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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 2, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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night's protest running well into the six figures.tonight ... the backlash.this is one for donald trump and milo yiannopulous, zero for the protesters.whooshon the peninsula today ... we are here today to seek justice for harleya plea for help from the parents of a hit and run victim whooshand in the sierra ... stunning results from the state's latest snow survey. you're watching kron four news in prime time. violence erupts on the campus of u-c berkeley. protests turn to chaos last night. now president trump is sounding off. and threatening to pull federal funding from the university. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. that protest over the planned
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speech of controversial far-right journalist milo yiannopoulos. the violence...forcing the school to cancel his speech. grant lodes is tracking the president's response to the protest....some thing he's describing as anti-free speech. it was this morning...about 12 hours after a peaceful protest at uc berkeley broke into anarchy... when president trump took to twitter threatening to pull federal funds from cal saying "if u.c. berkeley does not allow free speech and practicrs violence on innocent people with a different point of view - no federal funds?" lt governor gavin newsom tweeted... as a uc regent i'm appalled at your willingness to deprive over 38-thousand students access to an education because of the actions of a few. congresswoman barbara lee...from oakland... followed
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with.... president trump doesn't have a license to blackmail universities. he's the president not a dictator and his empty threats are an abuse of power. right now uc berkeley gets about 600 million dollars annually in federal funds 200 million for student financial aid and 400 million dollars for research the cal berkeley spokesman says about 40 percent of students there get financial aid...and they would be affected by federal funds being pulled. he also points out...there's no indication that any u-c students took part in the violent portion of the protest.
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there is extensive damage following last night's u-c berkeley protest spilled into the streets. several banks were closed today - and you can see why. the a-t-m's were smashed in, as well as the main window front. across the street, the chase bank was also hit hard. police counted vandalism at about half a dozen banks . now businesses are left to clean up.kron 4's alecia reid spoke with the downtown berkeley association....and joins us live tonight ... how bad is the damage? there were 11 businesses hit in the downtown area some of the stores were hit harder than others. there were 11 businesses hit in the downtown area some of the stores were hit harder than others.the starbucks on center and oxford got some pretty severe was closed today as construction crews boarded up windows and worked inside.berkeley has a
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history of free speech, activism and protest, and the city wants to make sure that all those causes are still honored but the c-e-o of the downtown berkeley association tells me they need to figure out a way to protect businesses during protests. they haven't assessed overall damage as of yet the mayor sat down with a couple of business owners to see if there's some way the city can help.and of course there is insurance, but there's still a matter of paying business owners will have to come out of pocket some way or the other to pay for these damages. the last time downtown berkeley saw destruction like this, was during occupy 2 years ago. back then, twice as many stores were targeted.sot - the downtown berkeley association will be sitting down with city officials and businesses in the coming weeks and months to figure out a way to help protect their properties should there be another violent protest.reporting live in berkeley.. some of them were hit pretty bad and hit last itmejust a big bank or property doesnt mean it should
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get hitwere a diverse community and that means respecting all the participants in the community the downtown berkeley association will be sitting down with city officials and businesses in the coming weeks and months to figure out a way to help protect their properties should there be another violent protest. reporting live in berkeley.. police arrested two men today who attacked a president trump supporter at u-c berkeley. the 21 year old student was wearing a "make america great again" cap on his way to class. that's when an s-u-v suddenly stopped...and two men ran toward the student. they pummeled him before getting back in their car and driving off. but police were able to catch up with them. rain returning to the bay area... with showers overnight last night.
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kron-4' meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with how long it's expected to stick around. light spotty showers continue
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new tonight, san bruno police are asking for the public's help in finding the driver of a car that hit and killed a 29-year-old woman back in december. investigators say.... this is a case of hit- and- run and they are now hoping someone may have information that could help solve this case. kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight in san bruno. today, he attended a news conference at police headquarters. charles , we understand the victim's parents are also speaking out?
