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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 2, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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in mourning. >> but start off with weather and traffic. a cold one. >> almost my gloves. good morning. we have berkeley here nice little behind us we are starting to get sunlight coming in. those temperatures are in the 40s almost everywhere some 50 you can see in san rafael and san francisco. hayward at 51. before we leave you this morning we will see those numbers pounds 10 degrees. 10 degrees behind in some
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areas. ready for the school forecast calling for 62 by high noon at the pickup in the afternoon upper 60s to lower 70s. we will take a look without mention of rain in the weekend. robin is standing by with traffic. a backup heading into san francisco, but it is the normal crowding for this time of day. all the way through the maze and all connectors. a little bit crowded on the suspension band. 19 to 22 minutes from the maze off the fremont. tracking stop and go traffic out of the south bay. if you use northbound 280 you will get out of san jose and we have a brush fire burning. that is before lawrence expressway and there is nothing blocked, but attracting a lot of attention. it will be stop and go from the split rolling toward cupertino and the drivetime is pretty good. i will check drive times in my next report.
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breaking news right now an intense manhunt underway for the man who shot and killed two police officers in separate ambush style attacks. it happened overnight in iowa and james is following this with details. >> reporter: both of those officers gunned down while they were sitting in their patrol cars and we have a picture of the suspect that police are looking for. they have identified him as 46 cheryl scott michael grimm. this is a mugshot. he has been in trouble with the law before and is part of their system. detectives recognized the witness description right away. they put this notice out saying driving a blue pickup truck and they should consider him armed and dangerous. call 911 if you see him. we have video from the scene started 1:00 their time and mine -- des moines iowa. police responded to shots being fired and they found an officer
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from a nearby suburb sitting in his car kind of gunshot wounds. or officers were called in to help and 20 minutes later a des moines police officer was found shot dead at an intersection not far away. to officers killed in less than an hour. the des moines police chief held a news conference this morning announcing there was a clear danger to police officers and they were to pair up for their own safety and at that press conference we heard from one of the police sergeant. to , at one point got emotional. >> and all appearances it looks like that that these were on brushed. on the surface, right now we are just a few hours into this it doesn't look like there was any interaction between these officers and whoever the coward was a shot them while they sat in the car. [ crying ] that's the best we got the we can explain right now. >> reporter: both officers were
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equipped with body cameras, but if they're not actively involved in a situation they are not always on and that may be the case that the cameras were not turned on. we have been told that schools in that suburban community of urbandale have been closed today. that's so officers can continue their manhunt as they sweep the morning and urbandale looking for that shooter the 30 six- year-old work 46 rolled scott michael grimm. we will follow the story and let you know if they catch him. breaking news from overnight part recovering from major problems after an explosion in the san francisco station. it happened around midnight as it was traveling to the embarcadero station. >> reporter: it was scary for bart writers of smoke-filled up one of the stations here in san francisco. this happened shortly before midnight. a representative says a third will equipment across the street filled up with smoke and
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the train had to be taken out of service at the embarcadero station. the montgomery station was shut down while crews tried to clear that smoke. those two issues created major delays life flight -- last night. keep things like this in mind. the agency wants to raise 3 1/2 billion dollars in an effort to maintain a system that is now 44 years old. after -- writers i spoke to said they are for it that will improve safety. they also something like smoke in the station would be scary have they been on the platform. .gif safety issues are not in order that would make me nervous. >> sometimes for whatever reason , police activity or something. it's always something. >> we want to make sure it is
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safe for everyone. it was really cause a major nervousness to see that happen. >> reporter: trains are running artwork close to schedule. 7:05 and a woman in palo alto says she was groped by her over driver and that he stopped her outside of her home. this morning that man is under arrest and out on bail. >> more from will tran who is outside the police department.>> reporter: the investigators at the police department say it is more brazen knowing that this woman's husband was with her at the time because he picked them up at the same time and drop them off at their home. let me give you his mugshot. this was released to us yesterday by the palo alto police department.
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35 years old from redwood city and on saturday night he picked up the couple and took them home. she realizes that she forgot her cell phone and she contacted goober through the app and he comes back and gives her the cell phone and according to investigators that's when he touches her inappropriately. she goes back inside and contact uber and lets them know what happened and an hour later investigators said he comes back and confronts her and she is fearful and contact the police department. he is arrested a short time later. there is no indication that he would do this before and he has been with uber for four months. we got a chance to track down the were passengers. this is a popular ridesharing service so reaction was swift and here's what they had to say. >> that discussed may and that's pretty sick. the fact that that happened is
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scary for me if i ever over by myself. it makes me hesitant to use uber. >> reporter: they had this reaction, this statement and take a look at your screen. they say the behavior described in disturbing and is not tolerated on the uber platform and the partner no longer has access to the uber and we have been working in cooperation with police. uber has a stringent background check. they look back seven years and your past to see if there's any wrongdoing or any arrests or felonies and in this case it appears he did not have any and for whatever reason he did what he did and that's why he was arrested. the good news, if you are catching uber in this area he is no longer with uber this morning. federal investigators are
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being called in to figure out what caused that massive apartment fire in oakland. the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms will send a national response team to the fire location tomorrow. it started just after 5:00 sunday morning and the apartment complex was under construction. a security guard and one other person were the only ones in the building and got out. about 200 people who live nearby were evacuated. 7:08 and a man is behind bars accused of trying to kidnap a girl on halloween night in pacifica. we told you about it on the morning news yesterday. this attempted kidnapping was reported to happen at 5:00 on halloween night. there's the man people -- police arrested. this started when the girl was walking on a sidewalk in a guy drove up and honked and yelled at her to get in the car. he got out and forced her in the car and she managed to pull
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away and run off and get home. this was close to the elementary school. >> i thought it important to let our community know that our students are safe and the police department was still investigating the situation. the young girls description help them identify him as a suspect. he is in the county jail facing kidnapping charges. happening now, search and rescue crews are looking for a 74-year-old man in marin county. the sheriffs office tweeted this around 1115 last night that they are searching for jay nelson he is described as 6 feet tall wearing a dark- colored raincoat, dudes and a been a. police say he may be caring walking sticks. nelson was last seen near lavern and melrose avenue.
