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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 10, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>reporter: in the sled mostly fifties we conceal whole lot of cooling down over 967 fell 56
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for san francisco 56 for oakland 53 for concord and compares to 24 hours ago pretty close shave and a couple of degrees here there looking ahead for the rest of the week we have early clouds today mostly in the '70s with an early shower for saturday clary out and and i send another shot of rain tuesday wednesday in the slot it becomes the past ready for school forecast for '70s and looks like for the afternoon pickup
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>>robin winston: a good, you had to the peninsula no big problem so far. >>james: for a man is behind bars this one is accused of stabbing his grandmother and mother and little more the grandmother died from injuries here is a picture of the man accused his the 35 year old tyler it happen on your corner of hill flour drive at about 730 last night police say he stabbed his mother and grandmother with a kitchen knife and ran off this fall about a mile away and arrested and the mother is
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expected to recover the motive is unknown but police say he suffers from from various mental illness since happen today donald trump and cobol will be meeting at the white house president obama said white house will cooperate with the incoming administration >>reporter: with tears and higher ion surrounded by supporters allow clinton publicly conceded the election
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won by one republicans congratulating their nominee for winning the white house he said a different tone than the rhetoric used during his campaign instead of conflict he said he wants peace that sentiment echoed by president obama who says she looks forward to peace will transition from the presidency to try presidency
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>>reporter: and have been on 4000 block in san jose the
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family another headline this morning the managers recovering after being stabbed outside of the morgan hill store if after a confrontation with two suspected shoplifters if work is expected
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to begin about 7:00 this morning >>james: we would take a quick break we will police a happen
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>>reporter: also in the north bank a couple with a south bend sneaking off was all to the coast of touch call for veterans day tomorrow and looks like a to start to see a bit of a flow pattern
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>>reporter: juvenile with the east bay hills with for '80s basically of for seven is all line them the forecast calls for the next an hour to 55 going on at 8:00 a.m.. >>robin winston: is looking good so far only 13 minutes for the average driver to make the connection off over 2101 in san matell so far so good hot spot for you have to come from the north bay this morning.
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>>reporter: the left his hospital with his life for a couple of minutes and then these two people who were visiting another patient spot of the elderly couples wallet and candle inside of their room the
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28 year-old made his way back to the room pretending to be on his self on and waiting for hospital staff to go by before going inside in helping himself to their belongings his wife closely behind a day later they noticed the identity had been stolen when credit card companies started calling about purchases guessing fraudulent hospital staff appear on the lookout when franklin says their return to the hospital and police jumped in and made the
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arrest security protocol hospital help police track down facing felony charges of burglary identity theft and possession of stolen property if they post the $35,000 bail he was released on her own risk, since >>james: supporters of legalizing marijuana cannot claim victory in california crops 64 pass with 56 percent to
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recreational marijuana we have a closer look at the new rules that come with it >>rob fladaboe: recreational users can buy marijuana from the business decision that could change that might generate a
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billion dollars annually committees might consider a system with separate instances in transactions surface is already passed a temporary ban on recreational marijuana
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>>james: the head of about who he voted for this election there 7 and 2 and coming off the big prime time when the like much else for what turned in the
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politics >>james: the last time they were this good the lawsuit will--lost the superbowl
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>>reporter: last night brad pitt
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stepped out in public for the first time since his split he was photographed attending a private screening of a movie helped reduce the moonlight on he will be walking the red carpet for his new movie and it can and will split up two years ago about how they cope parent he says although there are no longer married there will always agree holidays together and embrace the holiday season as a family of their plan is to keep all were rooted in positive energy and she wants to give $6 million per year of the total payoff of $30 million she was to have use of his private plane
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but he has to agree on the trip nothing over to the $50,000 will be considered a gift alyssa had a personal note saying this is my gift to you
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>>james: visit some the images of what we saw in the streets last night will pour some broken windows fires and the middle of the street the close of telegraph avenue of the off ramp from northbound 880 for more than half of our
