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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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in jail yesterday. this after two women stabbed to death and a man dead in an oakland home. we will keep track of the story and bring you stories as they come in. one of several anti trump post in the bay area. tonight, berkeley police is looking for hate crime on election date. there's an anti trump and anti white suepremacy -- any poster out there. >> reporter: not yet. we do understand the post will be happening here which is behind me. people is to address what they see as an increase in hateful
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speech and hateful attack since donald trump was elected president. on tuesday not even a block away from her two berkeley students were assaulted and they are considering a hate crime. this is a foot annual from fuse -- footage from tuesday night. this is right after the result the students are posting. couple of hours before, a man was harassing the two students and yelling racial and home phobic -- homophobic slurs. heavy build and short gray hair. we spoke with some uc berkeley students. they say since donald trump has
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been elected something has changed. >> i'm definitely hearing a lot more. a lot of trump had said has been validated. and that's a scary thing. racism and homophobic comments are given weight in the political system and in our culture. >> i was surprised that there was not a lot of racism out in the open. when it was, it was put down. and a lot of community support. and i'm upset to see that happening here. >> reporter: uc berkeley police said the suspect was wearing a gray hoody, blue jeans and gray
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sneakers. some posters -- protesters are starting to come in. people are taking it to the streets on protest. people in portland -- making arrest at the protest. police say in recent night the small group has turned aggressive towards officer. people from both sides of the coast are upset with the presidential result. at the newsroom tonight, she is tracking demonstration in los angeles and here in the bay area. we are seeing another active evening. >> you can tell that there are many people out there who are not happy at the election
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result. oakland people starting to march from that intersection throughout the city. and protesters we've been speaking to, they are concerned that trump is unfit to serve as commander and chief. he's had impulsive behavior and made racist comments against latino. and they are worried about what the future to come with trump as the leader. and now let's take a look what was happening in los angeles. there was a massive demonstration about 10 thousand people started earlier this morning and went well into the evening. lots of streets -- you can see were impacted there. as drivers are making through the crowd.
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they were chanting ing -- slogans. and they also said this is not tv trying to remind the public here their image of the president-elect had a huge television career hosting the apresent -- apprentice. we will be making sure of keeping track for you. demonstrations against the election of donald trump as president continue again today in san francisco as well. kron 4 spencer is there. any idea tonight how many people join the protest in san francisco. >> reporter: you got to look at it at different protest.
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there were two different ones. since we've been here at city hall, there was a third one. they were mostly peaceful and calm. >> reporter: the weekend anti trump rally. >> we came here for inspiration for the next four years and saw this happening so i joined in. >> reporter: people cheered as they past. >> kind of my generation to become more politically active. >> reporter: after an hour or so the group of 50 or 60 people took a short break. >> i marched over here to
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protest more but that one was cancelled. >> reporter: she told anyone who wanted to start a riot to go go -- somewhere else. >> we are mourning for all the progress that president obama did for us. >> reporter: throughout the week these protest had seemingly gotten shorter and more calm. it's definitely still happening in san francisco but peaceful one tonight. election protest are growing around the country from los angeles to new york. thousands have taken to the streets in protest of donald trump. here's what it looks like as thousands marched in new york
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city. chanting cheers and waving signs. the protest have resulted in blocked highways and bridges and arrests some have clashed with police in new york. in chicago hundreds of people including family with children chanted ed "no hate. no fear. immigrants are welcome here". from hard news to lighter. it seems nice outside. >> some cloud passing on by today a weak cold front. there's not much to it. there's another one just off the coastline. that will continue to stretch to the north as we see high pressure building in our direction. usually in the mid 60s. we were 10 degrees above the
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average. 69 degrees in san francisco. so some nice weather outside. tomorrow morning we will wake up to a few clouds. temperatures generally in the 50s. as we hit toward middle to of the day, inland back into the 70s. and in the afternoon, inside the bay we will see some of those 70s and maybe mid 70s in the valleys. weather looking good for the next couple of days. warm sunshines in many spots. a chance of rain coming up we will talk about that in a minute. a n elderly man in free -- free mono -- fremont --.
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>> he is -- shaken up. >> reporter: another quiet day here. quickly turned to chaotic for an elderly man. police said at least three robbers and two wearing mask knocked on the victim's front door. the son-in-law says the home invaders barged in. >> he is trustful and these people took advantage of him. >> reporter: he believes the thiefs knocked on his door first. instead the elderly man fell victim. he was tied up while the robbers
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ransacked the house. >> money were taken. >> reporter: the --. >> you are vie latelying -- violating someone's home. >> reporter: now the victim's son-in-law says the whole neighbor is in full alert. >> we try to identify who they are. and never let your guard down. >> reporter: police said it's possible the robbers were seen leaving in a dark colored sedan. four shootings hurt five people in oakland in the last 24 hours. it happened last night. two men were injured. then a few hours later another shooting happened. another man was injured and in that incident, we mapped out
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that so far. only one arrest was made in these five shoots. missing more than a week. one investigator say about a mom who vanished on a job. >> and donald trump say he will tone it down in white house and what he will the cut -- cut down all together. >> we talk about to -- talk to a father how immigration will effect his family. >> and we are dealing with another night in portland. in recent night things have turned violent. we will give you update after the break.
