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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 29, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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çáááaveriáááñ a shooting near an east bay hotel. çááásot fulláááñçááámarkáááñ [take: cont vo]çááácont voáááñ and another hollywood legend dies just a day after her daughter. we take a look at how people across the nation are mourning debbie reynolds. çáááannyáááñ and i'm tracking the weather across the bay area...
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hey, it's a little cold out there. temperatures are warming up nicely for the afternoon. if you got to work oif the holiday meal, i've got the cookies and chocolate to work off still. it's a great day to do it. get the kids and dogs out. it will be a nice afternoon. still cold. a live look at the bay bridge. sunny skies out there but look at these temperatures cold in santa rosa. 29 degrees for you. 35 in fairfield. con ford 36 with a wind chill makes it feels like around 30. 36 in livermore. 38 in san jose. along the bay shoreline low 50s in san francisco. 44 in oakland. that's where we're seeing moderate temperatures. for the rest of the day today, here's what it looks like. sunglasses and sunscreen will be needed as we expect sunny skies and by the afternoon
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around 3:00 temperatures in the 50s and 60s so yes, head outdoors if you can. temperatures warmer along the coast so places like santa cruise could potentially get close to 75 days today. it's the end of the december. we'll talk more showers about saturday and new year's forecast as well. here's robin tracking your holiday light traffic. >> good morning, for people heading to work now into san francisco, normally i would be talking about lots of heavy traffic coming out of oakland backed up into the maze. for now, it's smooth. no major problems in downtown san francisco. no major crashes or stalls so come on in, it's only nine minutes to fremont street. right now a great ride into the north bay. expect a quick eight-minute trip out to 101. i'll check the san mateo bridge
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and more drive times out of the east bay. more on our top story the morning, a gun fight at an east bay parking lot. >> police are still looking for the shooter. avery is live, tell us what happened. >> reporter: just moments ago i went to the hyatt place hotel and talks to one of the managers inside. she said they can't comment on the shooting. no word if there's heightened security measures at the hotel this morning. police here in emoriville are looking for the people responsible for the gun fight inside the parking lot. take a look at photos when the scene was still active when police were in the area combing for evidence. it happened at 9:00 at night. this is just as the mall across the street was clo closing. the pictures appear to have been taken from the apartments above the shopping cent and across the street. there were two cars, involved a
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black hatch back and a light colored sedan that exchanged gun fire around 9:00. police say there were at least 15 rounds of gun fire. it's a scary thought for people in this area where there's lots of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. police say that the cars left the hotel in opposite directions after the shooting. police say they found shell casings and shattered glass left behind after the shooting but they haven't been able to locate the cars or the people who are involved in this shooting. come k back to us live in emoriville, they're going through security footage from the mall and hotel across the street to lead them to the people involved. those shooters are still on the loose. i'll be here throughout the morning with more updates. back to you nd studio. 7:04, happening now a man is behind bars after police say he sexually assaulted an elderly woman and tried to rob her. it happened around 9:00 in the
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morning on tuesday. the 08-year old woman was heading home from a walk and a man attacked her and tried to grab her purse and he sexually molested her. she didn't let go of the purse. she took off and later the police found him on walnut creek near oak grove road and tree boulevard and arrested him. new information about what happened inside a hayward target store when a father of four was stabbed to death. the two brothers accused of kill killing him were arraigned in court yesterday. the father of the 22-year old and 25-year old speaking out. he says his sons were provoked in the attack that started after griffin apparently asked them to turn down their music. after they exchanged words griffin threw a champagne bottle at them. >> so you're saying they were provoked. >> that's what both of them
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have told me. they have been separateded and their stories go together. my son is shattered and may have to have surgery he had an knife on him and acting in self defense. he believes surveillance video will back up the story. they are being held without bail and due back in court today. it's 7:06 and happening today an autopsy is set for an 18-year old who died from a gunshot wound in the east bay. they were shot in the 22 00- block in the bay point area. the man was taken to the hospital where he died. the shooting appears to have been accidental. happening on the east bay, police looking for two men who broke into a home in fremont near the intersection of pa dra parkway and durham drive yesterday afternoon. the homeowners returned home after the break -in and it had
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jus begin. there was a brief police chase but the men got away. the homeowners were not injured. happening today, a popular family ski resort in tahoe is set to reopen after a fire in a building on their appropriate. the homewood ski resort south lodge caught fire. they stayed on scene until early in the morning because they wanted to make sure there were no hot spots. the fire broke out in an administrative building and they want to make sure that there were no flare ups. >> we brought an excavator to the site and a allowed us to pull materials back from the structure and what that did is opened up pockets of heat that will actually flare up as you pull the material back and that's why it's so important
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that we do salvage to find the hidden fire. >> crews stayed there throughout the night to make sure there were no flare ups and still working to determine the cause of the fire. these small family resorts were closed for skiing yesterday but supposed to reopen at 9:00 this morning. that's good for a lot of people who like to go to homewood for the holidays. what a lovely morning. good morning,. >> good morning. >> we have talked the whole night throw. threw. >> good morning, to you. >> legendary act tres debbie reynolds passed away. she gamed fame when she gained fame in the production" "singing "rain". >> isn't that just -- you hear about couples dying within a day and the mother felt that
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way about her daughter, carrie fisher she said "i want to be with carrie". >> that's what she told her son right before she died. let's take a look back at her career. hollywood triple threat and 0 sfrjts i thinker, dancer, actress, debbie reynolds was a hollywood triple threat and america's sweetheart. her film career began at the age of 16 after being spotted in a beauty pageant. her star officially launched a few years later after a spirited performance opposite jen kelly and donald o'connor in 1952's "singing in the rain". >> they picked me and locked me in a studio and for three months i had five different teachers one for ballet and tap and i just worked until i fell apart. >> other notable roles including 1957 tammy and the bachelor resulting in her
