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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 11, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PST

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(steve) breaking news at eleven.a police standoff in san francisco is now over... it ended just over an hour ago with a woman in custody. good evening i'm steve aveson.(catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore.people who live near valencia street and 16th street now being allowed to return home. the suspect had been barricaded in a residential hotel since this afternoon.(steve) grant lodes is tracking the latest developments. (grant) that 60 year old woman who was holed up for more than seven hours this afternoon and now being evaluated at a hospital. it's unclear what charges she may face. police say she left her room...stepping out into the hallway around 9:00 tonight...and that's when she was taken into custody.
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officers say the ordeal started early this afternoon when a pest control worker went to her door and she pulled a gun. that's when she reprotedly barricaded herself...and police evacuated nearby some aurants...closed off streets...residents told to shelter in place. no one was hurt. lots of people were inconvienced...valencia between 16th and 17th is and extremely busy area. police were't sure if she had other weapons...maybe even explosives. (steve)a warning about possible "poisonous tea". (catherine) two people are critically ill and in the hospital after drinking tea from a store in china town. (steve) kron4's lydia pantazes talked to the health department about what you need
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to know. "do you have comments on the leaves that were sold?"this is what happened when tried to ask employees at the sun wing wo trading company about two people who became critically ill after drinking tea from their store.they shut the door on us....san francisco health department officials say the tea which looks like this... contained aconite a lethal poison."and within an hour of drinks by the tea they developed signs symptoms consistent with their heart racing and developed cardiac complications, both of them ended up in the hospital, in the intensive care unit." health department officials say the woman in her 50's and the man in his thirties required resuscitation and both remain hospitalized. one case happened in february, the other in march."the herbal tea is not from a product that was packaged but that was put together and then put into a plastic bag."which is why the health department removed all similar products from store shelves and are working with the wholesaler to trace down the source of contamination. "there's no way that a patient is going to be able to tell
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from a plastic bag with a bunch of different leaves whether they have the leaf that has this toxin so that's why we're telling people just to throw it away."health officials say the herb commonly used in chinese herbal medicine is prepared in a way that deactivates any toxicity."so this condition is very very rare, this is the first time we've had this in san francisco that i'm aware of and i could not find any cases in california." (steve) tonight officers made a second arrest in connection to the death of the 88-year old woman known to many as "miss flo" douglas from san jose.. santa clara couty sheriff's say jennifer hernandez is now being held with out bail and set to appear in court on monday. 19-year old zachary cuenwas previously arrested.. he has been charged with murder after reportedly breaking into miss flo's home...then robbing and beating her.. miss flo was
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in the hospital for a month before she died from her injuries. deputies have not said exactly how hernandez is connected, but she is behind bars. (spencer blake)in contra costa county c-h-p made three arrests in connection to thursday's shooting that shut down i-80 for five hours.they say elliott johnhenry johnson and two other 17-year-old boys were in the car from where the shots came.c-h-p believes all three of them have gang ties and that the shootings was targeted, not random.a surprising statistic c-h-p released is that in the past 15 or 16 months, there have been 80 or so freeway shootings in the east contra costa county, spencer blake, kron four news. (charles clifford)here along skyline boulevard in unincorporated woodside dozens of search and rescue teams scoured the area looking for missing hiker bethnee haury. she was last seen thursday evening wearing black yoga pants and a pink shirt. after she failed to check in with her family thursday evening, a search began shortly thereafter. dozens of search and rescue crews worked overnight thursday and all day friday. the sheriff's office is also being assisted by search and rescue teams from marin county and a cal fire
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helicopter. in san mateo, charles clifford kron 4 news. (phillipe djegal) in brentwood... some neighbors living on and near craig court... up in arms over one homeowner's decision to fly the confederate flag. it's been up for about a week. the homeowner says he means no harm and that the flag doesn't symbolize racism, rather patriotism. he's also posted a sign next to the flag warning those who attempt to remove the flag may be shot. the mayor and chief of police say the homeowner is not breaking any laws or city ordinances. so, it can stay up... in brentwood, philippe djegal kron four news. (maureen kelly)in san francisco an increase on burglaries in the sunset has neighbors on goodness ooohhhh hoo hoothat's the reaction from a woman living on morningside drive on learning that one of her neighbors had a safe full of guns stolen out of his house at around 130 in the afternoon on wednesday.just down the block i found a man who installs window bars just wrapping up giving an estimate
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to yet another neighbor.the captain of the taravel police station is hosting a meeting wednesday night to talk to residents about these burglaries that have plagued this area.maureen kelly kron4 news ( terisa )
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(rob fladeboe)here in san jose the chronically homeless and their advocates say they too were displaced by last months flood. amanda fukamoto, among many others, were chased from their long timealong the creek and are feeling left behind by the effort to help flood victims. homeless pastor scott wagers is calling for some of the $6 dollars relief fund to people who lost their tents, tarps and other belongings in the flood. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news in san francisco it was opening night for hamilton an american musical at the orpheum theater where it was the first time 44 lucky lottery winners were able to get inside for about 10 dollars versus the hundreds if not thousands that it costs to be able to enjoy that broadway hit. there's still a chance to win all season long until august fifth.people can enter for each performance there are 6 every many opportunities to win you can log onto kron4 dot com to learn how to enter. in sf ella kron 4 news. (catherine) the weekend is
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finally here... you might want to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts...(steve) chief meteorologist brittney shipp has the full forecast in just two minutes.
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a ridge of high pressure will continue to build across our region over the next several days while mild temperatures will see a few additional degree) highs will be generally in the 60s at the coast with 70s to lower 80s inland. lows will mostly be in the 40s and 50s. longer range guidance indicates that the ridge will flatten next week which will allow some cooling plus a chance for light rain to potentially return to the north bay as a system moves to the coast around wednesday. right now the bulk of the moisture is expected to remain north of our area.
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