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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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gy for whatever you're trying to master. (steve) breaking news at ten:a police standoff in san francisco has just ended in the last ten minutes... with a woman in custody. good evening i'm steve aveson. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore.a shelter in place near valencia street and 16th street has now been lifted. the suspect had been barricaded in a residential hotel for nearly nine hours. (steve) kron4's hermela aregawi is live in the mission district..hermela -- do we know how police brought this situation to an end? hermela: standoff in san francisco has come to and end with a woman in custody. a woman was seen removed from the area on a stretcher. a police responded to reports of a person with a gun in the
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500 block of valencia street between 16th and 17th streets at 1:55 p.m., according to police spokesman sgt. michael andraychak. the call came in after someone doing pest control work in the building went to an apartment. the apartment's resident pulled a gun and the exterminator fled, andraychak said.
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(grant) we're tracking breaking news in the south bay tonight... where there's been another arrest in the brutal hgh profile murder of a beloved elderly woman known to almost everyone as miss flo. santa clara couty sheriff's say jennifer hernandez jminez is now being held with out bail and set to appear in court on monday. 19-year old zachary cuen was previously arrested.. he has been charged with murder... after reportedly breaking into miss flo's home...then robbing and beating her.. miss flo was in the hospital for a month before she died from her injuries. deputies have not said exactly how jennifer hernandez connected, but she is behind bars. (steve) new at ten: a warning about possible "poisonous tea".(catherine) two people are critically ill
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and in the hospital after drinking tea from a store in china town. it was bought from the sun wing wo trading company.(steve) kron4's lydia pantazes is in studio.. lydia you just talked to the health department.... lydia, what are they saying tonight? a health department spokesperson says if you bought tea from the sun wing wo trading company do not drink the tea and throw it out experts say it could be lethal. (pkg)"do you have comments on the leaves that were sold?" this is what happened when tried to ask employees at the sun wing wo trading company about two people who became critically ill after drinking tea from their store.they shut the door on us....san francisco health department officials say the tea which looks like this... contained aconite a lethal poison."and within an hour of drinks by the tea they developed signs symptoms consistent with their heart racing and developed cardiac complications, both of them ended up in the hospital, in the intensive care unit." health department officials say the woman in her 50's and the man in his thirties required resuscitation and both remain hospitalized. one
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case happened in february, the other in march."the herbal tea is not from a product that was packaged but that was put together and then put into a plastic bag."which is why the health department removed all similar products from store shelves and are working with the wholesaler to trace down the source of contamination. "there's no way that a patient is going to be able to tell from a plastic bag with a bunch of different leaves whether they have the leaf that has this toxin so that's why we're telling people just to throw it away."health officials say the herb commonly used in chinese herbal medicine is prepared in a way that deactivates any toxicity."so this condition is very very rare, this is the first time we've had this in san francisco that i'm aware of and i could not find any cases in california." health officials say if you drank any tea from this store and feel need to seek medical help immediately. lydia pantazes, kron4 news.
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(catherine) tonight -- we're learning more about yesterday's shooting along i-80 - and about the bigger problem of freeway violence that's been plaguing the area. kron four's spencer blake has an update - and some new numbers - from the c-h-p. you already know that thursday's violence completely blocked eastbound lanes of i-80 for áfive hoursá. but c-h- p did make some arrests.they also told kron four about the surprising frequency of that type of incident, over the last year or so.(pkg)the scene from the shooting in richmond is not a new one.bullet holes, victims in the hospital, and lines of cars with no place to go often surround freeway shootings."it happened at a bad time - commute, ya know, people going home."c-h-p says there have been at least á80 such shootings in the past 15 or 16 months.not all on i-80, of course, but on various freeways throughout the east bay.people in richmond were surprised to hear it."i think it's really not fair for the people that go through every now and then for just going to work, ya know? i feel people really feel unsafe.""the
