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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 10, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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closer to having this out of the way. the car that flipped over and private there was a lot of debris and black pattern. clean it up. it is better to almost to the dublin interchange and will be slow. you're looking at a 42 minute trip to get from dublin out to castro valley. here is the second hotspot north 101 after 87 this overturn was blocking all lanes and we have just the to write lanes block. that is an improvement. you can't get through, but it will be a slow right. it is always slow in north 101, but take away two lanes and it adds to the backup. you are looking at 49 minutes from 85 through the overturn accident and up to 237. the bay bridge right into san francisco is low but normal. expect a normal ride pretty much the usual backup. i will check the other bridges
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coming up in my next report. good morning everybody. here is a shot of ocean beach. you can see the haze that is the cloud cover we will have to deal with from the pacific. it starts to thin out. that will be making out fairly quickly in the late morning hours. 74 by 12:00 and 3:00 78 and a little warmer today than tomorrow. we will see onshore flow that sets the stage for a shot of rain for friday. breaking news we are following overnight, protest pricking out across the country and here in the bay area after the election results. that is on the left and hundreds of people gathering in front of city hall for a peaceful protest and on the right that is protesters taking to the street late last night and they were setting fires and other destructive activity.
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we have team coverage. >> three police officers injured. our reporter is following it, but first let's go to every harbor with more on the bay area protest.>> reporter: good morning. there were protests all over the country last night to protest be trump election result, but that didn't mean the bay area wasn't involved. there were protests here as well. thousands of people gathered. i will show you some video from the protest in oakland last night. i am told thousands of people marched through the streets and protesters were peaceful until 8:00 last night and that's when they say they began throwing water bottles and other items that officers. tear gas was used to disperse the crowd and this morning police will be inspecting the
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damage from the protest. we are told three officers were injured and some protesters were arrested. in san francisco thousands of people marched on market street three decastro and in the mission some carrying signs saying racism, homophobic and they believe that is what trump shows. we were able to talk to organizers in oakland about why it was important for them to take to the streets and here's what they said. >> the goal, you know, physically people are furious and not just out the results of the election, obviously, but the rhetoric of donald trump which has been completely appalling and shameful and also a strong sense of theory at the democratic party which many people feel sort of facilitated donald trump's victory so i think in general it is a feeling of profound anger. >> reporter: protests are
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expected to continue through the bay area and we received word that two high schools san ramon and hayward their students are planning walkout today as a result of trump's election. i will be here in san francisco throughout the morning with updates. back to you. earlier in the day students across the bay area protested the results of the election. one of the protest happened at oh -- oakland attack. they had reasons -- oakland tech . they were afraid they couldn't see the families that they didn't live in the us. the principal agrees with them to express their feelings. >> oakland tech has a reputation of being heard and pushing the world to think differently. >> we absolutely want our students to feel like they have the space to talk about what is happening in the world. but after walking out the students get did get to go back and finish of the school day
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your student protests are expected to continue today. napa high has fatally peaceful protest at 9:00 this morning. several other high schools in hayward are scheduling a walkout about 12:30. california high in san ramon plan to walk out of school at 1:10:00 p.m. that is the same school where racist graffiti was found in the bathroom two weeks ago. we will have team coverage of the election protest. our reporter with breaking news.>> reporter: that your feelings on display as thousands of demonstrators, some with signs reading not my president, they filled streets across the country. we have video from los angeles last night. you see that on the left where thousands of people talk highway 101 blocking up traffic for miles and police said they arrested about 13 people because of those protest and we also see in other parts of the
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country, chicago in the upper right and new york in the lower right and large crowds, thousands in the street and a similar scenes in other parts of the country. protesters say they are angry over trump's divisive message during his campaign and here's what one person had to say in new york about why she is protesting. but part of it was a deep fear of a reaction that donald trump will reenact harsher stop and first clause that will wind up getting people back in prison. also deep fear of the sexism that will be bubbling up to the united states because you saw this incredibly qualified woman to be president been superseded by a man who has no qualifications at all for the office. >> reporter: more protests are expected today. we heard this morning from former new york mayor rudy giuliani a top advisor to donald trump use asked on one of the morning shows to react
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to this video and the election of donald trump. giuliani described as protesters as quote a bunch of cry babies and save the protesters are mostly college-age students that seem to represent 1% of 1% of 1% of the public. he says he will advise donald trump to tell them to calm down and after a year he will quote be living in a better country and if not you can go cry then. those are the words of rudy giuliani this morning. in a few hours resident donald trump will be in washington headed to the white house to meet with president. obama. .do think it would be impressed with it or not? he is used to some fancy stuff. scott mcclain is in washington with more about what they will discuss. >> reporter: donald trump already owns property on pennsylvania avenue, but today he will get a look inside his new residence just down the street, the white house. >> i pledge to every citizen of