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number one hit song "tammy". she played in the unsinkable molly brown earned her a oscar nomination. beloved on screen at times, reynold's life off screen overshadowed her success. she had two children with her first husband. in 1959 the marriage ended in a highly publicized divorce when she left to mary her close friend elizabeth taylor. >> i was a simple girl and he till is madly in love with elizabeth. now i understand so many years later and it's in the past. >> her second and third marriages also ended in divorce each time causing reynold's financial pain. she had quietly been collected
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hollywood memorabilia over the years that would prove a wise investment. she sold marilyn's monroe's dress for $4.6 million at uks auction. she never quit performing. though she stepped away from film, reynolds continue to entertain on broadway stages and in las vegas nightclubs. in addition, reynolds had several tv roles over the years notably playing the mother in the 2013 tv movie "behind the candle abra" in 2015 the screen actor's guild honored her with the lifetime achievement award. she loved every minute she spent in show business in her 2013 auto biography "unsinkable". >> it's the spark and sense of
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humor along with her talent that she will be remembered for. >> i love you, good night everybody. thank you. . this morning fans around the world and here in the bay area are reacting to her death. >> i knew she was a legend but seeing these stories about her, you're like oh my gosh i remember that. she's an icon bigger than you can say her daughter. people took to social media right away. i learned it on facebook and then we ran out and got reactions from people in san francisco. here's what they say about debbie reynolds. >> i loved debbie reynolds. i followed her more than carrie fisher i think. but just knowing that they're both related and probably the devastating news that her daughter died maybe that had something to do with it. i don't know it's just heartbreaking really. >> well, i liked will and grace
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and singing in the rain. >> elvis and debbie in the movie -- they were like the greatest couple ever. >> so we are starting to learn, at least i'm learning, she was in fact hollywood royalty. she was one half of brad and act act act na -- --. >> she would be more like jennifer aniston and elizabeth taylor would be like angelina jolie. >> she was 84 years old. that doesn't seem so old. >> there's a great movie called "postcards from the edge" and shirley mc clan plays debbie reynolds. >> you see a spike in rentals
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from movies and songs. then you want to devourer and get to know them again. in death you get to know them more which is sad. >> at least now she's with her daughter. they were almost inseparable. a rampage on stage through speakers and microphones into the crowd. what prompted this outburst. a body found in a homeless encampment in the south bay, why neighbors say it's time for the encampment to go.
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taking a look at the weather. things are looking up. we have the sun. >> it's going to be a great afternoon. 60s and close to 70s. >> great. >> tracking chilly spots out there. sfo, sunny skies. great news for the bay area airports. no delays at oakland and san jose so great news this morning. ay. a weak weather system moving in from the southwest may 0 it's been nice on the east coast. our cold spot is up in montana. seven degrees and our warmer spot, miami looks nice at 78 right now and warming up into the 80s in the next couple hours. los angeles right now 59 degrees. for the rest of the bay area,
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we're still tracking cold conditions. santa rosa still in the upper 20s. in fact, you have cooled down another degree. 35 in fairfield. mid 30s in con ford. 36 in livermore. check out along san francisco and the coast we're in the low to mid 50s so seeing more moderate temperatures. highs for today, a really nice mild afternoon and enjoy it and get outdoors if you can. 65 is the high in san jose. low 60s in oakland. also mid 60s in santa rosa. if you have family in town, go to wine country, nice day for you. low 60s in napa and santa cruise, highs there pushing close to 70 degrees. we have dry conditions in store for us today. lots of sunshine and la looks great. we see changes coming this way starting tomorrow. high clouds roll in. we're watching a storm system impacting los angeles and southern california tomorrow.
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but it may bring a sprinkle or two in the south bay tomorrow. most of that rain is well off to the east. tracking another chance for light shower activity potentially early saturday morning for the los angeles area. so we'll keep the chance of showers in for us on saturday as well heading into new year's eve. new year's eve now is trending to be dry. if that changes, we'll let you know. new year's day looks to be dry and cooler and on monday tracking another chance for showers. here's a quick check at what's happening for the next seven days. storm tracker seven-day around the bay forecast, get outside, it's nice today. lots of sunshine and mild tomorrow fairly nice and temperatures staying on the mild side as well. chance of showers mainly to the south and then on saturday, maybe a shower or two otherwise expecting dry but chilly conditions new year's eve into new year's day. here's a check of your traffic now. how is it looking? >> looking good.
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keeping an eye on the san mateo bridge. traffic west of the toll plaza on the right heading to the peninsula and so far looking good. quiet for the ride on the nimitz through hayward and union city. when you connect here on to westbound 92, it's only 19 minutes from 880 out to highway 101. into san francisco, a live look at your approach here, wide open at the limit here coming out of oakland into downtown san francisco. nine minutes for the drive time and i haven't found trouble spots. your ride across the golden gate, 20 minutes from highway 37 to the toll plaza on the san francisco side. still in very good shape. take a look at drive times. if you haver rands to run, no major problems for 680 south. a great ride for now leaving concord, alamo and danville, the nimitz looks good and no problems from 238.
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17 minor crowding for the northbound ride. if you have to leave the mountains and head north, the drive time only ten minutes. we have an update on the menorah that was stolen from a san francisco park. it wasn't found but there will be a new one there thanks to a donation from a man on the east coast. it was taken from washington square park on christmas morning, the first night of hanukkah and mitch who lives in massachusetts makes menorahs and heard what happened here so he decided to send a new menorah to the rabbi who put that up in the park. it will make its debut on saturday night in time for theened of hanukkah. a body found inside a homeless encampment in san jose. people in the neighborhood are demanding answers. the cause of death is unknown at this time. there was a man in a tent with the body.
