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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> reporter: washing, news at prime time. >> vicki: earning more about a deadly stabbing that took place in set a target store and east bay on christmas eve.
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>> j.r.: other of to the details that they describe just make you cringe. they say that this man was stabbed and killed here inside the target. and he and his children. the 36 year- old tyrone griffin is the man who was stabbed to death and at the hayward target on christmas eve. as to that law happened. family members say tyrone with this to kids.
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the suspects have not yet been released as they have not been formally charged. >> steve:tonight washington square park was filled with people.but something else was missing. the menorah you see in these
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pictures was stolen this week. tonight a vigil was held in it's absence- this is video from the gathering. two weeks ago miryum mochkin and her husband.a rabbi with the jewish service organization chabad. placed a brass menorah in the park. when they returned yesterday to prepare for the celebration of the second night of hanukkah, it was gone. mochkin doesn't know if the menorah was taken due to anti semitism or to make a quick buck by selling the metal. many in washington square were disappointed to hear of the theft. the theft did not stop several dozens of people from coming to washington square park tonight
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to celebrate the festival of lights. six-families left homeless after a fire ripped through the taxco condiminium complex in concord last week are working to put their lives back together. according to a member of the homeowners association. the families lost almost everything. destroyed either from the blaze itself or due to water damage. neighbors are now donating clothes, shoes, toys and more. these two men loaded up a u- haul truck with furniture for the families. : "couches. we had beds. we had a dining room table.figure, why not donate it to the fire victims." a go-fund-me page has been set up with the goal of 30-thousand dollars so far they have raised 39- hundred you can find the link to their go-fund-me page at kron-four- dot-com.
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in the east bay. holiday package thieves are at in again. this time in the city of livermore, where as kron4's haaziq madyun shows package thief has targeted a specific home.more than once >> reporter: surveillance video shows a package thief in action a few days before christmas here on cedar drive in livermore. now look at this, same person, same clothing, casing the same address, however this video was recorded back in october >>:"when we saw that video it made it look kind of like we are being targeted"
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steve munroe lives here with his son and daughter -in-law "frankly it upsets my son and my daughter-in-law very much" he desrcirbes what happened when the package was stolen "we see a car pull up a white car that we can't identify at this time, we see a gentleman, about 6-foot wearing black shirt, khaki pants, a white gentleman, go up to the front door and pick up and run down the steps and jump into his car" here is he back on october 11th, no packages taken then.but. "we have him knocking on the door, looking up for cameras kind of casing out the house" munroe says this is very unsettling for his family because their home was also burglarized a few months prior to these recent incidents "a guy was actually in the house, didn't take anything, but in this case it is the same guy twice" he is reporting this recent package theft to livermore police and giving investigators the backstory on what has been happening here >>:"and uh something needs to be done" officials with livermore police say in addition to using surveillance cameras to deter package thefts, victims can make their neighbors aware that a crime has taken place and raise the awareness to be on the lookout for package thieves in the livermore haaziq
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>> steve:for some raiders fans, it almost felt like saturday's win was a lossbecause of quarterback derek carr's season- ending injury. two days after the leg break, head coach jack del rio addressed reporters about the team. kron four's spencer blake was there, and right now he's live in san leandro where some raiders fans gather for games. spencer are people worried about the playoffs without carr? if jack del rio is, he sure doesn't show it. and fans here at ricky's sports bar in san leandro saw matt mcgloin play after carr got hurt saturday.and they don't seem to be too concerned, either. return to index of stories... jack del rio's press conference
