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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 12, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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this morning on the kron 4 morning news... the aft completes its invesitgation into the oakland warehouse fire. we'll update you on what's next in the process. and a popular store in san francisco vandalized. what the community is saying. a search crews find the body of a skier caught in an avalanche... what officials say happened. the kron 4 morning news starts right now. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: thank you for joining us and we want to start things off with the check of weather and traffic begin with that forecast
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>>anny hong: santa rosa visibility has been flawed shawinigan south down to my of to the mile at times before the most part 47 for our friends in concord for the south of france low fifties in san jose it is the calm before the storm as james mentioned we are picking up some radar readings parts of the bank for right now most of their it is just moist air not a lot of hitting the ground and said there is a slight chance for a stray shower or sprinkle
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for parts of the bay include the north and east bay locations. >>anny hong: the quick check by this morning at 9:00 still holding on to cloud the conditions if we will see some afternoon sunshine today tomorrow morning hold on to cloud the conditions set by that afternoon tomorrow starting in the north where we may start to see some showers tomorrows some
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rent intentionally late tomorrow and definitely into wednesday >>robin winston: here is a live look at the commune san cell brent a nice ride so far rolling out of hey would to some of sale know the problems connected with north or south 101 checking in on the bay bridge and was what a great so far no lead to hot spots or traffic alerts hist set into not
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a walnut creek and no problems for the mccarter on the nimitz between san leandro and oakland if by some insofar lead to problems for 80 west >>james: a robber on the loose after dropping to people with a gun at berkeley officials say they have completed their part of the investigation the fire started on december 2, 1936 people were killed fire officials said the building was not required to be inspected annually will be holding a press
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conference that will be held tomorrow morning will carry that live for happens during the broadcast a walgreen store vandalize in san francisco the outside the building spray- painted graffiti/. >>reporter: most of it says union free prices and there are some this as slave labor for your convenience and that he had
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not noticed the graffiti would nevertheless is a is it is not getting across if they didn't grammar is keeping
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>>james: the man was caught and an avalanche at the mount rose the search began falling in average that occurred after 10:01 man made it out of the havilland civil however the other man was feared missing the hope this can bring some closure to the family they will be pulled off.
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>>reporter: even if you were allowed to walk down this trail you never make it to the stairs down the beach it did happen all of one style according to the information the top anywhere from 50 to 90 ft. of land
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between 2007 and 2010 since then they built this walkway and staircase. >>reporter: this bluff is the same place where apartments in danger of falling to ocean were demolished fit some of those apartments are still standing are still condemned >>james: they are retired all possible according to officials
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it is not set monetary donations russia continues to be a topic against donald trump live look
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>>anny hong: this is the chance
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to get outdoors if you need to get the job can coalesce over to his dressing of pretty much storm a live look sfo can't the fall really not a factor in this morning's forecast we are sensing cool temperatures of 4 is for concord 43 in fairfield 47 for our friends and livermore is a little
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misleading we don't think you need the umbrella for today
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russia was a topic of intense debate during the presidential campaign ... and it's still a point of contention now that the election is over. the topic of russian hacking during the lead-up to november's historic election now has president elect donald trump sounding off. reid binion reports. --reporter pkg-as follows-- donald trump / -r- president-elect: "no, i don't believe that at all."donald trump -- blasting the intelligence community's assessment that russian hackers meddled in the presidential election.donald trump / president-elect: "it could be russia. i don't really think it is, but who
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knows? i don't know either. they don't know and i don't know."the intelligence community is more confident now than ever that the hacks were meant to influence the election in favor of trump, according to multiple sources....the new york times -- reporting over the weekend that the c-i-a thinks russians hacked both parties......but only published documents from democrats.but it's not just democrats who are now calling for action.sen. john mccain / -r- arizona: "you can't make this issue partisan; it's too important."senator john mccain >>reporter: being a friend is not an attribute i am hoping for for secretary of state
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>>james: survivors staff and family members of the victims or killed from the massacre gathered to mark the center of anniversary beheld less silence that is the exact type of gunman started shooting and side of the night club the early morning or more it was not open to public but just to those directly connected to the shooting >>james: she shows us a back yard that took hours to cleanup this 250 oak tree of rooted in top form overruff >>reporter: ring of concrete
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breaking through the fence and falling off to her neighbor's property is damaged parts of the roof of homes a couple of years ago she notice the trees started leaning now with all the wet weather we've been getting the tree is now gone fifth the home owner is now dealing with all the charges that come with clean this up but she said the most important thing is that no one