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onto the election and hillary clinton supporters are crying foul after the fbi released redacted files on the 2001 investigation into it pardoned by bill clinton. >> it has some argument that the fbi is improperly interfering with the election. the controversy comes with just under a week of voting day and clinton's campaign responded by posting a message -- pushing a message. >> putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing. when i come home and dinners not ready i go through the roof. >> he has spent a lot of time to meaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting women. >> donald trump has started we got promising that if he is president he will call a special session of congress to replace the affordable care act. he says clinton's plan to strengthen it would lead to dire consequences. today, both campaigns will be out in force in several
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battleground states. complement three stops in florida. it is a state his campaign has called a must win. republicans are slightly had in the early voting. democrats say that has been strong for them in north carolina and today president. obama will be there at the university of north carolina. hillary clinton will be in the swing state of nevada and she is also going to be in the traditional republican state of arizona where polls show the race is tight. everything election is on our website at and you can find your polling location and all of the candidates and the facts you need to know. more problems continue to plague the police department. we will tell you why the detective is -- says the city is retaliating against them. make sure you are getting enough sleep it may impact your
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weights. some areas are trying to restrict five years as they get ready to legalize recreational marijuana.
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welcome back 7:13 and we will look at the weather this morning. did morning. here it is, the sun is about to join us with nice blue skies. he will watch the temperatures move quickly out of the chilly morning readings we have right now. it is a chilly morning. santa rosa 44, the battle 46. across the bay lower 50s even mountain view 47. the inland locations dropping off, 45 livermore and concord 48. looking ahead, today mostly sunny and mild those temperatures 60s 70s and will climb a little bit more later this week. the rest of the week is sunny and warming as we get more in the 70s. by the weekend saturday mild and nice and rain showers develop saturday night into
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sunday although the latest run shows it not as aggressive. 64 san francisco, oakland 66. cool and mostly sunny. i put up some puffy clouds is a possibility with leftover moisture. let's go through the model runs and we will see scattered clouds on friday clearing out on friday looking good saturday. saturday night and sunday is the rain opportunity. taking up by 8 am. it looks good in the afternoon and then we look upstream as we get into tuesday wednesday. that will be something we are watching when we go further out. in the next three days or so we have 72 for thursday and lower 70s. watching out that possibility of rain and turn the clocks back saturday night. it is crowded out there, but nothing major or awful. a lot of commuters rolling into san francisco. right here through the toll plaza. it is spilling over to
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580 and if you approach from the east shore freeway look at that long line of heavy traffic. it stretches through hercules. over to the san mateo bridge it is crowded and starts back on the limits leaving hayward and san leandro from 238 to the west 92 connector and it is creeping along heading into foster city about 832 minute ride to the peninsula. east bay to the north they know hotspot or traffic alerts, just a long line of heavy traffic. it is packed on 580. your back will start at marina through the toll and stays a bit heavy on the bridge. there may be something going on near their that hasn't been reported yet. if anything pops up i will let you know. it is 18 minutes from the toll to 101 and five times out of the east bay highways for
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packed as usual and this is the new normal, 44 minutes from hillcrest out to 242. 48 minute live leaving morgan hill or cochran to the guadalupe parkway in san jose. 7:17 and back to decision 2016 and bay area cities are working to put restrictions in place for california voters vote on whether or not to legalize recreational use of pot. the city council has passed an ordinance which would prohibit recreational use of marijuana within city limits and now the city of martinez is considering a proposal to restrict the growing this is all because of proposition 64. you will see it on the ballot next tuesday. basically it would allow people to grow their own pot plants, but the martinez ordinance would and outdoor growing. you could grow inside and you would have to take certain safety precautions.
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kron4 spoke with people in martinez and they say they are, well they are not terribly happy that they are trying to pass this ordinance. >> recreational his recreational. it will happen no matter what and you might as well move with the times. >> why won't they let you grow it outside when it is more dangerous inside? you are breathing the fumes an electrical problems and all that. you put it in the dirt in it just grows. but the city says it is concerned about the outdoor smell. they don't want the city to turn into a place where backyards is a marijuana farm. they are trying to curb against that so proposition 64, think about it will vote on it next tuesday. californians are doing a better job conserving water. the resources control board released the latest numbers yesterday and californians conserved by 18% in september. not as good as last september at 26%, but better than august.