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had a feeling that raiders coaches haven't felt since 2002. "alright! we've got a full house. yeah! this looks like a playoff kind of setting or something." with one regular season left between the raiders and the playoffs, the coach says the 'next man up' mantra is the same for quarterbacks as it is for any other position when someone gets hurt. "i mean, we expect our guys, when they step in to play, to play. and play well. and we expect to win with them. he made a couple nice throws at the end there." "i feel that he's been working
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hand-in-hand with carr all season long. carr's out, but he's not out; he'll be coaching him along." del rio called mcgloin fearless, and says he attacks his preparation. plus, he says he's gotten to know the backup very well over the last couple of years. he's handled himself very well, been prepared all year in the case that anything were to occur and he's ready to step in and take advantage of his opportunity." "i remember him. he's a feisty little guy." as for carr's broken right leg, del rio didn't have any updates on a scheduled surgery, nor on how long carr's recovery will take. but he has spoken to the star q- b, who has been keeping his spirits up. "he's all about the team and being there for the team, and wishing us the best. he'll be back as soon as he can to be there vocally for us." a lot of the die-hard fans seem to be as confident as delrio - they still think they have what it takes to win. "i/m not too worried. he knows the offense. he's been with the team, and you know, denver that will be a good test for us. so if we can get by them, i think our chances are pretty
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by one score. >> reporter: 20 people from taxing and driving. there focuses it keep drivers such devices can be used by drivers. and deployment of iraq's second drivers must use handsfree technology or blue tooth. only allows for the motion of the symbols like ports out of the drivers finger. trevor's 89 older and still it illegal for
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zero drivers to settle text messages. law-enforcement pullover drivers reviews your rules and its $20.50 dollars for subsequent violations. first responders including police officers are exempt from these new laws. had eight several new laws artist affect. several new laws are set to come into effect in the new year. next we'll outline the changes coming to ammunition and gun sales in 20-17. plus we'll have the latest on a deadly dui investigation that left 2 young people dead. and a historic day in hawaii. why president obama is meeting with the japanese prime minister in hawaii today. the new year means new laws in california. one of the most notable has to do with guns and ammunition. ella sogomonian joins us live from the newsroom with more. california lawmakers took aim at gun owners as well.
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there are several new rules that will take effect january first. that includes a new definition
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of an assault weapon and handgun storage for cops. california gun owners have new guidelines to abide by with the start of the new year. lawmakers passed a package of bills to strengthen the state's tough gun laws. the first bill requires people who own magazines that hold more than 10 rounds to give them up. and buyers purchasing ammunition have to undergo a background check before the sale plus will be barred from buying new weapons that have a device known as a bullet button. scott jackson, bay area firearms training instructor " >> reporter:in addition - the new law closes the bullet button loophole and categorizes th firearms as assault weapons. " " the second bill is an attempt to curb the amount of firearms stolen from officers. in the high profile case - kate steinle fatally was shot at pier 14 of the embarcadero using a gun stolen from a federal agent's car. "
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this summer the bay area news group reports almost 1000 firearms that once belonged to law enforcement can't be accounted were lost or stolen across the state since 2010. return to index of stories... another law taking effect in the new year- sexual assault on an unconcious or severely intoxicated person will now become a crime without the possibility for probation. the change was propmted when former stanford swimmer brock turner was given a six month jail sentence for assaulting an unconsious woman. the new law clarifies that a victim is unable to consent to sex when they are unconscious or incapacitated by drugs or alcohol. national news now.and if you think it's cold here. it could be much worse. a brutal winter storm is pounding parts of the upper mid- west.
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grant lodes is here with some of the new video. >> grant:hardest hit spot tonight.north dakota. where more than a foot of snow has fallen. and now the dig out has started. after swirling winds created snow drifts 3-4 feet high. interstate 94 in north dakota is shutdown.several other rds as well. the minot airport is closed, bismark and fargo's airports are riddled with delays and cancellations.
