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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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and i"m pam moore. tonight -- mountain view police are investigating the dropbox account. >> pam:much to the surprise of some parents we talked to -- the investigation has been going on for months. >> steve:kron4's alecia reid joins us live at moutain view high school. >>alecia: the alicia been told those were being passed from
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special with children attending a number of high schools including mount you are the focus of an in-depth police investigation. our focus and concern is and always will be worse in safety for every
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student at least interview that their investigation they and family is will provide several counseling avenues but other parents on campus believe everyone should of been alerted. >>: kids being bullied and sure this is a similar situation these growth being exposed makes an embarrassed and these kids should be paid for what they're doing pay for what they're suing >> steve:happening now:
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repair crews are working to fix a massive and potentially dangerous sinkhole. making things more urgent -- heavy rain is on the way. the sinkhole opened up along a popular beach trail in pacifica. and it's very close to some apartment buildings that were yellow-tagged earlier this year. kron4's charles clifford shows us. tonight -- we are tracking a series of storms headed to the bay area. this is a live look at san francisco -- clear now - but that will change soon. >> reporter: as a full bottle the whole of concrete and top of the sand. and there's a the property owners. it looks really bad but it can be done a problem in the same statement the city says the new or ocean also found that just south of
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the cynical on the bluffs underneath a vacant apartment building at 310 s cannot they have contacted geotechnical consultant to assess the damage. crews working at the same call " to repair and reopen beach access systems possible. >> reporter: we're beginning to
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see some moisture a long coastline i sure any of this hit the ground just yet would not be surprised if we saw sprinkles to the north bay overnight tonight as to get ready for a big strong storm system making its way income focuses mainly at the golden gate bridge no. would it will be thursday or get heavy rainfall watching on the tropical moisture calder fidel velazquez racing or across the pacific in a california brings its way down to the rest of the bay area heavy rain strong gusty winds over 60 mi. per hour along a coastline and then on top as and into thursday
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we are expecting investigators to reveal their findings. from the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire that left 36 people dead. officials from the a-t-f say, they have completed their investigation at the scene. >> pam:a news conference is scheduled for 11:00 a-m -- and we will stream that live on kron-4-dot-com. tonight -- first repsponders who are also coping with the loss. held a vigil outside the ghost ship. kron 4's ella sogomonian was there. >> reporter:scottish bagpipes led the procession of oakland and alameda county law enforcement members to the ghost ship warehouse. marketa pierce, bay area native "it's a hard job
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for some it was the first time are back after the deadly fire that claimed the lives of 36 people. fr. jayson landeza, chaplain oakland fire department "the firefighters the officers, those who worked on the scene, the red cross want to express our own sympathy and our own connection with those who have lost loved ones." officer marquez explains law enforcement have a duty to fulfill when working on helping others but the first-hand experiences of such a tragedy affects them too. officer marco marquez, oakland police department "it's just a time of closure to some to kind of wrap things up on days of hard work and dutiful to actually reflect and give some time to really let it sink in." in oakland ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> pam:a man was found fatally stabbed in a popular area of san francisco. according to police.
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this is video of the scene. courtesy of our helicopter partnership with a-b-c seven. it happened around three- this afternoon, near 18th and diamond streets in the citys castro district. when they arrived. police found a man with a knife. sticking out of his chest. the unidentified victim was pronouced dead at the scene. officers have not yet determined whether a suspect was involved or whether the wounds were self- inflicted.
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new tonight at ten: president-elect donald trump will officially announce tomorrow his choice for secretary of state. according to the trump transition team -- it will be exxon- mobile ceo rex tillerson. already tillerson's ties to russia are being questioned. and tonight -- democratic and republican lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the hacking. allegedly directed by russia during the u.s. election. that's even though the president- elect is rejecting any suggestion of russian influence. reporter sunlen serafaty has more on the man donald trump is expected to nominate as his top diplomat. >> reporter:rex tillerson's view on climate change seems to conflict with the president- elect. the exxon c-e-o has said climate change is a problem. trump in a recent interview -- says he is open minded when it comes to climate change -- but added nobody really knows. also new at ten: hillary clinton's campaign chair is calling on members of the electoral college. to receive an intelligence briefing before their vote next week.
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john podesta's comments come after ten clinton electors requested a briefing on foreign interventions. into this year's election. the request came in the form of a letter to the national intelligence director. the group of electors. also requested the specific investigative findings on russia's involvement in this year's election. it is unclear. for security reasons. whether the electors are even allowed to get a briefing. new tonight -- donald trump is postponing a planned news conference on the future of his business empire. it was supposed to take place thursday -- instead, it will be next month. according to the trump transition team -- the legal team needs more time to work out a plan for the trump organization.
