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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tonight at ten: family members of a vctim telling kron-4 what they believe led up to a stabbing inside a target store. good evening i'msteve aveson. and i'm vicki liviakis -- pam moore has the night off. the stabbing happened on christmas eve in hayward. tonight -- family members of the victim tell us the man was stabbed in front of his son on christmas eve. + he later died at the hospital -- kron 4's j-r stone is live -- with the story you'll only see on kron4. jr? >> j.r.: light of the victim here tells me that her husband was cresting at christmas shop on christmas eve when something else went down as of this evening he is still the process of telling children what had
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happened to their father. 36 year old tyrone griffin's memory will live on in this these photos showing him and his kids. family members say griffin was stabbed to death inside this hayward target store. happening now: a resiliant display of religion and community.after a giant menorah is stolen from a popular san francisco park. grant lodes is here with how people are coming together.and bringing their own. tonight washington square park was filled with people.but the
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menorah you see in these pictures was stolen this week. tonight a vigil was held in it's absence- this is video from the gathering. two weeks agoa local rabbi and his wife. placed a brass menorah in the park. when they returned yesterday to prepare for the celebration of the second night of hanukkah, it was gone. tonight, it's uncelar why someone stole it, but many in washington square are disappointed. the menorah is described as 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide and weighing pabout 100 pounds. police beliee it was taken within the last few days. police are asking metal recyclers to be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell large
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brass pieces for recycling. we've been telling you about package thefts this holiday season. but this one -- might be one of the worst yet. in livermore -- a house was targetted not once -- but twice. kron4's haaziq madyun has the video. >> steve:"frankly it upsets my son and my daughter-in-law very
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much" this surveillance video shows a package thief in action a few days before christmas here on cedar drive in livermore. now look at this, same person, same clothing, casing the same address, however this video was recorded back in october "obviously this person is relatively close, he seems to be targeting this house in particular" steve munroe lives here with his son and daughter -in-law "frankly it upsets my son and my daughter-in-law very much" he desrcirbes what happened when the package was stolen on december 22nd "we see a car pull up a white car that we can't identify at this time, we see a gentleman, about 6-foot wearing black shirt, khaki pants, a white gentleman, go up to the front door and pick up and run down the steps and jump into his car" here is he back on october
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11th, no packages taken then.but. "we have him knocking on the door, looking up for cameras kind of casing out the house" munroe says this is very unsettling for his family because their home was also burglarized a few months prior to these recent incidents "a guy was actually in the house, didn't take anything, but in this case it is the same guy twice, we think that the neighborhood should be aware of what's going on" "normally we keep a window open.and we got a pretty good dog too, he lets us know when somebody's on the front porch" "something needs to be done about this, i know it's not wise to have packages delivered to your porch and this proof of it, we have to change the way we get packages delivered"
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in livermore haaziq madyun kron4news tonight -- a community is coming together. after a fire ripped through the taxco condiminium complex in concord last week. six-families were left homeless. now they are working to put their lives back together with the help of neighbors. according to a member of the homeowners association. the families lost almost everything.
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most things were either destroyed from the fire itself or due to water damage. leaving few things salvagable. neighbors are now donating clothes, shoes, toys and more. these two men loaded up a u-haul truck with furniture for the families. : "couches. we had beds. we had a dining room table.figure, why not donate itto the fire victims." this is vido of the fire from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. you can see the fire fighters on top of the complex trying to put the blaze out. money is now being raised for the displaced families through a go-fund-me page. you can find the link to the page at kron-four-dot-com. >> britteny: stock = 30 is some low fifties and by the afternoon it should be a little bit warmer tomorrow afternoon low 50s low 60s toward san jose we have more new weather and prospects of some rain coming up
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new at ten: >> steve:an uber driver says he's lucly to be alive tonight. the man says he was working a shift in san francisco on christmas eve. when a person pointed a gun at him and shot. but somehow missed. reporter joe khalil talked to the man -- who is still trying to figure out why it happened to him. "i afraid a lot because it's the first time they try to kill me." when this man--we'll only call him muhammed--came to the u.s. from afganistan--he thought he'd be escaping violence. early saturday morning--from the front seat of his car--he
