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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 30, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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i am jealous. if you have to work robin winston has you showing you the roads. >> we are hotspot free. >> it is a holiday friday -- light and friday light. we will see colder air come in by tomorrow. if you like the milder weather enjoy today. did you know that carmel valley got up to 74 degrees santa cruz got into the low 70s. it has been very warm for some locations. i was out there playing tennis and it felt nice. looking at the bay bridge and we have a nice start to your friday temperatures are still tracking cold. 30 in santa rosa. 32 in napa so bundle up if you're heading out doors this morning. 38 in concorde. 37 in livermore with tracking 40s in mountain view. the highs will be similar to yesterday.
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we will see 50s and 60s across the board. by 3:00 expecting upper 50s to lower 60s. across the bay will be 50s and a dirt mostly sunny skies. we have a chance for shower in the south bay and south of that . when i come back will talk about the colder air heading this way and also the showers. more details coming up later. here is robin in traffic. >> good morning. let's head over to the bay bridge and check on the commute 480 w. heading in. it's not too heavy. it's a nice steady flow of traffic for commuters heading in. no problems on the oakland site . all of the major connectors coming out of the maze is looking good. it's a great ride over the suspension the end to downtown san francisco. the bay bridge is in good shape. what about the san mateo, richmond sent the five -- san rafael and golden gate. i will
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have if you details shortly. >> averi harper is live at a state with a house fire in palo alto. >> reporter: there are less fire crews adhere than last time i spoke to you. that is a total loss. here is what's going on. you get to the firefighters are getting up on the latter to go on top of the house. they are still monitoring conditions at the house. to give you a better idea where this is this is less than five minutes off the and barker road off 101 in palo alto. they believe this was a rescue operation but when they got here they found out the homeowner got out of the home safely. no word on what caused the fire or where in the house it started. it is too early at this point to tell. fire investigators will be here through the morning working to figure that
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out. i was able to speak with battalion chief about his crews next step. >> presently we are in the overall operation to make sure the fire is completely out. trying to preserve the evidence inside. we have an investigator on scene. we are waiting for them to finish that portion of the operation. >> reporter: behind me you can see the fire crews are still on top of the roof. there is still smoke rising from the roof from here. this stretch of lewis wrote in between embarcadero and n. california road. will be closed for much of the day. the battalion chief to document a specific time when they could reopen the road. if you use this to get to work or school or wherever you are going you may want to avoid this area. i will be here through the morning with updates. >> we are learning new details
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on a man who shot and killed in oakland earlier this week. police say the victim was active in trying to get the violence to and after his son and grandson or killed three years ago. 39-year-old melvin johnson was shot and killed while driving in east oakland on tuesday. it happen near 80 and macarthur. it is not far from a shrine for his 16 month grandson and his son and they were killed in august 2013. here's a picture of drew jackson and andrew thomas. the father and son were sleeping with someone shot into a home killing them both. johnson had moved his family to fresno to get away from the violence in oakland but his son and grandson were in oakland for a per the party when they were killed. all of these crimes remain unsolved. the gofundme page has been set up to help family members. the two brothers accused of murdering a father is that a hayward target store on christmas eve have not entered a plea. this is the second time in a row
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they have not entered a plea. both 22-year-old jesse archuleta and frankie archuleta have been charged with the murder of tyrone griffin police say the crime happened last saturday at the target on whipple road off of a 80. family members of the victims that he was attacked after asking the brothers to turn down the music. the attorney for one of the suspects a client is innocent. >> i'm not going to talk about the details. i'm going to say when this case does end up going forward i do expect he will be exonerated and he was acting in self-defense. >> so far we have nothing survey length -- surveillance video. >> we are learning new information about the deadly crash on san jose. police say a woman who suspected of drunk driving had a dui warrant for her arrest. if 14 your point in another car was killed in the crash. police say 25-year-old jessica
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zamora cross over the center divider. she hit another car head on that was caring 14-year- old andrew win. they both died. police have confirmed that zamora had a misdemeanor dui warrant for her arrest. police say zamora had been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the field crash. a reward is being offered in hopes it will be 12 the rest of the murder of a punch up owner. today was killed last week. two armed men try to rob his store. the california pawn broker association offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for murdering him at his valero pawnshop. he was an active member in a popular with the pawn broker association and they are stepping in to help. >> anyone that has a pawnshop knows the owner of the pawnshop whether it's in oakland or san
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francisco or vallejo. there's not that many of them around. >> so far valero police -- vallejo police have not identified any suspects.>> russian officials are responding to the u.s. retaliation for russia's hacking during the presidential campaign. the four mr. said they expelled 35 diplomats from their country. president vladimir putin announcing that will not happen. this follows the explosion of the russian diplomats from executive order by president obama. >> reporter: we are confident in the steps we are taking today. lisa monaco speaking thursday after the white house announced
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retaliatory measures against russia for its alleged hacking the presidential campaign. >> we are exposing the tactics and procedures that the russian intelligence service has used to interfere with our election. >> the administration sectioning for russian individuals in closing down to russian compounds and ordering 35 russian people to leave the u.s. within 72 hours.>> the country's embassy in the uk slamming obama on twitter and calling the sanctions called for dij@ vu. president elect donald trump who has brushed off intelligence hacking has given a statement saying it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. kellyanne conway saw something different in the sanctions. >> even those who are sympathetic to president obama on most issues are sane part of the reason he did this today was to boxing president elect donald trump expect many republicans have supported retaliation over russians
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hacking. >> is not questioning donald trump. he won by having a strong message. it is saying that a country thinks they can influence us in a certain way there will be consequences. >> some of those 35 diplomats being forced to leave the u.s. here in san francisco. we try to speak to several russian diplomats yesterday but none would comment about president obama orders. you can see one man driving away from the scene. some members say they fear this may be the beginning of many more sanctions against their country. >> this is not good. people are struggling. i remember when i did not have enough food. it was not nice. >> russian officials have responded to the u.s. retaliation the foreign minister has proposed expelled -- exploding -- expelling 35
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diplomats. for now he's waiting for white president elect donald trump does before he makes any moves. san francisco police department are taking extra precautions to keep people safe for the new year celebration. hundreds of people are expected to head to san francisco for the fireworks show over the bay. they say they are increasing security after the recent terrorist attacks around the world. police are asking that you do your part by staying aware of your surroundings. >> make sure that you are not focused on your cell phone. look around you and be aware of your surroundings so you are safe. >> san francisco police department saying there have no rain direct threats but they are preparing just in case.
