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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 30, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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triggers major gridlock on an east bay freeway. details on who was caught in the crossfire. police hot on the trail of the second escaped inmate and we sit down exclusively with the family of the other inmate.why they think he broke out of jail. i'm steve aveson. >> catherine: >> vicki:i'm vicki liviakis. the news -- at eight -- is next. >> steve:now at 8 a double shooting shuts down an east bay freeway during rush hours the violence triggering major afternoon traffic gridlock whoosh >> steve:one captured one still on the run. police edge closer to catching an escaped inmate. >> steve:where the trail led them today. >>whoosh >> steve:and only on four. the family of the other escaped inmate. why they say he broke free from jail.
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>>whoosh >> steve:disturbing new details about the kidnapped northern california mother. police urging caution as her abductors are still out there. >>whoosh moore. >> vicki: 6 tsk tsk tsk thank you for joining us i am >> vicki: thank-you for joining us i am vicki liviakis in for pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. >> steve:a double shooting happened just off the freeway this afternoon. kron-4's alecia reid is
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tracking the investigation. >> vicki:alecia do we know how this >> reporter: dan to the number of shootings and oakland over the last week. officers have stepped up patrols. >> we have all of officers on extended shipped. we are all working together with our other organizations. as a tank. -- as a team we are collectively working as one unit. >> alecia: because of the number of shell casings at the same police are trying to confirm their were no other that some spirit that you were once thought 80 and
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saw bullet holes in your car please make sure to contact the police. >> alecia:alecia reid, kron4 news >> vicki: thank you, alecia. >> vicki:also happening right now swat team members are actively searching for an inmate who escaped last week jail. deputies have closed off a good portion of a south san jose neighborhood near coy park. >> steve:that's where we find kron 4's j.r. stone live tonight. >> steve:j.r. are crews any closer to finding this man? >> reporter:police re- captured 26-year-old laron campbell. late last night. officers received a tip. that campbell was hiding out at his sister's antioch
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>> reporter: if you look at this video you get a better perspective. they are looking for chavez. after busting out of jail. last week. and have not been seen since. they are asking to confirm. they believe he is but they are not confirming.
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>> i just hope that they catch them. >> reporter: you can see some of the smoke going into the air. a that is to your grass. shot by one about photographers earlier. --and that is to tear gas. it was a photograph shot by one of our photographers earlier. >> reporter: there was a small baby taken from the scene and to get into services. when asked about it they would not comment on it. >> reporter: live in san jose, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> vicki:when officers
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arrived at the home they say campbell was hiding in the attic.then literally crashed through the ceiling onto the floor.where he was arrested. >> vicki:both campbell and his sister, mar-caysha alexander, were taken into custody. >> vicki:alexander now faces charges of harboring a fugitive. >> steve: philippe djegal. spoke exclusively with another one of laron campbell's sisters. as well as his mother. >> steve:the family says it's just thankful laron was taken into custody peacefully. >>- "i'm happy in all sense, due to the fact they didn't kill him." >> steve: >> reporter:an initial sigh of relief from laron campbell and marcaysha alexander's mother trena
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burton. >> reporter:and, sister ramona cox. >> reporter:knowing, that neither was harmed when arrested tuesday night. >>- "i just pray that they treat them well, while they're in custody. cuz, marcaysha has two kids and im just very emotional right now. i'm not knowing what to do." >> reporter:and, it may be a while before marcaysha gets to see her kids again. she's in jail now booked on suspicion of harboring a fugtive. her brother laron caught hiding in his sister's attic in antioch. >>- "what are you to do, when your loved one, you know, comes to you. >> "the situation she was put in was unfortunate, but the love that you have for your family, what do you do? you know, um, its just -- i'm speechless." >> reporter:after his escape from the last week. trena burton says laron never reached out to her for help. >> reporter:and, that marcaysha didn't helping her brother out. the family speculates as to first place. >>- "he did fear for his life." >> "i believe he escaped
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from santa clara county was due to the fact that he was being beaten in santa clara county by the officers." >> "he had aspirations of going to the nba, um, he went to de anza college. he was really good in everything he did. track, basketball, um, he's really really smart. he's really, really intelligent, um. i wish he would have chose a different path, but for right now, we're just praying and we're just gonna be by his side." >> reporter:orginially locked up for charges stemming from a home invasion robbery. laron campbell now faces additional charges for the escape. his sister marcaysha's bail set at 250-thousand dollars. >> reporter:philippe djegal, kron four news. baath >> vicki: >> vicki:tonight, new information about all those people who got sick in the east bay.after eating
