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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant:we are following two big stories at ten: breaking in the east bay: two people have been shot on interstate 580 in oakland. the shooter. is on the loose. >> vicki:also tonight: a major holiday storm about to slam the bay area. we are tracking heavy rain, high winds and the chance of thunderstorms. good evening i'm vicki liviakis. >> grant:and i'm grant lodes. pam moore and steve aveson have the night of. let's start with the breaking news out of oakland. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> vicki:a freeway shooting on interstate 580 near harrison street. it happened just after seven tonight.completely shutting down eastbound lanes of the freeway. >> grant:this is the third
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shooting on 580 in oakland in the last month. kron4's ella sogomonian is live. >> grant: ella? >> reporter:hey, there grant. tsk we just learned that there were two mills in the car. -- males >> reporter: there were a couple of shots. >>technical difficulties
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>> reporter: people are having to go to extra weight to time because of the shooting. --wait >> reporter: people are worried as to why this is a continuing trend and what is this happening on the freeways. >> reporter: people are curious to see what happened and why am really stunned that this was happening in their own backyard and it continues to worry people. unfortunately, happening more often. >> reporter: we did confirm that there were two male victims and not know the extent of their injuries and condition or their identities. the suspect is
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still on the loose and we still have to find a who is responsible for this awful incident that has happened on the freeway. until we receive more information this is a great deal of developing and at least we have that update. >> reporter: >> grant:alright, ella. >> grant:the last shooting on 580 in oakland was monday. police say it was a road rage shooting. one driver was tailgating another driver. >> grant:a gesture was made -- and then one driver pulled a gun and opened fire. no one was hurt. but bullets did hit one of the cars. >> vicki:on november 30-th there was a shooting right off of 580 on the frutivale off-ramp in oakland. both at the time taken to the hospital in stable condition. no word on any arrests in that case. >> grant:happening now:
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>> grant:we are tracking a holiday storm about to hit the baythis is a live look at storm-tracker four radar. >> vicki:and this is a live look at san francisco. the storm expected to bring heavy rain, wind, and maybe even thunderstorms. >> vicki:and it comes as a lot of people are getting ready fortonight we have you covered staying local. >> vicki:alecia reid is at a big police d-u-i crackdown in san jose. charles clifford is monitoring the situation at bay area airports. >> grant:but first -- brittney shipp is in the weather center, timing out the storm. >> brittney: pushing on shore light rain showers in ukiah. if you cloud had pushed into san francisco. and the east bay zone. and some are still to the north. what time this out for you. as we get into the early
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morning hours tomorrow, by 5:00 a.m. heavy rain showers over half moon bay. at concord. trekking to the east getting closer to around 9:00 a.m. would taper off until on and off showers. it will continue to go into your lunch hour and your evening commute hours curry--hours >> brittney: when you see the pink on the screen you see the rain, snow mixed. cold air is also coming with this system. we are checking more details to along with what to expect for the sierra. >> grant:make sure you have the kron4 mobile app for the holidays.and be the first to know about severe traffic or weather in your area. we'll keep you updated through breaking news push alerts.
