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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 31, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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oakland city officials are making their own moves to keep the team in the bay area.whoosh "'you dont look like you're from around here..."the super bowl beer ad with a poignant message about immigration. you're watching kron four news in prime time. president trump reveals judge neil gorsuch is his pick for the supreme court. a decision he says fulfills a promise he made to americans. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. and i'm pam moore. this process is far from over.. the selection sets up a tough fight ahead in congress .... for his actual confirmation.
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grant lodes is here to break down today's big announcement. the pick itself is not at all a shock. the president is relpacing justice antonin scalia, who died suddenly nearly one year ago...with another conservative...neil gorsuch. he made the announcement tonight in prime time at the white house. gorsuch is a judge on the 10th circuit court of appeals in denver. the 49-year-old supports religious freedom...he's thought to be pro life...and like the majority of the supreme court, is harvard educated.
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now the question much of fight will democrats in the senate mount? with three court members in their 80's or near 80...all three liberal or moderate...pres ident trump could easily have one or more additional appointments...and those could really shift the way the court leans. some think the demoncrats should wait to make a stand. but many democrats are still bitter. last year, republicans refused to consider president obama's nominee for the seat....merrick garland. that was a big gamble leading up to the election, and it worked out for the g-o-p. with the president's nomination of neil
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gorsuch to the supreme court, people on both sides of the very emotional debate over abortion. have different reactions. kron four's spencer blake spoke with pro-life and pro-choice advocates today.. and he is here now.spencer, this is a very pertinent debate any time there is a change in the supreme court. it is because it would take the supreme court itself to challenge the case that legalized abortion - roe versus wade.but what the court áwill do is a matter of differing opinion from both sides of the issue. though i spoke to walk for life volunteer vivian dudroand pro-choice advocate amy everitt each ábefore president trump officially announced the nomination of judge gorsuch, their thoughts on the future didn't hinge much on áwhich candidate he chose.they both have a feeling abortion will be a major topic for the new court."the right of abortion isn't in the constitution, according to the kind of scholars that i think president trump is probably looking at.""during the campaign he said he was going to nominate anti-choice
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justices who would overturn roe versus wade."but the degree of change we might see is where they differ most. dudro says any reasonable person would agree that even constitutional rights have reasonable limits to them.she thinks, if gorsuch is a justice who wants to send abortion law back to the ástate level, that would be good for the country, because the people would be more involved in the political process on the matter."these types of things will be allowed to be discussed, and not cut off at the kneecaps because it's a constitutional right, which in some people's minds means an absolute right." everitt, who is the state director for the national association for the repeal of abortion laws, thinks gorsuch will team up with conservative justices roberts and alitowhich could mean big changes."it has been both of their life missions to overturn roe vs. wade. so i think they will definitely try and take up cases that would eradicate roe or at least eviscerate it."but she does point out that in last year's whole women's health case, the eight-person court went 5-3 on the decision saying texas placed undue burden on those seeking an maybe
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overturning roe won't be so easy."it really depends on what the case is and what's at stake in the case and what the court - where anthony kennedy is going to come down."though dudro would like the court to re-examine roe v. wade, even she doesn't think it will ever fully be overturned.whatever happens, she just hopes both sides can listen, and respect and understand one another."to take aim and appoint a supreme court justice where that is their mission is going to be a drastic mistake for this administration because it is so out of step with where america is today.""you wanna make sure that the laws of the community do the utmost in preserving human life." dudro points to certain aspects of abortion that might change, rather than the overall legality of it - things like late-term abortions and parental involvement for minors seeking an abortion. a legal battle with the president of the united states. leaders with the city of san francisco say, that is what they are doing in order to keep the city safe. today the city attorney filed
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the lawsuit... it takes aim at one of the president's recent orders targeting sanctuary cities. kron-4's haaziq madyun reports president donald trump you have been officially put on notice by the city of san francisco"i am announcing today that i have filed a federal lawsuit against president donald trump""we are ready to fight to keep our city safe"at issue; the january 25th signing of this presidential executive order, titled enhancing public safety in the interior of the united states. under section 2, subsection c of the policy it reads..."ensure that jurisdictions that fail to comply with applicable federal law do not receive federal funds, except as mandated by law"san francisco city attorney dennis herrera says the exective order is... "attempting to deprive san francisco and other cities of billions of dollars in federal funding because of our sanctuary status"on tuedsay herrera filed this law suit