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california has been saving as much water since the state lifted the mandatory conservation earlier this year. water officials are going to meet again this january and decide whether or not to reimpose those restrictions. 7:19 and to the east bay where six juveniles are facing charges for a series of crimes in east bay. bradley police say they were involved in three crimes over several hours. the first thing happened around 8:00 sunday night, one of the teenagers shot a pellet gun at a window and a half hour after that they put on clown mask and robbed a pizza delivery person in antioch and after that they pointed a gun at a woman in her driveway and robbed her. she was able to get the license plate on their part and that's how police tracked them down. oakland police homicide detective is accusing the city of retaliating against him. sergeant. mike gantt said it started when he was assigned to
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investigate the death of an opd officers wife in 2004. he filed a civil claim against opd. he believes the city has retaliating against him for pursuing now deceased opd officer brendan o'brien for the death of his wife. the claim also alleges at the height of the oakland police sex scandal the mayor and city administrator targeted him. stuckey was removed from the investigation and was harassed and hounded to the point where he left the homicide division. he became the subject of allegations regarding exposure and music use of confidential documents. >> as you see before you i am one of the most highly decorated officers at the oakland police department and i would never jeopardize the case. >> the attorney thinks they disclose it to distract attention from police sexual misconduct scandal. a warning if you are
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heading to the beach this weekend you are being asked to stay out of the water because a base well is expected for bay area beaches. the ball well will be active starting tomorrow expected to bring large rip currents, sneaker waves and high surf. the waves could be 22 to the 27 feet or more. they are saying those larger waves can kiss you off guard and pull you into the ocean. stay away from the rocks and jetties as well as the waters edge. you might hear sirens in east bay today. the city of kenisha is testing its upgraded alert sirens. the test scheduled for 11 this morning. there are seven sirens throughout the city and can be activated individually or citywide. system test will be held on the first wednesday of every month going forward. in the event real emergency the filing system will sound and information will be available on police say the tv. police and fire department will also provide information on
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facebook and twitter. 7:21 and staples wants to start helping employees pay for college. the office supply chain lanes to give an extra $100 a month to some employees to help pay for their tuition or pay off their student loan. that doesn't cover much of the tuition, but it is something. each person could get as much as $3600 over the course of three years. that adds up. the plan would only be offered to the top performers chosen by management and two new employees on the companies business to business sales team. staples says in the future the plan is going to be offered to everybody. the that is great. >> what does your employer do? >> that's a good question. for your help this morning a lack of sleep can lead to overeating and getting late. that is according to new research. >> people who don't get enough sleep are likely to overeat the next day. you know why? >> when you're tired you think you're hungry. >> i.e. to stay awake.
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you're tired and you think i'm just going to eat because i can't sleep. but i know. -- >> i know. stocks they're saying we eat an extra 385 cal a day. >> and your hormones can be affected. the study is based on people that got less than 5 1/2 hours of sleep. that's me. >> county and. stock and the extra 300 cal. a major area code change in the bay area. we will tell you about which area code they will stop giving numbers out for and how it can affect you. retailers are ready and holiday shopping season, but don't be fooled by the deals just yet. why experts say you should way to do your holiday shopping.
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back. the time is 7:25 major hotspots, the bay bridge right into san francisco this goes to and through the maze if you are about to use it expect heavy traffic coming from 580 from the 24 split the east or freeway and stamped out of hercules and heavier than normal to the richmond bridge. i don't see anything going on, but this backup is heavy through the toll all the way out to marina and now it is beyond. the early this morning if you
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have to use it it is a 21 minute trip to get from the toll plaza to 101. the holiday season is here. i resisted up until halloween and now i can't deny it. >> merry christmas. so now they are hiring to keep up with the shopping. there are 740,000 seasonal workers expected to be hired. if you want to make extra cash. we have kept. >> the top five retailers that are looking for workers. macy's, jcpenney, office depot apparently where you can go to college. >> that was staples. >> and cold. and the gap is here. they say you get hired on for the christmas rush and they keep you. >> many people are starting their holiday shopping early. there are some items you should way to buy.
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>> experts say even if you see good prices right now they think that prices will drop even more once the holiday shopping really kicks in which is on black friday the day after thanksgiving. they say the dave -- deals on gaming consoles and tvs will have a big are expected to drop to their lowest prices in the second week of december and if you're looking to update your wardrobe, the best day is cyber monday. you might want to get some gloves it is a chilly start. we have numbers in the 40s and the sun is joining us now expecting numbers to climb quickly. we will take a look at your forecast when we continue.