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was hurt >>james: her passenger had multiple after misdemeanor arrest warrant when they searched the band as when they found math of drug paraphernalia and a large quantity of stolen mail they both are now facing multiple charges a guilty verdict in the shooting death of former nfl star will smith the new orleans jury voted to convict mr. hayes last nine of multiple charges
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including manslaughter he argued he fired in self-defense when he faces up to four years in prison when he is sentenced in february ywood and here's a live look outside... toll plaza
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>>james: >>robin winston: checking in on the morning, it looks good so far a minor back of after they bridge toll plaza. and entertainment new 22nd critics' choice awards were handed out last night there was no way
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critical source awards was on to avoid mentioning his arrest friday for alleged battery of a car service driver but he was able to dance around the subject to focus on the show for several films won multiple awards including jackie best actress honors and manchester by the sea which cases have led to a home base at the for while over dozen different films received awards one tile was announced more than any other the musical to comb it awards including best picture director original screenplay production
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design editing score and song for city of stars the director took the mike to accept the best picture and think his actors were not among the winners one of the more pointed speeches came from director after it won best animated feature would take a quick break with coming up
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next to look at this and is a thief caught on camera went the stunned community is saying this morning there was a quick live look outside the san mateo bridge will get another update on the commute and annie and what the center is attracting some stormy weather for the week ahead.
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>>james: here are the big stories we're working on this morning the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives and the completed the investigation at the warehouse fire 36 people were killed and at fire that will release preliminary results of the findings tomorrow the ghost of fire is the debt is building fire in the u.s. in more than a decade the walgreen's on a point low was avenue was hit with some crude union defeating messages like union free prices and slave labor were sprayed around outside of the store with
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the message is loss of employees there already part of the united food and commercial workers janine meanwhile access to a popular beach clothes this morning because of the cinco de closed off part of the multipurpose trillion student that is near the apartment with the demolition was taking place back the mark because of coastal erosion neighbors in the area saw the whole forming on friday and got bigger and bigger the coastal communities >>anny hong: further erosion of the in the community this is the calm before the storm you can see a live look at the golden
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gate bridge and we're waiting to cloud disguises and we are trapped in a little bit of moisture which means cannot quite sitting the rain hit the ground this morning i mentioned that moisture we're tracking across the bay area this is not quite hitting the ground we are looking a drive to this but there was a slight chance it
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will call a slight chance but for the most part we are expecting a dry commit this morning we're expecting four to 8 in. of snow about 5,500 ft.
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and a partly cloudy skies the weekend we are tracking a little bit more rain possible we will keep you posted >>robin winston: this is normal the problems out of oakland is still a great ride to downtown san francisco where off to a fantastic start nice and smooth
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know the problems for 580 the drive time clocking in at 22 minutes >>james: police are looking for the thief who took the package right from the victim's truck door.
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>>reporter: a longtime residents say is usually a really quiet neighborhood we spoke with people who live there this is an exception to the role it is broad daylight neighbors say this kind of activity is unusual nor please post to the
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surveillance and video on their face the page as in the public's help in identifying the suspect they will keep their eyes peeled, as proved if you go to your police that you will see this surveillance video in the comments section one person points out to see another extra set of feet walking by as the suspect leaves that might be you or someone you know or might be someone connected to the suspect. >>james: happening now a man arrested after being accused of sexually assaulting a 9 your child this bill has been set at
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$1.5 million tourist >>reporter: similar spaces filled written fire inspections and an alliance the group was
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already started with how the professionals like installing red our exit signs and fire extinguishers fix people in the community also mourned the loss they say they will continue to take precautionary steps coming up a mystery device that lets these break in and steal your car if
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. a mystery device is
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helping thieves easily break into and steal cars. and with this new device, criminals can: open a car door, start it, and drive away. all without the key. kron 4's gabe slate takes a closer look at what you need sot - roger >>j.r. stone: >>gabe slate: is similar to was discovered back in 2013 this the law enforcement now be in dioceses' the mystery gadget has evolved into something worse now
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the rise can be used to start vehicles a lot of them to be easily stolen and driven off the driver leaves a vehicle a lot to it standing or walking with in a few feet the burglar use the component called her relay box with still the call from the unsuspecting drivers that cold as the second box is placed near the door it would close on the handle it thinks is receiving the signals and unlocks and ignition can be turned off.
