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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 8, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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good evening. i'm justin. >> she joins us live. you talked with someone who helped these people. many of whom were kids. >> reporter: that's right, jr. it was intense moments considering this was supposed to be another beautiful saturday afternoon for fleet week festivities. that was not the case for the group who capsized in the boat. eight of which are in the hospital. and that little boy is fighting for his life. shortly after the fleet week air show came to an end, a call came to san francisco police that a boat carrying 30 people capsized 100 yards from pier 45. this captured the aftermath on camera. >> i looked up and saw the bottom of the boat. that's the first thing that i noticed. >> reporter: passengers and crew jumped into action immediately, throwing life vests into the water. >> my crew and i hurried over
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there as fast as we could. between my crew and a couple passengers, we got as much life- saving gear as we could into the water. >> reporter: the coast guard rescued the victims who were trapped under the haul of the sailboat. >> they were trying to help the people from getting caught under the water. >> reporter: five adults and three children were sent to the hospital. the 5-year-old boy it in critical condition. >> they will determine if there was any criminal activity involved. but it's an active investigation at this time. >> reporter: because it is an open and active investigation, this is a developing story. so if we get any more details tonight at 10:00, we will bring this tom you. we're live on pier 45 in san francisco. kron 4 news. >> now to the east bay. officers tell us a woman was kidnapped and raped friday morning in oakland. this happened on international boulevard three blocks from an
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elementary school. the international community school. police say three suspects were involved in this rape and alleged kidnapping. the victim did go to the hospital. we're still working to gather information on this story. stay with us on kron 4 news for the latest. a sad scene today in palm springs, california where two officers were killed in the line of duty. a third officer is suffering tonight from gunshot wounds. vega who you see on the left hand side of the screen was a 35-year vet rap. he was set to retire in december and leaves behind 8 kids. she leaves behind a 4 month old baby. the two were responding to a domestic dispute at someone's house when a shooter fired at them and killed them. >> i'm -- i am awake in a nightmare right now. that's me. but you know what, as the chief of police for this police department, i have to step forward and stay focused. the officers from what i understand were near the front
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door, trying to negotiate with the suspect to just comply. it was a simple family disturbance. and he elected to open fire on the guardians of the ask city. >> at last check, the shooter is still on the lease. he was a paroled robber police believe. an elderly woman who was severely beaten during a home invasion in san jose last month has died from her injuries. miss flo had been in critical condition since the beating happened. >> spencer blake is live in san jose tonight. spencer, you spoke with her family members today. what did they have to say. >> reporter: of course it's a sad day. it's been sad for four weeks now. she was in critical condition the entire time in an intensive care unit. today finally passed away early this morning. and she -- today here the santa
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clara sheriff's office said that they are determined to bring justice to make sure that it's served in this murder. miss flo back on september 12th was in her home when a man entered her home and demanded money from her and threatened to kill her if she didn't apply. zachary quinn was arrested three days later. the sheriff's office that he repeatedly punched and kicked her and left by stealing the car in her garage. the family was clinging on to hope for the past few weeks. >> this is sad and horrible. one of the most deplorable acts i have witnessed in my life. >> reporter: quinn was already facing an attempted murder charge before douglas died. that will be upgrade today a murder charge. and he faces several other charges of robbery, burglary and elder abuse. he hasn't made an official plea yet. he has been in court a couple times but we expect him to make
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a plea in court on november 3rd, his next appearance here. miss flo is someone that neighbors, the family and the community have had wonderful things to say about her. again, 88 years old and someone that the sheriff's office referred to as a community pillar. live in san jose tonight, span certificate blake, kron 4 news. >> thank you, spencer. look at these images from the east bay. the man that you see walked away from this accident. it happened just before dawn in vallejo. the car flipped on its roof after hitting street pilings. the police responded to find the vehicle upside-down with the windows blown out and the driver freeing himself from the wreckage. the young man refused medical treatment. the police are trying to determine what caused the wreck. the vehicle appeared to have drifted out of the lane and into the thick posts. a suspect is being held tonight following a brazen attempt to kidnap a 5-year-old from a family member at a busy