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found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. "he take out the gun and he shoot me. fortunately the bullet just pass from my face." * *muhammad didnt want to be identified. from sacramento--he was on an uber shift in san francisco--when just before three a-m--he says a man followed him for a few blocks on foot-then ran to muhammad's window--fired point blank--and fled.* * a narrow miss--centimeters--from ending his life. "and he shot from right here." "so if you're no so tall, moving your seat back. "yep it was in my head." his window--in pieces all over his car--the bullet hole-- clearly visible. >> reporter:the shot sent shards of glass from muhammad's window into the air--piercing his face near his eye, sending muhammad to the hospital. while there--the father of two young boys says he thought of his family--imagining life for them--had he been killed. he also thought of something his mother--still in afghanistan-- recently told him. "you gonna stay over there. and i'm happy you're there. you're
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going to stay away from this dangerous place." "they feel safer because you're here?" "they feel safer because i' in a safe place." san francisco police picked up the shooting on their shot spotter--they confirm muhammad filed a report--but tell us they dont have any leads. muhammad--now left to wonder-- why *he was targeted at all. we reached out to uber -- they say they are in contact with the driver. and providing any assistance they can to police. tonight: the raiders are trying to look ahead. despite the season ending injury to quarterback derek carr. this was the play on saturday -- where carr broke a leg. raiders coach jack del rio today responding with the words "next man up". kron4's spencer blake has more on who will lead the raiders now into their first playoff appearance since 2002. jack del rio's press conference had a feeling that raiders coaches haven't felt since 2002. "alright! we've got a full
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house. yeah! this looks like a playoff kind of setting or something." with one regular season left between the raiders and the playoffs, the coach says the 'next man up' mantra is the same for quarterbacks as it is for any other position when someone gets hurt. "i mean, we expect our guys, when they step in to play, to play. and play well. and we expect to win with them. he made a couple nice throws at the end there." "i feel that he's been working hand-in-hand with carr all season long. carr's out, but he's not out; he'll be coaching
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him along." del rio called mcgloin fearless, and says he attacks his preparation. plus, he says he's gotten to know the backup very well over the last couple of years. he's handled himself very well, been prepared all year in the case that anything were to occur and he's ready to step in and take advantage of his opportunity." "i remember him. he's a feisty little guy." as for carr's broken right leg, del rio didn't have any updates on a scheduled surgery, nor on how long carr's recovery will take. but he has spokento the star q- b, who has been keeping his spirits up. "he's all about the team and
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being there for the team, and wishing us the best. he'll be back as soon as he can to be there vocally for us." a lot of the die-hard fans seem to be as confident as delrio - they still think they have what it takes to win. "i/m not too worried. he knows the offense. he's been with the team, and you know, denver that will be a good test for us. so if we can get by them, i think our chances are pretty good." when asked if he second-guessed calling the play during which carr got injured, del rio said no, because they still only one by one score. live in san leandro, spencer blake, kron four news. we will have much more on what's ahead for the raidrers tonight in the kron4 sports report. that's coming up at 10:45. coming up: president obama says he would have been allowed to run again -- he would have beaten donald trump. tonight: we have reaction from the president-elect. then: national outrage tonight: what police say a mother handed her child -- to avoid getting in trouble when she was pulled over. and next -- starting next year: no more excuses if you get pulled over on your cell phone. the legal loophole that closes in 2017.
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20-17 is bringing a handful of >> reporter: must be in one of the lower corners of the windshield in cannot be placed anywhere where the driver's or blocks the possible the second driers voice command and blue to. only allows for the motion of a single swipe or tap all
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this new law does not apply it to responders. grant lodes is here with details on how young children must be buckled in the car starting in january. this law was passed by legislature back in 20-15 and will take effect the first of the year. >> grant:children under the age of 2 will have to ride in a rear-facing car seat. the only way a child is exempt is if they weigh 40 pounds or more.or are taller than 40 inches. the law will still require children under the age of 8 to be properly restrained in a
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child safety seat in the back seat of the car. tonight -- president obama and his family are vacationing in hawaii. but when he sat down for a radio interview with his former senior advisor oday -- he had some interesting thoughts on the past election. that includes how he thinks he would have done -- had be been able to run for a third term. mister obama says if he had been able to run again -- he thinks he would have beaten donald trump. catherine heenan the story -- plus reaction from the president-elect.
