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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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over donald trump's presidential victory. you are looking at video of afternoon on the left--- and on the right is a live picture over oakland where demonstrators are gathering for another round of protests. good evening, i'm vicki liviakis >> steve:and i'm steve aveson, in for grant lodes. thousands have taken to the since tuesday's election. >> steve:student protesters here in san francisco, chanted 'not ahead rainbow and mexican flags as they marched through the city. >> catherine: >> vicki:kron four's ella sogomonian was there--- she joins us live now in san francisco. and ella what are people saying they have against trump as the new commander in chief? >> reporter: what mom has struck a sensitive chord for many groups. young women say they don't lula while immigrants fear his divise rhetoric could
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change >> reporter: 5 thehigh school students from oncoming holy dying of here that it led all the bay of of a david marvin believe in >> reporter: of civil life what they believed that it will fit henry i, i did think of what event it hough
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hough high higher day if the law of the the the new lenses who is in the the his chicago chef
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-- _ technical diffic weulties --technical difficulties >> reporter: long walk junior
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>>"i came out here today because hearing donald trump get elected just really bothered me." the all >> reporter:the election seemed to bother many people across the bay area in this third day of vocal rejection since tuesday's results. young women explained video him comments against women sparked their dislike for won the election. >> high junior "women who make a majority of the population can, should retaliate." >> reporter:it wasn't just students teachers and bystanders movement. 1 >>christopher ray, protestor "the youth being activated by this is probably the only good thing about trump getting elected." >> reporter:among the
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dissapointed - least one young man visiting from the east coast. how >> reporter:wyatt dobrovich- fago, trump >> today even hitting that a"hillary lost, trump won and pill hill saying all everyone needs to come together as a country and we need to come together and support our new president whether we like it or not." tonight at 6 we'll bring you trump protests. >> reporter:live in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> reporter:and it wasn't just san walked out of the classrooms under the today. >> reporter:you just heard students from trump presidential election. had
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>> reporter:a majority of these protest remained peaceful. but in. antioch police arrested three pittsburg high school the city. late last die if the hon >> reporter: --apologies, technical difficulties
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>> steve:and we are following breaking news happening right now across the country. thousands for people are taking to the streets to protests trump's election. these are live aerials from and. in los angeles protesters are having a hard time accepting the new president elect. protesters have attempted to block several miles of highway-101. since tuesday. and they were back out blocking the freeway again this afternoon. >> vicki:at one point.a crowd of protestors lit a giant pinata of donald trump's head on fire. people in the crowd were chanting "not my president" as it burned. for these two stories i'm hoping you can find the best protests stuff on cnn. >> reporter:i think we can start with los angeles. i put two videos iin there
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that you can use. the people burning a trump pinata and then people marching on freewayburning trump. po- 251we, >> reporter:and things got even more serious in washington d-c. one arrest has been made in the protest against the election results. you can see police take down a man in this footage here. >> reporter:this happened late last the crowd moved from the newly-opened trump international hotel to the white house and back. many protestors there in washington d-c have been heard chanting --"no racist u- s-a >> reporter:and of course, we have complete coverage on these election protests on our website kron four dot com. we are streaming live, right now, the protests happening in san francisco. >> reporter:you can also download the kron four mobile app--- to stay on top of breaking news in your
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area. >>come on, guy, come on, guys, let's go. >>very good man, very good man. >> reporter:you heard it. donald trump calling president obama a good man. >> reporter:protests may be sweeping the country but all was calm in the oval office today. catherine is here with the story of donald trump's first trip to washington as president=elect. return to >> catherine:just last week president obama was calling donald trump "unqualified to be president." today both men tried to put the partisan rhetoric of the campaign - in the rear=view mirror. >>president obama "i believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party, and regardless of political preferences, to now come
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together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face >> reporter:the world's most powerful leader welcomed the man who will succeed him. >>donald trump "i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and half, and as far as im concerned it could've gone on a lot longer." >>mr. president, it was a great honor being with you it i honor being with you. i, and i look forward to being with you many more times in the future. thank you, sir. thank you, everybody. >> reporter:for donald trump it's day one of transitioning from running for office to running the country. at the capitol, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell welcomed trump, his wife melania and vice president elect mike pence. >> reporter:trump also met with the man he once threatened to replace as house speaker. >> reporter:paul ryan showed him the balcony where he''ll be sworn in as the 45th president, 70 days from now. >> reporter:one trump ally suggested the president elect might be backing off from his campaign promise to put hillary clinton behind bars. >>politics are over now. the people have spoken. time to start unifying the country, >> reporter:rudy giuliani says another issue remains on the front burner. >>the wall. i'm sure t;s going to take awhile. he's
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going to build it. dov >> reporter:the white house released this photo of first lady michelle obama entertaining melania trump at tea. but there was no photo=op of the trump and obama families together. >> reporter:that break with tradition was interpreted as a sign of how politial tensions have not disappeared in the immediate aftermath of the bitter election battle. >> reporter:a student in the south bay wearing a head scarf is attacked. still ahead on kron four news. >> reporter:why the victim says the attack. is related to tuesday's election results. >> reporter:we'll have a live reports coming up. >> reporter:and. >> reporter:more charges have been filed against a former oakland police officer-- tied to the sex scandal that has rocked several bay area law enforcement agencies. >> reporter:and next. >> reporter:there's been a lot of uproar over the election of donald trump. after the break, hear from trump supporters and their reaction from tuesday's
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reults. --results >> reporter:and we are following breaking news--- that is unfolding across the country. protests--- upset with trump's election to the white house. these are live aerials of protests happening right now in ???