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emryville intersection. the boy's mother says the man tried twice to grab the child. the suspect seen here is charged with attempted kidnapping, child endangerment and a probation violation. emryville place say that he acted alone and his attempt was foiled by the screaming of the child's relative. the attempted kidnapping of the 5-year-old happened on friday afternoon at 53rd street and san pablo avenue in emryville. and now at least eight families are homeless after a fire burned through an apartment complex in concord. >> kron 4 is live tonight and has more. lydia. >> reporter: well, we're in the back of the apartment complex. it is hard to see because it is so dark. but firefighters say. -- [audio difficulties. this is what it looked like as the flames ripped through
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the apartment on friday night. this video was taken did i sony who works nearby. >> all of the trees and everything was burning. it was there for 30 minutes. >> reporter: one day later, charred debris, a reminder of the fire that displaced several families. >> we know it was related to a barbecue on a balcony. we don't know if the barbecue failed or something like that. we're confident it was an accidentally caused fire. >> reporter: two units were completely destroyed and six others heavily damaged. >> we had one person who was cut by glass it looks like. had some kind of a cut on his arm. the other person was mostly cloudy inhalation. both were treated on scene and released. >> reporter: two cats also died. another rescued and taken to the vet. we saw the red cross on scene assisting victims but weren't able to tell us if people stayed in hotels or shelter. we spoke to one man who slept in his car. we did try to speak with people
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who were displaced by the fire but they were too distraught to go on camera. kron 4 news. >> well, new at 8:00, firefighters are working to put out a grass fire in marin county. this are images of the scene sent in by viewers. crews dropped fire retardant in the area to prevent the spread of flames. firefighters say as far as they know no one was hurt and no structures have been damaged. there are traffic delays in the area. authorities are asking the public to use alternative routes. well, it was a scorching hot day outside today. all across the bay area. it made it perfect to watch the blue angels during fleet week. >> i would say so. lawrence karnow joins with us more of the hot weather talk. >> what a start to the weekend. the off shore winds that cranks up the fire danger.
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but not blowing too hard but warming up. all the way to the coastline today. 75 degrees. sunny in half moon bay. 91 in santa rosa. 91 in vallejo. 89 in san jose. so you get the idea. this was a toasty day. temperatures 20 degrees above average. courtesy of the off shore wind and the high pressure overhead. it looks like we will see high pressure sticking around. we are seeing changes this evening. you can see low clouds and fog gathering off the coastline. overnight, the sea breeze likely to return. that will bring fog back along the coastline and immediate cooling out towards the beaches. the computer model is picking up on it well now. it will be a thin layer. right out towards the coastline. it will be nice and clear inside the bay and valleys too. it looks like the blue angels are looking good for tomorrow. by the afternoon, a little sunshine out along the coastline. speaking of the blue angels, if
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you're heading out tomorrow, looking great out there. maybe a couple of patches of fog along the coastline tomorrow morning. then here comes the sunshine. the temperatures will be a little cooler in san francisco. properly topping out in the low 70s in the afternoon. we will have more on the forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> a little cooler will be a little nicer. it was a hot one out there today. hope you got to check out the blue angels. they will be back tomorrow as well. >> yeah. if not along the waterfront, then maybe from the seat of your couch. maybe you tuned in today for our special blue angels live over a three-day span. the fleet week event is expected to attract over a million people. this afternoon, kron 4 caught up with a few of them in awe when the jets hit the sky. >> incredible. >> reporter: in spectacular fashion, the blue angels graced the san francisco skyline with a world-class flyover to cap off a four-hour air show. >> every year we have come. >> reporter: in unison, the
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fighter jets wowed spectators lined up along the marina green. eyes and cameras glued to the sky, amazed at the acrobatics with every pass. this mother and 4 and a half month old son showed up three hours before the air show to catch the action. >> it is so close. it is a life a great opportunity for him. >> reporter: the jet team from france dazzled the crowd as well. twisting and turning 15 feet apart. >> it's a great show. seeing them fly is crazy. >> reporter: a sense of pride for private first class david sanchez with the u.s. marine corps visiting from his home base in san francisco in town for fleet week. >> it's awesome. it's nice to see people in san francisco that don't often see the military. being able to come out and support us. >> reporter: a celebration of
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precision, speed and tremendous coordination. the u.s. coast guard and the mighty c130 also big attractions. for some, a yearly tradition that never gets old. >> if you haven't been out here, you're missing a great show. different type of people everywhere. it's a blast. >> reporter: and the best part is we get to do it all over again sunday afternoon. >> now they're maneuvering the vertical. >> reporter: in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> if you missed our fleet week show that aired today, we will replay all of the excitement for you tomorrow night at 7:00 on kron 4. coming up, the death toll rises. how many people now have been killed in hurricane matthew. we will take you live to south carolina where crews are assessing the damage. and the donald trump drama continues. we will show you who is now speaking out in response to the incriminating video of trump talking about women.