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reason this case was solved so quickly was due to several outstanding witnesses."those witnesses' tips led officers to arrest three suspects.c-h-p believes elliott johnhenry johnson and two juveniles have gang ties, and specifically targeted the victims' car thursday.a man who was shot is in grave condition, and a woman in the same car was hit by bullets, too, and is in stable condition.without diminishing the severity of the almost seven dozen freeway shootings recently, lieutenant jason reardon does provide some perspective that may be comforting."you're talking about tens of millions of people that have driven that roadway over the last 16 months, let's say. so the chances are still extremely low that you'll be involved in something of that nature." there's still plenty to come in this investigation, including formal charges from the d-a's office next contra costa county, spencer blake, kron four news. (catherine) and update on the deadly
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police shooting we first told you about last night. it happened in santa clara....after police got a call that a man had reportedly cut himself with a knife...and that he had a gun and had barricaded himself in his room.. when officers arrived they found him outside -- near scott and monroe streets.. police say they tried to calm him down after he threatened to shoot them - and himself. they used a taser at one point. in the end - after he reportedly refused commands to show his hands...andhad advanced towards police..a 13- year veteran officer fired his gun -- killing him. (steve) happening now: a search is underway in rural san mateo county for a hiker and her dog... the woman has now been missing more than a day.kron4's charles clifford has an update on the search effort. here along skyline boulevard in unicorporated woodside dozens of search and rescue teams scoured the area looking for missing hiker bethnee haury according to the san mateo county sheriff sheriff's
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office 56-year-old haury was last seen thursday afternoon around 4. she was apparently hiking in the area with her white and brown australian shepard and appeared to be in good health.after she failed to check in with her family thursday evening, a search began shortly thereafter. dozens of search and rescue crews worked overnight thursday and all day friday. the sheriff's office is also being assisted by search and rescue teams from marin county and a cal fire helicopter. teams scoured the deep woods, checked outbuildings and searched the nearby trails on horseback and with dogs.< says a lot of activity up here.> chris spano has lived along skyline for 20 years. he says it's easy to become lost hiking in the dense redwood forest here. he credits his dog with helping him get home more than a few times. haury is described as being 140 pounds, about 5 feet 5 inches tall with blue eyes and red hair. she was last seen wearing black yoga pants and a pink shirt. her mother told kron 4 on friday that bethnee has suffered from strokes in the pas and can sometimes
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become confused.finally, the san mateo county sheriff's office says the plan is to keep crews looking over night into saturday morning and probably at least through the weekend. in san mateo county, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) also happening now: police say thay are getting lots of tips from the public... but they are still looking for the bikers involved in this violent confrontation on highway 101. it happened wednesday... 10 to 15 dirt bikes and a-t-v's doing stunts, wheelies, driving crazy on the freeway. at one point, a biker appears collides with a white car....when the driver gets out of his car -- he is thrown to the ground and is attacked.
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(steve) coming up:a confederate flag hanging in front of an east bay home causing controversy... but -- it's the sign underneath that had neighbors even more concerned..
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(catherine) then:tourists in hollywood end up in a situation mimicking a "real life" action movie... the police chase that happened right along the walk of fame. (steve) and next:it's the hottest ticket in town.. we're live at the opening night of a few people scored tickets for just ten bucks.
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(catherine) some lucky people have won cheap tickets to the critically acclaimed broadway musical 'hamliton'.. the
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production kicked off its u.s. tour tonight in san the orpheum theatre.(steve) they got to watch the 11-time tony award winning show without breaking the bank.kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the theater where she met some of the lottery winners. ella - they have to be happy not only about the play -- but the money they saved? these lottery winenrs are happy indeed as tickets to hamilton can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars so there's definitely an ecstatic group inside the orpheum theater tonight who won lottery tickets as low at 10 dollars an entry. the musical's producers decided to have the drawing at ten dollars minimum for entry. this allows a larger group of people to have a chance at seeing the show for less. many people who may otherwise have not been able to go. we caught up with two of the 44 winners during intermission who were
