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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 28, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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didn't have time to collaborate a story or anything and they're both telling me the same thing that frankie was attacked. someone got upset because he had his music on." on the night of christmas eve. mister arhculeta says his son's say the incident inside the whipple road target store in hayward happened like this. frankie and jesse were inside when they alledge griffin asked frankie to turn down the music playing on his phone. mister archuleta says griffin and his boys exchanged words. and, then when frankie -- pictured here -- walked away, mister archuleta says his son's allege grffin hit frankie in the head with a champagne bottle pulled from a shelf. sot- "so, you're saying they were provoked. frankie was provoked? that's what both of them are telling me, and they've been separated and they're stories pretty much go with each others."
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mister archuleta says his son jesse came to his brother's aid, admitting his son had a knife and stabbed griffin who later died. mister arhculeta says his son acted out of self defense and believes surveillance video will vindicate both brothers. sot- "i talked to frankie last night, he told me everything that's come out on the news, it dont look good. he goes, everything will come out when they see the videos." in the meantime, the archuleta brothers remain in custody. and, both are due back in court thursday. neither entered a plea during their arraignment. and, bail is off the table. in oakand, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> reporter:another big story we are tracking tonight at five. police interupt an in-progress burglary at a hayward motorcycle dealersip. officers were able to arrest one person. but two other suspects
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have not been caught. - kron four's haaziq madyun is following this story for us tonight. and joins us live now from the scene.and haaziq some of the details in this case are wild. >> reporter:it happened around 3:30am here at east bay motorsports in hayward. the owner told us off camera that the would-be-burglars tried breaking this window you see here and made a lot of noise in the process. then the burglars tried to rip out this heavy duty window frame. that didn't work either. someone staying at the motel next door heard the commotion, and called hayward police. investigators say the 3 men took of in a stolen -haul truck and intentionally rammed a police vehicle during the getaway. a police pursuit took place ending in west oakland where the driver of the uhaul was arrested.the other two men got away. this is not the first time a stolen uhaul truck was used to steal motorcycles. back in june thieves used a stolen uhaul truck during a break in at k&b motorsports in petaluma. in that case the burglars got away with 5 motorcycles. so far there is no word from investigators on whether or not there is any connection between the two hayward haaziq madyun kron4news return to index of stories... >> grant:concord police arrest a suspect. accused of sexual assaulting of an 80-year-old woman. the alleged crime was yesterday morning at a home on graymont circlenear valle verde park. police say the eldery woman was assaulted as she returned home from a walk. the victim was able to give officers a description of the suspect. and a short time later 49-year- old steven minor was taken into custody. he was booked on the charges of sexual battery,elder abuse and attempted robbery.
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the victim was not seriously injured. staying in the east bay. the city of oakland has something to cheer about this holiday season despite, a year of scandals and revolving police chiefs -- the city has a seen a decrease in violent crime compared to last year. >> vicki:kron 4's dan kerman is live at police headquartrers with more on the numers. the sofa was a surprise some. sitting in his thing with the interruption can't announce even slightly the be moving in the right direction. police a year's scandal and a revolving door of police chiefs. and the crimes
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and property crimes oregon. >>: recognize. and then the facility up and homicide's assault and shootings and significant drops in residential burglaries city officials say that a step in the attraction is still far cry for when the city needs to be. >> reporter: is declining crime police say is due to several factors. when hall crime as a happening refocusing resources based on the information. cease- fire programs giving known criminals and illegal and finally a better it relationship
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with the public. chimera says that close to her by phone the trend is moving in the right direction passalong legal she is committing to improving these numbers even more. a scary scene on the west shore of lake tahoe where a fire broke out at a popular ski resort. fire officials say the homewood ski resort lodge. caught fire around 3 this morning. the building was vacant at the time. however, the slopes at the homewood ski resort will be closed. at least until tomorrow. crews say they've successfully managed to keep the fire
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isolated to a single structure.but not without a fight. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. moving to the south bay. police arrest a driver. involved in this head-on collision that happened early this morning on interstate 280 in san jose.serously injuring two people. 23-year-old tarick dereje of southern california is accused of d-u-i. kron four's will tran.reports from the scene.