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>>anny hong: we have some rain headed this way we will talk about that antimissile will continue after the break still around.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. here is a look at the major headlines before you head out the door this morning .... today marks six months since the deadlist mass shooting in u-s >>james: victims of their loved ones and survivors they held a moment's silence that is the exact time the government started shooting inside that michael the names of each of the
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49 people were killed was read aloud. >>james: the final score 2317 that outscored minnesota by 18 winning 116 to 1 08.
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>>anny hong: here is a quick check of the live camera berkeley looking at mostly cloudy conditions of the 40's in downtown san francisco mint to
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upper 50s across the bay including 59 in oakland 60 in san jose 56 and sent francisco opera fifties and santa rosa. >>anny hong: we are attracting a lot of moisture you see this morning not expecting so what weather to impact the morning commute by tomorrow night thing start to change looked at all of this motion that will be coming to the bay area and also be making some snow up in this year by wednesday morning is going to be wed for much of the bay area. >>anny hong: it is one to be
4:48 am
happening we will start tuesday and wednesday the winter weather advisory goes into effect four to 8 in. of snow about 5,500 ft.. >>anny hong: everyone will be seen the wet weather friday's is the one chance to dry out the will keep a slight chance for showers over the weekend
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>>robin winston: that is normal only two to three caslon's open on inside because a little bit of a backed up every morning around this time between the toltec as that is why we always see the slow traffic check of the drive times find your free
4:50 am
web or your commit concord to walnut creek to danville alamo know the problems for south 680 was 24 live in walnut creek headed to the cauca over to oakland a hot spots for the inshore freeway nice and smooth for the property sure to the lower in short of the nimitz leaving the south bay enrolling more from 280 up to 237 >>james: when picking out the perfect christmas tree minute do not consider fire safety some things always keep in mind during the christmas season is the location water down trip to
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take up to five minutes longer than a dry christmas tree >>james: the deepfreeze said and across the midwest yesterday low temperatures dropping to the single digits and some parts of chicago more than 8 in. of snow and made it tough if airport travelers more than a thousand flights were canceled yesterday throughout the midwest chicago o'hare was one of the big ones midway another one that canceled flights and the trip as well of the day with a backward step today >>james: last week the debut of
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the little piggy named bloom people are not happy about this and hopes to place a series of the gain brought the airport here is a live look outside the bay bridge camera.
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>>robin winston: is getting a little crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza that is what we expect no major accidents or stalls >>reporter: fantastic beast finished third by conjuring up
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10.8 million it exceeded the predictions and open with a 17.5 million we can land in the comedy in second place she held the top spot in the third weekend in a row of large sinkhole of percent of come we have the latest in a live report as well. the nation.. a look at the silicon valley leaders expected to meet with him next,
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4 morning news... deputies shoot a man ion the north bay after a miles long pursuit. i'm at the breaking news desk with a look at what led up to that shooting. and rain coming to the bay area. i'll have the latest on the timing of the next round of storms. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: good morning >>james: today is the calm
5:00 am
before the storm will be a good day to get outside if you have a more holiday shopping and you could do to lead that will be great is the cloud conditions we have this morning none of the observation stations are reporting this rain reaching the ground you're ready for school
5:01 am
for castro's part because the conditions we have what weather into convincing will walk into that part of the forecast coming up. >>robin winston: yes to have a backup in the past line on the left and right but that is normal for 501 in the morning know the problems the fast-track windsor ride open.
5:02 am
>>darya: 1-injured after an officer involved shooting a man led police on pursue petaluma and windsor. >>anny hong: you want to be killed by police commanders later police got call an erratic driver that it tried to stop the man but he took off and headed north on older redwood highway the chase ended up in windsor and that is when the man got out of his vehicle and ran toward officers that it says that is when he returned fired the man was the identified as christopher is one of san
5:03 am
francisco was shot in the shoulder and treated at a hospital and then arrested on suspicion of felony assault. >>darya: to close off access to a popular beach and the succumb to it was near the apartment that was the mahlers because. >>will tran: this area is used the rows of even what is happening is simply too dangerous even for the city of the cyclical we're waiting to hear from public works of pacifica to see how long it would take if it can be repaired at all near the apartment we
5:04 am
talk about we to see it as been yellow tape is really deep. >>will tran: we cannot get down there because it is roped off the top of the hill there was a side that says that access as close to a promisee you conceive
5:05 am
apply world and they spray- painted that access was closed. >>mark: they've completed the investigation from the same is started at a party on friday december 22nd they have ruled out refrigerator is the calls will be holding a press conference on their findings the fire officials said the building was not required to be inspected annually.