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the next 7:30 taking a look at weather and traffic. good morning everyone. clear skies overnight help you and now we're getting the sun to join us and we will go the other direction. these temperatures overnight didn't see them slip into the 30s, but we're still hanging in the low 40s your oakland also at 49 and concord and a livermore and san francisco has dropped to about 50 in contrast to yesterday we are a decade or so behind where we were yesterday. 8 degrees for hayward and san jose. along the peninsula. the next eight hours gets us to 58 and by 3:00 we are talking 69
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, over the next three days we see a little bit of a warm-up and key issue is no threat of rain. that appears to be possible saturday night into sunday any traffic issues? how about nothing major. a lot of fender benders and assault, but nothing that is awful or adding to the normal stop and go commute traffic. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is slow and go back up through the maze. no big changes here, look good if you are carpooling. that's the only way you will save some time getting into san francisco. 25 minutes from the maze. no major hotspots. find your community and your freeway. six 8032 minutes from concord to the danville. one of the toughest commutes right now it is packed all the way down to oakland and no big problems for the south bay san jose that drivetime is under 10 minutes. breaking news we been
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following an intense manhunt is underway right now for the man who shot and killed two police officers into separate ambush style attacks. it happened overnight in iowa. james fletcher has been story -- following the story. >> reporter: both of those officers ambushed while they were in their patrol car. they were found dead from gunshot wounds in the suspect that police are looking for has been identified and his picture has been released. we want to share that right now. 46 road scott michael green and this is his mugshot. they say she is armed and dangerous and driving around the morning area in a blue ford pickup truck. they are putting a callout to all the residents to be on the lookout and call 911 immediately. we have video from the scene and it all began early in the morning. it was about 1 am when police got the call about a shopping fired somewhere in town and they got to the scene and that's where they found an officer from a neighboring suburb sitting in his patrol car died of gunshot wounds. that's when they called for
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backup and 20 minutes later a des moines officer was found shot dead at an intersection about 2 miles away. the des moines police chief said this morning that there is a clear danger right now for officers on the street and as a result he has doubled up on officers, pairing them up so they are not out there alone. during that news conference earlier a sergeant. broke up a bit when he was describing it. >> there is clearly danger if you are a police officer. they were gunned down in their cars doing nothing wrong. there is someone out there shooting police officers. we hope we find him before someone else gets hurt and we don't want anyone in the community to get her. there is a clear and present danger right now. >> reporter: that's how police are progressing. they have said they have officersãand lockdown the area. that area is closed off and schools have been canceled in
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some communities as they begin to canvas the entire area looking for that suspect. they have put the call out to the neighboring states as well in case 7:33 happening today a jury will be seated in the trial of a former south carolina police officer charged with killing an unarmed black man. let's take a look at the cell phone video taken moments before the shooting. officer michael slater shot and killed 50-year-old daughter scott after eight traffic stop. he has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. he could face 30 years to life in prison. they are said to be sworn in and opening statements could be coming in later today. all 33 of the coal miners trapped underground during an explosion in china have been found dead. to miners were able to escape and none of the others survived. gas explosions inside mines are
7:35 am
caused when a flame ignites leaking gas. investigators say that whoever is responsible for the explosion should be punished. china's mining industry has long been one of the most deadliest. this morning a new report shedding light on the final moments from the flight which disappeared in march 2014. officials said the plane was plunging out of control toward the seat when it made its last satellite communication. the new report gives the clearest picture yet of the final moments. they said the plane was falling through the air at 284 miles per hour. investigators said they looked at the position of the flaps of a wing that what's up in tanzania and appears that no one was flying the plane when it crashed. that plane disappeared in march 2014 in route from malaysia to beijing. 239 people were on board and the satellite data did not give
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any information to the exact location. a berkeley teacher who was placed on leave after she participated in a violent protest in sacramento gets to go back to work today. she took part in this protest in sacramento where a group of nazis were holding a pro trump rally and fight broke out between the pro trump group and the anti-nazi group. several people were stabbed including the teacher. she works at martin luther king jr. school, but was placed on administrative leave after being hurt in this protest. she sued to get her job back same her freedom of speech had been violated. kron4 spoke with first who said she is happy to get back to class. >> i am happy to see my students and fellow teachers and coworkers. this is a victory of the movement. it is the outpouring of support that has been shown to me and throat the community of berkeley. stop her lawsuit is not over yet. she wants back pay for the time that she had to be away from
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work. a ban on rb street parking is forcing people to park campers outside city limits. people who lived there are speaking out. an rv ban was put in place in september. they were having the prospect of having their rvs taken it. they settled on a avenue outside the city limits. it but many people in a tight spot in many people say it has a negative impact on neighborhoods. but there's nothing in the constitution or dictionary that says a home cannot have homes -- wheels or a motor. they're losing their property and their homes. they are cooking there and will be there and have to get rid of their garbage. i don't know what they're going to do with it. >> rv advocates are trying to lift the ban on parking and city limits. neighbors are working with the board of supervisors to and overnight parking in the area.
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a major east bay area code is going to be phased out so if you have it now, 510, you are one of the last to get it. they will get rid of that by june 2019 and phasing in something new. we don't know the number yet. by the end of 2018 it will not be 510 so you can keep your 510 if you have it now. anyone after that they will get something else. is 7:37 and it is like christmas for sports fan. the game seven it is rare that we see game seven. the awkward game i had for the grant broke relationship. they are like brothers. the world according to gary is coming up and you will want to hear this story before you apply any perfume this morning because you are probably putting it all wrong we will explain, after the break.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news the time is 7:40. a slow commute into san francisco still backed up at the toll plaza and it will be on through a, nine, 10 and 11:00. it is the normal traffic and we have had no big problems getting into downtown san francisco. if you leave now it is around 24 or 25 minutes from the foot of the maze off the fremont street.