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>> steve:a retired oakland police officer has been charged with a midemeanor. after he admitted to paying for sex with the same teen girl at the center of a widespread exploitation scandal. >> steve:contra costa countyold al perrodin with one count of soliciting according to police.he admits he payed to have sex with jasmine abuslin back in february. the d-a believes this will be the only charge out of 13-related claims on other deptuties. due to lack of evidence. >> steve:a total of 23- officers from oakland and richmond have so far been disciplined in the case. >> vicki:in the south bay. police are looking for a man who attacked a woman right in front of her home in san jose. kron four's will tran reports from the san jose police department with who police are now looking for.
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>> reporter: you can see the rubber comes up to the one in. he comes up to her wearing a black hood and his face is also covered with a mass. he tried to rob her of her purse but she was not willing to give up without a fight. she actually feel to the ground and dried her. to finally get the person ran down the street and how onto a car or into the car. police are asking for the public's health. because of the video is hard to make out the space. we talked to the victim's family. she is 71 years old. traumatized and still recovering from her injuries. the victim's family believed that she may have been followed from the grocery store to her home. reporting from san jose,
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will tran-kron 4 news. >> catherine: >> vicki:breaking news at 5:30. the election of donald trumpacross the bay area - and
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> vicki: the election of donald trump of his lead to continued progress-protest across the area. >> steve: tonight marks the third night of protest. >> catherine: there are a lot of students walking all of class and protests in assisting that they need to show the world how bay field. this is the same at san francisco hours earlier. they were stating that there are not happy with the election results and that this is not their president.
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>> catherine: these are students of small groups and callous coco that were protesting this morning. and there're a string of towns and counties this day. looking at hayward, and san jose. nationally protest rallies all range from washington and baltimore. as we have been saying there is not a lot of violence. largely peaceful but with a lot of traffic being blocked. some did turned ugly today in virginia. but, for the most part a lot of police presence and not a lot of debt problems. steve?-- not a lot of big
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problems. steve? >> steve:most have been relatively them have obstructed traffic. tonight marks the third night of protests. >> catherine: >> vicki:thousands of bay area students walked out of class. joining in anti-trump protests. insisting they need to show the world how they feel. this was the scene today in san francisco. where high schoolers chanted things like 'not my president' - and waved rainbow and mexican flags. >> catherine:they marched downtown.and in many cases got high-fives from bystanders in the heavily democratic city. and it's not just the bay area's big cities, like san francisco and oakland. >> catherine:these are students in calistoga.who joined a small protest this morning. a string of towns and cities made up the list of places where classes were empty for at least part of the day.including walnut creek, hayward and san jose.
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>> catherine:nationally.people gathered for rallies in places ranging from new york to texas to oregon. protestors were outside the white house this morning.waiting for trump to arrive for his visit with president obama. >> catherine:other protests turned ugly.with someone vandalizing two civil war monuments in virginia.writing "your vote was a hate crime." >> steve:hundreds of high school students poured onto the streets today in san francisco. backed by police motorcades -- the protestors slowed traffic -- but for the most part -- drivers were understanding. >> vicki:and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports -- the demonstrations remained mostly peaceful. return to >> reporter:they may be young and new to politics. but they're message is clear. >>nats- "together we are
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one." >> reporter:about 75 george washington high school students marching through the streets of san francisco. denouncing president-elect donald trump. >>sot- "this means a lot to our people, to people of color. to any women, children. anyone who needs a voice that isnt being heard to right now." >> reporter:the students protested and early afternooon. follolwed closely by san francisco police officers who allowed the peaceful demonstration without disruption. >>sot- "i grew up muslim my not cutting it, so we gotta show what we're doing out here. gotta show we don't what this piece, this guy running our country, period." >> reporter:and, here along the embarcadero, traffic grinded to a hault as demonstrators passed by. >>nats- "hey, hey. ho, ho. donald trump has got to go." students from the academy of arts and sciences joined the protest as well. >> reporter:along with several other schools. >>sot- "we had people standing with us and even adults fighting with us." >>nats- "we just need to keep speaking our voices." >> reporter:the widespread demonstrations culminated outside city hall. where protestors rallied -- railing against the incoming adminstration. >>sot- "i'm proud to be apart of this movement and
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angry that its come to this -- that we need to have this movement, but its very today." >> reporter:and, it's possible they'll be back on friday. >>nats- "we're the new generation and we're gonna fight for what we want." >> reporter:in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. school district did issue a statement regarding today's in it.district officials said they did not authorize the walkout.but quote---"recognize our students' rights to free speech and understand their need to use it." they added that per standard protocol.they would be notifying families about their student's unexcused absense through their attendance system. and i think the quote is near the bottom of this bcn students from several san >> reporter:more than 1,000 students left campuses across the city and marched toward civic center plaza, according to the san district. >> reporter:a large portion of the group of students then left the civic center area and were spotted downtown and along the embarcadero late this morning. >> reporter:san francisco municipal railway spokesman paul rose said muni service along market street has been re-routed to nearbyresult of the protest.