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natsthursday afternoon, the parents of 29-year-old carly flynn talked about how their daughter was the light of their lives. they describe a kind soul who loved animals and painting.sotshe was the kindest person you would ever meetback on december 19th, carly had walked from her home here near cherry avenue and san pablo avenue to get a coffee at starbucks. according to investigators, around 530pm she was crossing san pablo on her way back home, when she was struck by a mid size white suv making a left hand turn onto san pablo from cherry avenue. the driver of that vehicle then fled the scene. carly was transported to the hospital with critical injuries and died three days later. in the six weeks since her passing, investigators have not yet identified a suspect in this case. they do say that the intersection were carly was struck was busy that evening and they are now hoping that
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someone with information will come forward.soteven if you think you have information of little or no value. we want to talk to you.following the press conference, carly's parents sat down with kron 4 to deliver a strong message to the person who killed their daughter.sotcome forward. it's not to late to redeem yourself. sotturn your self in. give carly some peace and us closure.d
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new tonight at eight... an east bay man is in jail.. accused of running over his girlfried, killing her.authorities say, it appears to be a domestic incident. kron 4's lydia pantazes is live at the san leandro police department. lydia.. neighbors are really upset about this? i spoke with neighbors who did not want to go on camera they told me you could hear the couple fighting in their home...this is where it happened, on the 400 block of ruth court.neighbors say the suspect... 26-year old kevin veladco lived in this duplex with the victim, his woman told me she saw them fighting outside the home and when velasco tried to leave, she jumped on the car.the witness then told me the next thing she knew the victim was under the car.when emergency responders arrived the woman was trapped under the car and unresponsive... she died at the scene.we spoke with an organization that helps victims of domestic violence who says this could have been liz varela/building futures with
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women and children"it could have been avoided if people knew where to get help and if folks know what the warning signs are when things start to escalate and how to deescalate when things start getting into threats of violence and violence."velasco has not been charged but he is in jail and facing charges of homicide, felony domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon. reporting live in san leandro, lydia pantazes kron4 news. today was the fourth day in the murder trial of antolin garcia -torres.... he is accused in the 2012 murder of south bay teen sierra lamar. one of sierra's classmates testified today saying .... lamar was very active on social media. legal analyst steven clark says, the prosecution is showing how odd it was for sierra not to send any texts or call or post anything after her disappearance. today, the defense continued to scrutinize deputy sheriff's in
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the case saying, they did not handle the evindence properly early on .. sierra's parents were both in court today .. neither has yet been called to testify .. torres has been charged with her murder, although her body has never been found. the trial is taking friday off and will pick up on monday.. bigger than columbine. that's how students described a plot to attack ther school. ahead at eight.. how police discovered the plans of two teens ... for violence in southern california. the most snow recorded in more than 20 years. california's snowpack soars... but is it enough to bust the drought? and next. two robbers attack an elderly woman on her daily walk.
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now--- only on kron-4 ... her daughter wants you to help catch the attackers. did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. go to for a store near you. a grandmother in pinole -
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out for her daily walk - was seriously injured during a
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purse snatching and the incident was captured on video... now, the victim's daughter wants to alert the community about what happened.. she shares her story exclusively .. with kron4's haaziq madyun. this surveillance video shows 71-year-old martha monterrosa walking home, when suddenly 2 robbers run up to her from behind, rob her of her purse, one robber snatching the purse in front of her, while the second robber pushes her very hard from behind forcing her to the groundmartha monterrosa has been hospitalized ever sinceyou want to tell the story of what happened to your mom...why?"because i don't want this to happen to anyone else"monterrosa's daughter janet o'leary says this happened monday around 11:30am here on rafaela street in pinole"they took her purse with all of maybe $25 dollars, everybody loves her and every body knows her in pinole""i've seen her walking up and down
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the street yes"richard millhollin helped monterrosa in the video you see the suspect vehicle, described as a silver or gold toyota sienna drive "it appears it was a random crime"investigators have limited info on the three suspects other than what you see in this video"yes, it's very unusual for the city of pinole for a crime like this to happen"janet is showing me cellphone video of her mom doing some salsa dancing"she is a very active independent lady, i'm shattered this is heart breaking for all of us" she says her family wants to get this information out there so that something like this won't happen to anyone else. if you think you know the people responsible for this, pinole police would like to hear from pinole haaziq madyun kron4news police in southern california have stopped a plot to shoot up a high school... and police say, the students planning it allegedly said, it would have been bigger than columbine. extra school resource officers
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in bullet- proof vests .. on the campus of troy high school in fullerton. two days after another student overheard two teens talking about their plan for a school shooting. the two students were questioned by police and admitted their plan to the officers. investigators also learned.. the two had recently searched online for weapons and information on school shootings. the 16-year- olds have now been arrested and charged with making criminal threats and conspiracy to commit a felony. there's good news for california's drought conditions... recent measurements show there's more snow in the sierra then in more than 20-years. the department of water resources was out measuring the snowpack today. the latest numbers put snow drifts at 173-percent of average. water resources say this is a positive turn towards lifting the drought emergency in place since 20-14... but governor jerry brown is expected to wait until the end
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of the rainy season in decide whether or not the drought is officially over. toss weather light spotty showers continue
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new ahead at 8. a spike in eye injuries linked to a common laundry product.
