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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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our breaking news story tonight. a deadly accident in palo alto. a train hits a vehicle on the tracks. killing at least one person. thanks for joining us, i'm vicki liviakis. and i'm grant lodes. >> grant:this accident happened on charleston road near alma street. and this is causing many delays as caltrain had to single track trains while deputies investigated. at one point some delays were almost an hour long. kron4's hermela aregawi is live in palo with the latest details, hermela? and kron 4 was the first to tell you about this breaking news story. we sent a push alert through our mobile app at 6:35. make sure you download the kron- 4 news app to always get the latest breaking news. it's free for iphone and android devices. happening seems like everyone was trying to get out of town for christmas today. and the rain and clouds in san
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francisco certainly slowed some of that travel down at s-f-o. kron four's spencer blake has more on the almost four hundred delayed flights. all over the country, people with the letters 's-f-o' on their boarding passes had at least *slight changes of plans. "it was just 45 minutes, and then 45 minutes went to an hour, and an hour went to two hours, and trying to entertain a 17- month old." that flight from phoenix ended up two and a half hours late. one woman who lives in l-a had her original flight canceledand then rescheduled in a hurry. "then they actually changed my flight to be 12:50, so i had to run to the airport, because at the time i was at my work." at least 64 s-f-o flights were canceled altogether. most of those were short flights to and from areas along the west coast. several of those connecting airport their "we were, well first, waiting in the airport a then t one point, the average delay was an hou that number w the one dad's son was supposed to arrive from portland just before two p-m.and didn't get here until after 3:15. hit and the most but to normal
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in the next couple of hours. unfortunately this is the 11th fatality this year and on kali train tracks and 20. of these continue to follow this particular incident and try to figure out what exactly happened here. >> britteny: tracking a heavier rain earlier today. but now right over the sierra producing snow showers from heavy smell all those services paper as well. shows a bunch of boys drop the coast and we continue to see
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on off really light showers overnight we start to clear up into tomorrow. and still train controls needed like snout droplight tahoe region and you can see things really start to taper off you can actually see below like on our map. seeing really light showers so winter storm warning in effect so 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. all of us know this could cause delays dependent prewar. we have more details on what you can expect this holiday weekend and just a bit.
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>> reporter: that number would
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drop brought the evening when dead son was supposed to relax arrive after 2:00 p.m. ending get here until 315. 166,000 passengers passing through the rest of the holiday season. in my fair a lot better traveling on christmas eve clear sky is. and a reminder. for anyone hitting the roads this holiday >> grant:police and c-h-p officers are cracking down on anyone who is drinking and driving. the zero tolerance policy started tonight at six and will last through midnight sunday. police in san jose got things started early, setting up a d-u- i checkpoint downtown last night. the checkpoint is not just looking for drunk drivers, but also "drugged driving."
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prescription pills.marijuana.any number of drugs. police say drug-impaired driving accounts for a growing number of d-u-i crashes. in the east bay. a news years eve concert for charity. and many people already bought their tickets. only to find out it was a scam!! big names like k-c and jo jo, dru hill, and color me badd are a few artists listed to perform at the * fake event in the east bay. and on top of stealing people's money. the ad apparently lied.indicating the proceeds would go to a local non-profit. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in berkeley with details on this reproted scam and tips that may prevent you from becoming a victim. ella.