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the city wants to make sure people do not drive under the influence. caltrain and the east bay transit will be offering free will rides starting at a p.m. on saturday until 5 am on sunday. caltrain have extended hours. >> if you want to watch the fireworks show you can watch them on kron 4. kron 4 new year's lives starting at 11:15 tomorrow night. >> still ahead as we get ready for the first game without derek carr. we get a closer look at the injury. he was immediately calm. more problems for catchable -- >> new video showing an altercation between ex-49ers ray mcdonald and his ex-fiancie kendra scott. we will be back in a few minutes.
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a week whether system -- let me tell you about the weather in a few minutes. let me tell you about a frozen lake in south lake tahoe. and oakland risks his life to save 18. we talked to the man. >> we have cuts and scratches from the ice. >> his hands tell the story.
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>> a frantic two minutes were the only thing separating life and death was a thin sheet of broken ice. >> he had worse cuts than i do. >> widmar says the 13 your boy walking his bike across the frozen water. >> my sister lotte yells out and says he is in the water. >> he called for help. then he heard help me please.>> then makes a bold decision and goes on to the fragile ice. >> it was very scary. >> he says he grew up in michigan and that's why he need to lay flat on the ice and flight out to get to the 13- year-old boy and that's how both of them slip back to shore saving his life.>> when he said help me please it did not sound good.
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he was struggling. >> the boy was taken to the hospital with severe hypothermia. he is doing okay. >> i felt powerful that we saved him. >> was at the right place at the right time. >> if you are in tahoe we were talking more snow not today but it looks like tomorrow and over the holiday. we have a chance for fresh powder over the holiday weekend. we have a 30% chance of snow tomorrow in tahoe. otherwise partly sunny. on sunday we do see a better chance for sale on sunday night and into monday. temperatures will drop today's has to be in the 40 and we are talking midshipman 20s by monday. if you've got the day off and up in tahoe this weekend there will be fresh powder i sunday and monday. visibility will be challenging especially monday if you are in the higher elevations.
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temperatures right now chilly out there. 37 at livermore. 30 in santa rosette. in san jose to our south friends you are chilly in the 40s right now. high temperatures -- was able to turn my heat off yesterday we have low 60s in hayward and livermore. temperatures will be cooler overall very mild for a lot of locations. 54 in san francisco. the 60s in san jose. we are watching this in southern california bringing rain to los angeles. we could see moisture wrapping around it bringing south bay a slight chance for a shower. other than that we should have dry conditions across the bay area. it will be dry this morning and through the afternoon for the bay area. it will be mostly sunny. by tonight a few clouds entering the south bay and east bay. we are tracking if i chance for a
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shower in the south bay. featured past shows us tomorrow morning we may see a a few more clouds any chance for showers. the good news is the showers are fast-moving and bite tomorrow night for new year's eve it will be dry. it will be chilly. make sure to grab a jacket for your new year's eve outings. it will be cooler conditions for new year's day. mondays and start to change. we will see showers and colder air arriving in getting comfortable in the bay area where highs will be in the mid- 40s by tuesday and wednesday. tuesday it will be cold in wet. we might see some snow to 1000 feet. will keep you posted on that. here's a check of your holiday traffic with robin. >> let's head over to the san mateo bridge. it has been the busiest bridge during the holiday.
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it is holiday light around the area. i could see a volume of traffic leaving hayward heading to the peninsula. no major albums, accidents or stalls. will be a little crowded but it's moving. no problems heading to the peninsula. 14 minutes between 80 and 101. what about the bay bridge right to san francisco? 80 w. looking great. no problems on the oakland side. it is quite in downtown. the westbound right out of an looking good. no problems four 242. the east bay 680 580 w. methods out of union city into fremont is still very light. if you want to get out there and drive it will be a good drive. we are hot spot free. back to the desk.
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a video surfacing that shows former 49ers ray mcdonald altercation with his ex- girlfriend. we explain why the ex-fianci is speaking out. >> you need to stop. get away from me. >> if the night kendra scott says she will not forget. she made sure about the moment she said she reported the encounter with her ex-fianci and the father of her baby boy. ex-49ers ray mcdonald. >> i lock the door and i got woken up to him. he was banging on the door to let hemming park >> scott says this happened in may of last year insiders herself a home when mcdonald broken and abused her while she held their child. he was facing criminal charges for alleged rape of another
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woman at the time. he had been arrested many times prior for abusing kendra scott. scott says this incident mirror others that also left her bruised in the past. >> to meet and did you have incidents like this? >> i was in a relationship with ray for three years. i cannot tell you how many times. >>. >> the other menu here in the clip that runs more than four minutes scott says was race driver. scott is fighting to hold mcdonald visits with the doughboy and as mcdonnell is still tangled up in the criminal rape case scott says she is choosing to speak up now for other victims of domestic violence. >> i don't want to be the one
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that has to do this. he is the father of my son. it is difficult. >> mcdonald's attorney chose not to issue a comment or did not respond to our messages for this report. >> now to the 49ers and their forgettable season. they will be hosting the seahawks this season. when you lose sometimes you win. they're not the worst team in the nfl right now. they are the second worse. the 49ers are 2-14. the 49ers could have the first pick because of a weaker schedule. >> the 49ers will have a draft
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in the top 10 meaning the second year they are not good. >> you never want to draft high. >> as a raiders are in the first playoff appearance star quarterback derek carr will not be joining them in denver. the nfl had him locked up against the colts last saturday. he was so calm after he broke his leg. check it out. >> we go. take a deep breath. >> it's broke. it's broke. >> incredible.