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dereje and the driver of the red car, a 24-year-old livermore woman both suffered major. but not life-threatening injuries. the driver of the third vehicle invovled. was treated at the scene. and we now know the name of the 14-year-old boy. killed in a suspected drunk driving crash. that happened early chrtismas morning. he has been identified as andrew nguygen of san jose. the 14-year-old and his family where traveling along capitol expressway. near snell avenue in san jose when another car crossed over the median divider -- hitting them head-on. the driver of that vehicle also died in the crash. she has been identified as 25- year-old jessica zamora. police believe zamora had been driving under the influence of alcohol. the boy's parents where taken to the hospital. and are expected to be okay. still ahead on kron four news at >>alecia: a third car in the woman in the red car was screaming in pain when firefighters arrived and a driver crashed, the chp says an
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on passenger compartment the travers morgan right there. close attack part of vehicle and the law unless applied hollywood have seen more injury. the collision force shut down four lanes for more than 24 hours. and take measures that removed a flying debris from the crash site. >> reporter: not only did they not he traded center tonight the
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driver of the third vehicle and is going to be ok. >> grant: >> catherine: adjourned driving crashed early christmas morning when the san jose the 40 year-old and his family were traveling along a capital expressway and another driver crossed over in the median a hit them head-on. the driver of that vehicle also died in crashes identified as 25 year-old to scott zamora. and i believe that she was impaired at the time. the boy's parents were taken to hospital right after the crash expected to be ok. >> vicki: five. it's a 'hanukkah miracle'. a large menorah - stolen - from a popular san francisco park - will soon have a replacement. an update on this story - coming up. then, a northern california uber driver is being hailed a hero tonight. the alleged crime he tipped off to police. after making a seemingly routine pick up.
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and next, did you smell it?
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>> catherine:p-g-and-e receiving severalreports from around san francisco this morning. about a strange odor. the potiential cause of the smell - next. people in parts of san francisco were complaining about a bad smell early this morning. catherine heenan is here with details on what's being done about it. >> catherine:it must have been pretty bad.because people were calling pg&e to complain in the early hours of the morning.with the most calls coming in around 2-am. it was described as a rotten egg of sulfer smell. and the concern was whether there was some kind of gas leak. at least 30 people called to complain.many in the nob hill, tenderloin, bay view
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and mission districts. by around 7 this morning - the problem seemed to be over. but pg&e and fire crews were still working to figure out what caused the odor. one possibility -- the earthquakes in the tahoe area might have caued the ground to shift.releasing a sulfer-like smell into the air. authorities say there's no threat or safety concern at this time. grant? >> grant:some good news to share. the large brass menorah that was stolen from a san francisco park over the weekend. is set to be replaced. thanks to a donation from the east coast. the 100- pound, six-foot-tall
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menorah was taken from washington sqaure park on christmas day which also was the first day of hanukkah. yochanon 'mitch' bogart, from massachusetts makes menorahs. and heard what happened. so he decided to send a new one valued at about 700-dollars to the rabbi who setup the first menorah in the park. police say there were no visible signs of anti-semitism at the site of the theft.and that it's likely the thief wanted to sell the brass for money. the brand new menorah. is set to make it's debut saturday. the bay area is ringing in the new yearwith free public transportation. several transit agenicies are offering free rides and beefing up service for new year's eve. that includes caltrain, the valley transportation authority, san francisco muni, samtrans and ac transit. free service will begin at eight p-m saturday for trains and
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>> britteny: sarazen legal status see san francisco down and saturday but the next system drops down from the north last chance of showers foresters to the north of san francisco this is very early a record see what politics into weekend. more whether malayans piquancy here saturday possibly to and possibly into monday senators spent 65 tomorrow and then contact cynthia
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64 jinju's in-store forest of being closer look details on that in the full forecasts. >> vicki: some money resolutions they may want to get for the ball drops. cambrian the new year with more cash and a new annual financial resolution study the three most common related goals for 2017 are to save money and spend all coalesce after being the things that you can do. approved automatic savings account every time you get paid little those in the savings to get rid of that more than a minimum amount of debt on your credit card or the multiple cards to pay off the balance of the card with highs interest-rate first spend less put together a budget and the check your statements which
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are you know how much to spend on what that we can see what you really need while also keeping an eye on potential fodgel charges. the things you can do now to start the new year off right.