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>> reporter:sfusd officials sent out a statement about the student walkout this morning. >>"we recognize our students' right to free speech and understand >> reporter:their need to use it. the walkout this morning was not authorized by sfusd staff," district officials said. "per our standard protocol, we will be notifying families regarding their unexcused absence through our attendance system." >> vicki:the man responsible for shooting two pennsylvania police officers.killing one of them.has now been identified. officials say the two a domestic disturbance call early this morning when they were ambushed by michael cwiklinski. >> vicki:cwiklinski opened fire killing 52-year old officer scott leslie bashioum. the second officer is expected to survive. authorities also found the body of a pregnant woman inside the home they believe cwiklinski killed before turning the gun on himself. police say the woman was
5:36 pm
six-months pregnant and had a protection from abuse order against cwiklinski. >> vicki:thousands gathered today to remember the fallen new york police sergeant. paul tuozzolo. the 19-year old n-y-p-d veteran was killed in the line of duty last friday while responding to a home officers stood shoulder to shoulder for nearly a mile long this morning outside of the his long island funeral police commisioner james o'neil says tuozzolo was every thing you wanted in a police officer. >> vicki:he leaves behind his wife and two young sons. return
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lugar news it
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>> vicki:there's yet more argument and buzz over where george lucas should bring his planned 'museum of narrative art". he's faced opposition in both san francisco and chicago. >> steve:catherine heenan is here with the latest on the city that "wants" him to come to come to town. >> catherine:los angeles supervisors have voted unanimously to urge the 'star wars' creator to bring the museum to francisco it's a symbolic vote.but support it. these are drawings of what the including
5:40 pm
his vision for the chicago lakefront. but lucas ran into problems with chicago parks authorities. >> catherine:and had earlier opposition from the presidio trust. but there are new designs -- one for treasure island -- and another for exposition park - in l.a. los angeles supporters point out that lucas attended film school at u-s- c and >> catherine:founded 'industrial light and magic' in van nuys -- before moving north. dream works ceo jeffrey katzenberg said today -- "our job right now is to let him know we want him, we love him, and we'll do what we need to get him here." >> catherine:meaning la >> brittney: slightly cooler temperatures with a few more clout with our return of our onshore flow. we'll be right
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>> steve:we are keeping a close eye on another night of protests in the bay area. pam moore is in the newsroom with what we are working on for kron 4 news at six. >> pam: hi. steve. >> pam:steve as we have been watching throughout the day.multiple protest across the bay area. mostly involving students. upset with the result of this week's presidential election. while today's marches have been peacefull. we did see protests in oakland turn distructive last night. more marches are taking place right now. and later tonight. we will be keeping an eye on them and bring you the latest tonight on kron 4 news at 6. >> pam:steve now back to you and vicki. return to index of >> vicki:colin kaepernick.once again made headlines this week.for reasons outside of football. >> steve:the 49ers quarterback.hasn't been shy about taking social protest has sparked some pretty strong reactions.
5:45 pm
mark carpenter joins us with the details. >> reporter:since his national anthem protest, kaepernick has garnered a lot of praise for his bravery in speaking out and making his opinions known. but people believe he shouldn't have taken a knee.on election day. >> reporter:the quarterback said that he chose not to vote this year donald trump or hillary clinton. a decision that forced national sports commentator ways only he could. return >>stephen a smith "it is shameful. absolutely shameful. him of all people took because of the attention he brought to the issue. the fact that you don't even have the decency to go to the polls and activate yourself in this election, as our president said, is a damn shame. i don't want to hear another word from colin kaepernick.' >> reporter:hurricane smith.makes a beeline for colin kaepernick and although fiery, he's not alone in his sentiments. longtime bay area columnist mark purdy.offered a much more subdued take. and said kaepernick affected the legitimacy of his protest. >>mark purdy-san jose mercury news columnist "i think muhammad ali voted. he had strong stances. arthur ashe, strong stance and he voted i know.
5:46 pm
into th e voting booth would be a much more powerful image than him standing at his locker and saying 'i didn't vote." >> reporter:kaepernick explained he decided not to vote because would be able to change a system that oppresses people of color. yet-- purdy believes he still could have participated. >>purdy "if he didn't want to vote in the presidential election, that to me, okay you can walk into the ballot box and not vote for that, but there was a lot of other things on the ballot, including some people of color running for office and i would think you would want an american in that. i think he made a bad choice there and he may at some point wish to rethink and regret." >> reporter:but smith feels he shouldn't even be given a forum to walk back his decision. >>smith "i would personally make a request to the media in this nation. wherever he is, if he's not on that football field trying to throw pass, do me a favor and make sure one thing, take the means nothing because for i'm
5:47 pm
concerned, everything he nothing. absolutely nothing. i don't want to hear another damn word from him." return >> reporter:for the record, trump has had some bold thoughts on kaepernick's protest. calling it a terrible thing and he should find a country that works better for him. perhaps that's another reason why kaepernick decided to abstain. return >> reporter: i would never want to get on steve had a smash-- stephen a. smith's bad side.
