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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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ñ that breaking news tonight... 28 people injured ... including children ... after a truck plows into a crowd watching a popular mardi gras parade in new orleans... ñ thanks for joining us... i'm j-r stone.... 21 people were taken to the hospital and seven others declined meical treatment... here is what we know... the crash happened just before four this afternoon our time... six p-m in new orleans... in the mid-city area during what's called the "krewe of endymion" parade... the parade before the main parade ... witnesses say a speeding truck lost control...
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crashing into two cars before plowing into a crowd of people... where it ended up hitting a dumpster... again... 28 people were of them refused medical treatment... the victims were taken to 10 different hospitals... five of them were sent to the trauma centers with serious but non- life threatening injuries .... the victims range in age from as young as three years those in their 40's ... police say the driver of the truck appeared to be extremely intoxicated and one of their own officers was injured .... the city's police chief says there are no indications
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that terrorism was involved. and this is the second incident that happened at the parade. earlier in the day.. police are investigating a shooting that happened along the parade route person was shot after a gun went off ... he is expected to be okay. ñ we are following breaking news right now out of the east bay there is heavy police activity on highway four in antioch... all eastbound lanes are closed just west of the hillcrest exit.. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you the latest details as soon as they come into our newsroom. ñ happening now...police in santa rosa are investigating a double homicide after two people were found dead just four miles apart from one another. police believe the two cases are releated.ñ kron4's lydia pantazes is live in sant rosa at one of the crime scenes. lydia, what can
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you tell us about what happened...
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ñ in the south bay-
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today more than 500 volunteers took to the streets of san jose to help those who lost everything in this week's floods. more than a thousand homes are still in very bad shape according to emergency crews who spoke on saturday.ñ ñ the massive cleanup in san jose continued saturday. flood victims we talked with say the water may be gone but their life is still far from normal.sot i've been out of work for a week trying to take out all the damaged stuff.and damaged stuff there is. saturday afternoon emergency crews announced the number of homes in the affected areas and the number of homes still damaged.sot 4,554 units where in the mandatory evacuation area of this 1,335 remain restricted.saturday more than 500 volunteers hit the streets to help flood victims clean up. sot i'm expecting to see a lot
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of mess and hopefully when we leave it will be a lot better sot you never know when things like this are going to happen so it's great when we can come together on short notice to do some good.emergency crews tell us that there are now more than 40 city, county, and state inspectors going home to home. they are assessing the damage and will submit their findings on monday.all in hopes of aquiring federal funds to help those dealing with the loss of everything. victims who were just happy for the many volunteers that helped lend a hand on saturday. sot it's great, it's greatwe thought we were going to have to do it all on our own and it's a great help. ñ a local school district is helping flood victims in san jose's rock springs neighborhood recover from this past week's devestation. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with a family grateful for the hearfelt helping hand. nats- "hi, we're just getting things." a family comforted by supportive staff from the franklin mckinley school district. olga perez's 12-year-old daughter
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yesenia and 11-year-old son esaul attend classes at shirakawa elementary school... now a donation center.sot- "take as much as you want." their bottom floor apartment on nordale avenue too dangerous to enter... the perez family hasn't been back inside it since it flooded tuesday...sot- "get this for dad?" olga says the donations they're receving from members of their own community are a tremendous help ... survival tools to get her husband and children through this difficult time. sot- "sometimes i'm doing good -- i say i'm going to be ok, and then i remember what i lost and that i'm not in my house -- i'm living with my sister. i feel like i'm invading the place, so. it's not easy. no, its not."bridge the school district says its been overwhelmed by the amount of donations pouring in from the community... a lot of clothes and a lot of food... and, the school district says because of that, they'll be able to continue handing all of this stuff out to needy families through out next week.sot- "the heart of this community is huge." nordale avenue, on this day, looks a lot different than it
