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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> vicki: tonight at ten: a taxi driver arrested -- accused of sexually assaulting two women. good evening i'm grant lodes. and i'm vicki liviakis. pam moore and steve aveson have the night off. tonight - police are looking for more possible victims. this is the suspect. julio sanchez. he's a cab driver in campbell. new tonight kron4's j-r stone is live with more on how police say the alleged victims were targetted. with the help of u.s. marshalls 30 year old san jose resident and taxi driver julio sanchez is behind bars right now facing multiple rape charges. one case involves an intoxicated passenger who he picked up in downtown campbell, late at night, in late october. >> j.r.:she was preyed upon by this taxi cab driver who ultimately took her back to his house in san jose where she was sexually assaulted.
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the victim woke up as it was happening and was able to free herself and get away. police say she was origionally with friends that night but was seperated from them as the evening progressed. at one point she flagged down a cab. police say sanchez was driving that cab. they say he's part of a small cab company called checkered flag yellow taxi. the car he drove also listed the site e- taxi-it dot com. >>:sot being a young woman and in campbell it's definitely nerve racking and scary because you think of all your friends and just hope that something like that never happens. >> reporter:detectives believe sanchez sexually assaultaed another woman in a separate
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instance. they say most of the circumstances in that case were different but the victim was also intoxicated. those we talked said this news is upsetting and disheartening. >>:sot it can definitely come off as the ultimate horror story that can be taken that far because you want to be able to trust the person that is driving and when that trust is broken it can be really devastating. breaking news tonight: the san francisco police comission has approved a new use of force policy. it bars officers from shooting at a moving vehicle -- unless the occupants pose an immediate threat.
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it also prohibits officers from using choke holds.and other holds that prevents breathing. the san francisco police department has been under scrutiny for recent officer involved shootings. which led to the justice department recommending reforms. and the resignation of the police chief. a new chief was appointed yesterday -- bill scott a 27- year veteran of the l-a-p-d. a bold holiday heist today at the sun valley mall in concord. >> vicki:a thief swiped hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelery from a sears store. then -- got away. kron4's hermela aregawi has more on how the crime was pulled off. and who police are now looking for. a routine call of an alarm at the sun valley mall last saturday turned out to be anything but normal.
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when police arrived.they didn't see anything out of the ordinary.and no signs of forced entry. sot sgt carl cruz detective supervisor, concord pd >> reporter:at a later time, sears employees did go to the store to do an inventory for possible loss. they discovered a jewelry case smashed. and a lot of jewelry missing. 127 rings in all total value218,000 dollars. now police are looking for this manand they have an idea of how he pulled off this heist. sot sgt carl cruz detective supervisor, concord pd we have the working assumption that the suspect hid in the store after the store closed. and at sometime after the concord police department conducted their search might have left the premises.