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>> reporter: the fire started in this building, leaving three people injured and nine displaced. but neighbors tell me that the damage didn't stop there.
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francisco's sunset district tonight. how are those residents doing this evening? >> reporter: they are recovering well tonight. but i can tell you that the fire could have been a lot worse. sffd says 66 firefighter showed up at the scene within minutes of the 911 call. and by all accounts, firefighters did an excellent job containing the blaze. firefighters are investigating the cause of a two-alarm fire that started around 6:40 last night. the fire burned through a building on noriega and 21st street. three people were rushed to the hospital but expected to make a full recovery. neighbors described chaos as the fire burned. >> we heard somebody at the front door say somebody call 911. we thought there was a car accident. we stepped outside and the building over here was just -- like the roof was ablaze. the whole thing was just huge, huge like billows of fire and smoke. there were people trying to get
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out of the building who were like unable to from the top floor. >> i looked outside my kitchen window and i seen people looking up towards my house and my neighbor's house with their cameras out and stuff. i was like what is going on. i got my sister and went in the backyard and we could see the smoke and the flames up in the air. we were like fire, fire, fire. we ran out. >> reporter: chris who lives rice next door, the fire caused significant damage to his home. >> i thought it was our neighbor's house that was on fire. but it was -- part of it got in our house too and firefighters had to break down our roof too. >> as far as long-term damage, i think the foundation is okay. but the roof needs to be repaired asap. >> reporter: dozen of firefighters fought down the blaze for more than an hour. they worked quickly to contain the fire because of the proximity to several other homes and businesses. >> the fire department was here in probably less than a minute.
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like six trucks. they took it from there. they had to go in through the roof which is crazy to see them chopping up the roof. >> reporter: the red cross is working with all nine people who have been displaced as they pick up the pieces and move forward with their lives. as far as what caused the fire, the fire department should have an answer to that in the coming weeks. kron 4 news reporting live from san francisco. hurricane matthew now a category 1 but still a very strong storm. and it's now moving north. >> the storm made landfall over south carolina earlier today. after battering florida and georgia coastlines. kron 4's matthew mccallen joins us live from north carolina where crews are assessing the damage. what does it look like there this evening? >> reporter: yeah. it's kind of a ghost town. everything is pitch-black. the town behind us is powered by a generator.