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coming up new at ten: this may look like an arrest. but the officers were actually doing the man a favor. we have the story behind this new video going viral. then: newly released surveillance video: a thief pretends to help a disabled man. before robbing him.
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>> steve:the tactic police are worried the criminal might try to use again. it's a crime that spikes during the holidays: package thefts. we'll take you to the bay area city where police are delivering a special message to would-be criminals. the campbell police department is using a tech- savvy way of preventing package theft this holiday season. they've got boxes tracked by g- p-s.and kron four's spencer blake found out the methodis proving to be a success. >> reporter:because the man who lives in this campbell house has a security camera, police were able to catch the woman stealing a box from his doorstep a couple weeks ago. but not everybody has cameras.and there are typically a few package thefts every week in town. so bait packages with hidden g- p-s tracking devices are the latest answer. >>:"thieves won't know, if they come to campbell, if they're gonna get a real package or one of our bait packages." investigators have been sending them out to various people around town since around cyber monday.and already they're getting results. "what we have seen is a reduction in the number of thefts occurring."
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the department also put out a video telling people ways to protect themselves from so- called porch pirates "if you're not going to be home, something to think about is having a relative or a neighbor pick up the package for you." another thing they suggest is having packages shipped to a facility, like a post office. people who were picking up packages today liked the sound of the decoy g-p-s trackers. "i feel like that's pretty smart to do, to like just catch the person, 'cause sometimes you can't really see the face." though there have been no arrests yet coming directly from the bait packages, captain joe cefalu says that's not the only way to see success.
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"i think our goal here is to have no package thefts in campbell, and whether that's through prevention or arrest, either way." "now if you don't like the idea of having your package shipped to the post office or some other secure place, you may want to think about those doorbell cameras. they could at least catch a thief in the act, if it ever happens to you. >> steve:it was dangerous morning on the roads in oakland today oakland police are looking for a driver who ran away. after crashing into a power pole this morning. the crash critically injured a passenger in the vehicle. officers responded just after 5:30. to a report of a rollover crash on foothill boulevard. power lines were knocked down by the crash police say, a passenger was pulled out of the car. and was taken to a hospital in critical condition the driver still has not been located. and police say, a pedestrian in a wheelchair was hit and killed by a para- transit bus in oakland this morning. it happened at 5:30 on 40th street near adeline street. san francisco's municipal transportation agency is talking about the explosive growth of ride hailing uber and lyft. and it says there's simply not enough being done to deal with what could become an even bigger traffic headache. the agency says there's a potential for 45-thousand uber and lyft cars to be driving around the city.looking for passengers. the complaint is part of a filing with the public utilities commission. saying there haven't been enough limits on the growth of the industry. that's led to even more traffic congestion. san francisco was rated as
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having the third worst traffic congestion in the nation this year. the agency says much of the increase is because of uber and lyft. there was no immediate reaction to the report from ride sharing services. it is the play which won 11 tonys on broadway. now "hamilton: the musical" is coming to san francisco. and people flocked to the orphium theater to get tickets. this is video from our helecoptor partship with a-b-c- 7. the line to purchace tickets at the orphium started sunday afternoon.
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it receives a may 27th. and if you did not purchase then adjust yet a as not to late still scattered somewhen they arrived. police found a man with a knife. sticking out
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>> reporter: 04 of rainfall a law of the of that north. and with a stream and river is. read it 8 in. of rain over the weekend. the temperatures on the
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choice that was a cloudy for tomorrow chance of rain may lead to the north then later the strong storm system moves in on thursday and toward the next 24 hours as it does receive the rain " showers picking up the north bay. and since mao's
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prowler of coastline and the industry's power lines could be a mess. take a look at this -- a holiday display at the westfield mall in san francisco is turning into an internet sensation. it's an upside tree. it's suspended from the dome of the mall. it weighs about 50 feet tall -- 86-hundred pounts -- and has nearly 97-thousand twinkling l- e-d lights. the reason it's upside down: the mall wanted not only to attract attention to the crystal tree. but also the dome itslef. according to the mall -- it's
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the largest of its kind in the country. zcursorz still ahead in a brand new edition of people behaving badly. the signs may say no dumping -- but you won't believe how much trash we found in this east bay suburb. and next: new video showing a standoff between police. and a man at a gas station. his girlfriend. standing in the line of fire. but what happens next. turns this tense situation into a love story.