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>> reporter:this sign here in berkeley reads music builds community while that may be true in this scam music was used to target a giving community. , east bay resident rona razza, east bay resident "we have no affiliation whatsoever with the organizers of that concert we were only notified by the da's office." a new year's eve concert has been circulating online claiming proceeds would go to the alameda county community food bank. michael altfest, alameda county community food bank "for someone to take advantage of our community's passion this time of year it's disappointing." advertisements for the event called "i love the 90's" listed artists like kc and jo jo and color me badd as headliners. tickets were priced at more
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than 100 dollars each online with a vague location only saying it would take place in downton berkeley. joiya mitchell, east bay resident "to hear that someone's getting ripped off and they're saying it's going to a good cause is even worse." the alameda county district attorney confirmed the scam and urgers people who bought tickets fill out a report on their website. adrianna walker, east bay resident "that's disrespectful people should never be treated like that." to avoid becoming the next victim of an online scam the better business bureau suggests to look for a their seal on the site or check the company out on then assess the seller's customer satisfaction policy use a credit card or paypal and keep a record of purchase. rona razza, east bay resident
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"something i check for it i go on different websites and i check if people are talking about it and it's something that's happening." unless the da's office finds the culprits victims will have to face the financial loss. an encouraging update tonight on the south san francisco police officer who was brutally attacked on thanksgiving. officer robby chon is out of the hospital for the holidays and is going through intense rehabilitation right now. chon is a 12 year veteran of the force. he was attacked thanksgiving day. the attack was near grand and linden avenues. chon was responding to calls of a man behaving erratically. when he approached the man police report the suspect 28- year-old luis alberto ramos-
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coreas took off running. after a brief chase police say ramos-coreas knocked officer chon unconscious with a skateboard. ramos-coreas was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. another big story tonight. the first two. of what are expected to be numerous lawsuits. have been filed in the connection with that oakland warehouse fire. the fire killed 36 people earlier this month. kron 4's dan kerman explains the suit is pointing fingers at a long list of people. >> reporter:pg&e has been slapped with a nearly five and a half million dollar fine and citation by the california
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public utilities commission. the c-p-u-c says pg&e was using 101 non-qualified contractors to perform certain pipeline corrosion inspections. the fine came after state regulators say back in february.they learned of a pg&e contractor who had previously performed atmospheric corrosion inspections on natural gas lineswithout the required qualifications. pg&e is now re-inspecting the system. the utility.has 30 days to pay up.or contest the citiation. coming up on kron4 news at ten. a masked thief tries to hold up a liquor store in the east bay. but the unexpected happened. and it was all caught on camera.
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plus. university of oklahoma running back joe mixon * finally apologizes for punching a woman in the face in 2014. hear what he had to say coming up.
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and a push in one bay area county to get rid of group homes for foster children. we'll tell you why it is being phased out. a long-time problem in san jose is getting worse. >> vicki:large homeless encampments have been chased from private properties.and are being set up along busy
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freeways. but the situation is now getting dangerous. caltrans went in today to sweep out some of the homeless who have set up their tents along interstate-280.and in several locations along highway-101. they say it's a safety concern.for both drivers and for those living so close to the cars whizzing by. those living in the unsafe areas along were given 72-hours notice by caltrans to leave. but most of them told reporters they would simply pitch their tents again tonight across the freeway because there is no place else for them to go. come january. california will be scaling back on the use of group homes for foster children. as a result, counties across the state are scrambling to recruit more foster parents. kron4's lydia pantazes shows us why they are being phased out. >>:"i'm a black man in america." >> reporter:19-year old justice woods writes lyrics everyday.
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>>:"don't shoot its the only thing the brother know to do." >> reporter:he raps about the struggles he's lived. >>:"i was in a group home from the age of 8, all the way to 17 and half." >> reporter: he compares group homes to an institution. and says it doesn't provide the family atmosphere children so desperately need. "so, it's like a jail. pretty much." which is why woods supports the move by the state of california to phase out the use of group homes for long term use. its a plan that begins next month. "phasing them out i feel like it is a good choice but the fact is there's not enough foster homes." "do you have room, do you have room in your house for one more, do you have room in your heart." aida amezaga is a child services supervisor for contra costa county and is hoping to recruit 250 additional foster families by january. especially families willing to take in teenagers.
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even people who want to do it part time. "we have ornaments from the different kids." jill stewart has fostered 6 children in 3-years. many of them coming to visit for the holidays. "i get to stay in those kids life. so it's expanding my family." many of stewart's former foster children are visiting for the holidays. "i have so many gifts, so many blessing and i just have this opportunity to give back, i'm lucky." she's hoping others will also give back.
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a loving foster home is something justice woods hoped he had. "i always wanted somebody to come out to my football game, come to my choir practice." while he's on the right track. living on his own and starting college in the spring. he says he missed having that support system. in concord, lydia pantazes kron4 news. >> britteny: you notice cooler air moves into our daytime highs tomorrow stays right around 4950 degrees. and that also true on christmas day and low 40's close
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30 is for some locations. and we see eye off showers the evening. off the coast and then a lot of moisture and continues see snow showers will winter storm warning and reseal sleeping right now all little bit of moisture osh hours forests night everything dries out tomorrow. at 43 and center fell 49 and san francisco. 49 and 44
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unconquered and in the '30's and rosa and napa 38 in concord temperatures and stat 39 and 40 is a step the morning sampras's coach take a look at what happens and a few spots. center rosa the high '40's. below average day for us ahead and then even more freezing for center rose out. right around 50 degrees again below average chilly conditions expected at least the next three days of this are the wombat up into next week. >> britteny: the to be careful driving in the region. as long
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as there's no charge coming down which we will see through saturday morning we will see or clearing. a story of giving before the holidays. a little boy gave sheriff's deputies his letter to santa.asking for help sending it to the north pole. but they decided to go above and beyond. this is angelo gutierrez. he spotted alameda deputies on patrol and knew they could help him get his letter to santa in time. they read the letter. and bought him exactly what he wanted.and more. angelo wanted a new soccer ball and a scooter.he also got a new helmet and some tickets to a local sports game. the deputies say sometimes even santa needs a little help getting presents to kids on the holidays. still ahead. a massive sinkhole shuts down a popular intersection in san francisco. find out when crews will finish the repairs. and if you have any last minute
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shopping. better do it early if you plan on stopping at walmart.