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>> ... i will confirm that a suspect and then grant her. i when i get the details of which is located on her body and nor will my and explained where what type of branding it was. >> reporter: giving a more detailed description of the women that kidnapped her. her interview. >> bulls of the suspects spoke in spanish the majority of the time of her captivity. >> reporter: she did say that the women kept their faces covered and was at
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least armed with one handgun. the older of the two women had straight black hair with some great and the eyebrows. >> not know if this was a random of deduction or if she was a specific target. >>--abduction >> reporter: it was reported from her husband that some of her hair was cut off. >> vicki: tonight, new information about all those people who tested and the east bay after eating thanksgiving dinner. >> steve: some people even died. and now health
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officials have aideed's additional people who got delta victim to that meal. grant lotus is here with the latest. >> grant:health officials have identified two more people sickened by food served at a thanksgiving day luncheon at the veterans memorialthis brings to 19 the total number of people sickened 3 of whom have died. >> grant:the dead have been identified as 43-year old christopher cappetti, 59- year-old chooi keng cheah and 69-year-old jane evans. autopsies show all three had similar intestinal abnormalities. >> grant:the state department of social services says the three lived at 2 different assisted living facilities residents from those facilities attended the luncheon. health officials say they still don't know what caused people to get sick and some to die. >> grant:local health officials are feds.sending samples to the centers for disease control
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>> grant: steve? >> steve: thank you, grant. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> steve:one person has died after an accident at cirque du soleil in san francisco.and the victim's one of cirque du soleil's founders.a technician, now identified as olivier rochette , was hit by a telescopic lift while setting up the show "luzia." it happened just before seven last night. in a parking lot tent along third street behind a-t-and- t park. >> steve:rochette was rushed to the hospital where he died of his injuries. tonight's show has been cancelled. >> steve:and cirque su soleil has yet to determine the status of tomorrow night's show. >> vicki:did you feel that?
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>> vicki:four small earthquakes rattled oakland near mountain view cemetery early this morning. that's according to the u.s geological survey. you can see the times of the quakes on your screen. the largest. had a preliminary magnitude of two point four and struck just before two-thrity a-m. >> vicki:residents say they were shaken but not, so to speak, "shook" luckily no injuries or damage was reported from the mini quakes.
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>> steve:san francisco police are looking for the person responsible for killing a beloved city employee. the man was gunned down this morning while on the job. >> vicki:kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to his coworkers. she's live in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: tonight this family is distraught and desperately searching for answers. jermaine jackson jr. was hit father to two children and it well liked
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colleague. >> reporter: was on the past to graduation from the two- year program. as a labor apprentice. >> program is a program to help you do better in life and tonya live all around. he did very well. >> he was really a fun person to be on mount prelate--a fun person to be around. >> reporter: he was taken to san francisco general hospital where he died shortly after. >> this is a great loss. in 16 years of my career i have never had an incident like this.
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is that when people try to turn their life around and do good things said a new need to do to move ford and then a day like today happens. >> reporter: police have not made any arrests. >> reporter:
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>> reporter:an investigation is underway involving a bay area high school football team. police are looking into allegations that several team assaulted some of their teammates. napa police held a late afternoon press briefing where they confirmed that these assaults were apparently a part of a hazing ritual. >> reporter:kron4's maureen kelly was there. return to index of >> reporter:the allegations that police are investigating are that multiple members of the napa high school football team
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team held down some of their teammates.hitting them and grabbing them. but this apparent hazing was not a one time thing. >> reporter:big game is the matchup between napa high and their rivals at vintage high. >>this is isolated to the napa high football other students were involved.none of the injuries needed emergency medical attention >> reporter:the investigation was in to police november 19th from a school staff few days after the football season had ended. so far police can't say how many victims or suspects are involved. students at the school tell me that there's been a lot of stories floating around about the investigation, and today several people were called into the office.and that has some anxious. the principal of the school sent out this letter to parents asking them to refrain from spreading rumors and that they will not tolerate any retailiation, gossip or cyber bulling. >> reporter:at this point no one has been suspended or disciplined in connection with the hazing. the district says their own investigation into the alleged assaults is still underway maureen kelly kron4 news. >> steve:a warning out tonight for dog owners.