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we spoke with customers. who were shocked by how far the thief went to get the goods. sot shopper1 it's pretty bold to be hanging out inside the store then busting loose and stealing man. sot shopper2 i've been in the bay area for a long time. if it was antioch mall, you kind of thing a lot of stuff happens out there. but that's ridiculous, that's insane. for someone to dot hat much to wait untilt the store closes, that is shocking to me. concord police say. this theft is quite unusual. they say usually suspects commit the crime quickly and run. *standup at this point/police are not releasing the surveillance video. they aren't releasing many details about the timeline of this crimebecause that information may compromise the investigation. if you know the man seen in the surveillance pictureyou're asked to call concord police. reporting in concord, ha, k4 news. >> vicki:another holiday shopping warning. a woman in pleasanton was robbed at gunpoint in a mall parking lot. it happened yesterday just before noon in parking lot "a".at the stoneridge shopping center. the victim was walking to her vehicle.when two the two robbers approached her. one criminal pointed a gun at her. while the the other acted as a look-out. the thieves made off with some of her belongings in an oler
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green honda civic. the woman was not hurt. tonight -- more and more reports of package thefts ahead of the holidays. this has become big problem all around the bay area. we first showed you this video last night from san jose. a home surveilance system captured a person taking a package off a porch. the viewer who sent it to us says a champagne colored honda accord appeared to be casing the neighorhood before it happened. today another viewer in san jose reached out to us. saying they believe they were hit by the same person. this is the new surveillance video showing a similar car pulling into a driveway. then a person gets out and takes a package. those are just two examples. if you do have a package stolen -- you can contact the shipping company and file a claim. also some credit card companies might be able to help you recoup any losses. this holiday season. more than 250-thousand people may soon be without the help they need. the second harvest food bank is in jeapordy of having to cut some of its services. they need more donations to keep the annual holiday food and fund
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drive, going. >> vicki:kron4's alecia reid joins us live from one of their centers tonight. how low are the donations this year? >>alecia:i'm told this is the first time the food bank has seen donations this low during the holiday season. people that rely heavily on getting food here, may have to start missing meals. pkg second harvest food bank served 18-thousand more people this november than they did the same time last year. kathy jackson / c.e.o. second harvest food bank - sot - we're seeing the need, in terms of the people we serve, go up dramatically, but the donations are going down. we raised 1.7 million less than we did last november >>alecia:the holiday season is the most critical for fundraising efforts. it's about half of the funds needed to operate year round. if the food bank doesn't reach its goal by january, it'll have to scramble for the rest of the year to prevent cutting services. a family like angelica, joy and patrick will miss out. >>:sot - a family who today may get 2 bags of food to take home,may get 1.5 bags and that's terrible. that means they'll be missing meals
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food donations are still pretty solid, but as of right now, second harvest is 7 million dollars short of where they need to be. and every dollar counts. sot - we can turn one dollar into 2 healthy meals sot - i think a lot of people think their individual donations won't make a difference when in actuality that's one of the most important places second harvest gets its funding sot - hungry people are going to suffer more than they normally would unless we can reverse that trend standup if the decline in donations continues, the c-e-o of the food bank believes we could potentially be heading to a hunger crisis in silicon valley. reporting live in san jose lots of holiday light displays around the bay area.
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here's one tonight in south san francisco -- the parkway estates neighborhood. >> vicki:the cold didn't stop people from showing up. but the weather is going to take a turn for the worse. meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by tracking rain and snow. make sure you have the kron4 mobile app for the holidays. and be the first to know about severe traffic or weather in your area. we'll keep you updated through breaking news push alerts. >> britteny: this will affect you morning commute has begun to the day on friday toward the early afternoon hours we start to see everything like lighting up light rainfall expected toward friday evening on and off showers expected and then what
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we will be tracking for you is now on the sierra winter storm warning will go an affect on friday last until 4:00 p.m. on saturday south lake tahoe tracking we have more details the time of the snow for you as well in the full forecast. >> grant: cars from california roads. this after the d-m-v revoked the vehicles' registrations late today. the d-m-v told uber that the san francisco based company has to stop testing the vehicles because it doesn't have a permit. uber officials met with d-m-v lawyers and the state attorney generals office today. a statement from an uber spokesperson was released shortly after the dmv's decision to revoke the registrations... "we have stopped our self- driving pilot in california as
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the dmv has revoked the registrations for our self- driving cars. we're now looking at where we can re-deploy these cars but remain 100-percent committed to california and will be re- doubling our efforts to develop workable statewide rules." >> vicki: a race against time in germany.werhe police are on the hunt for the man who drove a semi-truck through a crowded christmas market in west-berlin. scott mclean has more on who authorities are looking for. in germany police believe this may be the face of terror. a man they suspect drove a semi-truck loaded with steel through a crowded christmas market -- leaving 12 dead and 48 injured. >> reporter:anis amri -- is a 24-year tunisian 'under urgent suspicion' -- urgent because police say he could be violent, and armed. ralf jäger/german interior minister: we want to be successful in our manhunt, we want to arrest that person and question him, and this is why you need to give time to the berlin investigation services. authorities found amri's identification in the cab of the truck. along with the body of the rightful driver -- a polish man who was shot dead. in a statement, isis called the perpetrator of the attack a
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"soldier of the islamic state." german police say amri was already on their radar. he was arrested in august with forged documents en route to italy. but a judge let him go. he had also raised red flags for police when he tried to buy a gun. amri was a challenge to deport back to tunisia because officials had trouble confirming his identity. he's been linked to a terror recruitment network in western germany. it's also where police have been conducting raids on places they think he may have stayed. in washington, i'm scott mclean. coming up new at ten: did the punishment go far enough? what a powerhouse college football team is saying after video is released of a star player from the bay area. slugging a woman in the face.