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>> vicki:only 3 more days to christmas, and the san jose police department is warning about zero tolernace. kron4's alecia reid is live in san jose. is this ramped up enforcement starting tonight? >> reporter: officers are looking for drivers who appeared to be under the influence. >> alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. >> reporter: not only drunk driving but drugged driving. >> under the influence of marijuana and prescription drugs. because they are impaired. we want to educate
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the public debt that is still driving under the influence. >> reporter: 24,000 serious injuries at 1100 deaths and 2011 because someone failed to designate a substitute driver. some >> reporter: if you are going to drink tonight, or this weekend at any time a designated driver or call a cab, lugar or lift. --cab, uber or lyft >> reporter: it is not worth getting behind the wheel. >> we want to do is and pack the public as much as weekend. --impact
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>> reporter: highly visible checkpoint has numbered the number of people killed in dui accidents. >> grant:a live look at san francisco international airport tonight. a lot of people leaving town today. monitoring conditions at s- f-o. >> grant: charles? >> reporter: it was a busy day at s f o s troublous tried to get out of town for the holiday weekend. >> technical difficulties
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>> we are meeting up with family members and molly-- maui >> i am not going death star which makes the traveling and much better experience. --i am not going that far which makes traveling much better >> reporter: remember to get to the airport two hours before your flight if you are flying domestically and three hours if you are
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flying internationally. >> grant: will be back
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>> grant:tonight one man is in the hospital and another is dead after an attempted robbery in san leandro. this case was acting in self defense. >> vicki:as kron4's lydia pantazes reports the crime has people who live in the neighborhood on edge. >> reporter:an eerie quiet just hours after two men were stabbed. one of them killed on this sidewalk on the 1200 block of 143rd street in san leandro. it happened thursday just before 1 am. >>"i was leaving for work and saw a bunch of police officers and other emergency lights." >> reporter:some people saw the police activity. others say they heard about what happened but didn't realize it was so close to home. >>"but i didn't know that it was over here, i live down the street, like i walk up and down the street all the time." >> reporter:police say the victim. a ride share driver
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was walking from his car to his home when the suspect pulled out a knife and demanded his cell phone and wallet. >>"the victim hesitated in some way shape or form and was immediately stabbed a number of times." >> reporter:police say the victim threw his wallet and ran. then noticed the suspect chasing him. >>"altercation ensues, the afghani male manages to take away the knife and then stabs the 22-year old black male." >> reporter:the 22-year old suspects was pronounced dead at the hospital. >>"the victim's condition is improving, he was initially in critical condition and now he is in serious condition. we were able to talk with the victim's brother he did not want to talk with us on camera but off camera he told us his brother is now doing good." >> reporter:police say they don't get many calls from this area. but people who live here say the incident now has them thinking twice about walking alone at night. >>"that's unfortunate that could've been me, that could've been anybody." >>"it's a little unsettling, i don't like to hear anybody getting stabbed anywhere near where i live, keeping the doors locked tonight." >> reporter:in san leandro, lydia pantazes kron4 news.
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>> vicki:it's been three days since a semi-truck barreled through a berlin christmas market, killing 12 and injuring 48. tonight. the prime suspect is still at large. >> vicki:from our partners at c-n-n.scott mclean reports on the investigation. >> reporter: so we all focused on our work on official waste to address the perpetrator. --on official ways to arrest >> reporter: a man claiming
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to be his father says he left for italy several years ago after dropping out of school. italy considered him at petty criminals. files show that he was interested and preparing an attack before. >> we have known a long time that we are a target for islamic terrorist. >> reporter: >> have other people that can help him hide and also help furnish was other weapons and possibly bombs. >> reporter: berlin is caltran on this not as usual. --carrying on but
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not as usual >> reporter:scott mclean, kron4 >> grant:san francisco's police union is suing the city. its members are angry about a new use of force policy. one that prohibits officers from firing at moving vehicles. the union is filing an unfair labor practices lawsuit. >> grant:we first told you about police comission approving the new policy last ngiht at ten. union members argue that it's too limiting. pointing out recent terror attacks involving vehicles. >> grant:the lawsuit alleges that city negotiators made verbal agreements to allow shootingat a vehicle in exceptional circumstances --- but then refused to put those agreements in writing. >> grant:police are investigating the death of a woman found at baker beach in san francisco this afternoon. fire crews found the woman's body on the beach just before 1-30.
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>> vicki:brittney shipp, meterologist is here with more details on the weather! >> brittney: a closer look at our radar grid light rain and clover hill and ukiah with more rain showers on the way and a cold front will move through. -- cloverdale >> brittney: this is how it all times out with the heaviest rain showers from 4 to 68 m ^ 5 party, mountain view and hayward and concord are all seem more of the heavier rain showers.
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>> brittney: lee would still see heavier downpours within those showers. --we will still see >> brittney: the system will produce half an inch up to an inch of rain fall. >> brittney: and winter storm warning was state and affect all the way until friday. until saturday morning. >> brittney: heavier snow showers moving in. late hours until saturday morning. it will continue going. >> brittney: we will see blowing snow with the decrease visibility. you not want to--you may want to
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wait until most of the stow has come down. --snow >> reporter: snow lovers are not letting us know gate and the way of their holiday travel spirit with the snow coming down here tomorrow morning. people say they are not taking any chances. >> we have seen an increase and request for reservations to be made earlier hoping that they can drive and early before the snowstorm hit and it would have to deal with the traffic and bad conditions on the road. >> reporter: the sierra could get up to 2 ft. on the snow--sierra could get up
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to 2 ft. of snow on the ground. >> if you do not have to drive and do not. you did come up midday saturday then that is good. if not, plan for a slow or commute. >> reporter: the national weather service says the drivers should brace for a big delay. and treacherous driving conditions. >> are worried about making sure other people are not driving too fast or careless. >> reporter: >> this is my second time scheme. -- second time skiing so, i feel i spaf i
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fall i should fall on more snow >> vicki:today was the annual sacred heart community service toy and book drive. this year more than 6 thousand needy children in the bay area will receive gifts to brighten up their holiday season. >> vicki:the goal has been set at 20 thousand toys. sacred heart says they are about 2 thousand toys short of that goal. there is still time to donate tomorrow.the donation open from 8 in the morning until 4. or you can donate online. >> grant:coming up -- how ivanka trump was berated on a jet blue flight headed all while she was sitting with her kids. >> vicki:and next: we saw a case of it recently in the
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bay area -- road rage. tonight -- how to avoid becoming a victim on the holiday season.