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against president trump and his administration claiming the executive order targets sanctuary cities and is unconstitutional"no president can commandeer the local police force and turn it into the deportation arm of the federal government, president trump's executive order tries to turn city and state employees into federal immigration officers that is unconstitutional"san francisco stands to loose over 1.2 billion dollars a year in federal funding, most of which is used for health care, nutrition and other safety net programs "that is why i have said that we should be ready, everybody in our city should be ready, whether it is on the health care front, the homeless front, on the civil rights front, or the immigrant front, we have to be ready and this is why we have been preparing for this"san francisco is not alone. three states, massachusetts, new york and washington state have filed legal challenges to president trump's executive orders. and now san francisco is joinging the legal san francisco haaziq madyun
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kron4news good news for "oakland" raiders fans tonight. the raiders to las vegas deal is looking less and less likely. a day after billionaire sheldon adelson pulled out of the plan reports now say that the other big financial backer, goldman sachs, isn't on board either. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story tonight and joins us live from oakland. j.r. one week ago it looked as though this move was a sure thing. tonight a different story. 650 million dollars that was on the table. now off the table.sheldon adelson withdrew from the deal yesterday after learning the raiders on thursday presented a draft lease agreement to the las vegas stadium authority without the family's
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involvement or knowledge and it didn't include him in the deal. reports say it did include a loan from goldman sachs, who now is reportedly saying they are out. there is 750 million in public money in this project, 500 million from the raiders and nfl, but it is 650 million short of the 1.9 billion dollar plan. tonight i spoke with oakland city council member larry reid who is working on a plan with multiple agencies to keep the raiders here in oakland. he has a request of the nfl tonight.last night the raiders issued a statement
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saying they are committed to las vegas. i reached out to them tonight and didn't receive a comment back. live in alameda, j.r. stone kron 4 news. toss weather rain moves in tomorrow night until friday with another system this weekend. san leandro police are san leandro san leandro police are
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looking for thieves suspected of stealing more than 2-dozen license plates from parked cars. in just the last ten days... the department says, it has received more than 25-reports about stolen license plates. the problem seems to be centered in the broadmoor neighborhood of san leandro. investigators say, they are unsure why anyone would steal this many plates... but speculate, the plates could be sold as novelty items... or on more serious note ... they could be attached to cars used in crimes. have you seen this man? bart police are asking for the public's help identifying this man. bart police say he is under investigation for sexual battery. no other details have been released at this time - including where
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and when the incident occurred. but police ask if you recognize this man - to contact bart police. officers were able to locate a kidnapping victim... after a crash in sonoma county. it happened on kastania road, near highway 101 in petaluma. c-h-p officers say, 54-year- old douglas stevenson was driving under the influence, when he ran off the road. stevenson and his female passenger were severely injured in the crash. when officers arrived they discovered that the woman had been kidnapped from outside a homeless shelter in san francisco. stevenson was later arrested for felony d-u-i and kidnapping. the investigation is ongoing. ahead at eight.. the search is on tonight for an inmate who escaped police custody in the east bay. how the man got away from officers. a multi-million dollar project to upgrade the san rafael bridge put on hold. the unusual reason behind
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the delay. and next.. the long -awaited trial of sierra lamar's accused killer. today, defense attorneys told the jury, there is no evidence she was ever murdered.
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she was murdered. that is part of the dramatic opening statement from the defense attorney of antolin garcia torres. he's the man accused of murdering 15 year old sierra lamar. kron-4's rob fladeboe is tracking the trial ...and tells us what happened as opening statements wrapped up ááááááthe conclusion of opening staements on tuesday foretold a case that will focus heavily on forensic evidence. the jury told by the prosecution about a stun gun used in earlier attacks on other women that had the defendant's fingerprint on it, about his dna on sierra lamar's clothing and her dna on a hair found in his car. the defense in turn asserting there's an innocent explanation for the fingerprint, that dna the evidence was cross- contaminated by sloppy handling and lacks blood or other evidence that sierra lamar was killed. former prosecutor steven clark.sot steven clark/legal analyst
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shown here at a previous court hearing, antolin garcia torres stands accused of the march 2012 murder of then 15-year- old sierra lamar, who vanished on her way to school near her home in morgan hill. her body has never been found. family friend roger nelson is among thoseattending the trial.sot roger nelson/lamar family friendthe jury was told it will hear from as many as 100 witnesses in a trial that could take months. much of that testimony expected to revolve around the credibility of circumstantial evidence and statements made by garcia torres to investigators before and after his arrest. the 25 year year old admitted to being on the road where sierra was last seen but claims he was going fishing.