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then: a bay area woman describes a scary home invasion robbery. her son inside the house when it happened.
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>> grant:tonight -- what the thieves were looking for. and next -- new at ten. local street musicians accusing police of beiing real-life grinches. why they say they're being robbed of spreading some holiday cheer. happening now: police are looking for the driver that hit and killed a man late last night. then took off. it happened in millbrae on el camino real. kron4's charles clifford talked to police about what leads they have in the case. >> reporter:san jose police are searching for a driver who hit a 3-year-old boy. and then took off. it happened last night around 11. the boy and his grandparents were walking in the mount pleasant north neighborhood. the family was walking with a dog. when it ran into the street.
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the dog ran into the street.the young boy chased after the dog. and was hit by a silver sedan. possibly a honda. the car was going about 30 miles per hour. when it hit the toddler. he was taken to a local hospital. the injuries are descrribed as "moderate" injuries. fairfield police are looking to see if alcohol played a factor in a firery, head-on collision that killed two people early this morning. it happened on peabody road around just after midnight. >> grant:the people who died were in a lincoln sedan.and were apparently trapped in the car. a man driving a ford s-u-v was
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badly injured. police aren't detailing which driver veered off course. a passerby likely saved the life of the suv's driver.pulling them from the burning vehicle. hazardous beach conditions today in pacifica. some areas seeing up to 15 foot waves. all of it is because of a strong pacific storm headed our way coming up in a special holiday edition of people behaving badly: >> britteny: and then we have seasonal temperatures and likely
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friday's years now and saturday and sunday and winters, the air alert largest clothing and that is why we see these alerts illegal the board would and that even your outdoor firepit system is extended yet again until thursday and then 96 degrees this time yesterday a bit cooler satellite read our chart shows right now we will see the clouds increasing their the day tomorrow more unsell whether and to order area future tests shows the morning commute.
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expected see heavy rain to the afternoon things like not propose the day early saturday morning.
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>> reporter: article crimes. the best read attached burglars is to report something suspicious of for burglary occurs. at winchester boulevard forest avenue is the on reportedstanley
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roberts decides whether over -- or just let them leave with a lump of coal. and next: one violent bart police encounter -- and two very different accounts of happened. tonight we have newly released body camera video from an incident at the embarcadero station earlier this year. bart police are being accused of using excessive force by the san francisco public defender.