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this massive pine tree falling on to the pickup truck and crushing the cab. we're told this is a total loss. just a snapshot of the destruction brought to the region by hurricane matthew. the worst coming between 10:00 this morning and 2:00 this afternoon. the homeowner says they took the precautions to make sure that the limbs on the tallest trees near their house were cut. still they were unable to keep this from happen. the devastation does not end there. this took out part of the roof above the home's garage as well. >> a lot of this is what is the next step. you know, we got flooded last year. some of us were prepared. but after the flood, we had a lot of newcomers coming in. helping out. we have been through this before. >> reporter: i believe you heard someone who had been in some of the flooding in another part of the region. so the flooding, downed trees, all still impacting the region. the wind and the rain have moved on. fortunately we are not expecting a lot of rainfall
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tomorrow in the region. giving folks a chance to get outside and starting to clean up. >> thank you so much. now we know at least ten people have been killed in the united states, including three in north carolina because of hurricane matthew. >> yeah. scott has the latest from savannah where crews are now cleaning up after the fatal storm >> it's still a very serious situation. and we are not out of the woods. >> reporter: a downgraded category 1 matthew made down fall saturday morning between charleston and myrtle beach. >> the storm is starting to fashion through certain areas. all areas remain dangerous that we have to be cautious with. >> reporter: as matthew starts to move towards north carolina, officials are still warning people to stay vigilant. >> i'm extremely concerned since this hurricane has been downgraded that people will let up their guard.
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and it's these types of hurricanes that settle over our state that have caused the most -- caused the most damage and loss of life and destruction. >> reporter: in savannah, georgia, very strong winds uprooted trees and took downpour lines and heavy rain swamped roads. rainfall totals are expected to be more than 12 inches in some areas. in florida, matthew really churned up our water. there's unbelievable amounts of beach erosion. the clean-up is started as it battered areas in florida. dozens of homes and businesses have been damaged and more than 800,000 people are still without power. hurricane matthew claimed several lives in florida, but left hundreds dead in the caribbean, most in haiti. in savannah, georgia, i'm scott mcclain. >> the storm is not finished yet. >> no. and a historic storm that is making its way through and the
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rainfall totals are amazing out there. we're still continuing to see that rain. look at the heavy bands there. the yellow and oranges and reds. yeah. continuing to dump across the carolinas and making its way towards virginia. the center is still off of the coastline and still at hurricane strength. it wandered along the coastline of florida. really just missing them for the most part. it could have come on shore and caused a lot more damage. now we're getting reports of over 15-plus inches of rain in some parts of the carolinas. they have more on the way. we will likely hear some places getting upwards of 20 inches of rain. catastrophic flooding taking place in those areas. that storm system should make its way off the coastline. sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. tomorrow morning it starts to move off. by tomorrow afternoon, i think we can say good-bye to matthew. there's always a chance that it could spin around and come back and possibly threaten florida once again. we will wait to see on that one. in the meantime a live shot into san francisco.
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it is nice and clear. beautiful evening out there. as we look board sfo. clear skies as well. a chance of some clouds coming along the coastline by the morning hours. tomorrow, mostly sunny and cooler. but you get the idea. nice weather out there. mainly in the 60s and also the 70s. if you're headed out tonight, it should be a great evening with mild temperatures. mostly clear. courtesy of high pressure. of course we have had that off shore wind. and that has been bringing us the nice clear skies. tomorrow that switches direction and we get an on shore breeze and that cools down the temperatures. around the state, 70s along the coastline. 90s still inland. patchy fog, yeah, probably a couple along the immediate coast. a thin layer so i don't think it will make its way into the bay. that's good news for the blue angels. lots of sunshine coming your way. cooler. 70s inside the bay. 66 in half moon bay tomorrow. next couple of days we cool down the temperatures back to normal. by the end of the week we're talking about a chance of
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showers. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> thank you so much. next up, the makers of epipen are paying up. the newest accusations against the company after drastically raised prices for the life- saving drug.