7:42 am
the problems in the cell be to 37 almond ña new accident rolling into sunny bill that is adding that traffic your it will be slow in stretches. 7:40 is the time and my world is shattered. i have been putting my perfume on wrong my whole life. >> and cologne. >> they are say what you do where to put it on? >> spray and walk. >> that's a good method. i do the rest and some people do the elbow and behind the ear. >> bellybutton. >> here's what i don't get, it comes from an expert, a sent expert in france. >> it radiates, the heat of your body radiates and enhances these -- be sent through the day. put it in the bellybutton and the heat will help it radiates. >> you think it will wear off. >> a useful story.
7:43 am
>> perfume education. >> i've been trying to [ inaudible ] here is the breakdown temperatures climb quickly. look at this by 11:00 58, 69 or 70 by midafternoon and warming up as we head into the weekend. stay close to kron4 morning news continues.
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dairy, you know how i love christmas. >> and it is november. >> it is christmas time because it's not like him seven an all- time. >> this is going to be one of those things where you the presence roundtree and get ready. >> becomes force this one with their spectacular game 9-3. with this runaway victory the ticket prices are running away. but they will be in cleveland tonight.
7:46 am
after this game the ticket prices went through the roof and so far the most expensive tickets sold, these were bought by someone $19,500. that is right next to the cubs dugout. >> for that much money you better put me in the dugout on the managers lap. grape creek. >> or on beyonci lap. >> we talk about this all the time and if you have so much it doesn't matter, but if you are still working for a living for three hours of entertainment i don't see it. >> no way, and you have to out to that if you are a and you have to stay somewhere. the price is i can relate to. i know those rooms are 80 bucks. the one that they are selling out for cleveland, they are going for 1500 per room.
7:47 am
>> addie hampton in? stop it is like a motel. >> $1500. >> for a night at the hampton in. >> say in the car. now all of those cleveland fans because you know they love the caps do they know what it is like. how do day-glo 831 lead. now it is not so funny. >> we will see tonight. i asked that i mean what caught me offguard was these people waited until today. they didn't want to go last night? start to meet the ones that are bond is tickets? i guess not. here is how we get back at all of those cleveland fans when they were joking about the warriors. now everyone is joking about them and i said i'm sorry it's not so funny. >> you are going to laugh at this. i wonder if lebron and the cows silently very silently say well if the indians come right back and win it diminishes what we
7:48 am
did. >> you think so? but that would be to championships in a few months. >> you can't root against her home team. when nobody is looking you have thoughts. >> forget the warriors they pulled off another win last night and even though south korea was playing like a four- year-old girl. >> [ inaudible ] stocky told him you are playing like riley connor a. it is easy to say that after they win i want to hear them say that after they lose. but he ended up with 28. >> at 23 points in the third quarter and that change the whole game. that was relatively close and curry went off. that was one of those stories that you tell only after you win. >> and he did want to point out it wasn't like he had the shot of his little daughter that was
7:49 am
the attention span he was criticizing his attention span early on. >> like i said if he loses a game and he says we lost because step play like riley then you have something. this was just good-natured fun. >> gunpoint. >> then you know that he is laid on him. this is the fun and staff last night exploded. >> now, what will happen? who is going to explode tomorrow? this is the first time that we have seen-it is better than branch alina. >> where is that case by the way? >> this is better than that for sports fans the breakup of westbrook and grant was legendary. it was horrible. >> i will tell you, i always enjoy the dynamic between a man and a woman. 6 foot six guy and seven for
7:50 am
guy didn't turn me on that much. >> it's kind of like going to your ex-white house for thanksgiving for the first time since you got the divorce and she is married to steph curry. it's very awkward. >> i see what you mean, but you look at westbrook and westbrook and rent are playing in oakland and the first time since they parted in oklahoma city. westbrook is off to a great start. >> he has and he still feels death and from the other side there's no beef we are like brothers. you don't send a text message. not for breakup. you don't text message break up. >> there is a dynamic between a love affair and to garris -- two guys they are getting rich off of. that's the first time i've ever seen westbrook with his shirt off. >> since the relationship is so close. >> where did you get that picture? >> he found those for me.
7:51 am
i wanted to see the breakup. >> maybe i just have a cold hard , but they are both living well and they are fine. if they wanted to be friends they would be friends. who gives a damn they are living their life and god bless them. it would be for two hours. brad and angelina you have kids involved and it's a whole different deal. >> he said i love westbrook and their family. but these are too selfish guys, no kids and no girlfriend know nothing. and doria is worried about their heart. >> what about the selfish in the eighth and who has everything who is richer than hack. let's say my brother. finally something worthy that you can find the nba is selling cashmere sweaters. >> you said like my brother. your brother is? >> he said they give me a
7:52 am
warriors sure i'm not putting that on. cashmere maybe. >> he went to the game and they gave him a shirt? >> this is for the season- ticket holder who has everything now you can buy an mba sweater it is a special item and cashmere. it is $1600. >> put that right alongside our two and half hours of entertainment. with the help wears a $1600 basketball shirt? but i'm not going to live cashmere feel good. >> i didn't know you are from family money? what the heck are you getting up at three in the morning for? >> it is your brother, not like your father. >> but [ inaudible ] getting up at this time in the morning. .now i have to mortgage my house to buy him this letter. >> this is one of those you can go to the store and ask for it. >> and may have been music you want to spend a little glass. $450 for a been a.