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>>reporter: 55 vallejo's 57 howe oakland and hayward 58 putting this into motion warmer temperatures in see the problems of the seven its territory also for the south end of to the north bay tomorrow's run as aggressive of our this being will have a little bit we're going to change the flow pattern again some scattered
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clouds and 75 it looks like into the afternoon tsk here is the
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east bay 24 from the town, at the limit no problems to the macarthur on the nimitz between san leandro and oakland hist we don't see any big problems on south 680 out of dublin and saw no and to fremont >>james: police on the hon for man to burglarize the home it was all costs of and this video it here is that video and you can watch the burden and to the room and take things from out of the desk it happened at home
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near the corner of covington road terrell ma to average just before noon on friday police in the canine units searched the home schools in the area were all locked down as well during their search another big story we're following besides the protestor out to bay area last night we saw thousand students walking out of class and protest of donald trump this is video from the ground crew we have aerial shots from our helicopter partnership it sees students marching down the street in oakland students and technical high school decided to protest the election results >>haaziq madyun: the day after he won the presidential election and hundreds of students at oakland technical high school walk out of class to
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protest for a variety of reasons hist this is a school
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principal and adjutancy she has a watch fly over every student she supported the walkout after walking out the students walked back into class and finished out their schooled and >>james: and alameda's students also walked out you to see video of that also on the right-hand side of pre seat impressive the
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amount of attention these young children are paying to the election the idea is people want to golden state to succeed in the united states just like the movement dead in the european union they're leading a campaign aimed at thwarting a referendum on the $2,018 california was solidly behind every clinton is not clear how serious this movement is or would have long- term traction this another example how some people are eager to show the disapproval of the election results spheres
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>>james: we met with some of the investors and start from those who say it is going to be in their mind harder to grow to secure funding. >>gabe slate: is no secret the
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financial market and they like being stable and drop big investments his plans to punish
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companies for overseas manufacturers could greatly influence start-ups and investors and their business models and good start-ups are resilience and can work through hard times
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>>james: you concede on the monitor behind me some of what happened last night police closed off telegraph avenue and broadway off ramp from north on 880 about half an hour
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>>reporter: until this start to thin out going into the afternoon hours cupertino
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around 79 and for san jose at 81¢ clara some timber just popping here nicely this afternoon we would do 60 a stinson beach along 1177 up to parliament 80 going on for napa >>robin winston: now is mostly
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in the cassoulet on the right earlier we have the backed up on the left as well if the drive times looks great 680 south from concord to danville that is a quick 10 minutes 24 heading west to east shore nice and quiet for hercules to richmond albany berkeley emeryville be a smooth ride all the way down to oakland and a 80 in the south bend >>james: the vote of legalized
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racial mayor want in the state is done but now concern is a big raise about a new form of the drug is called you tend to the oil and in the process used to make it is extremely dangerous >>reporter: it happen in an instant and without warning is spread quickly by the gas is to crank out a highly called for a marijuana while the explosion happened fast the damage can be catastrophic in the injury to people can be devastating and even fatal the drug is called you table the oriole ship or simply be a to all the goes by
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street names such as wax or shatter its pop and is most concentrated form-sh it shows how easy honeywell is made a highly vocal gas that they get and ridiculously easy to accidently ignite hist they have a smell attitude for safety reasons just like natural gas >>reporter: less than some elements regular bataan for making money will instead many of these labs use refined the
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has sent the older strip away
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>>reporter: that have been found inside some really go home live this which exploded into got an entire neighborhood block the because the butane gas is clear and odorless they would have no idea the danger they rent end until it was too late california are seeing a dramatic increase you hear more about that part of the story for the first still suffering the impact of our interest more. we would take a quick break
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: 754-noon scattered
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clouds going on at 78. >>robin winston: only temporary it from the upper deck to downtown also crashed westbound west of the tunnel that is blocking line that is not a hot spot