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police in the east bay are searching for an inmate. . . who escaped from custody in hayward. this morning. . . 27-year-old prisoner shawn new. . .escaped while being transported on i-880. kentucky officers left the santa rita jail. . . and were on their way to s-f-o. . .to catch a flight to the state of kentucky. . .where he is wanted. police say new was handcuffed at the time he jumped out of the car. he was previously convicted of credit card fraud. . .along with other violations here in california. trt:08/ "traffic type violations" authorities don't know whether the escape was planned or a
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spur of the moment decision either way, once captured. . .new will also face escape charges in california. a hummingbird's nest seems to be halting upgrades on the richmond-san rafael bridge. preliminary steps to the $70-million-dollar project are ready. . . but it's just not enough to get started. hummingbirds are a protected species under the migratory bird treaty act.the discovered nest . .currently houses an egg . .it's all up to the bird.. . officials say the discovery could set the upgrade back a few weeks.the project is set to install a path on the upper deck. . .for bikers.another change includes adding a third lane to the lower deck. toss weather
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rain moves in tomorrow night until friday with another system this weekend. is beer giant
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budweiser getting political? the new commercial for football's big game ---that's stirring discussion.
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here's what we're tracking tonight at ten... remembering the ghost ship fire... nearly two months after that deadly man who crawled on his hands and knees to escape the flames, just woke up after five weeks in a coma. hear from his family about the challenges he still faces on the road to recovery.that's new tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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president trump's next immigration order could be bad news for the tech sector here in the bay area. documents obtained by our partners at c=n=n suggest.... the administration is looking to
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change how h=one=b work visas are given out, or limit how many will be available every year. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate talked to people in the tech scene who say, this could hurt innovation here, and the overall u.s. economy. the fear of president trump going after h-1b visas hits home for venky ganesan, managing director of menlo ventures, a prominent venture capital firm in silicon valley. sot - venky ganesan, managing director of menlo ventures, a venture-capital firm in silicon valley only 65,000 h-1b visas are given out a yeartech companies here have already been saying that's not enough for them to compete to keep silicon valley the capital of innovation and technology... and now the thought of even less really scares them.sot - venky ganesan, we don't yet know when or if president trump will announce changes to h-1b visas it's possible he has heard the uproar from the tech community. top republican speaker of the house paul ryan addressed the executive order sot paul ryan sot - venky ganesan, venky is hoping silicon valley and the white
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house can work together. in menlo park gabe slate kron 4 news. don't call don't call it a ban.
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ahead at eight.. the white house sends a message to the media... although... the same officials don't seem to be playing by their own rules. california colleges could soon see a hike in tuition. when students might be the president's decision to fire the acting attorney general .. sets off a political firestorm in washington.
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president trump's choice of neil gorsuch for the supreme court could face a filibuster by congressional democrats.
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they have already walked out of hearings for two cabinet nominees. catherine heenan shows us how partisan rhetoric is reaching new heights ... under a president who campaigned against politics as usual. minority leader "here we are, two weeks into the new trump administration and we're already on the cusp of a constitutional crisis. we are already in a crisis of competence."a controversial immigration ban .... and the firing of the justice department official who refused to defend it ... touched off a firestorm on capitol hill. "donald trump has essentially stepped in to office and shredded the constitution."acting attorney general sally yates was dismissed with strikingly harsh language.reporter: "why use the word 'betrayal'?"sean spicer/white house press secretary: "because the department's job is to execute - i mean they're the department of justice and if you have a legally executed order and the attorney general says i'm not going to execute it that truly is, that clearly is a betrayal."at her confirmation hearing two years ago, republicans were
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pressing yates to stand up to the president alabama if the views the president wants to execute are unlawful, should the attorney general or the deputy attorney general say no?" "senator, i believe the attorney general or the deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their independent legal advice to the president." sessions is now trump's nominee to lead the justice department.senator the white house has a message about president trump's executive immigration order... stop calling it a ban. white house press
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secretary sean spicer and the new homeland security secretary have both insisted it's not a ban. and that barring travel from seven muslim majority countries does not amount to a ban. however ...the president himself has called it a ban twice. as did sean spicer on himself. ,. record high enrollment numbers at california state universities... could mean a tuition raise for its 23- campuses. in march... university leaders will vote on whether to impose the change... making it the
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first tuition hike in six- years for the nation's largest public university system. the proposed annual hike would increase the current undergrad tuition by 270- dollars for the 20-17 - 20-18 school year. current tuition is just over 54- hundred dollars. according to the c-s-u's vice chancellor... record high enrollment numbers and insufficient state funding ... could leave no other option but to raise tuition. toss weather rain moves in tomorrow night until friday with another system this weekend.