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>> grant:new at ten: >> grant:what to do if you find yourself in a road ragepolice say at least one of the freeway shootings in the last two weeks in oakland was road rage. >> grant:one driver tailgating another. a gesture was made. then someone pulled out a gun and started shooting. tonight -- reporter tim becker tells us how to avoid becoming a victim this holiday. >> reporter:triple did some research on road rage. one statistic: eight of ten drivers say they showed anger, agression or road rage at least one time in the previous year. >> someone else is driving aggressively. and be sure to just let that go. these
10:25 pm
things escalate and can give very, very serious and a hurry. . >> we advise people to create a distance and back away. note a license plates and call an eye on what it is an emergency. --call 911 if it's an er. >> and ignoring them is probably a good option. >> it would generally will get up and walk away. --pe ople would generally will
10:26 pm
give up and walk away. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> vicki: crudes are battling a house fire. -- crews >> vicki: there may be people trapped and the home creek have called for backup. stay with us for other ave. --stay with us for further update >> vicki:coming up: a big change in bart parking policy. how the tranist agency is cracking down on drivers trying to "game" the parking system. >> grant:and next: a young mother in desperate need of a life saving transplant. tonight -- just how far her family is going to try and find a donor.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant:a mother in need of a kidney transplant is nowhere near the top of the list to get one. >> vicki:out of desperation, her cars driving throughout the bay area to hopefully find a donor on their own. >> grant:kron 4's alecia reid sat down with the woman who's trying to remain positive. it's a story you'll see only on kron4. >> reporter:her laugh >> reporter:is contagious >>- i gotta be positive
10:30 pm
>> - i can't sit around here moping all day >> reporter:looking at her >>hahahaha >> reporter:you would never know dorilyn doctor's say it's miracle she's still alive. >> - when i hit 12% people started freaking out saying maybe i'm really sick >> reporter:she's been living with polycystic kidney disease for almost 3 decades. and it's getting progressively worse. >> reporter:the former assistant principal had to give up her passion for working with teens 6 years ago. back then, her kidney function was 30%, now it's dropped to 9%. >>- it is scary. i try not to there's nothing i can do. i'm doing everything i can >> reporter:the disorder runs in her family. her father recieved a transplant from a family friend years ago, but died from complications last year. it doesn't end there >> - i have an uncle who's on dialysis, and i have an aunt who's like me, just waiting
10:31 pm
>> reporter:waitingfor a donor. >> reporter:it is unclear how much time she has left, so her mother took matter into her own signs.they're posted on about 2 dozen cars in and people are responding - some people get returned thank you but no thank you right away, others get to the next step and have a coordinator reach out to them and they have to do a blood test and a urine test and all sorts of other tests >> reporter:but so far, no matches . and time is running out. >> reporter:by the time one's kidneys fail, there's a list of symptoms that'll be present. >>1. shaking or shortness of breath >>2. heart pain >>3. nausea/vomiting >>4. and food will start
10:32 pm
tasting metallic >>- until i have all those symptoms im going to think positively >> reporter:with her kidneys barely keeping her alive, she takes a lot of medication every day - too much to count her average wait time for a donor is 6-8 years. it has already been 3 years. >>june wallace / donor network west - - california, we have the biggest waiting than anyone >> reporter:--waiting list, than anyone. >> reporter:if dorilyn is lucky enough to get a kidney transplant, it can happen in as little as 3 months. with blood type 'o' - she's a universal donor but can only receive from another type 'o'. according to u-c-s-f , only 1 out of every 5 people survive long enough to get a kidney. both of her kidneys will need to be removed.