7:53 am
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news an environmental group is blasting some some for not explaining how they will dispose of the recall phones. greenpeace says dumpy them would create an of toxic waste to fill 28 shipping containers. samsung stopped selling them last month and recalled them all because they can burst into flames. the company sold as many as 3 million of these phones worldwide before the recall. greenpeace is urging them to
7:57 am
recycle as many of the parts as possible work anthem blue cross is facing a lawsuit about misleading customers about changes in the policy next year. a group filed yesterday and they claim that anthem is charging more for less coverage and bearing the changes in a mountain of paperwork. anthem is changing the preferred provider organization or ppo policy. the policy will no longer cover out-of-network doctors. consumer advocates say a lot of people choose ppo plans because they have the option of using out-of-network providers. those customers will be surprised when they get their bills. anthem says the regulators approve the change. 7:56 and coming up at 8:00 a manhunt is over for the man wanted for killing to iowa police officers in an ambush attack. new details just into kron4. a woman says she was groped by her uber driver and he
7:58 am
stopped her outside of her home. this morning he is out of jail, but he was arrested. we will tell you about the charges. a chilly morning around the bay your forecast, coming up.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now:
8:01 am
>>reporter: timber to wise we have to see the climb almost glove like whether we see the east of a recent 47 concord even for oakland 4954 heyward 52 for san francisco your currency is for these everywhere else that compares to guest today a 10 degrees behind in some spots just about everywhere else behind anywhere else warmer to 64 san francisco 66 going on for some housing mostly sunny will cover a 62 by high noon. >>reporter: a literal war as we had to weaken the we may also dance with mine as we headed to the weekend.
8:02 am
>>mark: a manhunt now over for the personal and bus and killed two officers in iowa it was not
8:03 am
until they got there they realized it was a fellow police officer from a neighboring suburb that was in his patrol car died of gunshot wounds more officers recall been about 20 minutes later another shocker an officer was found shot dead at the intersection about 2 mi. away also in the patrol car the police chief held a news conference this morning talking about how there is a pure danger what we've been able to
8:04 am
get at this point they believe that if he is the only gunman they're looking for that is the indication we're getting from local law-enforcement investigation is still on going as they uncover more clues perhaps maybe they will come out of the press conference this morning that is the very latest have found him he is in custody as we speak
8:05 am
>>reporter: this is not the first time this has happened in the smoke-filled mcgowan station for similar reasons they're asking voters to keep incidents like this in mind that a bond measure on the ballot the agency wants to raise more than 3 1/2 billion dollars in solid effort to maintain the system that is now 44 years old and therefore
8:06 am
it is going to improve safety but some say too many things happen in issues occur that interrupt regular train service everything is running on schedule >>darya: the big store we're following apollo out so all driver is out on bail this morning he was arrested for
8:07 am
8:08 am
will t: a clean driving record no problems and but this has got a lot of passengers off guard
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>>mark: they're the only ones in the building in the to get out safety about to on the people live nearby were evacuated as a precaution task he grabbed turn
8:13 am
and forster and to the car she manage to pull away and run home this happen close to sun said elementary school the school district is taking action police said the girl detailed description of the man and his car is what helped them identify him as a suspect he isn't county jail facing kidnapping charges
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
>>reporter: the timber to '60s was some 70 is the rest of the week we're sending in the warming of the touch to will be spread out of the debate reaching the middle '70s territory >>reporter: early in to next
8:18 am
week of a threat of another system out to sea but it looks like it to the sound as punches as we go forward for today we have '60s all lined the 714 fremont over to the east bay hills lot of lower seventh is to be found. >>reporter: lots of sunshine the cards are mined along the bay bridge >>robin w: nothing unusual no major hot spots hot spot free throw out one commit hopefully will stay that way you're going to sit in this the back of approaching the bay bridge toll plaza guest at a slow heading into san francisco that is
8:19 am
really not that the drive time looks pretty good 39 minutes from to 38 to 980 and 38 minutes for 580 west locris low-tech tear take a moment hot spot heading into downtown oakland. >>darya: to let clinton supporters of after they released the files on the 2001 investigation by bill clinton the controversy, with just under a week to go and clinton's campaign is responding much pushing a message that a true
8:20 am
started this week promising if he is president he will call a special session of congress to replace the affordable care backed the plan to strengthen it will lead to dire consequences of campaigns will be out in full force and several key battleground state he we making three stops in florida with his campaign is a must win republicans are slightly ahead in the early voting >>darya: she is one to make stops in arizona where paul
8:21 am
shown that there's a tight race 10 others are injured the 67 year old school bus drivers among the dead the female aide who the only other person on the school bus survive they're hoping to top the current figure out whether the school bus driver had a medical emergency they've recovered recording equipment which may have captured video of the crash it
8:22 am
can be a dangerous week in the area beaches will tell you why alive look for the beautiful long distance shot of san francisco and is like there will get out of here and see some sunshine later
8:23 am
8:24 am
the u.s. is the beacon of freedom around the world. those of us who served in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote.