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the public defender is * *now releasing police body camera video showing an incident at the embarcadero bart station back in july. kron4's maureen kelly says the public defender and the police have different accounts of what's being shown in that encounter. >> reporter:the videos showing the july 29th incident come from station surveillance, police body cameras, and witness cell phones. a 911 call from a rider reporting that another persnon threatened to rob him.and might have a weapon on him.b brought bart police to the embarcadero station with their guns drawn on the man matching the callers describtion. the situation escalated quickly.police say the suspect michael smith spit , bite and kicked officers.and was eventually charged with seven misdeamnors. but.the public defender says the 911 call was bogus.coming from a rider who had been in an eariler altercation with smith and his girlfriend.and no weapon was
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found. the public defenders says the actions of the officers are examples of excessive force.including this officer hitting smith in the face after being spit on. he also questions the tactics used on smith's girlfriend.who can be seen with an officer's knee on her back.even thought it can be heard several times that she and smith told them she was pregnant. she ended up losing the baby a
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few weeks later. andrea appleton says she had been in the very early stages of her pregnancy at the time of the incident. it's not fair that we had to lose our child. the public defender says he want bart pd to look at this incident as a way to improve bart police conduct. bite an internal affairs investigation in underway against the four officers.but bart police deputy chief jeffery jennings believes the actions his officers took were lawful in light of the fact they were told by dispatch that the suspect they were looking for was armed.they say if smith had not resisted he would have eventually been let go. he also disputes the characterization of the way smith's girlfriend was treated. bite a jury ended up finding smith not guilty of many of the misdeamors and deadlocking on the rest. the public defender wants the da to stop presuing those charges. the san francisco d-a's office is still reviewing the decision to refile three counts of misdemeanor battery and one count of resisting arrest against smith. maureen kelly kron4 news. coming up -- was the punishment enough? some don't think so after video is relased of a college football player from the bay area. punching a woman in the face. and next: only on kron4. a bay area woman shows us the aftermath of a very scary home invasion robbery. it happened when her son was home.
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>> reporter:tonight: details on a very scary invasion robbery. a mother says he son was forced inside their vallejo home by masked gunmen, demanding cash. the crime happened last night. today the mother described the robbery to kron4's haaziq madyun.
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it's a story you'll only see on kron-4. >>:"i'm just glad i didn't come and find the home ransacked and him dead too, you know? thank god he is okay" >> reporter:laura jefferson is talking about her 32-year-old son who was at home when 4- masked gunmen forced him into their house on cimarron drive in vallejo tuesday night "he got out of his car with the garage door still open and that's when they got him, came up to him with a gun and told him don't move" for the next 20-plus minutes the thieves ransacked their home
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"my computer is over there, that's the safe, they pried the safe open" "what do you think they were looking for?" "money" >> reporter:but there was no money to be found, so then the maked gunmen asked for something else the jeffersons didn't have >>:"well they kept asking about a charger that is often parked in front of our house" >> reporter:however neither laura nor her son own that vehicle so she says the gunmen made her son take them across the street to their neighbor's house. i went there too and the owner told me he heard some loud noises at the front door. then someone shattered this front window. her neighbor told me the men took off after he turned on his house alarm. so why did the home invasion robbers shift their attention away from laura jefferson's home in the middle of the crime?
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"the police think that they got the wrong house" you made a police report? "oh yeah" she was working as a nurse tuesday night when this all went down "the hospital that i work at, there are three other nurses who have been robbed, recently, and they live in vallejo" so far there has been no word from vallejo police regarding any suspects arrested in connected her home's vallejo haaziq madyun kron4news the store owner who was shot and killed at a vallejo pawn shop. has been identified. investigators say 49-year-old timothy pult and an employee were shot yesterday afternoon at "pawn advantage"on spring road. two men, one of them armed with a gun, robbed the store before firing bullets. pult.died at the scene. a dog was also shot and killed.