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here's what we're tracking tonight at ten. they are members of the campus group that invited milo yian-nop-oulous to u-c berkeley. now they say they were attacked during last night's protest.hear from the berkeley college republicans who say, their right to free speech was violated.that's new tonight at ten.
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ahead at eight.. president trump tells the world.... america comes first.. the tough talk he gave to one of the united states biggest allies. and congress repeals a gun law limiting ownership rules. who will now be able purchase a firearm. and next. uber's c-e-o .. backing away from president trump... amid calls for a national boycott
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the co- foudner and c-e-o of uber... is now distancing himself from president trump.... that's after the company has been criticized for its handling of the administration's travel ban. grant lodes has been tracking this story for nearly a week now... he's here to explain. travis kalanick now says he will not participate in president trump's business advisory council...because of the president's executive order on immigration. in a memo to employess... kalanick said initially "joining the group was ánotá meant to be an endorsement of the president or his agenda... but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that." the uber ceo was one of 16 business leaders on the council. last friday trump imposed a temporary travel ban on people from seven muslim-majority countries...and last weekend
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some people thought uber was trying to break a taxi strike at jfk airport...the delete uber hasbtag was trending. uber, said it was merely reducing its prices to help people in need. and kalanick has distanced himseld from the president...with uber now pledging millions to help cover the legal expenses and missed work time its drivers may face because of the travel ban. president trump: we have to be tough. it's time we're going to be a little tough, folks. we're taken advantage of by every nation in the world virtually. it's not going to happen anymore. president trump says.. he is putting the world on notice: america comes first ... that reportedly even means hanging up on the leader of one of the nations' long - standing allies. a contentious phone call with australia's prime minister signalling the new president's determiniation to right what he considers the world's wrongs. president donald trump: "the world is in trouble, but we're
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going to straighten it out. that's what i do, i fix things." president donald trump's strategy to fix the world is in the spotlight, after reports of an angry phone call with australian's leader. "i'm not going to comment on the conversation." a heated discussion over a plan to resettle refugees now being held on two pacific reportedly ended with trump abruptly ending the government official familiar with the exchange called in a "tantrum" and said the faces of others in the room turned white.when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it. just don't worry about it. . one of those worrying: democratic senator tim kaine.he's doing kind of amateur hour stuff on matters of significant national importanceanother phone call with mexico's leader aggravated a relationship already strained by disagreements over a border wallhe reportely warned president enrique peqa nieto, "you have some pretty tough
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hombres in mexico that you may need help with.we are willing to help with that big-league, but they have be knocked out and you have not done a good job knocking them out." california this is not helpful. we have a huge drug problem and we need mexico's cooperation. and this mexican president has been cooperating and doing his level best and i would hope that would continue."the president, also ramped up tensions with iran after that country's failed ballistic missile test reporter: president trump, military action off the table for iran?president trump: nothing, honestly nothing is off the table. i haven't eased anything. the republican- led house voted earlier today .... to repeal an obama- era regulation which aimed to prevent people with severe mental illnesses ... from buying guns. the vote was 235 -to -180 .... the vote shuts down a social security rule affecting those with severe mental illiness .. supporters of the repeal said - quote- "the social security administration not only overstepped its mission with this regulation, but it discriminated against certain americans with disabilities, who receive social security
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benefits." democrats are complaining saying ... that repealing the rule would lead to more gun violence. the vote is part of an effort to repeal regulations issued in president obama's final months... and represents the first steps toward strengthening gun ownership under president donald trump. light spotty showers continue
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we have received so many emails from viewers ... complaining about people running red lights in san francisco ..but it's not drivers they are complaining about.. stanley roberts explains this is a red light and this is a bicyclist stopped at the light, behind the rider a fully marked sfpd cruiser nats: ambiance notice how the rider rolls through the crosswalk and goes around pedestrians who have the right
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awaynats of police horn i'll come back to the rider in a moment there is a problem with bicyclists stopping for red light, many have the felling if there is no one around then they don't have to stop now before i show you all the riders i caught blowing through red lights. permit me to show you this, nats: ambiance here's another sfpd cruiser at the light. notice how the bike rides wait for the light to change nats ambiance here is yet another example, again an sfpd police cruiser and the two cyclists are not rolling though the crosswalk. in fact, they wait patiently nats ambiance now let's remove the police from the equation and watch what happens . this cyclist gets to the light and stops then after sitting for a moment rolls through the red light nats: ambiance this rider just blows the lightwith little regard for pedestrians then another rider follows suit and rolls through the red light bicyclist is required by state