8:25 am
>>darya: this was stolen sometime this week to blue and white 2001 hi jules treen somewhat less to still the boat in the trial even of the owner had chain and padlock the trellis and axles goes magueys
8:26 am
contactor been seen it happen we
8:27 am
8:28 am
will be right back
8:29 am
remember this guy? he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it.
8:30 am
>>reporter: the next three days more the same now warming up
8:31 am
mostly sunny skies until we get to saturday night that is where i belong to chance. >>robin w: is backed up all the way through the maze 580 the e sure freeway of very slow but speeds will pick up on suspension.
8:32 am
>>james: he has a long criminal record including weapons and resisting arrest charges and in a section about 2 mi. away that triggered a massive manhunt to my imagined as the very emotional one for residents and the police department killed one police sergeant talking about exactly that again the suspect
8:33 am
in custody their questioning him and hopefully that will determine of modal something we can report back as it continues to involve some emotional experience for the residents coming up in my next update will play of the bill were you see a woman who lives in the area compelled to come out and approached the officers and do what she could to come for them in their time of need
8:34 am
>>darya: here is a detectable was before the shooting in april of last year he shot and killed the fifth your wall to scott after a traffic stop in charleston he pleaded not guilty to murder charges if convicted he could face 30 years to life in prison they're said to be sworn in an open statements could come later on today to whoever is responsible for the explosion will be punished the industry it has long been one of the world's deadliest.
8:35 am
>>mark: the new accord gives the clearest picture of the missing jet final moment several people
8:36 am
were stabbed including the teacher she was a round of the king jr. school was placed on administrative leave to after the protests she sue to get her job back sang her freedom of speech had been violated this of off charges have to be back to work. >>haaziq m: however and the civil claim against his
8:37 am
employer he alleges the city of oakland is retaliating against him for several reasons starting with pursuing a now deceased ohrid the officer as a suspect in the death of his wife at a height of the oakland police sex scandal he was targeted by the mayor and city minister that was it all and there a few months ago when billing beverage slipping text messages were shared by the homicide officers
8:38 am
in the wake of the incidence to 27 year old or police veteran had been placed on administrative leave he wants to bring that to one and.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>mark: there is evidence of what the residents are experiencing this show was the simple trip involving in marble. >>reporter: the resin to marble on the floor to demonstrate the marble start rolling on the hardwood floor.
8:42 am
>>mark: it was put in place in september the owners of this would happen their homes possibly take it or told to avoid this this settled on a stretch of woodland ave the owner said the city's ban is a good many people in a tight spot neighbors say they have a negative impact on the neighborhood.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>reporter: in contrast yesterday in this call to an agreed to a song we may see by friday a little warmer for the south bay then we will in the east bay hills was going on the 66 for oakland most of the locations in the east bay hills would check into 70 about 69 in
8:47 am
the 74 cast as we mentioned a little warm-up >>robin w: heavy traffic into san francisco not much room in between the cars the back of continues to stretch through the
8:48 am
maze five 18th some waffling and that the sure freeway approached them come out alone at the richmond san rafael bridge if you need to get into the north than preparing yourself for stop and go traffic their slow but not too bad the dumbarton bridge was 84 to about 16 minutes to get across from them to cross the bridge.
8:49 am
>>james: we cover the story recently we told you about the san jose city council passed an ordinance will prohibit recreational use the city martina's is considering a proposal to strip marijuana growing this is because of prop. 64 it will allow people to grow their owns plans with the martinas ordinance will ban any outdoor growing it will require people growing in scitex certain safety precautions we access to
8:50 am
give martinez about that is said is concerned about the out door marijuana grow mostly involving the smell of the plan and that is going to release spread around the city grew stores compete in cynthia props 67 but
8:51 am
the plastic bag industry is fighting back against the ban may often in the public landfill and even their many of them are blown by the wind into the air when they conclude the environment the plastic that industry contends that constitute only a tiny fraction and that the real issue was not the environment but the economy.
8:52 am
>>reporter: that could generate tens of millions of dollars each year into a new state fund for wildlife habitat restoration and other environmental programs to environmental groups like california's against boys are strongly opposed in the future
8:53 am
they will offer to plan everyone.