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new tonight at eight: budweiser gets political for this year's super bowl. but the company says, the timing of its national immigration conversation... is simply coincidental. grant is here with the commercial that lots of people are sharing and talking about on social media. this budweiser commercial tells the
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story of company co-founder, adolphus busch, as he emigrates from germany to the united states. the ad of course comes
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amid widespread protests over president trump's controversial immigration ban, but budweiser insists the ad is just a coincidence and that it focuses on the universal story of the immigrant. if you want to watch it again or share
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still ahead at 8. a seven year old discovers a bag full of cash. but it's what he did with it that has people applauding. and next. a restaurant's sign goes viral...the negative message it displayed... and how the company is responding to the backlash.
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in south carolina... a restaurant sign has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. a simple mistake caused customers to call for boycotts.. and threatened to report the restaurant to federal authorities. the owners of kenny's homecooking bought a help wanted sign on e-bay. but the issue with the sign is that it said minorities need not apply. according to the owners they misunderstood the sign being that english isn't their first language. once they
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realized their mistake... they took it down and replaced the sign with an apology. but some customers say they are not buying it. a seven-year-old south carolina boy found a bag of stolen money in the trash - and while most kids would keep itthis boy knew to do the right started when griffin steele and his father shane stopped at a gas station to put some air in their tires. when griffin got out if the car he found a 20 dollar bill with red dye on it. when he looked into a nearby trash can he realized the entire trashcan was filled with money. "i had some wrapping from my gatorade bottle so i went to the trash can and i threw it in and there was tons of money in there with red dye on it." "he says dad, this whole trash can's full of money." instead of taking the money- they called the police and found out they were looking for 35 year old brian
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humphreys, junior. humphreys has been named as a suspect in two bank robberies in the last week. police are still looking for him.authorities did not say how much money griffin found. in sports... tom brady gets emotional when talking about his family.. especially his father...... and gary gives his take on the raiders financial woes in trying to get a stadium in las vegas... that and all the sports... coming up what are you doing up? mom said i could have a midnight snack. it's not even midnight, it's ten forty-three. well, let's have a ten forty-three snack. quietly, though. okay. yeah. mmmm.
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. the raiders proposed move to
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las vegas is getting more tenuous by the dayyesterday after the major financial backer for a stadium in las vegas sheldon adelson backed out of the deal word was that raiders owner mark davis could replace the $650 million contrbution to the $1.9 billion facility with backing from goldman sakstoday reports are goldman saks won't do the deal without adelson involved they obviously want to make sure they get their 650- million back and without adelson backing it they don't want to commit that kind of moneynow that it appears the raiders may have to go back to the drawing board on the vegas stadium deal chris dobbins of "save oakland sports" talked about what it may mean for those working to keep the team in oakland é"without the financing there, it would definitely cause me to be concerned and that doesn't even include the relocation fee that we are gonna get a chunk of, so where's mr. davis gonna get his money from? we know that oakland is a great market for him, they've been successful there, even when they haven't done well on the field, so if i'm an nfl owner, i'm looking at this and saying, 'hey, i'm not voting for this. we need to keep the raiders in oakland." super bowl media day went off last nightand making the
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rounds was a fan wearing a tom brady mask reaction to the mask it that it looks a bit "creepy" in that it is so realisticthe fan was actually a staff member of bleacher report the creepy brady mask atook a month to make and includes real hair at one point the "fake brady" caught they eye of the real tom brady who was amused by the mimickeryas for the real brady he got a bit choked up last night when asked who his hero is
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our nextstar crews are in houston and got an early peek of the field at nrg stadium on which the super bowl will be played on sundaythe patriots won super bowl 38 here but there was natural grass then instead of the field turfthat is there now will be decided sunday whether to open the retractable roof for the game right now on stub-hub a lower level seat is going for 7,400 dollars
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lebron's response"i'm not the one who threw somebody through a window. i never spit on a kid. i never had unpaid debt in las vegas... i never showed up to all-star weekend on sunday because i was in vegas all weekend partying." kevin durant...made hundreds of san francisco kids smile today. the warriors
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all-star and assistant coach ron adams....visited the students of bret harte elementary school. durant and adams read stories to the children.... as part of a 'read to achieve' rally. and finally farewell to one of the great ones brent musberger on the right alongside jay bilas announced his final game tonight the georgia-kentucky basketball game on espnafter 48 years in sports broadcasting the 77-year old is retiring he plans to get into the sports handicapping businessmusburger came to prominence as part of cbs's program in the 1980's. 1980's.
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tonight at 10 this land is owned by nobody so technically it's still indigious landa city park in west oakland, taken over by wooden homes, a kitchen and even a shower but who does park belong to i'll explore in the next edition of people behaving badly catch stanley and all the days big stories including gary's sports and brittney's four-zone forecast. be sure to tune into kron 4 news at ten...right here on the bay area's news station. last weather and goodbye
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