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tonight: an uber driver is being credited with tipping off police to an alleged prostitution -- involving a teen victim. it's after he picked up three people and dropped them off at a hotel near sacramento. according to detectives two women were actively trying to pimp a 16-year-old girl. reporter rowena shaddox spoke with to the uber driver about why he felt he had to do something. that was rowena shaddox reporting. >>: of those things police arrested three suspects including sex with a minor and the other two women destiny cut away and maria wesley for various charges for pending and
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pandering they command for getting involved and not just ignoring what he saw. >> grant:all three suspects were booked into the sacramento county jail. a utah mom says she got an unwanted gift on christmas day. inside her candy bar. kassidy maxfield was hungry. so, naturally, she grabbed a snickers.pulling the chocolate
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out of her child's christmas stocking. when she got to her third bar.she bit through the milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel.but there was an extra ingredient. mixed in with all that sugar. was a bright gold thumb tack. the salt lake city mom. was anything but satisfied. ,.
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a family's 'amazon echo' personal assistant device is at >> catherine: the center of a murder investigation in arkansas. catherine heenan is here with more on why it's considered a key piece of evidence. >> catherine:the amazon echo is marketed as always being on.and that's exactly why police want it. it's one of those devices that can answer questions.
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and investigators say it might have recorded what happened the moments before victor collins was found drowned in a friend's hot tub last year. collins had some bruising and there was evidence that he had been strangled. the main suspect is the man who owns the home where the death happened.his attorney is arguing that turning over the echo is an invasion of privacy. amazon didhand over the suspect's account details.but so far amazon has refused to give police the voice recordings. grant? >> grant:the older brother of jonbenet ramsey. is suing a
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major network for 750-million- dollars. over a series that concluded he killed his sister. in a lawsuit filed today. burke ramsey claims that c-b-s, its production company and the experts interviewed in the series on the unsolved murder. permanently ruined his reputation. the six-part series aired in september ahead of the 20th anniversary of jonbenet's death.
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the 6-year-old was found dead in the basement of her family's home in boulder, colorado, the day after christmas in 1996. a spokesperson for c-b-s declined to comment on the lawsuit.p
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another big story we are following tonight. german officials say they've arrested a tunisian man they think may have been involved in last week's truck attack on a christmas market. and 48 in fairfield 47 in vallejo. unsettling ring airshows clear conditions there on the screen off the coast. and makes its way as close as it can get. 33 and 31 livermore 42 in san mateo 40 degrees in san francisco 47 and half monday.
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mid-60's in santa rosa 6366 in san jose. cold air will move in and cold new year's eve for your forecast and more details coming up and get your seventh day in just 10 minutes. the announement could be made >> grant: sometime this week. some top republican lawmakers brace for a showdown with donald trump. the issue... is whether or not russia actually interfered in the 2016 race. the c-i-a and the f-b-i have reportedly determined that the
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hacking... was an effort to help trump win the white house at the command of russian president vladimir putin. trump has dismissed those claims...and instead questioned u-s intel agencies in the process. president barack obama may be leaving office soon, but he's still the most admired man in america. those are the findings of a recent gallup poll. it's the ninth year in a row obama has won the distinguished title. in second place this year.president-elect donald trump. pope francis came in third. among women.hillary clinton is the most admired woman in the country.for the 15th consecutive year. and first lady michelle obama came in second followed by german chancellor angela merkel.
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coming up next, what we are learning about debbie reynolds. who has been rushed to the hospital. just one day after the death of her daughter carrie fisher.
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>> vicki: the danger is in the entertainment world. the issue was taken to hospital after medical emergency and according to tim z.. no word yet on her
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condition. >> catherine: hollywood chamber of commerce plans to allow the major star to stay here a few days and in the meantime some old friends from star wars for talking about her today.