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our land that i will be president for all americans and this is so important to me. >> reporter: early wednesday morning he completed what seemed like an impossible political upset to become the president-elect. a day later the work begins and trump will meet with president. obama inside the oval office to discuss the transition to the power. the meeting comes just as thousands take to the streets to protest from selection in more than two dozen cities nationwide. comes opponent hillary clinton and the president who campaigned so hard against them said trump deserves a chance. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to leave. >> we are all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. a peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> reporter: mike pence will also sit down with vice president biden and melania
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trump will meet privately with the first lady . just the beginning of the work ahead. >> number one, first and foremost we need to unite this country and create an agenda. happening in the south bay police looking for a man who attacked a woman right in front of her own. >> there is videotape of it. kron4 will tran his life with a look at what happened. >> reporter: we have been posting that video on facebook and i put it on my twitter account and it has helmeted and what happened. let's get right to the video. this happened on wednesday afternoon right in front of the woman's home in broad daylight around and she pulls up to her house and you can see from the right to the left of your screen a man in black with a hoodie covers his head and his face with a clown mask and grabbed her purse. she doesn't give it up, she should, but she did not and she actually falls
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to the ground and he drags her a short distance before he manages to with the purse from her and he runs down the street and hops into a car. at this point they don't have a solid description of this person, this robert because he covered his face and that's why they're asking for the public tell. he tried to track down the 71- year-old woman to get her reaction. her son-in-law did all the speaking for her. here is what he had to say happened to his mother-in-law. >> she fell to the ground and landed on her hip and her wrist and the suspect was pulling her by her wrist and her arm which as you look at it in the video footage and it literally looks like he's trying to pull her arm out of her socket so she has a great deal of bruising and swelling to her wrist.>> reporter: fortunately he did not swing at her or do anything it was the process of ripping the purse from her. they believe that this was
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premeditated not only was he wearing that mask, they believe that he actually followed her from the grocery store near her home back to the driveway and saw an opportunity and pounced on her. she is a 71-year-old woman and lives on the 4000 block of ambrose worked. if you have any information you should contact the police department and if you happen to know this person, i know their faces covered, if you happen to hear about it they would like to hear any tips from you because the police officers are upset that this happened to a woman right in front of her home. 7:11 and breaking news from overnight a man behind bars accused of stabbing his grandmother and his mother and livermore and the grandmother died. let's take a look at the man they are looking for or a man that is charged with. tyler haskell this happened at their home on health lower drive around 7:30 last night. police say that he stabbed his mother and grandmother with a kitchen knife and ran from the
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home. police found him about a mile away and he has been arrested. the mother is expected to recover. police do not know the motive, but he suffers from various mental illnesses. let's take a live look from reagan international airport. president-elect trump arriving for his meeting with president. obama. they will discuss the transition of power. mike pence will sit down with vice president joe biden and melania trump will meet privately with the first lady as they had to the white house. and a president-elect with his own airplane. >> we will be watching as he arrives. >> it is already been a security nightmare. he has his own airplane and ?re@pí.pm&úw midtown manhatt0ñz at trump tower and there's a 2 mile no- fly zone now around trump tower
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and they have to deal with security on fifth avenue so blocking off a part of fifth avenue for extra security. the secret service d2is now protecting the president-elect. but a lot of things they çóhave to figure out. and does he like his own plane better than air force one. he owns the big hotel down the street s'árthe white house. >> he could let their. >> i don't think he could. but a lot of interesting things we will experience. 7:13 and still had twin boys conjoined at the head andf now it's been a month since the surgery and we will see how they are doing. a warning for parents as your kids are growing. white doctors say you need w keep a closer eye on their way. to recall to tell you about some seatbelts are not working and we will tell you if your car is affected.
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welcome back. we want to take a look at the [ inaudible ]. but i have to and they are both jamming up traffic. the one here is in the south bay and it is in the one-to-one. i do have an update. this was originally reported as northbound and it is on the southbound side. after 87 there is a backup behind the scene and ce we've g
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from all lanes blocked to be far lane. í. 51 minutes to work your way from san jose, 85 to 237@
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another hotspot actually because it is 68 minutes. i will keep an peye 1 d÷on all t and let you know when we start to see improvements. it morning. check out your for some forecast.
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getting into the forecast along the%+g [nyeast bay the ywgto u to been over the east bay hillsñ 76 in livermore. jumping down to the south baykç around 80 for san jose and santa clara san francisco meanwhileú 69 for golden gate park which is zgmçgreat for the coast.fg1gob then up to the north bay 77 for lovato and santa rosa 78 and over to napa 80 h7a review aga xçxd and we take a break and another opportunity monday and to tuesday and what we see going forward is cooler temperatures. thank you.