5:48 pm
>> catherine: >> vicki: you know you can always write in ? >> vicki:the 20-16 n-b-a champions received some presidential treatment today. the cleveland caveliers were welcomed to the white house by president obama himself. the cavs got the invitation after beating the golden state warriors last season in a nail biting series that many bay area fans are trying to forget. >> vicki:obama saulted the cavs for their championship after rallying from behind to defeat the warriors. he also congratulated them on ending cleveland's pro sports title drought stretching back to 19-64 >> vicki: well, we still have a drought.
5:49 pm
(laughter) >> brittney: absolutely no rain showers. a hour to bridge as right now -74 and vallejo, 71 in napa, 68 in san rafael. so i read are showing us that clubs are serving to develop and moved into parts of the south bay and the east bay. attuning to push off into the north east. so, we will see cloud disguise. and, heading into tomorrow you can see a system right here at that session on friday. --you can see a system bringing and rainshowers here. >> brittney: more clouds on
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saturday. >> brittney: 71 degrees in san carlos, temperatures and telescope that as 73. 75 in fairfield, and close 70's for hayward. with mid 70's for san jose and these temperatures are for tomorrow. a closer look at the 7 day for tests showing as we go into friday, the biggest change will come between friday and saturday for the inland locations dropping about 5 degrees. similar conditions and expected at the bay for the next few days. >> brittney: will see clear conditions. we hold on to that going into the start of next week. but, when bank into late tuesday and
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wednesday another week system breaking us a chance of cooling showers. >> steve: thank you, britt. >> steve:coming up. brad pitt--- cleared of any wrongdoing after a child where the actor is doing now, next. return to index
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5:53 pm
>> vicki:brad pitt has been cleared of child abuse charges. and he's made his second public appearance since his split with angelina jolie. the insider's debbie matenopolous has more from
5:54 pm
hollywood. 5. >> brasd pitt everybody! (cheers & applause) >> reporter: >> reporter: and with just one interview it was a skit a safety bubble protecting brad pitt. since the split and child abuse charges.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: just earlier he was cleared of child abuse coverages or charges from the social services department. >> vicki: that wraps up kron 4 news at 5:00. >> steve:steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. >> steve: if you have been wondering how hillary clinton is doing we have an answer for you tonight. at kron4 and is at 6:00.
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just for sleep. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:students across the bay area. walked out of school in protest of republican president- elect donald trump. this video is from san francisco where the protestors converged on city hall to sound off. >> pam:good evening. i'm pam moore. >> steve:and im steve
5:58 pm
aveson. this is something that keeps playing out since tuesday. and in some instances. violently. >> steve:kron 4's ella sogomonian is at city hall tonight. saying about the president-elect? >> steve: ella? >> reporter:students have been chanting not my president through the streets of san francisco all afternoon. despite winning the presidential election donald trump has yet to win the hearts of many who are >> reporter: in the meantime has definitely quieted down. they are seen that this that says that this is not their president. they kept chanting. near city hall it was closed off because of the protest as well and the students were saying that their impression of donald trump, in regard to when he was saying during his campaign trail he is sexist and racist and does not take women seriously and is very degrading it is very
5:59 pm
hard to have a president that has been accused of sexual assault and other things. >> reporter: they are trying to voice their opinions and their concerns and let people know that they were not happy about this. >> reporter: was once the and the state regardless of what we think we should come together. >> we are not going to support this tyrant and haight speech that he has campaigned on that was very unacceptable. >> hillary clinton did not win and we all need to come together and come together. obviously i do not like it and these people down but we need to come together. >> reporter: sins are concerned about what their future may be like. especially towards the decisive remarks made
6:00 pm
towards the year the and muslim community as well from donald trump. predominately today we saw a student out there protesting and we ask why was it so important to come out because they are the young generation and his collection will affect them much greater because they are the future. >> catherine: there are protests are around the country over this unexpected election of donald trump. starting your the light look and baltimore with the crowd has been gathering. not far from the atm stadium where the ratings game is ongoing. some of the rallies have been a large and mostly, fairly peaceful. in baltimore as in other cities. there is a lot more police presence tonight. >> catherine: and clothing with share-judge including parents with children and
6:01 pm
strollers they have tailed off signs and slogans but not my president and make america safe for all. nationwide dissemination-- nationwide demonstrations have been going on one. and donald trump taking to social media to address their scorn for it hit are saying that they are hypocrites because they are not accepting the democrat- says the democratic policy because they do not el accept the results. it >> reporter: graffiti was removed as some of much i cannot show on tv.