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at her son's los angeles home hospital. no word yet on her condition. but we will continue to bring you updates as they become available. reaction continues to the death this week of actress carrie fisher. that includes what some fans are doing in hollywood. catherine heenan is here with details. her fans are devoted.and now some of them are finding a new way to show the world how they feel. carrie fisher does not have a star on the hollywood walk of fame. now - fans are transforming a blank star near grauman's chinese theatre into a pop-up tribute. they stuck on letters that say "carrie fisher - may the force be with you always - hope.' the hollywood chamber of commerce plans to allow the makeshift star to stay here for a few days. meantime.some of fisher's old friends from 'star wars' are talking about her today. daniels thinks that fisher would be amused by the outpouring of emotion following her detah. he says she'd probably announce that some people are getting a 'little over-emotional.' vicki? >> stanley: >> vicki:keeping the force with us in the wake of her deathcarrie fisher's book has become a best seller. fisher's book " the princess diarist,"was on top of amazon's list of best-selling books today, just ahead of " zero sugar diet." the star wars legend's book made the greatest upward movement in sales over a 24-hour period. fisher had been hospitalized
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since friday, when paramedics responded to a report of a pateint in distress at los angeles airport. fisher's mom. debbie reynolds, was rushed to the hospital with a possible stroke just a few hours ago. p we will keep you up to date with reynold's status. the actress best known as princess leia.was 60 year's old. coming up in sports at 6-45, we'll tell you what advice jack del rio has given his new
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quarterback. also, an update on the health of derek carr. i had frequent heartburn,
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a rough 2016 year in celebrity deaths... with the most recent being carrie fisher. now... one south carolina man wants to make sure the beloved betty white isn't next. demetrios hrysikos started a go- fund-me page to pay for him to stand guard over the beloved 94- year-old "golden girls" actress. he wrote.. "if she's okay with it, i will fly to wherever betty white is and keep her safe 'til january 1st, 2017." over four-thousand dollars have been donated... surpassing the initial goal of $two-thousand dollars. he wrote if white does not want his protection, he will donate the money to a youth theater company in spartanburg. it was a turbulent year in the world of entertainment, including celebrity deaths, politics on broadway, and a nobel surprize. david daniel shows us the highs and lows in entertainment news during 2016. "look up here. i'm in heaven." the year began with the shocking death of david bowie. few had known the 69-year-old music pioneer was ill. and no one was prepared when prince died in april, of an accidental opioid overdose at age 57. actor anton yelchin was just 27 when he died in a freak accident, and we lost such beloved figures as gene wilder, alan rickman, garry shandling, and florence henderson.
5:44 pm
2016 also saw hollywood's most famous couple de-couple. after more than a decade together, "brangelina" broke up, as angelina jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. they're still negotiating custody of their six kids. another star couple had a star- crossed year: >> vicki: the men of charge offensive matt has not started a game since 2016 to combat what was released the media. we're joined with remarks. the starting quarterback he is media obligations says the media again lie some started in his rookie year and one in five as a first tranche. law has changed since then remaining confident >> gary: to news of this resurgence season. and and to any 14 they have been seen taking the majority cooktops priority and building history despite not single the top three years. and the tellus device
5:45 pm
that has been giving the quarterback and also update on the health of car. a live look at the golden gate bridge and see how much a market is with the complete broadcast at this hour. i did start and then click the puzzle we're worried about >> britteny: new year is heading in and. we're watching all the
5:46 pm
changes closer to the weekend with a slight chance of rain in the forecast cooler weather already starting to pick out your a bigger war jackets we definitely will need if you plan to be out in about as the years eve rosen. zero expect to make clear and cool conditions remain and ron sunshine high pressure still control more mild few spots heading into the '60s and then as we get closer to a week and closer who see rain saturday sunday and monday. i miss your from the east basildon berkeley temperatures mild for few spots mid-50s 55 in concord and 63 in santa rosa not a bad evening in the cell later shown clear conditions right now with again not a picture show you this is what is planned to take closer
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to our region into friday. this is what it looks like to the south of us. and then we could see little bit to the north bringing rain in parts of itself isn't saturday sunday and monday. and then cooler air. both during the cooler weather sear on saturday it countdown to the new year you notice light rainfall moving in the morning. and on the system moves through hiding in to the rest of tonight antioch 31 livermore 42 and then has from the region tomorrow back to high fifties for saturday francisco and 50
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degrees in san mateo 53 in redwood city 54 in santa rosa and then 68 and high tomorrow for 57 and stock. 50 in san ramon and then 52 oakland temperatures and san jose in the fifties. that is our forecast for you. and then as we go into the next few days we start changing of saturday cooler weather. >> reporter: will take more than a quick resolution to see the slowdown snorer has spiral "
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colo colo hollow of the tips that can help and then keep a daily food journal. drinks are big culprits like a call and soda. the body >>: does not process liquids like a salads it's very easy fix to watch what you we in order to lose 1 lb. by exercising near auburn 3,500 cals to lose a pound of fat you need to watch on calories he eat every day.