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there was even lightning with the snow. now.the back breaking daunting task of getting cars and trucks rolling again has begun. jackson macdonald/ bismarck resident: "i was in a lot of shock. i just thought to myself how the heck am i getting out of here." austin berger/ driver: "we saw about three to four footers. my car was about up to here. there were also delays and cancellations at minneapolis-st. paul international airport. and here in south dakota.snow covered streets are all over.after whitout conditions there at the height of the storm. >> reporter: we were kind of lucky. holman was probably this the storm just rolling across parts of the united states. bringing some very heavy snow we had gusts over 70 mi. an hour in nebraska. heading eastward and
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then getting hit the big storm there and some cool temperatures left behind. and 19 degrees 14 and helena and then another 25 degrees in denver and 43 in albuquerque. really the long- range forecast a more promising as we see the winter ahead. cold around the bay area and not as cold pettifog overnight tonight and then plenty of sunshine a moral slightly warmer and then the trend really probably little bit warmer. at the end of the new year temperatures up the door and out dropping into the '30's. o if >> reporter: and the cosine right now and and then 38 degrees make your way to deliver more. colden just enough that
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temperatures are ready at the plate and then recede couple of days for moderate. in the high country will be perfect conditions as we look to the middle of next week lots of sunshine over milos in the '20s by today in the '40's. and then overnight tonight it will be chilly. 39 degrees in hayward. but the upper 50s and 60s and saturday. at the end the year we could sneak in some '60s and friday close rolling in such a chance of showers. rumors of a pop icon first began. coming up- britney spears is not dead. how rumors that the pop icon passed away first started. what those responsible are saying now. a big story we are tracking for kron-4 news at 10. an uber driver says he s lucky to be alive tonight. it's after he ended up staring
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down the barrell of a gun on christmas eve. the gunman opened fire -- but somehow just missed. the very lucky uber driver shares his story -- new tonight on kron4 news at 10. if you got a shiny new gadget yesterday and you're wondering if you should get insurance on that or an extended warranty. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate is here to talk about the best options out there.
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>> j.r.: >> gabe:touchscreen vo you never think it's going to happen to you. but phones and tablets. they fall out of your hand so easily. also. snatch and grab thefts are on the rise so here's a look at insurance and warranties and what's the best deal. in the u.s. a phone breaks every 2 seconds nats - drop
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with a fast enough mischivious child it can happen in a matter of seconds. nats - tossing phone into bathtub whether it's a spill a dunk nats - dunk in water a drop nats - phone drop a bend. lost or stolen. phones, tablets, laptops they are so expensive to replace. protection plans are worth considering. if you have an apple product the apple care plus plan offers the best deal for breaks or mishaps you can purchase the plan online or in a store but only within the first 30 days of owning the device. this plan gives you two years of coverage against malfunction and damage you may cause the device if you have a non apple device there are 3rd party online warranty companies like squaretrade that offer coverage. their plans are similar to apple's covering malfunction and damage you cause. >> gabe:you can get insurance directly from carriers which is nice because you are charged on your bill it's convienient. the carriers charge more because they are the only ones
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who cover your device if it gets lost or stolen. bottom line if you're clumsy and tend to drop your phone a lot or have kids who are always trying to get their hands on it. the apple care plan or a squaretrade plan for non apple devices will likely pay off and be worth the money. if you live or work in a high crime area and are worried about a snatch and grab or lose your
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phone a lot consider a carrier insurance plan so you can have that covered. if you're not worried about all that then don't waste the money most people have one incident per gadget where they have cracked the screen or damaged their device. and to do a one time fix is around $100 which is a lot a cheaper than a 2 year insurance plan and deductable to get something fixed. touchscreen vo two other things to keep in mind. if you have renter's insurance that would protect your devices you may have a deductable. but it would and if you purchased your device with a credit card, the credit card company may offer an extended warranty once the manufacturer's warranty expires. back to you
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pearl harbor, hawaii - japanese prime minister shinzo abe has arrived in hawaii to recognize the japanese attacks on pearl harbor. abe arrived monday for the historic visit. he will be the first japanese prime minister to visit the memorial that honors sailors and marines killed in the 1941 attack. >> grant:the memorial will be closed to the public tuesday when he visits with u.s. president barack obama, who is vacationing in hawaii with his family. japan's former leader shigeru yoshida went o pearl harbor six years after the country's world war ii surrender yoshida
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arrived at pearl harbor in 1951, shortly after requesting a courtesy visit to the office of adm. arthur w.r. radford, commander of the u.s. pacific fleet. the office overlooked pearl harbor, offering a direct view of the attack site. return to index of stories... the holidays have not prevented donald trump and barrack obama from trading competing claims on who would have won the election had it been the two of them. obama stated in a podcast that
