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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 9, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out knock it out, fast. abreva. teacher arrested in san jose. i will have the latest coming up. in san jose a popular english teacher attempted to have a sexual relationship with a student. i will tell you if she is in school this morning. >> today marks one week since the deadly warehouse fire. >> we are tracking rain around the bay. the radar showing some more showers. we will have your full forecast. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at seven starts now. >> we start with a live look
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at storm tracker 4. you can see we have showers falling now. they said to not put the umbrella away. >> heading into the weekend it could affect us as well. right now it may affect you if you are heading over one of the bridges. there's the golden gate. everybody looks like they have a wet deck. remember the law. it is still dark so you need wipers. we will kickoff the hour with a check of weather and traffic. were talking about and over one -- turn vehicle. >> now i have a seven car crash at the richmond san rafael bridge. >> light rain showers that appear on radar. there is moisture upstream. this will be around for tomorrow. a mild sector of air coming with this. temperatures are a little bit warmer. you see the spotty rain
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shower in the radar. this is moving from west to east. therefore richman up to the delta and portions of the east that you can expect brain what heavy then drizzle over the course of the next hour as we go forward. this is a check of the south bay. upper 50s on the east bay shoreline. go inland it's in the upper 40s. peninsula much 50s and low 50s in the north bay. as you saw in the camera shots a lot of fog and that's not going anywhere. that will lift higher up and it's an overcast for today. the drizzle may start to subside in the evening but we are looking for heavy rains tomorrow morning. we put that action for you tomorrow. here's the golden gate bridge and there is fog.
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his are ready for school forecast will be cloudy and foggy. we have drizzle and rain is a possibility through the afternoon pickup. area roadways robin what's going on. >> the richmond san rafael bridge is a hotspot. we had a crush at the west in which is blocking the left lane in both directions. both eastbound and westbound. some of the cars are being told off. it is not going to help the right to the north bay. this view from behind the toll plaza look at the drivetime. it's 46 minutes across the bridge through the polls in two richman and beyond richmond parkway and it's going to get worse. you need to leave early. that's the hotspot. bay bridge the usual backup into the maze only 14 minutes for the drive. a huge water main break in downtown san francisco has howard street closed between fourth and
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fifth. fourth shutdown between for us on and mission. it will take hours to get this cleaned up. some of the parking garages in the miss coney center are completely flooded. that will mess up your parking. and overturn accident in the north bay sausalito. it has the right lane blocked. the first overturn southbound at spencer and now this one popped up. >> thank you. let's get to our top story this morning. it comes to us from a southbank that a high school teacher has been accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. it seems like we have been reporting on a string of these. >> she's been arrested in on leave. will tran is live at the school in san jose. >> reporter: school is about to start in 30 minutes. i see some of the administrators pulling
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into the parking lot. will get reaction from them. she is not back at school this morning. she will not be back until the investigation is cleared. the investigations on two fronts. one from the school district and the investigation with us in present police department. the name is trudy hill. a popular teacher here at santa teresa high school. she turned herself in yesterday to the san jose police department. she made bail and is back home this morning. we do know she will not be back in school. according to investigators she had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student starting in august and it ended in november. not sure why she turned herself in or maybe the police officers gave her a choice. we were at a school board meeting last night. we got reaction from some of the parents after they found out about trudy hill. here's what they had to say. >> the kids are supposed to be 100% safe. it's not happening.
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it's scary and not much we can do. >> take a look at your screen. the school board could send out a press release last night. we did not go on camera and we hope to hear from the superintendent later this morning. he did issue a statement saying we are shocked and disturbed by these allegations. we want to assure the community that the safety and well-being of our students is our highest priority. while she is at home there conducting their own investigation. they believe one student is involved. they're not ruling out the possibility that perhaps other students might have been her victims. if you talk to your kids and something happened with that and have information contact the police immediately. as far as the school district it seems there has been a rash
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of arrest involving personnel and administrators. there have been four arrests so far this year involving administrators or in this case a teacher. >> also on the south bay police have arrested a person first years of sexual assaults at san jose state university. his identity has not been released. it is a student at the school. they did release the surveillance photo of a suspect in one of the incidents. police say they do believe the person having custody is the one responsible for multiple assaults. all the incidents happening in different parts of buildings on campus. police think the assaults went unreported and they believe there may be more victims out there. >> today marks one week since the deadly oakland warehouse fire. >> here's what we know.
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one week after the fact investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. crews have completely searched the warehouse so they finish that task. the alameda corners bureau has notified all 36 families. there are five victims identity that have not been made public. we want to go to averi harper. she's been following the latest with the fire and how it's been impacting the community. >> it's been a long week for those people in oakland. while the atf is investigating the city council is working to figure out ways to make other artists collective safer. the oakland city council is working to keep the other oakland art collections safe. they are bracing for an -- bracing for a crackdown. the ghost ship house -- warehouse fire that killed 36 people will take away some of the affordable housing. there is panic that there may be
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findings of -- >> i believe we will do the hard work to make sure we preserve the community. and we preserve low income housing. >> we need to set a one-year timeframe in which they would have an inspection done and come up with a joint plan to address life and safety issues. >> the city is working with businesses that were affected by the fire. the council is urging anyone that lives in an artist space and has been given an eviction notice to contact the housing resource center. the oakland city officials have announced a local state of emergency because of the warehouse fire. this will make the city eligible for state and federal funds to assist the residents and businesses that have been affected by the fire. >> this is a sticky situation.
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they want to make sure that people do not die in fires but bringing everything up to code can be expensive. this is a tough one. no one wants anymore fires. >> we've been hearing from artist think the reason they were living in a place like this is because they could not find affordable housing in the city of oakland. >> that's the other half of the issue. were you find where artists can follow their passions and afford to live. >> there's a lot going forward of what happened with this tragedy. >> last night everyone got together to mourn the victims. they had a big vigil for the warehouse victims at uc berkeley. 21-year-old underground jenny morris died in the fire along with her roommate 21-year-old trent eight. they also remember griffin madden. he was a cal alumnus who worked on campus. another 24-year-old david cline was memorialized by his boss.
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you'll see his picture. there he is. they talked about how the workers have been affected by his passing. 33-year-old chelsea faith dolan was a volunteer dj at the berkeley college radio station. several family members share their grief and memories of their loved ones while speaking last night. >> she touched so many people and we were so blessed to have jenny for 21 years. she's my greatest love. she's my greatest half. >> he was enthusiastic, energetic and happy. he lived every moment of his life to the fullest. >> she was lovely to be around. she was warm and generous with her musical knowledge. >> counseling services will be available at campus for the next
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few weeks. >> our coverage of the ocean fire continues online. you can head to our website and we have put a list of the victims and the timeline of events. a link if you want to donate. if you want to give money to help with the recovery efforts there's a link to a verified charity organization that is handling that. make sure you do that and not become a victim of a scam. >> a woman is behind bars after police say she kidnapped a four- year-old in the north bay. it happened yesterday morning at the trader joe's on santa rosa avenue. the woman grabbed the girl and shouted she's mine. she then walked out of the store with the girl. police have identified the woman as 41-year-old transient from lake county. the girl's mother was at the text and while this happened. she chased after the woman and yelled at her to drop her daughter. the woman did drop her then she
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took off. police found her in the parking lot and arrested her on suspicious of attentive kidnapping. >> $8500 is being offered as a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever killed a rohnert park teenager. the teenage boy was stabbed in the body buried on the campus of sonoma state university. he was 18-year-old kimberly. his body was found on november 2 in a wooded area on the edge of campus. now his friends and family are collecting money online hoping that someone will come forward with information that could help the police figure out who killed kimberly. >> still ahead on the k street newsletter people are reporting their drinking water is smelling and tasting off. we will tell you what officials found that may have tainted water for thousands of people. for the first time since wild fires went through tennessee
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people were finally allowed to go back home for the first time. we will have the latest as the recovery efforts continue. after the break a lot of fresh snow falling in the sierra. we will take a look at the latest ski conditions coming up after the break. a hea ack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take.