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the new time they will be closing on christmas eve. and after the break the berlin terrorist is dead but the investigation is now over. we'll explain. my message to the crusaders who are shelling the muslims everyday: by god's will, we will slaughter you, pigs. >> vicki:a declaration of allegiance to isis. from the terrorist who killed more than a dozen people at a berlin christmas market this week. the hunt for europe's most wanted man ended today with a gun battle on the streets of milan. the italian policeman who killed anis amri is being hailed as a hero. sfx the 24 year old tunisian national was at the wheel of the big rig loaded with steel when it slammed into the berlin crowd. this morning italian police spotted him by chance at a train station outside milan.
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when they asked him for i-d, he took out a gun. one officer was injured in the shootout. his partner, a rookie with only nine months on the job, returned fire and killed him. amri's death leaves many unanswered questions. paul cruickshank/terrorism analyst:the worry is that there are other people connected to this attacker still at large. german nat just a few hours earlier, german authorities had announced he was probably still in berlin. now they say they are not sure of anything. thomas de maiziere, german minister of the interior: this success of the manhunt means that the alert threat in germany has not been changed. it
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remains high. and how was he able to travel undetected from berlin to milan, with his face on every screen? a train ticket found on his body revealed his route. after monday's terror rampage, he somehow made his way to the town of chamberee in the french alps. just before midnight last night, he got on a train that took him to turin and on to milan. where his escape ended at three a=m. in tunisia, amri's family said they had no idea that he had become radicalized. "we apologize to the people of berlin, those who were killed were innocent people. we ask for their forgiveness and we apologize to them again." >> reporter:that rookie italian cop and his wounded partner could end up splitting the reward for amri. the german government had a price on his head of 100=thousand euros. more than 100=thousand dollars. plus. a university of oklahoma running back speaking out in the wake of released video showing him punching a girl in the face back in 20-14. find out what he had to say to the victim. and an attempted armed robbery caught on camera. the video you don't want to miss coming up after the break.
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once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ now at 10:30. an attempted armed robbery in the east bay goes sideways after two store employees fight off the gunman. they were both injured during the fight. >> grant:kron4's haaziq madyun
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shows the incident.that was captured on surveillance video a masked man walks in with a gun, points the weapon at the store clerk.demanding money. this is surveillance video of the incident recorded tuesday at around 7:45pm here at the royal market in hayward. while the gunman was preoccupied with the clerk at the cash register, the clerk's brother sneaks up from behind and grabs the gunman. "so we've had more and more situations where not only shop owners but citizens are taking these types of situations into their own hands" all three start fighting for the gun. the two store employees over power the would-be-robber, disarming him, accompanied by a pretty royal beatdown. courageous or crazy?
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"well in these types of situations people making split second decisions and in this case it worked out well for them" here you see a customer walk in, shocked by what's happening and immediately walks back out, while calling 91 on his cellphone. the two brothers sat on top of the robber until alameda county sheriff's deputies arrived. "the suspect in this case is a 15-year-old male juvenile" during the melee, the first clerk in the video was shot in the hand. his brother was shot in the leg. regular customers of this family owned business are glad to hear that both brothers survived the incident "all i gotta say he was real brave, god bless him big time" "i'm just glad that my man over here is okay and his lovely wife and everybody is safe and quiet and the bad guy is gone" the owner of the market says this is the first time in 20- years that they have ever experienced an incident like hayward haaziq madyun kron4news >> vicki:happening now. police are looking for the person who opened fire on an east bay
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freeway. sending two people to the hospital. this shooting happened on eastbound interstate 580 in oakland--- around 7 last night. this is video courtesy of our helicopter partnership with a-b- c 7 news. the victim's car was able to get off the freeway and ended up parked on frisbie and harrison. the car had several bullet holes on the driver's side. the victims' conditions are still unknown at this time. this is the third time in the
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last three weeks that there has been a shooting on a bay area freeway. just this past monday. there was a road rage shooting on 580 in oakland. police say one driver was tailgating another driver. then, a gesture was made -- and then one driver pulled a gun and opened fire. no one was hurt. but bullets did hit one of the cars.