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>> grant: highs and lows in the entertainment world plan is allowing the form of the breaking news debbie reynolds carry fischer's mom said this evening after a reported stroke. a look back on 2016.
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>> reporter: and then 27 when he died in a freak accident and we lost bullish figures jim walter allen grant and florence henderson
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>> reporter: on the brighter side as a good year for hamilton broadway smash 111 awards. and present-day politics and storebrand and richard nixon right message for vice-president mike pence. >> reporter: that prompted calls for a boycott after the sold-out show had its best week ever.
5:55 pm
beyond say remain the queen won awards for her second visual album broke records with her formation to our and everywhere from the super bowl to the country music association awards. capriole for an oscar taking best actor from terrible condition the revenue. disney to buy three of stock fell. by bill a surprise for litter chatter as a laureate, he's supposed to give a lecture there within six months. we'll see whether he changes his tune in 2017. in hollywood, i'm david daniel.
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that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six.
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there is perception and there is reality. it has no doubt been a
5:58 pm
tumultuous year for the oakland police department. but you may be surprised with what is happening on the streets and violent crime. good evening i'm steve aveson. and i'm catherine heenan. pam is off tonight. >> catherine:despite a year of scandal and a string of police chiefs, the city of oakland is seeing a reduction in violent crime. kron 4's dan kerman is live at police headquarters with more. dan there was a head-on d-u-i collision early this morning on southbound 280 in san jose. the c-h-p says the driver of a volkswagon golf was headed the wrong way.and smashed into a red chevy.
5:59 pm
you get an idea of the violent impact when you see what's left of the chevy. the woman who was driving was badly injured but is expected to survive. the driver of the volkswagen has been arrested.and charged with d-u-i. that person had less serious injuries. the c-h-p showed kron 4's will tran why they're not surprised that the chevy driver survived. a third car hit the volkswagen after the crash. the c-h-p says that person didn't suffer any serious injuries. the accident closed one or more lanes for a couple hours. all lanes were reopened around 5:40 am. the teenager who died in a christmas morning crash in san jose has now been identified. 14-year-old andrew nguyen was in the car with his parents when he was killed early christmas morning.
6:00 pm
25-year-old jessica zamora was driving on capitol expressway...when she drifted into oncoming traffic. police say she hit nguyen's car head-on. both zamora and nguyen were killed...while nguyen's parents are expected to be okay. investigators say zamora had been drinking before the crash. now to a big story we've been following this week: the two brothers accused of murdering 36-year-old tyrone griffin inside a hayward target store on christmas eve -- appeared in court today. both have been charged with murder. neither of them entered a plea today. >>:, she survived this crash and the other side and edessa from
6:01 pm
serious injuries. they did go for a couple of hours all lanes reopened at 5:40 a.m.. in san jose now identified at the scene 14 year-old andrew when was in the car with his parents when he was killed early christmas morning. at capitol expressway when oncoming traffic and the police say that's when she hit quinn's car head-on both parents are expected be ok. a 30 >> catherine: 60 tyrone griffon happened inside a
6:02 pm
hayward target store on christmas eve they were in court today. kron four's philippe djegal talked to the suspect's father, who shared his son's side of the story sot- "i talked to frankie last night, i was like oh,man just stay strong. he goes, oh no, everything, once they see the videos -- he goes everythings on video, so that's why i believe what they're saying." the father of 25-year-old jesse archuleta and 22-year-old frankie archuleta.