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>>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. taking a look at conditions in we are back. a live look at kirkwood this morning or we have shots of powder on the ground.
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>> i love kirkwood. it used to be my secret. >> do you all know about kirkwood? i thought i was the only one here >> it's kind of guy -- a pain. it is so worth it. where they are they get a lot of snow. >> there's another dose coming next week. today the temperatures are mild so snow levels went up. there's a live look at berkeley in dealing with fog. we had drizzle to light rain. we have plenty of moisture in the pacific and extends to hawaii. this will continue all the way until tomorrow. looks like we get some breaks in that northbay but let's get to it in terms of storm tracker
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4. we have spotty rain showers moving west to east and getting into richmond in the east bay shoreline. there's another patch far to the east. we will continue to watch this morning. this is the better commitment of rain happening and everyone get drizzle. a heavier dose coming tomorrow. upper 50s around the perimeter of the bay. if you 40s up to the east bay. let's go forward with today. there's light rain showers and pretty much concentrated in the north. not much happens this afternoon. then for tomorrow morning another dose of heavy rain. there's some yellows for big rain intensity. a little bit lingers until -- through the afternoon although it could clear up in the north bay. we say this is stormie because this will be accompanied by wind. that will be concentrated in the morning hours.
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there we have the wins pick up late tonight after midnight and linger. you'll hear the wins doing their performance we have 25 mile-per-hour winds in novato. we will have the wins all morning long into the afternoon and then subside into breezy conditions. wendy in the late overnight and early saturday morning. for to date we're calling it drizzle, clouds and mild. 59. san jose your coming in at 64. you will have a them drizzle and mostly cloudy. the next three days saturday morning that's the bigger dose of rain. sunday may see the sun come out. temperatures drop a little bit to the upper 50s. look at these lows. they are dropping off.
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especially along the valley locations. what's happening with area traffic. >> i have a mixed bag of traffic. some awful spots and light spots. let's start off with the worst commute and that is the richmond san rafael bridge. because of this accident at the west and before quinn it has seven vehicles. it's having a huge impact on the commute site westbound. the speed less than 10 miles per hour getting across the bridge. behind the toll plaza a growing dark up. 69 minutes to get from the polls up to 101. they are starting to clear some of these vehicles you have seven. that will take some time. this is the bridge to avoid or if you want to use it make sure you leave early. checking in on the right into san francisco not bad at the toll plaza. only 22 minutes from the foot
7:20 am
of the maze to fremont street. it is quiet. they do across the san mateo bridge is crowded but moving along. the commute coming out of hayward is not bad. roads are slick so you need to slow down and watch your speed. 20 minutes to get from 880 882 101. checking in that five times not to back out of the east bay. friday light for places like 680 out of concorde. west 24 leaving walnut creek not a bad drive. be sure freeway much lighter than usual. 23 minutes for -- from hercules to oakland. no problem to the south bay. 280 rolling up to 237. >> help on the way for california drought. the house of representatives has approved a bill helping water projects across the country that includes $558 million for california drought relief. the money will be used to boost
7:21 am
water delivery to the san joaquin valley and southern parts of the state. other parts of the money will go to flint michigan. they've had with that leadpipe issue. this will help fix some of that.>> in support of president obama healthcare law the latching a new coalition to block its repeal. they're targeting republican lawmakers whose constituents may be looking at losing their health insurance. the group is call protected our care and makes its debut today. it's made of of organizations to help pass obamacare. the initial goal is to stop congress from repealing the law without simultaneously passing a replacement for the 20 million americans who are covered. >> health officials say more than 50,000 americans died from drug overdose and that's the most ever recorded. the numbers are out from the cdc and say the spike is due to more abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers. overall over.test rose 11% to 52,000. that compares to 47,000
7:22 am
people who died in 2014. that's from od a prescription drugs and heroin continue to be the leading cause of unintentional death for americans. >> happening the great smoky mountain national park in resort town of gatlinburg, tennessee are reopening to the public today. this after wildfires cost 14 death and damage 2500 buildings. look at the damage in the video. most of the tourist area gatlinburg was spared from the fires. it broke out on november 28. prosecutors have charged to minors for starting fires within the smokies that later spread. gatlin discovered berg -- gatlinburg brings in many visitors. next week dolly parton will be hosting a marathon. some performers will include reba mcentire and kenny rogers. >> happening now several people
7:23 am
have been complaining about smelly and foul tasting water in san francisco. an official says it's been caused by a harmless algae product. they say they found evidence of the substance of the sonoma valley water treatment plant and taking steps to flush the system. it could take a week before the water returns to normal. people complain the water had a earthy and musty flavor and a bad smell. officials emphasized the water is still safe to drink but you may or may not want to. a warning from doctors and said they have seen a rise from people eating wild mushrooms. they say the poisonous mushrooms look like the edible ones and only people with extensive training and experience know the difference. they say they are the only ones that should pick and eat mushrooms. wild mushrooms grow in shady and moist places. in some cases eating mushrooms can lead to the liver damage
7:24 am
and death and can be deadly for your dogs to eat. >> onto the football let's talk about the raiders. they had a rough night. they were trying to take one from the kansas city chiefs. they tried to keep their spot at the top. >> they fell from the top spot and now are tied. the chiefs are number one. it was 22 degrees and it was freezing. derek carr is not used to that. plus he had the pinky. he said it was not a problem but everyone who watched said he could not work the ball popper lake. >> alex smith had a great game. for him it was great. both of the teams were not themselves. they traded places last time. >> the chiefs with the victory. the raiders are tied but there's a technicality they are in second place in the afc west only because the chiefs beat
7:25 am
them. >> they can still be fine so we still can play on. >> the warriors can bank on a win. that's what happened last night against the jazz. >> in the first quarter they never look back. just made it interesting when they got within five points. >> that's the closest they got. >> kevin durant finished with 21 points. the warriors when with a final of 106-99. next game is tomorrow taking on the memphis grizzlies. >> i don't want to jinx it but their next went will be this next game. >> they are playing tomorrow. >> cyber bullying is becoming a
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welcome back. your right to the richmond san rafael bridge is a hotspot. check out this shot behind the toll plaza. the cars are not moving. it looks like a parking lot. major delays of that earlier
7:28 am
accident. it was a seven car crash that was blocking the left lane in both directions. it tied up the commute site and backup traffic across the bridge to the polls and beyond the marina. the drivetime updated a whopping 60 minutes from the tolls out to 101. i will have a complete traffic check in a bit. >> next we want to monitor some of the rain showers. we also have filed. >> chilling video for moments before the south carolina church shooting and i will show to you coming up next.
7:29 am
welcome back. taking a look at storm tracker
7:30 am
4 and all fired up with nowhere to go. >> there is some rain out there. james fletcher here. >> i'm darya for some -- for some. >> the richmond san rafael bridge we had major delays. now it's gone but the backup -- >> she showed a picture. nothing was moving. >> more drizzle all day. we have patches of light rain and fog. tomorrow morning some more intense rain with wins to make note of. here on the storm tracker 4 you can see the rain on the way down to hawaii. we have a few spots but everyone is getting drizzle right now. we have fog. right now upper 50s. we have mild conditions. a live
7:31 am
look at sfo as a result of what you see in other bridge shots with fog going on minor delays happening at sfo behind an hour ago. the ready for school forecast we have cloudy to light rain and drizzle all day. take your raingear. that will be for the bay and the coast. robin was happening now. >> the richmond san rafael bridge is a slow ride takes to an earlier accident. they had the left lane blocked and besides of the bridge and now everyone is stuck in the backup. we have crews moving the accident out of the way and the backup stretches across the bridge through the whole plaza out to marina. if you plan on heading of her know the roads are slick and it will be raining. then you have to deal with this delay because of the accident. it's only going to get worse.