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he is confident he would have won the election if he ran with the vision he has pursued the last eight years. he said this year democrates did not communicate that vision clearly enough. trump was quick to comment on twitter saying "no way" trump suggests obama's track record with losing jobs.obamacare and the conflictis with isis would be his downfall the russian intelligance agency says there is no evidence pointing to terrorism as the cause of yesterday's deadly plane crash. the military place disappeared
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with 92 passangers and crew members on board with no expected survivors. russian media has reported that pieces of the plane headed from soci to syria have been found in the black sea. investigators say they are looking into possible technical or pilot errors. vladamir putin has announced russia is observing a national day of mourning for the victims. the colombia plane crash that killed 71 people last month, including members of a brazilian soccer team.was caused by human error. that's according to the civil aviation authorities in colombia.who held a press conference today about the tragedy. the authorities played several recorded communications between the pilot, copilot and control tower. these revealed that the pilot and copilot. knew the plane did not have enough fuel for the flight. >> reporter: out the door to my
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way of clear skies between weather patterns and south of the perception. of the residents of this note" it will be stated with less and and that's about it ec showers tried to make their way into northern california still north of crescent city and that looks like organ and most of that right now dry as week it was the clear skies. some cold temperatures once again run the bay area out there right now. and then in san francisco cult of pitchers continue in the load mid-50s 57 degrees below average. outsider now colden spots a man of 38 in livermore 39 concord 37 degrees and then
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san francisco prequel 45 years our right now. and then tomorrow here's the good news. if the schools offer little bit made up her fifties in the afternoon pretty lucky hangs around a little bit. and the san jose temperatures hovering right below the average and that's going to stay here for the next day or so. no getting around it another chilly night. try not from the bay area and numbers outside tomorrow afternoon 65 in san francisco. all day long. and eight degrees in campbell.
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authorities also said the engines began shutting down and that the emergency situation was not communicated to the control tower. police are still investigating a car crash that killed two people sunday morning.including a 14-year old boy. >> steve:it happened just before 12-30 christmas morning. 25-year-old jessica zamora is suspected of being under the influence.
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police say she crossed the median divider by the intersection of snell avenue and capitol expressway. her car collided head on with a silver lexus.carrying a family of three. including the 14 year old. zamora and the teenager were both killed. friends and family of zamora have created a memorial near the crash site to pay respect to both families. fresno fire officials say two people diedafter the plane they were in crashed shortly after taking off. the single-engine aircraft flew off today from sierra sky park airportwhen it crashed at the edge of a pond north of there. the fresno fire department confired the duo on board the plane died. authorities are currently investigating if drugs or alcohol played a role in the incident. today is possibly the biggest day for gift returns. we have some things to consider before making the trip if you don't like some of the gifts you received yesterday for christmas. we have some tips you should takebefore heading to the store. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> steve:some retailers have strict return timelines. don't assume your product qualifies for a retailer's extended holiday window. look online to see which deadline fits your gift. and make sure to show up to the store with additional proof. bring a form of identification, your receipt or packing slip and all packaging and parts of the product. today's the biggest day of returns.but also a great time to get a good deal. if your looking to save a few
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bucks. some of the biggest price cuts hapen now.until the new year. a reminder. bart a has a new schedule for the holiday season. bart will be limiting the number of trains running during commute hours. bart officials say fewer trains will be running on the pittsburg-bay point line this holiday season. and rather than the usual five minute interval. you should expect trains to arrive every ten to 15 minutes. this limited schedule only applies to weekday trains running from the early morning to mid-afternoon. the pittsburg-bay point line will resume regular service on january second. >> vicki:and waste management of alameda county is encouraging people to recycle their holiday trees. they say you can put it in your regular trash, recycling and compost collection. trees that are collected at the curbside will be turned into compost. waste management says the tree must be free of snow flocking, tinsel, ornaments, nails and metal stands. coming up- lots of things are going on sale today- including candy canes! we have one more reason to pick up a box.
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plus the n-b-a announced today. the officials missed a pair of critical calls against golden state in yesterday's loss to cleveland. mark carpenter has the story and all the sports
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kron four is the only local station that will ring in the new year live across the bay area. we will show you celebrations around the world and fireworks from the san francisco's ferry building. kron4's new year's live starts at 11:15 saturday night!