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>> he did not scream. i would be screaming in pain. >> the good news is the injury is not as bad as it could have been. dirk's brother david revealed that he suffered no ligament damage that would have extended the recovery time. doctors discovered the bone had already started healing itself. will make a full recovery by the spring. >> there was talk earlier that if they made the super bowl he could play. >> it does not seem like that anymore. >> coming up i'm counting down the best of the worst of 2016. that's in the next addition of people behaving badly.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. your friday commute looks fantastic. you're right to san francisco not it will if you need to get in. traffic is moving at the limit and have no major hotspots or traffic looks coming out of the maze or downtown san francisco. it's only nine minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street. what about the east bay? 80 w. is nice and smooth from the upper east sure to the lower you sure. if your westbound 24 commuter no problems. back to the desk.>>
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we are counting down the final three in our people behaving badly 2017. in number 38 memorable traffic stop. >> this is a bag of methamphetamine. this is a glass pipe. this is the suv and these are connected to this man. let's find out what happened. >> why are you in this situation?>> trying to get to my mother. >> you have an idea as to why he is sitting in the backseat of a police car. i will show you more. >> camel police were participating in the task force. he was stopped has of loud music. offers there's -- officers
7:27 am
noticed he was angry and heading to his girlfriend's house. >> they found he was also on ovation times five with a search clouds so they searched the suv. he was giving a sobriety test. >> do you have any questions? >> after the series of test this is what happened next. >> he was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and was searched and placed in the backseat of the cruiser. he was charged with possession of drugs. he could be charged of a dui depending on the results of a blood test. and the suv was sent to car jail until the registered owner could pick it up. you never know what you may come across when you ride with the task force. >>
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çááámarkáááñ and a warning as high levels of lead have been a warning of high levels of lead have been found in children in the east bay. we will explain what is causing it coming up. once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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çááámarkáááñçáááwilláááñ toss wx or traffic. welcome back to kron 4 morning news. robert is looking at the traffic. >> we are okay on the roads.
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we have a positive commute. will keep saying that until 10:00. i am tracking some fairy delays for folks that need to get to the east bay. here is your right across the san mateo bridge. winds to is moving very well as you connect from the milpitas. a good right here with no trouble spots connecting into san mateo. your bay bridge drive into san francisco looks great. no problems for 80 w. meters heading in. it will be smooth through downtown, 101 and highway 280. you're right from the richmond san rafael bridge a little crowded. overall not a bad commute. for those of you who plan on hopping on the ferry this morning we do have delays on south san francisco. they are having mechanical issues so that 7:30 alameda and 7:40 oakland departures have
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been canceled. your next very heading to south san francisco will be 8:00 for alameda and 8:10 for oakland. make sure you plan ahead. we have bart, ace train operating on a holiday schedule. >> with days away with ringing in the new year that means millions of workers in california and other states across the nation will get a pay raise. minimum wage increases taking affect and 27 since -- 2017. massachusetts in washington state will have the highest state minimum wage in the country at $11 an hour. also starting on sunday, january 1 california drivers can not hold their cell phones behind the wheel. under the lot you have to use history technologies with voice commander. bluetooth. if you have to touch the screen to allow allows for a single
7:32 am
top of the fingers. lawmakers say this is designed to stop people from using apps that have become popular while driving. ahaz upper part writers park rules will go up in january. tickets will go from 35 tickets will go from $35-$55. a parking find will go to $100 if you've had five or more citations in the same calendar year. bart says the new fines are expected to increase citation revenue by 60%. >> dangerous levels of lead have been found in children living in oakland. we spoke with city officials who are asking the federal government to step in and help your >> reporter: children living in oakland have elevated levels of lead poisoning according to the california public health department. >> and environmental justice issue.
7:33 am
>> oakland city council member represents the people who live in the district or expect this has the highest concentration of children in the city of oakland. all these elementary schools are over enrolled because the children are here. >> you see what these people are protecting themselves from exposure. >> the folks at the alameda county home keep track of lead poisoning cases. they say the problem is not in oakland's water. it's in the paint. >> in the 25 years that we have been responding to elevated lead cases we found that primarily it's due to let babies -- lead-based paint. most homes were built prior to 1980 and led was not removed from residential paint until 1978. also soil has been one of the primary sources because of exterior paint interior --
7:34 am
deteriorating. >> he says federal funding is needed to tackle this led bed -- based paint problem. >> on a make sure donald trump will not remove our finding. -- funding. >> in the meantime officials at the healthy home department advised that you contact your child healthcare provider if you think they have been exposed to lead-based paint. >> we are learning what might be the source of a mysterious odor that had people smelling the horrible smell in the bay area. investigators believe it could have come from a sulfur release at a chevron refinery in richmond but are still working to confirm that.
7:35 am
really 70 people in richmond and san francisco have reported smelling sulfur over the past two days. they have ruled out any athlete . the smell has been non- hazardous but officials are encouraging people to report it if they happen to smell the sulfur smell.>> çááácont voáááñ a dramatic a dramatic scene as a car smashes into a cvs store in the south bay store. no one was hurt. it happened yesterday afternoon at the cvs store in san jose. a man in his 70s in this white lexus goes into the store. firefighter say he meant to go back instead he went forward. you can see his door is surrounded by bricks. they had to rip him out. it is unclear when that sort will reopen. i'm sure the pharmacy drive in -- dry through is open. >> honda recalling more than
7:36 am
600,000 may be -- minivans. honda says the second row of the seats can get unstuck in the locked position and can let them seats moved unexpectedly. there have been no reports of injuries or accidents so far. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news will look at the scandal that rocked the police department and other law enforcement agencies. >> amazon is thinking big. we will explain.after the break. >> here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see clear skies but don't get used to it. rain possibly as early as new year's eve.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. your commute is looking good. no big problems to worry about if you need to get in. it's a great ride across into downtown. 11 112 11 280 and sky weight are looking good. nine minutes from the brace to fremont street. there is one crash on the road. this is northbound 13 before the 24 split in oakland. they are moving off to the side and it is not causing any major
7:40 am
backup. just be careful if you plan on using 13 424. 24 looks great. no problems towards the macarthur or mitt pitts freeway. back to the desk. >> amazon starting to cut down on hotspots by having flying warehouses. they may start using drones to get packages to customers. >> this patent describes the drills would circle over cities caring orders after completing the delivery a nearby shuttle would fly them back to the blimp. the airborne warehouses can be used for food delivery.>> some peers are claiming their kids hatchimals are using bad language. they say that bird seems to save the f word.