5:06 am
>>darya: they're not worried fire inspectors are going to go find them or make them leave the owner of the spaces and is not fair to compare them to the goshen--ghost ship >>reporter: 5 people live at this warehouse they say they already started to make improvements to get the building up to code and the robber
5:07 am
happened around 1 in the afternoon at the citibank and on santa clara avenue the robber demanded money from several tall as before running away no one was injured and robbery. >>mark: donald trump is rejecting those claims. >>reporter: down some blasting the intelligence community that actors metal in the presidential election intelligence community is more confidence that an enormous influence the election in favor include multiple sources he joined fellow
5:08 am
republican senator and democratic senator and chuck schumer and calling for an investigation. >>reporter: that also be a sticking point regarding his leading candidate in the search for secretary of state has ties also recall the concern of including republican senator process' sunday being a friend is not an attribute i am open for from the secretary of state >>mark: much of the industry criticized him during his campaign saying he will stifle
5:09 am
innovation and they have not confirmed and going to this meeting to include amazon founder he criticized a vote on the washington post for the paper's coverage of the campaign and after the break... cities in the east bay still cleaning up after last weeks rain. we will show you some of the damage left behind by the
5:10 am
storm. james weather tease. robin traffic tease. . .
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>>mark: killed in our eyes out of lost angeles waiting for the announcement for the nomination from the hollywood press and minute concentre.
5:14 am
>>james: the rain set to arrive tuesday night that would take a straight through the middle of next week spreading across the bay area once the expected to be awash stars the same deal we will push forward and we will see the rain back off a little been few i will talk more about
5:15 am
thursday coming up in the extended forecast >>robin winston: track of it is
5:16 am
picking up here on the san mateo bridge looking a highway 92 the request track to come on of hayward and so far and is of very nice rawl know the problems into san mateo county to lands north datas to accommodate a new traffic so far so good drive times as great a worm drive times one minor issue and that was eastbound we had a crash is gone and never impacted the
5:17 am
commit direction >>darya: it came down saturday night and read a concrete and broke through a fence a couple
5:18 am
of years ago she noticed tree started she is grateful that no one was hurt the police asking for your help to identify this man he was found unconscious in alameda >>mark:. >>darya: 0 walgreen store is the target of vandalism >>reporter: most of the said union free prices and some sense slave labor for your convenience surprisingly it they do not even notice the vandalism that surrounds the entire building we try to talk
5:19 am
of the manager who did not have a common it represents a gross redraw bay cree and candy workers whenever the message is and is not getting across if they did grammar is king
5:20 am
>>mark: they are investigating a series of terror attacks and included a bombing and cairo were 25 people were killed zero hundred and 50 others reinjured and that took place outside of a soccer match the miller to the group has chlamys possibility saying they wanted to target police still had police looking
5:21 am
for gunman after a man was shot will tell you where.