7:32 am
it's a gym from marina and the drivetime a 50 minutes for now to make that trip. leave early. the mill pits is recovering from an accident on the fremont site. you can see the long line of flowing coming out of union city. the rest of the trip into milpitas will be okay after mallory. 44 it's for that mill pits -- lupita's commute >> new this morning we have new video of the moments before and after dylann roof shot and killed nine people at a charleston church. averi harper is at the breaking news desk. >> reporter: the federal court in south carolina is releasing pieces of video from that day. in it you'll see dylann roof going into the church moments before that massacre. later on you will see him leaving the church bloodied and a gun in his hand. he confessed to killing nine
7:33 am
people at the emmanuel ema church last year. he hoped to start a race war he said. if he is convicted he can qualify for the death penalty. we are learning that his mother had a heart attack during the trial. we're told she collapsed when she was listening to the opening statements about her son's plan to kill those nine black people in that church. >> thank you. another story a lot of questions being asked whether the ghost ship warehouse had been properly inspected for code violations prior to the deadly fire. kron 4 spoke with the code compliance officer. he's a keeping the code is a big challenge. he says most of the time they would inspect buildings if a complaint had been filed or they spotted a problem from the street.
7:34 am
after the fire officials revealed they had inspected complaints at the ghost ship but the insight of the warehouse had not been inspected . >> i don't know why the wilting -- building did not have more inspections. we're talking about a city with over 600,000 people. >> he says the best way to get the city to inspect a building that you are concerned about is to complain about the building to them and also follow up on that complaint. don't let them file it away. >> now there's a fallout in other warehouses around the bay area in the wake of the fire. in san leandro warehouse that rent space to local artist is under a fire inspection right now. the fire marshal did an inspection of the space which is known as the factory 10. several pieces was taking off the walls. the artists say this
7:35 am
is an overly strict inspection as a result of the bishop warehouse. the warehouse is nothing like the ghost ship they say. that property has nothing to do with our property which is concrete steel, with sprinklers. >> this is a different space. i think there is a collective pressure to make sure these spaces are safe. >> factory five factory 510 posts 100 businesses and they say they have complied with regulations.>> but are to the peninsula were police say arson caused an early morning fire that killed a woman last month. sandra karen died on november 25 after fire broke out before five in the morning at her home in oak street. this is video from the fire time to put out the fire to save her. they could not rescue her. officials say the fire was too
7:36 am
big and grew too quickly. it started whipping through the bedroom and roof. they are so try to figure out who started the fire. >> april across the country are mourning the death of an american astronaut john glenn. he made history in 1962 when he orbited the earth three times in a capsule called friendship seven. that made him the first american to orbit the earth. until john glenn's flight the russians had led in a space race. he left nasa in 1964 and served for over 20 years as a u.s. senator. in 1998 he returned to space at the age of 77 and becoming the oldest person ever to go into space. john glenn dying at the age of 95. >> in other national headlines after more than a day on the run the man accused of killing two georgia police officers is dead. please say he committed suicide after running from police.
7:37 am
i was a police officers responded to a report of domestic violence. police say that's when the shooter open fired in both officers were killed. after 17 hours police got a tip that the shooter was hiding in a home. he killed himself before police could take him into custody. >>. owners are upset this morning after the national park service released a final proposal for dog walking around the bay. dog owners not happy. >> they are eliminating almost off leash areas in san mateo, san francisco counties. they're cutting 90% of the areas were dog owners are allowed to walk their dogs off the leash. >> the park service says the plan does include 22 locations for dog walking within the golden gate national recreation area but you will have to find out which ones you are allowed to let your dog wonder free.
7:38 am
>> believes almost nothing. it allows groups up to 46 dogs to be walked with a permit. park service officials say the rules are needed to protect environmental resources and wildlife. some groups who are against this plan plan to sue the park services. the final ruling will be made later in 2017. >> we have to take a quick break will be back in a minute including the latest about holiday spending. the shopping season on full swing and we have tips on how to not overspend. if you are doing online shopping there's a major scam you need to know about and we will tell you what you need to know before you open emails about the packages you are expecting at your doorstep. ♪♪
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the commute to the richmond san rafael bridge is a slow write in a hotspot thanks to that earlier accident at the west and that was blocking both directions. the drivetime is better. i one point it was 60 minutes and now it's down to 32. that felt double the normal drive time for a friday morning to get from that pulls out to 101+ it's raining. that's adding to the slow down. make sure you leave early to
7:42 am
talk about the bay bridge in the san mateo bridge in a few minutes. >> your kids favorite toy could be spying on your kids and you. >> this story creeps me out. >> you can find these toys at toys "r" us and other places. >> some consumer groups have been looking into this. this is the wi-fi connected toys. they record your child's conversation in stores it in the cloud. you think that's pretty cool. >> what happens connects to an app. >> your child talks to the doll and that doll talks back to your child. >> that's a big worry with these dolls.
7:43 am
somebody is listening to your child talking. >> there's another deal that is a scam. you probably are waiting for packages. this is a deal where they give you a fake notification about an issue with your package delivery and when you click it to find out what it is its bad where for your computer. >> make sure to double check. if anything looks fishy don't accept and do your research. double-click on those links. >> good advice and happy shopping to you. >> check into our radar we have a few light showers. we look for heavy rain tomorrow morning. we have your forecast next as kron 4 morning news continues.
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to the kron
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4 morning news. welcome back to kron 4 morning news. we're still tracking showers lingering from yesterday. and more on the way. >> we want to know the times. >> i have a lot to do this weekend. i want to know when we can get a break. >> make sure you have the umbrella with you tomorrow if you plan on shopping. please yourself. here's a picture. this is from brentwood and we have some sun shining through. >> i thought it was from hawaii. >> back to stroll were for. we're talking about a wave making its way around richmond. it seems to have fallen apart. this moisture goes down to hawaii. temperatures got bumped up overnight. the timing of
7:47 am
everything as we were talking about. 10:00 tonight a little bit of rain develops around the peninsula. you can see around 6:30 heavier ring around the north bank extending to the east bay in the delta and down to the south bay. for the most part this will play off in the morning hours. in the afternoon it breaks up north bay and east bay in san francisco and peninsula. all of this that you see is coupled with winds were starting at 11:30 tonight and overnight the winds pick up in the north bay all the way to the east bay. that's a concern with the saturated ground. the winds will subside by the afternoon. there have no statements about
7:48 am
watches. east bay will be in the 60s. over the east bay hills lower 60s. 62 in brentwood. lower 60s going on for livermore. for the south bay 64. san francisco about 59. around the coast it's in the 60s. northbay not a lot of warm happening. napa does not change much it's 61. outside the heavy rain for saturday will get a chance to see senn on sunday. for tuesday and as we get into thursday we have to watch out for more rain. for today how are the roads
7:49 am
shaping up? >> the right from the richmond san rafael bridge looks better. we had an accident at the west and. drive point at one time was an hour but now it's down to 26 minutes. the accident is gone but it's still backed up from marina so it won't be a smooth commute into the northbay. the right into san francisco is quiet. i don't see anything on the bridge. 13 minutes is on the drive from the foot of the maze to fremont street. on city streets we have a big mess near the muskogee satyr. howard street is closed down because of a water main break. howard street looks like a river. some of the local garages near the muskogee center they are closed and flooded.