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he was taken to the hospital. this isn't the first time a body has been found here. in september police found a man there who was stabbed multiple times. neighbors are fed up with the encampment. >> a lot of drugs and prostitution. i've seen children live in the back too, like 10 and 11 years old. >> every two weeks they have the fire out. what if we are not home and cannot take care of our house? >> the chp says there are efforts to relocate people from the homeless camps to safer areas. estimates put the population somewhere between 20-50 people. 7:21 now. happening now, a popular bay area restaurant closes its doors with no notice. pa sta pompadoro all 15 locations shut down. employees found out through a text message on monday. the company ceased operations
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and all employees are unpaid now. they were told that they would get their final paychecks by tomorrow. one went over to the restaurant looking for answers and instead he found locked doors and closed signs. >> it's like the worst timing for it to close. right after christmas. everybody is cashed out for presents. we were just expecting to come back to work after christmas. >> it was founded in san francisco in 1994 but in 2012 the original owners of the restaurant sold it to a private equity firm. we tried to contact the firm but got no response and there's no mention on the website or twitter or facebook pages. u.s. senators say russia should be sanctioned for election hacks. they are visiting eastern european allies to discuss security issues after accusations of russia hacking the u.s. election. they are having discussions how
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to ensure they take action before donald trump takes office. republican and democratic senators say it's important to sanction russia to send a clear message there's a lot of biparson support in congress for going after such acts. russian officials have denied any accusation !>tuthat their government influenced the election to help donald trump win. we're learning more about the woman who survived a 26- mile hike in the snow after her family's car was stuck on the way to the grand canyon. she was on her way to the north rim with her husband and son. she decided to hike out and find help after their car became stuck on the road. she survived by eating twigs and snow and having a desire to rescue her husband and son. her husband went 12 miles in the opposite direction the next day. they found the 47-year old mother curled up in a cabin on
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christmas eve. . new this morning, police say singer tray songz has been arrested from throwing microphone and speakers from the stage in detroit. he was arrested last night after the show. he became upset after he was told that he had to end the concert and leave the stage. a police sergeant was also hit in the head by an object thrown from the stage. he faces many charges now in relation to what happened there at the show. . a man accomplishes something we all wish we could do while driving to work. how he hit hundreds of green lights in a row. oh, you just go through the red ones. plus a girl uses a clever trick to get into her mom's iphone. hundreds of dollars worth of toys -- we'll tell you the
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tricks coming up. san mateo bridge, light traffic on this thursday. here's something that
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would make your commute easier... an uber driver in new york has an epic green- light streak. an uber driver in new york says he hit 240 green lights in a row. >> if you can kint that high and remember. >> this is video as he achieved the feat.
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he started in harlem and ended on the lower east side. the second time he's attempted catching consecutive lights. if you do the speed limit and know how the lights go. >> in the middle of the night they change the lights to cycle that way. >> two years ago he hit 186. >> what bugs me in the middle of the night a lot of lights are still on time out and you're sitting there for no reason. >> york seems better than san francisco in that regard. a six year old figured out a to buy toys for herself. >> this little girl used her mom's phone to -- she took it while she was asleep and buys this stuff on amazon. click with one buy. >> the mother actually thought she was hacked when she received 13 order confirmations for pokemon items for 250 dollars. she told her parents she was
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just shopping. -- -- 250 dollars. dollars. >> a little too smart. >> she will be our next world leader. here's a live look at san francisco. chilly out there but a nice mild afternoon. we'll break down the temperatures for you when we return. a home invasion. shots fired, i'll have details coming up a few minutes from now.
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. take ag look at weather and traffic. >> all is clear and looking good. i had crashes but they're gob now. >> warmer today?
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? temperatures feeling warm on the coast where we'll see forecast highs get up to the upper 60s. close to 70s. that's like san diego weather. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. a beautiful start to the day. chilly for our friends in the north bay and also the east bay. still tracking temps in the 30s for concord and livermore. 35 in fairfield. upper 30s in san jose. chilly for you as wl. it's going to be a nice day this afternoon. 51 in san francisco. milder readings still cold in santa rosa at 29 degrees. quick check of our satellite and radar picture, dry and sun sympathy, gorgeous day today. temperatures will be mild and then we're tracking a little chance for a shower mainly because of a system that will mostly impact the southern california area tomorrow. overall, should be a fairly dry next couple of days. today chilly start, sunny and mild for the afternoon. tomorrow we're looking for a chance of showers mainly in the
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south and then for new year's weekend and new year's eve looks to be on the dry side. chilly so definitely bundle up and it should be dry for new year's day. still tracking storms trying to bring some showers to the bay area. if this changes over the new year's weekend we'll be sure to let you know. here's a look at traffic now with robin. good morning. >> good morning, minor issues popping up but clearing quickly. crashes and stalls out there but nothing causing major delays. a bit of a back up here at the bridge. a little crowded there in the cash lanes but overall looking good. not a bad ride. seven minutes from the tolls to the 101. the bay bridge nice and live for east commuters heading to san francisco. nine minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont. east bay drive times, there's traffic out there. we'll update highway 4 and 680
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and the nimitz coming up. breaking news from overnight, two people shot in a violent home invasion in san jose. >> no descriptions of the gunmen but i can tell you the two men shot inside the home were rushed to the hospital and fortunately not life threatening and should survive. this happened at around 10:00 last night on the 1100-block of peach court. that is when police say two men barged into a home, got into an argument with two other men in the home and shots were fired. the two men inside the home were shot and then the two men fled the scene. so far in descriptions as i mentioned of the shooters if they took off on foot or hopped in a car. police still working with the two victims to see a possible motive in this case. it does appear on the surface this was the home invasion robbery that went bad. back to you. breaking news from
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overnight shths a car slams into a car dealership. take a look at what happened here. pictures from the scene courtesy of the police department. this was around 2:00 in the morning today at the ford dealership. the car slammed into several parked cars and the coma fire department treated the driver and one passenger and the driver was arrested for dui. investi a new twist in a homicide investigation in hayward. investigators are calling a murder for hire and two more people have been arrested. a man shot and killed in his car in meek land and blossom way. two people were arrested after the shooting. it turns out they were from tennessee. they traveled to the bay area with the sole mission of killing him. two more arrests have been made. wesley brown in berkeley and a 37-year old of san lee an droe. they hired the murders from ten
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tennessee to commit the murder. police have yet to release the motif. despite a year of scandals and resolving police chiefs, the city of oakland has seen a decrease in violent crimes. >> we told you about this yesterday. we take a closer look at the numbers and explain why city officials say there's a long way to go. >> reporter: 2016 was a year for scandal for oakland police and a revolving door of police chiefs. violent crimes and property crimes are down despite all that. >> any time we see a reduction in crime is encouraging. we still recognize there's a lot of work to be done. >> oakland police say comparing this year to last through christmas day, oakland has seen slight drops in homicides, assaults and shootings and significant drops in residential burglaries. but city officials say while a step in the right direction it's still a far cry from where the city needs to be. >> we have moved in' better
7:35 am
direction. we're far away from rejoicing or celebrating anything. when it comes to east oakland, we're still being challenged tremendously. >> still this decline in crime police say is due to several factors. >> greater analysis of where and how crime is happening and refocusing resources based on the information. the cease fire program giving known criminals a way out and finally a better working relationship with the public. >> we continue to build our trust with our community. that's paramount. we have seen cases solved and closures to family because we have our community engaging and helping us to solve crimes. we have to have those community relationships. that is key. >> oakland mayor is out of town for the holidays but i spoke with her by phone. she's pleased crime trends are moving in the right direction but says this city has a long way to go and she's committed to reducing crime even more.
