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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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flames shooting out of a window and into the air in south san francisco after an apartment building caught fire. those inside, including 4 year old jewel salazar were forced to escape. young jewel described the moments before she saw the flames.sot my mom and my grandma was watching television in the livinglivingliving room? uh huhsot was in the living room watching tv and then my mother in law said she smelled a burn and my girlfriend went to check it out in a room and all of a sudden the room was on fire.neighbors watched as black smoke poured out of the top of the building. witnesses say they won't forget what it looked like.sot there was just a pile of smoke coming out of the apartment next door and the smoke just kept on growing and growing and it went literally up to the next floor on top.three apartments were destroyed but everyone was able to get out safe. including jewel who, along with her family ran out of their home without shoes on. tonight a friend has lent her shoes.sot i think i'm feeling a little bit sad because i accidentally burned my housebut i'm sure you'll be okay right? yeahfamily members of jewel assure me they are comforting her.
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working with the youngster so that she knows this was no ones fault.sot she was crying but that's because she has never seen thisshe's okay.
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a major update on the plane that crashed into a southern california neighborhood.. tonight we know the three people who died are from the bay area. the plane was headed to san jose from riverside when it crashed into two homes monday.. the people on board had flown to disneyland to watch a cheerleading competition. family members tell us 83-year-old members tell us 83-year-old nouri hijazi, who was the pilot, was killed along with his wife dana hijazi and 22 year-old adine fareles. all are from the san jose area. two other people...are hospitalized tonight....stacey pierce...who's the daughter of nouri and dana. also
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hospitalized...silvia farelas...whose daugher...adine ...died in the crash. .. tonight. . . former coworkers of one of the victims involved in the plane crash in riverside ... are still shocked. adine farelas went southern california, in part, to watch her little sister compete in a cheerleading conference. the plane went down shortly after takeoff ... as it headed back to san jose. farelas worked at peppertree school in los gatos for years, up until this fall.her co- workers say, she was a big part of their community.they say, parents and children loved her dearly. trt:13/ just a wonderful soul and beautiful person. everyone loves her here at peppertree and everyone is going to miss her terribly. farelas mother... who was also on the flight ... survived the crash. according to friends... she is now in critical condition. a generous donation.. for the
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victims of the devastating flooding in san jose. a southern california billionaire gave 5- million dollars to the victim's relief fund. this.. as thousands of families continue to clean up their water- logged homes. kron 4's alecia reid spoke with one family won't be able to return home for months. flood damage is extreme on this stretch of road.evidence is still visible, both in and outside the homes.folks here are grateful hearing that a billionaire donated 5-million dollars.pkgnatsot - it's one of the worst disasters in over a hundred yearsit's been days since environmental plus has been working on this home. louie valle / environmental plus - sot - it's a lot of work, a lot of damage, a lot of people lost their homes and their valuablesthe entire basement flooded and seeped
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into the home. at least a foot of the wall had to be removed. for safety, cleanup crews come fully geared, biowash and sanitize the property, then suction and dry it all out. sot - every house varies, but this house had a lot of mud on the bottom so it could take a week or 2 weeks depending on the structurethat's only the first step of the cleanup. with restoration and remodeling, it could take 3-6 months before the family can move back in. sot - it's just sad to see people going through this strugglerepairs here can cost anywhere from 15 to 20k. even with insurance, many families on this block are happy to hear that a billionaire with local ties has donated 5-million dollars to san jose's flood victim relief fund.sot - the pain you can see in their face and their eyes is devastating there's still mud on the floors of this home. due to severe water damage, the owner tells me he ripped up the
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carpeting himself. however, after a disaster like this one, getting professional help is recommended.sot - all this testing that needs to be done. there could be lead, asbestos, and that's why you have to have the proper companies come in to make sure it's done right standupthat homeowner says a cleanup crew will finish the work inside his home.but in the meantime .. in order for him to remain inside the property, he had to get rid of that wet carpeting before it started to mold. reporting live from san jose. investigators here at the san leandro police department announce the arrest of the suspect involved in a rolling gun battle that ended in a head on collision inuring two elderly people back in novemeber 2016"marcus jones is 34-years-old and he was arrested yesterday by our officers on charges of attempted murder as well as
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all of the weapons violations and drug violations that was discpovered when we did that search warrant police say davlon harris was also involved in the car to car shooting. however harris was arrested near the scene the day of the san leandro haaziq madyun kron4news here in san francisco two men were taken into custody after they they apparently based jumped here in san francisco two men were taken into custody after they they apparently based jumped off the top around 1130 last night and floated to the west landing along jones street two blocks away. bad luck on their part, they were spotted by police officers in a cruiser. now the two men were arrested and charged with trespassing for entering the hotel and conspiracy for planning to trespass. police are also looking for a third suspect, a woman, who was seen by witnesses with the pair that jumped. clifford kron 4 news. another gorgeous day across the bay area.. in store for tomorrow.but then, a change is on the way. meteorologist lawrence karnow is back to tell us when the
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rain will return.
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skies will be clear and chilly tonight with lows in the mid 30s and 40s. tomorrow will likely be the warmest day of the week with highs in the upper 60s in the warmest places. sleep is super important.
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