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>>: on confident it had run again and articulated i could've mobilized the majority of the american people to rally behind it. in conversation that i have had with people run the country even some people who disagreed with me they would say that the direction you point toward is the right one. she >> catherine: of paid more attention to certain states and that while he makes it clear he will not be on the sidelines politically will weigh in on issues he considers important he also says that he needs time to simply be still. >>: have to be quiet for a while. " me politically internally will be the first
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japanese and then will respond. but it week. and leaving a licensed about markair exception. >> britteny: it continues to be called tonight cold conditions. and dropping in the pacific northwest and the making and
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swayed toward crescent city right now. and then the energy from the storm hits the bay area. they will clear out maybe even a couple patches and sybase at jose m. war by tomorrow afternoon the week had slow warming trend amended the clouds roll back and the chance of showers as we and the year. numbers outside right now 45 degrees 37 concord on the freezing right now and in fairfield 44 nevada out and then 33 degrees for about just above freezing in the napa valley. then among the bay area yesterday plan on the cold temperatures again. and then in
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the 20's and '40's '50's for the highs. and then use the warmer weather level 70 and will fall sedulous and 60 degrees in modern day. as the >> reporter: approached the coast line by a little bit warmer mid upper 50s as you head for the afternoon and closed tomorrow afternoon. coming up in
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tonight's edition of people behaving badly: stanley roberts is continuing his 2016 countdown of the best of the worst. of people behaving badly. nd next: how the world is mourning the loss of iconic pop star george michael. iconic pop star george michael died at his home in england on christmas day. reporter dianne gallagher reports on the life -- and death -- of george michael.
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we have an update on the condition of carrie fisher. who suffered a cardiac event friday. her mother-- actress debbie reynolds-- said in a tweet that fisher is now in stable condition. fisher fell ill during a the last leg of a flight from london to los angeles. today -- her mother thanked fisher's friends and fans for all their "prayers and good wishes". and said the family would share updates on her daughter's condition. fisher is best known for her roles as princess leia in the "star wars" series. coming up: rests >> reporter: to the charge michael with gaining in a lewd act and a beverly hills after
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not long after that michael confirmed he was gay. an advocate for all pdt rights and an aids activist. fisher said that sweep that she is doing in stable a condition she fell ill during the last leg of a flight from london to los angeles and her mother saying to fisher's friends and fans for all their prayers and good wishes the family will share updates on her daughter's condition fisher is best known for her roles in the star wars series. you might have gotten some electronics for the holidays.
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but should you buy an extended warranty? or tech reporter breaks down if it's really worth it or not. and next: california's already tight gun laws -- about to get even stricter. what some gun owners will have to give up -- starting january first. tonight -- we continue to look at new rules for californians that start with the new year.
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that includes guidelines for gun owners in a state that's already tough on firearms. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in the newsroom with what you need to know come january first. >> reporter:some could say gun owners feel targeted by california lawmakers who continue to add on rules. this coming year take note of a new meaning to what classifies an assault weapon and plan on turning in high capacity magazines. lawmakers passed a package of bills to strengthen the state's tough gun laws that take effect immediately come january. the first bill requires people to give up high capacity
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magazines - that's more than 10 rounds. and buyers purchasing ammunition have to undergo a background check before the sale plus will be barred from buying new weapons that have a device known as a bullet button. scott jackson, bay area firearms training instructor "after you won't be able to buy an ar-15 with a bullet button it'll have to have a non- attachable magazine, it'll have to have one stock, and another modification up at the front of the gun." in addition - the new law closes the bullet button loophole and categorizes the firearms as assault weapons. "so as of new year's day everyone is going to have to register their regular rifle as an assault rifle or put the two features on so it's called featureless."
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the second bill is an attempt to curb the amount of firearms stolen from officers. in the high profile case - kate steinle fatally was shot at pier 14 of the embarcadero using a gun stolen from a federal agent's car. "so anybody that has a gun has to be responsible storage, transportation, making sure it's locked up out of sight." this summer the bay area news group reported almost 1000 firearms that once belonged to law enforcement can't be accounted were lost or stolen across the state since 2010. the bill also requires people who lawfully possess an assault weapon before january first to register the gun online with the department of justice. live in the newsroom ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> vicki:tonight a memorial is set up at the scene of a deadly christmas day crash. 14-year-old boy. it happened just before 12-30 christmas morning. 25-year-old jessica zamora is suspected of being under the influence. police say she crossed the meian divider by the intersection of snell avenue and capitol expressway. her car collided head on with a silver lexus.carrying a family
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of three. including the 14 year old. >> grant: on her and then had been not with the collection you see in court here the 27 year- old arrested and then the police showed up this is friday in suburban cincinnati ohio. twice the legal limit and police say that she admitted handing her five year-old a city cup filled with wind and the back seat as the officer walked up approached the car window here now with that 911 col. >> reporter: it was all over the road they just missed to head-on collisions. remarkable no one
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was hurt and floyd faces charges including in danger in children driving under the influence. she is free on bond. zamora and the teenager were both killed. new at ten tonight: fresh perspective on a story making headlines around the gave her young child a sippy cup.during a traffic stop. grant lodes is back with the new 911 call just released. it's brought strong reaction from neighbors of hers in her ohio town. .a mother pulled-over on suspicion of d-u-i, and the move she allegedly made with her young child in the backseat. the plea is to rob. the reluctance mayor into its. new tonight: as we get closer to the end of 2016. we are counting down this year's 'best' people behaving badly segments. stanley roberts has gone through all the footage. and picked his top ten favorites.