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>>mark: protest in the streets of oakland to thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to protest and the election of donald trump this video are courtesy or helicopter partnership 3:00 with sobs as rare injured in the protests they made 30 arrests for crimes ranging from assault on an officer to vandalism >>darya: this was one of many protests that we saw throughout the bay area
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>>reporter: there were so many other protests throughout the bay area and we want to show the video that we have of the protest that started in oakland thousand people marched on market street to the castro in the mission some carrying signs the crime the racism sexism and homophobia clear represented chanting messages like a lot my president and others sat on the steps of city also voiced anger at the president elect this morning the protests are to
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continue some at school grout to bay area >>reporter: i will be here in the cash to prop the morning with more of dates. >>darya: thousands of students across the bay area protest the results one of those protests was led oakland tech-hundreds of students walked out of class is at a high school the plausible and of the school's support the decision of the students to express how they feel
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>>james: here is what one person
5:06 am
had to stay in a your wife she is out there in the streets protesting it was interesting this morning we had before new york mayor who was a supporter he dismissed the protesters calling them " a bunch of crybabies
5:07 am
>>reporter: he owns property on pennsylvania avenue he will get a look inside his new residence does down the street the opponent and the president who campaigned so hard against them
5:08 am
said he deserves the chance >>darya: the man behind bars accused of stabbing his grandmother and his mother and the more the grandmother died
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>>darya: this should be working until 5:00 to mind this video from earlier when they lower the other trust the to the third phase. >>darya: we will be right back
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>>reporter: we are centered to drop off to the upper 40's 52
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home on, the more for today we mentioned despite the fact there will be some clouds nice warmup happening upper '70's you can see in the far east bay also to now will to marron the veterans they will be little better in the change in the flow pattern that will reduce the high and not as warm tomorrow
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>>robin winston: if you need to get into san francisco only 10 minutes from the made out to fremont and heavier traffic to the peninsula you conceive for in the crowd is coming out of hey would know the problems
5:18 am
>>mark: a couple become victims of identity theft while in the hospital >>darya: there were a lot of
5:19 am
crete hadn't we have reported to tell us what happened >>reporter: and these two people who police say were visiting another patient spotter the elderly couples wallet and candle inside of their room-- kindle >>reporter: he made his way back to the wrong pretended to be on his cell phone and waiting for hospital staff to go by before going inside and helping himself to their belongings his wife closely behind the day later they noticed that did this had been stolen when companies started calling about purchases
5:20 am
that same fraudulent police recover surveillance video of the new shopping at two separate stores and target and laid off or if >>reporter: they were put on a lookout when they said their return to the hospital two days later he police jumped in and made the arrest the posted
5:21 am
$35,000 bail of 44 wall the creek >>mark: the report says they died of gunshot wounds there remove the shipping container when they found taylor chains and screaming for help them from the body of her boyfriend buried on land there currently connected to seventh south the managers that the wall hard in the bay area will tell you what led up to the violence.
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>>darya: he played his brother but he played andrew bogut in harrison barnes he finished the game with 20 points and steph curry face and his little brother that he left the game but he would return later than
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>>reporter: san francisco
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looking at 70 today for san jose around 80 >>will tran: they're looking for a man who wore a mask and that is why they're hoping someone who recognizes them they contact
5:32 am
the san jose police department it happened in broad daylight at around noon on wednesday it received woman pulling up to her driveway and decency he overpowers her and then he takes off house into a car and took off if we had a chance to track down the family member to the woman was too distraught to go on camera. >>will tran: inward see almost
5:33 am
like his mother-in-law's arm was being ripped out of her sock it the good news issue was not seriously injured >>james: police said the
5:34 am
officers were responding to domestic incident on their live someone started shooting at them when officer confirmed dead we don't know the condition at the moment hist since no other details have been released the shooter is still all the loose this morning tsk his
5:35 am
>>mark: to guard charged after getting into a gunfight a
5:36 am
manager recovering after being stabbed outside of the store police arresting the 31 year- old and 22 year-old kimberly of morgan hill they tried to leave without paying an american apollo the outside of the store that is when the manager was stabbed with a small life
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>>darya: lessee holder unfolded during this hearing a 56 year- old land he demanded to speak to the judge and that is where he wound up on the floor of officers wrestled and to the ground and took him into custody he had a personal dispute with the police division and now he faces