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and on november 30-th there was another shooting. this on the 580 frutivale off- ramp.which is also in oakland. a man and a woman were hit, both were taken to the hospital in stable condition. no arrests in that case either. university of oklahoma star running back joe mixon spoke publicly today for the first time. since video of him punching a woman two years ago was released. the video on your screen shows mixon striking amelia molitor in the face after she shoved and slapped him. mixon later entered an alford plea - in which he doesn't admit guilt but does acknowledge there's enough evidence to convict him of misdemeanor assault. he didn't serve jail time. but the university suspended him from the sooner football program for a year. but today.mixon spoke publicy to say.he's sorry. ,. molitor, who suffered numerous broken bones in her face from the assault, still has a civil suit pending against mixon. happening now. >> vicki:several blocks of evans avenue in san francisco are shut down as crews fix a major water main break in the city's bayview. it's estimated that this section of the roadway will remain closed until midnight. crews believe the cause of the break is the age of the pipe. but it's a common problem in the city. kron4's maureen kelly explains what's being done to fix it. >> reporter:gallons of water shoots out of order to clear the massive 20 foot by 20 foot wide, and six foot deep hole that crews had to make in order to find the break in the 12 inch water main. the sf puc say it's a tranmission line.meaning it moves water from one area to the other.and so no water
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service was cut off for any residential customers.but some of the surrounding business were without water. but while there was no water coming out of the pipes at king's transportation there was plenty in the yard of the charter bus company. talks about how much water there was. but the water only got up halfway up the tires.and not inside the buses themselves. those who were here when the break was first noticed around 945 this morning say evans avenue looked like a lake.
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just waves of water.i was wondering when it was going to stop. the cause of the break. it was most likely due to old age.fluxuating temps the pipe that broke today is believed to be from the 1930's.but some of the over one thousand miles of pipeline underground dates back to the late 1800s.the sfpuc says they are ramping up their pipeline replacement project.the goal is
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now to replace 15 miles of pipeline a year. we try to put in a few thousand feet at a time it is a long process some projects can take a year or 18 months depending on how busy the street is. the more new pipe they can get underground will hopefull mean the fewer emergency water main breaks creating muddy messes on city streets. maureen kelly kron4 news. bart announced that starting today. it will be limiting the number of trains running during commute hours. bart officials say fewer trains will be running on the pittsburg-bay point line this holiday season. rather than the usual five minute interval. expect trains to arrive every ten to 15 minutes. this limited schedule only applies to weekday trains running from the early morning to mid-afternoon. the pittsburg-bay point line will resume regular survice on january second. still ahead. more people are expected to travel during the year-end holidays this year, than any other year on record. we'll tell you some tips to make it a little less hectic. and for all you coffee lovers out there. starbucks is giving out free espresso drinks for the holiday. find out when you can get your free cup of joe.
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>> vicki:starbucks is spreading holiday cheer. the coffee chain is giving out free tall size espresso drinks at some locations for ten days. the deal starts today friday decemeber 23rd and lasts only one hour every day until january second. from one until two in the afternoon. you also have to go to the company's website, "starbucks cheer dot com" to find out which select 100 locations will offer the free drinks. walmart workers will get a little more time with their families on christmas eve. the largest retailer in the nation says it will shut its doors at 6 p-m on saturday, chirstmas eve. over the last couple of years, walmart closed at 8 p-m on christmas eve. the c-o-o of walmart said the company appreciates its
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workers. and hopes this is a way to show gratitude to them. walmart has been blasted recently for the way it dealt with holidays. like having "black friday" sales begin on thanksgiving night. traveling for the holidays? brace for crowds at the airport and traffic on the streets. triple a expects more than 103 million americans to travel between december 23rd and january 2nd.
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that's the most on record. you can thank rising salaries and low gas prices. no matter if you drive -- fly -- or ride for the holidays -- leave early and budget more time. especially if you have to go through security. prepare for the t-s-a. if you're not a frequent flier -- go to the t-s-a website to learn what you can and can't take on the plane. more people means more lines. use your smartphone to download your airline's app. that way you can get your boarding pass on your phone -- and skip the ticket counter. app's will also update you on any delays. these are just some simple tips to minimize stress while you travel. in sports. the warriors leave detroit with a win over the pistons. and being to prepare for sunday's n-b-a finals rematch against lebron james and the cavaliers. as for the sharkies. they were back in action against the oilers from the sharktank. mark carpenter as all the highlights and sports coming up.