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now recalling about 74,000 cars and refuse -- suvs because the b seatbelt may not hold people down. officials say it covers the 2016 and 17 f 60 and f 90 and others.3me although says the bubble study can come loose and that can make the'n. local separate fro the bracket and if that happens it may not hold the front passenger in a crash. 7is recalling to suvs éthat could fix problems that cause a winchell wiper malfunction. ñ 2013 outlanders. they say water can get between the hood and the windshield and cause a ball joint to rest. dealers will replace that for you to keep the water out. the second recall affects 95,000 2011 through 2015
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outlanders ct>kqm. water can get in the hood and the wiper motor to rest and failed. they will replace that at no cost. 7:20 and to the east bay where an elderly couple of the victims of identity theft. it happened while they were at the hospital. pgkland towards and pretended to be on his phone and he waited for the hospital staff to go by and went inside and helped himself to the couples belongings in their room. but they later the card companies started to call the couple about purchases that seemed fraudulent. when they returned to the u hospital two days later police jumped in and made the arrest and they rusay that kothe cre security protocol the hospital uses the credit that with tracking down the thieves. >> that is part of checking in at the front desk. we know who is in the hospital at any time and when they come back and that is how we were able to identify them from the
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footage and the hf%names that w given. start ÷npolice recovered surveillance videomd& of the th shopping different sto police are looking for the gunman that injured five people during a shooting in downtown seattle. these are aerial shots from the scene. this happened at a convenience store after an argument. ospital with life-threatening injuries and they say the shootings appear to be pc5óoóunrelated to him tight trump rally that block traffic nearby. oo police have identified two more bodies found on the south carolina property of the man who is accused of killing and/or admitted to killing seven people. the two other bodies are identified as a 25-year-old and her husband. the corner said they were shot. last week investigators removed a shipping container on that property and found caleb browngñ chained and screaming for help
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in that trailer and later they found the body of her boyfriendv on the same land. the man who owns the land is currently charged and connected to seven killings. t!e? the new york doctor treating the once conjoined twins separated last month says the boys are doing better than expected.roo >> they were born joined at the top of the head. the 13th-month-old twins underwent a 27 hour surgery to separate them. %"gñ they have breathing tubes and those have been removed since the operation so that is progress. jaden suffered partial ÷on his left side, but since he has regained full and the other boys has suffered seizures, but medication is keeping those in check. v dr. say that they are doing well and hoping in the next few weeks they can leave the hospital in to a rehab center.
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a motorcyclist attack in miami beach and it is caught on his helmet camera. the 27-year-old was attacked. he is defending his actions and st. confrontation started on social media.. he told her reported that i'm trying to get at her because i told her that we don't need to be talking.ú!e= he said i should get off my motorcycle çóand i told him to nd he never showed up like a man and honestly all i did ÷was i was leaving the area and i saw him and-jln >> man on a motorcycle said he had never met his attacker until this violent encounter. detectives arrested the man, but he okwill not face prison time. goádavid wade as a teenager
7:24 am
could lead to a shorter life. dr. say putting on weight they say it is particularly true in boys to increase their body ÷ seven. experts say that the bmi should be monitored more closely and schoolchildren to determine if they are at a high risk of heart attacks or stroke. heart disease is believed to be the leading cause of fádeath i the world. still ahead)/bhw txwe hav breaking news and pennsylvania. two officers were shot one of them killedt%!.e. we will have latest details and after the break while guard trump is celebrating his victory he is still facing a class-action details on when he could face the witness stand.
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there a live look at reagan national airport in washington dc. washington where he is added to the white house and will have a meeting with president. obama as they discuss the transition of power inside the oval office.6opiz5óoó mike pence will sit down with joe biden and melania trump will meet privately with the first lady. the white house introduction steps on how to move forward. g is landing in his own playing in washington.
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>> the faa has imposed a temporary flight restrictions as we were discussing over the high-rise c, trump tower and th ÷measure to keep security.,ímd&xl+wx >> this is a very busy fifth avenue and they have barriers of. the dump trucks their for protection. but that is the prettiest way to do it.extra protection on that streetgob over the origina protection.e&ii' aircraft barre around from where trump tower is located. the faa generally issues these temporary restrictions in certain circumstances.oo these restrictions are needed because of vip movement. ój7 it last until january 21 the day after the inauguration. that's where donald trump is located. >> i don't want to see them stirs or dump trucks in front of anything. it doesn't make it look good.
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president-elect trump is faced -- set ato face trial #l$ class action lawsuit against defunct trump university. he could eventually l=take the witness standjf. the vjudge wa accused of bias by trump during the campaign trump pointing zo7 his mexican heritage. today a hearing is being held and jury instructions and what n#bevide should be allowed. attorneys have asked for any statement made by him or aboutú% him to excluded. the trial will determine if trump university defrauded ÷ >> reporter: anti-trump is in its protestzo7 continue.