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did on thursday. the flood waters have receeded... but the fire department says just a few buildings in the area are green tagged and could soon house families... but most apartments are still yellow tagged -- families can only grab items, but not move back in. not until their homes have been decontaminated.sot- "it's hard to process, get it through your brain that everything is just lost and gone."sot- "we have to be strong, because if we let everything down, that's just gonna make us even more weak."nats- "too small." the school district will continue accepting donations for the near future.sot- "and, if you can't come here, we have a gofundme is families." much appreciated by the perez family -- down on their luck... but certainly not alone. sot- "i'm thankful to god that we got out of there together and we're safe and yeah, we're ok." in san jose, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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ñ san jose mayor sam liccardo took a brief moment to attend a ground breaking for a new condominium complex....but it came with a special contribution.ñ liccardo spoke at the ceremony around noon this afternoon. but the main part of the event was the donation presented to the city of san jose ... liccardo accepted a check from the company to support victims of the flood. ñ: i was with hundreds of volunteers at south nineteenth street cleaning up. we had the conservation corps and just hundreds of neighbors who wanted to help their neighbors get back on their feet. we've had incredible support from so many volunteers, businesses who have donated to help flood relief victims. it has been a wonderful thing to see how this city's pulling together.ñ during the ground breaking ceremony... the c-e-o of silicon-sage announced the company will be matching donations to the flood relief fund. ñ another big story tonight.... across the country, people are flooding
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auditoriums, high school theaters and anywhere else they can to give their members of congress an earful. the reason: to weigh in on president donald trump's agenda, and the potential of the new congress to reshape government. report deborah feyerick shows us some of the heated town hall meetings across the country.. boo!!!republican lawmakers -- confronted by furious constituents in town halls across the country. webster town hall"do your job, do your job!"in florida -- rowdy crowds demanding answers from congressman matt gaetz about president trump's tax returns...yes or no, would you call for the release of president trump's income tax returns?yes or no, yes or no, yes or no! gaetzlet me say right here, right now, absolutely donald trump should release his tax arizona -- tempers flaring when representative martha mcsally side-steps questions about education secretary betsy devos. voter: you are not answering our questions! i
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would like you to answer everybody here's questions and not go on some big tirade about something else.just answer our questions mcsally: you may not like the answer that i'm giving youhey mitch, what are you afraid of!!!!in kentucky -- senate majority leader mitch mcconnell avoiding scores of protesters outside this ticketed luncheon..."it's pretty clear what they're protesting and that's the outcome of the election."but when pressed by constituents inside who paid up to 60 dollars to make their voices heard... protester: we are protesting the fact that to get in front of you we have to pay dollars. why won't you hold a town hall with your constituents? we want to hear from you mcconnell: yeah, was somebody else invited to speak? i kind of missed it faced with public anger --some republican lawmakers opting for telephone town halls -- or skipping the face to face meetings altogether.outraged voters -- holding empty chair town halls like this one in ohio -- with cutouts of missing senator rob florida - one constituent chasing down marco rubio...
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voter: senator i thought you were in europe. rubio: what? voter: i thought you were in europe. i saw all these missing child posters all over town. are you going to host a town hall? i'm glad u are ok. are u going to host a town hall? rubio: good to see you. voter: there's a constituent town hall hear from you, senator. ñ congressman louie gohmert -- defending his absence because of safety concerns. he cited the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords at a public appearance in 2011. giffords responded saying, "i was shot on a saturday morning. by monday morning my offices were open to the the politicians who have abandoned their civic obligations, i say this: have some courage. face your constituents." in bay area news ... big crowds turned out in santa rosa a few hours ago. for a town hall meeting focused on the affordable care act. u.s.representative mike thompson and state senator mike mcguire spoke with attendess at piner high school. the meeting, open to the public, discussed ways to protect the 3.2 million californians from the loss of health insurance gained under
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"obamacare". some say access to affordable care is a basic human right. president trump says his replacement for "obamacare" will be introduced sometime in march. and in san mateo county people gathered for a communty town hall meeting . u.s. representative jackie speier seen on your screen...led the event. the congresswoman responded to questions ranging from immigration reform to expanding health insurance to all americans. ñ coming up on kron4 news at 10... two sisters who share a common father ... did not know either one of them
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existed... until last year... find out how the long lost sisters reunited...ñ plus... a new law on public bathrooms takes affect in less than a week in california... but one cal state university has already be making bathroom accommodations for everyone... long before the new law was proposed... we'll explain....ñ and after the break... the democratic national committee elected their new party leader... after the break find out who it is and what he did the second he took office...
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ñ we are following breaking news right now out of the east bay there is heavy police activity on highway four in antioch... all eastbound lanes are closed just west of the hillcrest exit.. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you the latest details as soon as they come into our newsroom. ñ in national news tonight... former labor secretary tom perez has been elected as the new chairman of the democtatic national committee. perez won in a 235-to-200 vote over minnesota representative-- keith ellison.