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and racist text messages between officers. >> reporter: < with a knife was shot six times after he allegedly lunged at officers.
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when a group of advocates known as the first 05 started a hunger strike outside the mission police station. in week 3 the frisco 5 and supporters confronted supervisors was a familiar message. ended with 33 arrests and on deposit dollars in damage. it ended 17 days. after officers when after woman believed to be driving a stolen car. within an hour's the chief
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has not been fast enough. named as the third interim chief. the department veterans tony chappell and outlined his goals. and it came in early july downtown. instead of rushing and police set up a perimeter. or changes lie ahead at october racial profiling. and they
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announced this search for permanent chief was over. the new chief is currently the highest ranking american lapd he is a 26 year veteran and a longtime advocate of the community policing. on 2016. no matter how difficult the situation, the raiders have always shown an ability to but, having to play on without derek carr is by far their toughest challenge yet.
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it's a story that's put a dent in their resurgent season.
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>> reporter: compared to other you give receipts. some retailers to charge a restocking fee especially for tech toys.
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the mvp candidate and team leader.out indefinitely after suffering a broken leg against the colts.
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he'll undergo surgery >> stanley: and said over and
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over again if people read traffic accident attitude is everything. welcome back to her in a moment where was i oyez us same attitude is everything here was see with this driver has and as an example. and the driver claims he is trying to get out of the late and no lockout.
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here's what really happened. the next driver you can almost guarantee a sure-fire way. to get a ticket. schoolteacher from oakland with an interesting attitude a warning on the card will violation which carries a $500 fine for registration expired. chia tai $5 fix the ticket. let's talk to her. this
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is why i love my job. >> vicki: the weather is not behaving badly we're looking at severances, the crystal clear skies. and that it is clear in
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the san jose looking right there. yes frost's expected in the sun valley's to might be in san jose as well. 45 set francisco 46 and 42 san jose 45 degrees in livermore. and then cool air already place this will be coming in our direction and we squeeze some sunshine idiom with that mind and then 55 and daly city in the making your way down the coast lines of the sunshine before they and the sec
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clearly and that in the east bay of the next couple days will keep things tried. the raiders
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have always the prospect. and then carve their biggest challenge yet. >> reporter: the carr injury means matt mcgloin will run the offense going forward. this sunday's game in denver will just be his 7th-career nfl start. and he is 1-5 as a full-time starter. this is the 4th-year in the league for the undrafted qb out of penn state. let's take a look at the postseason standings and explain the scenarios in play-- raiders.have clinched a playoff spot, but the division title is still up for grabs and depending on what happens this weekend, they could be either the 1st, 2nd, or 5th seed. *if the patriots lose and
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raiders win-- oakland clinches first place and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. scenario 2-- if the raiders and patriots both win, new england is first.and oakland remains the 2nd seed. finally, situation 3-- if the raiders lose and chiefs win, kansas city takes the division.oakland drops to the 5th spot and enters as a wildcard. lets talks some monday night football-- ions in dallas, --cowboys rolled out their first-string despite locking up the 1 seed. and it paid off. ezekiel elliott, runs home free for a 55-yard touchdown. one of his two scores on the night.
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--this game was tied at the half,
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but then dallas poured it on. dez bryant, showing what he can do as quarterback.finds jason witten in the endzone. cowboys drop 21-unanswered.and 42-21 is your final. turning to the nba-- if a game has a five-point margin, the league releases what's called a last two minute report. a review of all calls made or *not made late in the game. it's a document that both provides transparency *and makes fans upset. warriors fans are really not gonna like this the league announced two key errors were made in yesterday's game.
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the first mistake is that lebron james should have been assessed a technical foul. for holding onto the rim after a go-ahead dunk. and, upon further review, richard jefferson did indeed make contact with kevin durant on the last play of the game. that oversight is especially crucial because durant would have most likely shot free throws.and give the warriors a chance to take the lead. after yesterday's game, kd offered his assessment of what happened. finally, a gymnastics star of the rio olympics earns another first-place finish.
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people at 1 per gadget or dotted fix a damaged by its onetime fixes a hundred dollars a lot cheaper than a two-year insurance plan deductible to get something repaired. moore has the night off. the stabbing happened on christmas eve in a hayward. the man stabbed died at the hospita -- he was a father of two young children. kron4's j-r stone has the details you will only see on kron4. >> j.r.:


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