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back... before you head out the door this morning here's a look at current temperatures.) dave will have your full forecast in just about five minutes. >>james: fillmore is continue on the road trip trying to shake off the blowoff law--law loss off >>mark: they outscored minnesota by 18 in the fourth quarter when 16 to 1 08
5:25 am
chief >>mark: we started off with a good start toward smith slams his head into the ground he did not return tabled halftime lead and the second half and there is a touchdown run and over time that gave them to win 23 to 17 the lost 12 straight they're one and 12 on the season to be allowed the company near the cal campus the latest in a series of robberies coming up
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so you'll be ready next time life happens. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. >>james: they harlow's split out
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them to one where we could get a modest memory this is a live look at berkeley where we have relatively clear visibility but is quite a bit of cloud cover and eventually that will bring this man ran a lot of this is one sure higher up that is evaporating we're not actually tracking any rainfall and at the moment but you concede the chance of it exist for the north the mountains
5:30 am
>>james: 54 degrees expected high in san francisco for places like oakland and san jose and east bay and the south bay variable clouds son breaks for the most are we're looking for very cloudy start. >>robin winston: none of the problems right now of course to have a grown back up to 530 rushed bhutan and is the past friends are packed a minor slow
5:31 am
and headed into so no 17 minutes from the dublin and to change >>jackie sissel: they're trying
5:32 am
to figure out whether not this latest incident is connected to a string of eight armed robbery that occurred here over the last couple weeks they handed over prop. the good news is no one was hurt that person with the gun fled on foot over about a week. they thought it was a team
5:33 am
of people working together and there were two others that occurred a little distance away from that >>anny hong: they knocked on the door but no one answers so the officers went inside that is when someone started shooting at them a shot the suspect his condition is not known this morning they were taken to
5:34 am
hospital and is not clear how serious the injuries are will continue to follow the story and bring you updates as they come. to the news come >>darya: police are looking for gunman after a man was shot and killed an oakland took a look at where it happened about 230 sunday morning about what they found a man who had been shot there was no word on his condition and have not released in the information about possible shoulder still rested after the child positively identified him according to official they're looking for a thief who took the package from persons from door
5:35 am
>>reporter: this happen on thursday in a long time residents say is usually a really quiet neighborhood we spoke with people who live there + 7 + years this is certainly an exception to the role it is broad daylight in this north neighborhood but it did not stop the suspect walking up to this house never say this type of activity is unusual that post
5:36 am
did video as in the public's help in identifying the suspect they say they will keep their eyes peeled and a common one person on south you concede another extra set of feet walking by as the suspect leaves the frame today marks the six months since the massacre.
5:37 am
>>mark: 49 people or killed and 53 others injured when he opened fire a large crowd gathered for a moment of silence at the exact time he started shooting the gunmen were shot and killed by police those with the direct connection were in attendance at the ceremony the public event is scheduled for later on today >>mark: he may have caused the avalanche that led to his death , or sister rounding up there to paint here and what activists say there needs to be changes. of a new phone scam. what you need to know to avoid being a victim.
5:38 am
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happening now we want to
5:40 am
go back to los angeles where the golden globe nominations are being announced. let's listen in. >>: best performance by an actor and television series drama best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama
5:41 am
>>darya: we are getting a peek police a warning people about of stones him. >>mark: officers said they received dozens of reports asking for donations on behalf of the police department, nobleman was shot by police after leading them on pursue through multiple towns will show you where the pursuit happen to have an update the man who shot
5:42 am
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>>mark: 2 quick look at the big stories we're following it our robber or lose this morning after robyn to people that
5:45 am
happen near the campus before one and the morning >>darya: they have completed the investigation the building they say was not required to the atf will be holding a press conference tomorrow >>robin winston: no more crashes on westbound 80 rolling in 11
5:46 am
minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street it will pick the right after copper in the rest of the track heading into the sow and that is going to be ok here is the ride continuing from 85 to downtown of sunnyvale and mountain view note of the major problems is a little pocket of slow traffic is light between 68880 but that is a good commute
5:47 am