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at perez's request... ellison was approved as his deputy chair. reporter erin ade explains. ñ donna brazile / fmr.interim chairwoman: "it is my honor now to present the gaval to the next chair of the democratic national committee to mr. tom perez." the votes are in and the democratic national committee now has a new chair..tom perez / dnc chairman: "thank you so much. i would like to begin by making a motion. butt sot.. to appoint keith ellsion deputy chair of the democratic national commititee." the fight for a new leader was the focus on the final day of the d-n-c winter meeting.of the seven candidates who were originally on the ballot.. former labor secretary, tom perez ...and minnesota congressman, keith ellison remained the top frontrunners. ellison and perez represent the two forces that divide the party - the progressive movement versus the establishment.but on saturday, both candidates delivered messages of solidarity.rep. keith ellison / -dnc deputy chair: "unity is essential.
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we've got to walk out of here in unity. not just between the candidate but between the groups that support all the candidates.butt sot tom perez / dnc chairman: "no matter who wins i know we'll cross the finish line together because a united democratic party is not only our best hope, it's a donald trump nightmare." i'm erin ade reporting. some changes are coming to california restrooms... starting on march first bathrooms will be gender neutral cal state monterey bay already has gender-sensitive bathrooms all across campus. the new law means single use bathrooms in the state will be illegal. csu monterey bay has taken an extra step... the university's student center has gender- neutral multi-stall restrooms. students are being very supportive of the new law
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off-campus though many áwereá in favor of single-use gender-neutral restrooms. a weak storm system will bring a clouds and a chance of a few showers tonight.another cold storm will move into the bay area on sunday to bring partly cloudy skies and a chance of showers.
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ñ coming up... special cookies sent some high school students to the hospital... find out where it happened and what was in them coming up...ñ and 10 lucky kids in milpitas got the chance to bowl with a bay area sports legend ... we'll tell you who they bowled with ... after the break...
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ñ 49ers legend jerry rice was out making fans smile todayat a bowling alley. kron four's spencer blake was there in milpitas as the hall of famer had some one-on-one time with some of his biggest
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fans. supers: jerry rice ÷ former 49ers wide receiver - :11-:16 jerry rice bowls with fans ÷ milpitas - :16-:48 colie edison ÷ bowlero vice president of marketing - :48-:54 jerry rice bowls with fans ÷ milpitas - :54-1:19 spencer blake ÷ @spencerjblake - 1:19-1:30 for jerry rice, bowling a strike looks just as easy as catching a touchdown pass from steve young."i can't curve the ball or anything like that, but i can throw it straight down the middle, and i am hoping to get strikes." his hopes came true at the grand opening of bowlero in milpitas.the bowling alley had long lines of anxious fans who had snatched up coveted r-s-v-p's to the event online. "it would be really exciting if i could see him, and take a picture with him." "i've had this jersey for ten years. it's falling apart on me." inside, rice was a celebrity guest host, of sorts.between all the signing.dancing.and photo opps, number 80 teamed up wth some of his biggest admirers - once he could find a ball big enough for his wide- receiver fingers."we got to pick ten lucky winners who got the chance to bowl with jerry and the kids who did it, the families, they loved it. it was awesome." this fan may not be washing his niners jersey ever again."i was just bowling my frame and he said, 'give me your jersey.' i was like, really?! i took it off and he put it on and started bowling with it." but how do you live your life without washing your
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áface?! "jerry rice just kissed my cheek, signed my shirt, took a selfie with us!" the final score showed what all of these bowlers already knew - this three-time super bowl champion always comes out on top."you saw all the red and gold - it was very prevalent here. there were a couple raiders jerseys as well, but everybody was a jerry rice fan. in milpitas, spencer blake, kron four news." still ahead: a child shot to death in the central valley. we'll have the latest on the investigation and who police are looking for. ñ plus... even though pot is legal - you can't technically buy it until next year .. tonight -- we go indepth on underground clubs where it's already happening.
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ñ now at 10:30....we are following breaking news right now out of the east bay
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there is heavy police activity on highway four in antioch...
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pot smoking speakeasies. since early november... it has been perfectly legal for an adult over age 21 in california.. to smoke marijuana. even without a medical condition. however, we of legal limbo, since it is against the law to buy pot without a 'medical' marijuana i-d card. that will change in 2018, but kron4's maureen kelly found one bay area city with a number of undergound clubs where it's already happening. i know of many 6 more that i don't oakland's cannabis regulatory commission says roughly 10 pot smoking speakeasies report... it was a prank that has "i stopped to look at move so i kept going and he called me a stupid b."krystan turner says that's when she pulled out her cell phone to shoot video of the encounter."you know cussing around women and children is illegal."all of this happening while turner's 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son were in the backseat. "they were scared and asking why the man was mean to me and yelling and cussing. i just told them he was a mean person. you know they're not really clear on what racism is.""video tape it! i don't give a áááá.pit it on you tube!""he said put it on you tube and so i said ok - and i did it."her facebook post has drawn thousands of views and angry comments."a lot of them say beat him up, kill him, stuff like that.""i'd like to apologize for a lot of the things that i said and i didn't mean to make that type of example out of myself."the man involved did not want to show us his face and we're only using his first name.jim says he is not racist and he claims turner followed him afterwards."they followed me all over my neighborhood and i had to call the authorities to get them to stop."jim is now reaping serious consequences from his actions.he lost his job because of it and might not be able to come back to the school."his comments were reprehensible and we do not allow racial slurs on our campuses, none of them."