10:33 pm
>> reporter:dorilyn tries to keep her spirits high >>- laughter >> reporter:but her family knows it's a defense mechanism. >>grant harrison - sot - she hides it really well so you can't tell. sometimes i wish she'd just say show she really feels >> - it's not really going to change anything. it'd just make me know how she feels >> reporter:dorilyn has seen this scene play out before, and doesn't want her son seeing her suffer or better yet tested for the disease. >> - there's no cure, there's know about it >> reporter:so until dorilynn finds a donorshe will wait, and spend with her family. reporting in modesto. to woo
10:34 pm
>> reporter:if you're interested in helping dorilyn harrison, kron 4 - dot - com. there you can find her contact information. >> grant:tonight the club f- 8 in san francisco is holding a fundraiser for the victims of the ghost ship fire. club managers say they want people to come together and celebrate the lives that were tragically lost almost two weeks ago. >> grant:the event started at 6-30 tonight and goes until 3 oclock in the morning f-8 is located on folsom street. one of the manager's says tonight is about appreciating everything the victims of the fire brought to the community. >> grant:all of the money raised victim's families. >> vicki:bart says there is a growing problem when it comes to parking at stations. a lot of people are purposely breaking parking rules. >> vicki:just choosing to
10:35 pm
pay the getting parking passes. in response the bart board has decided to increase fees significantly. >> vicki:at the beginning of the new year if you park in a daily permit spot the fine will go up from 55 dollars. the fine for permit parking and red zone violations will jump from a 75 dollar citation. >> vicki:a bart spokesperson says their research shows that some people calculate that getting a citation is cheaper than driving to the city. ... >> grant:president-elect donald trump says in a tweet today that he will look to "strengthen and expand" the nuclear capability of the u- s. >> vicki:shortly before the tweet.vladimir putin delievered a speech calling for a stronger nuclear program in russia. both men have suggested that trump's upcoming presidency will help shore up relations between the two countries. >> grant:invanka trump also making making headlines today. it's after a man reportedly began berating her on a jetblue flight. >> vicki:thje pleane was headed to s-f-o.
10:36 pm
we have a photo from the flight. it was taken by one of the two men being kicked off the plane. >> vicki:you can't see them - but trump was sitting with her young children. a man tweeted that he and his husband were removed after simply expressing displeasure. >> vicki:but an earlier tweet contradicts that.when he said that his husband was "chasing them down to harass them." he later deleted that twitter account. >> vicki:some witnesses say brooklyn attorney dan goldstein said "your father is ruining the country' -- and then demanded to know why ivanka was not on a private plane. >> vicki:jet blue workers overheard - another flight. late this afternoon - ivanka's flight landed in s- f-o. >> grant:she got off with her son and daughter. her husband was also on the flight.although he's not seen in this video. she's being praised for remaining calm and poised throughout the incident. other passengers say she didn't get involved - and tried to distract her children with crayons. >> grant:secret service members were on board - but
10:37 pm
didn't intervene and allowed flightattendants to handle the incident. new tonight: as we get >> reporter: sports with mark carpenter coming up! >> stanley: closer to the end of 2016. we are counting down this year's 'best' people behaving badly segments. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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>> vicki:stanley roberts has gone through all the footage. and picked his top ten favorites. tonight -- here is number ten. if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly.
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>> stanley: this is a very busy intersection. you get what i am trying to separate sole is the four way stop which is the key word stop. >> stanley: what i can see, many were far from rolling through the intersection slowly. >> stanley: you did not stop at the stop sign. >> i did not see any traffic coming through. >> stanley: sold that's why he did not stop?--so >> i did i give you permission to record me either and this is what to do you just put cameras and people face and our record--
10:46 pm
and record >> stanley: the proposed bicycle yield lot did not pass. i repeat did not pass. >> stanley: there was a near miss. but i missed it. but my camera did not. >> stanley: no, i am hearing since the back wall-- bike law was yeild -- >> stanley: technical difficulties.