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at police headquarters in oakland, kron4 news. new details in the case of a pawnshop owner. vallejo releasing descriptions of the two shooters described as men between the ages of 18- 30 with light complexions and one 6 feet tall with a thin build. a 49 year old timothy polt was shot last tuesday. a store employee was seriously injured and a dog was killed in the shooting. time now 7:36. burglars target an east bay motorcycle dealership but they were caught in the act. police interrupted them at 3:00 in the morning. the managers say the burglars tried to get through a window but a person say staying in a motel heard the commotion and called the cops. they ended the pursuit in west
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oakland where the driver was arrested but two other men still on the loose. new this morning, donald trump is planning to bring 8,000 jobs to the u.s. the billionaire promised to create 50,000 jobs after meeting with the president-elect earlier this month. he's the founder of soft bank and one of japan's largest technology outfits and owns sprint which trump says will be moving 5,000 jobs back to the u.s. he also controls one west which trump says will hire 3,000 workers. covering california as we prepare for the new year, we're bringing you new laws going into effect. on january 1st there's a right to try law that takes effect that gives terminally ill patients the option of using experimental drugs that have not received full regulatory approval and protects doctors from disciplinary action if they recommend an experimental
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drug once all other options are exhausted. coming up, we're recapping the top stories of 2016. we'll take a look at what made headlines in sports. after the break, we'll tell you the right way to pop a bottle of champagne as you get ready for new year's eve. >> more about the goggles. here's a look outside on this chilly thursday morning. traffic moving smoothly. look at the wind moving offshore. that's why the beaches are warming up today.
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çááárobináááñ spots your ride on 80 west still looking good. if you need to get into san francisco for a hot spot, it's a quick 9 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street. as we get near the new year, three days away, how do you pop a bottle of champagne? got to be prepared for that. >> the saber. >> there are different options. you could wear goggles. >> here's tips from experts. they say to always use a napkin over it for better grip and the towel catches the cork. >> do you do that? i do this. >> oh, never take off the wire cage before you're ready.
7:42 am
i'm afraid it will blow but it won't. >> hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle upwards. >> okay that's what i thought and then serve your champagne in a wine glass. they actually say it's better than a fluke. >> if you remember in the 50s, the champagne glasses used to be big and round shg more like martini glasses. >> so it gives it more air. >> there are your tips. . >> you can catch it here at 11:15 on saturday night, the only live local knew year's show. >> i one time did a saber but outside because i was afraid. it came off clean. who leaves a saber laying around? >> i did. >> of course.
7:43 am
mark has a sab lying around. why are we not surprised? good morning, here's a leave look at the bay bridge. a chilly but sunny start. mild tempts on the way. we'll break down your new year's eve forecast when kron4 news continues after these messages. -- -- temps. çáááliveáááñ and taking a
7:44 am
7:45 am
look at conditions in 7:45. i'm getting excited because i'm going to tahoe hopefully we will get more snow yes, a chance on new year's eve and monday. a colder storm late around monday or tuesday. >> okay look at that sunshining. we want it cold. . >> 17 in south lake. >> it's making me feel cold. >> yeah. so you will probably get more snow but not a huge system where we get winter warnings quite yet. >> we had rain there a few
7:46 am
weeks ago. >> yeah. right now let's enjoy the great weather. good weather to talk about here in the bay area. sunny skies out there. it's a cold start for parts of the bay. we have been talking about santa rosa, concord and the delta has been cold. temperatures sub freezing but as you can see across the bay whether you're on the spens la at the golden gate bridge or south bay or in the east bay, you can see the blue skies. right now still holding on to the upper 20s in santa rosa. mid 30s in livermore. 38 in san jose. oakland, good morning, in the 40s so not as chilly. a lot of people have been reporting it feels milder out there when they're stepping out the door. high temps for today, this is nice looking forecast for the end of december. 60s and 50s for concord. san jose, 65.
7:47 am
mid 60s for santa rosa after a cold start for you. sand cruz in the upper 60s today. a great day to be out there. future cast friday morning holding on to dry conditions. see the green south of us? this is what could potentially bring us a sprinkle or two tomorrow mainly south of our area. then by friday afternoon looks like it's going to impact los angeles and into san diego. looks like it's a wet one for much of southern california. not just friday but also potentially for new year's eve as well. if you have travel plans and you're spending the holiday in southern california, watch for that. the bay area, it will mean we have a chance for a shower or two but mainly expecting dry conditions for new year's eve and into new year's day. if that changes, we'll let you know. the next system brings us more showers on monday. here's a quick check of our storm tracker seven-day.
7:48 am
enjoy today and get outdoors. make sure the kids get out because it's really nice and very mild. friday temperature wise also mild. again, a chance for a shower south and then slight chabs for shower saturday mainly for the morning and then cooling things down by sunday on new year's day. highs topping out in the lower 50s verses 60s like today. here's a quick check on traffic. if you have somewhere to be, no rush. take your time. looking good in the bay area. minor issues on the roads. nothing that really clogged up traffics. no hot spots or traffic alert. your ride here to the bridge, picking up yes but major slow downs no. a great ride into the north bay. eight minutes from the tolls to 101. what about the bay brinl commute? one fender bender that was cleared. your ride out of oakland looks great.
