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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 1, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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one of the suspects in last nivember's rolling gun battle in san leandro.we knew we'd come across something a lot more than we had bargained for. whooshan apartment fire leaves dozens of people homeless.we are lie at the scene in south san francisco.whooshwhat we are learning about the daredevils who jumped from the roof of the 46 story san francisco hilton.... and yes, there's a mystery woman're watching kron four news in prime time. over a dozen people are without a home tonight after a fire ripped though an apartment complex in south san francisco... this comes as we are seeing another frigid night in the bay area... good evening and thanks for joining us on kron4 news at 8... i'm pam moore... and i'm steve aveson... temperatures around the bay area have been dropping to the low 30's in some places... and these families are now looking for another place to keep warm tonight.... the fire happening in a three -story apartment building on
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olive avenue... near the intersection of california avenue. kron 4's j-r stone is live in south san francisco ... where he spoke to those affected by the fire... jr, any details on what may have started the fire? pam and steve firefighters are still out after this fire that displaced at least three families. everyone was evacuated from the apartment building. fortunately no one was hurt but the video really shows the story.this is what it looked like earlier this afternoon. this is video shot by the neighbor oswald rojas. you can see the flames shooting up into the air. the black smoke could be seen for miles. there are a total of 8 units in this building. three of the eight are in bad shape. i talked with a man who said he was at work, his girlfriend
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was at home with her mom and their daughter and short time later there was fire. they ran out of that house as quickly as they could. didn't even put their shoes on. you're about to hear from the neighbor and then the man who lost his apartment.saw flames coming out of the windowsmy family was able to get out this is more video shot by that neighbor. he said he heard yelling. people in the neighborhood were going door to door making sure eveyone was out.the cause of this fire
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is under investigation. i talked with the young girl who was inside the home that caught fire. she's sad about how this fire started. you'll hear what she has to say tonight at 10. live in south san francisco j.r. stone kron 4 news. another big story we're following details on that deadly plane crash in southern california.we now know the names of the three people who died...they are all from the bay area. family members tell us.... 83-year-old nouri hijazi, who was the pilot, was killed... along with his wife dana hijazi... and 22 year-old adine fareles. all the victims are from the san jose area. two other people... stacey pierce and silvia farelas survived the crash and remain in the hospital tonight. the plane, which was
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headed to san jose, went down in a neighborhood shortly after takeoff in riverside on monday.the cause of the crash is under investigation. new tonight at eight...we're hearing from longtime co-workers of one of the crash victims. as you can imagine, they are shocked, and saddened by her tragic loss.kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in los gatos tonight with the story... hermela? hermela live..adine farelas.. worked here at peppertree school for years..while also taking college classes. her coworkers were very emotional today.. still in shock
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in the south bay.... we have learned two men have been arrested... and charged with stabbing a little league coach to death. frank navarro was killed near the san jose club where he worked. the two suspects made their first court appearance
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this afternoon in san jose. kron 4's dan kerman was there... he has details on the charges the two men face and reaction from the victim's family. 24 year old aaron vallejo and 32 year old robert ruiz said nothing during their first court appearance wednesday. the two are charged with murder in connection with this weekends fatal stabbing of frank navarro.sot yolanda beltran/victim's aunt 13-18i wanted to see the people who took our frankie away from us navarro's aunt and uncle, and a family friend were in court for the hearing.sot phillip beltran/victim's uncle 22-31he didn't deserve to go out this way. very respectful, to know him was to love himnavarro, a beloved little league coach was working security at the tres gringos cabo cantina in downtown san jose. sometime before midnight there was a dispute when someone tried to enter using someone else's i.d. friends of navarro say the suspects left the scene only to return a short time later. that's when navarro was fatally stabbed. the two
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suspects were later arrested sot vincent brunelli/navarro family friend 59-108after seeing them there was no need for this to happen, they look old enough and there was no reason for francisco to lose his life over a false i.d. sot it's heart crushing man, i'm just glad they caught these guys and they get what they deserve, i really do.standup dan kerman/san jose 120-130due to a court order the da's office and police are not releasing specifics about the crime. the two suspects did not enter a plea. they are due back in court on march 21. in san jose dan kerman, kron 4 news. back in november... suspects in a shootout in the east bay, seriously injured an elderly couple .. as the gunmen tried to escape from police. tonight.... san leandro police finally have both gunmen in custody. police arrested marcus
