israeli-palestinian contact -- conflict. he fought for freedom and peace. and president clinton also spoke. >> he imagined the things all of us could do. he started off life as israelis student and became its best teacher and ended up its biggest dreamer. >> he was 93 years old. coming up kron 4 news, saturday night live has a new donald trump . we look at the name chosen to tackle the donald.
8:37 am
in southern california they have a poll of cookies. we will show you how these cookies determine the president will -- presidential election winner. we are tracking hotspots in traffic as we continue.
8:38 am
ak like this, we could do a cast or surgery. whichever's faster. surgery means recovery time. a cast will get you back out there right away, but it's bulky. and can it take a beating? how did you break it again? roller derby. hip-checked. there's a rematch next week. snarling clementine has to be there. that's me. okay. so what color should the cast be? orange. orange is good. yeah, i like orange. it's kinda my thing. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard.
8:39 am
northern california bakery
8:40 am
is conducting a poll with cookies. old-time pastry created cookies of hillary clinton and trump making that candidate cookies for the nest -- several presidential collect -- elections. they are shortbread cookies with vanilla frosting. the bakery workers say they have fun keeping track of how many cookies are sold and they use the information to take their own poll. >> trump was winning. today despite -- today hillary as clinton -- is winning. we couldn't call it that's for sure because by the hour changes. >> they say it's not a perfect poll. >> really? [ laughter ]. that seem so scientific. >> let's check in on the commute, it's very slow a 92 and getting across the san mateo bridge, it's just -- crawling. 18 minutes from the nimitz out to 101.
8:41 am
stay with us and we will return after the break. the time is 8:30 am.
8:42 am
8:43 am
welcome back on friday morning heading into the weekend and october. and maybe even a little rain? >> i don't have to complain about that he ball right quick >> we have brain happening in that blob over there. we will be watching all this weekend as it makes his dissent across the central california coast. we are in line to get some of this. scattered showers on sunday and seeing how this comes together. let's check the current situation. bay bridge shot, look at the blue sky. the fog is clearing out. timberon shot, lose guys taking over the north they. and let's get back to that sky in the pacific northwest. this moves and repositions itself on saturday. not a threat on saturday. into sunday afternoon and
8:44 am
evening hours, there's were the best chance where it could be a's -- cold air coming in and that could spark off collapses -- claps of thunder. we have 60s on the east bay shoreline, 68 for oakland. in the east bay hills we see 70s populate everywhere. the 80s have been retired at this point. heading to the south bay, we are looking at 70s. 70s for most spots here in the south bay. 70 -- santa clara 74 and also for san jose. san francisco is on the chilly side even though things have it -- have opened up. we have a strong onshore wind returning for the afternoon hours. we have 60s along the bayside" side. and back up to the north bay, we are looking at 71 for petaluma. and at napa about 72. with vacaville at 76. some of the valleys are
8:45 am
battling followed. we drop off on saturday for temperatures. should be variable clouds and sunday it gets chilly with scattered showers working their magic. still make redesign monday morning. then we go back to seasonality and wednesday and thursday. what's going on with the traffic robin? i just got word of a new accident in the south bay. bta is not involved in the crash, but it's blocking the northbound tracks in sunnyvale. on the winchester mountain view line. a couple of vehicles on the side and a tow truck on the way. expect delays on the line. in san francisco, this is a slight improvement compared the early morning hours when it was just pack. then we had a car fire and that didn't help the ride into san francisco. the drivetime looks better now 13 to 15 minutes out to fremont street. that's not too bad for friday morning. we are hotspot free but still
8:46 am
lots of traffic. fight -- 580 still very crowded eating into the north bay. 14 minutes is the average drive from the tolls out to the 101 offramp. coming from the north bay and into san francisco, not a bad commute across the golden gate. yes you have to deal with typical commute traffic but only 27 minutes from the 101 37th over to the toll plaza on the san francisco side. the ride across the bridge looks fine. let's check drive times, the accident on the nimitz freeway is cleared and it's a little slow on the 880 south. six avd the use of crowding. west 24 not bad. walnut creek from 680 from 682 580, that the 17 minute trip. and 880 into south bay about a 30 minute ride from 280.
8:47 am
it's 8:45 am which means it's time to get wild at the 94 nine studios. we talked to jv. kim kardashian is very upset and she is -- going to sue lisa duke. he's the celebrity prank stir that will smith saw at the press drunken and he tried to kiss will smith on the mouth and he got punched. two weeks ago a supermodel was walking to her car and he runs up and picks her up. >> my gosh. >> she got an elbow to the guys face. i guess he doesn't mind taking shots to the face. his most recent thing, kim kardashian was walking to her car and he tried to kiss her on the behind. how can he missed? >> i for some video of this guy being tackled. >> yes they body slammed him. she is suing him and she wants a restraining order.