7:49 am
880 north and 580 west looking good heading towards the maze and into an fran. your ride across the golden gate, a breeze. two lanes north and five lanes south. 20 minutes there for south 101 from highway 37 across the golden gate and over to the toll plaza. city streets fairly quiet as well. take a look at drive times. you're looking good on west four. south 6801 overturn on the agreed early this morning at the var gus onramp to south 680. 16 minutes from dublin interchange. nimitz freeway, hot spot free and morgan hill still a nice ride. back to the desk. as we get closer to 2017, taking a look back at top stories of 2016. >> it was a banner year from chicago for the cubs and colin
7:50 am
kaepernick started a national conversation when he knelt for the national anthem. >> a lock at this year in sport sports. sports. >> reporter: the cubs win. for long suffering chicago fans, it was the party of the century. the cubs beat cleveland to win the world series for the first time since 1908. finally, ending the longest draught in baseball. >> i'm covered with beers and tears and i just can't believe that this has happened. >> cleveland celebrated in 2016 as well. when superstar de-lebron james brought the nab championship to his home state. >> my one mission was to bring the championship back to ohio. look up there. >> it was the first major sports title for the city since 1964. peyton manning went out on top considered one of the best quarterbacks of all-time,
7:51 am
number 18 retired after leaving the broncos to a super bowl win. >> it's a unique thing to be part of nfl history. >> san francisco 49er colin kaepernick became a national lightning rod for what he did on the sidelines refusing to stand for the national anthem saying he didn't want to "show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.". >> the rams return to the west coast. and fans chose sides. >> they never should have left. they belong to los angeles. >> we have given them all we have. if they don't want it, then move on. >> the rio olympics saw record highs and record lows. michael phelps the most decorated olympian of all-time pushed his medal to 28. jamaican sprinter usain bolt sailed through the 100, 200 and 4 by 100 relay for the third
7:52 am
time. teenager sensation simone biels won a stunning four gold medals in gymnastics helping her team take home a record breaking nine medals. in a bizarre twist, ryan lochte made headlines after he competed claiming he and three other swimmers were robbed at gun point at a rio gas station. police say there was no robbery though the swimmers were confronted after they vandalized a bathroom. ryan lochte later admitted to exaggerating the story and charged with falsely reporting a crime. let's talk about the warriors bouncing back from the heart breaker on christmas day against the calves. >> yes, this was better. the warriors taking on the raptors. by making 9 of their first 10 shots and jumping out to an 18 point lead. but toronto would come back and pull within 5. the warriors would eventually close it out an the warriors would close them out. 121-111. curry and thompson scoring 20
7:53 am
points. the warriors play tomorrow night at oracle at 7:30. taking a look at temperatures. that's the big story. the cold snap continues around the bay. highs climbing a little warmer today but right now a cold one, especially inland at 29 in santa rosa. 38 in san jose and 26 degrees in livermore. warmer around the bay at 44 in oakland and 50 in san francisco. if you have one to many
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
this if you have one too many drinks this weekend, aaa is offering free rides on new year's eve to prevent drunk drooiing. the program offers free one way rides for drivers and cars up to ten miles away from your house. passengers are welcome if there's room in the tow truck. anybody can call the aaa access line running from 6:00 saturday until 6:00 a.m. sunday and it's available to everybody. so this is a great way if you don't have that much money and if you had too much to drink and you don't want to get uber, you can do this, it's free. several agencies are offering free rides too. you can do cal train, muni and ac transit. free service begins at 8:00 p.m. saturday night. several buses running until
7:57 am
5:00 a.m. on sunday. bart is going to be charging you but they have extended train service until 3:00 a.m. on sunday. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, a shooting in the east bay, this morning police still looking for the gunmen. more on what happened here. a hollywood legend debbie reynolds dies one day after her daughter. we'll hear from around the bay area and how they are remembering her this morning. looks like it may be warmer near the beaches. more on your neighborhood forecast into new year's ahead.
7:58 am
7:59 am
a shooting near an east bay hotel. i will have the details in a live report. çáááwill at landingáááñ and another hollywood legend dies just a day after her daughter. we take a look at how people across the nation are mourning debbie reynolds. çáááannyáááñ and i'm tracking the weather across the bay area...
8:00 am
çááádaryaáááñ çááámarkáááñ ((toss to wx or trx)) .dry and mild conditions will continue through thursday. a weak weather system moving in from the southwest may bring light precipitation to the far southern portion of our area on friday. the first of two cold weather systems will then drop in from the north
8:01 am
friday night and saturday with the second to follow by monday. much cooler temperatures a >>robin winston: fizzling did come out of oakland of the problems over to the richmond san rafael bridge does this is the commute is just a little bit of a backup.
8:02 am
>>reporter: 15 rounds of
8:03 am
gunfire in the meantime they're asking anyone with any information to give them a call. >>mark: she passed away just one day after her daughter.
8:04 am
>>reporter: she was a hollywood triple threat and america's sweetheart per film career began at the age of 16 after being spotted in a beauty pageant hearst are officially launches the few years later after a performance producer and actor
8:05 am
and all or a ended and highly publicized divorce a painful but trail she was able to joke about the scandal.
8:06 am
8:07 am
>>will tran: there were talking to each other about debbie reynolds we went out to san francisco and reaction wyatt her
8:08 am
brother does not file a lawsuit.