8:54 am
>>darya: i eat to stay awake and they said the calories' at up if you're sick the private find that you actually at about 300 and 400 cals a day your home walls are affected.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>darya: the new numbers will be attached to the new area code
8:57 am
surveillance video shows the frightening moment little boy ride to toy car into traffic he eventually found the child's mother into can home.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>reporter: still at this hour we have for this popping up his gone up to 5048 from vallejo looks like 46 going on into santa rosa fixed for fifth a
9:01 am
look of the forecast called now >>robin w: more crown from the tunnel along the suspension get along to the west to bomb skyway from the for the maze of to fremont street
9:02 am
>>james: he has weapons charges resisted no rest charges will to live near him trout harassment complaint the two officers he killed were shot while they sat in the patrol car we have video of the scene this morning about 1:00 when the police for scudder call the shots being fired the gun to the scene when it discovered one of the fellow officers was sitting in his a book written for trocar dying of gunshot wounds about 20 minutes later as you concede incredibly
9:03 am
emotional morning
9:04 am
>>reporter: it had to be taken on a service at the embarcadero station among them the station was shut down what it tried to clear the smoke they created major delays last nine or has a
9:05 am
bond measure on the ballot the agency wants to raise three and half billion dollars is all an effort to maintain the system that is now 44 years old ty
9:06 am
are running home of close to schedule this morning >>darya: a palo alto driver is out on bail this morning he was arrested for grow to a female passenger this all happened on saturday night when the passengers. will t: he swings bypass the will drop them off to their home they went inside and realize they forgot their self from he came back and then he dropped off the cell phone but according to investigators that is when he touches her inappropriately including kissing her about an
9:07 am
hour later he came back and come funds the couple then the police department arrived to the scene but was long gone ultimately a short time later he was arrested this case is ongoing it is a rise in company and you're putting in your faith and confidence in some was the position of trust and expecting them and paying the to do certain job the best safety message is for people to be aware of their surroundings
9:08 am
trust the hairs on the back of their neck is of and does not seem right to do their best to remove themselves from the situation and notified authorities he had been with them for four months no red flags before then they check your background dating back to seven years and nothing stood out to them involving pedro
9:09 am
>>darya: we will be right back
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>robin w: number is a hot spot to the ride into san francisco the carpool lane @ 880 of the cross and the officers were eventually able to take the baby.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>robin w: and that is one option for some heavy traffic approaching the motorcycle crashed a quick check of the ride the major hot spots in the slowing on 880 south now we will call a slow and pockets heading to the east bay to the south bend 43 minute trip from to 38 out to 237 will have talk among
9:17 am
the shuttle some rain happened saturday night into early
9:18 am
sunday them to get saturday night you want to turn the clocks back an hour if the computers that do for you. >>rob b: new manufacturing homes
9:19 am
are starting to slow the latest 2.1 million they're suppose to lose morning they're coming up 11% up 30% one of the things they did really well as this it would want to shut down into gas operations wall street likes it when you fire people and say we will cut hundred 75 jobs it is on the move higher down the road we have to sit by apple.
9:20 am
>>rob b: they spend simian dollars last year during the same promotion of free contract.
9:21 am
>>rob b: in this case were trying to get that if you're healthy we will be ride backed.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>reporter: lack of more than a
9:25 am
hundred and 72,000 mi. she wishes to then have to be this way is the alternative to driving for her are not convenient she lives in oakland and now works for the east bay regional park district she does not travel far to often and always at a snail's pace
9:26 am
increasing the number of cars to the next local leaders and
9:27 am
transportation experts say the idea behind this to increase public transit rider ship by using automation as a connected to public transit the goal was to pack people into fewer vehicles reducing the number of single occupancy cars expanded bike and ride sharing programs in it than the status quo says carolyn jones who contends there was nothing worse than the in this battle back as the bay area commute.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>reporter: hot pursuit.
9:31 am
>>robin w: the 880 approach looking much better in the car pulling some of the castling to move and quite well in this crowd across the upper deck the average drive times 17 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street will motorcyclist download 11 and vermont so 11 what is not a good commune it is backed up all the way out candlestick ride around third also impacting 280 is the better ride heading into downtown san francisco. >>darya: this happened around
9:32 am
5:00 on monday night near hickey boulevard and fire crest ave the 41 year-old mark anthony solomon as the suspect he was arrested a girl says she was walking on how when on the sidewalk he drove alongside her he held her to get in the car and then he got out and grabbed her and forced her into the car she managed to pull away and run home this happen close to sun said ridge elementary.
9:33 am
>>mark: he start the we got promising that if he is president you call a special session of congress and a replacement for the care act
9:34 am
9:35 am
>>reporter:. >>mark: he was assigned to this gave the death of an open the
9:36 am
officer he is now five of the civil claim against the oakland police department they distract attention from the sexual misconduct scandal a jury will be seated in the trial of the
9:37 am
former south carolina >>darya: he has pleaded not guilty to murder charges if convicted he could face 30 years to life in prison.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>darya: she almost made it but she was in the parking line and seven months later she got a bill they're charging her $7,000
9:41 am
for the room which she never used she was ready to pay for the cost but she thought the hospital would adjust the bill.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>gary: this is one to be one of those things where you put the presence around the tree and get ready the ticket prices went through the roof so far the most expensive ticket sold $19,500
9:46 am
you have to add to that the cubs and bought the tickets you have to stay somewhere if they come
9:47 am
right back in when it diminishes what we did.
9:48 am
>>darya: it was easy to think it when they only scored five points but then he ended up with 28 last night he exploded
9:49 am
was going to happen who will explode tomorrow. >>darya: this is better than at the sports fan it was legendary and it was horrible.
9:50 am
>>gary: ic which demanded you look good westbrook the first time since the card in oklahoma city is off to a great start
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
the u.s. is the beacon of freedom around the world. those of us who served in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote.
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>>mark: there now saying we should be spring in the belly button it ready 80 and will enhance your sent to the day the senate opened to the candid the these said in the note they simply love the kitcat and could not resist
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