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welcome back it is 7:30. we have had our share of hotspot. s but there is another one. eep popping up. we had to overturns and a motorcycle crash on the nimitz. not a good morning for travel. make sure you early so much going on. this is fremont 880 s.q+5 only blocking one lane, but i made it a hotspot because the backup is nasty. u it is solid from 238 and look at that pfhdrive time of 71 minutes to get from 238 through very heavy commute because of that incident.x#m better news for the ÷south bay brokaw and 87th. that bclear traffic has completely recovered and we're southbound originally reported as northbound. the good news is it is gone and out of the way.
7:31 am
the northbound traffic is heavy better in the carpool lane only and the backup down the middle continues to stretch to and through the @gqmaze 17 minutes there and it is still packed on 92. a 31 minute trip on the san mateo bridge from the nimitz. e will get out of the system today. good here is camera tower time lapse. we see the morning startup for us. the upper 70s for the inland this is what it looks like from space. scattered cloud cover. our temperatures 50s populate board, 56 oakland, 56 hayward, 51 p=inland.
7:32 am
concord 52. the next eight hours puts us at 71 or so by 11, 3:00 78 and lá 70s. 80 san jose. /o! $a5 a live lookñ from reagan international airport. there is trump's airplane. >> 757. >> his arrival from new york in the reagan international airport as he prepares for his meeting at the white house with president. obama. >> is that better than air force one? >> air force one is much bigger. 757 is known for its fuel efficiency. >> v&0we will be watching as an position to have a president-elect that has his own airplane. but also unusual to ksgsee the take a look.íi[$k
7:33 am
but those are protesters in oakland county not my president where thousands took to the street to protest> 2íñthree police officers wer ts and you can see the fire in the streets.jf g=rg$ crime raising on assault and unlawful assembly. police temporarily closed off temporary vni-- telegraph avenu there is an estimated 7000 people there last night. this was zo7one of many protest but thousands of çmkpeople fill the streets last night in san franciscozo% voíand they starte market and powell zlwñand made their way through the 6svmissio every harper life.ob.
7:34 am
>> reporter: good morning. there are still some remnants of those protest here in decastro. here is the sign we found. this is just one thing that is left over from the protest last night. mentioning the number of people in san francisco bay area that % voted for donald trump.u we are told 7000 people and all marched through downtown oakland.qá% peaceful until 8:00 last night. that's when police say protesters started to throw water bottles and other items at officers. tear gas was used to disperse the crowd. we are told pe%three officers injured in about 30 protesters were r÷7arrested following that protest 8here in san francisco. thousands of people marched on market street three decastro and into the mission some carrying signs2 and they belie trump's campaign represented
7:35 am
messages on the signs. wto voice their anger. we were able to talk to protesters yesterday and organizers of the protest and they say they do not agree with people voting for donald trump as a president- elect. protest will continue at bay area high schools we are told san ramon high schoolooand high schools in hayward will be hosting walkout for their students. i will be here in san francisco throughout the morning.< u breaking news we are following this morning police officer shot in pennsylvania and one of them killed.ko+ >> reporter: "nñright now polic are still looking for the shooter. they haven't found them yet. all of this happening early in the morning in the city of canonsburg about 20 miles outside of pittsburgh. we have video of the scene aerial shots.
7:36 am
police añ÷trying to figure out who did this. to officers arrived and one officer died at the scene,we don't know the condition of the other officer and we're hoping for an update from the hospital soon. as for the manhunt that is underway for the gunman, police zbeen sp at two homes in the area. it is not "nclear the suspect in those homes. i will let i/ñyou know if i lea more. time is 7:36 and covering california the lieutenant governor is speak9óoóout about the success of marijuana, pot. >> the proposal passing which legalizingñm/ marijuana.=i under proposition 64 people over the age of ;21 can possess 1 ounce of marijuana and up to six plants.
7:37 am
near schools are youth centers. and he says even with this there is a lot of work to be done. >> [ inaudible ] they were on marijuana for my perspective is all but over. cannabis is right there with heroin and lsd.qjj9vé those days &'çare numbered as w that is preposterous to argue. r >> it will become effective immediately once the election is certified. pd8, there is no mechanism to do hav licenses have to be issued and that is not expected until january 2018. >> here is a wrinkle. what if people are out l and they get the path illegally the itbcops don't see that and them smoking legally. then you >> [ inaudible ] >> you buy it illegally and smoke it legally.
7:38 am
g= don't tell me what to do mark. still ahead the world the caradine to gary -- the world according to gary is coming up. people that use e-cigarettes white people warned that they might be dangerous%á/ñ.egoá there is donald trump's plane as we wait for the president-elect to step #odoff had to the white house.