>>james: the for some forecast, network shows as a live look from san jose little cloudy in the wet weather is on the way but for now we're looking of until the dry conditions all the readings at ground level reported it was evacuated the
5:48 am
green and the north indicating like to moderate rents and will continue as ahead through the day then thursday at the second
5:49 am
a more powerful punch that is will we have an 7 day around the bay forecast it looks to be widespread rain and then it will probably tread off as we head into early friday morning between now and then we have what couple of days and one for me thurston >>mark: the general manager said the water was too much for the sandbags they had in place the plant to build a barrier to collect water outside of the building
5:50 am
>>darya: they discovered the body near the mount rose ski resort. >>reporter: these are the condition this surge cruise dealt with on saturday. >>j.r. stone: as a search near the ski resort for missing skiers asserts that had to be called off because of the extreme weather conditions the calls cleared along the search to continue their way was to attempt when the avalanche to the close of area one man was
5:51 am
able to stay the other not so lucky to use electronic detection and help the search dog to help recover the body the victim has not yet been identified >>darya: the man who died was 64 years old is possible to they started the avalanche by asking in that off-limits area and introduction of the airport there paint is prompted animal rights group to stop selling pork the debut this paid to help and to travelers fly the
5:52 am
statement issued this weekend this and encouraging travelers to pet one can also run the flesh of others the is not fly it goes on to say that the protected in passengers by encouraging its restaurants to stop serving pork 1/5 >>darya: it was another big week for the disney movie
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>darya: the host of the critic's choice to were danced around discussing his arrest on friday and focus on the controversy about the election he was arrested for heroin slapping a car service driver it was not mentioned last my astral the corpse the big winner of the night
5:56 am
>>darya: is taking the top spot for weeks $18 million so far harry potter spinoffs following will rival and dr. strange >>mark: bank robber in the east they would tell you what happened
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5:59 am
and a major sinkhole opens in i'll have the latest in a live report. and rain coming to the bay area. i'll have the latest on the timing of the next round of storms. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>james: we have nothing but shower activity right now your find drive into san francisco venture you below is the clock still looking in 40 degree weather and against the parliament we will map out what
6:01 am
you can expect tomorrow and more importantly wednesday and thursday >>robin winston: another crash strapping man not recovered as quickly it is getting crowded out of emeryville heading into the maze >>darya: a sinkhole has close off access to a popular beach and the seneca
6:02 am
>>will tran: it has to be demolished right behind me you can see the board they made by the people in this neighborhood taxes close it was used plywood just in case the yellow tape does not warn you to stay away
6:03 am
and they know the dangers of living in this area but even they say they're surprised it happened again we were here and a cynical about a mile or two next to the beach as well in this particular case the whales are so close and is compounding we did toss and neighbors in this area here was what they have to say about the sinkhole was on top of the cliff. >>will tran: is well below was you cannot reach to that location because they broke off at the top of the cliff as well
6:04 am
>>darya: we're at the breaking news desk >>anny hong: it happened along old redwood highway in windsor started around 5:00 yesterday evening when a woman called police to say her son and law was in his car with a gun and
6:05 am
one to be killed by police about 30 minutes later they got a call of an erratic driver did try to stop the man to call in headed north on the old redwood highway that is said he's from the man cloud object to and that is when the officer returned fire the man was unidentified was shot in the shoulder he was treated at a hospital and arrested on suspicion of felony assault this is the latest in a string of robberies near the campus they are investigating
6:06 am
several armed robbers that happen on virginia street officials said they have completed the investigation the fire started at a party. >>mark: they're looking and electrical items has the cause they've ruled out or refrigerator as the cause of the fire people live there say that
6:07 am
now avail were rid of fire inspectors will find them or make them leave their space is not comfortable at all >>darya: five people live there and they already started making improvements to get it up to call >>mark: according to investigators he demanded money from several tellers before running away no one was injured during the robbery
6:08 am
>>reporter: donald trump blasting the intelligence community that a matter in the presidential election the intelligence committee is more confident now than ever of arrogance influenced the election according to multiple sources reported over the weekend that the russian hacked off part of the public documents from democrats he joined fellow republican senators and democratic senator and called for investigation say they will
6:09 am