7:41 am
>> they make unintelligible noises. they can repeat phrases that human teaches them. parent company syncmaster -- spin master saying they are not speaking on their own. they may make some identifiable noise while they're sleeping. there are numerous complaints that the hatchimals are failing to hatch. >> they were going for $350 on ebay. >> the man suspected for robbing a convenience store were was shot by police. here is video of the u-haul chase. the man tried to rob a convenience store and they got into the u-haul. the chase lasted over an hour and when the man stopped to try to get into another car with a
7:42 am
gun. police say there was a woman any child in the car. that's when police shot at the man. he was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. >> we will be right back with kron 4 morning news. here's a live look outside. we will not have rain for the next day or so. still a chilly morning for most parts of the bay area. we will be right back.
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çáááon camáááñ if you are thinking about heading up to the snow for new year's, we have you covered. welcome back. if you are thinking about heading up to the snow we have you covered. kron 4 teresa with the norstar as she talked to bay area families getting ready to see the new year with the snow in the background. >> reporter: with stormy conditions skiers were taking it all in. enjoying a time on the slopes during this holiday break. >> it was amazing. >> the earthquake that rocked early morning had checking and double checking to make sure the quake did not impact operations. >> we checked all the lodges
7:45 am
and the chairlifts. we have a big crew and we checked all the machinery before we go public. we are safe every day. >> the earthquake did hit this resort. >> our heart goes out to the people that were impacted. >> i feel sorry for them. >> with no affects norstar officials focused on another important issue. the snow. >> it's going good. we had cold temperatures and warm weather. it is warmer than normal for us. we have had a lot of rain. the upper mountains have done well. we will be struggling in the lower elevations with the rain. there is more snow in the forecast. >> many are focused on helping that the -- hoping the new storms bring more snow. >> what were the conditions for you? >> it was a nice day. sunny and warm but crowded but
7:46 am
we had a great time. >> what was the best time of today? >> whether they were snowboarding or ice-skating or skiing everyone appear had this wish. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> let's take a look at your morning commute. if you need to get to the san mateo bridge it is looking good. no problems here. for the right coming out of hayward a nice connection on the mitt pitts. a quick 13 minutes from the east bay over to the peninsula. the bay bridge ride into san francisco has been quiet all morning. you are in good shape. nine minutes from the bottom of the maze to the fremont street exit.
7:47 am
one accident i'm tracking over in oakland. it's northbound 13 before the 24 split. it is off to the shoulder so if you need to use 13 you should be okay. i've had no problems four 680. 580 is a great right out of livermore into dublin. for those of you hopping on public transit keep in mind that art is operating on a holiday schedule. same story for ace train. we have had some mechanical problems for the bay fair he in case you have to use it. they have canceled some of the top -- departures heading to san francisco. the 7:30 alameda canceled. the 7:40 oakland trip canceled. the next departure for alameda will be 8:00 and the next one for oakland will be at 8:10 this point. picture you plan ahead. they are recovering from mechanical problems. this week kron 4 has been highlighting the biggest new
7:48 am
stores of 2016. one of the stories is that teenage sexual story. >> to oakland police officers have been placed on administrative leave and as many for additional officers may also be involved in white sources tell kron 4 is an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct involving a minor. >> two of the officers have resigned. >> celeste holm in a text message she has associated with dozen of oakland police officers as an adult and if you have a minor. >> at 16 i had my first experience with opd. >> she has ruled -- real -- revealed an extensive list of officers she has been involved with. >> i'm extremely angry about the alleged misconduct in this
7:49 am
department. >> three man in charge of the oakland police department this month. >> how much more embarrassing can it get? >> i am here to run a police department and not a frat house. young women being used for sex by police officers is a serious problem. >> the paternal grandmother says she has had enough and decided to reach out to kron 4 on behalf of her family here expect the abused her. >> i'm going to rehab is what she sent me a text message about. >> she said sex abuse and sex addiction. she is leaving for rehab facility in florida after her 19 day later this month.>> how did the last wind up in
7:50 am
florida drug rehab and end up behind bars facing a felony battery charge? >> how are you doing? >> on taking it day by day. >> the last is dead. jasmine is to be free and wants to go home. >> civil rights attorney says bay area officers from seven different police departments trafficked her client known as celeste for sex. >> the police officers were engaged in a conspiracy to sexually trafficked children. we intend to hold everyone accountable. >> here in richmond police are interviewing celeste in connection to the alleged sexual conduct of several officers. >> engaging in lewd acts in a public place.
7:51 am
>> the young woman at the center of the scandal now filing a civil suit against the city of oakland. the suit claimed 13 ran from her pimp to oakland police officer brandon o'brien but instead of helping her he exploited her. he and his fellow officers continued to traffic, rape and victimize her while she was a minor. officer o'brien committed suicide leaving behind a note that exposed the sex scandal. >> i commend the media for stepping up and opening this up. >> had not for the community taking a role in holding them accountable and saying this is not acceptable we are not going to accept this from our local officials or police they would have kept doing business as usual. >> a total of 23 officers in oakland and richmond have been disciplined in the case. it could go down as the dumbest crime.