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morning news. the time is 7:41 and i'm tracking another hotspot. this is the third of the morning and it is on the nimitz. that is the city of fremont a motorcycle crashed only blocking one lane, but it is not dzhelping all of that commu traffic. it is going to be a very slow ride from 238. it is a whopping 71 minutesé÷+o from 238 out ÷nto 237. things look normal and quiet at the t%bay bridge toll plaza. no problems getting into san $í3úit is already tending out ñ the carpool lanes. g= is less than 20 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street and heavier than normal traffic on stopped to 80 leaving daly city into south san francisco and accidents to wrapping up.iz5kkr at least 15 minutes there from daly city. the los angeles county
7:42 am
department of family services cleared the actor after investigating a verbal and physical incident of alleged abuse according to tmz it happened on a private jet in september c pocket was intoxicated. tmz saysbgavio that he was abus towards his 15-year-old son. days later angelina jolie filed for divorce. for now she has full custody of their kids and pickedoks -- br pitt will receive therapeutic visits. company today the national toy hall of fame will be revealing its class of 2016.÷ panel of experts has chosen the honorees. they will be enshrined qtoday at museum. the nominees arecare bears, [ inaudible ], transformersír an inaudible ]. >> absolutely. [ inaudible ]. [ breaking audio
7:43 am
] later this morni ÷ maybes;qwe will have james hand that for breaking news. we will have the hall of fame resolved. >> i think the big one is already in there. san francisco, 74 oakland, 80 san jose and the trend had watching hq6for those morning showers saturday and the seven- day. say close the kron4 morning news continues.v'r
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introducing my new brunchfast menu. with 10 delicious items like my bacon and egg chicken sandwich, southwest scrambler plate, a sparkling blood orange cooler, and homestyle potatoes. served all day, every day. only at jack in the box. ñl3honest with you i election daypjf so it was so important to me that i didn't even know it was happening. we are focused &swon other thin here.? really? áhold on kerry i know
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lives in alabama, but i didn't think he lived under q-:a rock but i haven't heard that that's terrible. >> was he lying? doing that to avoid questions about it. >> absolutely. there's no way he didn't know it was election day. >> that to i want to send my son to play for is someone so insulated. is there more to this interview >> know that kosaid. i think that was the point . =' talk to a bañnot get involved in politics and instead of saying i'm not getting involved he just said what election. >> bella check and nick sabin yesterdayéf, belichick said i'm friends with trump and i don't örñ nobody wants to get into this o staff. >> because trump held at the e loves me and so does tommy and you know what tom
7:47 am
brady said yesterday he has learned not to talk politics.]hx gdp]1ñsaid you know what enough no more talking about it. >> it çmkis a funny deal and i always joke about this, two leave the room bring up religion and bring up politics. >> and you don't want to talk about it. >> and not for any reason except how you feel is how you feel. i'm not going to convince you on something like that. >> here is the thing, look at for example, very high price of÷ system is broken and says i didn't vote because i didn't care who won they were both bad and i was kind of, i was surprised about one. >> again i will go back to if you want to knock the system that is your right as an american and when you don't both,koñr pghi think i would ha
7:48 am
out into myself. >> andvom here is d what i love raiders quarterback derek carr j sounded like a politician in a good way. >> it's like a team. ñand some that you don't and sometimes there will be [ inaudible ]. all i know is if you want to be successful and you wwóu to dominate you have to come together. but i am voting for car. >> all be w3the x6bad guy. unless they have a football in their hand@qe i'm not that interested in either of them. ñfine, but he was fantastic compared to d. becaus he said something and he voted. but this brings up the subject, we do because someone can shoot a basketball or throw the football we asked them all these questions about something - >> thya true. >> and like their weightqu-i
7:49 am
should stop talking. when i see a young athlete talking about is involved in and around -- been around maybe that's one thing, but just have go from are you going to win the game to explain the nuclear bomb. >> there's also the other angle of, does the team talk amongst themselves. i know that some teams like to réeúissues and some don't. íe=zxl said vthey talked all 9)dñé.bou election and it is clear website kerr came down on. ?;ñ >> you are faced with the reality that the m,man who will lead you has routinely used racist, misogynist insulting that is a tough one. that's a fátough one. ÷ykmhim well and i
7:50 am
hope is a good president. i have @> and as you say winning helps and they beat the mavericks last night.fn! you really want to beat up p=yo little ]/>brother like that? he's÷ -- he showed up. but they have four guys who normally play for them and they didn't use them. thinking is now that greg popovich in says san antonio is considered the best coach did this a few years ago. maybe you are playing the second night in a row xland st resting some of your
7:51 am
the warriors are favored to win no matter what so you give your players arrest on those nights that is going to be hard to win there were four guys, three starters that ('fcome off the bh who didn't play last night. >> they just gave up before they started? >> yes. i'm telling you your pain whatever he had to pay these guys for a seat that kind of bothers me. ce >> the fans are in their seats thinking their winning. did you see the mom? [ laughter ] [ inaudible ] this may be somebody's mother. look at the sweater and look at the dance moves and my ñk:h would "nñbe embarrassed. >> she isgoá in a high producti value street. >> i am going to kill him. my kids are embarrassed enough and even more so and that wasn't even may. but that's a cute window.
