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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 1, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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i decided to just show everyon. >> mrs. carter gave a peek of what we now know is a baby bump. >> she and jay-z saying we are incredibleably grateful that our family will be growing by two. beyonce has been open about wanting to add to their family. >> you want more in. >> of course. i don't know how many. god knows i don't know yet. but i definitely want to have more. >> when do we see the new momma next? >> on february 12, b is up for nine grammy award. last night ways with the executive producer of the grammys and he played coy big time. >> what is the word on beyonce? is she coming? maybe? i would love it see beyonce perform, i think. >> would you? >> as i think everybody in the world would. besides next week's grammy, beyonce is scheduled to head this year's co-cello music
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festival if april. that would be a very pregnant beyonce getting in formation on that stage. that performance is up in the air. >> why does the run always cooe? >> apparent rum was gone but the vino was not. >> johnny depp spending a fortune on wine every month. >> losing a legal battle with his former manager on why his money is disappearing and we have court papers on alleging he lives a life only sparrow can dream of. >> with the red wine, you know -- [ inaudible ] >> a glass of bordeaux is one thing but a lawsuit alleges that johnny depp is so passionate about wine that spent $30,000 a month to have best wines flown to him from around the world. that's just one of the startling claims in this just filed counter suit by dep's former management company. comes about two weeks after dep sued them alleging the company grossly mismanaged his earnings.
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now the company says it is all him and their filing is pretty detailed. depp spent $150,000 a month on $200,000 a m on private planes. and $18 million on 150-foot yacht. >> you are are without a doubt the worst pilot. >> but have you heard of me. >> pirates of the caribbean star allegedly spent $75 million to acquire improve and furnish 14 different residences, including this breathtaking chateau on the south of france. this penthouse lost in downtown l.a. and this private island if the bahamas. >> the one place we're guaranteed we can take the kiddies to the beach without a bunch of lenses popping up. ? and spending millions in expensive art collection including arts by worhol. and a suit claiming that depp
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played over $3 million to blast thompson ae's ashes in the shape after fist from a tower if colorado. it is talked about in this documentary. >> he brought it up now and again. he knew i was the only one perhaps loyal enough and perhaps insane enough to attempt it. >> definitely right about that. more news now. you may have seen a report today that brad pitt has gone to rehab. but a source tells us that is not true. and as for a report that angelina wants $100,000 a month in child support, brad is not aware of any child support request from her. >> the ad in the super bowl doubled in the last decade it $5 million for just 30 second of air time. and you know, big money brings big stars. kevin frazier has details from super bowl central. >> at rg stadium, home of super bowl 51, i'm at the nfl experience. this is gathering all week long. besides the big game in the
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halftime performance there is also commercials on super bowl sunday and you will see big stars like justin timberlake, melissa mccarthy, even lady gaga. which stars will do it best? don't worry, we're taking care of you with the super bowl commercial cheat sheet. >> okay, melissa, now the rhinos need saving. >> rhinos? >> melissa on the run, falles from a giant tree. facees a cracking iceberg. and get thrown by a whale. thanks to a lot of cgi and this awesome body double melissa wins for most painfully funny super bowl ad but then there's jt doing this. ♪ ♪ all suave. wearing a red velvet blazer in front of the fire place. yeah, his spot for buy water is the one all the ladies want to see. ♪ ♪ ♪ right before she pours at halftime lady gaga will be in this, look out guys, because your woman will want a little
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blue box ad for tiffanys. >> i think it is empowering and important and i'm coming for you. >> of course have you cat videos, shirtless man candy. tom brady. even hot mr. clean. but the just so whacky it works winner is jop love its trying to hypnotize you to buy -- >> avocados. delicio delicious. >> the most stunts goes with it ad that happens when wonder woman meets expendables star jason stage am. victoria secret model and cam newton, here is a little bit behind the scenes on the making of. >> the super bowl commercial is amazing. >> good looking view there. that's a buick. and i'm a super model. >> nice play! >> miranda? >> now tomorrow we hear from lady gaga. what does she have planned for the halftime show? we will try to find out. nischelle? >> i want it know if she will be
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up on that roof. have fun in h-town. this season of the latbachelor become all about corinne, the bad girl on the show. is this the real corps corinne? this is what she says about ellen. >> i'm very entertaining. >> shave you stank face. who is funny now? i laugh very hard at myself. wow, i didn't know i was that funny. >> number two, she said she doesn't have any regrets. >> i was a little more promiscuous than i thought. >> were you drunk? >> there is alcoholic beverages. but i did know my limit. i never took it too far where i would like black out or something. >> that's great. that's a good line. >> number three, corinne says we are only seeing one side of her
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personality. >> i'm not like a fake. >> there are other sides to me. >> what sides didn't we see? >> well -- i'm an older sister. i run a business. i am an athlete. i work out everyday. i have a trainer. >> what about her nanny? >> you have a nanny? do you have kids? >> no. >> the 25-year-old cleared that one up, too. >> she raised my sister. helped my mom through cancer. nanny is like a word i use for her because i have a lot of respect for her. she is like a mother figure to me. so i don't really like to say cleaning lady or housekeeper. >> and finally, she has a crush. and it is not on nick. >> nick or drake? >> oh -- >> nick. >> you add d in your mouth. you had a d in your mouth.hadd .