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>> well, fleet week is in full swing in san francisco. and we've got you covered for tomorrow's blue angels show. >> and you have the option to enjoy the fleet week air show live on kron 4. tomorrow. actually not live. we're going to do a repla?lp1ña 7:00 tomorrow. >> uh-huh. >> you will get to see it then. if you're thinking to go out to watch the show, there are things that you can and can't do. >> reporter: here is stanley robert who's found some people behaving badly. if you're planning on attending the 2016 fleet week
8:26 pm
festivities, it's only fair that i give you the dos and don'ts of how to navigate. first off, the bike lanes are for bikes and not motorcycles. when you're on your bike, it's important to pay attention to everything around, you even the street car tracks. if you're on fisherman's wharf enjoy the street lights but i found out something interesting. if you don't give the guys money, they will turn their backs on you. keep in mind there's security presence so no shenanigans. if you're watching the air show, do not stop in front of someone's driveway. if you don't live there, keep it moving. if it don't fit, don't force it. you absolutely cannot put on your park anywhere lights and take photos and see if you're in trouble. >> i saw you filming. am i going to get a ticket. >> i'm from kron 4. you won't get a ticket from me. >> when the cops said to move,
8:27 pm
i moved right away. and then i saw you pan. >> all right. >> you were panning me. >> yeah. i was panning you? >> reporter: if you're taking uber or lyft, get dropped off in ab a-- an approved place since they can't figure that out on their own. >> you're going to pick someone up here. >> yeah. i cannot come on the right side. my passenger, he called me and said he was across the street. >> oh, so you figured you would park right here illegally instead of parking over there. >> yeah. i can move the car. >> huh? >> i can move right away. >> you're going to move? >> yes. >> reporter: also, no parking in the red zones. >> well, i'm going to leave right now. >> and put your cell phone -- cell phone down if you're driving. >> reporter: enjoy the show and stop by the kron 4 tent. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. still ahead, more fallout
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after that video of donald trump making vulgar comments about women. we will hear now who is speaking out against the candidate and the support he's getting from his wife. and we're celebrating fleet week. the special reason this boat was missing from the parade of ships.
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>> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news continues now. >> one day until the second presidential debate. and donald trump is losing critical support. >> this coming after a video came out yesterday where the republican nominee for president was caught making crude comments about women. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. i'm like a magnet. and when you're rich, you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [censor] you can do anything. >> trump made these remarks in 2005 while being interviewed for an entertainment show.
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he did apologize yesterday. the democrats, including his rival, hillary clinton, her running mate, tim kaine, and vice president joe biden all quickly came out slapping his character saying he is unfit to be president. members of the republican party are reacting negatively saying they will no longer support trump or vote for him. this includes house speaker paul ryan, john mccain and the republican national chairman. we did hear from trump's wife melania today. she released this statement, quote, the words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me. this does not represent the man that i know. he has the heart and mind of a leader. i hope people will accept his apology as i have and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world. meanwhile you can watch the full video on and there are many calls from within trump's own party for him to withdraw from the race but he vowed in capital letters
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on twitter today to never drop out of the race. trump also saluted supporters that rallied for him outside of trump tower in new york. the second presidential debate is sunday night. the comments are sure to come up. so we will have full coverage for you starting here on the kron 4 news at 8:00. that is tomorrow night. a very exciting part of fleet week is seeing the military ships sailing into the bay. >> but one ship is currently in richmond. jeff pierce tells us why. >> reporter: the time honored tradition of fleet week is the parade of ships entering san francisco bay. but one bay area ship was notably absent. while the world war ii vessel red oak remained docked in richmond those that kept the legacy alive were not forgotten during the celebrations.
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>> big week. the military is coming in and fulfilling the 2016 missions just like the ships fulfilled the 1944 missions. we want to make sure that the history is not being loss. so fleet week is the ideal time to do it. >> reporter: with hiss tutorial reenactors manning the guns and the captain keeping watch on the bridge, they held a celebration of their own to honor the ship and the contribution that bay area ship building made to the supreme of the war. >> this is where we pioneered race relations and the woman's movement got a serious shot in the arm. >> reporter: that movement was alive and present as the women who worked at the shipyards joined the celebration. >> it just brings us back to the '40s, when worked here in the shipyards. we all feel patriotic and especially during fleet week, when all of the sailors and everything come in.