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park officials in the east bay are trying to get the word out about the increase of poisonous mushrooms. this comes after one dog died after eating one. >> steve:the bay area's recent rain is encouraging the growth of the poisonous mushrooms. and park officials want people to be extra vigilant when roaming outside especially on trails in the east bay. like brionnes park. >> steve:there are four toxic mushrooms and two of them the *death cap and the *western destroying angel have been seen in the east bay. it is important to note, that it is illegal to pick mushrooms of any kind. >> brittney: 24 hours to book shows that we are actually warmer right now this and this time yesterday. mostly in the 40's. 49 degrees in
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antioch, 47 and napa and 53 in point reyes. 57 in san francisco. and you will notice that most locations will push back. so this is a gradual warming trend. that will continue as we go into the next few days. we are running around 60 degrees for the next three day forecast. mid-60s by friday and holding on to the warmer temperatures into the weekend. >> brittney: me up! i am tracking cooler weather and that will go over that in my 7 day forecast. >> steve: thank you, brittney! >> steve:new ahead at 8.
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a boy slammed against a wall and left with a broken jaw. allegedly by his tutor. why that tutor told police h e did it. >> gary: coming up! sports highlights ... later in this broadcast. >> vicki: the suspect accused of using a skateboard. the and that we should not be an order before it entered a plea and that is tonight ahead.
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>> steve: >> vicki:president-elect donald trump is building his cabinet -- announcing two top level positions today -- his choices for treasury and commerce secretaries. but some picks are turning heads. not because of their qualifications but their bank accounts. >> vicki:ryan nobles is in washington with more details. return to >> reporter: trump's pick to run education at is that see the boss merritt into a
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family that founded amway worth 5.1 billion. on the campaign trail, trial connecting wall street and politics. >> reporter: after he and his partner sold at company at the height of the mortgage crisis is one of his picks. >> reporter: attorney general is worth more than 7
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million based on estimates. and do not forget mitt romney, the finalists for secretary of state. his 250 million network is modest compared to some of the appointees. but was a target of criticism during the 200012 campaign. >> steve: the search is on for that guy who took the gold and wall on the streets of new york. >> vicki: rate on campus? and that happened during a recess for today. --rape
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>> steve:a teenage girl says she was sexually assaulted during a recent sporting event at an east bay high school. a male student from that school has been arrested in connection to the incident. kron4's haaziq madyun has the latest on the >> reporter:it happened after a football game here at de le salle high school. this is where a teenage girl from de la salle's sister school carondelet high alleges she was sexually assaulted by a de la salle student >>"we became aware of the incident last week" >> reporter:carondelet high school spokesperson jennifer ortega >>"we immediately contacted the concord police department and are cooperating fully with their investigation" >>"the boy was arrested and transported to juvenile hall" >> reporter:the incident occurred back on november 18th after the de la salle, clayton valley football game, concord police corporal summer galer picks it up from there
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>>"we received a report from an administrator from days after the sexual assault incident, we learned that it involved a fifteen year old female of carondelet high school and a 15-year-old male from de la sale high school" >> reporter:one de la salle student says assault allegation involves a fellow student. >>"well you know i think de la sale community is a really love each other, and have a strong faith in god but a lot of times, just like most human beings, we make decisions that aren't the best" >> reporter:officials at de la salle say the student accused of the sexual assault did participate in this year's footabll program but was not a player on the varsity football concord haaziq madyun kron4news a million dollars. >> grant: 300 of those on
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popular vacation time was heartsick people still looking for loved ones and the cd evacuations and 14 different wildfire's propped up at one point in western tennessee. described as apocalyptic. >> old high winds were knocking down trees and those trees were hitting power lines and falling on extreme drought conditions. and everything was catching on fire. >> just hoping for a miracle. >> reporter: michael reese, his wife and daughter is still missing. some people were rescued the had been trapped. we will continue to follow this story. vicki
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and steve? >> steve: rain a little today. brittney is here to give us more details pertaining to the weather ,,,and what to expect! >> steve: brittney?
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>> brittney: toward the afternoon we'd shift into the mid to high fifties. 61 and petaluma, 72 and napa and 59 m3 of this stuff. 58 in livermore, temperatures in the south bay are close to 60 degrees and you will notice a slight warming trend as we go into the weekend. >> technical difficulties
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>> vicki: 8 face to stall a bucket of gold flakes worth more than a million dollars. the incident happened two months ago. but officers have just released the surveillance footage. you can see a man in a black vest in the video.notice the open armored truck. he walks over to it, and makes his move. carrying the pail, he takes off down west 48th street. >> vicki:police say it was a five-gallon bucket of gold flakes weighing 86 pounds.valued at one-point- six million dollars.