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. we continue to follow breaking news theeng. protesters in portland have hit the streets. our reporter is live in your newsroom tonight with details and images coming from portland. >> reporter: we've been seeing those protests for now in portland and it's getting quite exkalated. sharing their concern with president-elect donald trump as
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commander in chief of this nation. tension had escalated earlier. police stayed -- said there was a pair of teenager, not connected to the demonstration were arrested. local report are saying that police saying this is a consecutive day and they are on guard in case another violent act will erupt. so far it's been calm. here in the bay area where we have seen protest sparked in san francisco and oakland and benchmarkry so we will continue to update you what is happening across the country following the election results. back to you. it's scary. there's a lot of uncertainty. i just -- i cried.
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>> there are major immigration concerns with the election of donald trump. tonight a family is very concerned about this and get their perspective. >> reporter: part of the country celebrated trump's victory but one family now lives in fear. >> how do you feel that donald trump won? >> scared. >> reporter: why? >> for my dad. >> my husband has been in the country undocumented since 16 years old. he applied for daca for 2012. >> reporter: it allows hurry her husband to work in the country without being deported.
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but now they fear president-elect donald trump might revoke the policy. >> it's very scary. >> reporter: she is trying to keep her children's mind off the issue. their family has a plan in place in case they knock on the door. >> we have a plan if immigration come. not to open the door. if they say they have a warrant, they know that they have to flip the warrant underneath the door. the family of the missing county woman is holding out hope that she is still alive. she was seen last seen in in november -- november 2. her husband has been ruled out
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as a suspect. maybe her case is connected with the disappearance in another case. donald trump is pledging restraint on twitter. he is going to be "very restrained if i use it at all" president-elect said social media helped him won races. and he proved that platform can be more powerful from -- than money. turning our attention to weather. there was a time a couple of weeks when we talked about snow and rain. we are seeing temperatures well above the average now. things calming down outside. we have patchy fog right now and
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plains taking out there. mostly clear skies. and clouds moving along coastline. and here comes that sunshine and nice weather. this next week we will see big changes. there's a slight change we could be some showers on wednesday and it is going to be a whole lot colder as the weather system slides in. the moon is not super moon yet. we will hit that super moon around monday. the temperatures drops to 50s. high pressure building in as it settles in next several days. and keep us dry and bring mild weather all around the states. how about these numbers 80s, 84
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degrees in los angeles. 68 in monterey bay. tonight we will see the clouds modifying along the coastline. staying nice and clear for the most part for the bay and valley. and we are looking at some good temperatures. you will see temperatures dropping off. by day tomorrow, here comes that sunshine and temperatures looking very nice. 68 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days we will see some very mild temperature and then things will change on tuesday. temperature struggling to reach 60s. that's the forecast back to you. new ahead at 8:00 a mom under investigation after
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posting this viral video showing kicking her young son out of the house all for who he voted for. >> what's your name? i can't get your name. >> i will tell you when i'm done with the officer. >> i'll explain what's going on in the next edition of people behaving badly. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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. dos z app --. dogs off leash has been a problem. cracking down on dog owners who ignore the law and ignore the signs. >> reporter: here he found some people behaving badly.
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>> are you okay? . >> reporter: this attorney is taking pictures of my work i.d. the reason? i'll explain in a moment. i'm at this park in oakland hill and tagging along with the police on routine patrol. this sign. this sign. and this sign which reads resource protection area, dog or leash. but it was not difficult to find people ignoring the sign like this couple. multiple times along the trail. >> any way along the trail. you have to have dog on leash. >> reporter: it's where the
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rainbow trout was identified. this couple thought the leash is useless. >> the sign here says your dog needs to be on leash. >> reporter: they were issued a ticket. they have been issuing warnings for the past few years. >> why is this person videotaping me. >> reporter: sure enough there's a dog running without a leash and owner around. >> you have the dog too far ahead of you. >> reporter: the dog owner will get a warning. >> so you will be on our system as warning.