7:50 am
stay away from that area if you can. it's backing up traffic. hitting out of the santa cruz mountains north of the lowell we have an a crash that may be an overturned. i know at least one lane is blocked. after the summit not gonna be a problem. 27 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland. a bit heavier four 580 w. from 238 leaving castor valley to downtown oakland that westbound time talking and at 31 minutes. >> instagram will rollout new features to help combat the growing problem of cyber bullying.>> look at the problem of online polling and the changes that one company is making. >> snap a pic compost, hashtag life is good. until it is not. >> nowadays people and say
7:51 am
whatever they want with no consequence. >> cyber bullying has doubled since 2010 according to a security report. 92% of teens have access to social media. >> everyone here uses instagram? >> yes. >> the age is dropping. >> how old are you blake? >> 10. >> you have instagram? >> yes. >> i post photos and like other people stopped. >> has anyone ever believed you on instagram? >> no. >> lake is a lucky one. in the coming weeks instagram will rollout anti-abuse features to its 500 million users. by typing in your trigger words certain comments will be blocked or you can take comments off altogether. >> i think that's great.
7:52 am
>> private accounts will be able to remove followers without them knowing it to spread positivity you can only hard -- hard -- hard. >> are you up with all of that? >> i still change all the names around. >> you have little more than two weeks left to shop for the kids. people are out there now. the mad dash you may intend to spend more the late on it gets. >> yes. >> everyone in january is going how my going to pay for this. >> here are tips to make sure you don't go overboard. first off, get your shopping done early. do it early and avoid the excess spending because the stress of late shopping.
7:53 am
experts say paying with cash. it's harder to part with cash than it is to run up a credit card. if you don't have cash what's the choice? you have debit or credit. which one is better? they save debit cards. they see the debit card is linked to the money in your account to your cautious about spending a. as a credit card you run it up until it maxes out. >> you talking about the money and spending it's making me crazy. >> this year i tried to set a budget and have the cash there and only spend that cash. >> really? >> that went out the window when i saw the amazon sales you expect -- >> back with more weather. we're looking at showers around the bay area and for the weekend
7:54 am
and we will have the timing after the break.
7:55 am
7:56 am
what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me i still smile. today's box office report brought to you by the luxury loungers. >> with the rain this weekend good time to hit the theaters. >> let's start off with the most anticipated movie of the holiday season. it has a big cast.
7:57 am
office christmas party. they have jennifer aniston and a lot of people in it. >> i don't know about it. >> next there is missed loan. -- miss slone. >> finally the third movie out is nocturnal animals. it's a psychological drama. the movie directed by fashion designer tom ford. >> >> he still good at playing creepy. >> still ahead will continue to track the showers. we will look at the golden gate bridge suddenly very messy looking. >> in the south bay a teacher arrested for having inappropriate relationship with her student. we will have that story. >> it's been one week since the deadly warehouse fire in oakland
7:58 am
. we will take a look at how the victims are being remembered.
7:59 am
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teacher arrested in san jose. i will have the latest coming up. today marks one week since the deadly oakland warehouse fire. i'll have the latest on how the ghost ship fire continues to affect the and we are tracking another round of rain heading towards the bay area. we will have a complete look at your forecast and how the rain could impact your weekend. )
8:01 am
weather update: to balmy conditions with near 100% humidity and temperatures in the mid to upper scattered showers throughout the day. another storm front will bring widespread rain starting tonight and lasting through saturday. drier conditions are expected for sunday.more wet weather is on tap starting the middle of next week.
8:02 am
8:03 am
our top story this morning.... a high school teacher in the south bay is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student... and she has now been arrested. kron 4's will tran is live in san jose with the details. 32-year-old trudy hill posted bail last night after being arrested. she is on leave from her job as an english teacher at santa terasa high school. police say she used her position to exploit a 17-year-old male student into a sexual relationship. parents of the east side unified high school district say they hope the school administration takes action.
8:04 am
8:05 am
>>: i have talked to her before i've never had her as my teacher the school district believes it is only one child in all
8:06 am
>>darya: their five victims' identities will not been released to the public
8:07 am
>>reporter: that will focus on finding out minor technical violations the city is working directly with businesses that were affected by the fire they're urging anyone their lives in an artist is in a given an eviction notice to contact housing resource center
8:08 am
8:09 am
>>reporter: like vanessa she was also a 21 year-old berkeley undergraduate and they're also roommates 33 year-old chelsea was a volunteer deejay at the door to college radio station.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
help is on the way fro california's drought. the house of representatives has approved a bill aimed at helping water projects across the country. that includ >>darya: the money will be used
8:14 am
to boost water deliveries and other southern parts of the state it will help with their pike is that are contaminated with lead.
8:15 am
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>>james: if feels like skiing this weekend >>reporter: it will be around
8:18 am
all day today for the most part this go check things out for satellite and radar and the dream
8:19 am
>>reporter: that would drop to the south 1:00 to concede it tries to clear route is just intensifies 7:00 this already hit its peak as the stars the way in as the go to the afternoon san francisco oakland 6164 san jose most of drizzle at.
8:20 am
>>robin winston: i am so excited to get out there and the snow compared to the 7:00 hour commute not too bad is only 24 minutes out to 101 the richmond san rafael bridge we had our share of problems and at one point it was over an hour so this is considered to improvement that is for south
8:21 am
680 know the problem for west 24 i don't see any major accidents or traffic alerts in a commuter road from 280 to 237 that drive time clocking in at 13 minutes >>james: the driver lost control and had a guard rail and
8:22 am
that came through the passenger door to the teenager died at the scene this video they identified the woman as 45 trans am police found her in the parking lot and arrested on suspicion of kidnapping they're hoping
8:23 am
someone will come forward to help the police a new research pulses 41 percent of americans approve of the job he's doing right now >>james: pay into the white house with a 72% george w. bush had a 50 percent bill clinton had 62% in 1989 george h. w. bush had a 65% during the transition. >>james: he will get to keep his job on the reality is so--show
8:24 am
>>james: he hosted the show for 14 years more questions being raised about the deadly warehouse fire next wild mushrooms making more people sick and california.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
several people have been complaining about smelly and foul tasting drinking water in san francisco this week... and official say it's being caused by a harmless algae byproduct. the s-f-p-u-c >>darya: they're taking steps to force the system but that could take a week before returns to normal even though the water may seem hurt the in musty and have a bad smell it is still safe for
8:28 am
you to drink a warning for doctors after they say they're arise in people getting sick from eating wild mushrooms the poisonous mushrooms look and smell like the good ones wild mushrooms and we grow in shady moist and humid places and in some cases that can cause damage to your liver and even that and can be deadly to dogs.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
toss to weather or traffic >>reporter: here was a live look
8:31 am
at the bay bridge is well gloomy skies low-level moisture a line of cloud cover has departed. >>reporter: coupled with everyone the upper 50s ride down around the perimeter of the bay
8:32 am
>>robin winston: it is one to make for a sluggish commute friday morning on what morning only 25 minutes only 17 minutes from westbound 24
8:33 am
>>reporter: a federal court in south carolina will be several pieces of video take a look you will see dylan roof walking into the church before the massacre he confessed to killing nine people acted imagine what a in the church his mother had a heart attack on the trial he collapsed on opening statements after hearing about her son's plan to kill those nine black people. >>james: whether the goal should warehouse properly being inspected for code violations
8:34 am
>>james: he says the best way to get the city to one set the building for is to complain and then follow up with that complaint so always stays on the front burner a san leandro warehouse their rent space to local artists is the center of a fire inspection in the wake of the fire
8:35 am
>>reporter: they were there monday morning and very aggressive these pages are now memling known as the gate 510 that host close to 100 small businesses obviously that drew attention to a lot of artists faces tennis with told to take down the heart after through inspection tenants feel the regulations are direct result of the warehouse fire with the department under pressure to leave no stone unturned
8:36 am
>>reporter: this city inspection has an on going for months entire property not just the warehouse artists do not buy that situation for one year in the factory 510 have complied regulations and were given the green light. officials said tenants have been given 30 days to get out of the warehouse.