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jones in an apartment in san leandro. they found the 35-year old was carrying illegal guns and drugs .. which they say suggests, jones may also be involved in more than the november gun battle. police are now investigating why jones was carrying more firepower than a police officer. jones is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder. the other suspect, davlon harris was arrested near the scene back in november. in santa rosa... a man is being arraigned on the suspected deaths of his dad and wife. according to sonoma county district attorney's office dalton james carlson also appeared in front of the superior court on two counts of residential bulgary and violating a restraining
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order. police say the over the weekend homicides appear to be related. the wife of the orlando nightclub gunman has been granted bail.a federal judge in oakland. . .ruled that noor salman is not a flight risk or a danger to public safety.she is currently at the santa rita county jail.the judge granted a two-day stay so prosecutors can appeal the ruling to the florida court. . .which has jurisdiction in the case.the 31-year-old is accused of aiding her husband omar mateen. . .in providing support to the islamic state when mateen killed 49-people in an attack at a gay nightclub last october.a woman who says she is like an aunt to salman. . .says salman's son has been taking it especially hard. trt:10/ "where's my mommy" upon granting bail. . . the judge said there is no evidence salman has any
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connection to the islamic state.she is set to be released by at least friday. . .and will have to wear an electronic ankle monitor.a trial date has not been set. jumping right in. on this, just her third day on the job... oakland's new police chief met with reproters today. chief anne kirkpatrick held a roundtable discussion with reporters today... and discussed her broad goals for the department and the people it serves. grant lodes is here with a breakdown of the new chief's vision for oakland. she says she wants to change the hearts and minds of police officers and help care for the city's most vulnerable residents. chief kirp-patrick however won't say how she plans on accomplishig that....noting it's too soon to jump into specific policies. but did say she's noticed the abundance of homeless in the city and wants to make sure that they're getting the help
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they need. kirkpatrick says she's living in downtown oakland.. she has 35 years of experience in law enforcement...and this is the fourth time she's held the position of chief. her department's single mission she says --- to make oakland safe. sot- "i want to be part of a team that wants to be the best. i have always been attracted to that. and, i believe that oakland and this police department has everything in its make-up to be the best police department in this country." chief kirkpatrick did touch on protests -- saying she knows that oakland is a city that hosts a lot of them.
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she says they're a part of our american democracy.....but should never result in damage to property or other people. the chief also says she'll put a strong emphasis on leadership training for the entire department. ahead at eight.. nurses in the central valley are seeing a rise in sexually transmitted diseases in newborn babies... what doctors are saying is the cause .... and why they say, the numbers could rise if obamacare is repealed... plus... deadly storms rip through the midwest, and more could be on the way... how many people are preparing fr the worst... and after the break... daredevils base jump from a popular hotel in san francisco... two of them are caught ... but poice are still looking for the third suspect... we'll tell happening now... police
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in san francisco are áástilláá looking for the third person who went base jumping off the hilton hotel .... two of the three dare-devils were arrested and have been released. kron four's charles clifford is live in san francisco following this story.. charles - what are the new details tonight? well, we are learning that the two men who have been arrested are from san francisco and each is facing multiple charges. the san francisco police
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department says that 25-year-old brendan weinstein and 26-year-old joshua glovac . . both from san francisco. . .base jumped off the top of the 46-story hilton tower near union square around 1130 tuesday evening.after jumping, the pair apparently parachuted several blocks to the west and landed on jones street. sfpd officers sitting in a police cruiser watched the whole thing.sotthe officers just happened to be in the area coincidentally and called into dispatch that they saw two people jump from a building. after landing the pair were taken into custody and have since been charged with trespassing and conspiracy for entering restricted areas of the hilton hotel without permission.sotthey were trespassing on property they didn't belong at and they were conspiring to enter that property which is against the law.the police department also says that they do not condone this sort of activity because it poses a danger not only to the jumpers but the people on the ground as well. sot people who are doing these extreme sports need to remember that there is a public to look out for and they need to remain
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safe. so that's why we don't condone this sort of thing. if someone had gotten hurt there may have been additional charges. police have also said that they are looking for a woman who witnesse saw with these two men last night. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. extreme generosity on display in san jose. . . a southern california billionaire philanthropist ... has written a check for $5- million dollars to help flood victims in san jose. kieu hoang has several ties to the city.the billionaire flew in this afternoon ... standing alongside san jose mayor sam liccardo... and various community and city leaders. the native of vietnam ... made a fortune
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in the pharmaceutical business. he now runs a bloodwork company based in los angeles. according to a city councman... a friend approached hoang suggesting he donate.hoang said he would write a check... but noone ever expected a hefty donation of $5-million dollars. trt:20/ "san jose flood victim" mayor sam liccardo says, local donations have now surpassed a million dollars. that money will start getting distributed later this week.