7:52 am
i can sat tight and jimmy sprinkle was suspended from the team. he was caught shoplifting at it a bulk department sort in charlotte cotton with carolina. it was during an event that the players were given money to shop. in addition the shoplifting incident could hurt sprinkles draft stock. he is considered one of the top 10 tight and prospects in the nation. arkansas could have used sprinkle services on the field last night. the team blew a 24 point lead against west virginia -- virginia tech and they lost to virginia tech 35-24. >> we will be right back when that kron 4 morning news continues. you can see cloud coming in but not a lot of wind. it will be cold and possibly
7:53 am
rain by new years eve. we will be right back.
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today's box office report brought to you i century san francisco ctr. >> next year the box office is looking like this you. david daniel has that in this morning's hollywood minute. >> wrote one a star wars story
7:56 am
helped disney dominate the domestic box office in 2016 and 2017 is looking like a siegel. the survey by online ticket site fandango shows the year three most anticipated films are the next star wars movies episode eight, the marble -- marvel superhero movie and live action remake of beauty and the beast. >> ryan gosling is teaming with his lala land director for project that is out of this world. he will start in first man biopic about neil armstrong the first person to walk on the moon. filming is expected to begin in 2017. if darth vader in wrote one
7:57 am
left you wanting more a youtube user has recreated the final scene in lego. in hollywood and david daniels.>> debbie reynolds getting eight sendup tonight. the chinese theatergoing dark for the 11th time ever. it's an honor of the hollywood icon. the actresses singing in the rain was partially filmed in the theater. her handprints were cemented their in 1965.>> breaking news and then -- in san jose after a shooting this morning. it happen near valley christian high school. more breaking news with sanctions for president obama that russia interfered with the presidential election. here what president vladimir putin is saying this morning. we have changes coming from all
7:58 am
temperatures. we will have more on what to expect for new year's eve and new year's day coming up.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: thank you for joining us on this 30 of december. . >>anny hong: we see some changes but today they get another nice day 6 is across the bay area good morning we have just of a
8:01 am
few high clouds but temperatures are born to be really nice once again to the just a cold upper 20s and santa rosa 32 novato and we're seeing some low thirties in fairfield 34 in livermore. >>anny hong: will talk more about the showers that are headed this way.
8:02 am
>>reporter: police have cleared one of the police lines on one side of the fire their long pedestrian traffic they're trying to limit the amount of cars the company because the firefighters a chance to clear them along to me out here all day clearing out this home this
8:03 am
fire was called then about 5:00 a.m. it is today believe there was a rescue operation. >>: we're in the middle over operational control getting the fire completely out and try to preserve the evidence the homeowner was able to get out he is staying on the same block was a neighbor sea was not willing to talk to some reporters and that the fire investigators have not talked to him yet.
8:04 am
>>will tran: a shooting just a few blocks from a high school in san jose the shooter is still on los this morning. >>will tran: it happened at the 130 in the morning you concede the high school campus just a few blocks away. >>mark: he was shot and killed while driving in east oakland on tuesday this near 80 it in macarthur which is not far from st. shrine for his 16 month old
8:05 am
grandson and 20 all the crimes remained unsolved and now will go from the pays a been set up to us save the family members. >>will tran: police said the crime happened last saturday at the target just off of 880 family members of the victim said he was attacked after asking the brothers to turn down the music apparently was not
8:06 am
happy with some lyrics that will come back in court sometime next month. >>mark: russia's foreign ministry recommended today expelled 35 u.s. diplomats from their country but he just announced this morning that will not happen after the u was expelled 35 russian diplomats.
8:07 am
>>reporter: the administration also shutting down to russian compound in order in 35 russian diplomats involved in intelligence gathering within 72 hours they reacted swiftly in angrily. >>reporter: they slammed the president obama on twitter colin dissensions cold war donald trump who has a brush off intelligence giving a broadly worded statement saying " it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things.
8:08 am
>>mark: none would comment about his order for them to leave the committee in san francisco said they fear this may be the beginning of more sanctions- russian officials just
8:09 am
responding this morning to possible u.s. retaliation in the former minister saying they should expel other five americans from russia.
8:10 am
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>>robin winston: it looks good you see any big problems for now out of oakland into downtown san francisco. >>will tran: we're learning a new information about the deadly crash in san jose the woman was suspected of doing driving
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
çááámarkáááñ toss wx.
8:16 am
a weak weather system moving in from the southwest may bring light precipitation to the far southern portion of our area today. the first of two cold weather systems will then drop in from the north friday night and saturday with the second one following on monday and tuesday. >>anny hong: temperatures still chilly for parts of the north bank 29 degrees 35 and now low '30's in fairfield and very wet
8:17 am
and soggy and because of this system and we're a little concerned on sunday it will be dry monday at 4 1/3 we're attracting some more weather just to the east of lust into the north of was that is why we will keep the chance for some showers on monday. >>anny hong: this is a cold system. and get that door is if
8:18 am
you can wear cooling off tomorrow and a slight chance for shower will tipoff 2017 with dry conditions. >>robin winston: as c minor incidents popping up there are clearing quickly allied delivering this good news know the problem for the trip across the san mateo bridge 14 minutes
8:19 am
for that trip the nimitz freeway is always a tough spot right now nice holiday light 11 minutes to make the connection all san leandro.
8:20 am
>>mark: the association is offering a $25,000 reward for an informational lead to identification of arrest and conviction of the people responsible for the death of that honor. >>will tran: showing former forty-niner in an altercation with his ex fiancee. >>phillipe djegal: this incident
8:21 am
happened in may of last year inside of her home when he broke in and physically abused her while she held a child he was already facing criminal charges for alleged rape of another woman and he also been arrested several times prior for allegedly abusing her and she said this incident mirror the others that also left a bruise in the past she is choosing to
8:22 am
speak of now did not respond to our messages for this record. >>mark: the oakland raiders' starting the first playoff appearance in more than 10 years.
8:23 am
>>will tran: nfl if harris video the captors ride at the moment he broke his leg. >>mark: fortunately it was as bad as it could of been his brother of former nfl quarterback revealed that he sustained no ligament damage which will severely extend his recovery time not to discover the bones that are restarted healing itself they expected to
8:24 am
be fully recovered there on the road taken on the broncos the sun and. glove >>will tran: was of lead and one east bay city but they were not found in the water the details coming up and amazon taking its warehouse to the sky in how they may one day do just that.