8:37 am
>>james: this bill is come to us courtesy of the daily mail and the security footage you conceive the 28 year-old at the magnet, range in riverside and the daily mail said the rifle that the rifle is the one he used in the shooting there is no sign at the range of his wife and they both died in the shootout with police shortly after they went on a shooting spree killing 16 people >>james: and the assaults of the monday morning he played for the warriors from 2006 to 2008 jasmine and say that he grabbed her by the neck and began choking her and that the they punched him in the face after he
8:38 am
tried to help our according to the loss to the claim that there is video footage of the basketball player talking about the incident the criminal charges have been filed a one for parents as your shopping for your children will show you a couple of toys that and actually spy on you. a live look outside...
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
some of your child's toys could be spying on them... according to some consumer groups...wifi connected toys... record the conversations >>james: they have more on what is done with that data. >>reporter: aisles and aisles of toys like target if she looks in the sense but in this three consumer advocate groups say she is nothing but trouble in this
8:42 am
case the child to voice here is how they explain it your child talks to the ball that goes through an ad or a small device the consumer advocacy group one in the petition for some
8:43 am
shoppers is enough to steer away from certain internet connected tollways >>reporter: coming and we have heavier rain will be discussing that in the for some forecast
8:44 am
8:45 am
weather in weather center weather update: >>reporter: you don't want to bring them out tomorrow morning if you leave the out tonight tomorrow morning here was a live
8:46 am
look at storm tracker 4 you see a little patch of lawn around san francisco this source of this moisture is not going anywhere it goes all the way to hawaii is not going to last all day is going to be a morning phenomenon is middling or a little while we do not have any statements their parley not one to last long enough but because we already have saturated ground it may be opposing problem.
8:47 am
>>reporter: in the strike apportions the city gets involved that is the good news in the afternoon if you do get rain it will not be coupled with heavy winds that that point >>reporter: sentences will or will stay in the upper 50s to dame the mission district and a 61 also sfo tax on bay chilly 58 not a great day for the beach 59 for pacifica morning showers a
8:48 am
may be the son will poke out for petaluma however after sunset. >>robin winston: the bay bridge, you will call this ok and it is wet and slug is nothing major on the bridge, between fourth and
8:49 am
fifth still shut down between folsom and mention we are sure for the remainder of the morning commute most likely not have the richmond san rafael bridge what a nice improvement >>james: the holiday shopping season hear some quick tips to avoid falling into debt after the holiday the financial
8:50 am
advisers say he should try and get your shopping done early in especially when it comes to bill pay if you don't have cash use debit card instead of credit cards >>darya: tried to trade mark randall married name but her new sister is a law don't want her to cash in on the name the company has filed motions to block the trademark application
8:51 am
they tell people magazine that he is confident she will prevail because it is now her legal name in the and >>james: reporter dave looks at the problem online billing and shows us the changes >>reporter: snap a picture post life is good well until is not it has doubled since 2010 according to the security report 92% has access to social media
8:52 am
>>: 5 post pictures and like other people has anyone ever believe you? >>reporter: blake is a lucky one in the coming week he will roll out several and type of use features to 500 million users by typing in your own trip the words certain comments will be blocked or you can get comments altogether private accounts also be able to remove followers without them knowing and to spread positivity is the only part of post or comment policy is way ahead of facebook twitter and snap chat.
8:53 am
>>darya: this is use the government is proposing that airlines be allowed to let passengers make phone calls during flights a lot people like to do business of their border and the will to call their mom
8:54 am
you can see a little more rain building and toward the east bay.
8:55 am
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missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at the most advanced ... and one of the most expensive ships in the navy is now in its home port. the u-s-s >>darya: it arrived in san diego yesterday this the future of naval ships >>james: 610 ft. long $4.4
8:57 am
billion the major voyage is not been without incident it broke down near the panama canal we have dave looking at the forecast we will be right back after this break
8:58 am
8:59 am
teacher arrested in san jose.latest coming up. today marks one week since the deadly oakland warehouse fire. i'll have the latest on how the ghost ship fire continues to affect the community. and we are tracking of rain heading towards the bay we will have a complete look at and how the rain could impact your weekend.
9:00 am
this is the bay area's new station. kron4 news at 9:00 starts now >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday morning. we're going to start you off with a look at weather and traffic. i've been tracking the drizzle and light rain all this morning. that's all that it's graduated up to but heavier stuff is expected tomorrow morning. we've had a lot of cloud cover with bigger moisture. this is a lower-level moisture but it's combined with coastal fog and a light drizzle. around richmond we have a patch there. this will be a long the delta and extends across the bay to the peninsula. temperatures for us in the upper 50s. 37 in the cool spot. a balmy 60 degrees for san jose. 49 again for concorde. we do get a bit of a break in the east bay but basically overcast skies. you can expect that all
9:01 am
day today. that fog will be returning tonight as the sunsets and stormy weather up ahead of that. to the next eight hours mostly cloudy. have the ring gear packed for by the mid afternoon. what's going on now? >> it's looking a lot better in san francisco and finally built -- thinning out. it's been a slow what commute but no major problems in downtown san francisco's are on the skyway, i went to one or 280. less than 15 minutes from the foot to main street. howard is closed between fourth and fifth because of a water main break. it's a big mess. avoid the area. also avoid forth between fulsome and mission. i will have a complete check coming up. >> onto our top story. a high school teacher in the
9:02 am
south bay is accused of having a sexual relationship with the student and is under arrest. we are live in san jose with more aware it happened. >> well? >> reporter: greeley hill is not at school this morning. she's reportedly a very popular english teacher at santa teresa high school. the students are in shock and the parents seem to like her. many say they heard rumors that there was a relationship between she and the male student, but they did not think it was true. when they found out that she was arrested by the san jose police officers. dining that -- starting me now is chris d. funk . what was your reaction? >> like everyone else, i was shocked and appalled. this particular situation violated the trust established among adults and education with our students and the social contract that we have with our parents. when you send your child to our school they will be safe and nurtured and and on -- and in
9:03 am
an environment where they five. >> many students said they heard about the rumors. did you hear whispers? i know your miles away in a corporate office, but did you hear anything about her? >> i did not hear anything early on but 10 days ago the administration received an email through a facebook posting of this inappropriate relationship. immediately the site and forms the police as well as my office and an investigation began. >> we see at school at the time? you said she hasn't been in school for weeks if not months. >> correct. she started the school year as an english teacher in three weeks and she had to go on a medical leave. obviously she contended -- continued that contact with the student. >> why didn't the school district, was there something in her past that you should have seen so there was no way
9:04 am
she should be near a student? >> every time we hire a new employee, we go through an interview process and try to get a sense of that -- who that person this. we look at the references and hope we're given and appropriate review of that person. we do a background check with the department of justice. through that entire process nothing came to light that we should not hire her. >> she will not be back at school until this investigation is complete. >> that is correct. right now she's on paid leave. when the dea provides the reports, that code allows for compulsory unpaid status. when that happens, we will pressure on that status. we will follow the criminal proceedings. we will take action, as much as the law allows for us to do after this proceeding. >> will you let her go before the sentence or conviction if in fact she is convicted? >> if she is convicted, guess,
9:05 am
she will definitely be terminated. we will put that to the california teaching credential office. she will more than likely loser credentials. >> what i mean is, while the trial goes on and there's no conviction could she go back to work? >> no, she will not be going back to work until this proceeding is over. >> i can tell you she turned herself in and she did make bill and she's reportedly back home today. reporting from san jose, kron4 news. police have arrested a person for a series of sexual assaults at san jose state university. identity has not been released but the picture house. it's a student at the school and responsible for these attacks. the officials say that they believe that the person that they have in custody is responsible for multiple assaults all of them happening
9:06 am
in different buildings on campus. police believe some of the assaults were unreported and so they are looking for more victims this morning. today marks one week since the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. here's what we know so far. right now investigators are trying to figure out the exact cause of the fire. they have complete research the warehouse. the coroner spiro says they have verified all 36 victims families of the fire. they have not released all of the identities to the public. there are five victim ids that have not been released at this point. we have continued to fall the story live in the field as well as what's going on with the latest on the investigation. atf is saying that they are working on this and the oakland city council is working on this as well because they want to keep other warehouse is safe now that they know this when was so unsafe and was under the radar for so long. >> so many changes.