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>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> reporter: and south san jose that has been closed off. busy the detectives and the distance. --you can't see the detectives and the distance. should this has been taken into custody. -- chavez has been taken into custody. >> reporter: he busted out of jail along with ago. he was one of two inmates that broke out of the santa clara county jail. one of those inmates were captured yesterday. and, of date now
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has been captured creek originally in for burglary. with a fire arms charge and resisting arrest. >> reporter: we have yet to spell any tear gas within recent hours. some that has happened earlier today. but within the last 15 minutes, chavez was captured. now residents that are not able to go back home is now able to do so now that he is in police custody. >> vicki: thank you, j.r.! >> vicki: why high-protein
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diets are not advice for older women. >> steve: android phones are hacked. and why they became infected and were happens next.
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>> vicki:hackers have managed tothree million android phones through illegitimate apps. those are apps not downloaded from google play. >> steve:the malware installs malicious advertising software that tracks users. it also installs other legitimate android apps, rating them high and fraudulently inflating their werereputations. >> vicki:google says it has blocked cyberattack--it's warning consumers to stay away from uncertified apps. return to
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>> vicki:looks like netflix. isn't chilling after all. the entertainment company is adding a new feature. users will now be able to watch content offline. right now you need an internet connection, wi-fi or strong cell signal to view netflix. >> steve: going to give people the option to download movies them later. it is free. users just need to make sure they have an updated version of the netflix app on their mobile also. not everything is available right now for downloading. return to index
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>> reporter: willis someone what it considered armed henley broke all of till november 23rd, one week ago. with low run campbell. -- laron campbell. >> reporter: it wasn't until now that the second one was captured. >> reporter: we do have video of him walking out of the house. st. and the last 20 minutes or so. is very quick be escorted by numerous law enforcement officials. >> reporter: were making sure that he did not get away from their side.
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>> reporter: the nose for many of the people who lived in this neighborhood and was waiting to go back to their homes. it is likely to be able to go back to their homes shortly. now back to you and the studio. >> steve: we have learned that the santa clara county police and sheriff's department will schedule a press release that news conference tonight. when >> vicki: were a school
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to the accused of slumming and seven year-old student of against the wall and breaking his job. a hatband and baltimore md. on monday. this is what the boys looked like. the tudor is an employee at the school and told the police to physically remove the 7 year old trade by grace saffron class because he was being disruptive. when--trayvon grayson >> reporter: he says he was caring and the young man out when he lost his footing and he hid himself on the wall. but the boy's mother does not believe that her son threw himself into the wall. breaking his job, causing him to lose to teeth and put another and to his guns. he is still at the hospital and she is the man the answers.
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.3. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary:good evening? >> gary:chip kelly, do you want to go home? >> and no. >> i haven't spoken with anyone. >> gary: is chip telling the weat--truth we?
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where? >> gary:-- is he telling the truth? (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: i give him a 7.2 what >> >> technical difficulties
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what >> gary: raiders are doing really great work here. 23 players for their game coming up this weekend will publicize various charities.
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>> gary:the first place raiders are getting ready to face the bills at the coliseum. the biggest question entering week 13 is the status of derek carr's finger. >> gary:last sunday against the panthers he dislocated his right pinky in the third quarter. today he said his finger is doing fine and doesn't have any limitations. he's ready to play this sunday. carr and the raiders will welcome former teammate and kron superbowl 50 show co- host lorenzo alexander >> gary:after leaving oakland last year. he's become of the best pass rushers in the league with ten sacks. here's carr and jack del rio talking about lorenzo taking the n-f-l by storm. return >> gary:this weekend the nfl is letting players publicize charities on their cleats 23 raiders players and owner mark davis will be sporting cleats hghlighting their chosen causes davis will be wearing purple shoes in support of domestic violance awareness >> gary:pro-bowl linebacker khalil mack will also be wearing purple in support of lupus while quarterback derek carr will have teal cleats highlighting neon-atology which is pediactric caring for newborns most notably premature or sick babies return to index
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>> stanley:tonight at 10 >>santa's always watching >> stanley:this may be true. but remember the crooks are always watching too . so i discuss the do and don't of holiday shopping in the next edition of people behaving badly return to index of >> vicki:catch stanley and all the day's big stories including four zone forecast tonight on kron 4 new at ten, right here on the bay area's news station. >> brittney: the sun will return tomorrow and slightly warmer temperatures for the weekend. however, cooler temperatures are met its way from monday and tuesday of next week. >> steve: all that and more
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coming up in our see you then. what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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