6:02 pm
>> reporter: israfil scheck not only had their window shattered but it was also loaded. >> reporter:--radio shack >> reporter: showing of fighters and fireworks set off by some who splinter off to the largest protest they not only took off their anger towards a donald trump to the city but also the police. >> reporter:here's video from our partnership with abc7 news that shows the fires and fireworks set by some who splintered off of the larger their anger at donald trump police. >>it was a warzone >> reporter:this man says he was attacked when trying to stop window with a cane thrity people were arrested. and the mayor expects more arrests to come.
6:03 pm
>>i grabbed his cane, two guys punched me, i got punched in the eye then i think the cane becausei felt something really hard >> reporter:he says other protestors ran his attackers off. there are also reports of many of the tried to stop the vandals from venting their rage at local businesses. >> reporter:30 people were arrested.police say the oakland. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam:you can stay on top of the protests and any disruptions they cause to traffic or transit through the kron 4 mobile app. it is free for apple and android devices. >> pam:tonight the transition of power is officially underway in our nation's capital. >> steve:dan, what more they saint of this monumental upset?
6:04 pm
>> i'm excited about the change that is about to come in to washington. >> his beliefs are aligned with most of the police the i am to be more of what my family and children live by. >> reporter: his supporters aren't ready for major changes once the office is his. >> alleged deceit and more reasonable policy to all health care at. >> i think he is going to appoint a great supreme court on nominee. and i think that is something that will happen the first few days of the new administration. >> reporter: the trump
6:05 pm
protesters that continue to take revenge or take over the country. >> you should have a right to protest over anything the to have our right. >> this is not a valid process to protest. if that does not work on things had that at the at the bold or during the vote. you do like president obama or hillary clinton and to smooth the transition tried to work together. >> pam: president >> pam:president obama today welcoming president- elect donald trump to the white house. correspondent mark meredith is there tonight. with a
6:06 pm
look at the historic moment, not just in politics. but for the nation. >> pam: mark meredith. >>mark meredith / the white house it's an image that'll be on the front pages tomorrow morning around the world - president elect donald trump sitting down with president obama in the oval office. the photo-op is a very public signal that a transistion is underway - and a new president will move into the white house in 70 days. >>with the campagin behind them - today a new beginning. with the world watching - president obama says he's ready to give president elect donald trump his personal insight of the challenges and triumps of the oval office. >>the meeting - a traditional stop with a new adminstration - gave mister trump the opportuntiy to meet president obama for the first time. not far away - first lady michelle obama met privately with the incoming first lady. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president and the future at including council. he
6:07 pm
explains some of the difficulties. >> reporter:and while the white house did not hold an official photo-op with both families - the administraion says they're setting a smooth tone of transistion. after leaving the white house -president elect trump met with both house and senate republican leadership. >> reporter:a sign - any agenda- will still need cooperation from congress. cooperation - at least from now on - the white house says it's also eager to provide. >>"they chose >> reporter:vice president biden is also inviting the vice president elect, governor pence of indiana here to washington. >> reporter:they're likely set to meet for dinner at the vice president's residence - the naval observatory - just a few miles from here. reporting from the white house, i'm mark meredith. scissors >> pam:the president was not the only person to meet with donald trump today. the president- elect met with house speaker paul ryan on capitol hill. >> pam:the men had lunch together, along with vice president- elect mike pence. ryan showed trump the platform where he will be sworn in as the 45th
6:08 pm
president in january. >> pam:ryan will find out next week if he will remain as house speaker. he has taken some heat for not defending trump during the election. >> pam:trump and pence also met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. following the meeting, trump said, the top priorities are immigration, border security, health care and "big- league jobs." >> pam:mcconnell never really got involved in the presidential race. instead, he focused on keeping the republican majority in the senate. >> pam: >> steve:was it election night hate? we talk to a south bay woman who says she was attacked because of her religion. >> pam:plus there's an update on the disappearance of northern california mother. what happened where her husband took a lie detector tests. >> steve:and more coverage of the election protests in the bay area. we follow of students as they walked out class and hit the heat of san francisco. >> brittney: we will take a
6:09 pm
look ahead at all the changes headed our way as we got into the weekend. that is coming up in my boyle forecast after the bright-- and mindful forecast after the break. ♪
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>> steve:protests have been going on all over the bay area today. high school students have been walking out to protest the outcome of tuesday's election. >> steve: this has been a
6:12 pm
big story going on all day by idea of a protest. and today the student protest has been going on all day with high school students walking out because of the outcome of tuesday's election results. many have been recording their protest march. >> steve:we have seen hundreds of concord. hayward. even calistoga and walnut creek. >> steve:emotional wounds resulting from the presidential election have yet to heal. >> pam:today, in san francisco, hundreds of high school students poured onto the streets. backed by police motorcades -- the anti-trump protestors slowed traffic -- but for the most part -- drivers were understanding. and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports -- the demonstrations remained >>- "we're the new generation and we fight for what we want." >> reporter:another day of protests. >> reporter:high school students condeming president-elect donald trump, his agenda and vision for america. >>- "this will be an