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toss weather a new round of storms are expected to hit the midwest... after a series of deadly tornadoes that devasted the region on tuesday. a new round of storms are
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expected to hit the midwest... after a series of deadly tornadoes that devasted the region on tuesday. reporter dianne gallagher has the details on where these latest storms are heading. for the second straight day, severe storms ripped through the midwest... mos: we seen stuff flying through the air... signs, parts of roofs and southeastin tennessee, kentucky, illinois, indiana, iowa, missouri and ohio
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reports of more than 20 tornadoes shredding through cities... mos: everything you work for, gone in 30 seconds. homes... and communities... mos: just total devastation, i can't -- you see people go through this, and you pray for them, and you hope you never have to go through it, but here it is. tornadoes are being blamed for two deaths in illinoismos: i've lived here my whole live, pretty much. you know most everybody. and yeah, it's just a sad thing. any loss of life is sad. and just outside of perryville missouri police say a man died when a tornado blew cars from a junkyard onto an interstate... several other drivers were injured sgt. al nothum, missouri highway patrol: this tornado picked up about 15 to 20 of these old cars, picked them up blew them across this county road here and onto the south bound lane... airports across the country are cancelling flights because... the national weather service says it's not over yet... meteorologists fear close to 100-million people could be in the path of a second wave of potentially
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deadly storms expected to spread across the ohio and tennessee valley, then into southern new england. im dianne gallagher reporting. still ahead... the oroville spillway suffered major dmamage during these recent storms that slammed california... what officials need to fix to prevent this problem again.... plus... a police chase ends with a flying truck ... and it was all caught on camera... the video you will want to see - coming up.... .... coming upi'm telling you i don't want no body to see me on that film put me on that if you want to if i find out it's going to be a problem school, the place where we send our children to learn to be good citizens, but what are we teaching them? we'll take a look in the next edition of people behaving badly here's what we're tracking at ten. every day... 92-percent of teens report going online to use some form of social media...most of them
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are using instagram.but parents beware...some of those posts could bring the wrong type of attention.what you need to make sure you're kids are sharing safely. that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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what you are about to see happens all too often around the bay. the school district and teachers have tried everything to change parents behavior outside the school and when all else failed guess who they called next??? people behaving badly school is where we send our children so they can learn to be good citizens, but the fact is, learning starts long before
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they enter the front doors case in point i'm at rodeo hills elementary school in the town of rodeo, when school lets out . well let's hear from connie a resident who lives across from the school ok wait just give me a second ok while connie composes herself let's look at just how chaotic it can be, drivers double parking on both side of the street sometimes at the exact same time some actually leaving their cars unattended watch this lady dog in arm as she leaves her car unattended same for this lady who double parks and leaves the car there lots of u-turns often right in front of the school despite the no u-turn sign nats: ambiance oh back to connie i'm very passionate about this whole situation because it really turns out life upside down we have to live our lives based around this school schedule to the point that some residents have to block off parking spaces because if not because if i don't have those they will just park and block the driveway but it's not just parking issues listen to this they clean out the cars in front of our house and just throw the garbage out of their
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cars so there's garbage all the time dirty diapers whatever it's just unreal what they do the school buses cant even get to the school because of the double parking and illegal u-turns despite the no u-turn signs now there is a parking lot for the parents to use some so use the parking lot however when they do but most if not all ignore the no left turn sign when leaving the parking lot nats: ambiance what happens here is the purest definition of chaos connie tole me that sometimes the parents curse her out ok thank you, i don't want to be on tjat film yea too late for that maam that i'm telling you i don't want nobody to see me on that film put me on that if you want to if i find out it's going to be a problem looks like i'm going to have a problem yup, we are teaching our children well. notin rodeo stanley roberts kron 4 news ahead at eight..we'll
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explain why doctors are seeing an increase of babies born with s-t-d' we'll tell you what's being done to the accountants at center of 'envelopegate'... and after the break.... president trump's speech before congress offered some clarity on a number of key issues but also created new questions and concerns. we'll explain.