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>> brittney: district cash
10:48 pm
shows as we go to the five and 6:00 hours in the morning will see some of the heaviest rainfall. we will also see light rain showers on and off for the early early morning into the late evening hours. isolated thunderstorms as well. most of the moisture continues into the sierra. >> brittney: closer to half an inch and concord, 1 in. for the north of exile and the coastal hills to see up to 3 in. of rainfall. it just depends on where you are. >> brittney: this will affect lake tahoe. as we go into time, by noon heavier
10:49 pm
snow will come down where you see the dark blue. the pink is more of a snow mixed. --the paint is more of a rain/snow mix. >> brittney: above 8,000 ft. can see 2 ft. of snow. >> brittney: 12 that 18 in. near lake tahoe and deer valley. >> brittney: as far as tomorrow is concerned landfall is and the four tests would temperatures and the low 50s. for the daytime high. and it fit these for a few locations. >> brittney: will begin to
10:50 pm
dry it out as it hit into next week. --head into >> vicki: the question s are we all went to talk about sports or will we talk about little babies? >> grant: we will talk about both. >> mark:oh! draymond green. >> mark:last night-- draymond green made the trip to new york, but then had tocome back to the bay area because his birth to their son. we'll have more on that in a bit, but first-- the warriors had to take care of business in brooklyn >> mark:--and early on, it
10:51 pm
was clear they missed green. steph curry struggled in the first half.going 1 for 8. >> mark:--the nets.didn't look like their 7-and-20. brook lopez. hot hand.he had 23 in the half. >> mark:and brooklyn went into the break with a 16- point lead. --3rd qtr-- warriors got serious. curry.steal.turns defense into offense. >> mark:dishes it to kevin durant.who finishes at the rim. -- later on, more curry to kd.and this one is creative. >> mark:the mouthpiece comes out of steph's mouth. but he picks it up on the way down and finds durant again. >> mark:--golden state took the lead thanks to 25-points off of 18 turnovers. and another big factor, zaza pachulia. >> mark:put up a season high 15-14 double double. --brooklyn hung around, but curry puts em out of their misery. >> mark:ices the game from
10:52 pm
beyond the arc. to put golden state up 15 late in the 4th. >> mark:117-101 your final as the warriors earn a 6th- straight win. >> mark:now back to draymond's bundle of joy. he and his longtime girlfriend introduced us to'draymond jamal green junior' >> mark:green posted some photos on instagram. and said family is such an important part of my life and to welcome a kid into this world is a dream come true.' it's unknown if or when green will return to the team. >> mark:but they play against his hometown pistons tomorrow night and will visit cleveland on sunday. >> mark:the nfc's playoff picture a little clearer now. after tonight's giants- eagles matchup. >> mark:-- let's head to philly >> mark:new york trying to clinch a postseason spot. iggles making it tough. eli manning picked off and
10:53 pm
malcolm jenkins takes it back the other way eagles jump to a 14-nothing first quarter lead. >> mark:--but giants clawed back and had a chance. >> mark:with under a minute to play, they need a touchdown. but manning's pass is intercepted right in front of the endzone. >> mark:eagles win. >> mark:and with that-- dallas wins the east and clinches the number one seed in the nfc. >> mark:turning to the raiders-- >> mark:the silver and black in action this weekend against the colts. >> mark:while the offense has been getting attention for putting up points, the defense has been much improved since the start of the year. >> mark:as they've showed they can close out games. in four of their last six outings, the raiders have forced 6- 4th quarter turnovers. >> mark:on top of that,
10:54 pm
khalil mack and bruce irvin have combined for 18-sacks. earlier this week-- irvin talked about the ability to make clutch plays. >> mark:finally tonight, raiders quarterback derek carr.making this holiday season extra special for two kids at the valley children's hospital. >> mark:derek and his wife heather. surprised young kassandra and alexandra diaz with a princess-theme tea party. >> mark:the sisters were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. >> mark:the carrs dressed up. and pulled out all the stops for the event. they work closely with and give back to the it helped care for their son dallas when he was born. >> vicki: i like him put on the tiara.
10:55 pm
>> vicki: we will be right back back a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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>> reporter: 10 this time were police and the community may not see eye to eye this brought the community unexpected joy. and it allowed the officer to be the bearer of good news for a change because often they are with us during our worst days. >> reporter: this man lost his wife to cancer in fremont ago and he's raising three children on his own. so he received a little extra. -- loss his wife to cancer three months ago
11:00 pm
>> reporter: and demand, there is a couple who lost their child. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: secrets that the only ask that you pay a fourth. -secret-santa only ask that you pay it for. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant: i am grant lodes >> vicki: and, i am vicki liviakis >> grant:here with breaking news


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