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the surviving employee suffered serious injuries.and is in the hospital tonight. police say the crooks were wearing dark hooded sweatshirts. but no other details were released. home burglaries are already a problem in some parts of the bay area. now san jose is seeing a big spike this holiday season. one neighborhood has been especially hard hit. and as kron4's rob fladebreportw fliers posted across the neighborhood. six burglaries in nine days, 3 more since the signs went up last week. the thieves are clever and organized. said to be three men in their twenties driving a silver nissan. bahia fear says people are afraid. sot bahia fear/resident it's happening across town. san jose police are struggling to deal with the holiday spike in home burglaries on top of the 600 reported every month all year long. the word on the street is that san jose is the place to commit burglaries says sgt. enrique garcia. sot sgt. enrique garcia/san jose police the cory burglaries are now on the cops radar but while patrols are typically focused on higher priority crimes, police say the best way to help them catch burglars is to report something suspicious before a burglary occurs. sot sgt. enrique garcia/san jose police the cory group is doing just that with the fliers, posts and alerts on next door, facebook and other social media sights and just plain keeping watch ti sot bahia fear standup closer take a look at this video: san francisco police are on the hunt for a theif who disguised himself as a pest control worker. the suspect was caught on video survelliance cameras. the crime happened december 12th when a man fully covered in a white hazmat suitwalked into a e can b "mat suitwalked into a ortho" card and signing in a
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secthe security guard l got w authori3 man iss steal3 c he then chased him out of the building. >> grant: paul p. is now sought in for players countrywoman's 24 to and. >> reporter:stoops says he wanted mixon to have a second chance. melisa raney has more. >> reporter:oklahoma university football coach bob stoops is speaking out following the release of a 2014 video showing a player, joe mixon, punching a woman bob stoops/ oklahoma university football head coach: "it was horrible.hated it as much as anybody did" stoops held a press conference wednesday following fresh criticism of his disciplinary actions, from the 2014 incident. the graphic video, released friday by mixon's attorneys, shows the woman, amelia monitor, shoving and slapping mixon. mixon then lunges and punches her in the head.breaking facial bones. she's now suing. stoops says he and the university viewed the video two-and-a-half years ago, and criticized the decision to wait until this week to release the video publicly. at the time, mixon was suspended from the team and all team activities for one year. he received a one year deferred sentence and served no jail time.
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bob stoops/ oklahoma university football head coach: fault me if believing that an 18 year old, without prior violent situation whatsoever, in altercation with the wrong reaction that he did, might have the opportunity to move forward to redeem himself." during his police interrogation, mixon says molitor, and her friends antagonized him. mixon also says molitor hit him so hard, he thought he was hit by a man. *fonted 30 sec. clip bob stoops/ oklahoma university football head coach: it may be wrong in some eyes to give a guy an opportunity to come back.2.5 years later it's fair to say it isn't enough, and that's positive in that that's the way things have gone in the last two and a half years. oklahoma's football team finished in the top ten this season, with a 10-2 record. i'm melisa raney, reporting.
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i do not have a bluetooth how come? this car was 10 years old it was the 12th s.t.e p crack down on the peninsula and some were naughty
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>> reporter: online shopping service a kroger employees said that the idea is to retain the basic approach of buying groceries. admission to the
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grocery doesn't $5 per order for the service. some may enjoy cruising others seek witless and services other to take a stress out of grocery shopping.
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>> grant:136 drivers received a lump of coal in the form of a ticket. but a few others received something else.
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>> stanley:the absolute worse time to check your email is during a step crackdown nats: ambiance s.t.e.p stands for saturation traffic enforcement program traffic officers from all around san mateo county target drivers behaving badly behind the wheel im riding with office vallero of the pacifica police department and we are in belmont and san carlos i saw you with you cell phone earlier i asked the driver what was he doing on his phone i was checking my email, so you think it's ok to check your email while you're driving i was stopped at a light?