8:48 am
i don't know about you better around the station, i like my but the -- my but being test. >> i don't know where she was going but she just got out of the car and there was a mob. and i thought how weird is this? and suddenly he was on the ground. >> i don't know how this guy gets to all the celebrities. >> i he said he was just enjoying a breakfast and he would -- and she was there. he says he's trying to look out for young girls and they shouldn't aspire to be her. and get fake butt implants. he needs to get rid of that hat. in a related story, kim kardashian's brother rob was in an interview and he was asked who is your crush as a young man, and he said my own sister. >> which sister quick >> kim kardashian. i was attracted to my sister. >> that's creepy. >> i shared something on our show and they would -- will
8:49 am
they judge me? >> i'm not supposed to judge? >> i didn't have an attraction to my sister, but i admitted i peeked through the whole of the lock in the bathroom while she was sharing once. >> and you were like 8 and she was 15? >> i was going through puberty and i was wondering if things were different for my sister? >> how old were you? >> i think i was 13 and she was 15. so you're not judging. so that's normal behavior? >> i want to say it's a little too old, but i wouldn't judge. >> one final video, looks like an old video but it's gone viral. tech -- check up account the sky house. he's using his head. >> yeah so he's doing a headstand. big deal. >> he's jumping up steps! >> a really quick
8:50 am
>> i think the reason people are interested, aa called and they say you can get your pen if you follow these 12 steps. >> oh my gosh! >> i was thinking it was the next thing that he still on his feet. >> is pretty amazing. >> what i was wondering -- i'm sorry i will judge and say guys who -- discover the stupid talents. how did you find you could do that? >> that stupid guys staff. >> thank you jv. >> one man is in custody facing felony charges after police bust a chop shop and oakland. albert murray was arrested on monday after police found the chop shop at his home in east oakland. he stole car parts and officers have been investigating him for two years. they say he has $150,000 worth of stolen parts. >> he's been doing -- he still
8:51 am
a car removes the engine and transmission at his residence and then he would dump the vehicles throughout east oakland. they believe he is part of a larger group that targets chevy camaro's. officers say they have recovered about 300 stripped camaros in the oakland area in the past three years. police are looking for thousands of dollars or of appliances stolen from apartments being built for the homeless. the thieves stole from alma village under construction. they took the stuff over the weekend. construction is getting close to being done so this is a major setback. the thieves opened a side door and started just taking all these appliances that were supposed to go to the families transitioning out of homeless shelters into the apartments. police think the thieves have been watching the site. >> somebody would've had to know what stage the
8:52 am
construction process within, that there would be uninstalled appliances left in the facility waiting to be installed in the final stages of the installation process. >> the organization says it will cost about $12,000 to replace the appliances. there are no surveillance cameras at the construction site, so they can't use that for clues. they still think they will have it open on october 19. saturday night live has the new donald trump and he's an actor known for his guest hosting and cameos on the show. alec baldwin is tackling the dog best the donald. >> reporter: expect alec baldwin to come down with a case of the sniffles saturday night at as he begins his big on saturday night live. snl's new donald trump -- even if he's no fan of the donald. >> we don't want a president who looks like he has been dipped in movie popcorn
8:53 am
butter.>> reporter: baldwin follows impersonators like phil hartman >> love my neighbor as myself and like a good neighbor, state farm is there.>> reporter: baldwin is the mirror hosting 16 times, but he has never played trump. we've seen him do tony but -- bennett, to a guy named welsh wedding. will he have a ball with kate mckenna? >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> isn't he the one that says, you are all losers? > reporter: but donald himself is no stranger to snl bash dancing with chickens. advertising trump's house of wings in 2004 and the hotline playing last year. >> call me on the cell phone. >> reporter: this isn't the
8:54 am
first time snl hired someone to play a politician. >> you can actually see russia from alaska.>> reporter: tina fey twisted outline. >> i can see russia from my house.>> reporter: how deeply can snl impersonations infiltrate i'm not -- our minds? sarah palin said that. >> tina fey said that? > reporter: jeannie most cnn, new york. keeping our eyes on wall street, the dab all -- the dow off yesterday with financial and oil stocks leading the slide. today a big rebound. the dow is up 174 at 18,000 318. still ahead at 8:53 am, the have lots more coming up. weather and traffic.
8:55 am
we'll see if there any hotspots in traffic. not many hotspots and whether but there could be rain. we'll be right back. am an iraq veteran. lowering drug prices. dollars to defeat it. vets" in voting yes on prop 61.