9:07 am
while the atf is investigating the cause of the fire, the city council is working to make sure that other artist collectives are safe at this time. the underground music and art scene is bracing for a crackdown at this point. the ghost ship killed 36 people and some are worried that affordable housing in oakland will be taken away. there is panic the final technical violations that will be used to affect people their focus is not increasing on homelessness but it is to work with the computer the to make sure their safer spaces in the warehouse. >> we want to make sure we preserve the artist community and low housing in general. i need -- i think we need to spend a one-year timeframe in which we would have an inspection done and come up with the joint plans for safety's issue and there be a meaningful period of time in which they can bring their properties into compliance. >> the city is working with businesses that were affected
9:08 am
by this fire and the council is encouraging anyone that lives in an artist space to contact the resource housing center. city council officials have announced a local state of emergency because of the ghost warehouse fire. the city is eligible for state and federal funds to assist residents and is this owners impacted by that fire. there is a vigil last night for the victims at uc berkeley. jenny morris died in the fire along with her roommate, 21- year-old vanessa plotkin's. friends also gathered to remember griffin madden. he was 23 years old and from berkeley. he still worked on campus. another cow grad david klein was memorialized. and also 33- year-old chelsea noland was a
9:09 am
volunteer dj at the berkeley college radio station. several family members share their grief and memories of the lost ones. >> she didn't know that we had so many people of we were so blessed to have driven for 21 years. >> the greatest love and the greatest laugh. the greatest spirit. >> he was enthusiastic, energetic, curious and happy. he loved every moment of his life to the fullest. >> she was lovely to be around an exceptionally generous with her musical knowledge. >> services will -- counseling services will be available at the campus for the next few weeks. our coverage continues online. we have a listing of all the victims, their lives and things that upset about them including a timeline and what the investigators are saying and a link to where you can help donate.
9:10 am
taking a live look as we go to the break. and itsy-bitsy spider and clouds over the bay bridge. lots of cars. we will be back with weather and traffic.
9:11 am
supporters of president obama's health care law are launching a new political coalition to block it's repeal. they are now targeting republican lawmakers supporters of president obama's health care law a launching a new political coalition to block its repeal. they are targeting republican lawmakers his constituents may be at risk of losing health insurance. the group's call protect our care and it makes a debut today is made up of organizations that helped pass obama care. the goal is to stop congress from repealing the law without passing of replacement for the 20 million americans that are covered by obamacare now. health officials say more than 50,000 americans died from drug overdoses last year which is the most ever recorded. the
9:12 am
new numbers are out from the cdc and the spike is due to more abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers. overwrought, overdosed that's rose 11% to 52,000 which compares the 47,000 people who died of overdosing in 2014. this from overdoses of prescription drugs and heroin continue to be the leading cause of unintentional deaths for americans. let's take a peek at the big board. the dow was looking pretty good. of 31 points trading at 19,000 666.
9:13 am
9:14 am
taking a look at conditions in tahoe this morning... this is a live picture from kirkwood. a lot of people are expected to head to the mountains this weekend as a lot of fresh snow fell this week... we're taking a look at kirkwood up in lake tahoe. there will be lots more as we head into the weekend and there will be more fresh snow this weekend. >> another does coming their way and temperatures are warmer
9:15 am
than what we experienced from yesterday. it looks like from that picture, nice know that will make a good starlets -- a good solid snowball. this was going on in the stormtracker report. all of this moisture coming in from hawaii, this is high-level cloudiness but the low-level clouds fog and all that business that remains enough to produce rain showers that are collecting along the east bay shoreline after richmond. they extend to the peninsula also. raindrops, drizzle are all with us in sfo. is causing minor delays out of sfo. everyone else is in the green for now. don't expect that to lift too much this afternoon. it may do so in the east bay with the fog but not a lot of chance of seeing sunshine today. before we get there, we will have heftier weather. were holding onto 40s which have not gone up to the 50s yet. 47, fairfield.
9:16 am
everyone else's warmer than that . you can see showers into tonight and it looks like up there in the north bay. then as we go into tomorrow morning, heftier stuff happening by 6 am on your saturday dropping south you see that yellow indicating the heavier intensity for rain for the south bay and he spake by the mid afternoon. it clears out quickly. we see the sunshine poke out just a touch before sunshine -- before the sun sets. sunday is a better day if you have outdoor plans. by 1 am, portions of the south bay and even the peninsula will stay pretty much overnight and greatest tomorrow morning. this goes on until about 8 am and that's when they start to go to the south and subside. the period of time that the windy are holding together is not as long as when they issue a wind advisory. they see things clear out as far as that. there.
9:17 am
let's check out what it looks like in your forecast. 59, drizzle cloudy and mild. 61, oakland. 64, san jose. lots of temperature movement going on today. for the next three days that fog is embedded at the golden gate. 58 four tomorrow. 57, sunday. that's a day when you will see more sunshine at least in the afternoon. we take a little break from all of this and rain does return into next week. we are in our wintertime pattern.>> it is improving out there. the right here on the san jose bridge is recovering from an earlier action -- accident at the high-rise. is better now than it has been all morning. the drivetime is 25 minutes. the bay bridge commute into san francisco was not bad at all. the carpool lanes are already
9:18 am
picking up. it's not a back commute into san francisco. haven't found any big hotspots. 18 minutes from that point rolling off to fremont street. on city streets, stay away from this area. it is a big mess. a broken water main and streets are flooded here near howard street. ford is still close between folsom and mission and it looks like disclosure will be in place throughout your morning commute and it will tighten up your right. >> check out these numbers. we have some green on the map. 13 minutes for westport antioch to concorde. that means the commute traffic is out of the way and it's moving out. the same story for south 680. no problems leaving dublin into fremont. a little crowded on but the drivetime is not bad. 24 minutes to 38. check out the one-to-one drivetime. the the morgan hill into downtown san jose, 23 minutes to get there.