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surprised the lottery landed them front row seats to the big show. verna uchida, lottery winner "we never sat in the front row before its truly you can see everyones expressions everything is amazing."carey iida, lottery winner"front row and it was just amazing and i have to say that from the very first note it was high energy adrenaline going." there is a chance to win all season long until august 5th. people can enter for each performance there are 6 every many opportunities to win you can log onto kron4 dot com to learn how to enter. live in sf ella kron 4 news. (steve) high tension in the east bay.. over what's flying at one house. a homeowner has a confederate flag on display (catherine)
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some neighbors were at first surprised...and are now just angry and upset.... kron four's philippe djegal reports from brentwood... (philippe) 20-years living in brentwood... and, felicia purcell says her jaw- dropped while passing her neighbor's display.felicia purcell/neighbor- ""shock. i was headed to the mechanic yesterday, and, um, had to take a double take." not just because of the confederate flag hanging on the side of this house on craig court... which purcell believes symbolizes racism...felcia purcell/neighb or- "but then i thought, ok, you know, i've seen that before, but it was the sign that shocked me. that he would threaten to shoot anyone who touched either one of the flags -- that was offensive to me."nats/ homeowner's wife- "can you turn your camera off please? (reporter) i can't its for my safety." initially... the homeowner's wife slammed the door on me when i approached to talk about the flag. nats/tenant- "he's like, well i'm here because your flags being a problem. i'm a tenant here." not long after, a tenant in the home called the police on me... minutes earlier... the tenant removed the sign.nats/tenant- "this sign was posted because we had community members,
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coming and tearing down the flags." the man behind the flag, eric harvey, eventually came home and spoke with me. he says the flags been up for about a week where it stands.eric harvey/homeowner- "the reason i'm flying it? its more or less a redneck thing, because of being a cowboy. it's just, to me its more a stand point of just the rowdy, get rowdy, get crazy, just do stupid things, haha."bridge i did reach out to the mayor of brentwood about this situation... and, after he conferred with the chief of police... he says this is an example of freedom of expression. he says that eric harvey has every right to fly this flag. he is not breaking any laws or city ordinances.eric harvey/homeow ner- "you wouldn't consider yourself a racist? i'm the last thing i am is a racist." harvey's friend -- doctor burt broussard gave him the flag as a gift.dr. burt broussard/harvey's friend- "i don't find it offensive. people are just being too pc correct about stuff."eric harvey/homeowner- "(reporter) you know, people are going to draw parallels to you being a trump supporter and the flag. i know. (reporter) does that bother you or was it expected? i kind of expected it. not this much, but i expected it." eric havery/homeowner- "do you
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plan on keeping it up or after all of this, will you consider taking it down? uh, i probably will take it down, but not right away." but as far as felicia purcell is concerned... the damage has already been done. in brentwood, philippe djegal, kron four news. (steve) a san rafael woman is in critical condition tonight after being badly burned in an apartment fire this morning. (steve) fire fighters say it happened at an apartment building on bayview street around 9-15 this morning.. when they arrived heavy smoke was coming from the first floor of the three story complex. this is a picture from the scene.. crews had to rescue one woman and child from a second floor balcony who were trapped from the smoke.. one resident of the unit that was on fire was able to get out of the
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building... she is in critical condition at the hospital. (catherine) san francisco police are helping raise money for a mother who was robbed at gunpoint in the mission district this past weekend... she's a single mother who's also an army veteran..she'd just taken money out of the bank to pay for her daughters first birthday party.. officers with the mission district station wanted to be sure the celebration still happens. the robbery happened saturday night around 11...when 2 men walked up to the womanafter she had parked her car. one of them pointed a gun at her while the other one grabbed her one-year old daughter out of the back seat of her car.. they eventually let the child go -- but they took her backpack which contained the money. police are asking for any information - if you see or recognize these men. (steve) a live look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco... chief metoeorologist
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brittney shipp is tracking what's ahead for the weekend. a ridge of high pressure will continue to build across our region over the next several days while mild temperatures will see a few additional degree) highs will be generally in the 60s at the coast with 70s to lower 80s inland. lows will mostly be in the 40s and 50s. longer range guidance indicates that the ridge will flatten next week which will allow some cooling plus a chance for light rain to potentially return to the north bay as a system moves to the coast around wednesday. right now the bulk of the moisture is expected to remain north of our area.