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to survive the mall madness things you should know the prepared gather your gift receipts and repacked leave open to some retail was started
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stocking feet especially for tech toys. typically the second busiest day of the year for foot traffic in stores. don't wait too long to return find out the stores return policies and only have a limited window of time to back as guests and others require receipts. once you're in the stores did not sign up for in-house credit cards or more bills to keep up with and converting your credits for keep tabs on cards check the ground is often. that way you can save all the money. cash in on unwanted cards. hohokam still
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lie noteone of the hallmarks of this raiders team is its resiliency. the 7-fourth quarter comebacks alone is evidence of that. but now, we'll see if it can rally from the biggest setback of the year.and play on without derek carr. it's a story that's put a dent in their resurgent season. the mvp candidate and team leader.out indefinitely after suffering a broken leg against the colts. he'll undergo surgery tomorrow.and reports say his recovery is expected to last 6- to-8 weeks. in a statement published today in the mmqb-dot-com, carr said-- 'although this situation is the toughest thing i've ever faced in my football career, it will not stop me from coming back stronger than ever.' >> reporter:this afternoon-- jack del rio.talked about his qb's optimistic demeanor.
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let's take a look at the postseason standings and explain the scenarios in play-- raiders.have clinched a playoff spot, but the division title is still up for grabs and depending on what happens this weekend,
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they could be either the 1st, 2nd, or 5th seed. *if the patriots lose and raiders win-- oakland clinches first place and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. scenario 2-- if the raiders and patriots both win, new england is first.and oakland remains the 2nd seed. finally, situation 3-- if the raiders lose and chiefs win, kansas city takes the division.oakland drops to the 5th spot and enters as a wildcard. turning to the 49ers-- the streak is over. after 13-straight losses, they finally got a win this weekend.after beating the la rams. and it wasn't pretty. down by a touchdown late in the 4th, colin kaepernick. led a game-winnin drive that culminated with a bold two-point conversion that gave the niners the lead. it's the team's first victory since the season opener. this game.clearly showed that winning always takes priority. as another loss would have put san francisco in position for the top pick in next year's draft. niners looking to end with a winning sunday's season finale against the seahawks. moving on to the warriors-- i can imagine many people had these questions while watching yesterday's game, how is lebron allowed to hang on the rim for that long? and why was there no whistle on
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kevin durant's final shot? p well, the nba admitted the officials got it wrong. in their last two minute report, which reviews all calls made or *not made late in the game, the league announced two key errors. the first mistake is that lebron james should have been assessed a technical foul. for holding onto the rim after a go-ahead dunk. and, upon further review, richard jefferson did indeed make contact with kevin durant on the last play of the game. that oversight is especially crucial because durant would have most likely shot free throws.and give the warriors a chance to take the lead. after yesterday's game, kd offered his assessment of what happened. finally, a gymastics star of
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the rio olympics earns another first-place finish. simone 2016's ap female athlete of the year. the 19-year-old.owned the summer winning a record four gold medals and a bronze as she was part of the dominant 'final five' squad. fellow olympian and swimming phenom katie ledecky took 2nd in the ap vote. move over christmas trees. its the candy cane's day to shine. today is national candy can day. the christmas candy has been around since the mid 18- hundreds. originally used to decorate christmas trees. and the red and white stripes?
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those were introduced in 19- hundred. >> reporter: near-record four gold medals and a bronze jews part in the second of the ap hosts. and in the nba. wait at zero before each note is there hope
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>> grant: tse agents have confiscated threat the year. what does that. unlike u.s. that is a track and claw of course
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and sized weapons popular in places like india and china the chair a wonder why. and walking dead fans by the familiar with this even though the barbwire covering the bag is robert they still don't allow barbara dwyer. if your gonna
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all the terror of five pleaded that is in 18 and up situation that we will not be into. don't bring those things on the plane. you can bring these mary christmas. the day after and is now a national candy cane day. if originally they use a decorated christmas trees they still are. red-and-white striped pattern. the original candy canes were white with colored strips.
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the traditional candy was apparently a straight stick. not curved at the top. as for longest candy cane ever recorded? it's 51 feet long according to the guinness world record. kohl >> reporter: temperatures down in the '30's and spots. and that it will stay that way all my long and the 40's and some patchy frost by noon we have lots of sunshine as a little bit warmer outside and then he ever so close to getting in the upper 60s. wolcott there until the next couple of days and after that we have changes for the weekend and then for the holiday here we go chance of showers and the new year's day.
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