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ñ school officials spoke with jim... and they will ultimately decide whether or not he will be banned from the school. ñ coming up... two
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sisters who didn't even know either one of them existed... finally met last year. hear how the long lost sisters reunited ... ññ ahead in sports ...
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a heartwarming reunion at the oakland international airport this morning after a bay area woman found her long lost sister on facebook.the two didn't even know one another existed.kron 4's ella sogomonian met them at a discover bay home in this kron 4 exclusive.
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a weak storm system will bring a clouds and a chance of a few showers tonight.another cold
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storm will move into the bay area on sunday to bring partly cloudy skies and a chance of showers.
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the warriors have clinched a playoff berth.... febrary and they have clinched a playoff berth. golden state was playing without kevin durant due to injury ... but that wasn't an issue. steph curry and klay thompson combined for 51 points. the splash brothers hit 7 seven three's golden state beat the nets 112-95 they will be in the playoffs for the fifth straight season. the warriors are currently beating the nets but their doing it with kevin durant for the first time this season.he injured his left pinky finger in the opening minutes against the clippers thursday night. durant did have to head to locker room late in the first
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quarter the x-rays were negative and was able to return to the game.steve kerr announced rookie guard patrick mccaw would take his place for tonight's game. meanwhile draymond green can't seem to stay out of trouble.against the clippers the warriors all-star appeared to have kicked blake griffin after going after a lose ball late in the first quarter.this isn't the first time draymond's kicks have lifted some eyebrows around the league.last year in the western conference finals he kicked steve adams which eventaully led to a suspension in the nba finals after an altercation with lebron james ñ san francisco giants in action down in arizona.ñ today the orange and black were taking on the cubs in scottsdale....well half the cubs. the other half took on the oakland a's. 3rd baseman jae-gyun hwang takes this ball deep. the giants scored seven
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runs in the fifthe and sixth to beat the cubs 8 to 6. matt cain pitched two innings and gave up one earned run in the win. ñ as for the oakland athletics. they were taking on the other half of the cubs...split squad.ñ and the a's certainly weren't shy at the plate. right fielder matt joyce took this ball deep for the squad. a short time later third baseman matt chapman went deep for oakland. it was tied at three but the a's would go on to lose 4 to 3 to the cubs. boy the weather down there looking gorgeous.can't wait until the teams get the season underway. still a lot of spring baseball to go. the niners make it official they've agreed to a four-year deal with former defensive tackle earl mitchell.the deal is worth 16-million dollars. the seven year veteran will earn 5.5 million in 2017.last season mitchell only played nine games and recorded 18 tackles due to a calf injury. general manager john lynch
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released a statement today saying 'as soon as he hit the open market, he became a priority for us to sign' ñ coming up next...we'll take a look at the new movies that hit the theaters this weekend. weekend. did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? weekend. fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now find our queen c2 mattress at $599, save $200. sale ends sunday. go to for a store near you. oscar weekend isn't
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usually a big one at the box office, but one film could "scare up" a lot of business. take a look. get out" is ready to scare up a big opening weekend. the horror thriller about a black man meeting his white girlfriend's family is getting strong reviews. and box office watchers say it could debut with 20-million dollars or more
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"rock dog," the animated tale of a music-loving mastiff who dreams of stardom. it's estimated to make around nine million dollars. and "collide," a thriller about love and danger on the autobahn. is estimated to make around six million bucks. ñ we continue to follow breaking news out of antioch where there is heavy police activity on highway four in antioch... all eastbound lanes are closed just west of the hillcrest exit.. and it's causing a major back up on the freeway. details coming up on kron4 news at 11...
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ñ that breaking news is
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out of the east bay... where there is heavy police activity on highway four in antioch... thanks for joining us at eleven, i'm jr stone. all eastbound lanes are closed just west of the hillcrest exit.. and it's causing a whole bunch of traffic... ........


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