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(steve) still ahead it's going
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viral tonight:how a dad deals with his live interview being interupted by his own little children. (catherine) but first -- you might not think of it as a big target for thieves... but apparently there's big money in cosmetics. after the break - what we know about a multi-million dollar make-up heist. (catherine) ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there
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for the thieves behind a multi- million dollar makeup heist. the los angeles police say they're trying to find the people who took 4.5 million dollars worth of eye shadow....taken from a cosmetics warehouse in the city. it happened sometime
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between jan. 28th and 30th... it's a warehouse full of "anastasia beverly hills" products. the theives cut a hole in the roof....and took off with 100-thousand packages of the eye shadow. (steve) a high speed chase down hollywood boulevard drew a crowd thursday night.. speeds at one point reaching 90 miles per hours..(steve) you can see here the driver slowed down once it reached surface streets... police say they were following the car because it was reported stolen when the man behind the wheel took off. you can see people on the streets seem to be enjoying the show many recording the scene happening right in front of them.. the driver eventually came to a stop... and surrendered. he was quickly taken into police custody. (catherine)residents in a hayward neighborhood say they're fed up with a recent string of package thefts -- many of them caught on video. (steve) now people in that neighborhood are asking
10:25 pm
police to step surveillance video...and help catch the thieves. (catherine) take a look for yourself. a viewer sent in this video showing a person watching up and snatching a package right off his porch. it has happened several times in recent months... more videos from home surveillance show the thefts...all in the mount eden community in hayward. "
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they say 23 year old evan underwood is a serial burglar and responsible for at least 4- break in's. he was taken into custody wednesday night. but police don't think he's behind another break from this week on morningside drive. the thieves got away with a safe full of guns and other valuables. investigators are using surveillance footage to help them catch the burglars. (catherine) coming up in a brand new edition of people behaving badly... we take you on a carpool crackdown. why police were willing at first to give one driver a break.....but changed their mind. (steve) then: the first jobs report released under a donald trump presidency. how the new numbers have seemed to change the president's attitude. (catherine) and next:a judge sets bail for the man accused of beating his own daughter-in-law to death with a hammer..
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(steve) today a man accused of beating his daughter in law to death with a hammer appeared before a judge.(catherine) the crime happened tuesday in suisun city. police say the man was upset over how he was supposedly "disrespected. (steve) new at ten: reporter lonnie wong was in court in fairfield.
10:30 pm
63 year-old amarjit singh was accused of brutally killing his 29 year-old daughter-in-law shameena bibi, in this suisun city garage after investigators say he felt údisrespectedú. police say singh eventually confessed to the murder that occurred following an arguement. singh was described by those who know him as religious, quiet and friendly. he had that demeanor in court, politely answering routine questions by the judge john ellis through a punjabi interpreter. but the judge rescinded permission for news photographers to take pictures of him in court after public defender elena dúaugstino objected. she said the case might be compromised because singh was in a wheelchair and wearing a sleeveless smock reserved for prisoners on a suicide watch at the jail. he was also not wearing his traditional sihk turban...which may also have been related to the suicide watch. singhús case was delayed to determine if there were any conflicts of interest with his public defender.lonnie wong 'even though the arraignment was continued and no plea was entered...but he did set bail at one million dollars. the bail amount is not unheard of given the brutal nature of the crime which occurred while the victimús husband and two year son were in the house.
10:31 pm
in fairfield, lonnie wong (catherine) the wife of the orlando pulse nightclub shooter will stay in jail until her trial....a federal judge made the decision today. . the 500-thousand-dollar bond to release noor salman has been revoked at the request of prosecuters. that reversed a decision made by a lower court judge in oakland. salman had been living in the east bay - after the massacre carried out by her husband which left 49- people dead. she has pleaded not guilty to charges of aiding and abetting, and obstruction of justice. (steve) a california man has pleaded guilty to stabbing the u.s. airman who weeks earlier stopped a terror attack aboard a french train. james tran pleaded guilty to attempted murder today. the 29-year-old faces a nine-year prison sentence. he admitted stabbing air force