5:41 am
multiple charges she was rabin a couple of coffee when two men rushed up to her put her daughter stole her purse to and abetting a bb gun the mayor said she was able to get the license plate number on the getaway car we continue to track the protest from overnight-
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south >>darya: they will talk about the transition of power in your survey and this video sips and she was dragged to the ground in her purse was stolen
5:46 am
fact >>robin winston: 6 is still not a bad drive times 15 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street this sixth
5:47 am
>>robin winston: is when to be a nice ride out the drive times is 43 minutes to 238 out to 237 fifth >>reporter: we have made this is
5:48 am
all along the east bay shoreline and 57 san francisco also: of the inland areas to perry go of for seven is it looks like for high cuff tests
5:49 am
66 >>reporter: with the roar 80% jose and milpitas in santa clara monday and tuesday notice how mild temperatures stay weak will awful little bit to the middle to bottom portion of next week scores
5:50 am
>>mark: he joined in 2010 and had been a charge of the business operation >>gabe slate: they have restored the based in berlin became the first product they're developing is the dell to go you get
5:51 am
instant feedback to improve your workout and mature you're lifting safely ahead of his plans to punish companies for overseas manufacturer could greatly influence start-ups and investors and their business model we will be right back
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>>reporter:% and cisco 58 come in and about 50 and contrast pretty close to where we were yesterday the next in our 60 by 9:00 a.m. to 71 will do what for most of the temperatures and the coast and six territories. >>darya: 80 month old gypsy is full of energy and the public saw a duck and jump in and the 60 lb. dog swam about 2 mi. from the house until she was pulled from the water by a tugboat captain
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: upper '70's or on the bay more investigation they
6:02 am
have. >>robin winston: i will have a complete traffic check coming up >>mark: across the nation after the election of donald trump will have video of the protest did see hundred people gathered in city hall that protest was
6:03 am
peaceful three officers right injured and some protesters wore
6:04 am
arrested they believe the campaign represents chanting messages like and not my president one of them happening
6:05 am
in oakland last take a look at hundreds of students walked out of class for a variety of reasons.
6:06 am
>>james: they're arrested 13 people because they're blocking traffic and hillary clinton won
6:07 am
the popular vote was still lost the election >>james: things got emotional what that demonstrator they started fires in the street like this video our portland oregon there may be more plant today as well will be following this story
6:08 am
>>will tran: this is the most important part look from the right to left of this surveillance video right in front of the woman if not only will she attacked and robbed that happened in broad daylight wednesday afternoon the family members they believe that she was followed home from the grocery store the woman does not give up her purse these listed false to the groundfish the robber took off running down the street and hopped into his car they believe this was premeditated
6:09 am
>>will tran: 5 believe how it was not too long because she had just come from the grocery store the one howe all the tips that they convict to track this person down fortunately of the
6:10 am
bruising she should be recovering from her injuries to
6:11 am
men is behind bars accused of stabbing his grandmother and his mother and the more the grandmother has died at the mother is in the hospital take a look at the suspect this happen on the corner of bellflower street 730 last night he stabbed his mother and his grandmother with a kitchen knife police found about a mile away and arrested him the mother is expected to recover they're not sure about the motives he does suffer from various mental illnesses >>mark: here is video from the
6:12 am
scene in happen is the here were to 11th and 12th homicide of the year does have not yet released any information on the models - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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>>robin winston: you to see the
6:16 am
traffic is backing up on to the dublin just under 20 minutes from the dublin and to change the bay bridge ride into san francisco there is another stretch for san jose to continue when north between 68880
6:17 am
>>reporter: along the eastern shore line mid to upper 50s at this hour on the other side of all that she temperature's dropped a little bit of three
6:18 am
days 76 look like friday in for your saturday slightly cooler recovering to the '70s into next week >>reporter: today he would get a look inside his new residence does down the street to complete
6:19 am
was sent like an impossible political upset to become the president elect the work begins he will meet with president obama inside of the oval office to discuss the transition to power the upon and hillary clinton and the president who campaigned so hard against him say he deserves a chance it will also sit down with the vice- president has and she will meet privately with the first lady is the beginning of the work ahead
6:20 am
>>mark: 28 year-old offer tended to be on his phone he waited for hospital staff to go by before going inside and helping his self monday later in the credit- card company started calling the company about purchases police put a security protocol for helping them track down thieves police recover surveillance video of them shopping and to set wal-mart stores and target and police a looking for the
6:21 am
gunman who injured five people take a look at the scene after it happened last night for an argument broke out to people were in the hospital was life- threatening injuries of the sale of such the shootings were not related to an antitrust rally that at the traffic and thereby they found the body of the boy friend buried on a lan their curly connected to least seven killings despite pleas from the