8:56 am
it's 8:55 am and we are couple hours away from hardly strictly bluegrass taking over golden gate heart. it gets underway at 10:30 am and through the weekend. the 16th annual music festival is free. starting at 10:30 am, we will
8:57 am
hear poor man's whiskey, and some of the other notable acts of the weekend, jackson brown, t-bone burnett, cyndi lauper and chris isaac. coming up at 9, a bullock police officer killed on his way to work. we have reaction from the school where he worked ahead. a wildfire contingent -- continues to burn. we'll be live in santa clara with an update on containment and the number of homes lost. raking news overnight, new information about them person driving the train that crashed in new jersey. we'll take a look at the train engineers passed. coming up.
8:58 am
8:59 am
a department mourns as one of their popular police officer dies. we'll have the reaction coming up in a live report. i'm in gilroy and i continue to follow the loma fire. new developments over the past hour that can make fighting it more difficult. all explain coming up in a live report. >> the fog is lifting but hanging on inland valleys. we could see some rain on sunday. all have your forecast. good morning.
9:00 am
>> thank you for joining us on this friday. it feels like november out there. we're watching traffic and it's a bad morning. >> we have new problems, 24 and the nimitz in the east bay two more accidents. looks like we could get some rain. >> that's coming in this weekend. with some winds lookout for. here's the bay bridge and the fog starts to lift but still hanging on parts of the east bay hills. we -- look at mt. diablo and you see some fog hanging around. pleasanton is still having fog to. we have a little bit of a breeze and we throwing cold temperatures and there is a chill. 17 concorde. 14 for san francisco. that is the onshore wind. we've been seeing some good sunshine for the last couple hours in several hours. the next 8 hours, still partly
9:01 am
cloudy, by 5:00 we are at 67 and again we throwing more breezy conditions and we'll be a bit chilly. will check in with the weekend forecast in a bit. right now robin has traffic. i just spotted a new problem that popped up. for those of you that use vasco road to get between brentwood and livermore, chp issued a traffic alert for a multivehicle asked -- accident. one mile south of camino diablo. i wanted to quickly mention that. the ride to san francisco is getting better. it's about an 18 minute trip heading into san francisco. no big problems on the bridge. earlier it was backed up through the maze. 17 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street. the nimitz -- this just came in, this is add north at marina. another motorcycle crash. we had a number of motorcycle
9:02 am
accidents. lots of slowing behind the scene. going into downtown oakland. 31 minutes from 238 two 980. another trouble spot on 24. i'll get to that in my next report. friends and loved ones are mourning the loss of a police officer killed while riding to work. ken zink was killed yesterday in on accident and alejo. >> and we are live at the middle school where he served as a resource officer jackie?>> reporter: i just talked to the principal and she says the officer had only been here since the middle of last year but he left a huge impression in a short time. not only with staff and faculty but also with students and their parents. they are mourning the loss of officer zink. he was killed yesterday. he was a nine-year veteran of
9:03 am
the san pablo police department . he was one of the departments most popular officers. in fact, he was voted by his fellow officers, as the officer of the year in 2010. according to statements from school officials in the apartment, they say he loves his job as school resource officer most. he had been here at helm since the middle of last year. he helped students, parents, faculty -- any way he could. the principal said some of the things he did for the students and for the faculty here at home. >> heat of was all about the students. and all about the connection with their families, support the homeschool connection and helping me as a principal when we need extra support to connect with the family, go out to the home and make sure everything's okay. i loved working with him every day. and so did the students.>>
9:04 am
reporter: the principal says there will be grief counselors on scene not only for students, it also for staff. she says she has substitute teachers dating by in case the teachers need to step out of the classroom for a while. i can also tell you officer zink leaves behind seven children and the police employees association has set up a gofundme page to help his family with any of their needs coming up. it's 9:03 am and firefighters are working around the clock to get an upper hand on the loma fire. >> eight homes have been in destroyed and one firefighter has been destroyed. we have an update on the progress. will ask>> reporter: a minor injury to the firefighter and he should recover. were not sure if the firefighter will be fed -- put on the front lines again.
9:05 am
but we do know he's okay this morning. as far as the command center, you can see how busy it is. the new developments, they've been telling us for days they hope to get the fire contained by sunday when the gasket up to be 40 miles per hour. he told us this morning, new changes in the weather -- is always unpredictable, but now they're expecting 30 miles per hour winds by noon. and that's why it's more urgent than before. we also have learned 2000 firefighters are attacking the fire -- up from 1700, and more to be on their way to this. they are fighting the fire with fire, not only are they attacking the fire, they are going to other places where it's not burned and sitting those places on fire so once the fire reaches that area, there's no fuel for that fire to burn. as far as containment, this morning is still at 34 percent. even though it's not growing
9:06 am
exponentially, they are still on pace at this point, if all goes well, they should have containment by monday. as far as the structures damaged and destroyed, they believe there's a chance they might have been destroyed a couple of days ago. and investigators went -- was that area was cleared, the investigators could start counting homes and the structures damaged and destroyed. is not like they jumped into a new neighborhood in the overnight hours. as far as what's going on, they will call more firefighters and by the end of the day they could have as many as 2500 firefighters attacking this loma fire which has been burning out of control since monday. back to you. >> we have live coverage with kron 4 news and we give you updates on our website at you'll find resources and evacuation orders there.