8:09 am
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fortified.tored. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. çááámarkáááñ the new year >>mark: according to a new study will
8:12 am
>>anny hong: to the loss of sunshine will break down the high for you today and also take a look how lawyers even shaping up.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
a popular ski >>mark: it will reopen today after a fire ripped through building to present a home would amount to resort got a close look at the damage is a devastating scene at the home would mountain residents and visitors have been an hour this area all day to get a glimpse of what is left of the populace out large. >>reporter: a peaceful setting a ski lodge nestled like tall was shore turned to rubble shift in the home what amount was or was flooded by firefighters instead of skiers for a fire at a resort
8:16 am
just after 3:00 a.m. to down the south lot no one was injured the fire did not spread to the nearby our homes in the area off the south lot is one of two lodges at the resort there was a restaurant and size is also awaiting the new they could not say if future events were planned and how those could be affected by the fire if it is a tough scene for visitors and residents investigator looking into the call the fire
8:17 am
investigators swim through the ashes behove if ever resort rebuild soon. >>darya: manhattanites no pretty good baseball monmouth. >>anny hong: heavenly is a live
8:18 am
look we want to see more snow the far west you go that is where we're seeing some of the milder readings and today's the day you want to get outdoors if you can it's a really nice looking afternoon satellite
8:19 am
radar picture shows us will have a dry conditions for most of tomorrow as well it will be cooler for the bay area we are still holding on to what conditions lost angeles and san diego.
8:20 am
>>anny hong: same bill for saturday in july for new year's day we will keep you posted if that changes. >>robin winston: a quick nine minutes for your trip over to the fremont street accent we spotted some-slowing.
8:21 am
>>robin winston: passing the coliseum looks good only 12 minutes from 238 to 980 if you're riding are during the holiday they're operating on a modified schedule the have all trains on time but on the pittsburgh bay. line there will be running and pretend to 15 minutes. >>mark: deadly shooting and haywood may have been a murder for hire to we have details about the suspected gunman 2017 is shaping up to be a big year in consumer technology.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
big year in consumer technology
8:25 am
when they released the next phone and is the 10th anniversary of the device. >>gabe slate: is suspected to be a big upgrade a super high old melody form factor and skin technology for security i use that in the phone and it was great i think it or place the fingerprint on locking system soon after i tried it went away samsung will want to come out biggest consulting with their necks of foam the galaxy as a spirit to have to dazzle consumers to gain back the good name their brand is to have that extra pressure to innovate and excite us is going to lead to an oppressive to devise voice control will be big in 2017 that
8:26 am
answer your questions and play your music by vocal command you will likely walk in on a friend or family member this upcoming year wearing a funny looking ahead san. >>gabe slate: they all have their headsets now on the market thousand developers are working hard on creating content to be released that will get you to shop on one of these devices.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
çááádaryaáááñ [take: on cam]çáááon camáááñ toss to weather or traffic >>anny hong: allow the sun shine less to live look at the golden gate bridge it was chilly in some spots where still holding on to some cold conditions we do see some more mild weather trying to make its way into the
8:30 am
bay area a chilly start will be sunny and mild. >>robin winston: 7 minutes from the tall over to 101 an ice like a mule into san francisco quick nine minutes from the bottom of the maze into fremont street a
8:31 am
car slammed into a car dealership in call more. >>will tran: 1 person in jail after the collision took place about six and half hours ago cahow the person who behind the wheel or rested the san mateo
8:32 am
county jail this morning. >>mark: the 36 your was killed inside retarded stabbed to death as his young son was by his side here is what they have to say after that. >>: of very loving person. >>mark: the two men accused his
8:33 am
brother or cold or rain in alameda county superior court their father is speaking now he says his version of what happened is way different than what the of the family says. >>phillipe djegal: you're listening to some of the father of the suspects the two brothers arrested on suspicion of murdering the 36 year-old we spoke with him at the courthouse the old when he does not want to share his face or name but he feels obligated to come to the son's defense on the vital
8:34 am
christmas eve he says his son said the incident inside the target store in hayward have been like this they were inside when they alleged griffin had some to turn down the music playing on his phone he says griffin and his boys exchange words and when he pictured here walk away he says his son's alleged griffin hit him in the head with a champagne bottle cork from a shelf he says they came to his brother's aid admitting his son had a knife and stabbed him who later died of. >>phillipe djegal: his son had the ball self defense and police surveillance video will vindicate all of them the
8:35 am
brothers remain in custody and both are due back in court thursday night there into play during their arraignment in bell is off the table. >>mark: to investigate is recalling a murder for hire two more arrests have been made the victim of antioch was shot to death in his car and this again is a travel to the bay area with the sole mission of killing the victim to more arrests have been made detective save they hired the tennessee do well to commit a murder that try to bring to a
8:36 am
window but someone was staying in a motel heard the commotion and called the cops. >>darya: they led police on pursued but ended in west oakland.
8:37 am
>>darya: an update on the menorah it still has not been found there will be a new one thanks to a man on the east coast replacing the giant menorah 100, 6 ft. menorah that was taken on christmas morning he lives in massachusetts mex menorahs he heard about what happened and he decided he's going to make one to send it to the rabbi the brand new menorah will make his debut on saturday night just in time for the end of hanukkah.
8:38 am
restaurant chain suddenly goes dark... we'll hear from employees of pasta pomodoro about how they were left out in the cold.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
no major hot spots >>robin winston: no big problems for you coming out of oakland the mayses clear 580 the number 24 east shore a quick nine minutes from the foot of the mayors of a to fremont street hot spot free of the drive times >>charles clifford: normally on a night like this in san bruno and the other from the bay area will be full of people having
8:42 am
dinner but tonight there all closed their hundreds of people lost their jobs the management inform the employees be a text message bases operation all 15 locations around the bay area suffer the same fate putting hundreds of people out of work
8:43 am
during the holidays we tried to contact the management as of late when said no one had respondent we tried to visit adds was listed on the web site what turned out to be a post office box he is disappointed by losing a good job he is trying to not to let him get down. >>charles clifford: as of wednesday there been no mention of the shut down to tell the sea are the line to the job interviews still ahead more weather and traffic is wending.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>anny hong: you to see plenty of sunshine all across the bay area ease the bay in pleasanton for our south difference in san jose thirties and forties out there you can still see chilly conditions it is one to feel pretty mild the future past four shows as dry conditions mainly
8:47 am
dry conditions will hold onto a slight chance of shower we are attracting some more rain potentially on monday asked as we head into the new year holiday and. >>anny hong: you can see plenty of sunshine get outdoors if japan to marron a chance for some showers mainly to the south. >>robin winston: you will enjoy the morning commute live look at the san mateo bridge ride we
8:48 am
haven't found any major trouble spot here is the ride on highway 4 know the problems for south 242 south 680 looks good 580 a great ride out a little more to dublin in 11 minutes from bosco out to the dublin and to change.