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>> reporter: those working to restore the red oak victory are hoping to make it operational so it can be in fleet week. >> some day we hope to be at the head of the parade. >> reporter: jeff pierce, kron 4 news. the makers of the epipen have agreed to pay a multi million dollar fine. it will pay $465 million over questions whether the company had overcharged medicaid for the drug. the company was accused of falsely classifying epipen as a life-saving allergic reaction treatment. mylan had underpaid by classifying it as a generic drug instead of a brand name drug. the company has been in headlines for hiking the consumer price of the drug from $100 to $600 over seven years. important news for anyone who was worried that their samsung galaxy note 7 might explode. verizon and sprint will let
8:35 pm
customers trade in the device for a completely different one. the move comes a few days after the phone that was believed to be a replacement note 7 caught fire on board of a southwestern airlines flight. samsung launched the new note 7 in august. customers started reporting that the phones were catching on fire while charging. then in september, samsung launched a global recall program for two and a half million devices. the navy is using cutting- edge technology to entertain and inspire on the marina green in san francisco for fleet week. >> gabe blake gave us a sneak peek. >> reporter: inside this semi truck the navy has created a virtual reality attraction to give people an experience what it's like to be a navy seal. you get a mission debrief and then enter the room where you wear a special vest, dr head set and headphones.
8:36 pm
in the mission you are trying to rescue your fellow seal. you are the one piloting a high- speed assault craft. >> backpack on. it's got like a pack in it so you can feel the vibration of the boat and the helicopter as it is hovering over you. it's a fully immersive experience. >> it's awesome. >> very cool. >> for us, we want to be able to show people that we are on the cutting edge of technology. we are looking for the best and brightest young men and women to come and join the navy. >> reporter: i had to try it out. it did not disappoint. helicopters flying around, bullets zipping by. you feel like you are controlling the boat. >> i just wrapped up my mission. that was very cool. as a tech reporter, i get to check out all of the vr experiences out here. this is one of the best ones i have experienced. they did a great job. the steering wheel where you're controlling the boat makes you
8:37 pm
feel like you're really doing something. the backpack vibrates and provides audio. they did not go cheap. you get the head set, the best one on the market. so you really feel like you're there. if you wanted to experience what this vr thing is all about, i would definitely come down here this weekend and check out this experience. the marina green in san francisco, look for where the navy is set up and their big semi-truck. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> if you would like to connect with gabe, follow him on twitter or e-mail him at inside the storm. why this flight crew decided to fly straight into hurricane matthew is up next.
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>> well, check out the
8:40 pm
turbulence on this flight. hurricane hunters flew into the eye of hurricane matthew. meteorologists dropped the instruments into the hurricane to measure air pressure, temperatures, and humidity that will help them determine the paths of hurricanes like matthew. the wind and rain jumbled the jet as it struggled, reaching the eye of the storm. then it got much calmer. you see no rain, no wind. i would say you two that if i was in there, i would be a nervous wreck. >> yeah. that doesn't look like something you that would like. it probably feels like what it's like to be up there with the blue angels. >> they have some perfect weather around the bay area today. a million degrees today. >> i set it was a million degrees. 1million. >> you said it was toasty. >> our cheese melted. >> boy. >> it was rough out there. >> picnic disaster. >> sounds like a real disaster. >> yeah. >> folks around the bay area enjoyed a lot of sunshine and beautiful weather.