9:07 am
one of the big stories this morning, a south bay teacher is behind bars accused of molesting a student. >> they arrested david scott graham parker a canopy in san jose. police say the assault happened in 2007. but they only investigated him this past july. >> investigators say the victim told a friend about the assault and it was the friend who called the police. the victim was a 13-year-old student at the time. police say that graham was the victim's algebra teacher at parker academy. according to the school website, he is also the cross country coach. graham was booked in jail and now police are trying to figure out if there are more victims. the school rich -- released a statement, reading apart, this is the first time the school is aware of the allegations. we are shocked and dismayed
9:08 am
when this situation was brought to our attention. >> a school officials say graham is placed on administrative leave and they are cooperating with the investigation. breaking news from overnight, authorities have named the engineer of the deadly crash of a commuter train.>> reporter: the engineer has been released from the hospital and he is recovering from his injuries. they say he's cooperating with investigators. he is identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher. there is this photo. he's been working with the new jersey transit system for 29 years. he has lots of experience. one of the questions they will ask is, what happened? why didn't the train slow down as it approached the terminal? the train overran the stopping point and slammed into a bumper, and out through the train in the error. the passenger car came crashing down on the concourse were other passengers were waiting to get on the train.
9:09 am
sad to report there was a woman on the platform that was killed by the train. 108 were injured. investigators are trying to for it out not only how fast the train was going, but what led up to the crash. they will learn that from the black box recorders. they have found one co-. the second one is trapped in the front car. once they get both, they'll have a better idea of what happened. >> they will be examining the following areas, operations, mechanical issues, human performance, signals, survival factors and track issues. > reporter: that part of an ongoing investigation by the fbi and homeland security department and ntsb. jeh johnson is saying investigators have no reason to expect terrorism. so far there are, quote, no suspicions of terrorism or foul play or anything of that nature. keep it tuned to kron 4 news and we'll let you know with a
9:10 am
fine. still ahead, new polls this morning show a postdebate him for hillary clinton. the latest numbers from a battleground state. parents demanding answers after students breakout in rashes. we'll talley was behind the outbreak. to van gogh paintings missing for more than a decade have been found. we'll tell you where.
9:11 am
9:12 am
welcome back to the kron 4 news news . there's a lot going on on the road. sunspots are improving and others not so much. your commute at the bridge, it's funny but crowded approaching the toprol -- plaza. it's backed up 14 minutes from the tolls to 101. the crash just cleared out of
9:13 am
oakland before the maze that was blocking lanes. lots of heavy traffic heading toward the oakland side. a trouble spot for the east bay north of livermore, traffic alert for vasco road south of camino diablo. a multivehicle accident blocking all lanes. abode that stretch. 9:12 am and this morning at pair of vincent van gogh painting stalling over a decade ago, have been found. let's take a look at them. they originally stolen from amsterdam's van gogh museum in 2002. the paintings date back to the late 1800s and they were found in naples without frames and they did show signs of minor damage. the fda -- fbi gave them a combined value of $30 million. here's a live look at sfo. it cleared nicely but because of the low ceilings from
9:14 am
earlier, we are looking at an hour delay for flights coming into sfo. check into the four zone for scope -- forecast. the kron four -- the kron 4 news continues.
9:15 am
9:16 am
it's 9:15 am and let's check in with robin with traffic. the bay bridge looking better rolling into san francisco. but i've had problems on 24 and the nimitz. let's start off of the good news. here's a live look at the approach. look at the fast-track lanes they are moving better. on the right-hand side, it's not backed up into the lock. that's good news. the drivetime is only 14 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street. this is the commute that's improving around the bay area. 92 was not bad. it looks better heading over to the mitzvah -- to the peninsula. 19 minutes to connect between the two. the nimitz is recovering from an accident that cleared on the
9:17 am
side near the marina. that involved a motorcyclist. it back you up again. 24 minutes from 238 two 980. traffic is recovering. same story for west 24. little heavy on the side approaching the tunnel. heavier on the oakland side after the tunnel. 17 minutes total from walnut creek to oakland. a little bit heavier than normal. we also have some bta delays. there's an accident that does not involve eta but a couple of cars from the track. this is impacting the you mountain view line. they have a tow truck clearing the vehicles from the northbound tracks. looks like the trains are getting through on the southbound side. that's why there's a delay in the south bay. other spots thinning out, 84 w. from fremont. two 3712 minutes from 880 two 3712 minutes from 882 101.