8:25 am
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>>robin winston: the image of hot spots on the bay bridge ride into san francisco out of oakland heading into the drive time still less to 10 minutes. >>mark: hear one warehouses use rose to make deliveries they will circle of the cities of 45,000 ft. and then dropped the drone of caring the order they will fall to the earth and the
8:28 am
modems will fire up for the final stretch after completing the delivery and thereby shuttle would pick them up and fly them back to the blimp that could also be used as food deliveries sources as well. >>anny hong: would talk with the chance to showers and a much colder air will morning news continues after. after. ill ahead... we are just days away from the new year... we'll show you some of the new state laws set to go in effect.
8:29 am
8:30 am
çáááliveáááñ taking a look >>mark: of an like tall a lot of skiers and boulders about 20 degrees and a car on allow warmer than it was yesterday.
8:31 am
>>anny hong: mid-20s by monday much cold air coming that will mean cold conditions for the bay area temperatures call for parts of santa rosa enjoy it while it lasts loss of sunshine expected very similar to yesterday's the changes we're seeing for today will only be the slight chance for shower for the rest of the
8:32 am
day looking for mild conditions until sunshine dry what about tomorrow? we're tracking a few more cloud a slight chance for shower by saturday night as we all celebrate new year's eve we will be dry overnight and then on sunday morning looking as sunny start across the bay area may be more showers for the early next week. >>anny hong: enjoy the mild day today: off saturday and sunday lower 50s and it gets colder for next week that is the big story the rain arriving for monday and tuesday. >>robin winston: minor issues on
8:33 am
the road this morning but nothing major nothing causing any major backup the ride into san francisco nice and flight approaching the toll plaza quick nine minutes 92 the trip across the san mateo bridge know the problems we're looking at the south bay 237 west less than 10 minutes from 880 out 2101 no. 85 also northbound 280 out of san jose from 101 to 85 in cupertino. >>mark: with a day into a wage and millions of workers in california at 18 other states are going to get our raise for
8:34 am
the minimum-wage starting on sunday january 1st the minimum- wage increases california's minimal way to go from 10, to $10.50. on sunny california drivers cannot hold their cellular device for any reason behind the will you have to mount your phone to the windshield on the dashboard without blocking your view or air banks if you have to touch the screen it only allows a single swipe or tap with one finger lawmakers say this designed to stop people from using applications that have become popular while driving. >>mark: the dangerous levels of
8:35 am
lead have been found and children living in oakland. >>haaziq madyun: children living in oakland for will district has elevated levels of lead poisoning according to the california public health department the full set of alameda county healthy homes'
8:36 am
the party keep track of the cases the problem is not an oakland water is in the paint. >>haaziq madyun: he says federal funding is needed to tackle this letter based paint problem
8:37 am
officials at the helping homes department adviser contacted chiles health-care provider if you think >>: have been exposed to lead based paint. >>will tran: 70 residents and richmond and san francisco have reported small and so far the have fortunately ruled out any gas leaks this mail has been non hazardous so far the official still interested people. >>will tran: a dramatic scene
8:38 am
aphid as masses into a cvs store it happened yesterday afternoon at the cbs store instead of going in reverse accidently went for he broke through half of his cars and side of the store it is unclear when the store will be reopened to the public. >>will tran: teenager still in front since the have and florida the details. come right details
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
no major hot spots çáááwilláááñ[take: on cam] >>robin winston: less than nine minutes for the foot of the maze of a to fremont street the children selling lemonade outside of an apartment complex
8:42 am
police say the 18 year-old got mad after they felt they were not filled up high enough that angry and throw a couple of water at the teenagers the boy's mother called police after learning they stole his eye caught the eye with a cup of morning or about $13.53. >>anny hong: his presidency temperatures in the '60s more
8:43 am
details on some cold weather and some showers when the morning news continues after the break
8:44 am
8:45 am
çbreakñ >>mark: to drivers and pennsylvania are stuck in traffic for hours because of the snow and had several states in the northeast coast last night as a means saw more than half a foot of snow.
8:46 am
>>anny hong: the last friday of 26 teen temperature still of the '20s and santa rosa low 30's and fairfield 46 in san jose because of this will have a slight chance for shower tomorrow we
8:47 am
might see a little bit of shower with facile and showers to by tomorrow night. >>anny hong: more rain in the forecast for tuesday enjoy the afternoon sunshine and mild
8:48 am
temperatures drive for new year's day will have really nice afternoon on monday and a lot of people may still have the holiday off you may be dili was what weather keep that in mind. >>robin winston: we have traffic moving here in both directions it's moving well that as was most important nine minutes to make the connection from the bottom of the maze over to fremont street less trains on
8:49 am
the system number of the problems for the nemesis pretty quiet in the south believe in morgan hill no. one of to the guadalupe parkway in san jose the drive time talking in at 21 minutes.
8:50 am
>>reporter: supreme court your justice who died suddenly was the first to tie an american on the high court in the first female state attorney in florida and first female u.s. attorney general he was the first american to orbit the earth she wrote on the most
8:51 am
well-known american classics of all time to kill a mockingbird and became a blur of hollywood film he proclaimed himself the greatest. >>reporter: it was great sorrow of the shotgun deaths of prince
8:52 am
seventh time grammy winner known as the purple one died in his studio and just 57 the laws of the music icon and david bowie it transformed 04 decades george michael and burst onto the '80s music scene as far as the group in one long to find so success the help to make the laid-back country rock sound that spawned more than 20 top 40 hits in that produced and directed some of america's most popular tv show
8:53 am
spend years as a stage actor before becoming the brady bunch mention about to over the years with the show's syndication. >>reporter: talent that was the quintessential 19 '80s tv father family brought him hahn's group to life hollywood royalty terry fisher became a household name and still rolled out in the star wars moving he admitted
8:54 am
memorable committed roles in the '70s and '80s playing everything from a mad scientist.