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law to stop for red light and wait until they get a greenlight and must stop for stop signs not yield for them the interesting part: i did not go out with the police we all just happened to end up in the same place for different reasons which bring me back to the rider wo ran the light in front of the sfpd cruiser so you can't hear me because you have dual earbuds and you ran a red lightdid you see the cop car there i wasn't whay are you filming me in the end, the rider was issued a ticket for failure to stop at a red light there was a red light there were peds in the crosswalk you also getting cited for weaving through the pedestrians that had the right of way in the crosswalk moral of the story, if you're on a bicycle don't run red lights ... new tonight at rents skyrocket... so is homelessness here in the bay area.thousands of in their cars, because they can't afford a roof over their heads.kron 4's lydia pantazes gives us an inside look at the bay area's rising class of vehicular
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homeless...and the challenges they face on a daily basis. that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten. stunning video captures the moment a car goes flying off a highway... where it pretty coincidental. and next. a popular laundry product reportedly behind a spike in burn injuries in children
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new concerns tonight about those laundry detergent pods... now children are getting chemically burned from them... a new study says... there has been a spike in children getting burned from laundry pods from 2012 to 2015. and the number rose more than 30 times among kids between three and four- years-old the study was done by the medical journal jama ophthalmology... and they say most of the burns happened at home... the kids would play with the pods and the
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pods would break or leak onto the childrens hands and then they would rub their eyes... scientists say the detergent in the pods is not the same as regular detergent. it has a higher concentration of chemicals... making the eye burns extremely painful. the video you're about to see is stunning. a driver launches off an interstate exit ramp in pennsylvania ... and crash lands in a parking lot below. take a look. this red car flies through the air and slams down in a cloud of debris... but the driver is miraculously uninjured. the car landed outside and auto shop in pittsburgh.. where the owner says this sort of thing has happened about 8-times before. police have put up yellow hazard signs warning along the exit... but they have reportedly been knocked down in all the crashes. this injuries... and this driver is lucky to have his two feet safely on the ground. in sports... we'll check
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how the warriors are doing against the clippers from the staples center. plus... tom brady senior explains why his son will be remember as the greatest football player to ever play the game... gary has the story and all the sports coming up.
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for the patriots and falcons a long week of media has wrapped uptoday was the final day of player media availability for the super bowl all that is left for them is a couple more days of game preparation before the big daythe patriots dropped from a 4 to a 3-point favorite over the falcons which was the original line for quarterbacks tom brady and matt ryan it's been especially demanding they talked about maintaining focus on the game
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ater stirring things up with his comments abut roger goodell tom brady's father tom senior also isn't shy about talking about his son continuing to dominate the nfl as he reaches 40-years-old and how tom junior stacks up against the greatest quarterback of all-time including his childhood hero joe montana "i think five super bowls is better than four. i think six is better than five and i think seven is better than six and seven is certainly better than four, so from our standpoint and of course,
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we're a little biased that he's our son, but i think he's getting up there on the mount rushmore of quarterbacks that is beyond compare."butt sots "at some point in time, father time catches up with you, but perhaps for the next three or four years, he'll be able to ward off the wicked parts of aging that are going to cost him his football career." kirk cousins is expected to become a free agent... and he has an open-mind on where he'll play next season. the redskins starting quarterback praises the niners for hiring john lynch and soon-to-be head coach kyle shanahan. after the super bowl... the niners new head coach will turn his focus to the team's quarterback situation. the 28-year old signal caller has been linked to joining the 49ers next season. shanahan and cousins worked together for a couple of years in washington cousins believes shanahan is an offensive genius and has always been a big fan of his.
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klay thompson will defend his title at the three-point contest during the all star break... steph curry will not participate this year. tonight the warriors are in l-a to face the clippers. right now... this week's lexus ultimate goes to dell curry. last night before the game against the warriors-hornets game... dell curry banked a deep three-pointer with his suit on. steph couldn't believe it... but he had the last laugh... finished the game with eleven three's in their 126-111 win over charlotte.
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mike krzyzewski will return to the sidelines with duke this saturday after missing the last seven games due to having back surgery earlier this month. but tonight cal hosted utah at haas pavillion. it's not march yet... but what a game between the golden bears and the utes.2nd half jabari bird grabs his own inbound pass and lays it in... helping cal to overtime.overtime they went back and forth forcing a second overtime... game tied at 75 ... bird on an alley opp scores the go ahead basket with 2 seconds left in the game final: 77-75 cal
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