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now at 8:30..... president donald trump's speech before congress last night... offered some clarity on a number of key issues like obamacare... but it also created áánew questions on others like immigration. the president also presented a number of ambitious proposals .... from tax reform to a trillion-dollar infrastructure package... leaving some to question, where the money will come from to pay for all these programs. reporter karin caifa explains from washington.
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president trump - embracing congressional republicans' plan on obamacare.president donald trump: "it must be the plan they want, not the plan forced on them by our government." quelling fears with his endorsement....rep. paul ryan/-r- house speaker: "i think he did a fantastic job on health care, he articulated exactly the response that we're working on that is necessary to repeal and replace obamacare with a much better system." the president also signaling that he might be open to compromise on immigration.president donald trump: "i believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible." before his speech - trump telling reporters he is open to granting legal status, but not citizenship .. to millions of undocumented immigrants, if they paid taxes - without a serious criminal record. some republican lawmakers are expressing concern with the president's change of tune on the issue.sen. ted cruz/-r- texas: "i don't support amnesty 11:32:34 i'm going to
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wait until we see specific legislative proposals. i think that's the responsible thing to do."trump's agenda also includes massive spending hikes in areas like defense and infrastructure...president donald trump: "i will be asking congress to approve legislation that produces a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure of the united states"plans that come with a large price tag - and when coupled with other expensive promises like a border wall... and adding in the president's call for sweeping tax cuts.... lawmakers from both parties wondering - where will the money come from?rob portman/ -r- ohio: "everything's got to be paid for around here. otherwise, you're borrowing the money from china."the next step -- drafting legislation, and getting congress to move on all of washington i'm karin caifa. the two accountants at the center of 'envelope- gate' won't be back to the oscars... that's according to an academy spokesperson. a source says martha ruiz and brian cullinan will remain partners at pricewater housecoopers... but will no longer be on the firm's team working for the academy awards. p-w-c has been managing ballots for the academy for 83 years. and they took responsibility for the flub... citing "human error" and "breaches of established protocols."
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new at 8 water flow down lake oroville's spillway has come to a halt... as workers are now assessing the damage and coming up with a solution to fix it. with a break in the rain, crews are currently removing debris from the base of the spillway. the clean-up will help lower water levels and make it possible to reboot this hydro powerplant sitting under the dam. once all that is in place... crews will use the hydro plant to get water out of the lake. then ultimate goal....getting this spillway in shape before next winter's flood season comes around. toss weather skies will be clear and chilly tonight with lows in the mid 30s and 40s. tomorrow will likely be the warmest day of the week with highs in the
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upper 60s in the warmest places.
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covering california... in parts of this state...and in parts of the alarming trend has emerged. newborns are being delivered in record numbers...who have syphilis. the s-t-d was almost non-existent in the year 2000...but's soaring...and the most vulnerable among us are falling victim. grant lodes is back with the disturbing numbers. std's in general are way up... the most glaring number...syphilis rates rose 27 percent...across the country from 20-14 to 20-15. and the c-d-c says lots of women do not know they have syphilis...or are unaware their unborn baby could be infected. and doctors say the oroblem is exploding...and the results are horrifying: baby after baby born severely anemic, lungs filled with fluid, bodies covered with rashes. some only lived minutes; others died within
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days or weeks. the problem is rampant in low income areas... and in california's central's out of control. in fresno for instance... there were 40 newborns born with syphilis in 2015, up from just two babies two four years earlier. some advocaates and people in the health profession are fearful that repealing obama care could result in this trend continuing. with more low income women unable to afford routine care during pregnancy which would alert a doctor to their condition. still ahead... the dow jones closing at its highest number ever.... why wall street says president trump's speech to congress had something to do with it... plus... it's girl scout cookies season .... and instead of washing them down with a glass of milk... some say - how about a beer instead... how one california bar is pairing the popular cookies with a smooth beer... and you no longer have to go to san francisco to
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enjoy beer and a baseball game at popular bar momo's... the famous eatery now has a new location... where it is... after the break....