7:52 am
but seriously. i was thinking they are not that bad or was it a christmas letter? ÷ went to a game?hf7 >> no seriously and my kids would be really upset. if i just sing a little that embarrasses them. .forget your kids, i'm upset. >> that is true it is something where you think it's something cute. ? say you are in some function at the school and they stop and start talking to people and rhu% they say come on i said no i'm making them laugh. they love me. i wouldn't do what you're doing here. but if you are a parent you know you are ñu!terrible singer, you terrible dancer and you don't know any cool phrases #wzjust k your mouth shut and drive. fs6 >> sometimes that's true.
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>> okay gary, talkie later.h%t -- talk to you later@b$8 . taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
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brookside. life can be messy... but with crayola color wonder... it doesn't have to be. don't you wish life could be this mess-free? color wonder. find it in the crayola aisle. sets each sold separately. welcome back. we are 6pwatching wall street the dow jones industrial average
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÷n look up at 93 this morning and ñ the dow at 18 record high territory. look up x"oat 93 this morning the dow at 18,000 687. ö there's a report same the flavorings incl0c?ycancer-causing chemicals. toxic compounds when it heats up and the flavored liquids 5ñ of a chemical called aldehyde. inhaled as a chemical even small amounts has been linked to risk of cancer and heart disease. right now there are nearly 1000 arket and many of them are designed to attract young adults..just saying that scares me.l happening today the lower ñ ride is closed because of king tied it doesn't look like this now. you look they don't know this is a great parking spot. ]i this is what it's going to look like. they are serious about this when they have heavy storms
7:57 am
this happens in your card drwi be washed away. the ties are exceeded3wñ -- çc6 as we continue we follow th trump protests as thousands of people took to the streets to protest the president-elect. we have team coverage including when things turned violent. president-elect donald trump minutes away from a w president. obama in the oval office. here is a live look. we will have details. a warning in the south bay as a common attack outside her home in the middle of thm[tñday and attacker. we will explain in a live report .c
7:58 am
7:59 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
8:01 am
>>reporter: a little shot of rain trying to look here for saturday morning
8:02 am
>>robin winston: 63 minutes from 238 out to 237 >>mark: the protest turned into violence in the bay area of the protest across the country
8:03 am
>>reporter: the crawl grew to 7000 people
8:04 am
8:05 am
>>darya: the principal oakland is to put their decision to express themselves
8:06 am
>>james: thousand demonstrators filled the streets across the country in the lower right here
8:07 am
is one person had to say about the protest more full to is the
8:08 am
expected to continue will be following that part of the store and a transition of power gets underway >>reporter: donald trump already owns property on pennsylvania avenue will get a look inside his new residence just down the street the opponent say he
8:09 am
deserves a chance the meeting is underway and you live look for the white house as zero, and the president elect
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>>robin winston: still under 15 minutes from the foot of the maze well enough to fremont street >>mark: to the continuing to move the old eastern stand over the bay bridge:
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
>>reporter: there will be to about and the 74 cast we have a on a satellite radar to set a cosmic in the way across should the now for maybe some filter sunshine going on for the afternoon after that second bomb away looks like to the jews will slip more permanently into the '60s
8:18 am
>>robin winston: there is nothing unusual added to this commit traffic and is 15 minutes
8:19 am
from the foot of the maze of a fremont street
8:20 am
>>mark: clinton identified two more bodies found on the south carolina property of the man who's a minute to killing his seven people to the bodies of the 25 year-old and her husband 29 year-old were found on top of the property and they died and there were shot to death last investigators move the shipping container to she was chained and screaming for help police found the body of her boyfriend buried on land is currently connected to seven killings
8:21 am
>>mark: hey was arrested because he attacked the motorcycle as >>darya: still has the a caller on a domestic disturbance turns deadly for one of the officers to respond and
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>>reporter: their visiting another patient spotty and the elderly couples waller and kendall once it got what he wanted and what of his wife
8:26 am
closely behind them will cover surveillance video of the tea shop and at two separate wal- mart stores and a target in vallejo the staff that would turn to the hospital two days later she jumped in and made the arrest led help police track down these
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>reporter: we see a lot more cloud cover starting to usher in the onshore flow
8:31 am
>>mark: 2 police officers shot and pennsylvania one of them was killed >>james: police are still looking for that shooter that
8:32 am
happened about 4:00 and the morning we have video from the scene police said someone called in the domestic disturbance and when officers arrived somewhat immediately opened fire on them what they're describing isn't and bush style attack on all to die the surviving officer has been flown to hospital the moment we don't know the condition of that officer we're hoping for as a manhunt we do know police and the swat team has been focusing their attention near to homes in the area not clear at the moment >>will tran: not only was he
8:33 am
attacked it happen in broad daylight in front of her home she just got back from a grocery store to a man wearing black move from the right to the left of the screen comes up to her and tries to grab her purse
8:34 am
>>darya: to the man behind bars accused of stabbing his
8:35 am
grandmother and his mother they don't know the motive but they say it does suffers from various illnesses police on the hunt for man who burglarized this
8:36 am
happened in a home near the corner of covington road about noon on fridays and the police had the k-9 unit and everything is searched until everyone to stay indoors all wal-mart managers recovering after being stabbed outside of the store police arrested a 31 year-old and 22 year-old kimberly of
8:37 am
morgan hill police said they tried to leave without paying a manager from outside of the wal- mart the manager was stabbed with a small knife. can't see it. can't taste it.