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>> grant: ending the year you think a lot to stanley robertsas we get closer to the end of 2016. we are counting down this year's 'best' people behaving badly segments. stanley roberts has gone through all the footage. and picked his top ten favorites. tonight -- here is number nine. we are now less than 48-hours away from golden state's finals
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rematch with the cavs, but before that, warriors had to get past a trap game against the pistons.
10:47 pm
--warriors in detroit. draymond green.back with the team after the birth of his son, more on that in a bit. >> stanley: this could resist an excellent medical care what card. this time including hickories tree. at golden gate park.
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>> britteny: it will stay dry and also chile. making it is busy and quite conditions for the most part it is always see activity pushed on shore. a slight chance of showers continuing overnight and then have near carson city as well. and then cool evening at fairfield and 43 liverwort. into tomorrow 45 and the coast. for water and land. we stay a few
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degrees below average. and possibility and a few showers. sunday polyclitus, is then monday we see cloudy conditions.
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--but first, this one,back and forth all night. first quarter-- steph curry.feeling it. one of his 5-threes. he finished with 25 points. --but a recurring problem for the warriors-- turnovers. andre drummond swipes it from from kd, that leads to a triple from kentavious caldwell-pope. 55-51 detroit.
10:51 pm
and pistons went into the break up 2. --and in the 4th, they kept hanging around.
10:52 pm
andre iguodala turns it over. and tobias harris makes him pay. 95-90 pistons --warriors had 23-turnovers, but they started putting it together late. 2-minutes to go-- draymond off on the three, so kd gives it a try. dubs retake the lead, 110-108. --ensuing golden state possession, green.slams it home. and it's enough to make stan van gundy lose his mind. --pistons would make it a two- point game with 40-seconds to go, but klay thompson.sends them into the weekend. delivers the dagger three. warriors win 119-113. durant with a game-high 32- points. afterwards, steve kerr.looking ahead to sunday. time to talk some raiders-- tomorrow's meeting with the colts. marks the first time derek carr and andrew luck will face each other as pros, but this could be the start of the nfl's next great rivalry. after all, they already have a history that stretches back to
10:53 pm
high school. the last time the two meet.2007 regional playoffs in texas. luck.was a star player for his school in houston, while carr was in the middle of his junior year at clements high in sugar land. he played there before transferring to bakersfield christian. luck walked away from their first encounter thinking that derek was going to be a great player. carr's memories.not so fond. finally, it's been a special week for draymond he's
10:54 pm
celebrating the birth of his son. and there's a unique story on how he experienced the moment. he revealed today that since he wasn't able to join his girlfriend, he witnessed the event via facetime.
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coming up. new movies are hitting the theaters this holiday weekend. we'll take a look after the break.
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the new star wars movie is going up against several new movies over the holiday weekend. rick damigella has a preview of what's now showing. "we work in the dark to serve the light. we are assassins." the latest effort to bring a video game franchise to movie screens is "assassin's creed" starring michael fassbender. with a mid-week opening, variety says "assassins" could bring in 30 million dolalrs during the holiday period. "you two look very nice." "we're on a date." "very nice." "took you long enough to ask." the romance-in-space of "passengers" could also benefit from a wednesday debut, and is on course to a 45 million dollar opening according to both variety and the hollywood reporter. "everyone in this city gets a shot at being a star in our singing competition!" "sing" is the third flick hitting theaters ahead of the holiday. the american idol- meets-zootopia animated comedy looks to perform the best, with variety predicting a 65 to 70
10:59 pm
million dollar debut. that won't be enough to take down "rogue one" from the top spot, as variety's prognosticators say the "star wars" spin off will make 125 million during the holiday window. return to index of stories... our top story tonight. over 74 minutes delays on caltrains after a train struck a veichle. thanks for joining us on kron4 news at 11, i'm grant lodes. and i'm vicki liviakis. this accident happened on east meadow drive near alma street and west charleston road. that's where kron4's hermela aregawi is at tonight. she has details on what happened and if trains are back on schedule. and kron 4 was the first to tell
11:00 pm
you about this breaking news story. we sent a push alert through our mobile app at 6:35. make sure you download the just before 6 struck by a northbound train and confirmed dead. intentional act of suicide. " transport operating barytons crop a night. and have our up through 90 minutes. >> grant:4 news app to always get the latest breaking news.


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