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>> steve:new at ten: a man surrounded by police with weapons. this may look like video of an arrest -- but it's something quite the opposite. the officers here were actually doing this man a favor. by helping him with a very elaborate marriage proposal. you'll see the man pull out an engagement ring. his now fiancee overtaken with emotion. that video shot in mobile alamaba has been viewed millions of times online. turns out. there is a lot more to the story than just a proposal. reporter chad petri talked to the man. behind the video. not all the reaction has been positive. some people have been critical of the video -- saying, it makes light of recent police
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shootings. others saying it is a waste of police resources.
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coming up: accusations the wells fargo scandal could be even bigger than thought. what else some customers might have unknowingly signed up for. in addition to bank accounts. and next -- caught on camera. a disabled local man targeted by a thief pretending to help him. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams
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what you need to know to avoid becoming his next victim. tonight -- police are looking for the criminal who robbed a disabled man in public. making this crime even more distrubing: >> steve:the armed robber made it seem like he was helping the victim at first. the crime happened back september in san jose. but now investigators have released new surveillance video. kron4's rob fladeboe shows us. the disturbing video begins with the moment when the suspect, riding his bike on the sidewalk, intentionally knocks the victim down from behind. he then circles back and helps the man to his feet. but the victim has a speech disability and when he tries to communicate with the suspect via text message on his phone, the suspect grabs the phone. there is a struggle as the victim tries to get his
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phone back but the suspect pulls a gun and then kicks the victim, knocking him to the ground again before riding away. sgt. enrique garcia/san jose police police released
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this sketch of the suspect. he is described as an african america male between 16 and 25 years old with a thin build. he wore a dark beanie cap, dark shirt and grey seat pants. the victim was not seriously hurt but police point out how it might have been worse given the fact that the video shows how the suspect at one point dropped the gun and later waved it around, putting others in the neighborhood at risk. sot sgt. enrique garcia/san jose police lets take another look at the video, shot by a surveillance camera here in the 6200 block of tuers road near las lagos gold course. police say it suggests the disabled man was targeted and that the staged accident ruse may be one the suspect has used before and may try again unless he is brought to justice. sot sgt. enrique garcia standup closer two people were robbed at gunpoint near the u-c berkeley campus this morning. it happened here.near the intersection of ellsworth street and durant avenue just before 1am. officers say a man brandising a gun ran up to the victims. and demanded their property. the victims complied. and the suspect ran away. luckily no one was injured. this is just the latest in a string of robberies near the campus.
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police are also investigating several armed robberies that happened on virginia street earlier this month. today marked six -months since the massacre at pulse nightclub in orlando. >> pam:a large crowd gathered for a moment of silence at 2:02 a-m local time at the club. that's the exact time. gunman omar mateen started shooting inside the l-g-b-t nightclub back on june 12th. the names of the 49 - victims were read outloud. dozens of others were injured in the terror attack -- the
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gunman was killed by police. tonight -- much of the country is dealing with plunging temeperatures. it is already causing some major problems across the country. and mother nature is *just getting started -- we will track the frigid national forecast. ahead. first let's look at some of the problems the weather is causing. this is video from detroit. a plane skidded off the runway over the weekend. the airline says the plane went had just landed went it went off the runway and into the grass and snow. no one was hurt. reporter mary maloney has the latest on the polar plunge. >> reporter:i'm here with kron4 meteorologist lawrence karnow. with a closer look at just how cold it's going to get across the nation. -35 degree wind chills of his mark to boston this discouraging news for those communities kenya from heavy snow over the weekend the snuggling keep
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everyone indoors these global sense so kron 4 is still getting all it could bring another three to 6 in. >> reporter: traveling out area of these corps the conditions
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and will have some clear conditions across the coast some very freezing in units across the great lakes and some big snow " storms across we see some like a fax no in like ontario stormy weather continuing their combined the very cool temperatures it is chilly outside right now when degrees in minneapolis minnesota and chicago 37 in boston 40 degrees and your to get the idea. this art to cool air mass selling in over the next status not done just yet. and 14 in chicago. n - 20 degrees right now and more
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coming up in just a couple minutes. >> pam:the wells fargo scandal is now spreading -- and is implicatintg prudential life insurance. admitted that thousands of its employees. had created as many as two million unauthorized accounts for customers. now - bank employees apparently 'also' signed people up for prudential life insurance. again -- without their knowledge or permission. three former prudential employees are suing the insurance company. claiming they were punished for refusing to cover up illegal practices.
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>> reporter: facing an interest-
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rate hike coming up soon as tomorrow wednesday the federal reserve get together they decided not to as and of jobs out there the question as the economy's going good racine good data but the question what looks like next year with the odd trump's pitch as president besought stock up 4% 4 billion remarking cat.