be a sticking point for him regarding his candidacy for secretary of state the chairman ceo his ties to the mystical including republican senator who said being a friend of vladimir is not an act of view i am hoping for >>darya: sources said the meeting in new york is going to include executive from out of facebook marcos off and and tell much of the industry criticized him during his campaign saying he was stifled innovation he criticized of rome's the washington post for the paper's coverage of the campaign she rejected his offer
6:10 am
of common security secretary of veteran affairs and an ambassador said evelyn they said she wanted the attorney general that nomination ultimately went to alabama senator she was among his closest advisers ran the campaign but was demoted surely after the victory. plus... the flight attendant accused of leaving behind 70-pounds of cocaine at l-a-x is set to plead guilty today... a look at the charges she is facing this morning. traffic tz . no major hot spots
6:11 am
6:12 am
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you can find these great gifts and more in the crayola aisle. aaaaaah! each sold separately. a winter storm moving through the midwest led to more than 15-hundred flights being cancelled at chicago and detroit airports. this is the scene in chicago over the weekend... forecasters say another storm system will bring more lake-effect snow
6:14 am
today, resulting in the first major snowstorm of the year for the great lakes and northeast. that system could dump an additional three to six inches of snow from the great lakes to parts of the east coast. >>james: it looks like the nasty weather they had seems to be moving off into see the band of rain moving from the golf course date that line is continuing to move within the next hour to faugh fifth half fifth finlets and best wishes none of the
6:15 am
grounds this is a reporting any fog and rain fifth >>james: the airport not reporting we will let you know and that changes to the jews on record size and a couple of degrees warmer across the bay and oakland 50 down in san jose but the inland valleys at the moment are in the mid to low '40's right there where all
6:16 am
meats is on to beautiful war played out showers could begin as early as late tuesday night was certainly by early wednesday morning we will have rain covering the bay and it will move to the north just a little bit by thursday morning it comes right back down this is for 45 thursday late tuesday evening the shower started and they will stay with us when state and to purge the--thursday >>robin winston: we're
6:17 am
following a new incident and open skies seven live over the scene a major injury accident on city streets near 40th and adeline is a residential area it involves a car that crashed into an apartment building we don't know if the driver is ok with not sure what caused the crash and they're trying to figure will cause this major injury accident if you live or work in the area consider using market street instead of adeline will stay on top this
6:18 am
>>robin winston: overall nice ride into the north to bay no other big problems is the only real issue the major accident on city streets for the and adeline stay away from that the fruit looks great south 680
6:19 am
>>mark: the crash also damaged parts of the roof of the storage room the home on a said a couple of years ago she noticed it started to lean she said she is grateful no one was hurt >>mark: the police and so soon city arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting nine year- old child the investigation into a 53 year-old when the child reported being abused he was arrested after the child positively identified him he was arrested almost four recharges his bill is set a one-and-a- half million dollars
6:20 am
>>darya: last april he shot the former suns player after traffic dispute his wife was also shot but she recovered he had argued that he fired in self-defense not the his configure this his faces up to 40 years in prison when he is sentenced in february >>darya: is said to plead guilty there's the dog next to the drug found she dropped her carry-on luggage and ran out of the terminal after she was randomly selected for security screening she turned herself over to the airports and you're a few days after that chief is a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison
6:21 am
>>mark: 2 bombs killed 38 people and most of the victims were police officers a hundred and 50 others were injured in the attack took place outside a soccer match their claim of responsibility for that attack saying they wanted to target police >>mark: a militant group with ties to out-the claims responsibility in so far no group does come forward claiming responsibility >>darya: in addition to looking at his picture taken in the
6:22 am
hospital he described as an asian man 5 ft. 8 in winning hundred 80 lbs. if you recognize him call the alameda police partner and here's a live look
6:23 am
6:24 am
>>robin winston: tracking a hot spot and city streets over the scene of the major accident is still under investigation you concede the flashing lights oakland police and other emergency crews if you travel through the area stay away from
6:25 am
40 and adeline consider using market street. >>mark: dropping 22 points klay thompson who led a points and the game at 30 the warriors outscored minnesota by 18 points that led to the come back when 11621 08 will play in a war was a dancer pelican's mar my
6:26 am
>>mark: 23 to 17 the now lost the 49 as lost one in 12 and the season they played the falcons
6:27 am
following this morning... one person is shot in the head while sitting in his car in santa rosa... anny hong is at the breaking news desk with the details. james weather tease.