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you had a d in your mouth. d in. you had a d in your mouth. >> sorry. >> yellen for the win. you did. >> did you know the bachelor isn't corinne's first? we are uncovering her music past. you might be surprised which other stars are in videos? who did we catch learning how to drive as chrissy teeing lan returns to her modeling roots after having baby. how much skin was she willing to show? >> how pelggy is pushing the envelope in a brand-new show. >> tomorrow, an entertainment tonight exclusive. >> the ambulance came and pa paramedics stabilized him. everything seemed fine. >> alan thicke's son, reveals everything. carter's interview about his father's tragic death. his heart breaking last words. >> i got to say i love you and
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that is the last time i saw him. >> tomorrow, only on "e.t." >>'s w he was like the perfect . >> closed captioning provided by --
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the space between us stars, brooke rob
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that is victoria secret model trying to get her california driver's license. the russian beauty was spotted with boyfriend badly cooper's home in cove palisades. she will drive that baby around when she arrives later this year. meanwhile, kim kardashian
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dealing with her paris robbery. a source tells "e.t." that kim did meet today with judge and attorneys to answerstions about the incident and try to help identify the robbers. the source adds kim will be shown photos of suspects to see if any of them look familiar. investigators officially charged ten people in connection with the october heist. a kardashian source tells "e.t." kim wasn't aware of how many people were involved. she thought there were only two robbers because that's all she saw in her room that night. our source says kim may testify tomorrow and is cooperating every step of the way. and kerry washington scandal cover-up continues. kerry gave birth to her son in october but the shots were before then so much of olivia pope is behind three different flowy looks. >> a lot of capes and ponchos. and purses. >> you look beautifully pregnant. >> now peggy bundy armed and
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dangerous? >> i get to carry a gun. which is fun. >> 30 years after married with children, katie seagull is in a new sitcom. a chicago cop. and this show also pushes the envelope. >> they aren't afraid with what is going on in the real world. >> oh, i just turned my back on a chicago cop. >> at 53, katie isn't the only one onset. john hire, is 81. neither can avoid the real props. >> we're picking at the apple fritters. we are. all of us. >> still ahead, chrissy teigen is back in a swimsuit. surprises from her "sports illustrated" cover shoot. >> oh, my gosh. i was not prepared for that. >> then -- >> i see you. >> no, we see you, corinne, in a rap video. the bad girl secret past. which one of nick's other ladies starred in a country music video? >> and we talk to the woman behind the 50 shades phenomenon.
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sharing secrets. >> check please.