9:18 am
we'll start things off in the northwest. the rolling clouds you see will be the driver for us on sunday. before distance across the bay area. driving some showers for us into sunday afternoon and evening. the view from now from the bay bridge, skies opening up nicely. does the left over fog. pleasanton still dealing with some fog, but blue trice -- guys trying to make an appearance. consulting the models for the weekend, tomorrow will be kind of the same and we should see skies opened up again and then on sunday, is our opportunity to see the scattered showers with maybe some thunder lingering sunday night. even in some areas for the peninsula and san francisco lingering on monday morning as well. on the east bay store the shoreline, 66 and fremont. an improvement from a few days
9:19 am
ago. 70s over the east bay hills, 78 in brentwood. in the south bay, readings walked into the middle 70s, and with san jose at 72, santa clara 74 and milpitas at 72. chili for san francisco today about 60. the skies will feel back in a little bit. mid to upper 60s along the peninsula and at the coast lower 60s. daly city about 64. nevada about 71. a little warmer in the inland valley's. 74 four napa. everybody drops tomorrow and into sunday as well. that's her chance for scattered showers. probably the coolest day and moderation next week. health institutions of facing lawsuits involving the sexual abuse by an anesthesia clinic. -- a technician.
9:20 am
the stanford health center harbored a predator. we spoke with people who are suing. >> it's not okay. they should be able to get away with it.>> reporter: that is the voice of the victim whose wife has been altered to protect their identities. we can't alter the anger she feels about what happened to her son. the 16 or older went to outpatient surgery in 2015. and while knocked out, he was fondled by the medical technician robert laughing or. he was sentenced to one year in prison pleading no contest and -- from the boy and three other patients. he is claiming other employees saw prior activities of him acting inappropriately and looked the other way. spirit engaged in lewd contact during the or. he had a propensity to fondled general te deum -- fondled
9:21 am
genitalia. and the institution did nothing. predators were allowed to pray. truck he believes there other victims out there. >> there other victims. spirit truck he says he's one of the whistleblowers who launched the investigation. his reaction to being laid off -- >> i'm shocked and puzzle. it's just hard. >> reporter: he is suing claiming retaliation. as spokesperson for stanford says they didn't know that he was a predator and did nothing. they maintain estimate as they learned of the inappropriate conduct, by their technician, they removed him and launched an investigation and contacted local authorities. they also say that the termination had nothing to do with his involvement with any investigation. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. parents of a school district want answers, how
9:22 am
would you like it if your kid came home from school with this? what is it? a massive rash all over 40 children that came home with these bumps. they look like bites or rashes. officials don't know where they came from, police 40 students and staff members reported this type of skin rash. the district said it got five new reports of similar issues of schools in the area. a lot of parents and students are upset. >> the people came in and they are probably still not sure what it is. so we're still kind of hesitant and scared to go on the field. >> what they are saying is they don't know what caused it. they think maybe pesticides, they can't pinpoint the exact
9:23 am
culprit. expect it could be mites. another source we are following the ceo of wells fargo, is trying to calm outrage over the banks take account scandal. john stumpf was on capitol hill testifying. he faced questions and accusations about the fraudulent accounts created. the bank opened millions of accounts without customers permission in order to meet sales goals. his appearance in washington comes as demand for his resignation intensifies. several members of the committee repeated demands and called for him to face criminal prosecution. >> you have to admit criminal activity was going on interbank that you should be fired. you think today is tough? is coming. when the prosecutors got a hold of you, you'll have a lot of fun. >> i'm fully accountable for all unethical sales practices in our retail banking business,
9:24 am
and i'm fully committed to fixing the issue. >> as many as 2 million fake accounts were opened by bank employees and 5300 employees have been fired as a result of the scandal and the bank was fined $180 million. it is a brisk last day of september with a live look outside our studios along the embarcadero. a bit of a breeze and a chance of showers on sunday.