8:49 am
>>mark: if they recommend an experimental drug once all the options are exhausted. >>stanley roberts: is not uncommon to find baby and maybe more babies when sponsors have deposed in a public urination sign that to be a slight indication there might be a problem it is also not all free event police and security office
8:50 am
to do with a hand to grab the open containers he was tearing the $25 a bottle have been bought a but not anymore open containers did pour tout this fast-forward to the panhandle where the party is in full bloom apparently in is a police
8:51 am
ticket book. >>stanley roberts: the sergeant was not with me was somehow solve the whole event i have the option to press charges now was time to bring in the u hot pack up a 26 in beta breakers only after i showed him getting a to a faulty in the solo in san francisco. >>mark: a resource for six your
8:52 am
girlfriend and other way to buy toys for herself using her mother's fault what our mother was taking a nap she used her thumb to unlock her mother's phone and purchase toy is the mother says she saw she was i wish to receive 13 order confirmations the gold is the warriors tried to balance back from a christmas they lost she would come back and the warriors when 1212111 and they score 28.
8:53 am
>>darya: it was fancy but i would rather be wowed by fancy footwork. there'll be a lot more security in at the big parade will tell you why.
8:54 am
feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out,
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knock it out, fast. abreva. >>mark: covering california more security this year and provides
8:56 am
free one-way rides for the drivers in their car for up to
8:57 am
10 mi.. >>mark: police a urging people to not drink and drive a programming reminder it is the only local station that will bring in the new your alliance the celebrations are happening from san francisco fair rebuilding a gun fight breaks out in an east of a hotel parking lot we will hear from people around the bay area on how they remember heard this morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
çáááaveriáááñ a shooting near an east bay hotel. i will have the details in a live report. [take sot]çááásot fulláááñ çááámarkáááñ[take: cont vo] çááácont voáááñ and another hollywood legend dies just a day after her daughter. we take a look at how people across the nation are mourning debbie reynolds. çáááannyáááñ and i'm tracking the weather across the bay area... >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning
9:00 am
news starts now >>anny hong: 57 san francisco sunny conditions do not forget
9:01 am
the sunglasses and the sun screen. >>robin winston: not this with so many people off from work and out of the bay area they are robbing trains tend to 15
9:02 am
minutes instead of every five minutes it is mostly on the pads are a bay point line. >>reporter: when the scene was still active police were here at about 9:00 that is when the shooting happened just around the time the mall was closing.
9:03 am
>>reporter: they call it can be
9:04 am
done to the people who were involved. >>reporter: it began at the age of 16 after being spotted in a beauty pageant
9:05 am
actress and author carrie fisher. in 1959, the marriage ended in a highly publicized divorce when fisher left reynolds to marry her close friend elizabeth taylor. a painful betrayal, reynolds was able to joke about the scandal years later.debbie reynolds, actress: "i was a girl scout. i really was a simple little girl, that's what i was. and he fell madly in love with elizabeth. now i understand, you know, so many years later. it's in the past."her second and third marriages also ended
9:06 am
in divorce, each time causing reynolds financial pain. however, she had quietly been collecting hollywood memorabilia over the years that would prove a wise investment. in 20-11, reynolds sold marilyn monroe's white subway dress at auction for 4.6 million dollars.(nat - debbie reynolds celebration") she also never quit performing. though she stepped away from film for career, reynolds continued to entertain on broadway stages and in las vegas nightclubs. (nat - behind the candelabra) in addition, reynolds had several t-v roles over the years, notably playing liberace's mother in the 2013 emmy winning t-v movie "behind the candelabra." her wide array of work was recognized in 2015-when the screen actors guild honored reynolds with the lifetime achievement award. (nat)reynolds said she loved every minute she spent in show business in her 20-13 autobiography "unsinkable." she credited the love she had for her friends and family for her personal and professional resiliency. (nat "i paid 20,000 bucks for this sucker") and it is that spark and sense of humor, along with her talent that reynolds will be remembered for.(nat - more reynolds performing)"i love you, goodnight everybody, thank you." (applause) çááádaryaáááñ çááá2 shotáááñ and this
9:07 am
morning fans >>darya: they're reacting to the death of that iran. >>will tran: they had facebook and the social media when it went out to san francisco and the reaction from people that talk about her and they talk about her mother who died 24 hours of carrie fisher passing.
9:08 am
losing some extra pounds might be one of the new year's resolution we would tell you some tips on ways to lose weight a live look after heading to the bay bridges and an easy ride.
9:09 am
9:10 am
çááárobináááñ no major hot spots >>robin winston: we spotted and the problem here peak travel to send how the law this is and how road which is got word of an overturned crash it may be trapped inside emergency crews on the way from the scene from highway 24 and 80 the e sure free white snow problems and is a major crash will keep an eye on and. >>darya: new year is coming up and maybe the resolution is to wait and weight-loss experts say it takes more than a resolution
9:11 am
when it comes to exercise it takes a lot more than you think. >>darya: a setup an automatic savings ccount that way.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston: a live look 92 the ride across the san mateo bridge no problems falling into san francisco nine minutes from the bottom of the maze of a to fremont street to do expect to
9:15 am
see some slow traffic the rest of the bay area doing just fine check out the drive on the shore freeway. >>anny hong: temperatures right
9:16 am
now for this and '50s hi tim swiss see a lot of low 60s was happening south of was
9:17 am
sutherland california potentially even san diego for the most part it looks like the bay area will remain dry track and dry conditions ahead of another storm back and bring them some more showers. watching today's winners and
9:18 am
losers. >>rob black: the unemployment rate of 4.6% lot of americans want to make more money with the jobs they do have the first time in is pretty confident that this will in time this is put the car company in a situation where the a lot of cards back right now that inventory is hot but it
9:19 am
would not is the cheapest place to retire outside of america social security would that be enough for a lot of america that now starting to look overseas the number has grown 17% annually since 2010 in some
9:20 am
countries retirees can find less expensive to hire large reclining cooking of long-term care which is very expensive if. >>rob black: you don't get medicare if you retire you do this as security but not medicare if you have a question
9:21 am
9:22 am
posted on the facebook page we will be right back when the news continues.