6:03 pm
says his son jesse admits to stabbing 36-year-old tyrone griffin on christmas eve. but mister archuleta, who wishes to remain private. says his son did so out of self defense. sot- "frankie walked off andthen when, took a couple of steps he hit the ground. he was struck with a bottle." we spoke with mister archuleta in oakland as he waited for his son's court appearance. mister arhchuleta didn't witness the incident. but based on his sons' accounts. says griffin hit frankie, seen here, on the head with a champagne bottle pulled from the store shelves, after griffin asked frankie to turn the loud music down on his phone. the two exchanged words, he says, then when frankie walked away. he says thats' when griffin hit him. jesse came to frankie's aid, and stabbed griffin, who did not survive. sot- "i'm very sorry and remorseful for that -- wish it never happened. you know, i wish my sons even though, you know, i don't know what to say but i really regret that and i send my remorse and sorrow to the family."
6:04 pm
the arhculeta brothers chose not to enter a plea during the arriagnment. both are charged with murder and are due back in court thursday. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> steve:a new twist tonight to another hayward homicide case. the alameda county sheriff's office says two more arrests have been made in what they are calling a murder for hire. 38-year-old adan katami of antioch was shot to death in his car back in july at meekland avenue and blossom way. two suspects were arrested as they tried to flee. it turns out both were from tennessee and investigators say they two had traveled to the bay
6:05 pm
area with the sole mission of killing katami. today the sheriff's office announced the arrests of 38- year-old wessley brown of berkeley and 37-year-old tikisha upshaw of san leandro. detectives say the two hired the tennessee duo to kill katami. they aren't disclosing a motive. the sheriff's office adds when they went to arrest upshaw. they found an elaborate marijuana growing operation at her home. burglars target an east bay motorcycle dealership but were unsuccessful in the process. investigators say 3-burglars used a stolen rental truck as a weapon during their escape. kron4's haaziq madyun shows us where it happened it happened around 3:30am here at east bay motorsports in hayward. that is where 3 med driving a stolen uhaul truck tried to gain entry to the business by breaking this window you see here. the owner told us off camera that the would-be- burglars tried breaking this window you see here and made a lot of noise in the process. someone staying at the motel
6:06 pm
next door heard the commotion, and called hayward police. investigators say the 3 men took of in a stolen -haul truck and intentionally rammed a police vehicle during the getaway. a police pursuit took place ending in west oakland where the driver of the uhaul was arrested.the other two men got away.hayward haaziq madyun kron4news return to index of stories... >> steve: and the earthquake centered under major city could've cost of $2 billion in damage. >> britteny: and now with a 20
6:07 pm
percent chance that is for sure colder than we need to take out of the national track and as we get closer to new year's eve. at the nice and clear and very cold night ahead for us show you what we are tracking a weather disturbance to south of us another system that drops down from the northwest bringing cooler air with the as we get into saturday it will be right over the weekend and to celebrations with a cool air moving in. 54 in san jose and 45 degrees in nevada. temperature change that shows 90 degrees and on view 684 in san rosa and this time in oakland so we see more mild temperatures today this
6:08 pm
will be true into tomorrow. the daily planner jumps quickly in the low '40's for clear skies and 10:00 a.m. high 40's close to the bay of coming up with a closer look is 74 cast was in use here in new year's eve forecast today. still no signs can tell you better plasmas arrived >> steve: but tonight we can tell you a a company from massachusetts called "menorah to go" heard about the theft and sent one to the rabbi from the north beach chabad house. it showed up on his doorstep this morning and he put it together. but for is going to stay at his home. he plans to bring it to the park on saturday for the eighth and final night of hanukkah. secretary of state john kerry is blasting israel for expanding its settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. in a farewell speech at the
6:09 pm