10:32 pm
staff sgt. spencer stone in 2015 during a fight near a sacramento bar. stone is one of three sacramento men who tackled a gunman with ties to radical islam on a paris-bound passenger train in august 2015. tran is set for sentencing may 12. (catherine) since president trump has taken office, reports of immigration raids have increased, as ice agents pull undocumented workers from their homes, cars and restaurants. (steve) now restaurant owners are organizing and fighting back. the golden gate restaurant association and some 200 bay area restaurants have signed on to the sanctuary restaurant movement. the idea is to train immigrant workers on their rights and make sure restaurants are safe for workers. if somebody gets picked up they have rights to stay here depending how long they've been here, if theyre afraid to go back to their country , whether they are victims of a crime. the ice officers aren't going to tell people that but restaurants can really help so people can know
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what their rights are. (catherine) the golden gate restaurant association will hold a workshop at the 'don ramon' restaurant -- to educate employers and employees.... (steve)the labor department reported that the u-s economy added a healthy 235-thousand jobs in february. (catherine) president trump praised the report... but during the campaign he had dismissed similar reports as "phony numbers." tom foreman has more from washington. sean spicer/white house press secretary: "obviously we are very pleased to see the jobs report that came out this morning - it's great news for american workers."more manufacturing - more work in healthcare, education, and mining... almost a quarter million added jobs have the first unemployment rate report for the new president down to four-point-seven percent. the president tweeting: "great news" and "much more than expected!" but hold on: democrats say this is just a continuation of a trend started by barack obama...noting ever since the recession ended, the
10:34 pm
unemployment rate has been pretty steadily dropping. yet when president obama spoke just over a year ago of a barely higher unemployment rate of four-point-nine percent...listen to what candidate trump said...pres. trump: "don't believe those phony numbers, when you hear 4.9 and 5 percent unemployment. the number's probably 28, 29, as high as 35. in fact, i even heard recently 42 percent."it was a standard part of the trump stump speech...calling the federal jobless rate as misleading, deceptive, fake... pres. trump: "it is such a phony number."pres. trump: "these numbers are an absolute disaster." pres. trump: "the unemployment number as you know is totally fiction." now - the white house suggests the driving force behind this better than expected jobs report is optimism over the president's business, trade, immigration and tax policies. never mind that some analysts say the unusually warm winter weather also deserves credit for enabling more construction work.and as for all those past claims about phony government figures?sean spicer/white house press secretary: "i
10:35 pm
talked to the president prior to this and he said - to quote him clearly ' they may have been phony in the past, but it's very real now (laughter)" (steve)and president trump has another good reason to embrace the job report. he pledged under his leadership, voters would see twenty-five million new jobs over the next ten years... and with these numbers - at least so far - that promise in on track. (catherine)(catherine) the devastating coyote creek flood in san jose last month left hundreds ofpeople homeless. many of them are back home again - but not all and now there's a call for the chronically homeless to be included in the flood relief effort.(catherine) a long time homeless advocate says that the people who have called the creek home are much worse off now than before the flood. he says some of the relief money should go to them... in response --- the city says it warned the homeless in advance to get away from the creek...and argues that it's already
10:36 pm
spending millions of dollars on programs to help the homeless. ray bramson/san jose housing dept.< '...the city has been committed to working on issues surrounding homelessness, investing over $70 million dollars in the last two years to create housing opportunities, invest in services and create outreach with a lot of work on the ground to get people housed..." scott wagers/advocate for homelesswhy not give them a piece of this money....they don't need much....enough for a few tents and tarps some basic necessities>(catherine) the flood caused an estimated 73 million dollars worth of damage. (steve) the new "warm springs" bart station in fremont is set to begin serivce march 25th. the station is the first part of an extension to bart's fremont line. you can see it here in video shot by our helicopter partners with a-b-c news. the new station has more than 2-thousand parking spaces and 42 electric car charging stations. there are also easy connections to transit buses. the project is a welcome boost to service for the fast growing population in south fremont.