9:25 am
9:26 am
welcome back to the kron 4 news morning news. police are looking at a man who shot a couple in front of their home. that after an elderly couple was robbed. >> the latest robbery happening not far from noe valley road. we have how the crime is laid
9:27 am
out. >> reporter: we did try to talk to the victims in this case, they told us they did not want to be on camera and didn't want their home shown on camera. they are very shaken up. we did talk to neighbors who live in the area. >> i had no idea. usually this is a very quiet neighborhood.>> reporter: neighbors are in shock after a family was attacked in this quiet neighborhood. it happened about 10:25 pm. two men approached a woman sitting in her car in her driveway. one suspect demanded her purse and the other began shooting at the car. that's when the victims has been open the door to see that what the commotion was about. month of the suspect started shooting at him. >> i've been here for 35 years. this is the first time anything like this has happened. so -- i mean we know everybody.>> reporter: be suspects ran off towards savage
9:28 am
avenue. they were wearing dark clothing and have their faces covered. >> i'm walking late at night so i have no fear or i had no fear and tell this happen.>> reporter: none of the big dems it really steeped in the life- threatening injuries, the female victim suffered some injuries because of the shattered glass. if you have any information, please call the pinole police department. coming up on kron 4 news morning news, violent protests broke out in southern california. we are now hearing from the demonstrators. here's a live look at alcatraz as we see the fog lifted a little bit. it will probably roll back in for san francisco. wendy and breezy this afternoon. i have your forecast around the bend when kron 4 news continues.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:30 am on a friday morning and things should be looking better on the roads. >> finally, the drive times are looking better. >> and whether, it's cool out
9:31 am
there now and maybe some rain on sunday. we're looking at that. here's alcatraz a little bit of haze left over. could see fog rolling back in for the peninsula and jumping over to the golden gate a beautiful shot. nice blue skies that take us to marin county. fog not an issue in some spots. we see some numbers 60 and inland sluggish, mid to upper 50s for the north bay. we have a hodgepodge of lower to upper 50s. a continuation of an onshore flow and a little bit of a breeze. for the bay fog through the midmorning and we had taken care of a lot of that except for the inland regions. and one is clearing ultimately, mild to cool. don't forget the wind, and the temperatures of 80. 60s for san francisco with clouds and fog. 70 for oakland and 72 four san jose. a chance of rain developing sunday afternoon. and into sunday night. traffic, let's see what's better?
9:32 am
the right to san francisco and out improvement for the westbound commute. much better now than last hour. no big problems. you can sitting -- you can see the fast-tracked lanes and the backup only stretches two w. grand. it looks great on the upper deck. check up the drive time it's only 12 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street if you are south bay commuter, northbound 85 recovering from an accident near el camino. you can see the heavy traffic heading toward mountain view. if that's her commute, leave early, traffic has not recovered. 25 minutes to the 101. breaking news, two men were arrested during protests over the deadly police shooting in southern california. here is fletcher with an update. >> reporter: it surprising only two men were arrested. el cajon police say one was 19 and the other 20-year-old --
9:33 am
years old. up to 50 and 75 protesters were blocking traffic. take a look, this video shows the scene with some beginning to fight with drivers who were just trying to get through the blockage. the driver of this van is desperate to get away before he was injured, but they are throwing things and breaking windows, this motorcyclist was tripped up by protesters. uc he laid the bike down and started asking, come on guys, he gave them a peace sign and said he was in support of them, but that didn't stop them. here you see police responding and starting to move in with riot here. he had protesters throwing bottles that police. they eventually use pepper spray -- pepper spray to break up the crowd. we asked officers if they were concerned? >> i saw little kids out there. >> i'm worried that someone can get hurt every day. when nothing like this is going on. because we get hurt all the
9:34 am
time.>> reporter: last night was the third night a protest after the death of alfredo olango. this is the point where police shot and killed him. officers say he polled -- waited an object of them as if he was about to shoot. here you see him with both hands on something. and the split-second officers had to assess the situation. police later discovered he was holding e-cigarette. we'll see if the protest continue. keep it tuned to kron 4 news and our website a tulsa police officer is expected to plead not guilty to manslaughter in the death of an unarmed black man when she makes her prayers in court today. betty shelby is the officer said to be arraigned for the deadly shooting. her attorney say she will plead not guilty. prosecutors say she acted unreasonably when she shot a man after she encountered his car abandoned on the street.
9:35 am
she told investigators she feared for her life. >> a bizarre kidnapping that vallejo police called a hoax admit that he did it. he now faces life in prison. the case is far from over. >> this is a man who deserves to do life in prison it.>> reporter: the attorney for the victim said her boyfriend aaron quinn said matthew moeller reached a deal to avoid kidnapping, he should not receive only four years in prison as prosecutors are recommending. >> we are worried that if he is released he will commit additional fences. >> reporter: the attorney says the reduced sentence would be another in a series of failures in the case which began as soon as be alejo police and the fbi accused huskins and her boyfriend a making up the kidnapping. >> is deplorable. the conduct she had to go
9:36 am
through after the inhuman conduct she went through during the course of the kidnapping. because it's no secret she was sexually assaulted. she was bound, that she was tied to a bed, and sexually assaulted not once, but twice.>> reporter: they say moeller has not been charged with sexual assault or variety of other crimes. at the news conference on thursday, he called on local prosecutors to file additional charges against him. >> burglary, auto theft, intent to commit sexual assault, burglary with the intent to commit kidnapping, assault -- many of which require life terms in state court.>> reporter: kron 4 news . from a heckler to a golf hero, see how i guy in the stands becomes the main attraction at the ryder cup. that's coming up.