9:19 am
>> president-elect donald trump's approval rating during the transition. his lower than any recent incoming president. a new poll shows that just 41% of americans approve of the job that trump is doing in explaining his plans and policies. president obama entered the white house with a 72% approval rating and president george w bush got 50%. president bill clinton has 62% and in 1989 george h bush had a 65% approval rating for the transition. tribes twitter habits have developed into a pattern. here's a lock.>> reporter: if you ever wonder what donald trump is watching on tv, look at his twitter feed. it might be a good indication.>>
9:20 am
trump often weighing in on compton especially when it's about him. on saturday night he got snl unwatchable while the show was still on. he has an instant feedback lot. watching, tweeting, watching some more. trump has 17 million followers. the consequences can be serious. at 7:20 pm chuck jones said he was disappointed by job -- trumps job saving announcement. >> i wish you would've had the numbers down and he would've been upfront with 800 people's jobs. >> 20 minutes later trump said he did a terrible job representing workers. >> jones came back on cnn to respond later telling reporters he was getting threatening messages due to trump's tweets. >> he wanted the dangers of a president and the -- intimidating private individual . >> this is actually penalizing
9:21 am
people for speaking their minds . >> trump tweeted again telling the steelworkers union to spend more time working in less time talking. >> it's hard to know for sure what compels trump to complain. this tv tweet tv tweets cycle was on display all campaign season long. when he likes the show are is on the show he tells people to watch. when he hates the show he gets personal blasting anchors like megan kelly. >> mr. trump, data security beating -- briefing. >> some even wonder if trump's boeing message saying a new us one order was being canceled was triggered by this about concerns about anti-trade sentiment. it's fascinating and clearly
9:22 am
good for twitter, but is a good for america? >> were entering a new world where everything's on the surface and we can all see it in real time and have conversations about it. where does it go? i'm not sure. >> trump will get to keep his job on the reality show the apprentice. nbc and trump's campaign says it will remain that she will be that she will remain as executive producer even after he becomes resident. critics of this decision say the move could be a major conflict of interest for nbc because nbc news division also reports on trump's presidency of course. once mr. trump becomes a president the show will be hosted by arnold schwarzenegger. >> coming up, i'm going to the monastery to work on a computer at the monastery.>> if you to make a deprecation crash, it wouldn't be good. >> that's why we have
9:23 am
monasteries.>> i will explain that coming up in people behaving badly. ,$8drw
9:24 am
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♪ - ♪ bargain market ♪ ... now it's stuck in my head. when rains falls, car accidents tend to rise. but the c-h-p say believes many of the crashes are avoidable. and as sta roberts s the chp thinks most auto crashes are avoidable. >> when it rains there's some important rules of the road one must follow to avoid crashing. reduce speed. the driver in the black range roger was going 75 miles per hour. >> i need you to drive to the next exit please. maintained freeway speed. >> when asked how fast it was going he said his cruise
9:26 am
control was set to 80. >> isn't it a good idea to put your cruise control in the rain quick >> absolutely not, you can hydroplane. >> one of the dangers? >> the dangers are having a blowout and it's like. it sorely when it first rains >> this could cause you to crash>> crashing is bad. >> this driver was going almost 90 in the rain also want interstate 280. >> take the next asset -- exit and one half mile. >> listen to the conversation we had when i asked why he was going so fast. >> i'm going up to work on the monastery to work at a computer on the monastery. >> if you don't make it there because you crash, that wouldn't be good. >> that's why we have monasteries to take care of last rights and things like that. >> the wanted to be your last right? >> i won't know about it. >> it's also state law to drive
9:27 am
a delight son -- with your lights on when you're wipers are one. -- when you're wipers are on. >> i noticed you've got a bunch of passengers. you have no headlights on. this is state law that you have to have your windshield wipers on when it's raining. >> the other thing is i pulled up next to you and you so down to about 25 miles per hour. why did you do that? >> i'm scared. >> you can slow down to 25. >> slowdown in the rain, turn on your headlights, and to follow to closely. if you practice these, you might be able to avoid a crash. >> stanley roberts, kron4 news
9:28 am
here's a look at stormtracker four. we've got a line of rain showers on the east bay extending all the way up to the delta. we will be tracking a for you and let you know what you can be expecting.
9:29 am
9:30 am
weather update: we' up welcome back. we're tracking the rain going across the bay. here's the bay bridge shot. still covered in clouds. that's lower-level mr. you see on the satellite imagery. richmond extended down to oakley, berkeley and a little bit of the peninsula. basically it is drizzle and light rain you can expect for the most of the day. 60 in san jose. that's very close to what we have a the forecast high. the next hour, 62 in by 5:00, 58. the big shoe will be tomorrow
9:31 am
morning and we will have details on that. it will be accompanied with windy. right now, robin has details on area roads>> no major traffic hotspots. the right into san francisco is getting better. is sitting out right here. the carpool lanes and the crossing is improving and it's only backed up two west grand. earlier it was through the maze. 17 minutes is a great right type -- drivetime to get from the maze to fremont street. i checked the east bay drivetime, and checking your right through the south bay. it looks pretty good. 237 west, eight minutes over to the 101 and sunnyvale. no big problems to north 85. out of san jose, it is grain. traffic is back to normal finally. new this morning, we have been video of the moments before and after dealing with
9:32 am
shot and killed nine people at a church in charleston. if we harbor is at the breaking news desk with a look at that video. >> a federal court police several pieces of video. take a look, it's chilling. you will see dillon roof in the moments before that massacre. you see him walking into the church and he's seen bloodied and leaving with a gun in his hand. he confessed to killing nine people in june of last year hoping to provoke of wastewater. he's facing 33 -- hoping to provoke a race war. he is facing 33 counts of murder. we also learning that his mother had a heart attack during the trial. she collapsed after his opening statements about her son's plan to kill nine black people inside that church. 9:32. a lot of questions are being asked about whether or not the ghost warehouse have been properly inspected.
9:33 am
we sat down with the former oakland building inspector to talk about the challenges of keeping up the facilities buildings. >> i started with the city in 1974. >> reporter: he says the keeping all of the cities homes, businesses and warehouses up to code is challenging to say the least. >> you're talking about a city with over 600,000 people and lots and lots of buildings. >> reporter: most of the time they would only inspected building ever complaint was received or if they happen to see a problem themselves. normally they would open -- go into a building without permission from the owner or a search warrant. >> we would have to get approval to go when. >> reporter: after 36 people were killed at the ghost warehouse, the city of oakland revealed they had been investigating complaints
9:34 am
against the property but the interior of the structure had not been its úfor at least 30 years. done said he was surprised by that news. >> i don't know why the building hadn't had second and third inspections. i just don't know. >> reporter: there are many old buildings like six -- like ghost warehouse. the best way to get the city to inspect those buildings and take action if necessary is to complain and then follow up on that complaint . >> say that they follow through. get the names of the people that are supposed to go out and look at it. then call that person and ask what did you see and what you going to do. >> reporter: he hopes tragedies like this one can be avoided in the future. >> in oakland charles clifford kron4 news. >> dog owners are upset about the national park service final proposal for dog walking around the bay area. the big changes are that there are new off leash areas. we're
9:35 am
talking about san mateo, marin, san francisco county. the proposed cuts would need -- made about 90% of the areas where you can walk your dogs off leash, you will be able to anymore. 90% are going to be gone. the park service says the plant does include 22 locations within the recreation area. the proposed rules allow groups of up to four to six dogs to be walked with a permit. park service officials say that both are needed to protect environmental resources and wildlife. some groups who are against the plan are going to sue the park services decision which should be published in january. the final ruling will come out later and 2017. the great smoky mountains national park and gatlinburg in tennessee are reopening to the public today after wildfires cause 14 deaths and damaged 2500 buildings. most of the major is area in
9:36 am
gatlinburg was spared by the fires. the fires were started on november 28. you can see a lot of the areas that have been burned at prosecutors have charged to minors for starting these fires. gatlinburg brings in about 11 minutes tourists every year and that is home to dollywood. dolly parton will be hosting a three-hour concert and telethon to raise money for the victims of the fire and the performers include reba mcentire and kenny rogers and others. still ahead, a warning for parents as your after christmas shopping. seaway's choice you could buy the credit of spying on your children and you. if you shopping online and waiting for a package to come, there's a new scam out there about the delivery that you're waiting for. find out what it is next. a live look at the san mateo bridge. the deck is almost tribe probably not for long. we will be right back.
9:37 am
9:38 am
your kid's toys could be spying on them....