8:38 am
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>>gabe slate: they have the
8:41 am
start of based in berlin gamecock on sale they're just dumping the bells to go a strict training there were rebuilt electron could slow things down for them and other start-ups to is no secret of our natural market in the light being stable when they drop big investors on tech companies large and small
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>reporter: san jose and the
8:46 am
'80s santa clara and milpitas as well >>robin winston: the eastern
8:47 am
span through the tunnel on the suspension and the drive times going back up the second wave of heavy traffic if you use your south 242 south 680 that come you still pretty thick and as a we have a crash wrapping up in danville it is calling on account of all the way into danville 34 minutes checking this out that one on one or that is easing of rolling in this morning south 101 backed up not down traffic now the drive times looks better 37 minutes from 85 to 237
8:48 am
>>darya: they show elevated levels of acid that is naturally occurring but it can make people sick the commercial crab season this will start november 15th the recreational classes are restarted last week
8:49 am
that will last through november 18th the 56 road man burst into the court room in this city had to leave but he did not often that is when officers wrestled him to the ground and to give into custody he had a personal dispute with the police division and now he's facing multiple charges >>mark: to the victim of a purse snatcher the 64 year-old is the mayor of miami shores here is video she was grabbing a couple of coffee to position its push to the ground in her purse stolen " she gets up and chased the to men make the she back of the shoes of a handgun for and ended up being a be begun if she was able to get the license plate number and they track down
8:50 am
the suspects and arrested three men >>reporter: the damage to property can be catastrophic in the injury to people can be devastating in fatal the drug is
8:51 am
called a butane honey will course simply to the age of the goes by the street names such as wax or shattered in his pocket and is most concentrated form will miss the dangers is not so much the potency it is the explosion associated with making net contra costa county and shows us how easy honeywell is made using household items and refined butane a highly volatile gas that an easy to get a ridiculously easy to accidently ignite but is near impossible to detect regular butane use and most writers has a smell added for safety reasons according to the arson investigators that
8:52 am
same smell makes regular butane for making honey oriole so instead they use refined butane that has the safety aren't stripped away >>reporter: the video shows firefighters responding to a honey will live in walnut creek two years ago after the shock wave was felt on the other side of the 680 freeway and hear the sound of other canisters in the apartment exploding for one reason they're trying to raise awareness about this trend because the danger it poses to first responders they tell us the 300 ml cans and has enough to find the time that if it
8:53 am
ignited the davis and feel of 1400 square foot home butane canisters roughen the size of barbecued pork paintings have been found inside some illegal home lamps which exploded into account an entire neighborhood block the because the butane gas is both clear and odorless and some bystanders would have no idea the danger they read in until it was too late to--.... >>mark: you can watch this tonight on the kron 4 news at 10 we will be right back
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>>robin winston: 80 west that a coach has breaking up slow in pockets, and are open just a little bit in the residual delaying cultus in the election
9:05 am
of donald trump on the left-hand side of the screen you can see hundred people gathered from city hall a was a peaceful protest on the right more destructive protest >>reporter: we seen a lot of the cleanup efforts in the castro after thousands of people marched down market street wising public works crews clearing of some of the graffiti and signs the will left over
9:06 am
others sat on the steps of city hall to voice their anger at the president elect this one with and talk and the people about the process
9:07 am
>>james: smalls angeles police say they arrested about 13 people we so this also cause the country you can see emotions
9:08 am
running high in one interview there were some places with a started fires krahn.