9:37 am
how do you explain this quick >> we just take it whenever we need to. that there are many ways to get here and what is by computer and the other let's just say it's very dangerous. all explained in the next edition of, people behaving badly.
9:38 am
9:39 am
welcome back to the kron 4 news morning news. rail safety is important topic especially in the wake of the train crash. stanley roberts shows us the section of the track in the south bay where dangerous crossings are making a tough situation. >> why are you taking that shortcut? >> we just take it whenever we need to.>> reporter: do see a train come through here? >> it just came through. > reporter: there are ways to get to netflix one is
9:40 am
through your computer and one is through this union pacific train trestle. if you hang out you will see people taking the shortcut across highway 85 to get from one building to another. it's not one or two people, it's dozens of people. in fact, i almost started to believe maybe that was an improved passageway. i mean do walk through the archway to a dirt path and the dirt path to these concrete pavers. however, it's not a permitted pathway and working on the trestle is considered trespassing. if someone gets hit by a train, it would be their fault. but you see people on the phone, walking their dogs and smoking a cigarette. there's no opening on the other side for people to enter and exit. what i did notice, there's plenty of time for cars -- signs for stars that -- cars, but there are no signs that say stay off the tracks. this guy is talking on his cell phone. what could possibly go wrong?
9:41 am
>> i'm just waiting. >> reporter: what you don't know is this, it's a misdemeanor to walk on train tracks and even if you haven't seen it train on the tracks for three years, there would could be 110 minutes away. defined as $1000 and a mandatory court appearance. in los gatos stanley roberts kron 4 news. we we'll be back more in a couple of minutes. let's take a peek outside. here's the golden gate bridge. very quiet. no traffic and lots of sunshine.
9:42 am
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9:44 am
welcome back to the kron 4 news morning news. time for pet of the week. his name is buster. he's a 1 1/2-year-old jack russell mix. isn't he cute? full of energy and less people.
9:45 am
he needs a family who can be around to play with him. a family where someone is home. you can lock them up for eight hours a day. he's very smart and attentive and he would do great in dog training classes. if you want to adopt him, contact pet lifeline in sonoma. the contact information is on your screen. it's a great time for baseball. let's check it out. >> the cardinals win the lottery. they beat the reds with the ball that bounced off the ground and actually hit a lottery sign. behind left field. and the umpire missed it so it's a walkoff win. gary your the sports director, tell me how can this happen quick >> now you sound like a sports fan. you start griping before you say good morning. >> they all missed it and this is a ridiculous picture. -- a ridiculous pitch.
9:46 am
the reds manager running down the tunnel after the umpires and it's too late. >> ya well -- you know what, help me out a little bit. what is the timeframe you have? >> here's the deal. >> to ask for review? >> during the game it's 10 seconds. actually at the end of the game like this, it has to be immediate. so immediately the reds manager has to come out of the dugout and make eye contact with the empire and say i want this to be looked at a replay. >> at such an obvious one. >> yeah, if you looked at it. that they didn't it -- to hit the sign, it's a dead ball. so now what? >> it sounds like a blown call. >> is definitely a blown call, -- >> those guys were unable to sleep last night. to the reds manager -- the giants should be all kinds of upset about this.
9:47 am
>> what kind of upset? >> what that could mean? they are now just a game back from the giants in the wild- card. thanks to that win. >> here's what you do, you win two out of three for the dodgers and you are in. >> this is what we hope. the dodgers have good pictures. but everyone is saying this game doesn't mean anything to them. they will pitch lay into the inning. >> that's what i'm curious about. that was the big argument. first off, it looked like a bad call but that didn't guarantee that cincinnati would score. that would've given them another chance to score. what's the deal? you sit there on sunday night in if you don't make it, go back to thursday. it's right in front of you. no do it. so again your attitude is [ null ] and complain. mine says let's look forward and make it a great day and go out and beat the world. >> my attitude is, baseball has
9:48 am
the silliest rules ever. not only do have no time to challenge, but apparently the manager has to get a phone call if he didn't see it in the dugout. it's a walkoff win so it's noisy and he can hear the phone ringing. so by the time he sees are ringing, it's too late. it's a calamity of errors and stupid rules. >> allow to make it a great day. >> are right. >> if i'll tell you what, if the season ended last night, that's one thing. but that's why you and i would never hit it off. i went to go out and tackle the world, you want to deal in what happened yesterday. >> honey that's a number of reasons why. >> it so bad. the thing is, the giants it's in front of them. i agree of with you.