9:39 am
according to some consumer groups...wifi connected toys... record the conversations your kids are having... reporter christina butler has ils. toys could be spying on children and you according to consumer groups. wi-fi connected toys record conversations your kids are having with their dolls. here are the details.>> reporter: amid piles and piles of toys in stores like target, she sits on the shelf. three consumer advocate groups say she's nothing but trouble. >> parents are buying the stall without any clue that their children are essentially being spied on. >> spied on by a third party that collects data from the internet contact as connected toys. here's how they explain it. your child talks to the doll and that goes to an apt or smart device. from there it sent to communications where it goes into the cloud and then what happens then is kids play a scoring points. >> kayla talks a lot about business products and going to
9:40 am
disneyland. there's a real possibility for product placement to occur within the doll itself. group sworn in their position to the that there are no security measures on the doll. anyone with a bluetooth could have cried in obviously the idea of a stranger being able to talk to your child when they're in the bedroom and playing with the doll is beyond creepy. >> for some this is enough to steer away from certain internet connected toys. others are going down that aisle in the first place. >> i think against the more imagination for themselves when they don't talk back to you. >> the memory of a little girl who lost her battle with cancer is going to live on as adult designer to help other little girls fighting cancer. take a look at the debbie told. it's modeled after six-year-old
9:41 am
debbie. she lost her life fighting cancer. this happen in march. her family use the money they raised to pay for her medical bills to start the desi foundation and help other children and their families that are battling with cancer. without help comes the desi doll . >> when she had cancer she would role-play with her dolls. she would be the doctor. hopefully they were the patient and they would check the vital support the iv ports in the dolls. just watching her do this, we saw that it was very therapeutic for her. >> the desi strong foundation is helping 10 families in the palm springs area in the fight against cancer. this was going on in weather. the discussion is drizzle and light rain and breezy although the sun is coming out in some areas. mild temperatures tomorrow. we will check into that around the corner.
9:42 am
9:43 am
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9:45 am
ad lib weat tease here's how it looks on stormtracker for right now. are tracking a cell down to san leandro. while we say this, some spots in the bay are seeing sunshine poke through. a mix bag of some of that drizzle and potential light showers and the sun doing a little performance. lots of fog. there's the source of the moisture and plenty more to calm. with this rain we're talking about tomorrow morning. at 12:30 a.m. on saturday it drops on through. at 7:45 it covers a good portion of the bay. this is the peak of the action dropping south as we get into the afternoon. by the evening we might see some sunshine poking out. sunday could be better. windy will be coming with this and they could be building shortly after midnight and hanging around for portions of
9:46 am
the north bay and those in the and spots of the east bay. at 6:45, it will start to subside going forward. at about 12:15 the south bay and portions of the east. as with those colors are holding together. the getting final by valleys on the east bay. afterward done and said with all of that, it will be no longer problematic for us. we've got lower 60s on the east bay shoreline. 63, a word. livermore valley, 60. meanwhile down in the south bay we've shown you temperatures before already popping up to 62. 64, santa clara. not much of an increase from where we stand right now. san francisco, 59. not too much from what they were at the on today. were looking at a hour delay and near 60 along the coast. daily 60 -- daily at 60. >> meanwhile around point
9:47 am
country, maybe the sun will come out a little bit today the plan on a little bit of rain gear just in case. 61, napa. it's all lined up for you in the seven-day forecast. please tell me it's stopped. >> since the rain is tapering off, it's looking a lot better. earlier this morning we had so many problems, overturns a multicar crashes. that's all out of the way now. here on the san mateo bridge is looking much better. no big problems for now and only 22 minutes to make that trip. the right here on the bay bridge is also picking up. it's been often on and nothing major in the mazer on the rich. not about drive to work away from the foot of the maze over to fremont street. the golden gate bridge is moves
9:48 am
in both directions. you may need headlights and wipers as you head into and out of san francisco. check out the southbound drivetime. just 32 minutes to get from highway 37 in nevada over to the plaza on the san francisco side. traffic tracker is picking up on crowding. it will be a smooth commute leaving oakland. it's a bit heavier and you'll be dealing with that commuter traffic. north 101 from third getting over to the central freeway is very crowded but not too bad on the skyway continuing to the lower deck. >> instagram is going to roll out new features to combat cyber bullying. we look at the problem of online bullying and shows us the changes the bay area company is making. >> snap, post, #and life is
9:49 am
good. and tell it isn't. >> nowadays people can say whatever they want with no consequence. >> reporter: cyber bullying has doubled since 2010 according to a mcafee security report. 92% of teens have access to social media. >> everybody here uses instagram. >> the ages dropping. >> how old are you? >> 10 years old. >> and you have instagram? >> what you do with instagram? >> i texted like other people's stuff >> has anyone ever bullied you? >> no. >> in the coming weeks instagram global out several anti-abuse features for 500 million users. by typing in your own trigger word, certain comments will be blocked or you can toggle comments off altogether. >> i think that's great and i think it will encourage other
9:50 am
people to keep what they have to say to themselves up it's not nice to say. >>-accounts will be able to remove followers without them knowing. you can only heart to post or comment on instagram. policies way ahead of facebook, twitter and snapchat. >> on to football. a rough night for the raiders. they took on the kansas city chiefs. it was a cold night. 22 degrees a kickoff. maybe the face paint will keep you warm or or eating snacks. the night started off as a alex smith show. that puts the chief steps 7-3. the raiders offense struggled heavily in this one. derick waller had the worst game of his career. second-worst total yardage for fort -- for quarterback.
9:51 am
it was freezing. he has a pinky problem even though he said it wasn't a problem, it still was. 21-13. here is jack to rio and derek car. >> people can point and say this is the only big game we've had. they're all big. tell me when it's not big. we've had a lot of big games and they just keep getting bigger the more you win. i thought that part, our ability to stay in the fight is something i'm proud of. our execution needs to be cleanup. >> i feel sick to my stomach really put something like that out there on film. it hurts. i can promise you that. >> it was called. >> we will see how it goes it shouldn't be so chilly then. the warriors are still doing great. they rolled over the jazz in
9:52 am
salt lake city. 1st quarter the warriors were up early. this is even before the first quarter. steph curry taking the longchamp and that he gets a three-point play. the jazz got close and they pulled it in five points but that was the closest they got. kevin durrant took over and he close it out. he finished with 21 points. the warriors win, 106-99. the next game is tomorrow and they will be in memphis taking on the grizzlies. >> a holiday vandal tries to take down the christmas icon and it's all caught on camera. so christmas grinch shanked frosty the snowman. >> it's telling -- it's chilling to hear that he's been stabbed. >> it's silly vandalism. jeff did discover the
9:53 am
diabolical attack on his inflatable snowman when he came home from work. >> i saw a big hole that had been gaston his side. he checked his surveillance camera video and it 11:22 a passenger jumped out of a pickup and makes a beeline for frosty. viciously stabbing him and then tried to cut the rope and finally escaping in the getaway vehicle. what could be satyr than watching frosty slowly, slowly, ever so slowly the flight. the good news, the required extensive surgery. >> i put stitches and him and he's doing well >> to pay for these medical bills he jokingly set up a gofundme page. the modest proceeds will go to charity. he used how the grinch stole christmas to attack the attacker by posting a surveillance video with the soundtrack.
9:54 am
he didn't bother to call police figuring they have more important things to investigate. the fosse slasher remains at large. you can't blame frosty for being nervous. >> after experiencing this. >> >> i hope no one would do that around here >> let's take a look at stormtracker for. we're waiting for more rain to hit the bay area throughout the day. we will have more on that, after the break.
9:55 am
9:56 am
three new movies hitting theaters this weekend. the biggest new movie is "office tmas three new movies at the movies this weekend. office christmas party stars jennifer aniston and jason
9:57 am
bateman. it is rated r. is about an office christmas party that gets a little out of hand. and then there is miss sloan's. she plays a woman in washington dc who's trying to take down gun lobby's. that's rated r. the third new movie out this weekend is nocturnal animals. it's a psychological drama that by amy at an -- amy adams an dillon hall. he's been a creep and a lot of movies. it's also rated r. let's take a look at the seven day. you can see those showers are going to linger over our saturday and/or sunday. we've got clausen another chance of rain later on next week. that's it for now i hope you enjoy your weekend and i will see you back here monday morning at 4 am. don't forget, stay connected and our mobile app is a great way to do that. see you later.
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