6:28 am
>>mark: the woman's rally continue with the dow and s&p once again is opening up above against the 19,700 mark the
6:29 am
freeways ok we attract a major accident >>robin winston: major injuries are reported we're not sure how long considered is a mark the street instead of out a line that will give you access as we receive more information from the oakland police department would definitely passed on as
6:30 am
far as the rest of the bay area no major problems on the freeway and >>james: the city live up behind are some clouds overhead we're looking at the most the crowd start here is what we are seeing on the radar view of the house all around the bay and some moisture in the atmosphere we have a stream of moisture in extending from california if you
6:31 am
had to pick on thursday is on terrain harder than any of the other days >>mark: after a drive-by shooting took a look at where
6:32 am
this happened just before midnight the victim was driving on the 800 block of west avenue and pulled his car over to the side of the road the car with several men and >>darya: police in the east of they are looking for a man who robbed two people it is just the latest in a series of armed robbers near the university >>jackie sissel: it happened just a few blocks away yesterday according to the
6:33 am
police department had occurred and area of shattuck in virginia
6:34 am
>>mark: there was serving a warrant during a drug raid in the east bay police are looking for gunman police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound there was no word on his condition and not release any information on the shooter yet
6:35 am
>>reporter: this happen on thursday about longtime residents say it's usually a really quiet neighborhood it is broad daylight in this north neighborhood but it did not stop the suspect walking up to this house that close to the
6:36 am
surveillance video as in the public's help in identifying the suspect residents say they will keep their eyes peeled >>darya: police arrested a woman and she after finding drugs and
6:37 am
the amount stolen mail in the discover the woman who you see on the right to a passenger had multiple active mr. menem arrest warrants out when police searched the van that is when they found matt and timing >>mark: the exact time the government started shooting the gunman was shot and killed by police only those with a direct connection attended this morning
6:38 am
ceremony on more public events scheduled for later today being hit with the most cases of mumps in the last ten years. what the c-d-c is advising you do to prevent your children from catching the disease. and here's a
6:39 am
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>>robin winston: a major injury accident has closed the intersection men shall before 6:00 there was called back put over on this roof after crashing into power palm we're reaching
6:42 am
out to the old template to parma to gather more these cells >>mark: that is according to latest numbers and the cdc is a contagious disease caused by a virus spread the saliva and mucous that recommend that they get to doses of the income our vaccine that protects against measles and mumps and rubella >>james: we are attracting an inbound series of storms 01 to
6:43 am
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all the care your family needs. all connected for you. áááábreakáááá >>mark: a quick look at top stories we're following our robber on blues actor robin to people or the employee in berkeley near the uc-berkeley campus before one in the morning near the intersection of ellsworth street and ran avenue that gave them their property he ran away no clear description of this is the latest in a series of robberies at the uc-berkeley campus >>darya: listen the building was not required to be inspected annually the are going to hold a press conference tomorrow on what they found 45 ft. across
6:46 am
and 10 ft. deep the clothes off part of the multipurpose trial that is near the apartment that was torn down in march because the cliff was eroding >>james: none of this seems to
6:47 am
be reaching the ground temperatures a little bit on the chilly side is a chilly start you want to block the kids keep the jacket warming of to the mid '50s we are expecting it to clear by this afternoon will get some some breaks as we had later into tonight as we go to tuesday that is one we will set the stage to we could see some
6:48 am
pauling and pounding could be pretty dangerous the could is
6:49 am
some pretty decent when >>james: that term, bring down power lines thursday is the high alert we're watching that one really care killing >>robin winston: that is the foothill and 23rd two major accidents on of oakland city streets this morning as soon as we get more information we would definitely passed along we had a
6:50 am
couple of crashes a couple hours ago eclogue attracted they're gonna we're back to normal commute traffic no other major hot spots on bay area freeways the drive time increase in a lot of yellow and orange with rep since modern slowing but no big problems for six '80s out was
6:51 am
2480 west and 880 pretty quiet >>anny hong: 1500 flights were canceled and the great lakes region here resisting in detroit from the we can wear plane skidded off the runway yesterday the airline says it went in just landed on a when off runway and landed in the grass and snow in winter weather in minnesota cribbing big headaches for drivers there been more than 500 crashes and hundred spinoffs in the twin city area since it began falling on saturday dozen people were injured and here is the scene in jamestown york about 7 mi. south of buffalo
6:52 am
another storm system to adopt an additional 3 6 in. of snow from the great lakes to new york and parts of new england >>darya: it was covered in mud and look at this rain this is to force water through the foundation to conceal the crumbling under the water and the pressure of all the water the hotel's general manager says it was too much for the sandbanks the laws plans to
6:53 am
build a barrier to collect water outside of the building a person calls planned to be from the pleasanton police department never seen dozens of reports people receiving calls from someone asking for donations on behalf of police. >>mark: according to official the pleasanton police department does not accept monetary donations to this to see how mrs. simpson cisco go on sale to the general public will show you how much accosted japan's on tickets.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
>>mark: the ice-cream store employee is back to work after customer made fun of her weight she was what i spoonful woman is going to wind looking like her the customer when emerald that a review of the review was deleted and there is an outpouring of support customer
6:58 am
surprise to with her back to work of balloons and encouraging note san jose fire department spreading holiday cheer
6:59 am
♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too.
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watching the area traffic.


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