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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 9, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PST

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>> reporter: they do say the san
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jose student. police did release the surveillance photo of a suspect involve in the shooting there. they believe the person in custody is responsible for multiple sexual battery incidents someone reported and university police are investigating six cases of sexual battery it reported since october 17th all the incidents happened and from buildings on campus. held at 8 tomorrow morning and we bring you that press conference live duran newscast and also a string alive
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>> reporter: 32 year-old tree shilling english teacher here at the high school in san jose accuse of having sexual relationships with a 17 year- old malice to injury and then as and kutcha the cabana club she taught swimming at evergreen high school water polo coat i said teresa high school. we spoke with parents of the sighted in of my school district attending a board meeting close lucy says that she's surprised by the accusations but is hoping the district will take action we did try and stick with the district superintendent who was a board meeting on able the speak on camera. and a
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statement we are shocked and deeply disturbed by these allegations. want to assure the community safety well-being of our students is the highest priority list as supporting the student. >> steve: investigating the wert crossfire. and notify it the city council as a trend to figure out how to afford to keep other artists' collective save and all these years epicene
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>> reporter: qualifier investigation continues not the lack of potential dangers living collectives people fear because of the go ship goods shipped warehouse fire some of affordable housing in oakland will be taken away. there is panic that focus on refining minor technical violations used to of its tax. increasing homelessness but also the community in order to create safe spaces. aha
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>> reporter: 11 inspection done a joint plan to address live in safety issues and be a meaningful punitive time in which they timbering in compliance. now the city council last anyone who is an art state give action notice to contact housing resource center. >> reporter: abuilding is an oakland is a challenge to say the least most of the time they only inspect that there was a
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complaint that had been made or if they themselves monitor problem after this fire oakland officials revealed they had been investigating >> reporter: the calcine alumni who died in the gauche of fire. the nassau n.j. morris were roommates and the twin sister best friend broke down as she spoke about the double loss david klein maddened or both
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recent call grabs and chelsea was a volunteer deejay at the college radio station. after messages were all written all five victims part of the campus community. >> reporter: clearing out and include it. fire inspection monday to where it maybe this was related to a local warehouse fire they denied that claim. have and 112 mi. west of eureka damage was reported. these are not dealing with to
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recall their and by 7:00 a.m. light showers parts of the north
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bay and moving through and early evening but overnight chance of showers into sunday. and a closer look and are next couple of days. as and change very much from the inland areas the coast the bay overnight lows will stay in the '40's. and the rain tomorrow showers same thing saturday at a lesser chance on sunday and then we will watch for tuesday through next thursday.
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