8:41 pm
look what is off of the coastline. see the gray shading? that's the fog trying to reform now. i think as we head to the early morning hours, some of that will creep back in along the coastline. right now though we're looking good. nice and clear out over the city of san francisco and all around the bay area. the temperatures are very mild. 75 degrees in san jose. 74 in livermore. 73 in concord. 73 in the napa valley. and 69 in santa rosa. working on a beautiful saturday evening outside. high pressure going to stick around. but the wind is going to switch directions, becoming more on shore. the off shore wind moving out of town. that means cooler weather is on the way. it looks like tomorrow morning, low clouds and fog along the coastline. it will be a thin marine layer. i don't expect that to make its way into the bay. that's good news. by the afternoon, lots of sunshine and high clouds and another beautiful day for the blue angels to fly around the bay area. temperatures will cool down a little bit, especially along the coastline and inside the bay. looking at 70 degrees in san
8:42 pm
francisco. 67 degrees in pacificca. 66 in half moon bay. 81 in palo alto. 79 in san mateo. you will warm things up in the south bay. mid-80 noose san jose. about 83 in in mountain view. east bay temperatures in the 80s by tomorrow. getting near 90 inland. 87 in pleasanton. 86 in walnut creek. towards the north bay, the temperatures will be toasty incompetent land. 80s in many spots. 84 in the napa valley. and 85. cooling down much cooler into tuesday. a chance of showers, guys, as we look toward the end of next week. >> well, thank you, lawrence. fleet week is in full throttle. a tour of the cal gary -- calgary later in the show.
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>> today is fleet week air show had people looking upwards. there were a few grounded events as well like the bark at the park. it was a demonstration of the intelligence and skill of canine first responders. these dogs are trained in bomb and drug detection. they do urban search and rescue and are trained in providing therapy for recent war veterans with ptsd. so today everybody got to see how the dogs have become heroes to so many people. they're super nice when you meet them in public. >> i bet they are. at the marina green they created the humanitarian assistance village. it is a free interactive demonstration of techniques and equipment used in emergencies. the three-day event informs us how to react in major disasters like earthquakes. participants get passports that are stamped each time they complete a tour of four themed
8:46 pm
camps. they are care and shelter, power and utilities, response and rescue, and decontamination and environmental management. this event wraps tomorrow in the marina green. you still have a shot to go out there. one of the marquee attractions during fleet week is the parade of ships and the tour of vessels that people can take afterwards. >> grant lotus was a passenger on one of the ships. >> reporter: it's a canadian ship and an american parade. don't worry about it. the two countries train and work together all the time. and this week, the hmcs calgary is docked in san francisco for fleet week festivities. >> it's great. it's a great time in town. it's a beautiful city. >> reporter: it's a warm military relationship. and the men and women on board are more than invite. >> canadians are nice, aren't they. >> they really are. >> reporter: tours of the ships are part of fleet week. during the parade on friday,
8:47 pm
civilian groups saw the inner workings. >> it's super cool. >> reporter: you have the damage control room for fire response. machinery control where they see what is what and where. the sick bay. >> coming down here to san francisco, we did have a rough sail down. >> reporter: don't want to end up there. the bridge where they navigate and drive the ship. and of course the decks where the crews man the rails when sailing into port. an old tradition looks especially awesome because of the cowboy hats. those beauties are given to the calgary by the city of calgary to reflect the hee-haw part of canadian culture. this ship is a swiss army knife of sorts that can do it all. go to the middle east, go anywhere, take out a sub marin, stop drug smugglers or actual pirates. this weekend you can come tour the ship and meet the welcoming members of the royal canadian navy. >> i love their accents.
8:48 pm
>> lieutenants. >> reporter: this those what fleet week is all about. >> that was grant lotus reporting. coming up next, we are cooking up a storm and she gives us a taste of good tailgate food.