10:37 pm
(steve) cars with no steering wheel and nobody inside could be driving on california roads by the end of the year... today d-m-v proposed rules that would open the road for these dreiverless cars.. the documents are a framework for how a car manufacturer can prove to the dmv that their product is ready for testing on public roads. today marks the start of a 45-day public comment period which will end with a public hearing in sacramento. (catherine still ahead -- it's going viral tonight:his interview was crashed by his own children on live t-v.... you don't want to miss how a dad dealt with this awkward situation. (steve) but first -- not everyone loves it.. but daylight saving time is just about here. tonight we will look at the movement to get rid of the movement
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♪ ♪ (steve) get ready to lose
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an hour... the start of daylight saving time is this sunday.(catherine) some people love getting more sunlight at the end of the day... but others don't like the time change. in fact several states are looking into getting rid of of it.(steve) reporter robert kittle looks at some of the problems connected to daylight saving time... and why we have it to begin with. for a lot of people ... the start of daylight saving time makes them happy. ( "i'm excited because, basically, when i get off work it's not dark and i get to enjoy more time outside with my little boy." ( ( "i like it when it's in effect. always hate, you know, going back to the darker evenings and when you go to work and never getting to see daylight and spend time outside. so i'm excited about it. wish that it wouldn't keep changing back and forth." ( and he's not alone. there are efforts from time to time in different states ... to either not observe daylight saving time to begin with ... or just stay in it all the time. and the change is not just annoying. a study by the university of colorado found fatal car accidents went up six percent in the six days
10:45 pm
right after the time change when people lose an hour. the number of accidents did -not- go up after the fall change when we get an extra hour of sleep. "i do not enjoy springing forward. it affects my whole house. my kids hate it and it sets back the entire household. i never look forward to it. i like to fall back." ( "a lot of people think one of the reasons for daylight saving time was to help farmers, but that's not true. in fact, when it was first put in place in the u.s. in 1918, farmers fought against it." they also led the fight to repeal that in 1919. their work is based on the sun ... not the clock. daylight saving time didn't come back for good in the u-s until 1966. and hawaii and most of arizona still do not observe daylight saving time. "it really doesn't matter to me either way, losing the hour of sleep or not." ( robert kittle, kron4 news. (steve) now to the video being shared all over social media. the serious skype
10:46 pm
interview dad's doing for work...that the kids crash. (catherine) grant lodes is here with the video...and some context. (grant) this was live tv... the bbc was doing a skype interview with professor robert expert on the korean peninsula...who lives and works in south korea. if it wasn't obvious...he was in a home office...and the kids wanted to join him! robert kelly, professor doing interview: "i would argue that this is a triumph of democracy," scandals happen all the time. the question is how do democracies respond to those scandals?"bbc presenter: "and what will it mean for the wider region - i think one of your children has just walked you think relations with the north may change?" kelly: "i would be surprised if they do. the - pardon me. my apologies. sorry."(grant) the mom steals the show for me...when
10:47 pm
she linges to close the door after knocking over the books. here's 3/4ths of the fam... robert kelly was discussing the south korean impeachment scandal at the time...serious stuff. tbig sister marion is 4...little james is 9 months. kelly's from ohio, but moved to south korea for work...and met and married his wife, who's a yoga teacher.
10:48 pm
a ridge of high pressure will continue to build across our region over the next several days while mild temperatures
10:49 pm
will see a few additional degree) highs will be generally in the 60s at the coast with 70s to lower 80s inland. lows will mostly be in the 40s and 50s. longer range guidance indicates that the ridge will flatten next week which will allow some cooling plus a chance for light rain to potentially return to the north bay as a system moves to the coast around wednesday. right now the bulk of the moisture is expected to remain north of our area. (gary) warriors in minnesota
10:50 pm
tonight... --golden state's 6th-road game in their last 7-outings... --warriors started cold from downtown... 2-of-10 from 3 in the 1st half. but steph curry started heating up... 3rd quarter-- hits a three to pass his father for career nba points. yet-- golden state down by 7. -- minnesota was relentless. andrew wiggins... gets the steal and takes it back the other way for a dunk. he led the wolves with 24-points. wolves up 76-68 in the 3rd. --warriors managed to claw back in... klay thompson...good from downtown.. he led the warriors with 30-points on 3-of-6 from 3. golden state makes it a one point game. --late in the 4th, warriors take the lead. curry...with the floater to make it 102-101 with 20- seconds to go. --minnesota would take back the lead on the ensuing
10:51 pm
possession, so here's golden state's last chance curry gets an open look, but it rims out. he finished with 26-points. --minnesota wins 103-102... as golden state loses for the 4th time in their last 6 games. after tonight's game, kerr announced that curry, klay, draymond and andre iguodala are all resting against san santonio. kawhi leonard will also be out for the spurs. here is kerr explaining his decision. "those guys are all playing big minutes and this will give them three days before our home game and then we'll have a whole week at home next week and a chance to recharge. it's my call." (gary) big night for cal basketball... --golden bears facing oregon