8:55 am
8:56 am
[take: on cam]çáááon camáááñ happening now... the san francisco >>mark: extra cost and to keep people safe to the new year's eve celebration and they're expected to headed to san francisco this says is increasing security after recent terror attacks that asking that you do your part to stay aware of the surroundings there been no direct threat to san francisco they're always preparing people just in case
8:57 am
that will have extended hours an additional trains to take people home. >>will tran: 51 to watch the fireworks show from the comfort of your own home will show you the fireworks and the ferry building, all over the bay area still ahead the breaking news we're following police in san jose looking for gunman after the shooting of that happening valley christian high school. his çááámarkáááñ((advance)) plus.. . we're watching your holiday forecast. anny hong will tell you how áácold it's going to be in your neightborhood.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now.
9:00 am
>>anny hong: looking at the east and we have mostly sunny skies overall it is a nice start to the game it is cold for some parts of the north bank including santa rosa by 5:00 clear skies temperatures in the '50's only a slight chance more details about a cold and wet
9:01 am
forecast headed this way. >>reporter: there are fire and investigated them on seen in the house on the property looking at the damage also please have reopened the stretch which is
9:02 am
ride off the embarcadero road in palo alto 51 to show you some video this said this call came in about the fire a couple of minutes after 5:00 a.m. when they initially got there they believed it was a rescue operation but then they got here and found that home owner outside safe and sound the fire investigators are inside they're also waiting for the santa clara county arson task force not because they believe the fire was intentionally set within have more frequent than they need to get a degree that is charged because they say this is a complete loss i was able to talk to the battalion chief about the next step and what they did after it put the fire out the home owner got out
9:03 am
second time he is staying with neighbors he did not want to talk to reporters with no fire investigators will be interviewing him to see if there's any clues as to how started. >>mark: a man was shot and killed an oakland earlier this week he was active in trying to stop violence after his son and grandson were killed three years ago. >>mark: he was shot and killed while driving an east oakland and 80 it incurred the street not far from st. shrine for his 16 month old grandson and 20 year-old son the attorney for
9:04 am
one of the suspects says his client is innocent.
9:05 am
>>mark: their due back in court next month. we're learning is amazing about the deadly crash on christmas morning the woman was suspected of drug driving of 14 your boy in another car was killed and crashed cheated another car that was tearing the 14 year-old both of them were killed listen now confirm that she had a misdemeanor warrant out for her arrest.
9:06 am
>>reporter: did concede to investigate the murder when armed men may have tried to rob the store he mentored fellow pawn shop owners on the evening that there killed the police
9:07 am
said unidentified in the suspect's when this is a said the two men were seen running from the store after the shooting. >>mark: to the raiders did ready for their first game without derrick we're getting a closer look at his injury after the
9:08 am
break new bill surfacing sholom altercation.
9:09 am
happening now... the san francisco police >>mark: hundreds of thousands of people are expected to head to san francisco the assets of ps said the security after the recent terror attack there will be additional offices both uniformed and plain clothes to keep people safe there been no
9:10 am
direct past threats to san francisco the city wants to make sure people do not drive on the influence.
9:11 am
9:12 am
çááámarkáááñ >>mark: team falls through the eyes on the frozen lake baron in south lake tahoe he talked to
9:13 am
the man about what prompted him to jump to action. >>reporter: the group saw the 13 your boy walking his bike across the frozen water he grout the machine was what he knew to lay flat on the eyes and slide out to get to the 13 year-old boy he
9:14 am
was taken to hospital with severe hypothermia he was released and is doing of have. >>anny hong: we're seeing some partisan four days off pretty
9:15 am
much all across the bay area a nice day to be outdoors for tomorrow little shower to fast- moving good news for those
9:16 am
people out partying that he and mine. >>robin winston: know the problems connecting to 1010 quick 15 minutes nine minutes to walk away from the bottom of the
9:17 am
maze of was a fremont street. >>mark: new video surfing the shows the 40 niner and an altercation with his axe fiancee and he is still dealing with the legal fallout on domestic violence even accusations of ryan.
9:18 am
>>phillipe djegal: she will never forget this night as she made sure the moment she says she chose to record this encounter with her ex fiancee and the father of her baby boy that forty-niner this incident happened in may of last year inside for a south bay home when he broke in and physically abuse her in this incident merit others that also left a bruise in the past.
9:19 am
>>phillipe djegal: the other man you hear the runs a little more than four minutes was his driver he is currently fighting to hold his visits with a former little boy and as he is still tangled up in the criminal rate case she is choosing to speak up now for all the victims of domestic violence the attorney either chose not to issue common or the not respond to the messages for this report.
9:20 am
>>mark: he was my thought during the game here is the video that captured the motion as he broke his leg. as gruesome as the injury looked it was not as bad as it could then his brother the former nfl quarterback revealed that he sustained a ligament damage was will severely extended the recovering doctors
9:21 am
discovered the bomb was already starting to heal itself they expected to be fully recovered by spring. >>mark: he was caught shoplifting from a department store in charlotte n.c. he tried to sneak got the store in addition to missing now on the ball game it will 24 point lead
9:22 am
against #23 rank and they lost the ball 35 to 24. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next
9:23 am
9:24 am
we are down >>mark: we're down to the final three that no. 3 of very memorable traffic stop. >>stanley roberts: this is a bag of laugh and this is a glass pipe and this they're connected to this man campbell police were
9:25 am
participating in the santa clara county task force he was stopped because of loud music he was angry and say he was heading to his girlfriend's house this town who was on probation * 5 with the search calls so they searched as u v + he was given to a sobriety test after the series of test this is what happened next he was arrested for suspicion of driving under
9:26 am
the influence he was formally charged with possession of narcotics and i could be charged with driving on the the influence. >>stanley roberts: and the as you the it was sent to cartel and to the registered owner. >>anny hong: today get ready for some changes showers and much cold air coming this way more details on the morning news continues after the break.