9:09 am
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at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. >>robin winston: we're still hot spot free that is the good thing they're winding down as getting a little bit better
9:12 am
>>darya: it covers 2007 to 2013 outlanders the water can between the hood in the windshield and
9:13 am
cause a ball jointer rust
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>robin winston: is pockets of crowding of cost it appeared that no major problems the usual jam of our the oakland a's that means moderate slowing for the southbound commit nothing major earlier this morning over an hour from 238 out to 237 because of a much earlier problem.
9:17 am
>>reporter: going to the day-to- day you concede it is pretty much as to go for the cloud cover negotiate for tomorrow 77 into that conference 7879 going
9:18 am
on for walnut creek for the south of the we're looking a 774 mountain view however will see lower a is hovering around san jose and santa clara
9:19 am
>>rob black: more often than not we're talking about taxes from overseas to the united states they're going to create an infrastructure and a trillion dollars companies like apple will love that the money will go into helping the economy and create jobs in theory the one
9:20 am
thing is you cannot give everyone everything they one something has to break and something has to give >>rob black: you're looking at
9:21 am
elimination of the care program medicaid coverage and below the poverty line with eliminating subsidies and by their own insurance and marketplaces and probably eliminate tax penalties to the uninsured and once had a
9:22 am
your sales tax already and whether you can the flour
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>>reporter: that is part of having to check in at the front desk.
9:28 am
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9:31 am
>>robin winston: i don't see any major accidents or hot spots here is the ride into san francisco still pack that the bay bridge toll plaza
9:32 am
>>darya: some inkatha and domestic disturbance on when the officers got there someone started shooting at them it was an ambush dollar attack
9:33 am
>>will tran: this person covered his face but adjutancy is coming from the right to the left side of the screen as she fought in the she fell to the ground as she drags her for a few short distance and takes off she is 71 years old and is not even a fair five sheets injured a little bit and a couple of bruises on her hips and legs we can tell you they're asking the public they believe according to
9:34 am
the family that this just did not happen they believe the acid was premeditated meaning they believe that the robber
9:35 am
actually followed her to her house and she is trying to unload groceries for every south to san jose police are men hoping for any new information on this case they have not gotten back to me if they should before the end of the newscast i will let. you let >>darya: the grandmother died from her injuries to stick a love this the 35 year-old who police say did it happen in a home to around 730 last night police say that he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed his mother and his grandmother and took off to talk about a mile away and arrested him the mother is expected to survive they do not know why he did when he does suffer from various mental
9:36 am
illnesses. >>reporter: my looks something like this one of the existing 16 medicinal marijuana dispensaries already doing business he is a consultant for the industry and the people over 21 can possess one comes of marijuana and up to six plants to cannot smoke in public for now the recreational users can buy marijuana for medicinal dispensary that could
9:37 am
change if as communities to implement their own rules such as quality control the biggest tech away howe may be in the decriminalization of the new law
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>robin winston: no big problems here for the ride from the north bay only 25 minutes from high with 37 >>mark: he attacked him in this morning he defended his actions
9:42 am
he never met the attack until this violence and counter. >>reporter: looking ahead we have going on this weekend shower possible and afternoon sun looks pretty nice
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>: to be honest with you i did not even know it was election day it was so important to me that i did not know what was happening. >>darya: i had not heard that that is terrible
9:47 am
>>darya: he's learned not to talk politics here is the thing for example the 49 of quarterback leading the process would saying the system is broken and then says i did not
9:48 am
vote because i did not care who won there were both bad and i was surprised. >>gary: 51 to block the system would when you don't vote
9:49 am
>>gary: to bring up the subject because so many cashoo the basketball for crowfoot ball we ask why all these questions about something >>darya: some of them like to discuss caravans and some don't in the warriors' case it is
9:50 am
clear what side he came down on. >>: when you're faced with reality of the man who want to leave you as routinely use racist insulting words that is a tough one i wish him well i hope he is a good president i have no idea what type ps bid because he has not said anything about what he will do. >>gary: he's lived a little bit and he is older and more life experience your pain whenever
9:51 am
you have to pay this maybe
9:52 am
someone's mother look of the sweater in the dance moves in my kids would be embarrassed >>darya: there was the latest howe i was thinking is a dance moves because they're not that bad or was it the christmas water cannons and not allowed to dance >>gary: they said come on let's go if you are a parent you know
9:53 am
your terrible singer your terrible dancer you don't know any core phrases we will see you later
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: president obama told reporters that if he succeeds america succeeds donald trump went on to say he was sick all bomb was council's president and the president promised to corp. during the transition. a very
9:56 am
cordial meeting trump is also to the majority leader while he's in town is traveling with the vice-president elect might cancel met with biden along with the meeting the first lady of fifth they're expecting more comments to come out shortly but the meeting did not look like it was going to be in the making just two days ago >>darya: he was honored to meet the president and talk to him
9:57 am
what you're saying the financial stocks and energy stocks as well as health care stocks on the rise stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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