10:52 pm
in the pac-12 tourney semifinal. they'd take a hit early on though... starting guard jabari bird...leaves the game after falling right on his head. --bears would try to fight through it. 1st half--- stephen domingo with the block... fast break the other way... grant mullins with the triple. he led the bears with 23. cal up 5. --pretty close game throughout. 2nd half-- oregon up 2 with 20-seconds to go. dylan ennis with the and-1 layup. ducks win 73- 65 to move on to the finals... and cal is eliminated. we'll see if they make the big dance. (gary) time to talk baseball--- a's manager bob melvin has left spring training early. according to reports-- he is tending to a personal matter... and it's unclear if he'll head back to arizona. bench coach mark kotsay will oversee managing duties in his absence. (wipe to wbc) (gary) to the world baseball classic-- team usa opening up against colombia. what a finish. --bottom 10th-- tied at 2-- adam jones of the orioles, with a walkoff rbi single... america wins 3-2.... up next-- the defending wbc champs, the dominican republic. brandon crawford went 1-for-3 with an rbi. (gary) big day for the 49ers.... as the team
10:53 pm
introduced its first crop of free agents in the john lynch and kyle shanahan era. the niners signed 10-players this week... including-- receivers pierre garcon and marquise goodwin and former raiders linebacker malcolm smith. one of the most intriguing signings is bryan hoyer... the journeyman quarterback is reuniting with shanahan as the two spent the 2014 season together in cleveland. that year was probably one of the best of hoyer's career. thanks gary.. here's what's next... coming up people say the last segment was a cliff hanger after hearing this here what's going on ok you seem like a really nice guy i wanted to try and give you a break but when i ran your record so what was on his record that gets this driver is very own
10:54 pm
segment, i'll show you in the next edition of people behaving baldly (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. the kind of deep sleep i can only get on my tempur-pedic. it adapts to me. my shape, my size, my body.
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tempur-pedic. this sleep is power. (steve) if you caught
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
the last people behaving badly segment, stanley roberts left us on all edge.(catherine) he was covering a carpool crackdown... an officer was just about to give a driver a break...and 'not' give him a ticket... but things changed when he pulled up the man's driving record. here what's going on ok you seem like a really nice guy i wanted to try and give you a break but when i ran your recordwhen ever i do a ride along with the california highway patrol and they are focusing on carpool violators we run across all sorts of people good morning (drivers) hi can you not put me on camera please after they have a chat with the officer they often have a chat with me, while that's happening the officer in this case officer welkinfeld checks the drivers record which brings us to this driver grown adult with nobody in the back
10:58 pm
seat he appeared to be in the carpool alone, but officer wilkenfeld needed proof if someone is in your back seat have them raise their hands . no hand were raised, so the driver gets pulled over what are you doing in the carpool lane?the driver claims he was late while officer welkinfeld chats with the driver to get his driving documents let get to the nats: (man yells from passing car) people behaving badly part why am i talking to you because i just got pulled over and what does that mean that i was behaving badly why i'm late you not behaving badly because you're late because i was in the carpool lane ok here we go drop everything you're doing and listen he says next i bet you never take the carpool lane no i don't, ( first time) yea first time by myself yea (first time getting caught) by myself ( alright fair enough). and he almost got off with a warning.. until officer welkinfied checked his record you got 2 carpool tickets in 2015 and one in 2014 in this car so that's how many times we caught you not how many times you've been in the carpool lane so this will be his 4th ticket at almost 500 dollars a pop! that's a lot of tickets nats: ambiance unlike daisy who has never being ticketed before, she gets a written warning i just want
10:59 pm
you to stay out of the carpool lane alright don't let me run into you, you don't want to run into him right everybody's more scared of him then they are with me what whey he hits me m even more scared of him because he hits me with the camera all the time you should see in the patrol car he beats me in the patrol car ha! if you don't have it on video it never happened nats: ambiance in alameda county stanley roberts kron 4 news
11:00 pm
(steve) breaking news at eleven.a police standoff in san francisco is now over... it ended just over an hour ago with a woman in custody. good evening i'm steve aveson.(catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore.people who live near valencia street and 16th street now being allowed to return home. the suspect had been barricaded in a residential hotel since this afternoon.(steve) grant lodes is tracking the latest developments. (grant) that 60 year old woman who was holed up for more than seven hours this afternoon and now being evaluated at a hospital. it's unclear what charges she may face. police say she left her room...stepping out into the hallway around 9:00 tonight...and that's when she was taken into custody. officers say the ordeal started early this afternoon when a pest control worker went to her door and she pulled a gun. that's when she reprotedly barricaded herself...and police evacuated


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