state department, he accused prime minister benjamin netanyahu of dragging israel 'away from democracy.' israel is still fuming over a u- n vot that demands an end to the settlements, which most countries consider illegal and the u.s. terms 'illegitimate.' >> catherine:netanyahu called kerry's speech 'skewed' and a 'disappointment.'. but kerry argues that a 2-state solution is the only hope for peace. israel is moving ahead with building hundreds of new homes. some 570-thousand israelis live in east jerusalem and the west bank. the palestinian president says he's ready to resume peace talks if the construction is halted. the start of the ski season is spoiled for many skiers at one lake tahoe resort after an overnight fire destroys a popular lodge another new law takes effect in california in the new year. it gives terminally ill patients a controversial new lease on life and donald trump will hit the ground running when it comes to the supreme court, the challenges and predictions of what might happen firefighters are investigating what caused a building at a popular ski resort to burst into
6:10 pm
flames on the west shore of lake tahoe. this was the scene at homewood ski resort lodge. which caught fire around 3 this morning. the building was vacant at the time. the slopes at the homewood ski resort will be closed. at least until tomorrow. fire crews say they managed to keep the fire isolated to a single building.but it was tough. as we prepare to usher in 2017. we are bringing you some of the new rules californians will have to liveby. but this next one. it is sure to stir debate within the medical community. it is called the "right-to-try" law. not to be confused with the "right to die." what is right-to-try? >> grant: 24 hours after the death of carry fisher we are alerting her mother debbie reynolds has also passed away the 84 year-old a hospitalized complaining of breathing problems i loss angeles home she was said to be planning a funeral today with her son the funeral for carry a the last 20 minutes hircine announced his mother has died.
6:11 pm
>> grant: >> pam: best known as princess leah and star wars died yesterday suffering a massive heart attack late last week. singer eddie fisher eddie fisher left reynolds for elizabeth taylor hollywood legends and debbie reynolds is dead tonight at the age of 84.
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>> catherine:it gives terminally ill patients in california the option of using experimental drugs that have not received full regulatory approval. the law also protects doctors from disciplinary action if they
6:15 pm
recommend an experimental drug should all other options be exhausted. republican lawmakers want to the move is a response to this sit-in last june... when democrats protested against republican a push to to schedule votes on gun control. in response... republicans shut- off coverage. democrats in turn used electronic devices to live- stream their protest.
6:16 pm
the nee proposal would impose a five-hundred-dollar fine for the but that. politics in 2016 was dominated of course. by the question of who would be the next president of the united states. and the current commander-in- chief made plenty of headlines of his own, with the agenda for his final year in the white house. >> steve:karin kay-fuh - with our partners at c-n-n - has more on the year in politics that might be best described as surreal. >> reporter:more than a dozen men and women began 20-16, in the race to succeed president obama. and with his finish line in sight -- president obama started the year, at a fat pace. starting with an issue that -- to his dismay -- has shaped his
6:17 pm
presidency. president obama:. charleston, san bernardino. p gun control, part of a busy first 3 months. and then the nuclear deal with iran. moves that ruffled republicans. and the first visit by a sitting u-s president to cuba in almost 90 years. but president obama couldn't anticipate everything -- president obama: justice antonin "nino" scalia was a larger-than-life presence on the bench. antonin scalia, the court's most vocal conservative, died in february, at age 79.
6:18 pm
in march, the president nominated merrick garland to fill the vacancy. just months from a presidential election, the republican senate majority, was determined to block it. sen. mitch mcconnell/-r- kentucky: "it is the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president." one consequence of an even- numbered court -- a 4-4, non- ruling in june, that effectively blocked president obama's executive orders on immigration. as the primary calendar wound down, so did the number of candidates -- donald trump: "today was the day where we hit the 1,237" hillary clinton: "we are all standing under a glass ceiling." the heated presidential campaign would pit a political insider versus a billionaire
6:19 pm
6:20 pm
outsider. hillary clinton: "friends don't plet friends vote for trump." donald trump: "she's the candidate of the past." ahead of their first debate in september. donald trump: "she's got experience, that i agree. but it's bad, bad experience." hillary clinton: "why won't he release his tax returns?" october, brought surprises. for donald trump -- a vulgar hot
6:21 pm
mic moment revealed. and multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, which he denied. for hillary clinton -- the f-b- i director's announcement that the agency was giving emails on the private server she used while secretary of state -- another look. >> britteny: 40 reason san francisco. and cabbages and 53 oakland. chiron fresno.