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and you do have a leash with you. >> reporter: now back to the first man. >> what's your name? >> i will explain when we are done with the officer. >> reporter: i can't get your name. i'm going to get your name and make sure i respond accordingly. >> we are asking people having leash on the dog. >> i'm an intelligent guy but i'm confused. >> reporter: to have the dog on leash in the park, the violation is $300. thousands of bay area residents are giving food back into the community. prepare for the many families in
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need. earlier a food company brought hundreds of turky into the food bank freezer but not close to the organization has set for thanksgiving. >> we set a goal for 2,000 this year. we are short, though. 400 turkey short. so we are asking the community to donate a turkey, money, or your time. we will always take that as well. >> food bank encourages can foods and non-parrishable goods. hillary clinton talks about the impact the fbi investigation had on the final days of her campaign. >> a foreign country issuing a warning. why they are telling people not to travel in the united states.
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>> and fatigue is a public health problems. the problems you may have without you knowing it. >> and live look in portland, oregon protest -- 5th night in a row. after the break.
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. this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. breaking news as election protester march through downtown portland as we speak. we will go to that video and show you live now. you can't see from that shot but there are many officers out there despite calls from the mayor and city's office. some provers -- protesters
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tonight. at least one arrest. today the mayor and police chief to urge people to not fight with officers and not come out. last night people use flash ban grenades. again, one arrest is already been made and police are in tackcal gear and plan on making arrests. turkey is warning its citizen on traveling to united states. and increasing attack on anti immigrant nature. the demonstration has turned violent and security forces had
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to detain before protesters. to take another look at her e-mails in the final days of her campaign. clinton's finance committee placed some to comey. she said, the first letter comey sent to congress on april 28 stopped the momentum and the second fired up trump supporters. those on the call tell cnn, clinton used it to urge them and to fight with rhetoric. good quality sleep is hard to come by. most of us are getting one to two hours less sleep.
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>> reporter: are you getting enough sleep? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> various reasons. elderly parents, children. >> i think there are people who get by on 5 or 6 hours sleep. >> reporter: are you getting enough sleep? >>, of course, not. no one is. >> reporter: i asked around, sleeplessly is a serious issue. sleep deprivation increases heart problems, and weight gains and depreciation. as many as 80 americans are not getting enough sleep. i'm here at the in-house sleep center to see what help are available. el can mean co -- camino, doctor
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says lack of sleep is a problem. >> we connect the with our e-mail and tv very long and after that we have tv and then smartphone, it doesn't allow us to wind down. here's the brain activity that we track. >> reporter: they can track sleep apnea. it's more common these day is insomnia. >> i would be up regularly, several hours. >> reporter: her husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea. she stays in the comfort bedroom
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while the doctor monitors her sleep and develop a cognitive therapy for her. >> i will have a few sessions with her and work it all out. and we are sleeping great. >> she was able to feel better and fall asleep without difficulty. >> reporter: doctor say we should go to bed when we are sleepy. set a wake up time. >> more effective strategy is to help you wine down. >> reporter: that should lead to kind of quality sleep that rachel for one is lobbying about on her facebook face.
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-- page. she also has alert on her phone. >> i'm really happy that he is treated. i'm glad hopefully we have avoided some health problems and we are sleeping well. happy family. this is a live look tonight at san francisco international airport. you see some clear skies. a little bit of fog off in the distance. meteorologist joining me. cooler temperature last night. >> sleep like a baby. >> get those cold nights -- we will get cold air but for today, some temperatures up 70s. the clouds heading pacific northwest. we got another nice evening
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outside. there's a couple of patches of fog along the coastline. nice shot from berkeley right now. 60 in liver more. 59 in napa. tomorrow, back in 60s oakland. mid 70s in san jose. very nice weather ahead. courtesy of high pressure. it will seine to the north -- send to the north of the bay area. otherwise you will see a whole lot of sunshine. temperature unusually warm, above ten degrees this time of the year. patchy fog tonight and into early tomorrow morning. you can see that fog kind of flirting with the coast in and out. with that in mind we are looking at nice temperature again.
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68 in san francisco. mid 60s, patchy clouds -- as you make your way, san jose mid 70s and east bay too. once again about 74 and 71 degrees. and north bay the temperatures running up the coast side. the further you move inland around 70s. with that in mind we will see lots of nice weather monday. and maybe better chance of rain as we look into next weekend. french security worm the
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area -- 1,000 tickets sold the rest were given to the families of the victim. the singer open the concert. the proceeds of the concert will go to two charities helping the survivors from the attack. one company is coming back and saying they have a cheaper alternative for the epipad.