9:23 am
9:24 am
no major hot spots çááámarkáááñ >>robin winston: a nice ride is still hot spots freed last in 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze of a to fremont street backing up often on the richmond san rafael bridge the cache lines on the left-hand side.
9:25 am
>>vicki liviakis: they made a comeback and made a big points it earned a michelin star and a lack of teeth the best bakery
9:26 am
and a mayor come call the bakery in the city's rich neighborhood here is a place that is all the buzz about steakhouse even employes is hone beekeeper really knocked out of the ballpark the hide out in lafayette cannot be more obscure if you have to have his self of friday there.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
çááádaryaáááñ çááámarkáááñ ((toss to wx or trx)) >>anny hong: for the end of
9:30 am
december that is going to feel warm a live look from tahoe a beautiful shot i would like to see more snow on trees to my see a little more small professionally 30 percent chance for some small tomorrow chance of showers mainly south we are tracking some dry conditions for new year's eve it will be chilling.
9:31 am
>>robin winston: it is one to be a quick nine minutes from the bottom of the maze of the to the fremont street over and that is to bay and that also brought to the area san pablo role in ibm away is partially blocked this is an injury accident involving one vehicle some folks are trapped inside the fire crews are heading out to the scene, one lane block a little bit of a backup in both directions traveling between are rendered 24 and is sure freeway keep that in mind here is the drive time for the short freeway.
9:32 am
>>darya: backing new small overnight to people have been shot. >>will tran: so far the last check the san jose police department began to argument and shots were fired to men inside the home were taken to the hospital not life-threatening injuries there were not able to give them a description at this
9:33 am
for give the ship in the 900 location the car slammed into several parked cars did concede the fire department treated the driver. >>darya: a man is behind bars to sexually assaulting an elderly woman and tried to walk part happen and a great mom circle about 9:00 tuesday morning when the woman was returning home from a walk she said a man attacked tire and she was approaching her home and tried to grab her purse >>mark: inside of a target store
9:34 am
when a father of four was stabbed to death on christmas the two brothers accused of killing him for rain in court yesterday and now the father of the 22 and 25 year-old are speaking out he says the suns were provoked in the attack that started after he asked to turn the music down. >>mark: he had a knife on him and was acting in self-defense when he stabbed him the survey this video will back up the story they're being held without bail and they're due back in court today. >>darya: despite of the scandal
9:35 am
involving the police chief they've seen a small decrease in violent crimes. >>dan kerman: tied to this woman and a revolving door police chiefs yet in spite of all that by the crimes and property crimes are down significant drops and residential burglaries city officials say what a step in the right direction is still a far cry for the city needs to be a pick this
9:36 am
decline and a crime police say is due to several factors witter analysis of where and how it is happening in refocusing resources based on that information. >>dan kerman: the oakland mayor is out of town for a holiday by spoken by phone and she is pleased the crime trends are moving in the right direction but this city still has a long way to go as she is committed to reducing crime even more. >>mark: a new twist to a homicide in hayward they're now calling it a murder for hire and
9:37 am
to more arrests have been made the victim was shot to death in his car back in july to suspect were arrested two more arrests have been made and 37 year-old they're not disclosing the motor off after the break we would tell you how to pop a bottle of champagne as you get ready to toast your new year's.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
çááádaryaáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ[take: on cam] çááádaryaáááñ >>robin winston: this is an injury crash involving a vehicle that flipped over we have one line blocked it is causing a little bit of a backlog on city streets and send howe wrote not on the freeway we may want to avoid the stretch. >>darya: and they may be popping the champagne bottle for the new year's. >>mark: invest tips the first one is to use a napkin or kitchen tall for a better grip
9:41 am
the tech the cave of off server and wine glasses and does not taste the best in a champagne flute if you're going to be parting you might as well stay home and watch kron 4 were the only station with a live near ease shown.
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9:44 am
9:45 am
>>anny hong: a beautiful start to your thursday morning temperatures and '30's '40's and even 50's well looking at the chilly spots are still in the north to bay and santa rosa was
9:46 am
happening in the next couple of days by friday morning you concede the rain and lost angeles from the south this system could bring us a little shower a lot misses us most locations should stay dry friday night looking and dry conditions on monday where track alliterative chance for some showers not huge weather but and enough moisture to see some of that hit the ground over the next couple of days it will not be in the bay area would not be widespread.
9:47 am
>>anny hong: moran potentially on monday. >>robin winston: a quick 15 minutes out to highway 1 01 one
9:48 am
lane block the we have or partial closure but no major delays a little tap on the break getting through the same the rest of the east bay in. >>mark: falsely accused of murdering his younger sister
9:49 am
lorenz's law enforcement has repeatedly clear and as a suspect that declined to comment on a lawsuit. >>darya: thanks to a donation from man on the east coast the 100 lbs. six-foot tall menorah was taken from boston to square park they are told that going to get their final paycheck by
9:50 am
tomorrow one employee when by the restaurant looking for answers he found the doors locked and the:.
9:51 am
>>reporter: finally ending loggers' jobs in baseball cleveland celebrated in 2016 as a well-known san francisco forty-niner became a national lightning rod for what he did on
9:52 am
the sideline refusing to stand for the national anthem he did not want to " show pride and a flat for country letterpresses black people in people's color
9:53 am
tee and three other swimmers or drop the gun point had a real gas station. >>darya: taking on live look right now from our window along the embarcadero at the bay bridge beautiful and a clearer.
9:54 am
9:55 am
er... an uber driver in new york has an epic >>darya: he is making 240 green lights and wrong that is when it
9:56 am
hit the first the red light is the second time she wakes up she has 13 confirmations for items totaling $250 and then she confessed to told her parents
9:57 am
you don't have to be a member and you call the help line and you get the ride from 6:00 saturday night until 6:00 a.m. sunday morning. >>mark: our next newscast is 5:00 this evening stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up nexthave a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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