6:22 pm
everything stays to the south. everything just a little bit older rain in san jose. and it goes closely. assistance cannot
6:23 pm
be tomorrow's high in san jose 66 degrees with a closer look at a year 74 yes.
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fbi will be one agency represented.
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>> reporter: ventura a plea at various today. and the judge did not offer a bail. on thursday and then the jesse portulaca they tell us and which is that the deadly stabbing never happened.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: lemaire led be a shaft of eyes are on holidays. and but glad that crime is moving in that direction pop. >> reporter: we are tracking some breaking news at this hour hollywood legend that has a one day guy that cn and here stephanie with a look back at debbie reynolds a lustrous career. >> reporter: haulage both write america's sweetheart. her film career began at the age of 16 after being spotted a beauty pageant. star especially large a
6:32 pm
few years later after a spirited performance officer gene kelly in 1952 as senior the rain 1957 s, the bachelor resulted in her number one hit song tenney. he encouraged her aunt performance in the unthinkable malibran earned her an oscar nomination. but on screen at times rattles a life offscreen overshadowed her success. an actress author terry
6:33 pm
fisher. fisher left reynolds to marry her close friend taylor. els was able to joke about the scandal years later. each time causing reynolds' financial pain. should quietly collected memorabilia over the years that would prove a wise investment. and to those 11 she's told marron len merriment oil subway dress for $4.6 million. she also never quit performing. she stepped away from film and much of her career she continued entertain on broadway stages and lost vegas nightclubs. she loved
6:34 pm
every minute of show business and to those in 13 unthinkable. and personal resiliency. it is that spark sense of humor, what with her talent that reynolds will be remembered for. \ >> grant: referring to her daughter and now is refer late mother with care now. fremont short hours at the trailer.
6:35 pm
>> catherine: park district recent extended hours again for the staging area by the trail and set a closing at 6:00 p.m. and not close at 8:00 p.m.. it will close at 9:00 p.m.. >> britteny: little bit warmer tomorrow a few spots will push into the mid '60s.
6:36 pm
>> britteny: game week system and moved to south of us in the south of los angeles as the closer the friday we noticed a few changes at first district see more clouds developed throughout the day on friday we will watch the system pushed closer to those few scattered showers near monterey and it looks a column wister stays mainly to the south of our region. we're watching to see if it will bring us the showers friday and another system to approach from the north could bring a few showers heading into saturday night and into monday. 20 percent chance of rain can also notice called air moves and we drop temperatures and that most of next week.
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>> steve: and then to britain will be there. the fireworks in san francisco will be high lake. even if the weather's pour we take you inside and take a look.
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and then click here with family it goes outside tim z. has to go get the first shot. but now the ball seems to be fined zero
6:47 pm
going out to me and let week cleared up the misunderstanding. and that happens when you enter. and then the forty-niners possibly ruin seattle's playoff seeding. the niners the second worst team close using contingent for quite some time now. despite all that kept like plans to play the starters and not throw backups just for the sake of it. he says it would be fair to the first tremor in tears and this is not the first time to handle it gives.
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6:49 pm
>> gary: balance of getting in their positions to make plays cliff getting his opportunities. make a kid does. not to overreact to happen on christmas day. and yesterday they had the nba's less to men report. and he is not the only one to start that needs to go abroad and james needs test enter his sentiments. and that made a process. to overturn the results the nba is practically throwing the officials and the bus.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: replete has to superstars are again they had silver and black a progressive commissioner made changes to this. >> catherine: saved is a penny earned, notched the government is losing by making the 1¢ coin.
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>> britteny: we have zero lovely day, sunshine still warmer as we go into tomorrow and a few spots pushed into the mid '60s. places like santa rosa and san jose closer to san francisco. and temperatures start to drop as we get it close to year's weekend. saturday sunday daytime highs around 50 degrees overnight lows saturday and the high '30's will '40's. for us as we get into new year's eve
6:55 pm
special show with a bundle up.
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