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>> time for kron 4 sports. >> the san francisco giants in action tonight in chicago taking on the cubs in game two of the national league division series. we go to the video. top of the 3rd. giants down big. it's blanco pinch hitting for jeff. he shoots the ball to the gap. and joe panic scores from 2nd to get the giants on the board. 4-1. we go top of the 3rd. here comes san francisco. brandon's sac fly to center field. blanco would score to make the
8:52 pm
score 4-2. cubs. but the cubs would hold. travis wood nails this home run to put the game out of reach. the giants go on to lose to the cubs here 5-2. they are now down 2-0 in the series. but we are coming back to san francisco. and yes, there is a chance. there's always a chance when you have a guy by the name of mad bomb coming to the found. they will play monday and possibly tuesday. the mayors of each city made a friendly wager today. san francisco mayor ed lee says if the giants lose, he will give two bottles of whiskey and donate to chicago's becoming a man mentor program. the chicago mayor says if the cubs lose, he will send ed lee cheesecake, bourbon and a charitable donation. we will have more highlights at 10:00. we're less than 24 hours away from raiders football. the hottest nfl team in the bay
8:53 pm
area. raiders are taking on the san diego chargers tomorrow. and oh, how times have changed. the raiders have won two games in a row. they are 3-1 on the season and second in the division to a 4-0 broncos team. much of that credit goes to the quarterback. the second highest quarterback rating in the league. has not been sacked in the 4th quarter or in overtime in the four games. five touchdown passes in the 4th quarter and averaging 8 yards a throw for the team. pro bowl numbers for the young guy. it also helps to have crabtree in the line up as well. he has had 108 yards receiving this year. game time tomorrow at 1:25 in the afternoon. i thought my orange tie would be lucky for the giants. that was wrong. i'll have to throw something else on monday. >> fans at at&t park on monday night will be fired up. >> they will be roaring and
8:54 pm
hopefully mad bomb is going and they can come back in the series. the game between the 49ers and the cardinals may have been tough for the fans to swallow. the pregame tailgate added flavor. >> that's right. cooking up some of her favorites from her new cook book. >> what fan doesn't love tailgating? then there's taking parking lot cuisine to a new level. cooking up some of her favorite favorites with michael in the over the top tall gate. >> the first time that he invited me to a tailgate. i was like we're going to the tailgate. i walked in and there was -- there was oysters on the half shell. >> it stems from the spirit of tailgating. it started out in a parking lot and we were lucky enough to move it into here. we still roasted the skywalker beef. and she made a dish out of it.
8:55 pm
>> reporter: dishes like her dad's meat loaf and coconut thai chilly. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> if i were to come to your tailgate party, would it be this good? >> no. >> reporter: fans at tailgate had a chance to sample dishes. she cooks for staff and the kids. >> both my husband and i are having fun with everything. at the end of the day i'm passionate about what i'm doing. >> reporter: her new cook book, a seasoned life, something that she cooked up in her spare time. >> especially when i had my daughter and my blog started to take off, i -- there would be chicken scratch notes all over the house. different concepts and ideas. and then it really -- when it came time to sit down and do the whole thing for real, it came down to my love for food, my family, and the fact that everybody needs a good quick easy meal. >> reporter: something you can whip up in the kitchen or out in the parking lot.
8:56 pm
>> and a quick reminder -- >> welcome back. >> thanks for joining us. a quick reminder. we have a flash back. we will show you some of that blue angels show that we had on today at 2:00. from 7:00 to 8:00, the best parts tomorrow night. >> in case you weren't able to see the blue angels or will miss it tomorrow, we will have a special show with all of the good stuff tomorrow at 7:00. >> i love watching brittany ship up in the plane. >> yeah. >> she had a good time. >> that was my favorite part. >> did she feel sick? i wanted to talk to her about that. >> i imagine those pilots try to do it to you. >> you think. >> she passed out. >> she had to feel somewhat sick. >> whoa. i thought wow. >> she is a trooper. >> yeah. >> i would like to see you what would do up there. you wouldn't even go. >> i would stay grounded. >> hot tomorrow or a little cooler. >> a little cooler tomorrow. still toasty. s 70s in the bay for the blue
8:57 pm
angels. >> perfect. and we will see you back here tonight for the news at 10:00.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
kim kardashian back in the public eye after her night of terror. new details about the robbery that left her bound and gagged. was it an inside job? >> they knew exactly where everything was. it was like bang, bang, bang. >> the reported 24/7 security plan that comes with a jaw-dropping price tag and a body double? then the latest brangelina divorce drama. brad's visits with the kids. why he's not allowed to see them unsupervised. >> supervised visits are rather serious. plus "e.t." inside prince's private estate. our cameras are the first to enter paisley park since his death. and a dancing engagement on live tv. the story you haven't heard behind the proposal. >> oh, no, no, don't do


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