6:13 pm
election that will go down in history and i'm so proud to be apart of this movement here." >> reporter:naomi miner is a senior at lowell high school. president-elect trump says he's pro-life. >> reporter:minor holds a sign that reads "my body, my choice." >>"trump is a rapist and i cannot condone any time of mysogynistic feelings that he has and i can't have that representative of my country." >> reporter:minorities feel disenfranchised as well. worried that muslims may soon be banned from entering the country. >> reporter:and, of course the wall along the border that trump lauded during the campagn. >> "its not only mexicans fighting for this. its other countries, uh, ireland, el salvador, everything, guatamala, you know, its not just mexicans." >> reporter:and, its not just one school, two schools or three schools. demonstrators from more than a dozen high schools here in the bay area, were marching here along the embarcadero and throughout san francisco. >> "not my president." >> "how do yall elect someone president without no political education." >>"hella upset. hillary should have won and we all know that." >> reporter:and, these
6:14 pm
students, at least 75 of them from george refuse to be called sore losers, because they didn't even legally have an opportunity to vote. >> reporter:but vow to cast a ballot in four years. >>- "we have a voice and we're a horrible president and its our time to be heard for once." >> reporter:a ground swell of anger that steam. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four. >> reporter:in the south bay. more angry protests - this time at a charter high school. a large passionate group left classes and flooded outside. >> pam: and large pass in that group led classis avoided outside. --just a large passionate group left glasses and flooded outside. --classes and flooded outside. >> pam:they took to the sidewalk of the school and back. with signs, they chanted saying - "not my president - this pertaining
6:15 pm
to donald trump winning the general election. >> reporter:summitt public charter school shares a campus with mt. pleasant high school in east san jose. a few of those students also joined the protest. but during an earlier announcement, the asked the student body to remain in class, and most did not join in. . >> we did not alleged donald trump as president three he won because of the inventory out bold. we want change and we want to make of the rate change. --we did not let-- >> pam:also in the south bay. a possible connection with the election fall out. an attack on a student at san jose state university. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the young woman religion. >>sot esra altun/attacked in
6:16 pm
parking garage i was getting something from my truck getting ready to leave. >> reporter:sophomore esra altun, who is a muslim, believes she was singled out by her attacker because of her head scarf or hijab. >>sot esra altun he pulled the back of my scarf and in doing so he choked me. >> reporter:the attack occurred around 2 here on the 3rd floor of san jose state's west garage at 4th and san salvador. the attacker said nothing but altun suspects the violence is somehow related to the election. >>sot esra altun it is a weird coincidence it was not a hate crime that this happened after donald trump was elected as the presidential election. >> reporter:university police are investigating but president mary papazian says that so far there is no evidence the attack is a hate crime or motivated by the election results
6:17 pm
>>sot mary papzaian/sjsu president we do not know who this individual is and we do not want to jump to conclusions. >> reporter:shaken and hurt the attack occurred at an institution known for it's diversity, esra altun says she would like to find and talk with the man who attacked her. >>sot esra altun i want to know why he did this spirit i does want to try to see where he is coming from and find a resolution. >> reporter:ll this afternoon as post-election emotions are still running high on campus. standup closer return to >> reporter: meanwhile antitrust act of this scattered here this afternoon. as he motions are still running high on campus after the election. -- anti trump activist
6:18 pm
>> pam:a retired oakland police officer has been charged in revolving around a teenage girl. >> pam:contra costa county prosecuters charged 81- year- misdemeanor count of soliciting prostitution. according to police.he admits he payed to have sex with jasmine abuslin back in february. >> pam:the d-a believes this will be the only charge out of 13 other claims filed. a total of 23-officers from oakland and richmond have been disciplined in the case. >> steve: we have had a lovely week so far. what will it be like for the weekend? >> brittney: a chance of showers. so we have to see the live look outside what
6:19 pm
city hall. and it looks pretty nice. we will see a few more clouds moving in. still, and run the entire area we are all above average. cooler temperatures ahead because of the onshore flow and s o g at expected in the morning. --fog >> brittney: temperatures right now 66--67 in mountain view.
6:20 pm
>> brittney: things should start to clear up and our attention temperatures will drop a few degrees saturday and sunday. san mateo, 69 degrees and 62 n.ovado >> brittney: 70 degrees and antioch, and ourselves bay zone 79 degrees for san jose and cupertino. and our sunday forecast shows temperatures dropping. for our inland spot. then we will watch for a slight chance of morning showers. >> pam: thank you, brittney!
6:21 pm
>> pam:she has been gone for almost a week. the new twist tonight in the investigation into a missing and what has happened with her husband. >> steve:plus we are keeping a close eye on protests here in the bay area as well as around the country as people take to the streets to express their views on the outcome of the election. return to
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
>> steve: businesses and city leaders are hoping that if there is it the night of protest that they do be peaceful. >> pam: other matters now, the search continues for a shasta county woman. who has now been missing for more than a week. >> steve:catherine heenan is here authorities are saying abouther husband. >> catherine:keith papini has been talking to detectives -- and has passed a lie detector test.