9:49 am
the dodgers would love to knock out the giants. i think if i'm the dodgers, i'm more inclined to keep my guys risk it -- rested for next week. >> nothing approved for the three games. hopefully this will be the end of our season. that game on sunday will be the end of an entire career for vince. >> everybody talks about records that will never be broken. joe dimaggio hit 56 straight games and all the stuff -- that's the one that will never be broken. vince scully broadcasting for 67 years. not even close to anybody else. >> just the way he does it. it's not the play-by-play staff, but the storytelling. i want you to take a look from a year or two back. a little play-by-play meet storytelling in the only way he could do it. >> you know bumgardner tells a story in a sense from my view of what it takes to be a big
9:50 am
week all player. two years in spring training and he and his wife were roping cattle which is what they do -- sinker lowball 2-1 and they were startled by elad -- large snake and medicine thought it was a rattlesnake so he grabbed an ax and he had the snake to pieces. but there's something more to the story. 2-1 pitch. lowball three, his wife alley and inexpert feel dresser examine what was left of the snake, she found two baby jackrabbits inside the snake and extracted them. 3-1 pitch. >> everybody has to do a number of things when they do their job. you are used to talking to one person, but that is the
9:51 am
seamless -- right? >> he's 88 years old. you know what the good thing is? i grew up and i used to be a thing bash i can remember myself, i've never been a sports fan are live without vince scully. used to go in the backyard in san jose and that was the big treat, if you dialed your radio around at night, they had a 50,000 watt and get half i radio -- if the radio at night, and you listen to him it was just incredible. if you get a tape of him 40 years ago, he still sounds close to the same now. >> for me, i'm not crazy about the gains -- >> how about when they cheat like they did last night with the giants? >> i prefer to hear -- it's more exciting to me to actually hear it will open through like
9:52 am
that and it's more entertaining for me. >> that's because you got a good head for the game. some people, i think this for something to say, that will go -- the younger people that had heard them before, they just turn it on and they say isn't he supposed to be talking back and forth with somebody else? >> i hate that. >> i know. that's what they used to do. >> i don't want to hear those bozos. i like to hear the game with the commentary. he's talking to me, he's not talking to you or the other guy. >> i will stop right now. about my story about how young people complain. >> i don't want to hear anymore about it gary. >> go giants. >> let's go giants. okay here's another thing. tell me you as a sports fan haven't done this. i don't care what the game is, you're in the stands and you think i can catch the ball, i could run that thing bash
9:53 am
right? so this time at the ryder cup, the fans as i can make up had. for the first time ever, they stop and they say come down here and do it. >> that was pretty cute. and again, if i don't mind -- do you mind if i tell a little? >> go. >> normally when someone's yelling from the stands, they will waddle out and fall down or whatever. the one in 100 chance they got try something. this guy went out and made the shot. >> lookout time even out putter is by the way. >> that guy played golf. >> he says he's just a recreational player and he said i wasn't nervous because i knew that i would make the shot. >> isn't that funny. that's pretty cute. again, you don't want to hear my side. that it's better not to yell or screamer get out there yourself. >> you couldn't say your bomb, i could do that.
9:54 am
>> next time you go to an event, start yelling and hopefully they'll bring you out on the field. >> maybe i'll get a shot. >> good work today. your very fiery. >> maybe will be watching the 49ers and they will put you in a quarterback and you'll get bashed up. >> i'm reading the teleprompter in bed. have a nice weekend. >>
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> i have my teeth done. i've had a ton of injections once a month to get my skin tone. >> he so close. >> the guy has spent -- this young man has spent $22,000 for
9:57 am
areas. he says i have another 30 grand or so to spend. i have to get my stomach stapled so i can be thinner. he thinks -- he wants to look like a good get -- good-looking guy. he says when i do it and i get closer, it will change my life. he does say he loves himself, he just wants to look like beckham. >> he's only 19. >> he's not bad looking, but he's no beckham. >> no he's not. >> the harley strickland bluegrass is happening at golden gate and it's free. this the 16th annual music festival kicking off this morning. it starts at 10:30 am. the a poor man's whiskey and some of the more notable acts will be jackson brown, t-bone burnett and chris isaac. >> more notable like uber member jackson brown.
9:58 am
>> that's it for now and tune back in on monday and have a great weekend.
9:59 am
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