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this driver in the pickup truck was holding a phone while talking when questioned by officer vallero this is what she said yea, but it was on speaker ok it suppose to be mounted can i see your drivers license and registration now this driver in san carlos had a phone firmly attached to her ear, and when pulled over she had an interesting reason why she couldn't follow state law i do not have a blue tooth, i have , this car is 10 years old are you filming im going to always film but my question is i do not have a blue tooth this car is 10 years old its not built into that have you bought one im sorry i have not giving you permission to film me i don't need your permission ma'am so the stop ended like this so here's a citations for driving with a cell phone . then there was this driver so where is your bluetooth ummm i don't have a bluetooth why not just never got one i guess despite her being caught behaving badly, she had a good attitude so i rewarded her with a blue tooth courtesy of frys e.lectronics and plantronics she had to open it now she had to open it now that way i'm sure the driver will use it and not give it ot someone else oh, my god, this is awsome oh and i made he pinky swear well sorta i swear i will never drive around with a hands-free device alright thank you so much for the record that was not a gift for behaving badly it was a reminder not to other drivers were stopped for wearing duel earbuds, i dont live in this state anymore. apparently castro valley is no longer in californa not yielding to another driver and this driver for stopping in a marked crosswalk. in 2017 the handsfree law will change and i predict a huge spike in cellphone violations
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but what do i know ive only been riding with step since 2011 on the peninsula stanley roberts >> britteny: to moscow we will see another beautiful day as the day when things start to change was a clear tomorrow seasonal temperatures once again toward rain is likely still goes on and through friday. but today tomorrow at this looks like as we go through tonight and to most of tomorrow try tomorrow and then stretching down to our south bay's on manioc concord vallejo oakland. san francisco scene raindrop the day for airline charge 330 things are to taper off as we had in to your saturday morning and bring showers that shows like tahoe
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expected to see snowfall starting at 6:00 a.m. continuing through the day friday and this year at the sleeve and continues saturday afternoon things like not on saturday and fridays only expect to see the heaviest snow months. if you can wait to the early morning hours saturday even better yet wait until sunday when the winter storm warning expires after 4:00 that is best. and then the mid-40s
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low '40's for the bay in line 48 in those locations from 67 taylor in the '60s on view san jose livermore 56 staffers to 58 1/2 monday. orate expected friday here saturday and chars partly sunny cloud skies on sunday for christmas day. but another chance of rain on monday. >> reporter:meanwhle, the warriors are in the big apple tonight.ready to open a three- game road trip.. headlined by their christmas day finals rematch with the cavaliers. but before we can get to that, golden state has business in brooklyn. the team practiced tonight.after their flight touched down. warriors have won 5-in a row. and their last two games have
10:51 pm
been especially they've won by an average of 37- points. 27 game home winning streak. it legal right to the second half and fourth check this out goes down the valley. one layer on the 30 seconds ago cavaliers up three. 720
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10:53 pm
just imagine what's gonna happen tomorrow when they meet the 7-20 nets, one of the worst teams in the league. here is kevin durant. when they meet the cavs, a key player will be out of cleveland's lineup. j.r. smith expected to miss at least the next four to six weeks. after suffering a fractured right thumb, an injury that will require surgery. it happened in last night's game against the bucks. the one of their more reliable shooters. sunday's tipoff set for 11-30. time to talk some raiders-- the silver and black.honing in on the next item on their list of goals, clinching a division title. jack del rio's the colts this weekend. if they win and kansas city loses, they lock up the afc west for the first time since 2002. despite being 7-and-7, the colts are still very close to a playoff spot.and andrew luck has been one of the hottest quarterbacks with 8 touchdowns and 2-picks in december. but let's remember, raiders have an nfl-high 7-pro bowlers. here's del rio.on the record- number of all stars. meanwhile, the 49ers are trying
10:54 pm
to end a 13-game losing streak. and the man that can hand them loss number 14.was a big niners fan as a child. rams quarterback and former cal standout jared goff. a full-participant at practice today, despite being in the concussion protocol. he left last week's game against seattle.after being rocked by richard sherman on the sideline. the rookie and novato native has still yet to win as a
10:55 pm
starter. but he's seen some tough teams, including the patriots, falcons and seattle. including the patriots, falcons and seattle. w and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out. lois: we've got meats and produce, naturals and organics, at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head.
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>>: news did navarre's this year they just moved here hit
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became here to make his life better only one here to choose the one.
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a miracle. >> reporter: >> reporter: >> grant: bay area food bank says it is running out of options this year to try and feed people for the holiday season case for being with us with a total 50,000 people may be without hot but they need is in jeopardy of having to cut some services. >> reporter: and it didn't the


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