6:25 pm
he's now been ruled out as a suspect in his wife's disappearance. sherri papini was reported missing november 2nd - after she didn't return from a jog in the community of mountain gate - north of redding. >> catherine:investigators say they've confirmed the whereabouts of her husband.and there's no evidence he was involved. >> catherine:the announcement comes after a family relative reacted angrily to social media rumors. he says the couple have a loving relationship.and sherri was a 'legendary' devoted mother. >> catherine:investigators have now received more than 200 tips. and are reviewing the couple's phone and e-mail records. they say they're still trying to determine the disappearance was voluntary or involuntary. >> catherine:pam and steve? >> steve: thank you, catherine. >> steve:we are watching ongoing presidential election. this is the third night we have seen people in the streets. an update in just a few
6:26 pm
minutes. >> pam:and after an el nino winter. are we in for la nina this year? what forecasts are already saying about the weather phenomenon. >> steve:what do you do after you lose a presidential election? where one woman ran into hillary clinton. return to will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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>> reporter:in san francisco. high school students continued their anti-trump protests in light of tuesday night's presidential election results. hundreds hit the streets. >> reporter:police kept a close eye the entire time. the protestors crisscrossed the city. from the outer richmond district, to the embarcadero and city hall. police officers on the ground say the protestors with several demonstrators saying they plan to continue by protesting on the streets. >> reporter: people have been coming out what signs saying not our president. and we will continue to follow up and see if it will come back up here tonight and city hall. tonight shares are making sure that
6:30 pm
it will be a safe protest. --tonight, sheriff's deputies are making sure that it will be a safe protest. >> reporter: at least 20 businesses were hit during protests. graffiti and windows were smashed. three officers were injured. >> cocktails, rocks and bottoms more--rocks and bottles were thrown at our police officers last night. >> reporter: 7 cisco, high school students continue their anti truck protest in light of tuesday night election results. hunter's hit the streets. police kept a close eye with the entire time creek the protesters crisscrossed the city from the outer richmond district, to the embarcadero and city
6:31 pm
hall. police officers on the ground say the protests with several demonstrators seemed that they plan to continue but protesting on the streets. >> reporter:in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> reporter: the student who is a muslim say she was attacked because of her headscarf. that is what she believed she believe that is related to the fact that emotions are running high on capp this because of the presidential election. city officials say there is no evidence that this is a hate crime or related to the presidential election but they had promised a full investigation creek no less. -- no less >> reporter: this reaction is from donald trump supporters.
6:32 pm
>> we are ecstatic. >> i am so happy. >> reporter: hope that there will be changes to the economy, obama care and the immigration policy. in san francisco,dan kerman kron 4 news. >> steve:we have a pretty good idea what hillary clinton has been up to after tuesday night's crushing dedeat. she took a hike. >> steve:a woman posted this picture today after bumping into the former presidential candidate near hear home in westchester, new york. this is the first time she has been seen out in the public since conceding defeat. the woman says she noticed bill clinton first and then realized hillary was with him. >> steve:the clintons seemed up beat. >>honestly i think she seemed as well as anybody could be expected after, you know, such a crazy, crazy experience. i can't speak to how she was feeling on the inside. but she couldn't have seemed any nicer or
6:33 pm
kinder and gracious to me. >> steve:the woman says after posing for a picture hillary gave her a hug. return to index >> pam:the latest numbers show. cigarette smoking continues to decline. as the taxes on tobacco in california rise. the c-d-c says, smoking rates have fallen from 21- population. to 15-percent in the last ten years. and in just the last year. rates have fallen nearly 2- percent. >> pam:according to the latest survey. smokers are less likely to light up. when cigarettes are more expensive. supporters of the new higher price will not only discourage people from smoking. but will also refund a renewed anti- smoking effort in the state. >> pam:californians just voted to bump up the cigarette tax. proposition 56 easily passed. with nearly 63- percent saying yes. this means smokers will be paying an additional two- dollars per pack. >> pam:a lot of the money will got to california's medi-cal health care program. return
6:34 pm
>> steve:government weather forecasters say. la nina has arrived. it's the periodic cooling of the central pacific ocean that affects weather around the globe. >> steve:catherine heenan is here with more on what that could mean to california. return >> catherine:it's here -- and could hang around through february. in the u.s. -- la nina often means cooler, wetter winters in places like the rockies and the pacific northwest. >> catherine:but 'not' in the southern tier of the u.s. including southern california - where it could cause the drought to persist. >> catherine:that's the last thing that area needs -- after 5 years of bone dry conditions. the drought cost california 2-point-7 billion dollars in 2015 alone, according to a recent study. uno know how >> catherine:la nina will also expose 'other' parts of theas for 'northern'
6:35 pm
california question mark. >> catherine:it's considered a kind of 'no man's land' -- with equal chances to see higher or lower rainfall. >> catherine: steve and pam? >> pam: we have brittney shipp, our meterologist... >> brittney: it to the high 60s. for the bay area. so i read are showing us area of low pressure approaching cold front that will help drop our temperatures. we will see a chance for
6:36 pm