9:27 am
9:28 am
>>anny hong: will have lots of
9:29 am
blue skies a son started we're attracting some cold temperatures 40 if you're on the the more finally out of the 30's 46 and oakland in mid 40's and san jose and.
9:30 am
>>robin winston: we're looking good so far traffic growth in your clear through the maze 580 west 880 north no big trouble spots tree trimming work slowing down the ride and san lorenzo and northbound to 38 your attic
9:31 am
crawl, of castro valley margin on to 238 heading into san leandro and san lorenzo. >>robin winston: leave early if you have to use to 38 the rest of the east bay looks great. >>mark: u.s. retaliation for the lead hacking during the presidential campaign their recommended that russia expel 35 u.s. diplomats from their country that follows a similar expulsion. >>reporter: by house online security adviser speaking thursday after the white house
9:32 am
announced measures against russia forced last election there and the president to campaign the of ministries and sanctioning individuals and five russian entities also shutting down to compounds and ordering 35 russian diplomats. >>reporter: they reacted swiftly and angling in the embassy in the u.k. slamming president obama on twitter and calling the cold war days of gloom donald trump was brush off intelligence given to a broadly worded statement saying " it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things many
9:33 am
republicans including congressman supporter retaliation over russia's acting. >>mark: he says he will not expel american diplomats.
9:34 am
>>reporter: make president obama and his the ministration appear vindictive and words of the foreign ministry and imaginatively comes to foreign policy vladimir needs donald trump and the white house he needs a sympathetic presence of united is because you once again u.s. sanctions he was to have the issue addressed by the united states.
9:35 am
>>mark: massachusetts and washington state will have the highest in the nation that is at $11 an hour it allows a single
9:36 am
swipe or tap of the driver stinger lawmakers say this designed to stop people from using applications that become popular while driving amazon think big offline warehouse we will explain after the break techno live look at the san mateo bridge.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>robin winston: they're quite come to the ride into san francisco it doing fine of the problems coming out oakland a great ride across the upper deck into downtown where track is to slow traffic and the east bay this is to 38 will have tree trimming work and that is a commitment sure you leave early. >>mark: to a lot of bay area families are getting ready to ring in the new year. the earthquake that struck early wednesday morning checking and
9:40 am
double checking to make sure it did not impact operations the earthquake did hit this resort. >>terisa estacio: but no sex with focus on another important issue was no mention of focus on hope and that the new storms bring more snow those out on the mountain say the conditions
9:41 am
whether there was snowboarding or their ice skating or skiing every one up here had this wish happy new year. snow and they're going to get an snow possible for tomorrow more snow for sunday night especially monday.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
fullscreen]çáááfullscreenáááñ it's time for our pet of the week... and this week's >>mark: she is a one your
9:45 am
domestic short hair had she will warm up to her alders she gets along well with other cats if you're interested in adopting her contact the pipeline there is a normal california and as always of the panama getting up had these about visiting a local animal shelter. >>anny hong: a great day to get along or what to live look good sfo temperatures are still chilly tomorrow new year's eve
9:46 am
have looks like mainly dry for the bay area with the exception of a passing shower though showers if we see them with the fast-moving showers possible for
9:47 am
monday and tuesday. >>robin winston: no major problems on the ride so far into san francisco still holiday light no problems it is smooth all the way into downtown san francisco 101280 at the limit with no major trouble spots were about the ride across the golden gate switching around the lan configuration we're back to three yen and three out of the problems and to a lot of san francisco this is the only slow spots for the eastman san lorenzo northbound to 38 east 14th we have tree trimming and
9:48 am
the right-wing know the problems for the south bay's 17101280 to 37 does will would like to see. >>mark: they've been highlighted some the biggest news story is one of those stories is a teenage prostitute whose sexual allegations walk the oakland police department. >>haaziq madyun: to oakland police offices have been placed on administrative leave as many as four additional officers will be involved in what multiple sources tell us is an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct involving a minor she has associated with dozens of local police officers
9:49 am
have a dog and a few as a minor. >>reporter: i'm extremely angry about the alleged misconduct in this department. >>reporter: we are here to run a police department not afraid house young woman being used for sex by police officers that is a serious problem she says she's had enough and decided to reach out and on behalf of her family. >>haaziq madyun: that simple and
9:50 am
clear text message appeared in my phone from celeste and axa wishing be rehabilitated from she said substance-abuse and after that sex edition she is leaving for a rehab facility in florida after her 19th birthday sarai's attorney says the bay area officers from seven different police departments tropical client formally known as celeste for sex the police officers were engaged in a
9:51 am
conspiracy to sexually traffic children we're holding everyone accountable please the interview in her in connection to the alleged sexual misconduct of several officers. >>haaziq madyun:.
9:52 am
>>mark: they have been disciplined in the case of the stores will following they may one day use blimps stock with drones to get packages to customers that and approved for airborne warehouses and described to amazon blimps will circle over cities and 45,000 ft. aloft loans carrying orders they would initially faltered after completing the delivery and thereby shuttle was flying them back to the blimp the warehouses could also be used for food delivery as well as a man suspected of robbing a convenience store and arizona is shot by police after leading off some high-speed chase.
9:53 am
>>mark: police said the man tried to rob a convenience store and got into the u haul the chase lasted over an hour when he finally stopped to get into another vehicle police said there was a woman and child and dozens of police shot the man he was sent to the hospital and is expected to survive. as the kron 4
9:54 am
9:55 am
[take sot]çááásot fulláááñ >>mark: the next year about saw the look of a lot like this year's box office. >>reporter: is help business dominates the domestic box office the biopic about neil
9:56 am
armstrong the first person to walk on the moon.
9:57 am
>>mark: watching bay area weather into next year cold showers on tuesday said looks mainly dry as we headed to new year's eve will shun the fireworks live from the ferry building that is new year's live starting at 1115 tomorrow night that is it for us if our next newscast the death 5:00 this evening a reminder you can stay connected with us in the time of our global application facebook and twitter dr. phil is coming up next have a safe new year's eve.
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