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♪ ♪ now, chrissy teigen bares almost all for "sports illustrated's" new swimsuitish puyallup we ha issue. >> chrissy is on the beaches of the island near bali. just six months after having luna. we hear she had to be talked out of a wearing a one piece. >> the tinier the suit, the smaller and hotter you look. oh, i hate that. >> you can see more of chrissy's photo shoot when the making of "sports illustrated" swimsuit 2017 airs exclusively on directv now later this month. >> i forgot how stupid this is, just pop yyur ass all day. it is exhausting. >> i know, chrissy, right? now look who else has been modeling he swim suites. that's america's favorite, corinne. in a photo shoot that just surfaced from before she joined
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the bachelor. that's not all he is sshe was u before reality tv. corinne, like so many contestant, has a music video past. yep, that's corinne. chilling on juicy j's music video. from 2011, way before the 25-year-old was stirring up trouble on the bachelor. considering corinne loves napping on shot, we are pretty sure they didn't need a lot of practice for her to be in the video which she sat down, put her head back with eyes closed. and a country music video. that's 31-year-old danielle, neonatal nurse, dancing with schwi swindell. she auditioned, won the part and shot the video this past summer before meeting nick. and remember juan pablo with b
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dubbed one of the most hated bachelors ever? he played the love interest in megan lindhy megan lindsay latest video. and luke who almost got bachelor instead of nick was in a lipstick video after rapping the bachel bachelorette with jo jo. he is now focussing on his own country music career. >> more good music, the tracks from 50 shades has taylor swift, zayn malik, and a whole lot more. hitting theaters a week from friday and this morning we got a visit from the woman responsible for the entire 50 shades phenomenon, author e.l. james. >> take them o off. >> right here? >> in here. >> how did dakota and jamie turn up on onscreen heat this time around? >> they just, they force it
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110%. >> you have to whisper that. >> it's hot. >> it is great. they are really good sports and they threw themselves into it. >> did you know if taylor was fan of the books or first movie? >> she used the book in the video. and i said, oh please. >> i had this vision of taylor's girl squad sitting around watching the movie. >> i hope they really enjoyed it. >> you think you're the first woman who tried to save him? >> kim basinger. >> such an awesome lady. the ultimate professional. she was wonderful. >> playing christian gray's mysterious former lover. back in the '80s, "nine and half weeks." did that have something to do
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with her being cast? >> absolutely. she is iconic. >> she is a goddess. >> i don't know whether to worship at your feet or spank you. >> any kind of pull back factor for some of the love scenes? >> a very sensual film. but can't show everything. other words it would be an x-rated movie. >> a trilogy selling more than 100 million copies. but people want to know, will there be more? >> i don't know. maybe one day. but, no. i have other things i would like to write. >> so there is a chance. >> but i would like to do -- i have other things. i have written he another novel as well. >> fans are hoping. >> we liky. >> e.l. told me of all the fan mail she gets, the romance appeals to them more than the sex. >> okay. >> valentine's day is less than two weeks away. i know vanessa will be very
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happy. >> she is going to be. i'm still working on it. >> i thought you were setting the bar high. we asked stars how this he would celebrate. >> what is the best valentine's gift you ever received? >> oh, when ways like eight, my mom would give us valentine agifts and she gave us this really cute outfit. in hindsight, not cute. >> a long time. from my husband. is that wrong? i've een married 17 years. >> i do like ruby's. >> jewel he. >> we hateamed up with zale's, e diamond store, to add sparkle to your val entire's day. from this elegant necklace to this amazing ring. this will help celebrate your lasting love. >> a girl can never have too many diamond, but i am falling for this ring. it sparkles from every angle. i think i found the one. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a controversial speaker fuels a violent protest at u-c berkeley === fires... broken glass, fireworks, and police in riot gear. rain returns to the bay area after a brief dry spell. how long you can expect it to stick around. i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore.
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kardashian's toned-down style. why she is changing up her look. all on >> travel consideration provided by -- pf
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. on "e.t." -- >> gaga how was it? >> we're with lady gaga and luke brian. beyonce expecting twins. details toll on "e.t." >> tomorrow, a big day from houston. we will hear from lady gaga but also i have a major star coming with me and we are going to take our visa payment ring and go and surprise a few lucky fans. it is a special day. you don't want to miss it. nischelle? >> don't forget your girl back here. i coul people are angry people are screaming.breaking news in berkeley ... a fiery protest against a right wing
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provacatueuruh oh protesters are beginning to shoot fireworks at the officers.... kron four takes you into the heart of the violence as demonstrators confront riot police at the u=c student union. that breaking news out of the east bay. where a controversial speaker's presence incites a violent protest and lockdown on the u-c berkeley campus. you're looking at the chaos that unfolded in the past few hours. protesters shattered glass, set fires, and shot fireworks at police officers. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. we've been brining you this breaking news since five o'clock...things turned violent around six. tonight kron-4's alecia reid joins us live from where the protest happened alecia what's it look like out there now


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