opportunity of a few scattered showers on saturday. we do have some clouds put san bodies by. --by the east bay >> brittney: saturday show and slightly cooler temp with a few clouds and passing showers. by 6:00 a.m. we will try it out and hit into sunday. -- we will dry out >> steve: that is sir paul mccartney taking part in the mannequin
6:37 pm
challenge. his unique connection to this social media craze.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> steve: a bizarre story of a firefighter going toe to toe with a snake. a rattlesnake. he is recovering and the hospital. we will hear his story tonight on kron 4 news at 8 ^ >> steve:the mannequin challenge has been all the rage on social media. >> pam:but there is a little twist to one of the latest celebrities to do it. paul mccartney posted this video on twitter. of him at a piano. in the background, you can hear the song "black beatles" which is frequently the tune played over a majority of the mannequin challenges which have been posted. >> pam:mccartney is mentioned in the track. and of course, he is one of the members of the beatles. >> pam:in sports. we'll
6:41 pm
check in on against the nuggets. plus. colin kaepernick's this presidential election not too happy. gary has the story and all the
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: good evening ever ybody! >> gary:the warriors are in denver to play the nuggets. and right now. after last night's win over dallas steve kerr express his feelings towards having donald trump as the next president of the united states. >> gary:colin kaepernick has been receiving backlash for publicly stating that he didn't vote in this presidential election. espn's first take commentator stephen a. smith made it clear wednesday morning that he completely disagrees with kaepernick's
6:46 pm
decision. >> gary:and unlike most. alabama football head coach nick saban rather pay more attention to other matters other than the presidential election. >> to be honest with you i did not even know yesterday was election day. so, it was so important to me that i did not even know it was happening. we are focused on other things here. >> gary: will say this been a sweet white. even pam cannot believe it. he is... a boob >> pam: he did not want the mom media to ask him a bunch of questions, yes.
6:47 pm
>> gary: right. he did not want the media to ask him a bunch of questions derrick is just me but if steve kerr is shooting a basketball career and i am interested but as a consumer of an operation. save it. >> gary: maybe it is just me. if we are talking of roger expertise i am all ears but if you are talking about something else. do your thing. as a consumer ideas into how i feel. maybe i unselfish. >> pam: well, reporters must be asking them these questions. they would not volunteer to say that they did not know it was election day would they? >> gary: there you go.
6:48 pm
>> steve: " is just that kapernick took it to a different place and to like what steve it is saying that she does undermine what you have said. >> gary: i understand that. make your statement and say in the several minutes. but to go overboard with it to get ratings. >> steve: you are a wise man. >> pam: he does this with everybody an >> gary: when you do this to bump your rating is it just rubbed me the wrong--
6:49 pm
>> gary: the wrong way >> gary: president obama on why cleveland won the final game. >> by knocking out the warriors they cemented their 1996 bulls as the greatest team of all time. so you're president thank you for that. (laughter) >> gary: if i had one guy to say a speech to save my life. its mind that was up against the wall and they are ready to shoot and i needed one person to convince. if i needed someone to save my life i
6:50 pm
would help president obama to say this beach. >> gary:-- say a spech >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> steve: i would choose michelle. (laughter) >> steve: either one you can't go worng. --wrong >> gary: real quick. the players all they get a kick out of this. >> pam: this is hilarious. she was an amazing then sir. --dancer (laughter) >> gary: not shy at all.
6:51 pm
>> gary: the tootsie roll. >> pam: i love that. >> gary: darya put her face on that woman's body dancing! (laughter) >> pam: she did >> pam:snapchat is looking to nothing to do with any of its popular filters. what it is going to start offering users. return
6:52 pm
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6:55 pm
each. >> brittney: 8 been changes with a few more clout to start tomorrow. mostly sunny. temperatures will drop. with a few showers early saturday. we are talking about 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. in the morning. >> steve: will be back here trekking the possibility of protest in oakland and we are hoping that will join us for the is o'clock newscast. that me me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in,
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all the care your family needs. all connected for you. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- brad returns to the red carpet after being cleared by child services. >> i got your shirt. >> is his divorce battle with angie coming to an end? then can kim kardashian just book her first public appearance since the robbery? or is she still "living in fear"? >> kim refuses to leave her house. number three, is gigi hadid in lockdown after her own attack. >> let go of her. >> everyone has to take the right precautions, while also still feeling like a human. your "insider" bonus, did eddie redmayne's bad harry potter audition almost keep him out of hollywood? >> i remember it lasted under about seven and a half seconds,
7:00 pm
i don't think i was allowed to continue half of the scene. what couple's milestone had "real housewives" vanderpump and her husband, ken, reacting like this? >> it's taken you 35 years to tell me that. >> you never asked. >> i want to do this again! now "the insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. brad pitt, cleared of all child abuse allegations. and the news comes on the heels of his and angelina's temporary custody battle cease-fire. >> last night brad made his first red carpet return since their high-profile hollywood split. >> brad pitt, everybody. >> an unprecedented no media zone for one of the biggest stars in the world. >> as red carpets go, i love this, this is so civilized. >> you guys look awesome tonight. >> while typically carpets are jam-packed with outlets and anchors from around the world, last night at the "allied" premiere, the carpet was lined with fans.


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