6:22 am
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>>robin winston: the south to the no. 101 heading into santa clara and san jose after the guadalupe parkway to spur another driver flipped over all lanes are blocked here traffic already pretty crowded in back of beyond 680 if you're about to leave if howe over to 280 before it's too bad they're going to start doing that and using it as an alternate no. 11 after 87
6:25 am
months of heavy traffic because of an overturned accident >>mark: andrew bogut and harrison barnes, although they did not play in the game itself for the first quarter the war is
6:26 am
next game against the denver nuggets to my next week is going to be presented to the chicago mayor and city council
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6:29 am
6:30 am
>>mark: we soda to 56 yesterday is that another 80 an all-time record high for the dow jones industrial average >>robin winston: this is the
6:31 am
second hot spot come in from san jose after the guadalupe parkway all lanes are blocked by this overturned accident it was already very slow adding to the back of pretty fresh we don't know how long it is going to take but you're watching us right now that is a drive times in the east bay hot spots and overturned on 580 west and redwood a driver slipped over several times the on ramp we have the least three lanes blocked the three left lanes
6:32 am
this back of continues to grow it is going to impact those who have to come out of dublin along the grade into castro valley the normal crowd and now 27 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont strafe fog in resisting
6:33 am
the mysteries of 01 people chanting not my president thousand demonstrators took to the streets to protest the election three police officers were injured in the protest with a sit-in protest to set fires in the streets there reports of broken windows and fireworks is terrell recalled all telegraph avenue have the broadway offering from northbound 880 this is one of many protests resulted out the bay area the
6:34 am
biggest protest was in oakland last night a group of 7000 people marched through downtown oakland the processes were peaceful surface of just about 8:00 last night fox fifth off
6:35 am
for free office of the engine some of the protests were arrested in san francisco late march to mark the street through the castro begin their way to the mission for >>reporter: 5 yes expected to continue to out to bay area today in the days to come we know that some high school for raw to bay area and have our plan and walkouts for their students to voice their dissatisfaction fifth
6:36 am
>>james: someone started shooting at them in an ambush tile will also died at the scene the surviving officer was flown we don't know the condition of the officer.
6:37 am
>>darya: people can possess an ounce of marijuana i was hearing that some places could have we
6:38 am
will be right back
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>>mark: she gave her daughter a smoothly with marijuana a bother to help her with her seizures and hallucination have to shoes, of the prescription medication they're are commonly under their father's care she did was she ball was right and now she's been charged with misdemeanor counts of injury to a child.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: police arrested 30 people during the protest president elect donald trump will be in washington d.c. today to meet with president obama in the oval office tells a little
6:46 am
bit of good news about this one after the guadalupe parkway this of the terms of blocking all lanes the latest updates from chp is that we now have the two left lanes open with the two right lanes are closed
6:47 am
>>robin winston: 6 that a 16 minute trip to get from the foot of the maize crop to fremont street the temperatures had
6:48 am
these bay shoreline mid to upper '70's and looks like over the east bay hills
6:49 am
>>reporter: santa rosa getting up to 78 but the balance in the more they have these enormous 79 to the rain shot goes like this friday night and saturday >>darya: here is what he had to send he says he never voted for
6:50 am
anyone in this year's election in a statement he said impart he's been very disconnected there in arizona this sunday they will be taken on the cardinals the big bay area
6:51 am
business of the will be replaced by chief financial officer and he joined twitter in has been in charge of his business operation is fell to keep pace with the facebook snap chat and install gramm they're cutting 9 percent of the workforce and killing the popular application apparently had a dispute with the police division and the court and now he faces multiple charges would tell you what it
6:52 am
means for real-estate.
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>>reporter: and we will be right back after this quick break
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good morning. >> thank you for joining us this thursday morning. watching bay area weather and traffic traffic has been a rough go so far. the map to hotspots one in the south bay and one in the east bay both clogging up traffic. let's go to the east bay first. 580 westbound at redwood this happened an hour ago. a driver spun out there the on ramp and it looks like they are
7:00 am
closer to having this out of the way. the car that flipped over and private there was a lot of debris and black pattern. clean it up. it is better to almost to the dublin interchange and will be slow. you're looking at a 42 minute trip to get from dublin out to castro valley. here is the second hotspot north 101 after 87 this overturn was blocking all lanes and we have just the to write lanes block. that is an improvement. you can't get through, but it will be a slow right. it is always slow in north 101, but take away two lanes and it adds to the backup. you are looking at 49 minutes from 85 through the overturn accident and up to 237. the bay bridge right into san francisco is low but normal. expect a normal ride pretty much the usual backup. i will check the other bridges


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