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>> stanley:illegal dumping is a huge problem around the bay; tonight we'll look at union city and what i found just sitting on the streets worth more than 3 thousand i'll explain in the editon of people behaving badly illegal dumping has been a huge problem around the bay area. and often there are subtle hints you can look out for. tackling the problem before it gets out of hand is one way to prevent it from growing stanley roberts looks at one city where the problem appears to be on the rise. >> stanley:normally when you see a car with a cover one would tend to think someone is really protecting their investment nats: ambiance unless you happen to notice that all four tired are flat . really flat in fact this rear tire has a huge gaping hole so it's safe to say this car has been dumped here .oh did i mention it's a 2001 mercedes benz e430 oh i forgot to mention i'm in union city, where they have their fair share of illegal dumping nats: ambiance i often tell people, if you see a sign like this reading absolutely not dumping . that usually means there is a problem with people dumping stuff
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in this case it's a stereo, and apparently a speaker . but what really caught my attention were all these 9lives cat food containers . all opened then in noticed lots of cats a commercial district . so i guess someone is feeding the cats and leaving the trash behind no bueno nats: ambiance over on whipple road you might find a mattress and a box spring dumping on the side of the road and look at this illegally dumped fake christmas tree probably from 2015 i also noticed these tires and believe it or not sadly it wasn't the tires that bugged me it 's what's inside the tire . water standingwater is a breeding ground for mosquitoes nats: ambiance the problem with illegal dumping is it attacks rodents and increases the chance for more illegal dumping its called the broken glass theory when somone leaves trash it attracts more people to leave trash and thus the cycle begins nats: ambiance there is also a problem with people dumping dirt in this case its right under a sign which reads no dumping allowed in union city stanley roberts
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kron 4 news >> reporter:skies will be mostly cloudy tonight with patchy valley fog. it will be mostly cloudy tomorrow with a chance of rain. x couple of drops street alumni can see there in might be seeing a couple scattered showers ethical scattered light showers there to marin would a few
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showers heading in new directions in your neighborhoods could be seen a few scattered light showers now the main event more that rainfall moving on shore to are we see some rain especially in the north bay and northern parts of the state and focus be 48 in. of rainfall they're coming on top of the 3 8 in. just this last week and flooding a real possibility and 20 in. of snow and that will rise still levels " to about 7,500 ft. and four wednesday and a raincoat goes through, causing more problems and some of the creeks. have gone offshore
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toward that area of low pressure low's center off the coast line now it's on its way. pushing and like they're in the day thursday brain and very strong gusty winds more showers as we had in court friday. they
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beat baltimore ravens new england england >> gary: then made the game close and 79 yds to the crystal again 25 the 38 and 6 yds three touchdowns 3023 patriots. and leading at halftime. the forty-niners loss 12 the road you can keep beating
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them up and just hang this is who they are. one of those times when pretty much be a hit rock bottom. and all the talk today read it may be moved delphi's family into more promotional the end of things chair calais' maybe go and then as a starting
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>> reporter: out as rams coach and three games remaining and was released range the l.a. rams 3145. just reported a two-year extension they say goodbye and he has a nice parting gift. the raiders' head coach also ran the show and tennessee usc new coach ed lentic leads the sidelines and assistant coach for the atlantic the closes on
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the mind of a lot folks at 86 million test it with the yankees. and 62 million to come to the giants all right to meddle. before we say goodbye american people find apple store whether scopa on only live stream this broadcasting and 4 k
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k payments ever on all beds. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> gabe:new technology in cars could help solve that problem. kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate joins us now to explain sot- car guy "you see a big pothole and you do that oh no! " yup we know the feeling and they are all over the bay area. nats - pothole the new ford fusion v6 sport sedan will come equipped with a computer controlled shock absorber system that will automatically stiffen when sensors detect that a wheel is about to roll into a pothole.
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sot - car guy "when it detects the pothole it will stop the wheel from falling into hole and it sends info to the back wheel etc." sensors scan every two milliseconds for continual adjustment to help the vehicle better withstand the worst pothole-riddled roads. essentially you skip over the pothole the system keeps the wheels from falling into nasty like this nasty one i found in south san francisco. i hopped into the driver's seat to test it out driving over this pothole nats - "me driving it - yeah it works - cool etc." when i would drive over one i still felt a little hiccup a bump but way less than what i expected to feel. the u-s senate is paying homage to those affected by the december 2-nd. ghost ship warehouse fire. onat


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