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it's one of the culinary and cocktail mainstays of giants baseball... we're talking about momo's in san francisco. well now fans of the hopping sports bar can get their fix without ever leaving the east bay.pkg yes, momo's the famous eatery across from att park - is now in walnut creek. run by the same guy - restaurateur pete osborne. and not your everyday
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ambiance either. there are ample big screens... and also fresh salads... momo's walnut creek - even has it's own oyster bar and oyster shuckers. plus a wood burning pizza oven with popular hits like this prosciutto di parma pizza. so far the menu is a big hit with customers. chicken pot pie made from scratch - with a puff pastry in the shape of a bird. nice. ok, one last chance to pitch - how about the classic cocktail? and that - is a homerun. in walnut creek, vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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girl scout cookies with a side of beer. the abnormal pairing... that's taking taste buds by storm. there was a time when selling girl scout cookies meant carrying boxes from door to door. but now....bars across the country are serving small sweet cakes to go along with a nice cold one. the most popular combinations.... thin mint cookies and a classic porter. samoas and a well-brewed hefeweizen. and last but not least... tasty do-si-do oatmeal go along with a great oatmeal stout. coming up... on kron4 news at eight... a police chase ends with a dramatic crash as a pickup truck goes airborne and lands on a car with a woman inside... how the woman managed to surivive....
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take a look at this... a police chase in rural louisiana ended with a stolen truck going airborne... the driver was kevonte dekorey austin... and police say he was going about 115 miles per hour... until he lost control of the truck after hitting spike strips at a road block... going into a ditch making the truck go airborne and land onto a parked car with a woman inside... miraculously, the woman escaped unharmed by taking cover in the passenger seat ... which was the only part of the car not crushed by the flying truck. all things considering not bad news for
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the warriors today concerning kevin durant and his left leg...the all-star forward will be out at least 4 weeks with a sprained mcl and a bone bruise of the tibia the larger bone in the lower leg after those 4 weeks he will be re-evaluated and the team seemed to be optomistic he will return before the playoffs durant injured the knee early in last night's game when zaza pachulia was pushed and fell into him the knee hyperextended durant played a couple more possessions before leaving the game for goodhere are pachulia steph curry thompson on what happened and where they go now with no k.d.
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durant has suffered only one serious injury during his nba career but it was a lingering onehe fractured his right foot before the 2014-15 season with oklahoma city after coming back to play he still felt pain in the foot and was eventually shut down for the season playing only 27 games durant ended up having three surgeries on the foot before ruturning for good with no more lingering problems
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colin kaepernick's agents... have informed all 32 nfl teams that will opt out of his contract and become a free agent he can make it official as soon as next weekfurther indication kap is gone is he just sold his home for a litle more than $3 million the house has 4 bedrooms, 5 = bathrooms and almost 4,600 square feet of living spacethe 49ers will save $14.5 million if kaepernick does opt out meanwhile new head coach kyle shanahan is in indianapolis for the nfl combine what are his adress the quarterback situation?...
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matt cain trying to get that 5th starter spottop 1sthenry ramos takes cain into the right0centerfield gap 2 runs score romas with a triple 3-0 dodgersbottom 3rd/ 3-2 dodgersjarrett parker completing to start in left field 3-run home run his 2nd of the spring 5-3 giants
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final: 7-6 dodgers ty blach: pitched 2 hitless inningsfor the a's sonny gray pitched 2 scoreless innings striking out 4 in 5-0 loss to the padres los angeles got closer to being picked as the host city fr the 2024 summer olympics todaybudapest's assembly has approved a motion to withdraw the city's bid for the decision leaves los angeles and paris as the only remaining the international olympic committee will host city in september.l.a.has hosted the summer in 1932 and 1984 and check this out last night's boise state/fresno state
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tonight at 10 bikes are vehicles you shouldn't go when there's a red light you shouldn't be on the sidewalks you shoulder on the right side of the road it's illegal to across a red lightwait what just happened . i'm talking to a bicyclist.. did i just get punked? i'll explain in
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the next edition of people behaving badly marvel..agents of shield is next.then we are back at 10:00 ... with all the day's big stories..including gary's sports and your frigid forecast. kron 4 news at ten... right here on the bay area's news station. take a look at this... one of the world's most active volcanoes in sicily came back to life overnight...after months of little to no activity... mount etna erupted for the first time in two years showing the stunning show of light and lava... it began on monday and tapered off by tuesday night. the fiery, nighttime display of this powerful volcano was certainly impressive.
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last weather and goodbye
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skye: the secret is out. for decades, your organization stayed in the shadows, hiding the truth. but now we know -- they're among us. heroes... ...and monsters. the world is full of wonders. [ indistinct conversations ] thanks, bernie. you bet. ace, come and get it. what do you say we go out to your aunt mindy's this weekend? you and kisha can swim in the pond. sure. you know, you got a birthday coming up in a couple of months. who's your favorite? i'm okay. hey.


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