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- announcer: here at airbnb, we want to work with the city on new common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco. . alternative to the epipen is said to be available in drugstores first half of next question year. the injection called ovq is created by twin brothers. the device talks to you through what to do in case of an
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allergyic reaction. the brother created the epi-q because kids do not like to carry the heavy epipen. >> we want to design something small and compact and can be with you all time. >> one thing for sure is the price for the patient is going to be low. >> this was called back. now it's produced on a robotic line. where it goes over 100 quality check. and the organizations say that led to the recall should not be an issue going forward. and act of vandalism became act of kindness. >> and next vote trump, get out
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of my house. one mom's message to her son has her now under investigation. with a break like this, we could do a cast or surgery. whichever's faster. surgery means recovery time. a cast will get you back out there right away, but it's bulky. and can it take a beating? how did you break it again? roller derby. hip-checked. there's a rematch next week. snarling clementine has to be there. that's me. okay. so what color should the cast be? orange. orange is good. yeah, i like orange. it's kinda my thing.
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at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard.
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. well crazy story tonight out of texas where a mom kicked her child out of the house because who he voted for and elementary school mock election. from our partner tracy has more. >> here's your suitcase. get your suitcase and get out. >> no! . >> reporter: a fresno mother yelling at his eight-year-old son for voting for donald trump
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while the camera rolls. >> they know why you are standing out there. >> reporter: that sign says "my mom kicked me out of the house because i voted for donald trump". >> and it has been shared on so he recalled. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: neighbor was absolutely shocked to see that on their streets. while we were in front of their house this evening cbs came by. and the sheriff's office is also investigating. >> i personally met with the family and saw the child and wellbeing and he appears to be in good health. >> reporter: he met with them off site. >> she said it was a joke.
8:47 pm
>> reporter: she initially was willing to share her story on camera but that changed. >> this is going to be your new home. you can't come back here. . as you saw there that mother is under investigation after posting hugely controversial video on facebook. a same sex couple victim of a hate crime by trump supporter. they were shocked thursday morning to find their car was keyed and trump has been scratched into the van. they have not experienced hate for years since they moved into that town. >> ton keyed -- someone keyed
8:48 pm
our van. the first thing i saw was dike. >> they are not on my side politically but they are still in my community. >> he wants to spread love, not hate. the community is rallying together to raise money for the couple. smoking rates continue to fall. cdc says cigarette smoking rate has reached an all time low. from 15 percent to 45 million to 7 million between 2005 and 2015. although the cdc is happy with less smoker but more anti at tobacco ad are still needed. smoking rates are highest among
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men, especially black men. apple is offering cheaper way to buy iphone. >> reporter: apple is selling refurbished iphones. at the bottom of the home page if you look closely, there's a refurbished link. these are good deals. you can get an iphone for 10 to 30 percent off. they come with one year warranty and include a new battery and new outer shell. and unlock and ready to work with carrier of your choice. i've bought a couple of there and had a good experience. if you had lost your iphone and need quick replacement or buy
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one for your kid, you can find great deals and much cheaper than apple's used prices. 30 point inspection and offer 30 day return but no warranty like apple. >> black friday is coming up soon and some re tailer are offering significant price cut on iphone this year. and directly from the website i mentioned earlier check out my webpage or on our mobile app. you may have noticed justine is out this weekend. meet the newest member of lotus family after the break. heree, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees
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to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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. we are following breaking
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news theeng. which chp in riot gear to stop oakland protesters from getting onto the freeway. a video from oakland protester within the last hour or so and this is protest from this evening. those chp officers are trying to block some of the entrances to the interstate and hope these protesters won't be able to get on the interstate where traffic could be stopped. we've been closely monitoring this online and chp also monitoring this earlier this week. earlier this week, for the most part things were peaceful but there were moments turned not so peaceful when some of the protesters started to throwing
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bottles at officers and at times tier gas were -- tear gas were thrown. big day in college football we start in oregon. stanford taking on the ducks. christian ran for 135 yards. three touch downs. quarterback keller -- as stanford rolled beating oregon a very bad oregon football team. stanford takes on cow in berkeley. going for it with just a minute left. they don't get it. pittsburgh would drive down the
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field and close to second hit this field goal. 43-42. number 3 team. and number 2 team just loss. update on michigan lost this evening to iowa. another big team going down. we are turning our attention to meteorologist a lot of breaking news tonight in the weather department, anything breaking there? >> it looks like couple weather coming our way. 60s along the coastline. and some chance for shower as we hit into next week. all holding steady. not bad right now. jay lotus. he was born 7.5 pounds.
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19 inches this past tuesday. >> that is a keeper. congratulations. >> have a great weekend.
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val kilmer struggling to speak. the shocking new video after denying he has cancer. >> what's really going on with his health? plus, brad pitt's first interview since his split? >> it's really nice having the support. >> as new details about the child abuse investigation surface, what angelina wants the world to know now. then why prince harry can't keep quiet about his new hollywood girlfriend as the stars speak out on the royal romance. >> i want to sit back with some popcorn and watch how the royal family deals with this. plus the cast of happy days reunited. >> can you imagine how extraordinary it was. >> behind the scenes as the stars remember their mentor, garry marshall.


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